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RICHMOND tA 23219 


raitci ideiNU 

TheCkyOf VbtfinkfBeadi 

47th YEAR-NO. 9 


Canada Seeks State Erosion Aid 

rrWAI "TOP BRAM" Bight whm Cub Scoot Pack N«. 
171 bcM Iti amiiial Blm tad Gold Banqnot at Vlrgtala 
Baach United Methodist Church. Od band for the boyi' 
m night were luch dlgnitarlei ai (left to right) 
CoBgrefiman 0. William Whltebunt. Lt. Gov. Henry 

Howell and VIrgfada Beacbl owi Mayer Donald Rhedai. 
Of courie. the real "U| gvyi" wwe Uie 86QBli.iliaBU 
lelvei, luch ai Welblo Robert Setttee. 11, of Den I and 
Cub John Sailth, 8, of Den. 4. 

State Senator A. JoMph 
Canada Wedmeday tndleated 
Ma deep ooneera over the 
damage which hai occurred to 
Atlanm Oceaa beacbei of the 
Beach Boroaih reiort tMp. 

OuBda mML "I believe the 

Fishermen Express Concern 
Over Marina's Disposal 

A propotal that Virginia 
Beach dipoae of Iti Intereit In 
ttM elty-owned martai at Rudee 
Ihl^, and traoifMr it to the 
Induitrial Development 
iUiihorlty or leD the facility to 
private failereiti, bai brou^t 
differing oplnioni firom thoM 
making uie of be facility. 

The difference aroie in 
dlseuHlon of propoeed transfer 
oi the marina to ttie IDA widi 
representatives of the Atlsntie 
Charter Service end ttis 
Vtoglnla Beach Sport Flshtaif 
Assodatton, whon members 
qpente i^ivate charter boats 
and party ftohlng boats from the 

John Pierce and Earl Paul, 
rqireseotlng ACS favored Um 
IDA operation of the marina on 
peunda that "...the Industrial 
aMglopmeot Authority could 
hBMle commercial develop- 
ment of the marina as well as 
aU the city's holdings in 


Paul strengthmed Ms stand 
by saying, "The biggest 
proUem we've had down there 
is we don't have in agency set 
up to take care of everyday 

Eroblems. Everything goes 
idK to Council, every dollar 
spent (at the nuirins) comes 
teota Council and the tajqwyara 
watch them." 

Pierce reflected on this by 
saying, "Council has (tone its 
part ah'oady. it's up to someone 
else to devtiop it. 

Both men exprMsed concern 
M to whether Council is fully 
aware of the potential of the 
marine's activities in 
rdationship to the eo>nomy of 
the city, pitting out Ihoee who 
make un of die boots ber Aed at 
the marina tiao suRwrt hotels- 
motels, reetaurtnts, ami retail 
d»pe ht Vtarglnia Beach. 

Paul and Pierre indicated 
members of the ACC had 

rMwvations about the marina 
being sold to private interests. 
They said, "We're afraid if 
CkxincU disposes of die marina 
on a desip type bid they wUl do 
us for a one shot profit move, 
and die marina as such 'would 
go down the bole' because 
operation costs would be 
prohibitive tw boat owners to 
support it," This would result, 
according to Paul and Pierre, 
that the possible placing of a 
hotel, and-or motd, restaurant 
complex at Qiat location would 
reduce the spece which could 
accomodate potential boat 

They also pointed to the 
marine's being opened in May 
19M on a temporary basis, widi 
tadications of a larger, per- 
manent marina being built in 
the near future. They contend 
die marine has now outgrown 
die temporary facilities, ai»l 

(Continued on Ptg* S) 

I Sun MovM 

Thinp era e bit hectic eround 
die Sun offlcee theee days. The 
operadon is spreed ow two 
loeadons. And naif die time la 
spent on Vlrglnle Beach 
Boumard as ths staff makaa 
mad'dashM between die eld 
crfficee on Peelfic Avenue Md 
the new offleee on Roeemont 

It aU started last week whoa 
Beech IhihUshlag Oorporatloa 
purchased a modern new 
building at 118 Roeemont Road 
for die new home of *die Sw. 

After mm^ie of flgUing the 
cold and heat and unfold hi> 
conveniences in the temporaiy 
headquarten adjacent to 
WVAB Radio, ttie etaff was so 
eager to ;,'iet iido chrtlised 
querten diet ttiey began thoee 
daily treks with cars loaded 
wldi boaee and cartons. 

This wMk-end Uie move 
riiould be pratty wdl completed 
and come Monday the Sun will 
offlcialty take up reeklsiice in 
its new querters. Its nudUng 
addreee win be ISS Roeemont 
Rood, Virginia Beech, Va. 
13452. The new telephone 
raunber Is sdU pMMttng bid die 
CAP TiMoM <^- ^ direct 

U^timOBr In City Co 

Homer W. Cunninidiam, long 
an advoeate of taid^Mndeid 
dUnldng in city govwnment, 
dadared 1^ candidacy for one 
of two at^arge seaU in the 
Virginia Beach City Coun- 
dlmiudc election to be held on 

Cimnbi(diam amoimced he is 
nnnbtf on s platform of in- 
dnendent dilnUng and a need 
to puS the dty togetl|er. "I am 
coBcimBd about dif future of 
dde city and die dlrectlan it U 
taking," he eUted. 

"I have quesdons I fHl the 
people of Virginia Beech 

^a anawen to," he con- 
die answen to dieee ipiestions 
end work out preetieal eolutions 
to the problems of Uds City. I 
want to insert sbrong businees 
management procedures , and 
npwrr^ Into our manldpal 
govmnmeitt becauee it has been 
sorely lacktag in die paet." 

CiB»ta#am went'OB to state 
eidimi^ee of die lack of sound 
bustaieasleedershlp by polnttng 
out. "Boeemoot Road would 
have been wldaied two yean 
ago if City CJoundl had taken a 
etrang buaineHllke poddtm on 

It Hie (3ty would not have 
become overridden with 
epertments before it could 
provide services for diem if 
independent guidance and 
direction had been In- 
etrumented. C^ty Hiai needs e 
buitoessUke point of view and it 
is die reeponsibUity of the City 
Council to provide It. In the 
pest, diey heve not." 

Cunningham ie currently 
Vice-Preeident, director and 
chief operetions officer of 
Medic-H«ne Enterprisee, Inc., 
e poeidon he has hdd since 
Jenuery IMS. Medic -Home 
Eiderifftsee' operedonal officee 
era located in Virghte Bwidi. 
Ilie compel^ employs a- Miff of 
136 pereons wiUi an annuel 
peyrdl in excess of $500,00. 
Concurrendy, Cunningham to 
s«rving as a member of Uie 
Board of Directors of Uie 
Notional Council of Heelth 
Cut Servlcee, Truatee of the 
Virginia Nursing Home 
Aseodedon, and chainnan of 
di» Association's Muld^Facility 
Committee. He is also a 
member (d die Virginia Beadi 
Committee of 100. 

He previously held the 
po^tton of treesurer of the 

Virginia Nursing Home 
A^clation, and is past- 
praiitent d the Oceana Lions 
Club, the Princess Anne 
Ruritan Gub and the Virginia 
Beach Board of Realtors, for 
cfver nine yean, he was a 
mmil^er of the Virginia Beach 
Planning Commiislon. 

Homv Clunnii^ham is 46 
yeara of age and e neUve of 
Charleston, W. Va. He and his 
wife, the former Doris Oimbert 
of Norfdk, have tiiree children. 

Cunnin^m lives with his 
famUy in Virginia Beech et 4312 


IWs is Ike pesiseripl to Nm 
iwvse et rehrfieM. dree iTNi 
eealnry, wMtdi wes marked 
far deneHHoB. 
. A eeS from W.W. Reeser, 
Fehrfleld tevriiper, edvhed 
OS diet Hm oeabvet bed beea 
slpied and a b«Oder wfll leer 
down the beaee. 

Reeser had offered It Ie dM 
Prtoeesi Anns Hlslerleal 
Bedely for the prlee of IM let. 
|il,eM. provided restorattoa 
wu b^wi el onee ob the 

The ieelely bed not die 
funds lo porebase Ike house 
and Reeior sMpeleled diel jbe 
sole BiMl go ttren^i lie 

Bo BMi^ pe^le biqah^ a' 
die hease end vislled II sad 
offered snggeellaae ii, Ie Ite 
eelvetloB. We ere deeply 
grelefal to dMu. 
. Bet PalrfleM wUl go, and 
very shordy. 

Tbtte Is. however, an ta' 
iMresMig peelserlHi RMier 
dM neleaU Ihe Bedetjr aiekta« 
dM etier, nor did Ihe Seelely 
cell Reeser making ea 
tamaby.-iIeleB Criei 

'Will Aid 

Realtor John T. Addnson, 31, 
saldTusaday he would add hla 
name to die growing list of 
eandldatee compedng for die 
two«t>large seato 19 for grebe 
hi die May Coty Ooundl elec- 


Associated wltti Frank 
AtUnaoB Real EatMe, a firm 
wtalch handlee reeort property, 
die young Addnawa said be 
Jatawd dM race beeluee "I can 
no kngar stand U^ by and 
dtow vk proUemald dds dty 
togo unaiteBded." la alao said 
hAeUMed »at ym noeaa a 
^mn apiJn **>A to be el 
ag^a^g^ to^ttpK. la V 
^reparel^temiit hi eald: 

I have been, i die past, a 
oride of uawlaa flacal pollmr 
laadbited hy eldier die ed- 
mlBlatratioB or ^ (muieil, and 
win ooBdnue to do ao hi te 

if elected, I wiU work to ralee 
dM norale of ow dty em- 
ployeee and to And out ^ we 
BU^ not be dbtainhig all stoto 
aad Mmni ftnds avallidile f m' 
eavaaalon of our highway and 
aawage n^woriu. 

On die queadon of growdi, I 
halleve firndy In a planned 
halanced growth; obo diet will 
not ui^r any dreumstanoee 
ereeto e burdsB on our dtlsoBB. 
I plan to work hard to see diet a 
efrong, but fdr Maater Zodng 
Plan Is eetablUied tai die near 
future. This AouM enable all 
dtteen to know hi advance dw 
long range eharacterlsttos of 
my ndgUioriiood, so diet dioy 
can plu aooor(gng to dielr 

I plan to wwk for oqualiMtion 
of real eetoto taxee diroughoitt 
our d^t and to promota Ib- 
dBairial (tovei<H?m«tt. I believe 
n» BqwrisBoe as an apwrais« 
WUl be of hremnidoue help In 
accomplishing these en- 

eondldon of die beach is Midi 
diet we muet take action at once 
to prevent a possible 

lUs eominent came during 
eff orto to rapata" severe damage 
to die beediee es die result of 
condmdng sand erodon. 

Dusch Out 

The tgt-combig coundhnadc 
etoedon took an bitereedng turn 
ftia week for veteran Virginia 
Beach deetlon i^tigBoettcaton 
wldi die ennouncemento by two 
OouncUmen ooncsmlng their 
taitendofu. George R. Ferrell 
announced diet he will remabi 
bi die raoe and seek a ddrd 
term, and former mayor Frank 
A. Diudi announced diet he 
would not eiek re-idectlon, 
bowing out after twenty yun 
OB City CouscU. 

"After careful consMaration, 
I have decided I wlU not be e 
candldato for r»electtoB to die. 
diy coundl dds yeart" Dusdi 
said. "I am very gratefdl to 
diose cldiens who have called 
me and adnd me to sedt re- 
oiecdon; but aftw 10 yean, 16 
of iirtddi I eerved ee mayor, 
hicludlng the flrat m«yor of die 
consolidatod dty, I have 
deddad to redre. 

"I ahaU always be intereeted 
hi Vlrghda Beach ud hi Ita 
advamMmeBta, and I edll' ha 
avdli^ to b^ whnevwr I 
can.' I q»redato die mwy 
eourlariae dMA Mb beis |dv«s 
lemBhf my %i0imimmmom 

Before the laat electtoa, 
Dusch announced hla 
redrement hut lider dumgad 
hb mind, ran agahi, and wee ro" 
deeted. The preseitt deddoB la 
rettot had the sound of fbudllgr 
to it, and Duedi domnmded 
diet hashed not arrived at hla 
dedelon to retire withwil 
careful conalderadoB." 

Canada added, "If sn wen to 
have e etorm, mlllkXM and 
millions of ddlurs wortii of 
propwty would be idaoed In 
j&opKciy due to die cmdldon of 
die beedi, and poedble damage 
to die boardwalk. We muet take 
ecdoB et onee. 

"In view of dieee coBdltiOB8» 
coupled widi die rapid approMb 
of die tourists seasoB, Vn 
called upm die Governor for Ua 
help and die hdp of dw General 

Canada'e remaria wera made 
ooncendng a Tuaaday requeet 
from Mayor Dondd H. Rhodes 
fer fbiaBclal aid friim tibe 
OcBeral Assembly to asdat 
VIrgfada Beech to repleBlsMng 
beachN tteough die use of sand 
which has accumuletod at 

Rhodee said he has written 

Qoveroor Unwood Hdhm, wldi 
cover oodee a Us Idter to 
Vlrgbda Beach's members of 
die General Assembly, 
requeatlim an ^ipropriidoB of 
mm to stato ftoidi to aadat 
die dty to die project. Rhodee 
said he tod[ die acdon with ftdl 
eoBciBrrenee of hlaisllow City 

b hla lettor Rhodee todlcated 
tBt while die dty is optondedc 
fliat the rej^oBlahmaBt of die 
beech cen be ecconq^shed Ity 
pumptog saml from Rudee Intot 
widi die dty«wBed dredge, die 
requeet waa oMde for im- 
moAate avaUahOtty of fiada to 
die event e camnawdal dredge 
woidd have to be ttrad to «a- 
pletodtoid>.H aa lio tod tea to dtba 
emergoBcy of die need forwato 
eedsteace to view of die City's 

(CiCMitinued on Age 5) 

Brawn Seeks Council Seat 

Russdl A. Brown has an- 
nounced his candidacy for the 
Mey 2 CSty Coundl decdon, ee e 
rqiressBtodve of die PrincoM 
Anne Borough. 

In Ids (peeing his campaign 
Brown said he believes, "The 
goipmment should be 
respmilve to die people, end 
diet e^ dHMld have economy 
wherevnr poedble and not 
operato on m Idea diet tons 
should alwayato toereaeed. 
BMig as B 

30 Years Later-Larry And Joyce Meet Again 



Ineome," Brown added, "are 
finding it more difficult 
eveiyday; sind iidiUe I want our 
government to be pn^vedve, 

it ilhomMf» tt» ewd be 

He todlcated Ids ooBcem ed 
with a more (dvaralttod end 
orderly growtt of Vlrglnto 
Beech, widi pirdcular iBteraet 
in die ftolds of tourism end 

Brown is a M-yeerKdd native 
of Princess Anne County, sad a 
hrmer 1^ oeo^adon. He hae 
amhrUnited fw meny yean to 
Ms ottaummlty dffoujgh servtoe 
vidi the Flara^ CoBUSlMtoB, 
f .O.P.A. ud» No. I, PdBaaaa 
ABBa Faaa BaiaB»,.MBflHb 
Aam Itolton Gtoto, and Court 
Houee Vduateer FhfO Depart* 

He is married to die fbrmer 
IBM Tyer, thev have two 
children end thre% grand* 

Thto is Brown's second bid lor 
a seat on a^ CouBdl, havtag 

s^w^wa %^^H^^Ha^avi ^w ^^^^b BB^Baa •e^F 

votee two years 1^ 




EftibliaHad 1928 

AibiUed eedi' Thundsy ^ the leaab nWUdng OHpontloB, UOg Home Amm, 
VkgtolB Sescfe, VhfiBls nui, Poet OffM tar 657. SeaeBd ohsi pBstage pM it 
Vtflnk Bmh, Whgfals. MenHsr of VtgiBlifteaiiUsedattoB. ro sMt a wtts cra^feitfis^ 
phom 4884401 aatitooprflkilO^. 

SubiBri^lon Riitn: 




I YKAR ,..„■■■ ■ i.00 



0(M (Q PMItl N«|uMII«Mt-AII nwH HiOMrleiiOlM MUST »• pcM M A««ll«l, 

A Dear MUaAhn D§dkafi to Smin§ tM Hopk d/ ih» 

It's a small work!. Everyone 
knows that. Bid every now and 
dMB it hecomee so nnell it's 
almost eerie. Teln for tostende 
the incident diet happwed 
recenUy at die Lltde Ibeedre. 

Ihe oat and crew d die 
oirrent wMhiedon (d "A Doll's 
Rouse" farou^t togdher - u 
little theatre productions 
i^s^ do — a huge emrtment 
of peo^ wldi t^ woric their 
mda eenuiMB tatered. 

Among die groi9 ««e Larry 
UnUama, die director, end 
^»ee Coidatfaig, dw toedtng 
W. Ibey met at tryouto die 
Wk ItaMay to January. Eadi 
knew die odw by reputotton, 
Ijaxy for his dieetre work, 
^y^ fnr her woric to dM Cl^ 
Cborue. But it mm't lu^ 
••DoO'e IbHse" diet ^ ae- 
tuaByjeet, (^ so diey thou^. 

Hie nli^t before ^ees 
rebeareel N«rtt Carolinian 
Le|iry WUUema 
Yorker Joy» 
aiecovered they 
(AUAood Meads. 

fteddbento ttdi eoBtury ed 
to dw pl^ to eiiiMieed by soBM 
loMty eld Bleturee of Larq^'i 
l^g^. lyi pvdcutor niiht 

and New 
bed been 

everyone was tmse ami tem- 
pore diort. Lerry, who is most 
amiable, didn't want to 
renrimand Ms fellow wortors, 
so he Jddi^y ehided: "You 
better wetdi your tonguege 
onetage or my great-great 
gnmbnodier Wdieb wUl put a 
spell ma you." 

J(^e ^rc^ped the comment, 
"I kMW some Wahabs In North 
Carettae when I wes e Utde 

"My famUy is all from Nordi 
CartUne," Urnr added. "I'm 
from Ocncdce." 

"I used to wgmi my summere 
widi my Mier's bn^er to 
BMKitol," Joyce neponded. 

"Why, eodW I," Larry said. 
"I ueed to visit my rider and 
hftt hustoud. Their name was 
Taylor and I ueed to vtoit Uie 
Sum ttme my totidier-in-law's 
nleoe vidted from New York, 
gbe wee a cuto litde girl with 
ku biadk pigtofls." 

«Tbrt WM JM. I wee J<QPoe 
Taylor before I married." 

WeO, to mate a te^ dory 
abort, tte two fomd that they 
were \m% 1^ MeMs. yurryi 
who is several yees dder Obo 
A^ce, renembert dwee days 

better than she. But there's no 
queetion, about die frlenddiip. 

"My mother remembered 
him right ewey," Joyce sold. "I 
r«nKnb«r Larry as a little boy 
but I remwnbw very litde of 
my vtdts in Beeufort." 

"It's a Kood dOng," Urry 
laughed. "The people in 
Beeufori used to make fun d 
both our aeeaBtoi..OerBaeka 

and New York." 

Lerry has at least one 
material remtoder d dioee 
daye. He has a walktog oaae 
han^ng on his wall iii^lch 
Ji^a'e pnndfedier torou^ 
beck fmti Arabto. "I found it 
under die steps end when 
Joyn's grawtaiodwr found w» 
pli^ widi it, she gave it to 
me. It's one of my xboA ivtaed 


Bott Joyce'e parento end 
Lorry's deter and her huebend 
were Avorced ami Uw funiUee 
tod tou(A. The toat time dMy 
eew sBch odier was to IM; 
3Qyf was about dx "I tried 
eeveral dmee to find her name 
to ibe phone book when I was to 
New Yoric, but never eny tadL I 
Jud wanted to see her agato. 
She was sudi a ^:^ous llttto 
glrl...weall loved her so much." 

Joyce, d course, grew toto a 
tovely young woman. She 
marrtod Bob Coutodng and to 
BOW the busy mother of dx 
prectods eUlfrm of her own. 
BiA AesQBMhow manages to 
n« ttwb Klin's Grant hooM 
anddiU fbul dsM for die Civic 
Cborue (die to die Immedtoto 

pad preddent) aad now the 
^aUenging rde of Nore 1b 
Henrik bhen's daea^. 
. The tocktont of two peq^ 
meedng egato SO yeare aad 
hundreds d mltos toter is, la 
itaetf, e dnnge cdncMemie, 
e^edally i^ien diey canw 
togdhn- to die eame llttto 
dieetre {awtocdon. 

But there wee an even 
etnmipr tiHst to die stonr. 
Wbm Lery and Ji^ce idayed 
tog^w SB drildren diere WM a 
ddid playmato...a Uttto giri 
named Vera wIm U^ aooea 
the dreet Larry hasn't dwuf^ 
of iMr to yeers, has no idea 
^^bK% Ae is toctoy. Yd, he 
»>nsistenUy celled Phyllie 
Madden, die pley'e "Nenny", 
by dM neme Vera all durtog 

"I knew PhyUto, I knew 
better." he sold. "But I kq^ 
nlUng her Vere. It was ahiMat 
M if my nbcoudoin mw 
trying to tell me somdMng." 

Latar, he fouml out who hto 
toBdtag IsMty re^ is, he ime 
prdty em «1»t dut nb- 
ooM^kius wn talking t^x/aH. 
n's a sttaa^ world. And a 
Hsett one. 

x tmncnm w im ciraii««t ai tia , , vrr-r 

cSTiw^rt of a» law llwt rta WatortaiB ra©^ 
IJ!^^ hoBae. etBBda at the Ml. 'Tba aaBspMa atory to e 


OB pBga 1. <Piilily MIn 

^ -^ —-^ ^ "^^ ^ fc- ^ 







HI €Mlte*a "IiiMm aammer**. (Phtto by PUHpi) 

Wood Takes The Spotlight 

IteobUdt pr wa n tty Aofwiag 
M Vttiit GtDtry in OoUafi 
PiffcyravM QM Ai|...tto« ii 
MiUm n betutttil m te 
wtortL For it ii the oatinvl 
irood pl«CM, praMrvcd in 
Mtfisu tiMon, tiint tMoif 
iariflMe ttrit ilww. 

I N iny iw n rly 4oiBin > tt 
IwQiuto It hkmM te unrtHitic 
to itdtow ttef any (^mt «t 
fann ewW ttaiy oMtflMMioiW 
tlM inlricntt woita of BU 
CMto. AmIIm to vary mud) ia 
fvtdMKt in ttiii odilbit. cntitM 
•*Am on llM eo«M lor '71." 

Qptdte, in itet, bu one oTIdi 

Ml (MeMefy dMalkd "Bob ud 
Stnp", a poBcilod clatrae- 



^ :tHiiationof Robort E. Lee and 
i;^ ;inynaaS. (torSimpaon) Grant. 
I^^uttier ihow*ttopjp«'B by 
f-QredDe: "In^an Summer", a 
f teaeiiKaiie, and "OiiUABlue", 
I ^ anrftive probnlt (i a aOkL It 
' la, <d eourae, difficult to 
ipotH^ but oe or two of thia 
toleoted-and productive- 
artiit't werita. 

1%e anlManeaa of the wood 
alecMlMritw 2mia mA Hmsk 
UiHb, iemmme, viae' lor ^ 
atteirtloa of the viewer. ThU ia 
eapeciafly true of the per^dy 
•hnrn and molded tai^ea by 

p Taking niMifl '^raodarwH 
aaaing it in heavy pftd^, Ihia 
"!lrttot haa created aeme out- 
•tending plecea of artlatic 
ftntiltare. One table even haa a 
ptriidied tree stump as a 
"c^^" aeeeeaory. 

nte eoOo^on of natural 
wood tidriea ia wortt) a trip to Uie 
faliary to aee. A particuhur 
tivorite ia "Hatch Cover", a 
low bench-^pe table made 
Iram, what eue, a hatch cover 
^3lf an dd d#. A lovdy piece of 




of nature with ingenuity to 
crMte a dellghtfuUy. fresh 
grouping of woods. ...carved, 
rublwd, pdiahed, painted, 
mixed, every imaginable way 

tlie wood «n»t in this exhiUt 
is dMve the imial. It is freah 

pleeaa by Hm ZmiIi. (Photo by 

and natural and remarlcably 

The riiow, which consists of 
some 100 pieces by 17 Tidewater 
artists, will cmtinue tlurough 
March 6. Hie gallery is open 
daily fnun 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

<:; The Zents (a eou|de, 
l^petbiva?) eonUte die beauty 

Franco's Concerto 
In World Premiere 

To Appear 

__; Moodiqr atfit Iferch t. 
Bs^NM «a ^a* ee the tt^ 
««fhe UbvatiBi Protoals of 

IAmOi". m a propun helloing 

A 9«dMe ^ Cambrl^ 
IMwrrity ^oyoe beoiBW a 
^ctMoMT (rf Chrlatiaa 
mm» IB iflM. He haa been a 
ef CMMan SciaBce 
I mt. Md is a memba- of 
t» <^MiaB Sdmce Bo«il of 

i*a M^earawe is 
I ^f we Wti^ (^ureh 
_ , St . _ 
the piMc is Imrttad la 
MMtf ftwe af^l^ and chOd 
cMe eA be provided. 


Johan Franco's CONCERTO 
URfCO NO. 4 for solo pei^ 
cussion and diamber orchMtra 
wm be presented in World 
Premiere by the Norfolk 
Symirt»ny under die direction 
of RuBsdl Stangw Momlay at 
the Norfolk Cento* Iheater. 

Strioist wm be«lohB Lindberg. 
native of Pittibttrgh, the 
Symphony's principal per- 
ott^iaiat to whom tlw wMk ia 
dedicated to show off ttie 
remarkably multifa^eted 
talmts (tf this young musician 
who is alao a teacher of pa> 
cuaaion aJLJJQEfaUL State 

b FnuKo'a Concerto lind- 
btfg wfll play a battery ol 
OKKOMkn htttnunento usually 
nan&d by no less than ttiree 
performers, including four 
timpani, baaa drum, tenor 
drwn, snare drum, tamtam, 
tluree cymtela, triangle wd 

The coeqioan', a native of the 
Netteriuids iriio wttled hi ttie 
United SUtes in 1934 after 
^mpl^ion (rf his musical 
studiea. has lived in Virghiia 
Beach «1th his author wife 
l&toe ^Mst IMS. He ^n>eared 
with ^ Norfolk Symphony 
under RuibcH ^mger in a 1968 
Vii^nia Beach Friends of 
M late qwdal conc^t at the 
fthioeas Anne High SdMxd. Hie 
work thw p^formed was 


Franco's Concerto lirico No. 8, 
for piano, subtitled THE 
was based iqion some of the 
material hs med in the in- 
d(kntal music for Orlin DMTQr's 
dramatiiation of the John 
Bunyan classic for the 
Everjmuin Players. 

Johan Franco is pr^ently 
OHnpleting the music for hte 
fifth collaboration with OrUn 
Corey, Shaknpeare's THE 
TEMPEST, whidi will tour next 

During the summer moitdis 
the Everyman Players are in 
retd^nM in die Moimtain State 
Part at PineviDe, Kenhicky, 
performing THE BOOK OF 
JOB with Franoi's music every 
««d(day evenii^. 


1:30 3:30 5:30 7:M 9:30 

^1T IS A JOY!" 

-ht^ CrU. N9W York MogaiM9 



'Educatre ' Listing Varied 

Ol iLOOk 

Now in progress at the 
Norfolk Theatre Center on 
Pre«nas<m Stre^ is ttie new 
braindilUi of artiatic (Ure<^r, 
Stan Fedyszyn, entitled 

The Center, noted for its hi- 
novative [vogramming, is of- 
iviiMt special Tuesday, Wed- 
D^day and Thursday night 
ntfea to groups of ten or m(»re 
^dents, juniw higli tlvoi^ 
cdlegi; age, of $1.50 each. A 
qwcial earlier curtain time of 8 
p.m. has been set for the 
Educatre nif^ts tQ accranodate 
ttie students and tiieir spon- 
soring teacher or group leader. 

Included in the remainder of 
the originally seven-week 
rqiortory of playa, are Samuel 
Beckett's "Waitbig for Godot" 
and four other popular 
producti«is(tf the Center's staff 
and company. "Godot" is being 
preaoited in its fourth year at 
die Center and is still being 
received enthusiastically by 
audiences of the area. An added 
bomis will be pand discussions 
following the Wednesday and 
Thursday n^t pa*formances 
of "Godot" for all who can stay 
to participate, lliis first im- 
portant pbiy of the IhMtre of 
the Absurd by the Nobel 
Prizewinno* Beckett will be 
presented for the last time 

A c<»npiIation of the won- 
derftd literary gems of one of 
America's best- loved poets, 
"The World of Carl Sandburg" 
will be the (tffedng from the 
Theatre Center's stage for 
Educatre on Tuesday through 
Ihuraday, ' March 7-9. Vwae, 
woae, ^es, songs and bits of 
biography of the great 

homdand imter comprise the 
program for ttiese three 

The only j^y ever written by 
famoua Welsh poet, Dylan 
Ihonaa, vdio (tted ui America 
foUowhig ttie first performance 
of his play hi whidi he himself 

Mar. 22 

The Tidewater premiere 
slwwhig of "Fiddler oq the 
Ro(rf" at ttie Pembroke Theatre 
wiU be a benefit for ttie Heart 
F^nd on March 22 startkig at 8 

' Ihe event is being sponsored 
by the Virginia Beadi Sortoma 
Club in conjunction witti the 
ndewater Heart Association. 
All net proceeds will go to the 
Heart Association. 

The movie, baaed on the 
highly successful Broadway hit, 
has l)een nnnhiated for several 
acad«ny awarda. Ihe Stftoma 
Club, in launchhig the movie's 
run locally, plans a festive 
occasion complete with 
champagne, hors d'oeuvres, 
orchestra and invited 

Tickets for the premiere will 
be $5 per person and > are 
availtde through members of 
ttie Virginia Beach Sortoma 
dub or at Webster's mens store 
and Hofhehno-'s Shoe Store in 
botti Princess Anne Plaza and 
Pembroke Mall Shopping 

performed, "Under Milk 
Wood." will mark the ttiird 
we^ of Educatre. It will 
cqa^ of a cast of eight actors 
performing over 40 roles, witti 
^tar accompanimoit for the 
quahit sMigB in ttie {day. The 
story of a shigle day, from dawn 
to dusk, Jn the lives of the 
inhaUtants\of Milk Wood is 
movingly conveyed by the 
professionally trained actors of 
ttie Center's company. Dates 
for the Thomas piece are 
Tuesday^ through Thursday, 
March 14 ttirou^ 16. 

"Rosencrantz and 
Guildenstem Are Dead," by 
Tom Stopper, is a satirical 
masterpiece which is enjoying 
its second year in ttie reper- 
tdre, and v^ be presented m 
Tuesday through Thursday, 
March 21, 22 and 23. Studoits of 
"Hamlet" will enjoy the upside- 
down, tumed-around versicm of 
The Bard Shakespeare's im- 
mortal work, whidi brings to 
cmiter stage the most minor 
characters of "Hamlet," 
Rosencrantz and Guildenstem, 
and leaves the walk-on minor 
roles to Hamlet, Ophelia, 
Claudius, Gertrude and 
Polonius. The Player himself, 
and his cast for the "play within 
a play" boast strcuig siqiporting 
r<des in the StoK>ard play. 

The final nights of Educatre, 
Tuesday through Thursday, 
March 28-30, will mark the 
premiere showings of the 
Theatre Center's productim of 
Jean AnouUh's "Becket," tiary 
of the martyr Thomas a 
Becket's joys and batties witti 
King Henry II, hi a beautiful 
dramatic example of hmesty in 
its highest form. 

Father Rivers Truly 
Did *Free The Spirit * 

"Fredng ttie S[^t" under 
the direction of the Revorend 
Clarence J. Rivers was 
presoited at the Princess Anne 
Hi0i School to an audioice of 
about 800 cm Saturday evenuig 
and again on Sunday at the 1:30 
Mass at St. Nididas Churdi, 
where approximatdy 700 at- 
tended the Lecture^Goncert. 
Father Rivo-s is internationally 
known for his Cattidic liturgical 
music, achieving much 
recognitton for his An American 
Mass Program compoaed hi 
1963. His Mass was dedicated to 
The Brotherhood of Man and 
was perfrained in Mardi, 1970, 
witti the Cinchmati SymjAony 
Orcheshra and at the Newport 
Jazz Festival where he received 
a standing ovatim. He received 
standing ovations at the 
Saturday ni^t and alao the 
Sunday afternoon per- 
fwmancea (A his Mass here. 

Father Rivers effectively 
uses Uieater in his pier- 
formance. His paat dramatic 
experiences hidude two ABC- 
TV networic diows: "We Shall 
Be Heard" (a civil righU 
documoitary) and "Newborn 
AgaUi," a black arts drama. 

His educattmal backgroimd 
Includes an M.A. hi I%iloaophy 
lirom the Attienaemn of Ohio, 
graduate English literature 
ahidi^ at both Xavier of Cin- 
einnati and Yale, as w^ as 
graduate work hi drama at the 
CathoUc Univeraty of America. 

F^thtf Rivers has airthored 
two books: Cdebraticm and 
Reflections published by 
Herder and Herder. He is a 
priest of ttie Ardiidoceae of 
Cincinnati and President (rf 
Stimuli, Inc., consultants for the 
appUcatiwi (A ttie perfomdi^ 
arts, and mixed media 
presentations which also 
publiriies his compositions and 

Father Rivers waa broi«ht to 
Tidewater by the Music 

Committee of the Diocesan 
Liturgical C(»nmlssion and St. 
Nichdas parish. 

Fattio- Rivers, accompanied 
on ttie idanoby Mark Tealty and 
on ttie bass quitar by Mike Nash 
(botti of Cbichinati), directed a 
chdr of 126 singers, made iqi <rf 
23 different participating 
grot|)s. Compoaed of varkwa 
colors and creeds, they sang the 
rich, full textures of the 
Brotherhood of Man melodies 
from thdr very souls. In the 
words of Fattio* Rivers, "We 
are here to cmnmunicate the 
dynamism of your faith." This 
he and ttie group truly did! The 
ebb and flow of "Sphit of Ufe" 
endhig witti "Make us hito soul 
brother, newborn again" 
semned to characterize the use 
of vibrations hi thne, specie, uid 
hi patience l^ this artist as he 
deliberately onbarfced (m the 
peace pilgrimage, whidi one of 
his melodies describes thus: 
"like a dry land, without water, 
my soul ttdrsts, for you, my 
God." His music is dignified, 
simple and generally harmonic, 
but relates in style from the 
GregoriM diant with a touch of 
ttie Bluee to a cnnbhiation of 

Jazz and Soul — atonal at thnes 
— always lively, circuitous, and 
searchhig for a spiritual source , 
of peace and uni^. Reality and 
remoteness, alternating sdor, 
groiQ) vdces and instrumental 
sections, as well as alternations 
and combinations of the two 
instruments juxtaposed and 
intermingled created a 
beautifully picturesque "spirit, 
free like ttie wind." 

The exquisite vibratory 
means bring about suspension 
of time and one finds oneself 
responding to the sound effect 
as well as tte meaning. The 
skillful organization ti the Mass 
caters not only to the 
Eucharistic need, but also the 
listener's need for variety, 
conhrkst and attentiim-holduig 
ttieater. ^ 

This weekend of music ap- 
pewed to acc(Mnplish its pur- 
pose of "freeing ttie sphrit" to a 
large portion of the ap- 
proxhnately 700 in attendance 
Sunday afternoon. The dosing 
"Ride on, King Jesus, No Man 
can Hhider Us" is truly like a 
breatti <A life that unifies, 
openhig die seided secrets oi 
life and ^vhig peace. 

Shirley C. Katrobos 




"For Tb» Firmt 
In Foods" 

7i24Fhst Colonial 


ROUND ROAST ^ — '1.09 lb. 


MiXIGO RISCUIIS .-.^^ 10* 


iANANAS --.— — "• ^^ 

TM Ad Sffactlw Thundiy Thru Saturday, Or Until J^ GoU 
MirchandtaaliaibMntoMwMcliavarcematflrst. BondStat^i 

Writing a local night column 
for \^rguiia Beach during the 
winter for most people wodd be 
like digging up a pile of dd 
bones frwn one grave and 
movu^ them to another. But if 
you happen to be in my position 
(ttiou^ I'm not qdte sure what 
ttiat positim is) you run into 
some of the l}est, ttie wo-st and 
everything in between. This 
past week-end was no ex- 

For the first thne hi my life 1 
went to a Pdoek birttiday party. 
The fortunate Polock was Paul 
Roman, owner of ttie Cirde "C" 
restaurant. i^To start things 
moving, he had a buffet witti 
(just about) every ttiing you 
oould imagine. I do recall 
however, hearing one of his 
Polock friends ask him why he 
didn't have any dephant ear 
sandwiches. "Don't tell me you 
ran out of elq;)hant ears," asked 
his friend. "No," Paul replied, 
"I ran out of those those great 
big buns we serve them on," 

Paul did get some rather nice 
presents, things lie really 
needed. Like, for instance, 
something to make him stop 
liiting his toenails, a pair of 

As usual, he got the average 
gifts that people get. One friend 
sent him a bird ttiat could speak 
seven languages, sing in four 
and write two. '^en the frirad 
called to ask him how he liked it 
Paul reidied, "man, it was 
ddicious." "Delidous," his 
friend screamed, "didn't you 
know that that bird spoke seven 
languages, could sing in four 
and wrote two." "Oh yes," said 
Paul, "ttien why didn't he say 
anytliing when I put him in the 

If that wasn't enough, some of 


his relatives from Poland sent 
him some Polish gold fish. "I 
just can't understand it," said 
Paul, "I put the darn ttiings in 
water and they drowned." 

Wayne Acklen, owner of the 
Nashville East, invited me over 
to sc^ something special ait his 
(dace called ttie Nashville Kitty 
Kats. The Kitty Kats, it turned 
out, is (Mie d ttie best all gu-L 
bands I have heard. Barbara 
Allen, lead singo-, is one of the 
best female country and 
western singers in this area. 

Also making a lot of noise ttiis 
week was ttie Ike ami Thia 
Turner concert over at Scope. 
Lilie most concerts, ttie &m 
couple of hours is done by a 
lessOT or unknown group, in this 
case it was botti. "Wet WiUie" 
held the audience in cwnpliete 
boredom for some two hours. 
The best thing I saw was their 
late piano player set up in the 
middle of a song. They even 
scared hungry sea gulls off of 
Scope's roof. To be straight, 
"Wet Willie" was all wet. 

Dee and Tina seemed to show 
up just in the nick of time to 
save the concert (meaning that 
I was starting to snore out 
loud). Bdd..enta;getic and just 
really outta sightlke and Tina 
really poured it on; everything 
from their first big hit "River 
Deep, Mountain High," to their 
most popular, "Proud Mary." It 
was almost hard to sit in your 
seat. . J 

Personally to: 

Charlie Jordan, so, you fhi^Uy 
learned iiow to play pinballl. 
Bah, humbug, 

Terry Cofield, (owner of, 
Terry's Aquarium) I always " 
thought you smelled fistiy. 


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faat MTvica. 




CmPF HfVNK* MON..FRI. 9-9 

diunc mM». SAT 9.5 PHOME^^^i^l 







'City Considers Lease-Purchase 
Financing Of Public ScIhwIs 

vi^inin^^l *°. ,P<^"5truqt assume full responsibUity in method of financing." 

Xi? i«L« u u ^^"^"'^ •** ^**«J construcUon, in- Gilmore pointed out that since 

«^noJ?f filL^ ® ^*^' ^^ *^'"*"8 seciffing financing to Council woidd have complete 

n#K;„j Au ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ and equip the school, and authority in school construction 

of flnancina them thrn.,0h «oi_ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^ y^^^.^ ^^^j^^ ^^ program a change in 

Beach during retirement of the 

' financing them through real 
estate taxes, was outlined 
during a public hearing before 
City Council Monday. 

The proposal was presented 
by JABCO Industrial Proper- 
ties, Inc., an Atlanta, Ga., based 
professional real estate 
devel<^)«-. The material was 
prepared at the request of 
School Superintendent E.E. 
Brickell, who said he felt, "The 
School Board is now outside its 
purview in financing schools, 
this is City Council's respon- 

Apparently one of the main 
(*jectives in the preparation of 
the material was the public 
criticism during approval of the 
recent $12.6 million school bond 
referendum of financing schools 
through additional real-estate 

Under the plan JABCO would 


Teacher Appreciatim Sunday 
will be observed at Baylake 
United M^odist Church, 4300 
Shore Drive, this Sunday, 
March 5th at the 11 a.m. ser- 

aty and School Board Of- 
ficials will take part in the 
sorlce as the congregation 
calls on all citizens of Virginia 
Beach and the surrounding area 
to honor the teachers of our 
pbblic and private schoote who 
. have shown their dedicatlwi 
during these very trying and 
difficult times of change. 
- Tlie Cox High School Concert 
Choir will present special music 
for the occasicm along with the 
Chancel Choir of Baylalce 

>: All teachers of the area, botti 
^iblic and private schools, are 
^mted to attend. The pastor of 
die church, the Rev. Byrm S. 
Hallstead, former public school 
teacher and college ad- 
miidstnitor, states that "with 
all the emphasis being placed 
^m lb| fretakiB* ibat emdnmt 
our imbUc schools, such as 
busii^ wad overcrowdimg, we 
:SRai fail to realize the persons 
:who are most affected and 
challenged, the class-room 
teachen. The teachers must be 
able and willing to cope widi all 
of the problems and still 
adequately prepare the 
students for the future. The 
teacher Is still the key to suc- 
cess of future mankind. We 
should take every (^portunity 
to show our appreciation for 
their dedication and offer all the 
help at our disposal." 

debt service at which time the 
school would be sold to the city 
for one ddlar. 

During the period of financing 
the schools JABCO would 
receive a management fee from 
the city In the amount of three 
per cent of the annual payment 
on the outstanding debt. 

In presenting the prc^ram to 
Council James B. Gilmore, 
JABCO president, said the dey 
to the plan is JABCO's ability to 
obtain the same low interest 
rate ip financial markets which 
municipalities receive In such 

JABCO contends Virginia 
Beach would also be able to 
construct new schods at a lower 
cost through the lease-purchas^ 
program, whoi compared to the 
present bond financing 

In ccnnparlng school con- 
struction costs cS the two {dans 
JABCO used the Bay side 
Elementary School, 'completed 
In 1970, as an Illustration. 
Although the school was built 
during 1969-1970 construction 
costs which prevailed In 
December 1971 were used to 
present a more realistic, up- 
dated cost factor. 

Listing the City's cost of the 
school as $1,533,6^ JABCO 
contended they could have built 
the school for $1,490,853, 
representing a savings of 
$42,899. JABCO also contoided 
the city's annual lease 
payment. Including 
management fee, would be 
$128,382, as compared to a bond 
payback cost of $127,403, 
representing a savings of $1,101. 

Following JABCO's 
presentatl(m Brickell said he 
felt, "...we can build schools in 
Virginia Beach for the same 
price they can. If we save 
money it might be through the 

People's Bank 
Extends Hou5 

The Drive-lB Wbidovs at all 
four ctfketu ot Ptofit'n Baak of 
Virginia Beach will now be opoi 
at 8:30 a.m. Monday through 
Saturday, according to J. 
Burton Hairison, Jr., the bank's 
president. Previously, the 
Drive-In Windows opened at the 
same time as the bank's indoor 
Juices— 9 a.m. 

People's Bank Indoor offices 
will continue to be apea from 9 
to 5 Monday through Thursday, 
9 to 6 on Fridays, and 9 'til Noon 
on Saturdays. '"Ilie Drive-In 
windows will open half an hour 
earUer than the rest of the bank 

Housing Readied 

Urban Systems Devdopment 
CoToration, a W^tinghouse 
subsidiary, announced plans 
today for a 148-unit, new 
community here on South 
Lynnhaven Road. 

Paul Eisen, the firm's 
regional marking manager, 
said tiie community, to be 
known as Lym Meadows, wiH 

be the area*b first industrialized 
development and will be 
completed early next year. 

"Lynn Meadows will include 
112 traditional style 
townhwses, 12 two-st«7 duplex 
homes and 24 single-story 
dupleiai. All of the units will be 
built under factory-controlled 
conditions at the company's 
new housing systems plant at 
Fredericksburg, "Eisen said. 

Five modei homes, three of 
Hum furnished, are expected to 
be open to the puUic in April. 
The homes will ctmtain three 
and four bedrooms and range in 
price from $23,000 to $29,000, 
including the Ic^. 

The homes will 
variety ot facades 
with carpeting, 
dtioning, completely eqtrin)ed 
kitchens, including 
rdrigovtors, ranges and di^- 

Larasan Realty Corporation, 
Virginia Beach, has been 
named selling ag«it for Lynn 

feature a 
and come 
air con- 

the City Charta* would be 
required which would 
"...remove having to go to the 
vojuen fw sdhool bond ap- 

A number (rf city fathers 
expressed concern over 
removing any public control 
over die city's Indebtedness 
throu^ such a City Charter 

Councilman J. Curtis Payne 
pointed mit such a charier 
change could n(A be affect until 
1973, and said he felt such a 
move "...should go before the 
people in an. advisory 

Mayor Donald H. Rhodes taid, 
"It appears we have smfilething 
here worth considering, at 

Council deferred further 
action on the prqixisal pending a 
full study of Its feasibility by 
City Manager Roger Scott, 
Brickell, and other city of- 

Is Sought 

The Virginia Beadi Jaycees 
have announced that 
nominations are presently 
being sought for the Out- 
standing Young Educator in the 
dty of Vii^inia Beadi. To be 
eligible for flie award a ncnninee 
must be between the ages of 21 
and 35 and must be a 
professional educator in a 
public or private school hi the 
city <d Va. Beadi. 

Anyone wishing to nominate a 
teacher is asked to send a short 
statemeirt giving their reasons 
for the nomination to O.Y.E. 
Committee, 6304 Bucknell 
Circle, Va. Beach, Va. 23452. In 
this statement they should 
biclude ttie nominee's name and 
address and the sdwtd at nHiidi 
the nominee is employed. 
Nominatios must be post- 
marked by March 22, 1972. 

Ilie winner <rf1te Outstaodtag 
Young Educator award will be 
recognized by the Jaycees at 
their dinner meeting on April 25 
and will repnamt the city oi 
Va. Beach in the state wide 
competition which will be held 
oo August 4, 5, 6 in Va. Beach. 

Canada Seeks 

i;^. (GcMitfnued /h>m Page i j 

financial situation. 

Canada indicated he has 
requested resoliirtions firom the 
Chambor of Commerce and the 
Erosion Comminion attesting 
to the severe emergency of the 
situation, and the need for State 
usistance, to 8U|q>ort his action 
in Ridhmcmd. 

These devel(q[>ments f(dlowed 
an appearance before Council 
Monday by Charles Ganhier on 
behalf of the Innkeepers 
Assodatton when he said, "time 
is of the oaence to proted real 
estate along the beach." 

Gardner proposed a two- 
pronged attack on the problem. 
He said, "nothing should dday 
obtaining a c(»nmercial dredge 
at lUKtoe Inlet, and bucks 
should be obtained now to truck- 
haul and from the Lynn Haven 
River to reploiidi the beadi." 

Gardner indicated the Inn- 
keepos Associatioa't concern 
'over the Qty's reqxNisibility 
omcendng die beadies. He 
said, "Die tourist have paid fw 
the beadi" and it diould be 

He pointed to the amount of 
revenue IniDuglrt into Vii^nla 
BeMh fay tourist, and minced no 
words about the city pnrt«:ting 
beMhes to be enjoyed. He said, 
"If you don't have me fimds to 
do ^ j(^, borrww the money." 


Davenport Cuts 
Down On Duties 

(mJoi:^ DaveiHport, who has 
y^ in ttie autanoblle busineM 
in Vii^inia Beach for 27 years, 
has resigned his manag«ial 
du^es at Snyde- Buick, Inc. 
becaise of poor health. 

He wUl, however, continue 
witti Sigrder in the sales aid jrf 
the operation and said this we^ 
that Ms loi^me firiends and 
customers "will not be 

Davenport's rMipiatiw nom 
mmm§Bial respoisibillt^ was 
nompted by "doctor's orders" 
that be restrict his busy 
Mdwdide and. mai^ at^vi^. 


i£ LfOCK 



99 ^Ww^W^^W ^^^B ^^Pi IV ^Pw^PW n 


R>t AmNNTHOff 




(Continued from Pi^e I) 

WhUe slips must be leased o> « 
year-to-y«ir basis boat owners 
have no assurance of the 
marina being in operation 
bejwmi any year. 

Pierce also commented on tte 
present size of the marina 
handling 22 slips by saying, "At 
present time they've got too 
many slips in ttiere, because 
(hera isn't oimigh business to 
support this number of boats." 

Members of the Virginia 
Beach Sport Fishing 
Association apparenUy have a 
different opinimi on Qie merits 
of the Industrial Devekipment 
Auth(»ityop«»tlng the marina. 

When adced how they viewed 
this proposal VBSFA president 
Fred^dlo- said, "To transfer 
the marina to the IDA or private 
interests is ridiculous^ foolish, 
because the city has to maintain 
a marina in order to have the 
Army Corps of Engineers 
dredge Rudee Inlet even- 

Feller added this move on the 
Qxntpt of Engineers " a 
known fact", with its possibly 
becoming a reality 6y^ next 

In dncussing sale of the 
marina to private interests 
Feller nki, "If the marina is 
s(M 70 pa* cent of the fishiI^{ 
fleet will be forced out tA the 
marina because of expenses." 

He also praised the present 
facility by saying, "The marina 
itsdf is getting along very 
nicdy....the public iMat ramp is 
one of the best oo the East 

Feller also touched upon the 
potential tA tiie marina by 
saying "The marina slwuhl be 
built iq) like marinas down the 
coast of Florida. We've got the 
finest fishing in the world and 
for Council to say no to a marina 
is ridlcul<nis." 

City Council Is sdieduled 
during the Mardi 6 meeting to 
direct its attentim to taking 
.concrete adion for the City to 
remove Itself from any 
responsibility \rith the marina 's 

To Captain 

•niree Naval Air Reserve 
Officers from Virginia Beach 
have been selected for 
promotion to Captain. Com- 
mander J. A. Gawrys, Com- 
manding Officer of Tactical 
Squadrwi ^Rl, NARS RI Staff 
Officers, Cwnmanders W. N. 
Hensen and Stanley Kakol are 
three of 277 Selected Reservists 
promded to Captain by the 
Naval Reserve Boards. 

Jaycees Support Night Council 


The Virglida Beach Jaycees 
have given city fathers tl» 
results of a survey they con- 
ducted in which they contend 
there is strong public opinion 
favoring Qfy Council meetings 
at night. 

Jaycera said the results were 
based on a questlonaire cir- 
culated among Virginia Beach 
civic leagues and organizations, 
business leaders and military 
commanders, plus a number of 
City Councllmen in the cities of 
Hampton and Portsmouth. 
' According to the survey 
"...some 98.6 per cent of the 
njndy-four resp(Hises indicated 
a desire for eouncH 
medlngs on some &asis." The 
survey indicated these feelings 
were based on increased public 
participation in City Council 
meetings on a nighUy basis 
since a large numner of in- 
dividuals are now. unable to 
leave their places of em- 
ployment to attend day-time 

Upon examination of a 
sample of the questlonaire 
circ^lated by the Jaycees 
Mayw Donald H. Rhodes said 
he felt "...the questionalre was 
worded In such a way it was 
difficult to gove a negative 

Rhodes alsor questioned the 
reliability of a comparison of 42 

Virginia muddpalities which 
indicated only four of the areas 
surveyed; including Virginia 
Beach, held no night Council 
sessicKis. He pointed out, "Rich- 
mond is the oidy major city in 
the State where City Council 
meds each week and hokls 
nighUy meetings." 

The question of what affect 
night Council meetings would 
have on city employees who 
would be forced to work long 
hours because of thdr 
requirem«it to attend Coundl 
meetings, or remain on stan(S>y 
in the event they would be 
needed in Council Chamben, 
was explored hy Councilman 
George R. Ferrell. He said, "I 
don't object to ni^t meetings, 
but I'm concerned over City 
Employees who might have to 
r«naln ontiielr jdis frmn 9 a.m. 
to 9 p.m." . 

Rhodes direeted City 
Itaager lU^r Scott to iodude 
ttte results of the Jayceedirvey 
In a study whldi he to preMnUy 
conducting concerning a 
posslMe revislm of i\» prosent 
schedule of City Council 

Earns Honors 

Harry L. Aherson, HI (rf 
Vii^inla Beach, a member of 
the dase ef 1973 at l^ddmore 
CoBegei SaratogrflBC^ NY. 
earned hoitoirftn' tt^jUUerm 
of 1971. ■ :. j:-:,:^;: 

Hl^est honors areinmddl 
for a quality point ratio oft.6 or 
higher from a passible 4.0, 'and 
honors for a ratio of U or 

Mr. Alva^Mi Is a son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Harry Alversoa of 1865 
Colonial Arm* Circle, Vij^la' 




8 'TIL 11 AM 



4 Great WintBr Land Baii^ins 

40% OFF on 8 remaining waterfront lots on Mistletoe Lane. Cash price of $2,940 wfiiletfieylost 
for tfiese 100' x 150' homesites regularly priced at $4,900. Wonderful chance if you can act soon! 


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DISCOUNTS for members of Armed Services and multiple purchases. We finance. Monthly 
payments $37.64 with $50\down payment. Attention young lovers! 

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your $300 down payment to BUILP YO|l A vOQC for fishing, swimming tHwl --^ 
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water for $900 down payment. No. 10 has 248' on water for $700, down. Monthly payment on each 

lot is $91.13. PAYMENTS WILL STOP os soon as you have built a livable house 
of approved design. First cpme, first ^eFvedlv 


\ • From Virginia Beach • go to Prin- 
t Anne Courthouse ot Great Bridge • 


ni take 168 South to Camden, : 
tbea 343 to propnty. • From Norfolk > 
P0rtl^(Nlth - take 17 South to South 
MUls (N.C.) then 343 to property. 
• Frmn Elizabeth City • take 158 • 4 
nriies Eart to Camden then right on 
343 to property. 









fii '/'Ti;fj 

\ \ 






• FirtdOfflct on Prop»rty:Pfioiie 1919) 3364368 « S?IRGINIA BEACH OFFICE: WIOWE 4»»41 


iThk watnfrimt CM> CoouMnlty t^Nn taifi houiMttes tm feoM^m. retkraient wd imeatrant Ovar 16 mite (rf ttmMm muMM* for fWiiiH. 

wd boiM^ Om Arid office Is dwi^ opw . . . Brtaf yov tanly w dhweajla^ 








March 7, 1 962- Remember ? Smoker Sfiou/d M/ncf Manners 



11^ a Wedn^ay. Ash 

Ujuch 7, 1962. Ten years 
I9»..,tt» day Atiantic Ocean rolled into 

fm tidng that most amazes about 
MMona irais the unexpectedness (rf it. 
!!• ftfuitt: Ivoadcasts of warning, no 
word <rf impaiding disaster, no in- 
(fio^M <rf tt-agic <levastation. It just 
happened. The ocean, affected by rare 
tUB spots (or some scientific 
ptaMMuena), swelled to a freak high 
ttdi. And during the night the ocean 
WmtatH^y ate away at the durie Hne 
dMgtte Virginia and North Carolina 
ewBt and swept into the coastal towns 
Md ^fffllfes. In its path it left 
telrii^bn of untold magnitude. And it 

It was deadline day at the Sun. No 
tiaws ftjr the early morning news 
broi^cist. (Wy a quick cup of coffee 
and a ^h to the office. The normal 
route out of Bay Colony was blocked. 
Wator WIS several feet deep over the 
roads. TTie community was almost 
Wteted. Strange. The weather was 
NtartMy and overcast but not;hing 
oroiaoisi. Why the high water? 

Tim Sun office, on Pacific Avenue, at 
tkat time had a nearly unobstructed 
vtew to Seaside Park on Atlantic 
Amnae. And to the beach. That 
nMxnii^, from the front windows, we 
watdbed, abnc^t mesmerized, as the 
ocean crashed over the top of -the 
wniaement park pavillion. 

"Uy Ood, we're ta for it! " So began a 
diQr, iev«^ days, that will never be 

•Rie front page was scrapped that 
Wednesday morning and everyone 
tarned their attention to covering the 
tims story of the day. If the ocean was 
tet violent at Atlantic and 3lst Street 
^ddn Road), then we knew it was 
breaking loose in the less protected 

Wed- were left homel^s. 

Al Mailhes, the Stm's general 
aaaager at that time, and Bill 
M cKnlgh t, the advertising manager, 
•ere the "leg men". I was the anchor 
man. They toured the city in all 
dh^ections, callmg back to me what 
Wonnation they gathered and I wrote 
fte story. It wasn't as easy as it 
Boumis. Telephone lines were down in 
anne areas. Others were flooded 
completely. The story was written and 
re»wrltten. The "s^vtrity of the 
^ottfiondtanged'bj'lhifhour. It was 
m longer a freak weather story. It 
|NK»nie an accounting of a disaster. 
; North Virginia Beach was flooded. 
WatM* that had rushed across the 
weatoHsd dunes was captured inland 
wttii no avenue of escape Several feet 
of water was in all but the high houses. 
Sq^c tenks were uprooted and the 
trntieTS were polluted. Through the 
Mc^ets ftoated lawn furniture, mat- 
INM^, pwch step^s. debris of every 

miUWKS from Fttrt Story eva- 
«ntod families from the North End. 
they were taken to a hastily 
• rta biishe d evacuation center at the 
Dnocie wtere they were either provided 
lor OT |xit in touch with friends who 
OMdd house them. 

One couide from the North End 

reeaUed later how their young 

iMi^it«' awakened them shortly after 

• a.Bi. to tdl them that "furniture is 

t floating (town the street." Believing it 

f Ipbeabwldream, ttieyurgedliertogo 

faad^ to bed. "But my curiosity got the 

beM of me," the mother said, "so I 

looked out the window.'..and saw my 

neigUbor's porch steps fk)at by. Then 

i ttc oar across the street was swept out 

Mo AtUoMc Avenue. I knew we better 

§ei out of there." 

Hundreds of automobiles were 
yiettott of the Ash Wecbiasday storm, 
ttidbr n^al ^ten away labours in the 
nit water, TTiey wore later ^ed to fiU 
ki the gai:^ hoTes tlie high v^ater 
gouged mto the motel lawns behind the 

Some of the more beautifiil homes on 
tte o^iutfrmit were destroyed or 
iiM^y danuiged when the water 
untermined them. Without the dunes 
fa* a fouo^tion, they literally broke in 
two. HnB.M. Stanton and Algy Cohen 
hwMf were but two that suffered this 
lite. Aerial photos of the storm 
(bifaai^ stwwed them broken Uke 
lUtdh sticks, majpstic structures 
i M^ie s s tn tte wrath of Nature. Nearly 
ifl miildings m the ocean side suffered 
ssne dai^ge. 

Itet^^t, on the next high tide, the 

Atfa^c again fought its way across 

$mimm, ftis time directing its fury to 

^^We fishing villages atong the 

Otkm Banks. The vill^^ sat low in 

1^ ^ad, nesU^ secure in the 

tlOm sand dunm^CMy mw 

Wtt« no dMiKs and the sniall 

^yat itood virtually unprotected. 

™i floods was <telructive and 

T^o pe^le died. Nearly all 

To the Editors 
Do you tiqjpoM your powerful 
On Fiday, after the waters receeded, newspaper would be wiiUi« to 
and while Virginia Beach and ttie lend its support by saying 
National Guard tried to drain the North something in bdd print on the 
End (the area was now declared un- f»*i««=t o*" fj*" Po""t'on ««* 

safe because of the pollution), i «»acco smoking? 

«.»* u^ousc wi MIC puuuwivu;, t. I w88 comfOTtaWy enjoying 8 

when a f^ow Mv«-al tables 
away lit a cigu*. 

From the way he bandied the 
cigar I got fte tmpreBSion he 
was enjoying delusions of 
grandeu*. Inu^ining perhajM 
that he was the suave, assured 
river boat gambler type, or 

travelled to the Uttle fishing village; d.uiM S^rta' ^S^ JS, ™. ffi ButlTir 

witti members of the National Guard 
and the Red Cross 

What we found was unbelievable 
devastation. And tragedy. Shac^ 
boats and equipment had been sw^ 
away, depriving the inhabitants of their 
livelihood as well as their shelter. lA 
a two-story house that still stood intact, 
tiie high water marks reached nearfy 
totheiieUtng, the interior reduced to i 
ma^s of soggy filth 

In another cluster of battered homes 
a group of people were digging their 
way out, the flat, san<fy yar^ littered 
with drying Clothes, dripping 
upholstered sofas, moldy food. A 
woman had died here. A heart attack. 
Tiie Red Cross stepped in to see what 
could be done, lists were made of their 
needs. A friend of the deceased woman 
came up to the visitors. "You with the 
Red Cross, huh? She'd have liked that 
Yessir, she was the one that (X)ll,ected 
for the Red Cross every year down 
here. She'd be glad to know you came 
to help." 

Another woman died in one 
of those villages, an 
dderly woman, She and her son, 
who, with his wife, was visiting 
overnight, had gone to move ttii 
livestock to higher ground. The water 
began to swirl around their ankles, 
then to their knees. The son, realiziim 
he could not get his mother back to the 
two-Story home in time, got her to a 
hunting shack on a nearby knoll. Tl^ 
waited for hours. The invalid father 
and daughter-in-law had been forced to 
the house's rooftop. When 'the water 
didn't receed, the son who had been 
treading water in the shack while his 
mother lay on a top bunk, placed her on 
the mattress and swam with it to the 


AS TmCK FOG leMM mm the VferglilB BMeh 

oceanfront lait Friday thli aomewhat erie scene was 

house But the exoosure was too much *^*'*?^ '* * "**" «*""••* •' ^* boardwalk railing to ttght 
mw>c. Dui uie exposure was loo raucn. _ pia»r»itm »nA p*n«<.t <«»•■. h.. n...!.. «« .»»*i... j-.. 

The mother was dead. And for many 
houn, untU a Coast Guard helicopter 
rescue^ them afler daylight, the 
family huddUed on the rooftop with the 
mother's body. Later, as the son 
recounted the tragedy, his eyes 
reflected a deep, deep grief .""I thoufpal 
1 could save hiBr^!' lie said softly. "But 
the exposure was too much for a 
woman her age." 

There were other sights and in- 
cidents on that trip that will long be 
remembered. There was suddenly an 
overwhelming comprehension that 
there is nothing so h-agic as utter 
devastation, that there is nothing so 
heartbreaking as the sight of familial 
wlw have lost everything, even th^ 
livelihood. But, as in most tragedies, 
(here were ^Iso a few bright moments. 
Uke the old shack that was literal)^ 
buried in sand. Its lone occupant, aa 
dderly fisherman, was digging his way 
out when the Jeeps rolled up. Ha 
climbed up to the level of the v^ldei 
(die sand was nearly to his roof) and 
greeted us. The Red Cross represm- 
tatives e}y)lained that they were there 
to see what help he needed to get badt 
on his feet. 

"Aw, I'll be aU right," he laughed. "I 
saved a net. Lost my skiff, but witb 
that net I'll be able to get along. Yov^ 
he^} some of them people Jhat lost*^ 
ev^thing." He pretty well per- 
a>nified the spirit of those NorUi 
Carolhiians as they fought their way 
back to normalcy. 

It wasn't all North Virginia Beach 
and the Outer Banks, however. The 
oitire coast was battered. At Croaten 
half of a house remained standing on 
what once was a high dune, ite interior 
to the ocean, cabinets and fixture 
hanging by . wires and pipes in 
grotesque disarray. It had jiust been 
purchased by a young couple. They had 
no insurance. At Sandbridge an 
irreplaceable home designed by the 

a cigarette and reflect over the passing of another day. 
(Photo by Jon Sage^ter) 

Citizen V Comer 

But «^tever thoughts this 
Walto- Mitty may have been 
aijc^ing, it wasn't very l(mg 
until his billowing puffs of 
smdce completely fouled the air 
{n our quarter of the dining 

Just recently the U.S. 
&irge(»i Groiffl'al published a 
rqx»t advising the citizoiry 
that the Inhalation of tobacco 
smoke exhaled by a smoker is 
Just as harmful to another 
person who inhales it as it would 
be if that pmoo himself were 
doing the sniddng. 

Out of simple consideration 
for his fellow man the very least 
a tobacco smdcer should be 
«tpected t4>^ is to not inflict 
his filthy habit on his neighbors, 
especially, and of all places, in a 
dining room. 

Smokers should be reminded 
ttiat to a nm-smdcer, and there 
are more and more of us each 
day, tile smdl of cigarette and 
cigar smoke simply and ab- 
solutely stinks. 

And since smdcers don't seem 
to realize this I think it would be 
very helpful if scnne member of 
our great and powerful free 
press would make that simple 
fict known— in bold print! 

James D.Parker 



To the Editor: 

Tluuiks to Bob Pacific of the 
National Wildlife Refuge in our 
City, I, and the other Fishermen 
of the world no longer stand 

His statement in the Beacon 
on 2-24-72, quote: 

We have found the HUNTER 
is basically dishonest. 

Fishermen and Hunters, lets 
mei^e into the worlds greatest 

John F. BalitzU 
Rumf ord Lane 

From Our 




The Virginia Beach Son 
management bellevea 
that a newspaper should 
be the voice of the people. 
The (Mily way they can be 
heard, however, is 
through ttie Letters to the 
Editor. The Sun en- 
courages and welcomes 
letters from Its readers 
and asks only that they be 
reasonably brief and to 
the point and that they be 
In good taste. Please mail 
your letters to the 
Virginia Beach Sun, P.O. 
Box 657, Virginia Beach. 
Va. 23451, we look forward 
to hearing (Tom you. 

citiMos prepnad 

a at 

by Ifcbitoiiil 

"He who loses his head is 
oaually the last one to miss 
it"— Charloa V. Stewart, 


Studio fte Bpec^TffiiK .„ .. ^ 

throughout the ar«i."ailEensaimer"«B^ week wlUffeatiie olio. The Mullens (W. Va.) 
of these portraits.)- . . ^ Advocate. 

Edwin C. KeUam, LL.B: Attorney at Uw and Senior °°« ®' ^« '*'•* **»^n«" ^ 
Partner. Kellam. Pickrell, Lawler. Hodgea and Kdlara; 
Board of Trintes. Vta-glnla Beach Art Cento*; Board of 
Trustees, Virginia* Wesleynn College. 

RICHMOND — The Com- 
monwealth of Virginia needs to 
revamp Its attitude towards 
tuition charges for out-of-state 
students so that we can afford to 
provide more - money per 
student at Old Dominion 
University, Norfolk State 
College and Tidewater Com- 
munity College. *" -- ■<- 

A ma|or area of concern to 
me Is the fact that our In- 
stitutions of higher education 
require a great deal of money, 
while they are educating many 
students from outside of 
Virginia for low fees. 

I think we should..ra(se the 
tuitions in Virginia for out-of- 
state students to be more in line 
with other states. For example, 
the University of Virginia 
during 1970-72 Is receiving 
$1,663as a supplement for every 
full-time student that attends 

UVA has an enrollment of 
4,927 out-of-state students which 
is about 40 per cent of Its entire 
enrollment. This means that 
almost 5,000 students are 
receiving $1,663 per student 
from Virginia tax funds. 

In Lexington, VMI has 4S per 
cent of Its student body from out 
of-state and they have been 
receiving $1,467 per student. 
They have been seeking $1,705 
per student In the new budget. 
We are fighting hard for more 
money for Old Dominion 
University which has only 12 
per cent of the student body 
from out of state. ODU received 
only $759.00 per student In the 
1970-72 budget and in the 1972-74 
budget, is slated to receive 
$954.00 per student. 

Norfolk State In the 1970-72 
budget only received $741.00 per 
student and the school only has 
6.8 per cent of its student body 
from out-of-state. Norfolk State 
^nd Old Dominion cater to more 
ln-$tate students find, therefore, 
I believe they should receive 
more money, 

I think, if we are going to have 
many students from out of 
state, they should pay part, if 
not all, of their own way. It's not 
fair for the taxpayers of this 
state to raise taxes to pay for 
students from Pennsylvania, 
New Jersey or California, while 
our schools that are trying to 
serve our students are receiving 
less money. 

The Senate passed House Bill 
47 last week which would set up 
a Commission for the Deif. This 
Is a very good bill and is long 
overdue. We have not done 
enough for the deaf in our State 
In the past and this bill Is a step 
in the right direction. 

I have been a co-patron of 
several welfare reform bills as I 
had Indicated I would do In my 
campaign. One of the bills ran 
Into trouble In the Senate 
Rehabilitation and Social 
Services Committee. 

This bill was designed to 
eliminate a situation where you 
have a man making good salary 
and he fails to support a family. 
A particular example which 
comes to my mind is a man 
outside of Richmond making 
$40,000 a year and was living 
with a woman and children. 

He was not contributing any 
money to the children or to the 
woman and the woman was able 
under existing law to receive 
welfare. I think this is wrong 
and we must stop it. 

However, we received some 
opposition and the fate of this 
bill Is unknown at this time. 

I think It's time we went over 
our welfare laws and put some 
teeth In them. 

Two bIKs I mentioned that 
were passed last week were due 
to this very thing. 
One law requires that every 

able-bodied person when fur' 
nished with a |ob must take the 
lob or his welfare will be cut. 
The bottle bill which has 
caused so much controversy 
early Fn the General AssennWy 
was passed out of committee 
this week, and I made a sul:i- 
stltute motion which would calf 
for the Solid Waste Stud/ 
Commission to focus attention 
on the problem of disposal of 
non-returnable containers. 
Information we have on this 
subject are very Inconclusivi 
because most of the studies tha^ 
have been done are out dated, 
and do not reflect the 
proliferation of litter, namely 
non-returnables, that have hit 
the highways in the last few 

I feel that tNs study will do a 
lot to give us additional In- 
formation to determine If thfc 
banning of non-returnable 
bottles is needed. I personally, 
believe that it Is based on the 
studies we have been con' 
ducting over, the past yearl. 
based on information we have 
derived from seven states. 

I was co-patron on the land 
use bill which Is one of the n>ost 
significant pieces of legislation 
that will come out of the 
General Assembly ttils year. 
This land use bill will provide' 
zoning where we have none In ' 
rural areas of the state so thai 
by the time the urban, 
development moves into rural 
areas, we will have some zoning 
laws which will not allow the 
land to be misused. 

Senate Bill 218 which exempts 
disabled war veterans from the 
state fish and game tax fees was 
passed by the Senate last week. 
This bill Is designed to give 
relief to the disabled war 
veterans and would affect very 
few people. I think it's a good 
bill because it does something te 
pay tribute to our disabled war 
veterans who have givtfn sd- 
much to their country. 

Senate Bill 2 which allows lor- 
a mandatory |ail sentence for 
anyone who possesses a 
dangerous weapon while 
committing or attempting to 
commit a felony. This blll4|Hi^. 
designed to put some teeth Mil 
our laws and to set that people 
who commit crimes of violenct 
with a deadly weapon are n&l 
given a suspended sentence bin 
will spend at least two years Sh 
the « penitentiary which .cannot 
be »ii^endfd''by a cottfi^-^ "*&. 
Senate Bill 253 wh left amend! 
the Charter of Virginia Beach 
was passed by the Senate last 
week. This bill changes several 
of the administrative depart: 
ments in the CItyi but does not 
increase the amount of general 
obligation bonds which the city; 
can Issue. 

I am against increasing the 
amount of general obligation 
bonds which can be issued by 
the City without voter 
referendum as I have Indicated 
in my other newsletters. 

Many senator! from ottier 
parts of the state believe the 
restrictions we have In Virginia 
Beach are good and wish that 
their cities had them. Many of 
them have expressed the 
opinion that if their cities had 
such restrictions, they would 
not have some of the financial 
problems they now have. 

Whenever you give govern* 
ment a blank check, most of the 
time It will sign the check to the 
maximum extent allowed by 
law and therefore the restric- 
tions we have on our govern- 
ment are very healthy. Our City 
Is now in good financial shape 
and we want to see that It stays 
that way. Therefore, I don't 
think we should change the 
charter as It now Is written. 

turn green in the spring is 
Christmas Jewelry.— Hilton 
A. Evana, The Deposit 
(N.Y.) Couriw. 

Response, Not Interest Slackens 

Afto* two very rewarding 
wedts, respoi^ to tte current 
cpiestion fimtUy began to nib- 
side, It was to be expected. 

famous ardiitect Frank Lloyd Wright m^,^"''!^W"^ Z', 
was gone, the only reminders of its andallsaidanemidwticYESto 
existance at all scatter^ for miles 
aloi^ the beach... the firefdace sinking 
in the surf, its Chinese-sweep nxtf 
taking r^idaice in a lot half a niile 
away, pieces of its colorful purple 
walls dotting the enUre countryside. 
Those who lived in this area on 
March 7, 1962 will never forget the 
destruction Uiat washed ashore thSat 
day. Tl»se who have moved here since 
can understand the concern for a 
protected dune Une, for the fear feat a 
weakened beach might again leave the >tart, but if wp oun he^ ftaae 
coast susceptible to the whims (rf ^^ ^ "•"• « the list to 
nature. And for those who suffered the f!?.^^®''^"'^ S? ^ 
devastation most, the resident (rf £t"^"^* SSSiJ* f 
ttiose fishisg villages, they wiU forever Thaukyou forirying to save ow 
rartHHand ffie need for organiEations tovdy herit^e." a tta^ to 
like the Red Cro^. It is sigrSficaat that Mr ami Mrs. RidMrd LaClaire 
March is Red Cross Mcmth . ^ ^"^^^i'"* far fliat rice 

developer said 


it would CORM 

a restoration program. 

Amo^ tiw very nice letters 
raMived wwe thSM: 

"We have been resideita oi 
TldewatM- for fourteen ymn 
now and have loved KonpsvUle 
when it used to be all famu and 
lovdy cotntry. 

rWe think it is tenibto ttiat 
the beautifid old houses have 
been toro down but, Uke nNit 
people, bavw't loMwn nHiat we 
(mud do aboiA it. 

"We wouldn't tauw how to 

Tnm Ht. Ral^ E. Stanlfar ta 
Detroit, |Iich., came ti^ note: 
"It seems a riiame that so mudi 
of Mstory Ihm to, or is. 
dntroyed for the almighty 

"My wife and I steyed at 
ftdlocks, Martiia W^lngton, 
3701 Atlantk Ave., and several 
hot^ along AQantte Ave. in 
m4. We retinn atanoM evo^ 

yMr and see many changes 
have token plMe. A flslJt^ 
marina has to be retained." Df. 
Stonlfer combined two 
ragi^ttons into one note to 
show his interest in the 
develqtmwt of Vii^nia Beach. 
It's alimys a {deasure to h»r 
from our visitors. 

Uw Ji^cMB have conducted 
a »rv^ riiowta^ Oiat many 
ciUzens dm^t nighttime 
coimcfl QMetinp. Do jmi? 


QUeSTIONinDo you prthr niglit m- 
. sk»ni for City Council? (f^Mhrnvt Ml- 

ooun^ to incM^tt )m w no, friiM 

pn/hmnot of (mw iripit put nionth or 

•K^ M»ndiy mffkt,) 
TMf caaaMH m| sl|Mi Imiwi «t«l| u 

Visa ioQ 

Clip iN ratvn f«i VMMIM KACI SM, 
IM «S7 « MilMi |a«|^'^ i|«l 

BOX, by Les Brown. New York,' 
Harcourt Brace Jovaaovich, 
Inc., mi. IS.M. 

The first television set was an 
amalgamation of sorts, 
|»'oAiced by many over a loi^ 
period of time. We sometimes 
have the ttiouf^t, if only "Uiey" 
axild see it i»w— what wwU 
"they" thinlf of their collective 
efforts? The screen is larger, 
the catdnet more expensive, the 
picture, if you are fortunate, is 
in living, (»■ nearly so, cokir.'But 
what about the programs? 

ft^wn's book is not con- 
coned with Oie histoiy of this 
aU p«-vasive box cf tubes and 
w1p», but rather with the 
networks which contnd the 
programs seen in America 
today. As tiie ^vision etttta- of 
VARIETY, ft e author a wrtl^ 
^a^ed loddva Uoone y mt 
(tf television (rt^ramRiing— the 
shows, tile advertisers, the 
^ta$ aiKi jocteying which 
iMd idtlmatafy to a win^i or 

Each year, three commercial 
networks vie not for 
programming excellence, not 
for critical approval, not for the 
acclaim of the Amolcan public, 
but for ratings (read heref). 

In the ^ar 1970, Jdmny C^ash 
came to teievisini. Mod Squad 
had proved to be a hit, and 
imitators were immediately 
sent in to compete with it, 
among them The Young 
Lawyers, Hie biterns, and The 
Young Rebek. Do those tittes 
sound familiar? How about M||) 
World and Wdcome To %. 
Brakcen's World, Julia, w the 
Tim Conway Show, The >' 
GoverncNr and J. J., Then Came 
Bronson? Where have they gone 
now, these programs of yater 
{»1me-ttme? More hnpm-tently, 
why anl how did ttey read) 
yow screen? What happened to 
the good Wii a . t^ aba ted the 

•reLEVHION is a riiarp,. 
'^accurate «:count of the «^'s,' 
how much's and why's o( fliat, 






--J ^ mmmm^viwf'- 




Poesible Histnrips,! t q^^^„^j^^ 


Princess Anne County 
Tour Proves Bonanza 

Neither winds giating to 50 
miles per hour nor cold that 
seqied in and left a paroanent 
d>ill to tile bones, d^rred the 
enthusiasm of six who set out on 
a recent Sunday to locate known 
and unknown (Ad houses of 
Princess Anne County. 

The six were Mr». Virginia 
Wingo, directress of the 
Association for Uie Preser- 
vation of Virginia Antiquities 
and compiler of six volumes of 
extracts from old Norfolk 
County (now Chesapeake) and 
Princess Anne County 
unrecorded marriage bonds and 
othK- records; Mrs. Kay Read, 
regional representative of 
^inia Historic Landmarks 

Also: Miss Katrine DeWitt, 
life-long resident of the Beach 
who lives on the oceanfrmt in 
the first brick house built here; 
Mrs. Ann Ramsey, vitally to- 
terested in the social and 
natural envhmunent of the 
area; David Dashiell, III, 
Norfolk Academy soiior, a 
stiMlent of aitf iquities, and this 

F(Htified with large thermos 
jugs (rfliot coffee, batches of 
sandwiches, copies of the 
Kdlam book, "Old Houses m 
Princess Anne Vii^inia," area 
mspB, a tape recorder and 
cameras, we squeezed into 

David's nine-passoiger statiwi 

Off we w«it - expectatiMis 

The route was circuitous. 
Winding in and <Mit of old roads, 
down bumpy and muddy lanes, 
the route centered mostly 
around Princess Anne Road, 
Seaboard Road, Mill's Landing, 
N(M^ Landing, Nanny's Creek, 
Pleasant Ridge Road,' W. Neck 
Road, Indian River Road. 

It seemed for a while, a 
veritable bonanza. House after 
house appeared. Mostly they 
were of a type - white frame 
farm houses, with double 
chimneys, circa early to middle 
19th coitury - set backrfrom the 
road, surrounded by fCTtile 

The vmtage of the house 
became easy to detect. "Look at 
the chimneys," Kay Read said. 
Usually if the chimney is small, 
the house is prdMiUy of a later 
19th century period."* 

"There's one," was the shout, 
as David slowed the car and 
drove down yet anotho- lane. 

Immediately xxpoa drivii^ up 
to a house, and after securing 
permission from the owners to 
look about and take photos, an 
inspection of the chinmey would , 

"Is itEngli^, is it Flemish, is 
it American bonded? Look-look, 

there's a brick with the date." 

This delighted Kay Read. 
"It's a i;are treat to find so 
many dated tricks. It's in- 
credible really - usually you'll 
find a few, but here just about 
every house has one. 

By the time we had studied 
and photographed the outside of 
ttte house, Qxe owners' dogs^ 
Wary and unsettled at our ap- 
pearance in the beginning, 
would be running about, tails 
wagging, joining in the en- 
thusiasm of the undertaking. 

Then would follow an in- 
spection of the home itself. 

And amazingly, almost 
without exertion, the owners 
were delighted to give us a tour 
and supidy us with details. 
Considering that this was 
Sunday, when unexpected 
strangers aren't usually 
welcomed with open arms, it 
was a revelati(Hi to all of us. 

Ot course, all \)f the houses 
weren't occiq)ied. Some were 
abandoned and deteriorated 
tieyond rq>air. 

This {H-oduced a sadness, and 
in some cases, an eerie sen- 
sation.. .such as the unpaint^ 
framdiouse we came upon, 
surrounded by healthy old 
trees, the tiny enclosed 
graveyard adjacent to the 

Bere, a tin roof which had 

been applied at a more modem 
date, covering original shinf^es, 
was peeltog away and flapping 
in tl^ wind. It set up a noise, 
that seemed to come from an 
unknown fairaway source, as 
David and I snapped photos of 
tiie once pretentious house. 

But if there wo-e some houses 
regretably aban(k>ned, then 
were others that were shining 
examples of tender loving care. 

Such was that of Mi*, and Mrs. 
Tliomas Wooten mi Seaboard 

The Wootens have taken a 
1794 house and restored it 
themselves. TTi^'ve done a 
beautiful job, one made easier 
and cheaper because Tom 
Woot«i is adept at carpentry 
and though ttie job isn't (»m- 
pleted, it's one of beauty and 
satisfaction already. 

Mrs. Wooten is manago* of 
the Gay Vacationer Motel. 
"When I drive down this lane at 
night after working all day, it's 
like hMven. Vfhere we lived 
before (in a modern sub- 
division) there were 28 children 
in our one faiock. 

She .said that anyme with a 
litUe iniative can take an old 
home and restwe it. 9ie ex- 
[X-essed sadness at the plight of 
the 17th century house at 
Fairfield that is to be destroyed. 

Findii% a few ao'es m the 



IT WAS BROViTN'S TAVERNIn the last century. Now the 
home of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Hickman at Oceana Blvd., it's 
a point ot interest to ttie touring iiistorical group. In the 

photo, Douglas Hickman cimducts a tour while 
binoculars are trained on the old brick wall. 

1 ' 

, *,„,^ « 

country apd perhaps 
process buying up an oldlwuse 
and bringing it to life, is a 
pattern that m^e people are 
striviittiOWard as ttieyjed the 
pinch 'm suburbia. 

And it aH>lies to all age 
groups. We think oi Douglas 
Hicianan, an airman staticmed 
at Lan^ey Air Force Base. 

Doug was at home enjoying a 
quiet aftemo(Hi when we drove 
into his yard. Nonetheless he 
invited us to, and quite proudly 


gave us a tour of tiie littie house 
on Oceana Boulevard that his 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. 
Hickman have restored. 

"We're still working on it," he 
said, lifting a fire to the 
(Higinal fireplace.. 

"This was called Brown's 
Tavern," he said. Located near 
Nimmo CHiurdi, the almost 
scpiare house is reinf weed with 
three layers of solid brick. 

Thou^ the Hickmans have 

lived to the house 14 years, 
they're still woricing on it, with 
additional plans for building. 

It's a (Hime example of 
restoration with detemunation. 

Another noteworthy examfde 
is that of the Anthony Foitress 
house on Princess Anne Road, 
which dates to at least 1772. 
Hare Lt. Cwdr. and Mrs. Ralph 
Sanders have not only restoi^ 
the holise but msde it com- 
fortable and livable as well. 

They gave us a cmnplete tour, 

from the attic to the interesting - 
windowless cellar and out to'tlK 
yard, where a small originar old ' 
school buildtog still stands. 

Tliere are many more houses - 
to be discovered and explored. 
It was only as darkness fell that 
we reluctantiy gave up the' 

But it's a beginning. And; 
what's the prognosis? * 
HistMlcal restoration at- -the ' 
Beach is oil and runmng.- - —. ; 


Historic Annapolis Restores Paca House 

WHISTLES through the 
siieleton of a lith 
century form house fai 
Prtaicess Anne County. 
It stands now. b^M« 
ncmrary, en land ^»n 
once stood the home of 
Grace Shenirood, the so- 
called witch. 





How is historical restoratim 
accomplished in other parts of 
the country? 

At Annapolis, Maryland, a 
most successful effwt has 
restored the 1763 home of 
William Paca, .s^oer of the 
Dedaration of Independence 
and govo'nor of the state. There 
are many who remember the 
Paca House to recent years as 
Carvel HaU. 

This exquisite mansitm was 
marked for demolition to make 
way for an apartment-office 
complex. But to 1965, when Mrs. 
J. M. P. Wright was president of 
Historic Annapolis, they 
acquired*Taca House fw 
lUS.OOO fr(Hn the owner. 

Raising (he funds was an act 
of great effort and deter- 
mination. The State of 
Maryland purchased Hk formal 
gardens and is to the process of 
restoring them. 

to an article Feb. 21 ofnthe 
Baltimore News American, 
written by Louise Ingalls, she 
says, "Accolades, applaiee and 
congratulations to Historic 
Annapolis - its years of 
dedicatiw) to the restoration of 
Paca House have been crowned 
with ti)e most distinguished 
recognition possible - the 
designation of the mansion as a 
Natitmal Historic Landmark by 
ttie United States Department 

of the Interior." 

The project was ac^ 
complished in three pha^: 
Phase 1 concerned the 
destruction of areas tiiat could 
not be saved. Phase 11 was t)K 
external restoration, litis is 

nearly complete except foi* the 
front ami back steps. Starting 
shortly te Phase HI, which will 
include fiimishing the interior. 
It was during Phase n that 
HUD suggested donating 
1100,000 toward the restoration. 
Tfato, unfoctunatriy had to be 
reused because the Paca House 

Tide of the mansion was thai , 
iwt to a Maryland Historical^ 
Trust, and given back to HA on"", 
a 99-year renewable lease. But 
HA must match the HUD grant. •' 

So HA is planning another 
massive fund raising «Uatt, 
meanwhile enjoying own^Mp 
of Paca House and supervising 

Supper By CandkUght- 

Thndtiy, Prtify mifSiSadt^ Bvenbigt 


Luncheon At U«Mi Fhe Dt]n 

Tueiday thiu Friday and Sunday 


CIdb MeettafK SpixM LnnclMonsand Dinner^ Please CaB 

ileesrvrttons. Etc. Etc 



3800 Shova Drive 

(JiMt nfMt ot LynnNawMi BrM9»«ppmlt« 
BayiMa Bdata) 

Quh MeeMff, SpteU Uuieheom A Diimen 
I CaU f « RatHvalkmi 

THE HENLEY HOUSE, a wdl-known landmark at Prtocess Anne County. Typical U the salt box stji^ tts roof 
dantii4 low to the pound. 


,^^g^gi^^^^f^i^^mi0^ik^^0»0i*0^^ t ^i m»' >^> ^» ^^* 



Sobreil Johnson tommy Johnson Foggy Simnwiw 


Insurance ^^ncy, Inc 



1007 W^HC AVBM 

• - - ...--■ ■'• I II ■■■■ ■■ -i>-... 

Howcan voLihriimoul 
the best in Yourself? 

Come todiis Ctmsi^ Scioice Lecture 

MONDAY, MARCH 6, 8:00 P.M. 



Admisiicm Fran ChlU Care ProvidMl 


is once again a \ 













^^■^^^ B^hBai^idk ^^M^iMMi 


^ycejavis Engaged 

• JoeW.Tynes 

1^ Hiinnm 4. Dalvt of WasMogttm, Smtii Carolina 
Bfi^nent of their daughter, KOm Joyce A. Davis to 
Dr. 3m W. Tym» d Arlington, Texas. 

Mn Divto former^ Uiught fifth grade at Oioke Elementary 
Sctod and at IVantwood School before moving to Arlli^m. She 
«« alw lomm Protnotiom Assistant at MUitary Circle Shoifping 

llm^r'a graduate from the University of North Cardina at 

' ibe received ho- B.A. d^ree in Education at Old 

ivfnity. Presantfy she is Cnnmunity Rdations 

riNrt W«ih IfiMtum of Science and History. 

tt an wderpiiKHite fhrni the North TOxas State 

MMag hk B^'. dogTM in biology. He was prraideot 

tfM IraterBlfy. Be attoided the University <a Ttxu 

$H HooBtoo wh«% he received his Doctorate of 

_ , rfl^ hM lived in ArUngtm for the past two years 


PAGE 6 Engagements Announced 


Brenda Sharai To Wed 

Stuart Paul Todd 


Round About The Beadi 

LeprechsLuns Liven 
Sea Sprite Circle 
Benefit BalL^ 

Mr. and Mrs. Pad Joseph 
Sharon announce the 
oigagonait of their dau^ter, 
Branda Diane Sharon to Stuart 
Paul Todd. Mr. Todd is the son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm H. 
TodU, Jr. of Cbesc^ian Cdony, 
and the cran^on of Bfr. and 
Mrs. Malcolm Howard T^idd, 
St. and Mn. James Lee Buck 
and die late Mr. Buck of Nor- 

Miss Sharon attended 
iSlendale College, Glendale, 
Arizcma. Mr. Todd graduated 

fran Frank W. Cox High 
School. He completed four 
years witti the U.S. Air Force, 
graduating from Glendale 
Cdlege in June. He is presently 
majoring in agriculture at 
Tennessee University. 

The weddii^ will take {dace 
at the Most Holy Cathdic 
0)urch in Hioenix March 21 at 
5:30 p:m. A wedding reception 
will follow at tlie Holiday 
Gardens Club House. 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Todd, 
Jr. and son, Bruce Michael will 
fly to Phoenix for the wedding. 

I Jtrbor Day Pbri^ig 

mn, Jtti«t WemdUjrcdimt ef the «mf Qnal Gudea 
QA iWltei • tadflbiiably^bootod foot on • tliovd and 
ftaite • ompe myrtte tree at the entraice tn Kta^'s Grant. 
f^ dbA alsa ptaated two mtn enp^ asyrfle tren, two 
boxwood plants and asalMS at He mtruce, aad twow 
JapuMoe Hack pines at the boatramp on Watwgate Lane. 



Day of Prayw, 
bf Cliurdi VMieo 
IWtedof VirMi Midivil be 
held March } «t U im. at 
Vbflaia SWch f^hodist 
Ckv^ nib 8t. ,^ 

Bo YiNm." ^ai^ Hazel, 
Awctw if fi^l^eoB Echicatkn 
iM be jfiat ^eater. He wiU 
tte net from vrtwdi 
^aw their 
i«f}(9 aid their ttvlog out 


cf that 

Tboae who attend are adGod to 
llh^ with thera a cirice (rf soap, 
too^pa^, and-or tooe ^urtb 
of maduble falMic. Iliese gifts 
wiU be seitt to South Vtetoam 
f^ten ^r are d^fiera^y 
needed 1^ our Navy. Tlds is iKit 
a government {^oject b^ a 
people to peqirie way of showing 

Governor Hdton has issued a 
^teme^ calling all Virgiirians 
to jofai CWU is ttie ceM»ati<» (tf 
Worid Day <rf ft-ayer. - 

By Helen Crist ' 

Looking for your pot of gold at 
the end of a rainbow? The young 
wom«i of the Sea Sfvite Circle 
ot The King's Dai^(hters say 
you just might find it if you 
come to their bmefit dance 
March 11 at<Jhe Cavalier. 

Theme of the social is 
"Rainblow's End." They'll 
bring the ballroom alive with 
«nd»nted trees and impish 
laprechaims peeing out from 
behind giant two-foot long 
mushrooms. Decorations of 
green and white, in keei^ng 
with St. Patrick's Day, wiU 
predominate, with Iris^ plug 
hats forming the basic of toble 

Proceeds of the dance will aid 
the Generia Hospital (rf Vi^i^nla 

Music will be provi<ted by 
GetN'ge Carty and his 11-piece 
band. Donations are $16 per 
couple. For reservation;,, call 
Mrs. Stanley Leonard, 507 W. 
'H<^y Road. 


Sam aay, direct* of tiie 
Virginia Beach Public Library, 
gave an informative book 
review at a recwit meeting of 
OieMpeian Colony Garden Qub: 
at the Iwme d Mrs. Leonard on 
East Kii^s Road. 

The club vc^ed to give a two 
week camp award at the 
Vlr^ia Nature Camp to a 
ptvnk W. Cox student, the 
rodpiott to be sdected by the 
idKxil. Memb«« atoe agreed to 
write ttiehr cwn^reasmen to 
Impose dual trailers on trucks 
on our hl^ways. 


llie Kni^ts of Columbus will 

^erve lM*<M^aSt Mux^ 5 from 

10 a.m. until noon at the CouikU 

Home, m Ffar^ Colonial Road. 

All pari^ fanuUM, following 
reception of the Holy Eucharist 
in ^ir reqwctive churches, 
are invited to attend. 

■ncketa are $1 .25 for adulto ; 15 
for families; 75 cento for 
children to 12 years of age. 
i;hffe is ample paridng ^ce. 

"ndewater Chapter 166 of 
Parents without Partnov, Inc. 
recently elected Mrs. Msry A. 
SalgiMlo pretidtent. Serving with 
hw are Vara Marzullo, 
recording secretary; Nora 
Pruden, corresponding 
secretary; Helen Hughes, 
manbarship director; Victoria 
Washe. programs and 




CALL tU Y.42S-82S7 



VA. ASsooAnoN Of ASTmouxma 

GaykWachstone Engaged 

To Captain Eric Fox 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. 
Blackstone of Norfolk announce 
the engagement of their 
dau^iter, AOss Gayle CamUle 
Blackstone to Capt. Eric 
LawsM! Fox, USA, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. John G. Fox of 

MiuBlackstcxie is a graduate 
of Norview High School. In May 
she will receive a d^ree from 
Mary Wellington Cdlege. 
"Capt. Fox is a graduate of Cox 
Hi^ School and will graduate 
from Hampton Institute in 

Afiss Amanda Qranttiam 

MSOOilATINO CAN BE FUN. agroe the eonmMtM of 8m 
Sprite Circle, Mrs. Harvey Mann, Mrs. B. E. Monroe and 
Mrs. John L Bowman as they ^epare for die benefit ball 
March 11. 

education director; Jack 
Quails, adult activities direc- 
tor; Toula Nidxdaou, family 
activities director; Bob Garel, 
public information director: 
John Boone, member servicei 


Tidewater area Navy Wives 
Clubs of America honored their 
visiting National president, 
Margaret Cpnley at an (xpea 
house oa Feb. 19. It was held at 
the home cS Mary Kay Comar. 

Mrs. CcMnar was on the east 
coast to attend the SecNav 
tnriefing in Washington, D.C. 
and was able to make a Aart 
side trip to the Tidewater area. 
During her stay she wks the 
guest of Vir^nia Dagenkolb, 
Southeast Regional president, 
of the Beach. 

Mrs. Comar was ac- 
companied by NWCA 
Scholarship director, Jean 
Lyles, and National treasurer; 
Carolyn Qulnn. 


"Hie liberating Pnrtasto (rf 
Trutti" is the title of a free 
CSiristian Science lecture by 
Jolm Richard. C. Koiyon at the 
Virginia Beach Qvic Center on 
March 6 at 8 p.m. A rairswy is 
availalde. There is also ample 
paridng space. 


Career women will have an 
(^portonity to enroll in a chann 
uh! poiw course March 9 fttmi 
6:30 to 9 p.m. at Malibu 
Towera Office BuUdtag. It will 
be held on fmnr consectrtive 

Distributive Education 
Service of the Beach Public 
Schools will spomct die course. 
It will Include figure contrd, 
visual poise, wardn^ plan- 
ning, teir ore mi cosmic 

Instructor is Mrs. Vicky 
Randall of ttie John Rdliert 
Powers Modeltag ami FinisMflg 
School. Furthtf information 
may be obtained firom tlM Adidt 
and Vocational Education 

Student Bond Purchase 

Cragressman G. V^lliam Whitdinrst on the purchase of 
United States Savings Bonds at Star of the Sea SchoNd, are 
Michael BlasU. |2S0 bond; Sister Marie Eloise, principal 
of the school; James Jenista. |300 b<Hid. The succestfol 
savings bwid pri^ram, initiated by Mrs. Mary Barraco 
has netted |S,600 wmih of bonds ander her giddance, since 

Was Your 
Day Happy? 

By Rev. Joyce Kramer 

Are you having a happy day? 
You can if you really want to. 

To be unhappy is to live 
dangerously. Unhappinesa^^ 
intf^eres with the normal, 
orderly functioning of both 
mind and body. It distorts your 
persmality, interfere with your 
success and ruins human 

Joy and happiness are within 
you; let them come out. S«ne 
simple outer gestures may be 
all y(Xi need to get you going. 
Speak cheerfully. Wallt with 
vitality. Put a smile on your 
faw. Be entiiusiastic. 

Joy and teppiness will crane 
easy for you if you will take a 
li^e time e«:h day to remind 
yourself that ttw toving, living 
^irit at God is within you. 


Lunch At Star 
Of The Sea 

TAYLOR and Claude 
Weaver Ifaie up for luncheon 
at Star of the Sea Church 
with Senior and Golden 
Yean Groupi of the Besca. 
Aft«r imch ttiere was music 
and singing around the 
piano, file lunchMn was 
givra by Star of tiie Sea 
Wmnen'ji Council. 

Viighiia fiMch 


MiNU MCRVBD 4iaoastao 

Ikaiai FriidFantMlJumbo^Shnmp\.._^'255 

tiind9 BiiMled New York Strip Steak W 

IMMHtai H^ Fried CtNciien ^75 

IhMidqf Prane Rib Nile ^335 

my Bioaed Gomtwuton Seafood Plde. . Jm 
Sriwriv'&Dled O^mmioo ^eak 1J5 

Opened D^f for Busnesanan's Lunch 
ll:30to3 9J-n.lO 



19tti-Atl wtic Awi. Va. 


Miss Grantham Engaged v 

To Capt. John Goodmanx, 

■ ®- 

The engagement of Miss AmaiHla Grantham and Captain Jdin 
Harrison Goodman, USAFR has been announced. MIh Chranthaat' 
is Qie daughtor fA Mrs. Sarah MarshaU Grantham of litde Roelfj' 
Arkansas and John Paul Grantham of Normandy, Tennessee. Gapi*^' 
Goodman is the son of Mrs. Marianna Rdillng Goodman of Ne#' 
Y(HiE City and Richard Campe Goodman of Vir^aBoadi. \ 

Miss Grantham attended Lindenwood Collie for Women at 9: 
Charles, Missouri. She was graduated from Little Rode Univenity. 
Her sorority was Delte Del to Delto. At present she teaches art aaif 
history in Uttle Rock. ''-; 

Capt. Goodman attended Cranbrook School at Bloomflekl VBm, 
Michigan. He is a graduate (rf Tufte University in Itodfora, 
Massachusetts. He is stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base wi^ 
the 61st Tactical Air Lift Squadron. J' 

Vows will be exchanged April 8 in Trinity Episcopal OautK 

1 if. 

./ -"Is 

headquarters are Mrs. Robeilt 
L. Munn, Mrs. Cecil H. Itaedt; 
Mrs. Everett T. Saay imd Mlp 
James A^. ^ 

Uttle Rock. 


Mrs. Gail Mulleh, a 
representative of Citizens 
Against Pollution, showed 
slidM at a recent meeting of 
Lake Joyce Garden Club at 
Shore Drive Inn. Placed on the 
honor roll at 'Virginia 
Federation or Garden Oub 

Dr. HeriMrt & GM 

C)dropfa0pr Plqnikini 



Vtu Bmadh and Ormaf BHdgm Onfy 

Wb hava just completad invantory and hivt mmriC 
blad thousands of pain of shoes from our othtr \ 






Valum fo *IJ.99 

f— Mfom^fi'f FamouB Bnndw^^ 









VofvM fo •24.99 

Ion's Shom§ B] 

• Nunn Bush • Winthrop « Othan 

• Poll Nnrot • Blllikin • Othoii 




Vahtm fo *I2.99 



Othar ufMdvMtited raluai 
Um your favorha chauBa plan 

105 Loifcin lid. ~Vi. flaarfi W^ 
(kmt Bridga Shp. Cantar - CI 


* r,^ j ,^J|„»| 

Cox Wins State Wrestling Championship 

S« it the new VUrgnia \^ i {^ J. 

Gqk it the new VUrgaia 
S^^ttlc WrMUing Tour- 
oamcfit champion. Saturday 
righiat HajrfiM High School la 
Aiexaadria, the Cox team w(m 
ill. ant atate title, the first 
^^igliila Bea^ high idiool to 
,ever accompltsh the feat. 
^Hky^y^SAjLoL the ai 

ai>aaatUto.i^ ' ^ 
uoK, IM bjr j^ Cdhiwrigbt. 
' I Qurt* Conk- 

Four Beach Matmen Win State Championships 

ftrJMi fteatawi. 

- . ani 
OiariesUti. defeated runiMr- 
9 Graaby by 17^ potaita. 
Coached by Bffl Gntenouth, 
iHm> wai reeentty named Coach 
of flie Year Iqr the Vligbda 
Beach Spatit Ctab, the Cm 
Falcooa crowned two Itata 
cfaaiPpiBiii and two rumer-upi 
ud a fourth place finlshnr. 

Scott CMrinrrli^t w<« hia 
fourth ^te AamplfloiUp tiila, 
b^oondog the ftast oon-Gradijp 
iqreattir ever to win two stalt 
^amirioiidilpa. A soUd AD- 
Ah yrkan candidate. Scott wai 
n^od second in thft nation laii 
year. The 112 potoid met star 
flOishea Us Ugh school career 
with an almoet unbelievable n> 
1-1 recofd, going undefeatag 
ttds year as a senior, compdiog 
in ths 112 pound wdght dasa. 

Brian Beatson, a 1S2 poimder, 
brou^t hooM Us ttdrd state 
title. Undefeated since bis 
freshman year, Brian baa won 
73 jewsecutive matches and 
boasts an enviable career 
record of SS-4-2. 

fma state championships 
wfre won by Beadi matinen. 
Besides Scott Conkwright and 
Brian Beatsoo, state titles were 
wi» by First Colonial's Milw 
Wadng and Kellam's Joh^ 

ietit CaidtfrrlgM 
112 pounds 
State Champion 


{JMm AUas, a Kellam senior 
^ wrestles at 145 pounds, won 
Us first state duunpiouUp. 
Akins defeated Lee's Ragnor, 
«|)o was raided the number one 
US pound wrestler in the 
Northern Region. Following 
^dns' victory, tiiM coach Vk: 
Grregor commented, "AUns had 
a v«ry good tournament. He, 
flnidied ftwrth in the R^onal 
foumameirt, but Us dedication 
and determfaiatian carried Um 
te'Ua first state cfaampkmsUp. 
Both John AUns and Rick Land 
h ^ e b ee n witti the KdHam team 
four years. They finaBy eanied 
rawasds Ihey dMsrved a 
ttane ago." Rick Land 
in the state 

^eet at 123 poundi. 

llUke- Wareing. a^ First 

pound state ciiampionsUp. Last 
year Mike finished second in the 
state tournament. 

bi additk>n to ttie four state 
champions, Virginia Beach 
wrestlers nailed down four 
second-place finishes, one third 
place, and one fourth. Cox's 
Chris Conkwright, Scott's 
younger brother, finished 
second to Granby's Abe MRr- 
tlnes at IQSpoumb. Chris is Jost 
a ftvafaman, and a second-place 

year makes Um a great con- 
tender for his three remaining 
high school years. 

Rick Land of Kellam finished 
second to Cox's Brian Beatson 
at 132 pounds. Cox's Brian 
Taylor was runner-up to Oscar 
SmiUi's Mike SUvors, who won 
ttie 138 pound state title. 
KempsviUe's MiUer finished 
ttiird at 126 pounds, and Charles 
litz of Cox finished fourth at 1S5 
pounds. ^ 

Princeu Anne's Bryant 
Robinson fbiished second to 
Steve Friend of Falls Cbirch. 
Friend to the drfending state 
chunirion and wtamer of the 
heavyweights hi die Northern 
Regional. Robinson is the 
Eastern Regional champion 
heavyweigU wresder and was 
unbeaten ^ing into the match 
with Friend for the state 

Five ^^inia Beach high 
schods sent wrestlers to the 
^te tourney last weekend. Cox 
finished first in the field of fifty 
Group AAA schools. Kellam 
tied with Mend>ville for seventh 
place; Fbvt Cotonial tied with 
Yorictown and Annandale for 
the tenth place position. 
KempsvPle and Lake Ta^r 
battled to a tweldi place tie. 
Princess Anne tied with 
Petersburg, Stuart, and 

Brian BeateM 

132 powds 
State Champion 

McLean for thirteenth place. 
Listed lielow are the top four 
finishers in each weight class in 
the 1972 State Group AAA 
Scholastic Wrestling Tour- 
nament. The top thirteen place 
ll'Snishers in team competition 

follows the individual winners. 
91 pounds 

1. Strouse (Granby) 

2. Perdew (0. Smith) 

3. O'Brien (Williams) 

4. Bussey (Hunt) 
105 pounds 

1. Martinez (Granby) 


3. Flynn (Williams ) 

4. Kelly (Annandale) 
112 pounds 


2. Hicks (Stuart) 

3. Ralston (Hunt) 

4. Bugin (Annadale) 
119 pounds 

1. Smith (F. Churct*) 

2. Valley (McLean) 

3. Moot (Woodson) 

4. Hilton (Norview) 
12* pounds 

1. Zediker (Menchville) 

2. Baker (Churchland) 

4. Lee (Williams) 
132 pounds 



3. LaPrad (Northside) 

4. ThoriJe (Robinson) 
131 pounds 

1. Shivers (O. Smith) » 


3. O'Brien (Williams) 

4. Lorenzo (Vernon) 
14S pounds 

Lynnhaven Bronko 
Sign-ups Saturday 

The Lynnhaven Bronko 
Baseball League will hold final 
registration Saturday, March 
4th, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. in 
the lobby of the King's Grant 
Elementary School gym- 

Boys from eight through 
twelve years of age are eligible 
to register, and evid«ice of age 
must be brou^t to registration. 
Age is determined as oi August 
1st. A r^istratim of $5 per boy 
will be charged. 

Jokn AtUM 


State Champion 

Mfte Wareing 
155 piwnds 
Stirte Champim 

7. Regntr (Lee) 

3. walker (Granby) 

4. McAteer (WekifleM) 

1SS peviMs 


2. Pfle«iiaff (Madnati) 

3. MooSly (Wilson) 

4. LITZ (COX) , 
147 pOttlHlS 

1. LaRost (Churchland) 
i. Chios* 4M«Khvllle) 

3. CcKiptr (#si»d) 

4. Hancock (Lewis) 

IIS pMRdi 

1. Ai^ahon (Yerktown) 

2. Leonard CPetersfiwrs) 
t. Williams (L. Taylor) 
4. Reedy (Lee) 

1. Friend (P. Chorchl 


3. Philbrick $WHsen} 

4. Roiiiton (Garfield) 
Team Standlaft 

1. COX «0V» ' 

2. Granby 43 

3. T.C. Williams 31 

4. Falls Church 29 

5. Churchland 21 

Oscar AMW2S 
4. Lee 25 > 
7. KALLAM 23 

Mtnchvllle 23 

I. Jefferson 14Vi 
Fort Mont W/4 

t. Wilson IS 


Yorktewn l4Vi 

Annenlaie 14</^ 

II. Madison W/7 
Woodson 13Va 

Lake Taylor llVi 


Petersburg 11 
Stuart 11 



Chrh Conkwright 
105 pounds 
Runner-up State 


132 pounds 
Runner-up State 

Mm Taylor 

138 pounds 
Runner-up State 

^nt Rol^Mm 
RnnnerHip StMe 

Conservation Helpers 
Needed For Summer 

Lake Taylor Downs 
Cox In S^i^i 

Cox Graduates Now 
Star At Lycoming 

Inge Wins High Hurdles 
In State Track Meet 

WhitehiU, head 

ooadi at LyconUng 

ia hopeful that a 1S71 

n^ SdMxd- graduate and 

a frerinan at LorconUng 

be iMe to emulate the 

-record of an earUer Cox 

(1987),oWho la Jurt 

Ua totereoUeglati 

lUlng career at the 



^The twl young tarn in 
0Mtian are icnkr and team 
duptidn Bruce WMtaker, wbo 
•^^ one of the top 
I for the last two yeah 
ttif Warrior Nuad. and 
Gary Puthousen. 
rl S. WhIUker of 174S 
Ifolteare Road, ud Gary ia 
I aon of Ifr . and Ifrs. Chttrleo 
. rdOMMn of asi6 W<tfBiare 

dlmring in Whitaker'a 
wtti tidse giaitf dioes. 
«u te ISO pmmd Ifidde 
itte Qnfneoce champion 
year, «id {dans to repeat 
year at the UO pouid 
daaa. Whitdcer's dual 
record of 9-1-1 ia one of the 
compOed hy a Warrior 
snon. Wb m^ defeat 
ciune at tte liamb of George 
£«n. of te Univerrity of 
WmikaL 9rmB was leaili« 
ie m^cii M, Witt 45 secoMb 


four meets wMle recovering 
fran the injury. 

Last year, his first year of 
varsity action after trans- 
ferring from Virginia 
Wealeyan to Lycoming, 
WMtaker compiled a record at 
U-2-1. He fhdshes his two-year 
varsity dual me^ careor wiA a 
fbw 2D-S-S record. 

Felthousen, although the 
victfan of an injury that liniited 
his action flils year, haa done a 
fhie job M a freshman and may 
be rttdy to equal or even a- 
ceed die outstandhig record 
esUblished by his Virginia 
Beach countopart. FelthcHisen,. 
who wreatlK at 134, has a 4-3 
freriunan record, iKit sev^nl d 
die defeats came inunediately 
foUowtaig roraqMration from the 
middl^ (tf die wetam leg in^uy. 

Kempsvine High School's 
Jerry Inge ran die 60-yard high 
hurdles hi 7.7 seconcb, finished 
first, and was the only Virginia 
Beach athlete to win a first 
place hi Saturday's Group AAA 
Scholastic Track Meet. The 
meet was held in VMI's 
fiddhouse on the Lexingtm 
cdli^e's campus. 

Two other Kempsville 
athletes also placed in the state 
iMti. George Goff finished fifth 
hi the mile (4:28.7), and Oyde 
Dox^ flnidwd third in the 500- 
yard nm (S0.7). 

The Princera Anne Cavaliers 
also had two men to eani {dace 
finishes. Miles Bagley finished 
in a third-place tie in the mile 
(4:28.2), uid John Ril^ placed 
8ec»nd hi the two mile run 

diarlie Hawk of Kellam High 
School was the only other Beach 
athlete to finish in one of the top 
five positions. Hawk vaulted 12 
feet and 9 inches to finish 
secoml in the pole vault com- 

The Virghiia Divisirai of the 
Izaak Walton League will again 

f Cooperate with the U.S. 
Dqiartment of the Intericu- and 
die U.S. Forest So^dce in db- 
taiidng interested young peofde 
frwn Virginia to fill summer 
natural resource jobs, repmti 
Game (Commission Executive 
Dh-ector Chester F. Phelps who 
will serve as Chairman of the 
Selection Committee. Job 
qienings include ccmservation 
aides, laborers, survey aides, 
top(^raphic and hydrographic 
fidd assistant and similar jobs 
in the natural resources field. 
These jobs are limited to young 
people who intend to pursue 
careers in natural resources 
and have made specific plans to 
go directly into such carers or 
to pursue a specific course of 
study in collie to prepare them 
for such a career- 
To be eligible, interested 
young people must be high 
school seniors who will have 
M"eached their 18th birthday by 
June 15, 1972. They must be in 
good physical c<»idition and 
capable of handling field work 
in most cases. Applicants mmt 
submit a completed U.S. 
Government Form 171 
(available at post offices), a 

transcript of thdr high school 
record, a written recom- 
mendation form a non-related 
adult, and a summary of college 
or career plans in the natural 
resourees fidd including any 
related work already per- 

' ^^lications should be ad- 
dressed to Chesto* F. Phdi», 
(Chairman, Summer Em- 
ployment Committee, P.O. Box 
11104, Richmond, Virginia 
23290. The deadUne for inlying 
is March 25. Due to Federal 
budget restrictions, fewer 
positioas will be available wttt 
the participating Federal 
agencies ttian Uiere were last 
year. - ^ 

An onrushing Titan onslai^ht 
that C^x could not stop led to the 
defeat of the Cox Falcms in the 
Easton District Tournament 
semifinals, 70^50. Lake Taylor 
appeared determined to meet 
Maury m the moat important 
ruUbo- match of the season. 
Lake l^ylor and Maui7. had 
each won once m Uieir two 
meetuigs, but the wmner of the 
diird game would go on to the 
Regimal playoffs. 

Two Falcons stxred in double 
figures, led by John Hallstead's 
16 tallies. Randy Robinson 
scored 10. Cox coach Phil 
Williams emptied his bench hi 
fte second quarter, givuig all 
Ca( players a taste of tour- 

nanunt acti<m to wiiet 
an)etites lor next aeaate. 

Tmiiii CholM 

Tommy Bitf ts, Princen Anne 
High Softool^ Schoiastie 
American ato<tt(taite, 
named to die Eai^em 
AU-Toii|ipnMnt Teua. 
s(^ a, mm atete 



pofails m te team's 
Ion to Gox. 

Johdng Butts on flie Att* 
TouHMy team we lUncy's Vie 
Jones and Kartton IflHai, Jot 
Dilnlels of Lake Ti^fiat, mA 
Wesl^ »idi of Norrieir. 

KeMloHi, 'ixUoti 

0P. W IP 

ligli^vy. Reloit the match 74, 

feel bettor 
'^ Kumner with 


air conditioning 

614 20ik ^fMl 



Home construction costs are going up (25% since 
1955). Yet people are spending more money on home 
improvement^ ($11.5 blMion in 1965). In short, your 
home is probably worth more than ever right now. But 
has your homeowners insurance kept pace with these 
changes? If you're not sure, call us. 

311 1 Pacific Ave. 
24(^B Princen Anne M. 

Phone 428-9161 
Phone 427-2900 

V^nie Beedi. Viminia 

Presenting the Rols-Royce, 

Cadillac Eldorado, Porsche^ 


and VolicsnKfagen. 





ef e»p t rti erv ki aVallMwtynm» 
wrfwi yon brhis in year Aom. 
uPetidw Audi dealer 

Til* Audi hu Iht vwy Mint 
(tMring f ytlmi ^ 

II iIm feiieil ler lug rit 

Yov iM Iwt aboal (!••■» 


Olriyliw Audi had ttfo*t 

The Pw«ch« ncta^ car 
ha* Mtemd dtoc todka*. 

loob lo imich Uk* diat 
\ ef the MtmdM-Btnx 2S0K, 
ymi can hardly itH riMn^art. 

9n H^^m^pi^^H ^^v ^^^B ^^wlBt 



OFFICE: 4 250531 






By T. Jfcy Bnimbfey 
^om Editor 

MttMHgh9i1iBi%ta«wiiMaftett»nstar, NormaB Snead wu 
9lm foMi • terinttel pltyw dvriiig hto Ugh kIiooI days at 
Wir w IefcMt i i Sciwwl ta Netvport News. I frst imt Saaad at Wain 
f^TMlAiii fee fras a malm ud dualli^ ^k>rtfl CaroUaa Stated 
BMMuiSafericlCM>lhaitate% munbar ooa quarterteck honors. At 
■wttM, t was covariag Wake Forest games for tiie lUgh Point 
Batatprte, a ffifly md ^ndby Merspaper in IU|pi iHtiitt, N«rdi 
Ctxttbm. Stoee Wake Forest, Snead has played with a number of 
mt dote «Ml ms reoMAfy tracted to ihe New York (Hants. &iead 
Wmtkt Yoiktown, ^^tada, with Ms fam^ and stm jvactices and 
iMpI Wilbmf* at to h^ school abna mater, bi 1K7, while in a 
WutMi wifMm, ^ead scored 41 p<^ts (o set a state tournament 
aoortag laooM. Although Great Bridge's Wayne Grimm tied the 
raeeid hi IMS, tiie reeord has stood unbrokep staice 19S7, a span of 
IS |«ai«. UM wedc Prta<»ss Anne's Tanmy Butts broke the 
reeord. BMts^ a new state record, scoring 41 points in his V»m% 
laai io Oe CoK Jhtkons hi the opentaig round «t Easteni Dtotrict 
tamameiit play. 

■I- + + + + 

fba Viri^ria Beach An^n' Oub wiU me^ toni^t (llnirsday) 

al I pun. hi tte BaysUe Pre^yleriu Chiich on hidependence 

Bodtnurd. (Mllsh Lodwig wlU be 9iest speaker, and his t(9ic win 

eeaeem baas caldilng tec^iiquea. Hte talk will be very thnd^ 

' ; the aub's Mnual Lidte &nith Bass Tournament gets 

r in thrM weein. Tidratai for the Mardi ffid) and iStii Bass 

; ivin he availabte at lliursday night's meethig and at 

Smtft Boathouse. 

+ + + + + 

A copy of a letter (Tom Robert C. Graeff, who is manager of the 
Vlfgfaria Beach Mwchants, to die spoQSon of the local Senior Baba 
%itt League team atrived Ms wedc. Tlie Merchanto was made up 
of pteyers from each of the six Virghiia Beach high schools. Iluf 
w«a ttK Vhfiida Beach-Norfolk Oty ChampinuMp and finished 
IMh In the state tournament held hi Fairfax, Vh^hiia. All spmnon 
of tte team deserve to be commended for helping out nich a fine 
hMMbidl ornidsattOD. 

+ + + + + 

KavkiteMi of Kemps'riUe Amior Wgtk Sdiool was selected to 
tke VIrghila Be«:h Juator High School AU*Toumament Team last 
WJtsnd. Ka^ a^red M pdnte in Uie two tournament games, b 
Hw qpeoar apdnst nata, Kevin scored 18 potato fw runno'-t^ 
acai^ haoors for Ut team. In the coudatoi game Satiuday, 
Kavhiaoeied 17 paiatM against Bayside, making Mm the leading 
aoorar for hte team and he the game. In Om picture of the AH* 
Team hi last we^'s SUN, the picture of KevUi was 
I as Bany Oomick of Plaza Junior High. My apologies to 
yon, Kerin, for the error. 

Hie Monardi aassk: will shift from WMte Sands to Red Wh« 
UdteG^ Course this year, ^lonsored by the ODU Monarch Cli^ 
iietwQ day Classic will be held A|ril 8th and »th. 

+ + + + + 

tee hard to understand fact about the Eastern District tour- 
■nasaatis why Lake Tayhri^ed botti the openhig round and tht 
mmUkui fame on thdr home court. To be fohr, a townamsal 
Aeiild be idayed on a neutral site. Scape nor the ODU fieldhouaa 
was wmUiMe, m tiie deetoiwi was made to play on various high 
aohool coirta. Booker T. Washington, Norview, Maury, and 
Bayiride played on te Princeas Anne hiune court Princeaa Anne, 
OsK, Gra^y, and Late Taylor played on the Lake Taylor home 
court lv«y school except Lake Taylor played on a neutral coufi 
mgr 4IA L«ke Taylor get to play the quarterfinals (opening round) 
asHttmaaiMms^Mi ttidr famUiar heme oHiri fari^ tt^ bona. 
ll|iM)»«ha hMMMof a draw, taut I think »ie atrai«ement fUr • 
MtfttkaMst was possiy unfak. I am n<^ alone to questimiing ll» 
rile. KVW7 cMch at the games that I spote with also disagreai 
Witt IN dedslon to aUow Lake Taykv to luive a hcune court ari> 

llHWrt M^Mttfm alNHit who won. A dejected Leo Anthony gtvet the ewtoiiiary after- 
game congratulations to Cox's happy coach PhU Williams. 

Cox 65, Princess Aime 60 

Mike Jewell (43) looks like he is aboat 

to punch Tommy Butts (left), but It 
really Is just two hustling basket- 
bailers after the baU. 

Allan Williams (51) is poetry hi 
motion as he goes up tor a shot with 
eyes glued to the basket. Billy Smiley 
attenpta the Mock. 

Palcan. Thmnaa Hudghii (right) and Brooks 
Williams (54), closely guard Cavalier T.J. James (24). 

Tommy Butts (34) drives around 
Falcon Randy Robinson. Butts sewed 
42 p(rfnts to set a tournament playoff 

€ox coach niU WHliams hisplres his team loio'^a gane-winfaif "^ 
comeback during a time out. 

NBxt Week Final 
Individual Storing Average^ 

-i- + + + + \ 

11,800 hi priaes will be spUt by the three top teams to each flight 
of tta wmt l^nds Four-Man Btetoan G<df Toumamoit on Mnr 
14lh and ISth. The field wiU be limited to fifty four-man teams, wllh 
May 7th hoia| the quaUfytog day for the last M holea of play. Hm 
Bald wID be pata«d tote fUghte of ton fmff-man toams eadi. "Mb la 
te ^t mmA tourney of vdiat will be an annual eveiU at WMto 

"™- ' 

+ + + -I- + 

VB-ni to gm National Forest stomp exo^pttons to children, 
oU people, ete.. and HB-7M to raise the non-resident shoottog 
praaerveUMDaefoe hmn 13 to ^ have pasaed the House and are li 
ttw Sento Oommtttee on Agriculture. Couervatlon, awl Natural 
Raaoareea for idiAy. SB-471. wMch proMbili posaeasion of world 
wndanfis ad wlWifc tjm ies or parte or yodueto thewof withia toe 
atale. nd ra«f to ratee the resldnt trout Hceose fee from n to 12 
are to the Sraato (^munlttee for Conservation and Natural 
Beaeureas. S8-318 to provide free htntb« and IteMng licenses for 
dto a htod veterans passed toe Senate. 

Five Beach Stan 
Play For Cougars 

■ JMBP Mfl! 

the oifj^yil over Coach Le« 
Aiithoa$^% protest. 

Photos By 

Bruce Frye ** ^"*"p ^ ^°'" ^^ 

Hie going geto physical for a 
rebound. Princess Anne's 
T.J. James (24) dives hito 


Fh« former \^i^inte Beach 
Mtfia ri h o oK ars will be fitting 
for portions on Chesapeake 
CoOeie's first baaefaaU Um. 
Athletic dfawtor Jotei Meyre- 
hoff saMlfaiA the firtt (Cougar 
bueball team wlB ^y an 
amfaittous SO^ame schedide. 
nMSttog botfi two «id fou-year 
ooOeies to a aU^ito am. 

Oe^ar hopetals from 
Vtogtato Bm^ represent five of 
oat afar ^1 sdioote. (>a^ 
^McD ^yed Vm Ugh school 

ball at KeDam. Walter Bamett 
played at Princess Anne, 
Jimmy HIU at KempsvlUe, Ed 
M(K>^w^ Jr. at Bayside. and 
Scott Wallace at First Coknial. 
A baseball diamond is 
pr«ently under conshw^on on 
Chesapeake College's Cedar 
Road canqius, but imtU Uie 
oimpiM fidkl to comideted. all 
home gam«i wiU be played to 
Cascade Park to Cheai^eake. 
JohnSunuMr to head baaeteU 
coach and wai be asristed by 

Asphalt Paving & Repairs 

Crushod Stone, Residential & Commercial 

Frank J. Wade T/A Vs. Beach Asphalt Co. 
802 Delawaie Ave.. Vs. Beach. Vs. 23451 
Phone 428-0674 

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I Address j 


j aty Wione 



Asphalt Pavio^ 
( ) 

( ) 

( ) 

Vicki Day and Bonita Maydak, C&P Telephone openton 


ditffth off Chrtof 

Of Hiypood mtf 9enf 

? ^O. Box 

oBJOf \ni)pHM BmcH, 





to s priirt dM9, nA if the complete works of Shekeqi^re wore prtated 
hy tte 4r^ type wd talk, we'd odl H a nimde. 
fA down rt a aaflMon typewrit«s tot s miltai yens and |»oduced the aton- 
wfli^ we'd etf tt a mhade. 

of a iohilhiB hrtag the angwrfwmM'sex»twi»MMMI^Mttie above con|ectai ei > 
fM beitefe ta lAaetas, the on^ real ^luarttoB i^ "who's year GodT 

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*naMvi«< rM« do bM 

apply loecm, s«4t-cw4, e^aA, 

panan- m pwM B, Md lato i ii iaa t aUt or lo eafla dialed Is aaotkar MoAar. 



»l"i*i ,^,\, ^ . 


VKuum dtanan to b* lold 
tpt M«.*S wch. 
j^h (N[,t«r|nk 

vmnp PRExmr'sALEs 

RATES: For ciassifltd 
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|yeu with that new home 
{• additions - or repairs 
i% can furnish 
ater lals from 
|>asement to attic ai^d 
jild you In financing.^ 
■Ihone: Kellam iTeaton, 
; t (1)427-3200 

■ . In your home day or 
;nlghtl $5 and up: 4I4- 

Portraits in Pencil or 
Charcoal, done from 
photographs $30 Call 


New firm opening In 
Tidewater area. Need 4 
management trainees 
tor Immediate 
placement In four of- 
fices. Company 
benefits, Incentive 
plans. If you're tired of 
earning less than $200 a 
week^Call Mr. Allen, 
486-1101 or 583-4345' 
11 a.m. til 4 p.m. 


national company has 
opening for career 
minded man. Profit 
sharing bonus program 
and other benefits. 
Complete training 
program. Rapid ad- 
vancement, start $610. 
Call 499.27#3. 

needed for immediate 
employment. $610 
monthly to start. Large 
National Company. 
Call 4W 2763, 


BO«tness IB luuing lA 
we nefcUhiilp. WanT? 
Bood dirMr In rert' 
•state. Apply today. 
Call Tom Kane 497-4l5l.i 
Nights 340.1760. Grow^ 
with Realtors. Stohl 
..Realty Corp^. l 

Ambitious couple who 
needs more Income. 
Unusual opportunity 
tor good earnings for 
both. Work together 
part time or full time. 
Phone 460-1896 for appt. 
Sorry no Info. Over the 

Part time sales work 

»,555"*"* •arnlngs, 
Gallter 425-9398 

develop and coordinate 
afternoon activity 
program for pro-school 
yoijngstars. Ex- 
perience with 
knowledge of and love 
for young children 
required. Noon to 6 

SPEND for quallflod; 
door to door salesman. 
We furnish office., 
people & racaptlonlsts. ' 
No outaWa work. Call 
Mr. Marcus 4M-n02 11 
a.m. til 4 p.m. 513-4345. 

firm needs managars In 
sales and parsennal,* 
full or part time. Call 
after 6pm 484-7459. 

Will baby-sit In your 
homal Va. Beach area. 
Anytlmf, Ptiona 10 a.m. 

7~ttr 3 p .m . 42«-<0*4 

7 ~O.E. MITCHELL <^" 
J Electrical Contractor v 
Installation It Repairs ' 
L Fraa Est imates 427-1 144 

RETIRED navy' 

COUPLE wiM board 

chlldran In ttiair homo. 

Vary raasonablal SS7- 



dollars a cord. 464-3932 | 

PLACES! Chimney 
i^aeplng qnd flraiMacai 
repair. Oampars ln-| 
stalled or fixed. Fiir-I 
nace cleaning. Call 423-i 
7350 Va. Beach 
Chimney sweepers. 


"If the leaves and lawn 
have gotten you down,- 


Por Sculptress Bras. 
How would you Ilka a 
business of your own? 
Earn care, vacations, 
home and high ear- 
nings. Full or part 
time, with double time 
pay. May I tell you 
mora. Call 499-2741 or 

37-lilSC. FOR SALE 

415/ like new, stand 
Included. $325, was $525 
new. 421-4790 

MAGNAVOX portable 
stereo, 2 detachable 
speakers, good con- 
ditton. 425-1072. 

MINI BIKE - 2»/i H.P. 
recently overhauled. 
Excellent condition., 
$90. Call 421-5490 after 5 
p.m. Clay Phillips 

Dictating Machine -i- 
Gray ETC, almost new, 
Cost $400, will sell for 
$100. Call Mr. Brumbley 


41-006S • CUTS 

TOY POODLE-Excelient 
pedigree. $75 and up. 
Also stud service. 486- 
4499 . 

K C registered. $75. 4I6- 

$>t«e0y dog from Tibet, 
AKC registered. $100 V 
up. 5M-2303. 

Cocker Female 
registered. Blond 4 
months, had all shots. 


IT'S SPRING Planting 
TimaJ Free c opy 4 pg. 
Piantthg Guide Catalog 
in color-offered by 
Virginia's largest 
growers of fruit trees, 
nut trees, berry plants, 
grape vines, land- 
scaping pli^it material. 
Salespeople wanted. 
Waynesboro Nurseries- 

} Waynesboro, Va. 27910. 



Legal Notices 



, Leaf removal, fertiiiilngT! 

\ seeding, tree removed, 
fire wood, mowing,: 
weeding, trimming and ' 
•dgeing, YOU NAMEj 

ILVyE_ DO IT. 444.3W2] 









Rustic Medltteranean 
llvingroom furniture. 
Sofa chair and pecan 
coffee teble & end 
table. $275 or best offer. 
421-2401 or 42I'44S5 
after 5. 

Do you... Ilka moiieyt Like 
peoplet Are you over 2sr * 
Have you 10 tiourt per weeK 
you could spend In a well 
paid, part-time lalM Jobf if 
your antwer is yei to these 
four quMtloM «*• should 
sat tofl«th«r,_ ■ 

Call F. Qajllef 4g»-»3»i " 



i ki^ithiiililtHaiasI 

REVERE 3M background" li 
music system. Stereo I 
channats, can be used ' 
for hQ;ne or office. ; 
Chanees tapis < 
automatically to play % 
for 15 houra without | 
resetting. Cost $700. 
Will, sail for USD. ' 
Practically new. Call { 
Mr. Brumblay 420-2401 ^ 


iw 1972 8&|at sew* 

— d.B <aif^ e d tedoawrt 
a|pq|^ taacy deeofaUve . 


UNim) pioonr SJULE8 

TiMaiw) ^ 


2ith St. 3 & 4 rooms; 
furn. heated; $30 up, 
weekly. 419-4070 


bedroom duplex; 
completely furnishad; 
yearly rental, $200 
month; 219 57th St; 422- 
, 439S or 420-1792 aftar 4 

11-SITUATlONS Wtb.1 

Baby-sitting any length of 
time. Day or nightl 
■ Phone 484-352$ 


professional teacher. 
Call 428-4771. 

1972 Pa 






(OM Mode eepft of MMoai 
'OmiaA '■:' 




-Guitar lessons by ex- 
perienced Instructor. 
Various' finger styles 
taught. A must for folk 
singers. Beginners 
welcome. 425-0949. 

accepting applications 
for admission to pre- 
kindergarten 8i kin- 
dergarten classes. Also 
ail day ehHd care for- 

- fall term. A few 
openings available 
now. Call 428-6545 for 
appt. ^ 

TUTORING: Math li 
Physics; certified 
teacher, B.S. in math. 
Reasonable. Call 425- 



problems are solved 
with Barnes 4 Barnes 
Home improvamant 
specialists. For free 
estimates on room 
additions, plumbing, 
roofing, general repair, 
clearing lOts, Call . 
anytime. 423-0945; 
nights 422-9234 


FLUTE, LaMonte 
. soprano c "silver. 

Excellent Condition. 

Case and accessories. 

$100. 444-5471. 

used. Professional 
Instrument. $400. 340- 

jETSL, __~ 


AKC registared, 9 
weeks, mother and 
father pedigreed, 
wormed. 510-4449 



^ SUN 


42S-7364 42S-726B 


RUNABOUTS (2) 14' 4 
15', 40 H.P., trailer. 
$475 each. Good con- 
dition. 499-0344 




PREEAentiai Aackoc 
V mSHaiperU. 
\ 4254944 
— OaslNego^yr 


ELECTRICIAN - service 
changes, houses 
rewired, electric heat 
installed, dryers, any 
other electrical work 
done. 583-9227. 

Custom made home 
cocktail bars. Any size 
or shape 340-9094 After 
4 p.m. 

brand new sets Hf.n. 
includaa dresser with 
mirror, chest of 
drawers and double 
Ittd. To be sold f^ 
$99.95 -aach. Inspect hi 
wa^hewa. UNITED 
Va. Beach Blvd., <ana 
biedt east of Princess 
Thaatra) Mon-Fri: 10 • 
a.m.-7 p.m. Sat: 9 a.m.- ; 
1 p.m. 

registered, beautiful 2 
yr. old male, all papersr 

Srat btood line. IimT 
li m-wn. 

Beautiful fawn color 
. puppies. 444-3932 

A K C ragisterad. Male. 
10 months old. 499-4197. 


New Sun Employee 
Msiras apt or house to 
rent on a yearly basis. 
Approx. $130 or 
thereabout. Phone 428- 
2401 or 423-7250 after 4 


Gracious White Brick 
Williamsburg: newly 
decorated Interior 
beautifully landscapad 
cornar lot, 440.1223 

SHORES— 4 bedroom, 2 
both brick ranch, on 
Long Creek, piar, 
extras, owner. 440-0344 

PLAZA $17,500 3 
bedroom Ranch, cosy, 
Immaculate home. Call 


We have buyers end 
tenants waiting for 
property in all areas of 
Virginia Beadi. Call us 
to sell or rent youre. 
Stohl Realty 


B yott uvaM vQaa 





VfOB ka»a M St iMaw 9pa 


basic camper, AM-FM 
radio, 9400 miles, new 
cond., $3200 firm. 420- 










VA BEACH 405 22nd. St. 
Clean, warm rooms. 
Close to the ocean. Call 


One bedroom efficieoct 
apt. Seasonal lease. 
One block from ocean. 
Very comfortablel 
Phone 425-7264 8:30 'til 

Efficiency In private 
home. Living-bed, 
bath. Enclosed porch. - 
Separate entrance. 
References. 428-5442. 


Beach winter rental, 1 
bedroom apartments,. 
TV, kitchen: from $115 
wilti utilities, 428-5333 


Super Beetle; factory 
warranty; radio; tape 
deck ; exh-as. $1895^ 420- 

OLDSMOBILE 1970 '98- 
$500 & assume 
payments of $101 for 32 
mos. 440-0503. 

OF the City of Va. 
Beach offers several 
school buses and cars 
for sale on "as Is" and 
"firet come first ser- 
ved" basis. Interested 
parties should contact 
Mr. Willis Oceana. 

' Phone 428-4381 for all 
details. LL^^rigweii, 
Division Superin- 
tendent, Va. Beech City 


HATTERAS 1971, 12X52, 2 
bedrooms, completely 
furnished, air cond, 
washer. $550 8i assume 
monthly payments. 425- 
6043. < 

AMERICAN 1940, 12' x 
54', 2 bedroom, air 
conditioned, carpeted, 
*••'••'■• «n large lot. 

SKYLINE 1970; 12' x 40'. 3 

bedrooip, unfurnished, 

lust take over loan 

payments. Call be- 

.tween 3 and 7 p.m. 404- 




71 TraH 70. Good Con- 
dition. $200. 404-3537. 

HONDA 71 Trail 70. Good 


"^^■■^■^■^^^^■■■■^■.^■■^ , 

Lots or mobile homes 
for sale,. New schools & 


TAKE NOTICE that aftw' 
this date I will not be 
re^Mnsibie for any debts 
unless contracted for by 
me in pereon. 

Elmer G. Sahr, Jr. 



The regular meeting of 
the Council of the City of 
Virginia Beach will be 
held In the Council 
Chamber of the Ad- 
ministration Building, 
City Hail. Princess Anne 
Station, Virginia Baach, 
Virginia, on Monday, 
March 13, 1972, at 10:00 
A.M. at which time the 
following ^plications will 
be heard: 

1. Application of Waiter 
Franklin Gilchrist for a 
from ResMence Duplex 
District 1 (R-D 1) to 
Qeneral Industrial 
District 3 (M-i '3) on 
cwtain property begin- 
ning at a point 3525 feet 
more or less North of 
Kempsvllle Road, running 
a distwiea of 340 feet along 
the Eastern property line 
and running a distance of 
251 feet along the Eaitern 
property line. Said parcel 
contains one acre mora or 
less (Woods Corner Area). 

2. Application of 
Humble Oil and Refining 
Co., for a CHANGE OF 
ZONING from Limited 
Commercial District 1 (C- 
L 1) to General Com- 
mefcial Djsh-ict 1 (CG 1) 
M)d a USE PERMIT to 
construct a gasoline 
supply statton and a car 
wash as an addition to an 
existtoig gasoline supply 
station on certain 
proparty located at the 
Intersection of South 
Military Highway and 
Providence Read, 
beginning at a point 213 
feet East 9f So^ AAlHtary 
Highway. rMning a 
distance of 190 feet along 
the Eastern property line, 
running a distance of 
354.73 feet along the 
Norttiam property line, 
and running a distance of 
100 feet Bleng the Bast 
side of launi Military 
Hi^way. (CollaBa Park 

3. Awllcathm of Peter 
D. GIngerIck for e 
from RasiiNnce Suburiian 

District 4 (R-S4) to 
Limited Commercial 
DIbtrict 3 (C-L 3) on 
certain proterty located at 
the Southern Intersection 
of South Witchduck Road 
and Bonney l^oad, run- 
ning a distance of lOO feet 
along the Northern 
property line, running a 
distance of 344.7 feet along 
the Eastern property line, 
running a distance of 100 
feet along the Southern 
property line and running 
a distance of 352.9 feet 
along the Western 
property line. said 
property contains 0.77 
acre. (Kempsvllle Area). 

4. Application of Twin 
Putt-Putt Golf Course for 
operate twin miniature 
golf course on certain 
property beginning at a 
point 1606 feet more or 
less South of Holland 
Road, running a distance 
of 215 feet along the South 
side of Baxter Road, 
running a distance of 
847.33 feet along the 
Western property line 
(Norfolk and Southern 
Railway Right of Way), 
running a distance of 
248.44 feet along the 
Southern property line 
and running a distance of 
645 feet more or less along 
the Eastern proparty l.ine. 
Said parcel is located 
adiacenT to Twin DrIVeIn 
Theater and Contains 4 
acres more or less, 
(Holland Terrace Area). 

5. Application of E.E. 
Bakerfor a USE PERMIT 
for trailer rental In con- 
lunctlon with an existing 
gasoline supply station on 
certain property located 
on the Southeast corner of 
Princess Anne Road and 
Parliament Drive, run- 
ning a distance of 263 feet 
more or less along the 
South side of Parliament 
Drive, running a distance 
of 242 feet more or less 
along the North side of 
Princess Anne Road and 
running a distance of 261 
feet more or less along the 
Eestern property line. 
Said parcel 1$ triangular 
ift shape. (Greenwich- 
Arrowhead Area). 

6. Application of Paul 
Gene Lassiter for a USE 
PERMIT to stable three 
horses on certain proparty 
beginning ate point I75feet 
East of south Lowther 
Drive across from Green 
Kemp Road, running a 
distance of 655 feet more 
or less along the North 
sMe of Parliament Drive, 
running a distance of S3l 
feet more ol less along the 
Western property tine, 
run ning a dwance ol 499 
feetiWBiw^ji*9B'aMBeng the 
Northern property line 
and running a distanca of 
882 feet more or less along 
the Eastern property line. 
Said parcel contelns 10.5 
acres more or lesi. 
(Carolanne Farms Area) 


7. Application of 
Humble Oil and Refining 
Co., for a USE PERMIT to 
operate a gasoline supply 
station and car wash on 
certain property located 
at the Northwest corner of 
Virginia Baach Boulevard 
and independence 
Bouleverd, running a 
distance of 200 feet along 
the West side of In- 
dependence Boulevard, 
running a distance of 200 
feet along the North sMe 
of Virginia Beach 
Boulevard, running a 
distance of 200 feet along 
the Western property llnaH 
end running a distance of 
200 feet along the Nor- 
thern property line. Said 
parcel contains 1 acre 
mere or less. (Pembroke 

8. Application of Doris 
Morrison for a CHANGE 
Residence Suburban 
District 3 (RS 3) to 
Multiple Family District 
(R-M) on certain property 
beginning at a point 230 
feet West of Barberton 
Drive, running a distance 
of 140 feet along the North 
side of C Street, running a 
distance of 125 feet along 
the Western priyerty line, 
running a distance of 140 
feet elong the Northern 
property line and running 
a distance of 125 feet along 
the Eestern property line. 
Said parcel is known as 
Lots 24 through 27, Block 
4, Plat of Woodland, and 
contains 17,500 square 
feet. (Woodland Area). 

9. Application of H.A. 
Wallace for a USE 
PERMIT to construct four 
additional apartment 
units, totaling six units on 
certain property l)eg In- 
ning et a point lOOO feat 
North of Virginia Beach 
Bouleverd, running a 
distance of 112.74 feet 
along the Eastern 
property line of which 35 
feet Is the West sMe of 
West Lene, running a 
distance of 315.15 feet 
along the Northern 
property line, running a 
distance of 171.74 feet 
along the Western 
preper,ty line and running 
a distance of Xi.lO feet 
along the Southern 
property line. Said 
aroperty contains 25,143 
square feet, (Oceaha 
Area), lynnhaven 


Richard J, WeWKM) 
City Clerk 

* Legal Notices 

Circuit Court of the City if 
Virginia Beacli on the 14th 
dey of February, 1972 

in the matter of Virginia 
National Bank, -Hazel 
Ward Taylor and Garland 
Scott Taylor, Co-executors 
of the estate of Garland 
Luther Taylor, Deceased 
It appearing to the 
Court that a report of the 
accounts of Virginia 
National Bank, Hazel 
Ward Taylor and Garland 
Scott Taylor, Co- 
Executors of the Estate oy 
Garland Luther Taylor, 
Deceased, and of the debts 
and demands against his 
estate has been filed 1n the 
Clerk's Office of this 
Court, and that six months 
have elapsed since the 
qualification, on motion of 
said Virginia National 
Bank, Hazel Ward Taylor 
and Garland Scott Taylor, 
Co-Executors of the 
Estate of Garland Luther 
Taylor Deceased, it Is 

ORDERED that the 
creditors of, and all others 
Interested In, the Estate of 
Garland Luther Taylor, 
deceased, do show cause, 
if any they can, on the 10th 
day of March, 1972, before 
this Court, In its cour- 
troom, against the 
payment and delivery of 
the Estate of Garland 
Luther Taylor, deceased, 
to the legatees without 
requiring refunding 

It is further ORDERED 
that this Show Cause 
Order be published once a 
week for two successive 
weeks in the VIRGINIA 

newspaper having general 
circulation in the City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia. 
A Copy Teste: 

J. Curtis Fruit, D,C. 
George F. Darden, Jr. 
305 30th Street 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 9th day of February, 

Margaret. W. Wellman, 



Mantheo Wellman, 



The object of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant upon 
the grounds of continuous 
separation for over two 
years. ailii;. 

And an affidavit hav4«g^> 
been made and filed that 
the defendant Is a non- 
rtfldent of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post Office addreu being : 
General Delivery, 
Statesvllle, North 
Carolina, it is ordered that 
he do appear here within 
ten (10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his interest in this 

A copy Teste; 



J. Curtis Fruit, Deputy 


E,C, Powell p.q. 

3654 Sewells Point Road 

Norfolk, Virginia 

2-17,24,3 2,9-4T 


In the Clerk^ Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 16th day of February, 

Ronald Lee Worlds, 

Helen B. Ownes Worlds 


The oblect of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant, upon 
the grounds of that the, 
perties have lived 
separate and apart 
without any cohabitation 
and without interruption 
tor two years pursuant to 
Section 20-91 (9), Code of 
VirglnIO 1950 as 


And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is not a 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office address being: 
572 Eager Ave. New York 
City, New York.^ ._ 

It is ordered tfTat she do 
appear here within (10) 
ten deys after due 
publication hereof and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect her Interest in this 

A Copy— Teste: 

Sendra Hargrove, D. 

Robert Lee Simpson 
3500 VIrginie Beech Blvd, 
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

2 24;3-2,9,16 


This Is to notify the 
public that the un- 
(torslgned, trading as That 
Steak Place will within ten 
deys after publlcetlon of 
this notice apply to ttie 
Virginia State Alcoholic 
Beverage Control Board 
for a license to sell beer, 
wine and mixed 


consumption. »^ 1 

. That Steak PlaeaiF^ieH.. 

m n d , t « c ». 


(Ocean Ranch MotaiT 
Sue A. Wartburg 


In th* Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the. 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the ist day of February, 

Vickie Janelt Pattmon, 



Larry Dean Pattaraon. 



The object of this suit to' 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant -epon 
the grounds of dMartwn. 

And an afWavit tw«|ng 
been made and filed that 
the defendant l| a non- 
resident of the "StaW of 
Virginia, the Ian' Kmbwn 
post office add<^en isaing : 
1654 Summit Avanua. 
Columbus, Ohio. 

It is ordered that he do 
appear here within ten 
(10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his Interest in this 

A copy— Tesis: ,../ 

JOHN V. FfHJ,Jtl&?S. 


J. Curtis Fruit, 'bWOfy 

Garland M. Layf^n: ptfl. 
1510 Pleasure Housa.Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


termsof that certain Dead 
of Trust, dated January 
18, 1968, from Sarah Brock 
to William H. Martin, Jr., 
Trustee, and recorde^^ In 
the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit e9ur4oMhaCtty of 
VirglnTa Beach, yiral 
in deed book I04t atf 
630, and by vlrhiO'^M 
certain Appointment of 
Trustee recorded in the 
Clerk's Office aforesaid In 
deed book 1255 at page 445, 
the undersigned Trustaa, 
having been notifiad of 
default in payment of the 
debt therein secured, and 
other breaches of the 
covenents therein con- 
tained, end at the request 
of the creditor thereby 
secured, will offer for sale 
at public auction to the 
Mflhast biddarr «!■ •ttta 

Virginia Beach, VirglaiaLf 
on March 30, 1972, at f f^ 
a.m., the following 
property, to-wit: 
ALL of that certain place 
or parcel of land being 
on the road leading 
from Pungo Ridge 
Road to Charity Church 
. being at the in- 
tersection of said and 
Norfolk Southern 
Railroad, Northwest 
corner. Beginning at 
the northwest cornar of 
ttie property at tb» 
Norfolk Southtre 
Railroad and rumiflv 
east along said road 72 
feet; thence running 
south 138 feet; thanca 
west 72 feet; thanca 
north 138 feet to point of 
beginning, end con- 
taining one-fifth acre, 
more or less. This 
property being in 
Pungo District of the 
City of Virginia Beach, 
VIrginie. Being the 
same prop erty 
acquired by Sarah E. 
Brock from A)<^m E. 
Coston, Widawar.^«$ii 
March 36, 1950, and 
recorded in dead book 
570 at page 147 in the 
Clerk's Office 
oforasaid,- - i 

TERMS: Cash. Tha 
successful bidder will ba 
required to deposit 10 par 
cent of the purchase price 
at the time that tha 
property Is knocked down 
tet)lm, with the balance to 
be peid within ten (10) 



In ^Clerk's Offica of 
the Circuit Court of Hia 
City of Virginia Baach, en 
the 8th day of February, 

Ruby Tumey Torres, 
Carlos Torres, Defendant. 



The object of this Wit to 
for the said phiMttff to 
obtain an annulment from 
the said defendent, upon 
the grounds of fraud In 
procurement of tha 

And an affktavit hawing 
been mede and filed that 
the defendant is not a 
resMent of the State of 
Virginia, the lest known 
post office addreu being ; 
Fresno, Ceilfornia, It, to 
ordered thet he do appear 
here wtmin 10 (ten) days 
after due publication 
hereof, and do what may 
ba Mcessary to pn^wA lito 
Interest In this suit, 
A copy— Teirte: " 

J. Curttos Fruit, 

Mr. Jay Zimmerman, 

Law Building, 
Norftilk, Virginia BStf 








" ' 1 I I I II II I Ml I il II II M I I I II ^B Wk Mi ' ' ' " " ■'Legal Notices 

Hif MM di 

1M tnHiMMr''of dtscrtlin 
• KKriod of time m 

I Wi ont (1) year. 

fH»nL.«tfklavit having 

imm tm<i filed mat 

:tf«nndartt is not a 

tent of the State of 

liniaf the last known 

\ ofllta address being : 

t^'Hw» Dr., Mac«n, 

^i|a 3lt0«4 not a 

h\ Of MM> ^fe of 

,tt tojMa-ed tbat 

■Mfe do t^^pear ^ere within 

»•« (10) day* after due 

ition horoef, and do 

t^anocoMary to 

cthorlntarMlin this 

issi Clerk 

ir» Hargrove D. 

_^«derlck B, Lowe 

404 Maffbo 'Towwrs 
Virginia %4tM: 

I3H0 VlrglnMkjfia^ Blvd 

' Va. 23452 

Commonwaalth of 
Virginia, «^.^ 

In the Clerk's Office of 
tl» Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
Itie 25th day of February, 

Jtiynn |>eut cooper, 

to OWaIn a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
Ifte aaid defonijant, upon 
W» srounda of more than 
two year*' contlneut 
•^•ratton of ;^e partial. 
And an affidavit having 
btan made and filed 'that 
the defendant is not a 
It of Hm State of 
,tflf |t«t .|((wwn 

9)Mi|lnto, ft It but^vfm^ 
*• do appear Nh« within 
tan (10) days after due 
#ui>Ucatloii hei^f, and do 
iMMt may b« iwcMiary to 
lirolact his Intoratt in this 

^copy~Teti«: JOHN V. 

•¥: Sandra Hargrove O. 

L. Lyie, Jr. 
P.O. Bex 2241 
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 





This 11th Day irt February 


• Municipal 





'^17 landtown Road 

Virginia BWthr'Vll^fWa 

. iVTsa ,iu.^ y j: ; vir. ib i>tiiiii » 

-4n7 tiMttiwn «Md 
Virginia Boach, Virginia, 

Drawer 3, Bm 24A7 
APO San Francisco, 
California, and If i^y of 
«!•« be d«ad« their 
^IwrvbOiv HKMsas, if any. 
Mirs at'laW.'^evisees and 
anignt, whose names are 
<dnlMMvn, and the lien 
otedltor* Of any of said 
iHH^s, If tny^ there be, 
aiMl, all ^ther ! persons 
having an interast M\ the 
. property to be condemned 
In these proceedings. 
Whose names are 
imknown, ail Of wtiich 
parties being hereby 
pmcead against as 
"Fartles Unknown," 

in this proceeding the 
I*|ltl0ner seeks to Acquire 
6^ cMHiemnaflon th« fee 
s^jrfr title to a certain 
pitftel of land situated in 
tfia City of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, for the con- 
struction and maln- 
tanance of that certain 
public sh^et mr highway 
known as "Landtown 
Road," ani also known as 
Stata Route 633, which 
pi^erty and prdtct are 
showii and doscriOed 
n»ra particularly in the 
petltton and exhibits at- 
tactoM thereto pn fNe In 
the office of tho Ctork of 
this Court, to which 
reference is hereby made 
t» * Mi and accvrete 
daao-^tton thereof, and 
far Mw ^ipeintmmt of 
commission«i»'i - te 
aacytain £ust com 
pan^Menlo 1m Mfnars of 
any estate or'Tntarast In 
Am fN-operty to be taken or 
afMOad m a^mv^sr Nw 

^^^^w^P v^^^B ip^^r ^vvV> ^^Vv vV 

P»r mt^ purpsaes the 
f iffllBMi nW amtf te the 
^urt, an Hie IMi day of 

March, 1172, at the 
courthouse thereof. 
Princess Anne Station, at 
10:00 o'clock A.M., or as 
Wm thereafter as counsel 
•nay be heard, for the 
«ppolntment of com- 
mtesioners to ascertain 
lust compensation as 

^d it appearing by 
affidavit filed according 
to law that the following 
imners are not resMents 
OftheStateof Virginia, or 
their names and ad-' 
dresses are not known and 
that diligence has been 
used by and on behalf of 
the petitioner to ascertain 
such names and addresses 
without effect:T-SGT. 
and his lien creditors, if 
any; it Is ORDERED that 
— -fftw BTor viaio owners ou 
appear within ten (lO) 
days after due publication 
of this order In the Clerk's 
Office of the Circuit Court 
of the City ot^ Virginia 
Beach, Virginia, and to do 
what Is necessary to 
protect their interests; 
and it Is FURTHER 
ORDERED that If any of 
the above named owners 
desire to assert any ob- 
jection or defense to the 
taking or damaging of his 
property or to the 
lurisdlction of. the Court to 
hear the case and to 
proceed with the ap- 
pointment of com- 
missioners he shall file his 
answer and grounds of 
defense designating the 
property In which he 
claims to be Interested, 
the grounds of any ob- 
jection of defense to the 
taking or damaging of his 
property or to the 
jurisdiction of the Court to 
hear the case and to 
proceed with the ap- 
pointment of com- 
missioners for the 
determination of just 

Should any such owner 
fail to file his answer and 
grounds of defense as 
hereinabove provided, 
such failure shall not 
preclude the owner from 
appearing on the date set 
for the appointment of 
commissioners nor from 
presenting evidence as to 
caluatlon and damage nor 
from sharing In the award 
of lust compensation > 
according to his Interest 
there^v or otherwise 
protecting his rights, but 
such failure shall preclude 
such owner from any 
other defense by way of 
pleas |n bar, abatement or 

■;r„ And It Is FURTHER 
ORDERED that a copy of 
this ORDER shall be 
published once a week for 
two consecutive weeks In 
the Virginia Beach Sun, 
and a copy hereof shall be 
posted on the bulletin 
board of this Court. 

A Copy Tests: John V. 

Fentress, Clerk 

By Billy W.Baliou.D.C. 

which county or cor 
pdratlon the defendant Is, 
without effect, the last 
known post office address 
being 416 North Peyton 
St., Alexandria Va, 

It lis ordered that he do 
appear here within 10 
(ten) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be riecessary to 
protect his interesf In this 

A Copy— Teste: 
John V. Fentress, Clerk 
Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 

Joseph A. Jordan, Jr. 


1221 Va. Beach Blvd. 
Norfolk, Virginia 23504 


In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
thfr I6th"day^ef F e b r u a ry , 

Eugene Spencer, Plain- 


Geneva Spencer , 


Theobject of this suit Is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant upon 
the grounds of two years 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is not a 
resklent of the Sfate of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office address b^lng: 
1580 Fllmora^lSt, Gary, 
Indiana. ^ 

It Is ordered that she do 
appear here within ten 
(10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect her Interest in this 

A copy— Teste: 
Sandra Hargrove 0. Clerk 

Murphy, Bennett & Gorry 
500 Beach Tower BidO- 
3330 Pacific Ave. 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

2-24; 3-2,9, 16 - 


In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the nth day of February, 

June Clapper 







3.i ,9 

2 T 


In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 16th day of February, 

Sylvia Simmons Wilson, 

Gordon W. »IJson. 


I ne boiect of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a 
n^ensa at thoro to be later 
lysierged upon proper 
application into a divorce 
a vincuilo, from the said 
defendant, upon the 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is not a 
re«idfnt of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office address being : 
501 Fletcher Place, Rock 
villa, Maryland. 

It is w^ered that he do 
appear here within ten 
(10) days after due 
pu|>licetlon hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his interest in this 



Sandra Hargrove. D. 


Cromwell, Cuiverhouse & 


1766 Independence Blvd. 

P.O. Box 5533 

Virginia Beach, VA 23455 


The Object of this suit Is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant upon 
the .grounds of two year 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is a non- 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
postoffice address being: 
Naval Air Station, Im- 
perial Beach, California, 
It is ordered that he do 
appear here within ten 
(10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his Interest in this 

A copy— Teste: 



J. Curtis Fruit, Deputy 


Stuart A. Saunders, Atty. 


137 North King Street 

Hampton, Virginia 




This ISth Day Of February 




In the clerks office of 
the Circuit Court of The 
city 01 Virginia Beach tm 
the 17 day of November 

Alice Allen Wilson, 

Willie J. Wilson, Detan- 


The oblect of this suit Is 
tor the said plantlff to 
odtain a divorce a vinculo 
matrimoni from the said 
defendant, upon the 
grotmds of Two YMr Rule 

Ana an affKlavit having 
boM made and filed that 
due diligence has bewi 
wed by or in behaH of the 
^•Intlff to ascertain In 

I a Municipal corporation, 




1319 Outten Street, 

Norfolk Virginia; 

P.O. Box 6155, 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 

P.O. Box 6155, 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 

P.O. Box 6155, 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 

P.O. Box 6155, 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 


also known 




P.O. Box 6155, 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, 



ESTELLE Mcpherson, 


DENNIS Mcpherson, 



REGiNA Mcpherson, 

and If they or any of them 
be dead, their surviving 
spouses. If any, heirs at 
law, devisees and assigns, 
except those named 
above, and the lien 
creditors of alt s^aid 
parties, if any there be, 
and all other persons 
having an interest In the 
property to be condemned 
in this proceeding whose 

names^a re .unknown to the 

petitioher, aH of which 
parties being hereby 
proceeded against as 
"Parties Uni^nown", 


Ttre^pufpOsfe of this^uTT 
IS for the petitioner to 
acquire by condemnation 
the fee simple title to a 
portion of the lands owned 
by the defendants, and a 
utility easement adjacent 
thereto, for use In con 
nectlon with the con 
sfruction, reconstruction 
and maintenance of a 
certain highway project 
i<nown as the Landtwon 
Road Widening Project 
(State Highway Route No. 
633) in the City Of Virginia 
Beach, Virginia, which 
property and project are 
shown and described 
more particularly in the 
petition and exhibit at 
tached thereto on file In 
the office of the Clerk of 
this Court, to which 
reference is hereby made 
for a full and accurate ^ 
description thereof; and 
for the appointment of 
commissioners to 
ascertain just corn- 
pensatlon to the owners of 
any estate or interest in 
the property to be taken or 
affected as a result of the 
taking and use of said 
property by the petitioner. 
For such purposes the 
petitioner will apply to the 
Court, on the 13th day of 
March, 1972, at the 
courthouse thereof. 
Princess Anne Station,' at 
9:30 o'ciocl^ a.m., or as 
soon thereafter as counsel 
may be heard, for the 
appointment of com= _ 
missloners to ascertain 
just compensatlpn as 

And It appearing by 

affidavit filed according 

to law that VIRGINIA 

WILLIAMS is believed to 

be deceased, that certain 

of her heirs, including 

Thomas Williams, Estelle 

Mcpherson, Alexander 

McPherson, Dennis 

McPherson, Alexander 

McPherson, Jr. and , 

Regina McPherson are 

believed not to be 

residents of the Com 

monwealth of Virginia, 

and that she may have 

other heirs than those 

above named, and that If 

any of said parties be 

deceased, their surviving 

spouses heirs at law or 

devisees, and the lien 

creditors of all said 

parties, if any there be, 

are unknown to the 

petitioner, which has been 

unable to ascertain their 

names and addresses by 

due diligence; it is OR 

DERED that the 

aforesaid persons appear 

within ten (10) days after 

due poblicaHon of this 

order in the Clerk's Office 

of the Circuit Court of the 

City of Virginia Beach, 

Virginia, and do what is 

necessary to protect their 

Interest; and it is FUR 


any of the above named 

persons desire to assert 

any objection or defense 

-to4 he t aki n g ^)r^»ma9«>§ 

the Virginia Beach Sun, 
and a copy hereof shall be 
posted on the bulletin 
board of this Court. 

A Copy Teste: John V. 

Fentress, Clerk 

By Billy W.Baliou.D.C. 



In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 14th day of February, 

Ella Mae 
David J 

Gregory Spence, 

S pence, 

of said property or to the 
jurisdiction of the Court to 
hear the case and to 
proceed with the ap 
pointment of com 
missionershe shall file his 
answer and grounds of 
defense designating the 
property in which he 
claims to be interested, 
the grounds of any 'ob 
lection or defense to' the 
taking or damaging of his 
property or to the 
jurisdiction of the Court to 
hear the case and to 
proceed with the ap- 
pointment of com 
missioners for the 
determination of just 

Should any such person 
fail to file his answer and 
grounds pf defense as 
hereinabove provided, 
such failure shall not 
preclude' the owners from 
appearing on the date set 
tor Tffie appointment of 
commissioners nor from 
presenting evidence as to 
valuation and damage nor 
from sharing in the award 
of just compensation 
according to their interest 
therein or otherwise 
protecting their rights, 
but such failure shall 
preclude any such owner" 
from any other defense by 
way of pieas In bar, 
abatement or otherwise. 
And It is FURTHER 
ORDERED that a copy of 
this order shall be 
published once a week for 
two consecutive weeks in 


The object of this suit Is 
tor the said plalntftf^to 
obtain a divorce from the 
said defendant, upon the 
grounds of desertion of a 
period of more than one 
> year and living separate 
and apart for more than 
two years. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant Is not a 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last last 
known post office address 
being, 417 Louise Avenue, 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 
it is ordered that he do 
appear here within 10 
(ten) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his interest In this 

A copy— Teste: 



Phyllis N. Styron. Deputy 


Mr. C. Lydon Harreil, 


519 Board of Trade Bidg.. 

Norfolk, Virginia 23510 





In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the nth day of February, 

Alma J. Borges, Plaintiff, 

Robert P. Borges, 


The Object of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant upon 
the grounds of two year 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is a non- 
resident of the State of 
VWginia, the last known 
post office address being : 
351 Wako Yubinkyoku 
Dome, Wako-SHI 
Saltama-Ken, Japan., It Is 
ordered that he do appear 
here within ten (10) days 
after due publication 
irereof, and do what may 
be necessary to protect his 
interest in this suit. 

A copy— Teste: 



J. Curtis Fruit, Deputy 


Bangel, Bangle B, Bengal 

Law Building 
Portsmouth, Virginia 


ilth of 


in the Clerk's OHIce of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the nth day of February, 

Louis M. Casale, Plaintiff, 

Elvira Becerra Casale, 
to the point of beginning, 
as laid down on said plat. 

The object of this 
publication is for the 
complainant to give the 
notice of taking of dep- 
ositions In her behalf in 
the above styled suit, on 
the 30th day of March, 
1972 at 2:00 p.m. in the 
offices of Mattox, Sonde! 
& Young, 420 Merchants & 
Farmers Banic Building,' 
430 Crawford Street, 
Portsmouth, Virginia - 
23705, and If for any cause 
or reason, the taking 
thereof be not com- 
menced, or if commenced, 
be not concluded, the take 
will be continued from day 
to day at the same place. 
And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is at non- 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office address being: 
5351 South West Third 
Street, Miami, Florida, it 
is ordered that she do 
appear here within ten 
(10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect her interest in this 

A copy —Teste: 
John V. Fentress, Clerk 
By: J. Curtis Fruit, 
Deputy Clerk 
Mattox, Sonde! & Young 
430 Crawford Street 
Portsmouth, Virginia 

2-17,24,3-2,9, 4T 

I I !■ ■ 


ALL THOSE certain 

lots, pieces or parcels of 
land, with the ap- 
purtenances appertaining 
thereunto, situate, lying 
and being in the County of 
Princess Anne, in the 
State of Virginia, num. 
bcred. designed and 
described as Lots Num- 
bers Seven (7) and Thirty- 
five (35), in Block Number 
"0"; Lots Numbers 
Twenty-four (24) and 
Twenty-five (25), in Block 
Number "R"; and Lots 
Numbers One (1) and 
Eleven (11), in Block 
Number "L", as laid down 
upon a certain plat of the 
property known as "Plat 
of Rosemont"— made by 
C.F. Petrle,, C.E., duly of 
record in the Clerk's 
Office of the Circuit Court 
of the City of Virginia 
Beach (formerly Princess 
Anne County), Virginia, in 
Map Book 2, at Page 51, 
the said Lot Number 
Seven (7), In Block 
Number "0" is bounded 
and described as follows: 
BEGINNING at a point 
one hundred fifty (150) 
feet eastward iy from the 
Intersection of Vine Street 
with Third Street; thence 
southwardly and parallel 
with Vine Street one 
hundred twenty-five (125) 
feet to the northern line of 
Lot Number Seventeen 
(17— In said Block Number 
"0"; thence eastwardly 
along the northern line of 
said Lot Number 
Seventeen (17), to the 
western side of a road 
formerly the eastern 
. boundary of said Block 
Number "0"; thence 
northwestwardly along 
the western line of said 
road to a point where said 
road intersects Third 
Street; thence westwardly 
along the southern side of 
Third Street to the point of 
beginning, as laid down on 
said plat. The said Lot 
Number Thirty-five (35), 
in Block Number "0" is 
bounded and described as 

BEGINNING at a point 
hwo hundred twenty-five 
(225) feet eastwardly 
from the eastern akte of 
Vine Street and one 
hundred fifty (150) feet 
northwardly from Fourth 
Street, running thence 
southwardly and parallel 
with Vine Street one 
hundred fifty (150) feet to 
the northern side of 
Fourth Street; thence 
eastwardly along the 
northern side of Fourth 
Street to a road forming 
the eastern boundary of 
said Block Number "0"; 
thence northwestwardly 
along the western side of 
said road to the 
southeastern of Lot 
Number Twenty-fh/e(2S) 
of Block Number "0"; and 
thence westwardly along 
the southern side of said 
Lot Number Twenty-five 
(25) to the point of 
beginning, as laid down on 
said plat. The said Lot 
Number Twenty -four (24), 
in Block Number "R" is 
bounded and described as 

BEGINNING at a point 
one hundred fifty (150) 
feet southwardly from 
Fourth Street and two 
hundred (200) feet east- 
wardly from Vine Street 
running thence south- 
wardly and parallel with 
Vine Street twenty-five 
(25) feet; thence east- 
wardly and parallel with 
Fourth Street to the 
western skle of a road 
forming the eastern 
boundary of said Block 
"R"; thence nor- 
thwestwardly along the 
Western line of said road 
to the southeastern corner 
of Lot Number Thirteen 
(13) in Block Number 
"R"; and thence west- 
wardly and parallel with 
Fourth Street to the point 
of beginning, as laid down 
on said plat. The said Lot 
Number Twenty-five (25), 
In Block Number "R" is 
bounded and described as 

BEGINNING at a point 
one hundred seventy-five 
(175) feet southwardly 
from Fourth Street and 
two hundred (100) feet 
eastwardly from Vine 
Street, running thenced 
southwardly and parallel 
with Vine Street twenty- 
five (25) feet; thence 
eashwardiy and parallel 
with Fourth Sh-eet to the 
western skte of a road 
forming the eastern 
boundary of said Block 
Number "R"; thence 
northwestwardly to the 
southeastern corner <K Lot 
Number Twenty -tour (24), 
in btock Number "R"; 
thence westwardly and 
parallel with Fourth 
Street to the point of 
beginning, as laid down on 
said plat. The said Lot 
Number One (1). In Block 
Number "L" is bounded 
and described as tollows: 
ON THE north by 
Second Street, on the east 
by a road forming the 
eastern boundary of said 
Block Number "L". on the 
south by Lot Number Two 
(2), in said Block, and on 
the west by vine Street, as 
laid down on said plat. The 
said Lot Number Eleven 
(11). in Block Number 
"L" is bounded and 
described as tollows: 

BEGINNING at a pomr 
one hundred twenty-five 
(125) feet northernly from 
Third Street and one 
hundred (100) toet east- 
wardly from Vine Street 
and runnlr^ thence south- 
wardly one hundred 
hwenty-flve (125) feet to 
the northern skfe of Third 
Street; thence eastwardly 
atong the northern side of 
Third Sfreet to the 
western sWe of a raan 
forming the eastern 
boundary of said Block 

Number "L"; thence 
northwestwardly to the 
southeastern corner of Lot 
Number Six (6). Jn saTd 
Block Number "L"; and 
thence westwardly and 
parallel with Third Street 


in the Circuit Court of 
the City of Virginia Beach , 
on the 8th day of 
February, 1972 
Fine and Salzberg, Inc., 

Rosemont Corporation, et 

ai, '*- 


In Chancery No. 15956 


THIS MATTER came to 
be heard this 8th day of 
February, 1972, on motion 
of the c^nnaiainantr and 

Court that the object of 
this suit, as set forth in the 
Bill of Complainant, is to 
quiet title to certain 
parcels of real estate, 
more particularly 
described In Exhibit "A", 
and situate in the City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 

PEARING that an Af- 
fidavit has been made that 
there are or may be 
persons unknown who 
have an interest Jn the 
subject of this suit, 

consideration whereof, It 
that all persons, known or 
unknown, claiming any 
right, title, estate. Hen or 
interest, in and to the real 
property hereinafter 
described In Exhibit "A" 
to appear within ten (10) 
days after publication of 
this Order and do what is 
necessary to protect their 

It is further AD- 
and DECREED that this 
Order by published once a 
week tor four (4) suc- 
cessive weeks In the 
Virginia Beacb Sun, a 
newspaper published In 
the City of Virginia Beach, 

ENTER this 8th day of 
February, 1972. " 
A/Copy Teste: 
J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 

I Ask for This: 

Carl M. Hall 
Counsel for 


the' Com- 


The regular meeting of 
the Council of the City of 
Virginia Beach will be 
neid in the Council 
Chambers of the Ad- 
ministration Building, 
City Hail, Princess Anne 
Station, Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, on Monday, 
March 20, 1972, at 10:00 
a.m. at which time the 
toilowing applications will 
be heard: 


1. Application of Albic 
Incorporated for a USE 
PERMIT to construct a 
208-unit hotel on certain 
property located at the 
Southeast corner of 36th 
Street and Atlantic 
Avenue, running a 
distance of 250.12 feet 
along the east side of 
Atlantic Avenue, running 
a distance of 150 feet along 
the South skfe of 36th 
Street, running a distance 
of 250.12 feet along the 
Eastern property line and 
running a distance of 150 
feet along the Southern 
property line and a USE 
PERMIT for additional 
parking on certain 
property located on the 
Northeast corner of 
Pacific Avenue and 35th 
Street, running a distance ( 
Of 158 feet along the North 
side of 35th Street, run- 
ning a distance of 150 feet 
along the East side of 
Pacific Avenue, running a 
distance of 158 feet along 
the Northern property line 
and running a distance of 
150 feet along the Eastern 
property line. VIRQ,INIA 

2. Application of M.J, 
Standing for a CHANGE 
OF ZONING from Orte 
Family Residence 
Suburban Dish-let (R-S 2) 
to Two Family Residence 
District (R-2) on certain 
property located on the 
West side of Holly Road 
across from 34th Street, 
SCO feet more or less South 
of West Holly Roed, 
running a distance of 
180,33 feet along the West 
side of Holly Road, run- 
ning a distance of 235 feet 
atong the Southern 
property line, running a 
-distance of 182.02 feet 
along the Western 
property line and running 
a distance of 2l.t feet 
along the Northern 
property line. Said 
property is known as Lot 
80A, Plat of Linkhorn 
Park. (Linkhorn Park 


3. AppllcaULon of 
Atlantic Richfield Co., by 
Grover C. Outland, Jr., 
Attorney, for a USE 
PERMIT to operate a 
gasoMne supply stetim on 
CMTtain property tocated 
on the Norlh west corner of ' 
South Lymheven Road 
and Hollend Road, run- 
nhi9 a distance of 2»).97 
feet atong the W«t side of 
South Lynnhaven Road, 
running a distance of 

252.78 feet along the North 
sMe of Holland Road,, 
running a distance of 
159.57 feet along the 
Western property line and 
running a distance of 
161.29 feet along the 
Northern property line. 
Said property contains 
0.898 acres. (Green Run 

4. Application of 
Thomas W. Land, Jr., for 
from Residence Suburban 
District 4 (R-S 4} to 
Limited Commercial 
District 2 (C-L 2) on 
certain property begin- 
ning at a point 690 feet 
more or less West of Toy 
Avenue, running a 
distance of 98.40 feet along 
the South side of Virginia 
Beach Boulevard, running 
a distance of 413.10 feet 
along the Eastern 
property line, running a 
distance of 98.40 feet along 
the Southern property line 
and running a distance of 
413.10 feet along the 
Western property line. 
Said parcel contains 0.917 
acre. (Boulevard Manor- 
Fair Meadows Area). 

5. Application of 
Kemptodd Corporation for 
a USE PERMIT for a 
sewage pumping station 
on certain property 
located on the South side 
of Proposed Stratford 
Chase and 100 feet East of 
Proposed Winslow 
Crossing or 2,830 feet 
more or less East of 
Kempsville Road and 350 
feet more or less North of 
the property line of Indian 
Lakes Subdivision. (In- 
dian Lakes Area). 

6. Application of Fett 
Roofing and Sheet Metal 
Co., inc., for a USE 
PERMIT to erect a 115- 
foot radio and com- 
munieation antenna and 
tower or certain property 
beginning at a point 
1035.10 feet South and 
West of Princess Anne 
Road, running a distance 
of 141.99 feet along the 
North side of Arrowhead 
Drive, running a distance 
of 291.10 feet along the 
Western property line, 
and running a distance of 

n45.41 feet along the 
. Northern property line 
(Norfolk and Southern 
Railway Right of Way) 
and 322,47 feet along the' 
Western property line. 
Said property is known as 
a portion of Parcel "A", 
Arrowhead industrial 

7. Application Of New 
Hope Baptist Church tor a 
USE PERMIT to operate 
a church On certain 
property beginning at a 
point 100 feet North of 
Buskey Lane, running a 
distance of 265 feet along 
the Eastern prt^erty line 
of which 180 feet Is the 
West side of Old Great 
Neck Road, running a 
distance of 350.46 feet 
along the Southern 
property line of which 
210.46 feet Is the North 
side of Buskey Lane, 
running a distance of 
216.34 feet along the 
Western property line 
(Buskey Lane), and 
running a distance of 
465.92 feet along the 
Northern property line. 
Said property contains 1.8 
acres more or less. 
(London Bridge Area). 

.8, Application Of Joe A. 
Peay for a CHANGE OF 
ZONING from Residence 
Suburban District 3 (R-S 
3) and Multiple Family 
ResWence.Dlsh-lct (R-M) 
to Limited Commercial 
District 3 (C-L 3) on 

/ certain property begin- 
ning at a point 1932 feet 
more or less West of Old 
Great Neck Road, run- 
ning a distance of 130.81 
feet aWne^The NortheasT 
side of Reagan Avenue, 
running a distance of 6<M 
feet along the Western ' 
property line, running a 
distance of 130.81 feet 
along the Northern 
property line and running 
a distance of 651 feet along 
the Eastern property line. ' 
Said property contains 2 
acres more or lass. 
(London Bridge Area). 
Richard J. Webbon 
City Clerk 

. 3-2,»-2T 


The Virginia Beach 
Planning Commission will 
hold a Public Hearing on 
Tuesday, March 14, 1972, 
at 1 :00 P.M. In the Council 
Chambers of the Ad- 
ministration Building, 
Princess Anne Cour- 
thouse, Virginia Beach, 
Virginia. The toilowing 
applications will appear 
on the agenda: 
Albert Miller — 
Blackwater Road at North 
Carolina Line. 

Floyd L. Haywood- 
Stone Roed, South of Mill 
Landing Road, 

Waldon Ackiss— Norm 
sMe of Back Bay Landing 
Road. East of Princess 
AniM Road- 

Henry C. Morgan, Jr.— 
Subdivision of Part of Lot 
64 LlnkhiN^n Park. 

APCO No. 1 by Philip 
Hithtower — Woo«»WTy 
Forest Apartments, s. 
Ortole Or. 

17, 1972: 

1, Application of Harry 
Sandier for a CHANGE - 
OF ZONlNGfrom Limited 
Commercial District 3- 
(CL-3) to General Com- 
mercial Disfrlct 3 CCG-3) 
and a USE PERMIT to 
construct a gasoline 
supply station on certain 
property located on the 
Southeast intersection of 
Independence Boulevard 
and Shell Road- 
Parcel 1: 'Change of 

Zoning from CL-3 to CG-3: 
On certain property 
located at the Southeast 
Intersection of In- 
dependence Boulevard 
and Shell Road, running a 
distance of 435:70 feet 
along the Northern 
property line of which 
205.7(rTeetls the South s We 
of i n d e p e ad e n c 0;^ 
^ulevard, and 60 feet is 
the Southeast side of Shell 
Road, running a distance 
of 73 feet along the 
Western property line of 
which 40 feet Is the East 
side of Bradtord Road, 
running a distance of 
398.12 feet along the 
Southern property lln^^ 
and running a distance of 
200 feet along the Eastern 
property line. 

Parcel 2: Use Permit to 
operate a gasoline supply 
station: On certain 
property located at the 
Southeast Intersection of 
Independence Boulevard, 
running a distance of 
265,70 feet along the 
Northern property line of 
which 205,7 feet more or 
less is the South side of 
Independence Boulevard 
and 60 feet . Is the 
Southeast side of Shell 

Road, running a distance 
of 118 feet along the 
Western property llrfe, 
running a distance of 230 
feet along the Southern 
property line and running 
a distance of 200 feet along 
the Eastern property line. . 
( Robblns Corner Area ) . 

JANUARY 11, 1972 

2. Application of Aired. 
Inc.. tor a CHANGE OF 
ZONING from Residence 
Suburban District 4 (R-S 
4) to Generel Commercial 
District 3 (C-G 3) and a 
USE PERMIT to con- 
struct a gasoline supply 
station on certain 
property located on the 
Southwest corner of- 
Bonney Road and flnnn' 
sylvania Avenue, rising 
a distance of 194 feet more 
or less along the South 
side of Bonney Road, 
running a distance of 220 
feet more or less elong the ' ; 
West skte of Pennsylvania 
Avenue, running a 
distance of 16» feet atong ^ 
the Southern property line 
and running a distance of 
205 feet along the Western 
property line. Said 
property Is known as Lote 

1 through 10, Block 6. Plat 
of Midway and contains .8 
acre. (Thalia Gardens 

3. Application of 
Pembroke Meadows 
Associates tor a CHANGE 
General Commercial 
District 1 (CG 1) to' 
Multiple Family 
ResUence Dish-let (RM) 
and a Use Permit to 
construct 360 garden 
apartments oh certain 
property located on the 
Southeast corner of North 
Witchduck Road and Old 
Donation Road Extended, 
^across from Sullivan _ 

Parcel 1: Change of 
Zoning from C -G 1 to R -A/T: ^ 
On certain property « 
located at the Southeest 
corner of North Wit- 
chduck Road and Pem- 
broke Boulevard Ex- 
tended running a distance 
of 283 feet along the South 
side of Pembroke 
Boulevard Extended. ^ 
running a distance of 82 
feet along the East side of 
North Witchduck Road, 
running a distance of 220 
feet along the Southern 
properts line and running 
a distance of 2'0 feet along 
the Eastern property line. 
Said parcel contains .917 

Parcel 2: Use Permit to 
construct 316 garden 
apartmente: On certain 
property located at the 
Southepst corner of North 
Witchduck Aoad and. 
Pembroke Boulevard 
Extended, running a 
distance of 1119 feet more 
or less along the South 
side of Pembroke 
Boulevard Extended, 
running a distance of 610 
feet more or less along the 
East skte .of North Wit- 
chduck Road, running 
* dlstance^ of 1950' 
feet along the Southern 
property line and running 
a distance of 574 feet along 
the Eastern property line.' 
Said property contains 
20.3 acres. (Pembroke 
Meadows Area ) . 
FEBRUARY 8, ^72 

4. Application of White 
Way Laundry, Inc., tor a 
USE PERMIT to con 
sh-uct 7 townhouses and 6 
apartoients, totaling 13 
unite on certain property 
located at the NorthweM 
comer of 34th Street and 
Arctic Avenue, running a 
dlitance of l«) feet along 
tt»e West sue of Arctic 
Avenue, running a 
distance of 100 feet atorw 



William Henry Eure of 1201 
Fentm St. died Saturday in a 
Norfolk hospital. 

A native of Virginia Beach, he 
W M the huri)ai«i of Lmb Eure 
and a son of thelate RuAu Eure 
Sr. and Mrs. Sallie Eure. 

He was a retired truck driver 

Hewasa member of Newlight 
raptiat Church. 

Besides his widow, surviving 
are s^ran soiu, Joseph W. Eire 
and James 0. Eure (rf New 
York; William E. Eure of 
Harwood, Tex.; WUIie C. Eure, 
Johnnie L. Eure, Alphonso 
tWB, and aifton D. Eure of 
Vii^inia Beach; a daughter, 
Mrs. Shirley J. James of 
Charlottesville; a brother, 
Rufus Eure Jr., and four 
sisters, Miss Mdissa Eure, 
Miss Elnora Eure, Mrs. Dev^ta 
McCoy.andMrs. Dorothy Smith, 
all of Vh-ginia Be^'d), and u 
grandchil(lren. "^ 


Mrs. Lucy Lee Howard, e?, of 

LT. COL. A. Y. ARELLANO Owens of S^emum, Tex., aiMi was the husband of Mrs. 
R^tf«lArmyLt.CoI.Arserio SamOwinsofMlas,Tex.;and Paulette S. Gkwan and a son of 
». Arellano, 65, of 58S2 E. two sisters, Mrs. Gludys Wright Mrs. Alberte Gowan of Waverty 
Hastim^ Ardi cMed Feb. 21 in of Dennison, Tex.,«iMllAs. Eva trad the late Arttiur Gowan. 
Pwtsmontfr Kaval Hospital N. Carter of Sherman. He owned and operated the 

after illness of several moottis. '^^ ho^ was sent to Simide Rattan ^^Qage pwtaurant on 

A native of Manila. FUlli^ne Funeral Hwne. 
Islands, he lived in Ms area A funeral service will be held 

today at 2 p.m. in Simiele 
Funeral Home. Burial with 
mUitary honors will be in 
Rosewood Memorial Gardeni. 

four years. 

Mrs. Mary Virginia Arellano 
and a sonof Juan ami Mrs. Ynes 

He reth^ in 198I after 19 
years and was a WorW War 11 

Surviving are two sons, 
Robert Arellano of Nori^iTimd 
Jack Bdlng of Carroel, N.Y.; 
and two grandcMldren. 

A Catholic mass was 
<^brated Friday at 9:tf a.m. 
in Ft. Myer Ou^. Arli^lnn. 
Burial with full military honors 

^ore Drive «t Lynnhaven 

He was a retired Navy 
veteran with 20 years of service, 
including ttie Korean War. 

Besides his widow and 

Edmond Luther Sml<iiiqn.n. Franker and Miss Helen Louise 

Gowan, and two som, Arthur 
Thomas Gowan . and Marks 
Steven Gowan all of Vii^inia 
Beach; five brothers, Jim 
Gowan <rf Barton, N.Y., Jerry 
Gowanof SmitU)oro,N.Y., Didc 
Gowan ^ Athens, NY., Array 
Sgt. Bob Gowan of Ft. Knox, 
Ky., and Jack Gowan of 

of 117 Conferwce Oourt died 
Saturd^r at 8 p.m. in a Norfolk 

A native of Elizabeth City, 
N.C., he in» a son of Itevki R. 
andMn.Nucy mvis Smltliaon 
and the husband of the late Mrs. 
Km Fkn Smitlnan. 
~ .— ..™«» iwinHB He was a taenbcr of Pwk 
was in ArllngtOT^NatTOTal ?25f !?i2^ l**!!!" Waverly; a sister, Mrs. 

Cemetery. Simiele Funeral S!lSAf"?Si!Ii° «' ■^.* Beatrice Horton of 

member of Doric Masonie 

Home had duurge. 


Navy Master Chief Aviation 

im Baker Road died Simday in Mate Floyd Lee Owens, 46; of 

a hospital 

A native of Raleigh, Mass., 
she lived here since 1965. She 
was the wife of Honor Henry 
Howard and a daughter of Mrs. 
Mabel Lanoutte oi Danvers, 

BMides her husband and 
mother, surviving are a sm, 
John Doner of Silver Credc, 
N.Y.; and two daughters, Mrs 

5576 Aurora Drive, Dianund 
Springs, died Saturday at a 

A native of Texas, he was the 
husband of Oie late BIrs. Doris 
I^therwood Owens*Bnd a son 
of the late James Thomas and 
Mrs. Lillie Periei Ow««. 

He had been bi the Navy 28 
years. He was a Baptist. 

Surviving are a daughter, 

Ludlle 23ineskl of CMcago and Debra H. Owens of Vh-ginia 
Mira. Yvonne Glavan of Euclid, Beach; and three sons, Jeffrey 

(Mo. The body was sent from 
Simiele Funeral Home to Jack 
Ross Funeral Home, Ashtabula, 
Ohio, for a funeral service and 

f*. oweos and Kenneth L. Owws 
of Virginia Beach, ami Daniel 
D. Owens of Lynchburg; fliree 
brothers, Hugh Owens of 
Charleston, Tex., Louie R, 

Lodge 44 and Brotherhood of 
Loeomothw Engineers. 

He was a B3-year retired 
englDeer oi Norfolk Southern 

He Is survived by a daughtn*, 
Mrs. Blanche Duke of Virginia 
Beach; a stepdaui^ter, Mrs. 
Elva Ifigglns 0^ Norfolk; two 
granddau^ters; and two great- 

A fineral isrvtoe iras hdd in 
Cox Funeral Home Monday at 2 
p.m. by the Rev. Paul V. 
Watlington Jr. Burial was in 
lUverstda Memorial Park. 


Donald EugNie Gowan, 42, of 
228 Waverly IMve, PrInceM 
Anne Plata, died in his h^me 

A native of Waverly. N.Y.. he 

Center, N.Y.; and a grandchUd. 
A funeral service was held 
held Saturday at 2 p.m. in 
Smiele Funeral Hnne by the 
Rev. Melvin Hughes of Princess 
Anne Plaza Baptist Churdi. 
Burial with military honors, 
was in Princess Arate Memorial 


Retired Navy Chief Petty 
Officer WUUam Arthur Vine, 54, 
of 4882 Erskine St., died in a 
Portsmouth hoqiital Friday. 

He was the husband of Mrs. 
Katherine Ardier Vine and a 
son of John Btoton Vine and Uie 
late Mrs. Lillian EsUck Vine. 

A native of Cambria, Wyo., he 
Uved In Vfa^inia Be«:h 12 

He was a member of St. 

Boys of Cub Scoot Pack M9 and Boy Scoot Troop 481 look 
proudly at theta* new charier which was presoited them 
at Colonial Arnis ^^rtaients. Everett HuMnpton, 
district scoot executive (right) and Mario MoatiM{iiio, 
(left) representing the sponsmring agency made the 

intatioa to the new Pack ud fntp hsl wodt. tke 
Reserve Association, Pott lH alae presented the 
lew onits with an Amerfean flag. (Photo by Joli 

Legal Notices 

^Conttouad fmaPagt 10} 
1h«"Tiortn sMt of "Mfti distance 
Street, running a distance along 
of 140 feet along the property 
Western property line and distance 
running a distance of 100 along 
feet along the Northern property 
Said property 

of 1117.01 feet E. Baylor for a CHANGE CUrrL""* •.*l'.A-**»ifl 
the Western OF ZONING from i"'-* "•* ••••*• ,••'• 
line, running a Residence Suburban Southern property line 
a 923.S3 feet District 4 (R-S 4) to anf /"««•"«• f '•♦•'»«• «* 
the Eastern Multiple Family l'";f „**?* ■Jf;"" „!,V 
line. Said Residence DIsfrlct (R-M) L • * " P/"S?[iL*',7i 
contains 31.819 and a USE PERMIT to **W P*";!*' f??**™ **' 

SrJJi'r'fy coflKt 14,000 acrM." lTnnHaVen whsffucTw' apJBmeiit .J^^^^^^ *?/r?*AfnS^ 

Kuare feet. VIRGINIA BOROUGH. units on certain property 0"«" *'"*■ ^f*t 

iAtH BOROUGH. 10. Application of Paula beginning at a point 100 *„bii,.»i«„ 

. » .. « i, . ^ L. Collins by Stanley A. feet Nor«» of Brigadoon ^1'; „ *2?1L"1L11, .„ ^, . ^..^,., .^„,«, . 
5. Application of Joseph piiiiii.. Attornav. for the Drive fformerlv Larue Martut, Incorporated for First Colonial, running a 

F.anTBarbar. Fielder SySiStXceT^tsTeOr^ ' ''J^l^'^^Jt^ll^rV^i ]li**r"Jl *• *^V*lf'^ 

Grover C. Wright, Jr. .n^ abandonment of a of 100 feet along the West K'"*]"!*.'!?!''" i?^-**?2 the Eastern property llnr 


Its feet more or less along 
the Western property line. 
Parcel 2: Change of 
zoning from C-L 1 to C-G 3 
and a Use Permit for 
tires, batteries, and ac- 
cessories sales and ser- 
vice: Beginning at a point 
390 feet mere or less South 
of Lasltln Road, and 1t35 
taet more or less West of 


Attorney, for a CHANGE portion of Collins Avenue side of Pleasure House *" »:i.*'2. Jl- 

OF ZONING from One (formerly Renville Road, running a distance SSl!!? Jl^ • «!ta- ▲»—.» 

Family Rssldence^vonue), beginning at ihe of 435.41 feet along the <»™"'^,«»,»-«"^/^""I* 

?!fS;^fi.*'*-*4^.fHHl*"*'* *»"♦•» •"• •» Virginia southern property^ line, "l '"f'!!!l!.^V«r^ 

tfr?/l^-,»'***J''*.';f J ■••«•» Boulevard and running • distance of 40 ^""''5-1 ti!?*2f!J?'.2! 

D^h-let (R.3) and a USE .xtenifing in a Southerly feet along the Western !;•♦ ■Jf^ **^ **'*'^ •"• 

PERMIT to consh-uct 34d,r,etlonadistanceof too property line and running •» ••»««'•«• ^^•"'?4. "ilS; 

apartment units on cer- foot more or less to the a distance of 453 feet more "•«•■**♦•"«• f.^"*^I 

tain property located Northern boundary ofor less along the Northern f^W ijis East side of 

across from Maryland pourth Street. Said sh-eet property iine. Said L*'** A^f^J*'/"!;'''"*! 

^Z!""' ^/ril'"? • is 60 feet in width. (Thalia property contains 0.15 *»♦•"«• ©^'^♦••♦••f.'W 

distance orfitl feet along y III ogo Area). KEMP-acres (Chesspealce t***^**'^*'**'^"'*'^^*'^^'''** 

the East side of Arctic sviLLE BOROUGH. Beach Area). baysidE ••""''"''''''•• ^••♦•''** •* League for a USE 

Avenue, running a ,1 ADOIication of th» BOROUGH. < lasfeetalong the Eastern PERMIT for a swimming 

distance of 175 teet along city" of Virginia Beach, w ABBiir.»i«« iA tsmti^^^^*'^^ - ""•.• -Vil •»**' •"" community 

the Northern property pJ^,"utlXs Division D2i,,^'*S'iS !K.t m^I! '^••'••'♦y «»"»■"« ^.000 center on certain property 

line, runnlna a distance of ,0" a USE PERMIT to \T^J J5*'I '^le •'«•'■• »••♦• 'O'"" l»»«lnnlnB •♦ • •»««"♦ '»••« 

tlO feet along the lastarn construct a pumping ppb Jit U !?r~-f - m <»»'^«>«n» *''"'-.^h^'*- ^•^ *••♦ «♦ ^oder Lane 

property line I La Ke "J, in" on certain .llf^VLia I^d V«m N«AVEN BOROiJGH. and 351.91 feet North of 

Holly), running a distancel 5^1^"ty br,„„l4 .to «^^ ^0. Application o« Parllamjjnt Drive, run- 

of 165 feet along the SJJSTS »^mor« or im« I^" ''^ 1^ ■ ^^ •™ Murphy's Emerald isle nint c distance of 216.13 

Lth7rn>opert7,llns 5?Jl^t*!?..Tr.^l^^^^^^ Motil for a USE PERMIT foet along the Southern 

running a distance of 75 
feet along the Northern 
property line, running a 
distance of 60 feet along 
tlie Western property line 
aad running a distance of 
7ft feet along the Southern 
property line. (Hilltop 

23. Application of 
Carelanne Farm Civic 

Said parcel Is known as ^l\Tr^):■S!'X St^t a"f ^jJ?.'?*""!" »•*..!... "'"l! ti WMt^uct'44 additional j^^opert^'linirru'nnTiig' a 

Lots l' ^rUh 2^ BloJk StnwSod D ivT^'safd ^t of ?rw4^ aUS "••"•'. •"'"^L "C!*' ^ 5l*»r^f* ^ '•^. ■'?."« 
A. Plat of Shadow Lawn, n«,r«i 1.^0 tXithw in ♦••♦ « I ^ . "^i » * certain property located the Western property line 
Helahts VlROmiA ?f i«?iJ^A?t«> L '?ti ^tlJ^^Hl •,?••♦•"«• on the NortReast comer of ,nd running a distance of 
BEACH WoUGH L'-uAvIn M^^ If' W ♦^t •••'»• th* Tenth Sfreet and Pacific 20S. It feet along the 

rIoular MEETING: **1t''^L'^,^?-^^J*' «i I!?r* » "A. ?.^?*!l!!! Avenue. runnlnL_i. Northern property line 

6. Application of Ocean 
Island Inn for th( 

m Arnui.JttoS'^ inc lor a ^.^^lli ".i*^^ • distance di,t.nee of 140 feet along (Norfolk and Southern 

e u^l MB** ? ♦« Li S ?'•'• ^^ ttong the „,, East sUe of Pacific Railway Right of Way) 

discontinuance, closure ^w* fJ mitoi •meiJ^v' *'••♦•''", P'«^:^\y ""•' Avenue, running a and runnino a distance of 

jrr.x'm^^t^'r'^: ;srtm?nrtn'*'cenrai); T4i:ri.i^'xn"i r*NS?th'*s'i?e'y t'S.'s ^ *-!•"-•»•'• =• 

portion Of Jade Street and preporty running a NorW^orn propert? line «;JJ*^ir„„'i2. .^iJZ^ property line. Said p 
a Dortion of Ocean Avenue distance of 227.12 feet on rNorfolk and Southern S'^f^.'^Till'* •.A'!*''2! 52"»«">» 2-12 a 


on certain property the North sMe of 

(Norfolk and Southern 
Shore Railway Right of Way) 

of 140 feet along 

a^ Vi^I^t^* f«"ns Are!?; 

located on thp North sWi:bV'lve7runnTn'g'a'dlstai»ei ;„"d ImVJ:^ a7ong""ti;; ™V„*!!LTXi?cL'7f*i'SS SI^«':«V''-»-E 
Of Page Avenue and of 357.10 feet along the ^^.t^VVproJeflrilne ZiZHlXiHo^lXi^''^^^'*- 

running in a Northerly 


■EACH BOROUGH. from Residence Suburban 

. ai. Applteatlon of otstrict 4 (R-S 4) to 

.".Tidewater Children's Limited Commercial 


from Residence Suburban 

(Lynnhaven Shores .nd running a distance of BOROUGH 
Area), lynnhavbn 249,m foot along the West u adi 
BOROUGH. ilde of East Stratford 

7. Application of North 
Shore Corporation by 
Grover C. Wright, 

foot alley running In an Baptist Cljurch for a USE District 4 (R-S 4) to f fil.'l ."iCfK ,L -T2S» « i ^ .*-„ ^ ,..— 1»- 
^"^•'^^^ ?iIV»'f" • PERMlTlor a parking lot C^^ited cimmereial "'?« •*• gJ"*JS lo^* !^.'lJ&l**2? «7 sP lift 
distance of 350 feet from for which no fee Is to be oiatrict 3 (CL 3) on rumSi^ ml^Sm^m Tf ?m !i«i- 
Atlantic Avenue said Charged on certain crtaln property located 1)21 aS.^ jSwSfaM* 2 ™, 

BOROUGH. the South sMe of SSth ar Im> aiana the South 9f9P*f*f »"•' rohhiiHI • • distance of 562.03 feet 

8. Application of Robert st^ertT^tolning a distance Jwe^f Shire 0^"?, distance of 23.42 feet along along the Western 
and Lillian Gregory for ji ^ ,40 feet along 
CHANGE OF ZONING Eastern property 

r". ", ,J*^ ^T*^"/ ,. »R»««««»W • Commercial Association for 
Road. Said property is investors- Inc.. Bailey ?HANee op ton 
, , ^. , knownasLotslthroogh 15 Parker Construction iSmR.«ki.nro Suhuri.-- 
l^rlght, Jr., inclusive, Block 9, Section corporation and Charles SS?riet s 72 I ?i to 
for thee, pl.t of Ocean P^rl^- 0. iHarper for a CHANGE P"U'l 'c'"*^^^^ 
»' C^0»"7 BAYSIDE BOROUGH. OF ZONING f rom k ri.\2 , (c^^^ 
untof_a 15- ,3. Application of First R.jidence Suburban °J!,V,r „JrJL 'l-ST 

Dtsh-lct 3 (CL 3) on 
certain property begin- 
ning at a point 922.34 feet 
Ent of Fair Meadows 
StMl^runnnig a distance 
of 160.45 feet along the 
Soi|th side of vtrolnla 

Francis Episcopal Church, 
^^rginia Beadi, apd a Navy 
veteran of World War U and the 
Korean War. 

He served aboard the USS San 
Francisco when it was bombed 
at Pearl Harbor. 

He retired in 1962 from the 
Nav>' after 25 years. He also 
rethred from the Public Woriu 
Department of tiie Naval Base. 

BesidM his wife and fattier, 
he is survived by a son, Wayne 
A. Vine of Virginia Beach; 
seven brothers, Edward Vine of 
Hooper Utah, Pete Vine, Harry 
A. Vine, Robert Vine, James 
Vine, and George Vine, of 
Sheridan, Wyo.; and Charles 
Vine of Dayton, Wyo.; two 
sisters, Mrs. Ethel Thompson of 
Willowwood, (Mo, and Mrs. 
Rose Badgett, of Sheridan; and 
a grandchild. 


Mrs. Mi^gdalena West Hogge, 
78, oi 3SS Burton IMve died 
Sativday hi a hoqpltal. 

A native of Middkaei Oxmty, 
she was a dau^ter of Jack and 
Mrs. Lucy Coates West and the 
widow of Geone W. Hogge. 

She is smr^ved by three 
daughters, Mrs. Ihdma Louise 
Drew of Suffolk, Mrs. Dorohy 
HUliard of Virginia Beach, and 
Mrs. Betty Jean Roach of 
Cheaapeidce; three sons, Joeefdi 
C. Hogge and Edwvd F. Hogge 
of Virginia Beach and William 
P. Hogge of Norfolk; two 
sisters, Mrs. MiUnda Halstead 
of Back Bay and Mrs. Hilda 
Hammond of Norfolk; 27 
grandchildren; and five great- 

Mrs. Dorothy Webster 
Ritter, S7, of 2227 Red Ude Road 
Aed Saturday at 5 p.m. in a 

A native of Princess Anne 
(}oimty, she was a daughter of 
Mrs. Libby Absalom Webster 
Whitdiurst and ttie late Earl L. 
Webster and the wife of C3ariu8 
J. Rittw. 
.S h<» was a M^hodist 
Besides her husband and 
mc^io:, she is survived by a 
brott)a>, Richard L. Thiutnan of 
Virginia Beach; two sisters, 
Mrs. Miriam Curling of Kitty 
Hawk, N.C., and Mrs. Frances 
CXu-tis (rf Norfolk; and two 

Thursday after a brief iUnua. 

A native of Princess Anne 
County, she lived in Norfdk 70 
years before movhig to Vii^jlnia 

She was Q» widow of William 
J. Bonney and a daughter of 
Thomas and Mrs. Catherine 

She was a member of Ep- 
worth United Methodist Church 
and its Women's Bible Oass. 

She is survived by three sons, 
die Rev. W. Fred Boni^, 
minister of Knotts Island (N.C.) 
Methodist Church, llionMS G. 
Bom^ of Vh^inia Beach; eight 
grandchildren; 15 grMt- 
grandchildren; and three great- 


Retired Marine (krps. Maj. 
James Melvin Rogers, 65, of 
U80 Gun HiU Drive died 
Thursday hi Ua home. 

He was a ton of Charlea H. 
Rogers Sr. and Mrs. Floaaie 

He is sorvhred by^ a aon, 
Ridiard Douglas Rogers of 
Virghiia Beach; two ImithNrs, 
Charlea H. Rogers Jr. of Baton 
Rouge, La., and Lex Rogers of 
Bogaluaa, La.; and two sistos, 
Un. Rosalyn Andras and Mrs. 
Otis Strattmm of Bogalusa. 

A funeral service, with 
military honors, was held 
Monday at 10:30 a.m. in 
Arlington National Cemetery. 
Sbniele Funeral Home had 


Willis (Peanut) Ellis, 65, of 
170S Cyi^ess Ave. died Satur- 
day aftor a short illness. 

He was born hi Georgia. 

He has no known survivors. 

A funeral seniice was held 
Thursday at 1 p.m. in Hairston's 
Funeral Home by the Rev. H.C. 
Benjamin. Burial was in Jtmes 
Memorial Park. 

brothers, Millard F. Wright of 
BalthncHre utd William Oliver 
Wright of Chestertown, Md.; 
two sisters, Mrs. Sarah W. 
Ste|4)erison of Baltimore aiul 
Mrs. Elizabeth W. McElderry of 
Baltbnore; idnegrankdiOdren; 
and six great-granddiiklren. 


Mrs. Ruth Parks Graff, M, of 
109 Ah* Station Drive, Oceana, 
died Feb. 22 at 4:10 p.m. in a 
hospital after a short ilfaiesa. 

A native of Glendora, N.J., 
she was ttie wife of Edward C. 
Graff and a daughtor of the late 
Christq;ther and Mrs. Catherine 
Scott Parks. 

She was a Mettiodist. 

She was a driver for Friends 

Besides her ^husband, sur- 
viring are three dau^ters, 
Mrs. Dorothy E. Lee aiul Mrs. 
Joyce A. Mears of Vir^nia 
Beach and Mrs. Helen M. Sbkpp 
oi San IMego, CaHf.; a sister, 
Mrs. Catherine Moore of Yorba 
linda, Calif.; two brothers, 
Winfidd Parks and Christoj^ier 
Parks ci Chews Landing, N.J.; 
and five grandchildren. 


Mrs. Ann Hard^ Etheridge, 
33, of 1417 Rutland Drive died hi 
a Norfolk hoqiital Thundtey. 

She was a native of £3 Paso, 
Tex., and lived hi Vir^nia 
Beach 22 years. 

She was the wile of RanscMn 
W. Etheridge and a daui^tar of 
Datm^ P. Hardy /Jr. and Ifrs. 
GatherineMoi^ Hanly. 

She waa a mcndNr of ll^diffe 
I^resbytorian Chtnrch. 

Besides hnr hudMiMl she is 
survived by a dau^ter, Mist 
Julianm Etheridge td Vh^uia 
BoMh; her stap-mothn', Mrs. 
WeeU M. Han^ of Richmoml; 
anda Invttier, DiAiney P. Hanfy 
ni(tf Suffolk. 

A funeral aervioe waa hdd hi 
H.D. Oliver Fwenl i^Mtrt- 
ments, Laddn Road. Burail was 
in Princess Anne Memorial 


Thaddeus Marion Snow Jr., 
40, of 1436 Lakeside Road, the 
latsband d Mrs. Betty Hum> 

jgffey Sam mi i son of ^^^hrWe MUton Poteter, 65, of 
Thdma E. Eason Snow Pitts ,J^^^^.J^r!\l.Xl^ 


r - Eastern 
property iln*, running a 

from Agricultural Dlsh-ict ^wnnlng a distance 

^^V r,i!?»,iJ^,*7p n i? '••♦ •••"« *• Southern (Tanning a distance of 2St 
Duplex District » <"P ".yooarty llntj^ r.unrilng a ftetmereor less along the 

21! . '.•J:.**.'/'. nSr«?«i a *"«»«• •* '* ♦.•* ••«• southern property line 
beginning at ■ Pflnt 69l.t „,. western property line. ,nd running a distance of 
feet more or less East of j^y p^^c |, n^omt as 2M.6O feet along the 
Princess Anne Road, j_^t. 14, Wfldi^WI_ialWestern property line. 
runninQ a distance Of 200 contains 7,000 square feet, said parcel is known ss 
feet along the North side VIRGINIA B E A C H Lots 17, It s 
of Malbon Road, running a BOROUGH. Bradfwtl Terrace, Section -^ 

the runnlna ■ dimtanea af "" weiwrn properfy iin« propcrry nne. aaia 
line. 5^ « iLi .ii« the WMt •«"* ""*••»« • «"•♦•»»«• «♦ wntalns 1.66 acres. 
Of SB StL tollh^ver DhH ^W" *•*♦ •'•"" ..**'* **w*ws Estates , 

vr w tKM 01 SOUm Oliver Drive, e*t,»lMr« tmatmrtv Una aAVCine anor 

419.46 feet 

the Western property line property line. Said parcel 

Southern property line, bayside BOROUGH. 
isl0 parcel contains 0.172 2s. Application of 
acres and is known as Lot Pembroke Manor United 
75.B, Section 3, Kemp- Church of Christ and 
svllie Heights. KEMP- Pembroke Mm«r civic 

22. Application of PERMIT to operate a 

a t ACM I «♦. IT M«,rf ie Part a# **'«•♦**'" Development p,rk and recreational 
■^**^" k2^-.^"TS.^.J!'r.':/i^' -corporation by PeterjjL. ^rea on certain 


distance of 

along the Eastern -T4. Appiicatlwi of Ryan /^^^i ) 

property line, running a Academy by Allan J. BOROUGH. 

distance of 200 feet along Qordon for a USE is Application ef Young 

the Northern pr^erty line osbbmiT Jfl_aPirste OMen's Christian 

^.<d running " """* " ^' " ' '~ 

189.61 feet 
Western property 

4 f ■>'>^«iwi Tarrara Martono for a CHANGE located on 

2. **'»«™7y?er''ace ^p ZONING from corner of 

BMTsiuB n„|^,„j. Suburban Boulevard 

District 3 (RS 3) to stftef* omning a distance Virginia Beach; 

Limited commercial of 213 feet miM^ or^iess Alg^ndgr Upton, and a sUter. 

Boulevard, ^is. Harriett Sykes, IxAh (tf 
distance of 377 Chesapeake; and two grand- 

Mrs. Annie G. Highter, 63, ol 
1381 Vit^inia Beach Blvd. died 
Friday in ho* home. 

A native d Nmfolk County, 
she was a daughter of Abrdiam 
and Mrs. Serena Uptm and the 
widow of Richard M. Hitter 

She was a membo- of St. 
Mark AME Church and Huldah 
Urdted Teats Lod^e 71. 

She is su*vived by a soi, 

Ridiard Mr. Higltter Jr. of 

SJ"N?rra?t Kf"eW Maw.; two 

Independence dau^tera, Mrs. Anrde Braxton 

and Hinsdale and Mrs. Be^e Miller of 

a brother, 

a distance Of ,»r*vat. high Hhool on ll^j/tion of Norfolk anS ?1*J''I2 ^ *=;»;'' l^VlfT. SSILSncV 

along the 7«.,„„ property located Virginia Beach for • k utr ^ 1 f^^ n 5^ rSJJKTldlJt 

■«>5?.''ir. '•"••on the Northeast corner Of CHANGE OF ZONING 5L'-IiiV ' i5«_J2-.IS 2^i^J«i* 

l^UNGO BOROUGH. ,„dlan River Read and fr^"i^idWe" Owiw Sf.lT,?^ iJ^X'V^Vi^J'l n!J» "^kS" *^ mS^ 

Y Application of Robert Thompklns Lane, running oisfrlct 2 • (RD 2) to R?^'i* il5.f 11 ^^ * ?»^,S. Z^m ^..ili^ ! 

wiliMand Assoclatesfer adi«tanceBf42SfeetalenaZ— -I_— - -USE PERMIT for 'tires. Street and running a 

riHAi!?E OF zoTiNG mf K sS^ ST iS mWTTT. ^^ F ^^ bftteriwsnd •c««ffiri-.««««l«««^^5^ "Z* 

from Limited Commercial Ri vr Road, running a «-«*««• P"JL'i^A1-^> sales and service. or less.aleng the Eastern 

District 1 (CL dtitanceef^-Otfeetalsfig •"«• • 

properly line and running 
a distMce of 225 feet more 
leu along the Northern 
property line. Said 
property contains one 
more or less. 

W«t of First Cotenlal Eastern property 

Road, running a distance SaM parcel contalM 

of 1336.S4 fe«t along the acres. (NMrllght Area. 

North «We of the Virginia kEMPSVILLE running 

Beach-Norfolk Ex BOROUGH. 1054.7 ♦••♦•'•"•,,••■- and runnIno a distance a* Mar i e IT 

pressway , running a ». Application of James Weitern preowty »"•. •^ '^""'"'*" * «""««• « War. 2.»-1T 

Pembroke Manor Area). 


I Intafosted persons 

., .» Mnrtharn nraeertv 1100^*^ l*M along the Bastwrn are hivlMd to attend. 
.^^ fchenpeaK Bay)!p^«>P«^tv "«•' rutmlfm a Charles C. Carrlnghm 
rSinlno a dtstsnee Of 2}»»»'»ceelSi.50feetalonB DIrectoref Planning 

Id^ the Southern prepwty line 

A funeral service will be hdd 

Sunday at 1:30 p.m. In 
St. Mark AME Onirch by 
the Rev. H. L. Camp«r. 
Burial will be ha Rose- 
wood Memorial Gard«is. 
The body will be takoi to the 
chirch fron HalrstMi Funeral 
Home at 1 p.m. 

Mrs. Minnie Lee Ayers 
B«BMy, 96, of 5172 Brauiey Road 
died hi a Norfolk hospital 

and the late Thaddeus M. Snow 
Sr., died in a Tampa, Fla., 
hoqiital Fd>. 23. 

A qftive of Norfolk, bt Uved 
hi tUa area all hU life. He was a 

meniiber of Mamond Sprii^ 
Christian Cturdi and a World 
War n v^eran. 

Besides his widow and 
mottm*, be is nurvived by hto 
stepfather, W.P. PitU ot 
Montrose, and tiiree cbi^htos, 
Mrs. Kathy Voung, Mrs. 
Mai^aret Eibank, and Miss 
Sally Snow of Virginia Beadi. 

A funoral service was con- 
ductedc in Hollomon-Brown 
Funeral Home, Bayside, 
Sabarday at 2 p.m. by the Rev. 
G. David sauces ot Diamdiid 
Springs Christian Church. 
Burial was in Woodlawn 
Monoial Gankns. 


William Thomas Wright, 74, 
(rf Vii^biia Itoose AfH. 3M, 
retired vice president and 
general managor oi sales oi 
Roystor Guana (^., died Fdb. 22 
to a hospital. 

A native of Harf(H^ Coimty, 
Md., he lived hare SI yeara, 
mort ot the time in Norfolk. 

He was the hisband of Mrs. 
Frances BfUUer Wri^it and a 
son (rf Millard F. and Mis. 
LaiB-a (Mvmr Wri^. 

He WIS an Episcopalian. 

B^dM his widow, survi^^ 
we teee da^^tas, Mrs. John 
B. Maddr^ oi Vb^^ Mach, 
Mrs. Irring Ndlsen <rf l^miUn, 
Md, and Bfi^ John F. F^teh^ 
of fkm (kmu, Oeui.; low 

1376 Salon Road, the husband 
of Mrs. Martha Pointer, died 
Feb. 21 at his home. 

A native of Prin<»S8 Anne 
Qiunty, he was a son of tiie late 
Mrs. Mary Pointer. 

He was a member of Mt. 
BeOid Baptist Churdi. 

Besides his widow, surviving 
are a stepdkughter, Mrs. 
GUKlys Ford of Chesapeake; a 
sister, Mrs. Sallie Moeley of 
Virginia Beach; a brother, 
Forrest Pointer of Norfob; and 
a stepgrandson. 

A fum-al servin was h^ 
Sunday at l p.m. in Mt. B^hel 
Baptist Churdi by tiie Rev. 
Hardd Cason Sr. Burial was in 
Roosevelt Memorial Park, 
Chesapeake, with Fitchett 
Funo-al H«ne, South Norfolk, 
in charge. 

Sunday at 1 p.m. tai IMaa 
E. Pfai^ ftan^ Km^inOib BiyM Chw^ hf 
widow of Jon P. Dr. S.L. Scott ». Burial was hi 

the church cmnetery. 

Mrs. Mae tory Veriuu^es, 

79, of 913 

Drive, the 

Verhaagen and e daugMer of 

Benjamin 0. and Mrs. Blary 

T^rt B«Ty. dM in a NorfoOi 

hoqital Momiay. 
A native of Kckens, S.C, die 

Uved here moM tf hn Itf e. 

aie hM a nMBdiw of S^^es 
Memorial Presbyterian 
(%urdi. , 

Sie is Rffvlved 1^ ttvee 
daughters, Mrs. Margery 
Setfte M^ Mrs. Faye Havor^ 
of VbgUa B«mA and Ifrs. 
Be^ Provoat (rf Norfdk; a 
Miliaoo, H.L. Veriiaa^tt of 
Norfolk; two sistwrs, Mrs. 
B«^e O. Bro^myw pf 

Vlrghila Bmm^ and lbs. Haptl 
Winner of Nortolk; fhre gn^ 
ehiliren; and 13 gre«t- 

A foneral service was ^p- 
ducted in Hollomon-BroWn 
Funeral Home, Bayride, fay Qie 
Rev. Robert Ladbettar. Bi^ 
WM in Rosewood Memorfil 


Rudol[A G. Stormbigcr, 63, of 
23« InlynoviewJQMd, ittiif^ 
chief acGowntant of NorfoUiPiMft 
Office, died in a Norfolk 
hoqiltid &inday. 

A native of Norfoft, he UVed 
bi die Norfolk and Vurgbia 
Beach area moat of hte Ufa., t^ 

He vras the husbuid of MH. 
Margaurite Doyle StomtaigR' 
and a son of George F. and Bbig. 
Vh^ia Mayes StonUngo-. i 

He w(HrkMi for the Norfptt 
Post Office 34 years. 

He waa a member and 
treanucr IS years of the PoMd 
Superviaw Uc»l JtAOULVKt 

monber of the Ni^i OM B iiB i BBtal 

He was a member ol CteMfi 

and St. Luke's Episcopal 
Church. He waa a v^eran of 
World Warn. 

Besides his wickiw, Iw is 
survived by a dat^ihter, Mrs. 
Jamea R. Khig ot Dmbigh; a 
farotiiar, Geoi^ M. ^omdngv 
of Norfolk; a sister, Mn. 
Remmington Ransone ol 
Hawthorne, N.Y; eight 
panddAdrai; and tirven 

A funeral service was Mrviee 
was Mdhi HiD;OUver funeral 
Apartmenta, Laskin Rotd. 
Wethiesday at 3 p.m. 

ftoial was hi Forest Lawn 
OenMtery, Norfidk. 


Mrs. Cora W. Wilson 
Fweman of 3S7 Witchduek 
Road, a vrterao taadier md 
church and dvic leader, died 
Feb. 23 hi a bot^tMi after a kng 

A qative trf Priacew AuB 
County, she waa ttie wtfk «# 
Huiy Foreman and a Mt^gSat 
ol the late Jvnes H. Wrigit and 
Un. Sfaiora Itavia. 

aieiettavd as a teadwr of 
Vkgixdn Beach piO^Uc schools 
after a yens. 

She ms a dMcoMM, a ^ghr 
member, and preside of 
WQUi« Woitar Chd) of Unltii 
Konpsi^ Baptist CAireh. 1 \ 

She ««s a member of (^Ambs 
Comer Ovte League, Uiritad 
Order of Tents and Unity^ 
EatUmStar Lodge 18, leate* of 
Qfum of I^rfaioeBS Anna Lpdi» 
sot. and quetn of Royal D«p«e 

Beddn her husband, rar? 
vivtaig are tteee sons, JfliM 
Wilsan, Jamea H. ^nhoB, mi 
Cariot F. Wflaon of Vbig^ 
Beach, seven grandeUl^iii, 
ami rix gi«nt<gnuBdcUhfri^ 

The body wm takn to Hale 
FimarallkMM. Norfi^ 

A fuMral sffvtix was held 

El^ed To AVC 

Dr. Lamboth M. Qarke, 
pre^teit of >«glnia Warite^B 
CoOo^, has boss tlsMI to tke 
onenttM oemmMaa of Mm 
Aaaoelatiim of Vhrginla 

fat Ht^iBM Wf Mn 

plaet atte i^Be^Moi^ m- 

mmtt. tbef mt flvtMnbtM 






$ttn U\txUs 

5 V- .' 1 

's Fabric Fair 


'*• Fabric ftlr offeri an experience In 
. YM^^n ftid a wide leleelton of knit 
ftiMett rMrtYt kelp wHh a dUfteutt problem or Itam 
biwit Mike a Kabfart or a pair of meai alaeki. Or you 
a new bandleraft; taatUBg, crochetlBg 


fitiejp li tbe manager of Detlgner'i Fabric 

ibi grsdaaled from the Laboratory Initttute of 

■ " ' ' K^fW. Vor Ctty. WorUag with her 

•ifiUla, Linda Smith and Barbara 

^ ARmi mvunoRY 


Wi'ft Loadodt Too M|ny Suiti and Sport Coati, 
8n rifMMn TImv do AT: 

Cherry-Pearaon wai the firit and only men's 
clothing itore In Virginia Beach. Today after many 
changei hi faihloni, itylei and trendi, Cherry- 
Pearaon itiU malstahii the quality and excellence let 
forth by Iti founderi. 

SuHi by Botany 500 and Stanley Blacker, let off by 
an unusual line of ties, double knit and tapestry 
printa, by Berkley, Cravets and Ruffler characterizes 
the Cherry-Pearson line. Imported sweaters and 
woolens by By ford of England, shirts and sweaters by 
Thine. Enco shirts, Sportswear by Hang Ten and 
Golden Breed are offered to the distinguished 
dresser. Fhie leather accessories, belts and wallets, 
by Tex-Tan complete the gentleman's look of Cherry- 




ra ?«| Tray Hi 

AmmUmti rUi wltk DIaMr 
• ToMdOiMii Willi BbM IWriH I 

Cfli^ ToMd Oitm witii BbM Iwpii Hqum DriMinf 

CAoow fnm imtiO FoftMt D^nm, 
io«; DUvnmfmmUM 


with riuikinf Hibachi) Cho Cho, 
ToMt. . 

C^^^Bv ^^IMV* ^IrVWW^V ^^^^^HB^^^V^ 

867-P61 Pasty Roonfi A^«TIable 

Furniture Land 

Fumitureland opened ita doors about seven 
months ago at its present location, 5808 Vlr^la 
Beach Boulevard. The store now consists of one large 
showroom but there are plana to have another built 
and completed by May of thia year. 

The owner of Fumitureland is Mike Peariman. His 
career in the furniture business began 25 years ago 
when he founded Strong Furniture In Norfolk. 

Butch Ore, manager of Fumitureland, Is a 
graduate of Cox High School. Ore has Uved In 
Vta>gfaiia Beach all his life. 

At the present, Fumitureland is a personaUied 
buihiess and Ore and Peariman like It that way. 
Because they do all the floor arrangements, the 
sellhig. the orderhig and the bookkee^togtiiemselvei^ 

Ranch House 

The Rancii House Restaurant beganabout 15 years 
ago with one restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. Ihere 
are now 81 Ranch House Restaurants located around 
the eastern United States. The hub of the Rl(nch 
House Restaurants Is located at the Ranch Hmise 
Commissary ion Pennsylvania off WItchduck Road. 

There are several reasons tw the successful 
popularity of the Ranch House In addition to their 
moderate prices. Each day the restaurants are ln<> 
spected by the State of VIrghila for product standards 
and sanitation. This is a voluntary inspection 
requested by the managers so that they "know It la 

Waitresses undergo a film trabihig program % 
insure the customer good service and that famoui 
"Ranch House Smile", The cooks also have a film 
training program and an apprenticeship to lean 
methods. In addition to excellent food, people today 
want fast service; the staff at the Raaeh House alms 
to have people come in and bf served In 7 minutes. 



Lunch. > - - .il.00 & up 

Our foot long hoi dog§ mdhmhurgen 
i ar^ all meat. 

All meals are cooked to order* 

MANY mmm of meals which viiould 

Stop by&tryuaor call for 
: ti^e out orders, ^utmt 







RETAIL - , _ 


Locally Manufadured 


Auning & WbidMe Work$ 
48S9 Vik fieach Blvd. 4994199 


Ranch HOUS0 





Hm mmm nm mm, 








10 am. to 6 pint 


T^ Opan 9 9 pim. 


raiYESiERS- Mamjcs ■ oonoNS 






20% OFF 

bu!r# used 1o 
things that ar«i 
out of th«, 




PHONI^f7^4M4 ^ J 

RICHiOMO VA 23219 





Sun Moves To 138 Rosomont 
iioad, Telephone 486-3430 

(See Stay Page 3) 

tes PdUed On Issues 
The Concerned Citizens 




Sening The Oty-Of ru^inia Beach 

47th YEAR-WO. 10 THURSDAY, MAHCH % 1973 

26 Hopefuls 
For 5 Seats 

Hie Tuei^y deadline for 
(Wng for the May 2 aty CouncU 
election closed with a total of M 
oandidatee viewing for the tivt 
leata to be.fiUed. With the ex- 
ception of three incumbents, the 
grot^ is comprised primarily of 
Dewcomers to the political 

: George R. ^errdl, Salem 
Road, lir tiw incumbent seeldng 
rejection to ah at-large seat. 
His a)unterpart, former Mayor 
Prank A. Dusch, chose not to 
sed( another term. 

Ihere are 19 candidates for 
the 2 at-large (seats to be 
SUed.There are 19 CMdidates 
lor ttie 2 at-large seats to be 
filled. They include, in the order 
of fiUr«: Walter J. Leveridge, 
^thMB Boulevard; John D. 
^Und, Route No. 1; Cecily 
Hacdtoald, Sunnyside Drive; 
%y Alderman, Carriage Hill 
^d; John A. Seaman, Jr., 
Imergate Lane; Reverend 
ORirge T. Stallings, Bells 
A^ad; Aaron A. Parsons, 
Boukvwd; Be^ D. 

Homer W. Cunningham, 
LyraivUle Qresent; Carr^ M. 
Williams, Virglnius Drive; 
Kenneth D. (Ken) Nelson, 
William Pern Boulevard; Floyd 
P. Wllion, Jr., Atlantic Avmus; 
A.F. (gus) Riganto, North 
Plasa Trail; Edmund C. Rufftai, 
21st Street; Charles W. Gard- 
ner, King Fisher Court; Miltoo 
F. Morotowich, Edwardian 
Court; Joe Weller, South 
Atlantic Avenue; John T. 
Atkinson, Atlantic Avenue; and 

Incumbent J. Curtis Payne, 
North Landing Road, is seeking 
re-dection to rqiresent the 
PrincMS Anne Bonu^. 

He is being dialla^ by 
Andrew H. Barr, Coach House 
Lane; and Rus se l l A. Brown, 
Oceana Bcndevard. 

Vice Mayor Earl M. TdMult 
decfatod against seeking mother 
term of office to represent the 
Kadtwatsr Borough. 

Two caadidatas, John A. 
Baum, Itoitta No. 4; and John 
W. (Jadi) Setbert, Ho^ffian 

Vembrol^ MaU 
Ws Weekmd 

>embroke Mali will agahi 
bait an Amique Show and Sale 
tAto year. The aniwal event, 
adieduled for Mardi 9, 10, and 
U4;will be the largest in its three 
year history and will include 
eidpbits tqr 27 antique dealers 
tdOi several sUtes. 

k variety of antiques will be 
oa dsplay, frcmi Penisylvania 
DQtdi pine fUndture and New 
BEgland primitives to the most 
cfegant in Eun^an furniture 
awl Oriental accessories. Of 
sppdal int^est will be unusual 
ilstns such as two early banjo 
tjiHSn, a matching service of 
Vt^arian Silver, the largest 
siHd lilver loving cup in the 
Baltern U.S., and several 
uDOSually fine examples of 
^ntlnia curly maple furniture, 
itie dww will include only the 
finest authentic antiqi^; tho-e 
will be no rqirodtutions or new 
merdiai^lse whatsoever. 

Incumb^ IM^ S; (fiODs, 
Jr., 48th Mwt, ia seeUi« re- 
decttoa as die Beach Borau^i 

He is being dMUenpd by 
Benjamin W. Wroton, 2Srd 

As candidates outUned their 
platforms a realignmait of 
profwrty taxation, m^od of 
fhuuidi^ new public schools, an 
onlcrly growfii of the aty, aty 
financing, and the attitude of 
city government towards the 
peoples dMires appeared to be 
Uie major issues hi the cam- 

Fuel Feed 
Buys Lum's 

Lum's Hardware, a 1700,000 
retail hardware business on 
Laakin Road at HiUtop, was sold 
this week to Elasa Fuel Feed 
which has two otho: locations in 
the dty, one at Princess Anne 
Plaza, the other on Pacific 

Nelson Seeks AHarge 


City Council Seat 

Koineth D. Ndson has added 
Ms name to' the growing list of 
candidates 'seeking Oie two at- 
btrge seats to be filled in the 
upcomii^ councilmanic iriec- 
tioo. ^ 

In annquncing his candidacy 
Nelson said, "As the campaign 
prc^TMs^, I will attempt to 
direct my efforts towards 
positive solutions to the many 
issuM which win be raUed. In 
doing so I will rely heavily on 
ttw advice and cownd d my 
IHmdk and supporters. 

K.D. NalMi 

"By the time the campaign 
winb down, I hope I have 
earned the support of all those 
pe<^e whofed that the ultimate 
sddtion to our proldems can 
only come from dected i^icials 
who have no political oebts to 
pay. If elected offiM I promise 
to take my seat free of sucli 

N^KXi says he will be in a 
porition to device full time to 
the dutiei tA a City Councilman 
since he retired on a service 
connected disability pension 
foUmHng 15 years Mtive (hity 
with the U.S. Marine Corps. He 
pohrts out this disability will ii 
no way affect his fulfilUi^ the 
d>l^tloiu of a Councilman. 

Ndson, 39, ewluated Uw 
impmiance of servfa^ as a 
CoiHienman h^j siqring, "I know 
that the Job is difftetdt and I am 
aware fd the cmnptex aattve of 
^swnrnmi today. The Mdirttan 
to these probens wiU not c<»ne 
from a aty CouieU aettag along 
but #10 (^ne ftrom die com- 
bined efferto of aU." 

He resides wiA his wife, the 
iomMT DrixMT^ A. Hoib>man of 
Ftarfoft and ttMb- time chihfren 
on IMfflan Han ftxievard in 
tin Lynte^n Boata^. 

A.F. (Gus) Riganto, 39-year- 
old restaurant owner, an- 
nounced Monday he wiU run as 
an Independ«it for one of the 
two at^arge seats on City 

Riganto, who resides on St. 
Nidiolas Square in Lynnhaven 
Borouf^, is owner of Caesars 
Restaurant and co-owner (rf 
Area Caterers. 

In announcing his candidacy, 
Riganto outlined a 9-point 
(datform on which he e]q>ect8 to 
campaign : 

(1) He would like to give the 
youth of the City a voice in City ' 

(2) He would like to see a 
twoity (20) year retirement 
|dan for Police Officers and 
Fire Protectimi. 

(3) He would like to see In- 
dustry provided to accomodate 
the many Military per8<mnel, 
who are retiring and making 
ViiKinia Beach their home. 
"These peq>le being qualified 
technicians could very easily 
without any major technical 
traii^g meet many types of 
industrial needs," Riganto said. 

(4) The Building Iidustry 
being the largest means oi 
revalue within the City of 
Virginia Beach, and continuous 
population increase of a 
minimum of 12,000 people per 
year leads Riganto to believe 
diat "growth will continue, but 
will have to be controlled in an 
ordo'ly manner." 

(5) Riganto charges that 
taiaitoquate ^ed^ng of Rudee 

A*F* R^hMb 

bl^ is costing tax payers many^ 
imnecessary dollars. 

(6) He also stated that 
keq)i!^ the Beach op«i for 
b-afflc at Sandbric^e could' 
create additional income, if the 
problem was handled pr(q>erly. 

(7) "With our aty growing at 
ttie rate which it is proceedhig it 
is a necessity to e^ialize our 
Scholastic and Municipal 
Employees b«iefite wifii any (rf 
the surrounding Tidewater 
cities," he said. "One proUem 
which has beoi a ihtan in many 
employees' side toe mai^ yean 
is the R^rement Plan which is 
govertffid by tlw ^te Ssp- 
foment Retimnent system. 

(8) Rigaiito sUtes that the 
outstanding job the Vdunteer 
Fire Department has been 
doing over the years hu fhuilly 
rMidied a pdnt of saturation 
due to the d«isity <A residential 
growth "the time during sich 
crucial hours that the Dqtart- 
ments are working with 
skeleton crews are causing 
many unfortunate happenings," 
he said. "At this time I would 
like to be the first Candidate to 
say that I will suppwl whdly 
and give my efforts to a paid full 
time Fie Protection system, to 
correspond with any of our 
sister cities." 

(9) Being affiliated witii the 
se<K>nd largest industi^ in Uw 
City of Vlrgihla Beach, and 
being a r^taurant q)erat(v 
Riganto feels that tourism cu 
cmly increaie over tiie yean. 
"And there is no b^er tima 
ttian the pi^mit tima to hava 
l»roper representatioi on tua 
City CouncU." he said. 

Shell Club 
Meets Fri. 

The Tidewater Shell and 
Fonil Club will hold its imA 
r^ulariy adwduled Iwsin^ 
meeth)g ItMay at 7:30 p.m. to 
die Adantta: Pwmaneat Sav^l 
and Lean AMoeteli«i BuUd^ 
944 Indepradence Blvd. 

MiM Brmda Mllar, the earreat Miaa U.S.A.. Hnm 
Mits EC8C and Mtsa Virginia Stirflng to shewn vWi the 
1972 Virginia Beach Auto "^g. The sauvenir airt* %^t sale 
is an ananai Atnd - ratoiag pro^t anl gea«ral yfowitloii 
af the resort city by tbf^^Vtrilata Baaeh Jajaaai. A 
limits n^ply ^Wmm^ airaltalte a»atWMgrtliil%sii 
locatlMM throughout the city for |I.S each, ^tt tti^iit 
the tags are avallahle at h^ Meattan of the City 
Treaiorer'a Office, tiie (%anher ti C^maiM-^ Ofllee. 
Shorwin-WiUiamt, Ifollam and Eatim Gwtfal Iimiffaaea 
- all located wi PacMc Aveaae. t*Wk are hi shortiiwly. 

Restaurant Owner 
To Run At-Large 

is weak 
public service 
prajact (^signed to familiarln 
the public wiU) the 26 coun- 
cllmatdc camiidates so that 
votert wiU be letter prq)ared to 
mile a decision when they go to 
tM polls <m May 2. 

tach of ttie canifidates has 
been sent a questionnaire 
asking his or her positim on 13 
tsNss of vital imp<»tance to 
Viltfinla Beach. The response to 
diae quKMlDni will be made 
puUic Ui the Vtatlinia Beach 
&in. , 

Cmicem^ C^tizois Chairman 
Jdto *Cifvatt said the 
qp^iomiaires were sent "jn 
biHpes the rei^nise will make 
«u»liflcaUons of the candidates 
hitter known, and enable the 
voters to decide with greater 
fpnfidence which btet merit 
ttidr tinut and support." 

To Face 

The Virginia Beach 1st 
Coalition will meet Mmday, 
March isth and Wednesday, 
March 290) at 8 p.m. bi Uie 
Ihintwood School C!afetorium. 
The purpose of each of diese 
naetlngs will be to hear 
dMlared^ ^ndidates for the 
May couhCihnanic ele«tifln. 

Roland Winter, chairanan of 
the Yh^hiia Beach 1st CoaUtlon 
silted: "AU dtiiens of Virginia 
Baach taiterested in working for 
dM sdection and election of the 
bait qualified candklatei hi the 
May councibnaidc race shouhl 
attnod these merttaigs." 

A tripartfsan (Democratic, 
Rapublican a»d bd^endent) 
aersaning committee chaired 
bgrMn.ShUrleySudduthis now 
ta ttw procasB of screening all 
dKlared candidates. AccMdbig 
to Mrs. Suddutii, aa^ camUdate 
is sent a questkmire regardbig 
his or iMr poUttetf views. Upon 
comptetion of die queatioQii^e, 
die cwMala to ghran tut op- 
ptettM^' to nu^ fit an te- 
teHWlriHm Hie sc^itog; 
committee and th«i ta iofited to 
speak to a mas meeting of the 

Candidates endorsed by 
Virghila Beach ut will receive 
sm>port at the precinct levd and 
«dil receive fhianeial assistance 
fiom dM ooaUtion. 

^^rgtaila Beach 1st meets 
Moaday, March 13th and 
Weitoesday, March 29tiL 
aonu interMted in leaning 
m<Mii about dty council can- 
didates are urged to attaid. 

We said the rasponia would 
alio anlst the group In setecthig 
Uie five candidatei the Con- 
cerned Citlxms wUl endorse for 

madi public," Crawitt laid. 
"And lack of a reqtona tnm 
any (rf die candidatei wUl be 

Deadlhw for retumkig the 
^Mtionnitrai in Mard) IS. The 
reiponie will f hat be stu(Sed by 
a Concermed atUens com- 
mittee and will Uien be bimed 
ovff to the Sin., The raiidts 
should be made public hi dtbir 
Uie Mareh 23 «* March 80 Imie. 

Gravatt laid he eoM not 
itreM too iU«^y the Im- 
portance to the candidatei 
themidvei hi rnponcUig to the 
questions because "interest 
among the people is hl|^ and 
may set a ttdaA" hi voter 

"Voten of Vbrgbila Baach 
want the belt avaUabla talent to 
run Uw multi-minion dollar 
budneii ttiat operatei firom 
'City Hall today," ha lald. 
"Accordingly, Uie etoction May 
2^ five to aty Council ii im- 
portant Indeed." 

The quertfam, all of uddch 
can he amwM^ wiUi a "Vei" 
or "No", or expanded iqion if 
Uie candidatu choie hidude: 

1. Will you work for adi^oo 
of fdrmulai under which afi 
dtixem win be dealt wiUi 
uniformly and fah'fy hi nich 
matten ai shreet, utiUtiei «d 
ottier coRitruction uid mafai- 

2. Do you favor hicreaaing 
City Counciri ipending 
auUiorlty ai it preientiy eidite 
without a referemhon? 

1 How do you itand wiUi 
respect to inuance of future 
idMoi bonds? 

4. Do ymi favOT dhwt popular 
dection of key aty offldali Uke 
1%% kuteuac ami memben of 
the Phuidng Ccniminlon? 

5. Wldi te goal of more and 
better lervloe per doUar of 
taxM, wmdd yott favor hindng 
over to tree eutMrpriiea and low 
biddm, wlwre iamble. City 
aetlvlUes smh as garbage 
oelai^on veA strwt mkaay? 

Ihe Vtleadi of Itek'i ttdrd 
and final redtal hi a miea of 
worts by Baedioven for |Mano 
and vidto, origbiany Mheihded 
for tUs Sunday aftamoon, hai 
been pos^pcned (hia to ttie 
lUnen ^ one of die artiM. 

The recital has been 
reichedided for ^vQ S at 8 p.m. 
at Flaxa Jmlor High Schbd. 
TlcfceU for March 18 wiU. of 
coune, be honcnwl on the new 

8. In Mndderatton of Uw 
dtonw' ri^ to know how 
puUk budaen ii tqwrated, 
wouM you favor mahitdUbig— 
and have open for puMIc hi- 
ipectlon— properly authen- 
tteated raeonte of woric done by 

aiy m^loftm and e<pdpmait, 
ihowiag plarai, datM and 

7. Ai Uw aty ii divided into 
boroughi ai one of the key 
fact(»v hi Uw refmientetton on 

(C(mHittud tmpaaJl) 

PollcB UpdatBKey ^ 
RBCords System 

The Vlrghda Beadi PoUce 
Diviiim hai Imp^ffitad Uw 
uM of pcNftable txpt re^rdiri 
in carryiqi out hweitiptioni hi 
the fidd. jn a continuing 
iq^ading or be Dlvidon's 

The equipment wiU oialde 
police offlcm to record hi- 
formatim in Uw fidd, dqwdt 
the tape cartridge at his 
operational office for tran- 
sortt^ into written form, and 
return to ttie fidd. This 
proMdure wtU redwie Uw time 
offic«rs woiid be reqdred to 
spend in Uidr offices writing 
rqwrts, or dlctatii^ Uw in- 
formation, and permit Uwm to 
de^oto more of their thne to law 
enfbrcmhent and hiveitlgation. 

A total of S7 of Uw portable 
reoHrdera have been dAahied 
for toe in Uw field, j&m 11 deik- 
type tranicrlhing unite for 
<^ce uie. The reci»den are 
smalU compact * battery 

opwated udtt mnmx ^ih x 
4>4 Inches In tistTlMy uie a 
double tredt tape-cartri(%e in 
record^ informatimi. IhMe 
cartridgM are |rtac«l into the 
office unite ttxe tranaaWng the 
material into written recprd 

Uw equipment repreicnti an 
InvMtmait of apiMroximatdy 
111,000. Of this sum ^,500 was 
b^iw at ttie local levd wiUi Uw 
rfmainder covered by a fedoral 
grant mdec Uie Coundl tm 
Criminal Justice. 

t(*has been projected the cost 
of the equipment will be 
^stified Uirough incr^sed use 
d the Pdice Divisim's man- 
power. It is estimated that prior 
to aoiidrii^ tMs equipment an 
offieo- devoted 1>3 to 2 houn 
dally to dorical tesks invdved 
in record keei^ng. The equip- 
ment win p«mit him to devote 
Uiini much mwe time to his 
primary function of law 


Wroton Seeks 
Resort Seat 

Wilson Enters Race 
For Council S«afs 

Floyd P. WliMn, Jr., Tuesday 
announced his candidacy for an 
at-large member of City Council 
in Uw forthoomhig election. 

In maktog his announc«nent 
Wilson said, "I have observed 
die growth and growing pains d 
Virginia's most popular resort 
city. I would like to intnride a 
responsive ear and an a active 
vdce for not only Uw ymiUi d 
Vii^inia Beadi, but for aU 

OuUlnh^ his goals as a City 
Couhcibnan Wilson says he 
would " to obtein aU 
available state and federal 
funds to rqplaiish the sand on 
the beach front, to clear and 
maintain Rudee Inld, and to 
expend our highway, water and 
sewerage netwwks." 

Wilson dso has d^nite id«is 
concerning die disputed Back 
Bay Natinul Wildlife Refu^ 
beach. He says he feds Uiis 
"...beach ^ould not be dewed, 
but ite use dwuM be restricted. 
If elected I hitend to sedc and 
propose a plan wherdiy Uw 
ecology of the b^di wouM be 
ix-eserved. but Uw um would 
alM be pmaRted." 

DiscuMlng Viiihiia Beadi's 
future Wilson said, "If dected I 
plan to work toward a planned, 
balancedjrowUi d Uw city by 
a Mader Zodng Plan whidi 
would not create any burdow on 
our dtiMM by exorbitent real 
eitete texei. I would like to lee 
these taxes better balanced 
between property ownen as 
well as property renters and 
apartment dwdl««." 

On the issue of Uie rapidly 
growing pdilic schod system 
Wilson said. "I would iiqiport 
and wort to im tint more and 
better facilities are procured to 
ke^ iq> with Uw rate d ex- 
pansion dUils city." 

Wilspn, 25, is a native and Ufe- 
long reddent d Virginia Beads, 
and is owner operator of 
Wilson's Wayside Market on 
Vii^inia Beadi Boulevard 

He reddes wiUi his wife, the 
fnmwr Lyn Williams of this 
city, and ttidr son on Atlantic 
Av«iue in Uw BMich Borough. 

Ben W. Wroton, 64, rdUvd 
realtor and hmgtfane Vhrgbite 
Beach dvic leader, has an- 
nounced Ui candidacy for the 
Beach Borough seat on, City 

^Nntm, iriio win cwa^ide 
widi bKiunbMtt Rdmt CaUs as 
Uie reiort borough's 
represeatathre, is a native of old 
Princess Anne County and 
resldw at «12 Srd »red. He 
and Ml «^ Aagte have tm 
diUdren, Jack W. Wrotoa, a 
fflaitXlwitiloftlMr sii^MWd at 
Peti^teMi, Ittt^., nd Mn. 
l^X. Hwmv, a tMcbfer Ui 
the HMl Mho9l i^f^m. 

Wf#NihM given many yevi 
d sendee to the dty, iadudhig 
chabiog Uw Plumim Cfoa- 
miukn Cnan 1988 to 1970 and 
lerviag tenm on the Piandng 
Comniiiion. Hawaschtef of the 
dty'i dialler wit for two 
yean, a dwrtn- member of the 
Gdden Strand of Virginia 
Beadi, dwrtn member wid 
put predddit d dw PrincSu 
Anne Uoni Oub, pre^leot d 
Norfolk Diihriet MethodtetMeo, 
and m«nbw (rf the Vhibtia 
Beach Rotery Club and Lod|^ 

A fomwr Coait Guardiman, 
whoie area d command at one 
ihne ennmpaiied Uw wttre 
PrinceH Amw Coiaity and city 
d Vhfida Beadi. Wroton has 
recdved many awards and 
dtationa for iwvlee to his 
country as well ai his aaa- 
munity, including PrasUential 
atetion, Navd C^mmdation, 
Udt ateUooand Good Conduct. 
In 1964 he was Blan d Uw Year 
uid is a Ufe Ifember d the 
Nationd MeUwdbt Men. 

He woriKadin real Mtete uirtil 
Ms semi-retirement in 1970. He 
is currency engaged in land 
i^reisiiv on a partial and 
sdiMthre hasii. 

hi amwunek^ Ms camMdacy, 
Wrdui nude the fdlowh^ 

"As a Ifli^ time rwUent d 
^rghiia BMch I have bectmw 
increasbigly aware d the many 
proMems coMrontiag our dty. 
After considersble soul- 
searddag I am anvhwed ttwt 
my knowtedge d tMs dty and 
my experiwMi to many arws 
d its nffiomudty life provMe 

me wlUi a good background for 
meaningful service as a 
member d its City Council. For 
dwse reasons I have dedded to 
seek dection to Uiatbody at the 
resUcnt councilman fcKr the 
N^inU Beadi borough. 

"Lookbig ahead to the future 
wMch our city facei I reahxe 
fUUy tte trwnendooa reapcm- 
sibiUtlM wMeh I wiU have to 
shouMer vrtdi ottwr m«nb«n d 
CouiwU, I am coitfident that Uw 
CoumA iMrtclng eo^^wa^dy 
idlh dw Admtstetretive Steff 
i^lttpparted by te twlp d the 

Inderdilp and a smse of 
dhec^n tiiat wiU Mp Ois city 
MMeve ite potential. 

"Zhning Uw course d Uw 
can^pa^n Uiat wiU follow, I «dU 
ky to addrnw myself to all d 
dw taniei, dealing nd with 
penoiwlities, but hi podtive 
sehitions. The growth, or moi« 
accurately Uw rate of growth, d 
out dty conthiies to ^ rentnl 
isme hi this city and the one 
aromd «Mch almcwt aU d the 
odwf inues resdve. I teve 
spent considerable time witti 
our dtizeni exph»1ng thii isiw 
and intoid to contimie doing lo 
for smne time to come. As Uiis 
cam pmii^ nr t^^ssei I will 
atteh^Hwi^, if not solution, 
at least worfcaMe alternatives. 
Witti thU approach I hope Uiat 
by etectioa day I wffl htm 
earned Uw ligM to be dected to 
your City Gouat^." 

0.W. mUllNI 

Alumyn immd, aetdom mOmfied, nei^ aahMmed! 




EttablishMi 192S 




A^Mwd iMb Thunday kf ttt Bttab ft/mUof Cbipontlon, 3J08 PtM; Avmnw, 
Vfefinia Bsaefa, Viffiiii 1345]. fm OOm Boa 657. SMOod daai postefs pdd tt 

imm^wtnm^ w^m^ A VQl UNTAB V M YldWT 0H« fill MOHTO » 






Dim Is PoMM n««iiMlei«:-AN iMH MMcrlMtMt* MMt M oM )R A«wM«a. 

A Dav Ailtteatioa Dadao^edl to S«nw« th$ ?9opi$ of th« 
C»yo/ — — 



F.J. Wttiea. ir. 





LJsh Crusade 



Mirt afP«eMln #1bt IIM nM^ttin ¥ii1ail #iiBMi*i ctaM Inl^ttfiirif ^w 
Attantle mmA HygtcM OUIe. to Ike eltidc p«nMB«l. Ib the pii<^, Dr. WUlitnif , 
dirKlWi h pteated wtOutlie liM ckeck tkat Mn. Leoi Johwiii and Mra. Spencer Ult 
ar«l||^ng Mm. Hie mimey was nbed by the Bhr^taeek Point Garden Oub and wlU be 
mci a»« Hart's Pre^t, for laiidiea^g ef the cltak grwuds. To date, the women 

Dr. J.D. Hmm. plychbitriit at the Attantic Mental Hygfone CUnlc, p<dnts oat the 
eUircn^ iriay e^nij^mt to Mrs. €.J. MUo' and Mri. 8.B. Everett of the Ocean Park 
Wwiaa'i anb. The ^dpment wai damaged by vaadali recently, and the 1200 check 
whteh the club i« dMatiag to tte cUnlc will go toward the pnrchaie of the children's new 
gyp «l|. The women ratoed tiie money through a Charity Baiaar la which all the 
arll^'sdld were made by club members. It to part of the club's "Community Im- 
p royw i Mn t", when money to made available to varloos wnrthy caiues. 

'BijAeiflies' In Norfolk 

"Butterflies Are fYw," the 

t>»Nr^i«£ Broadway hit 

! camt^mrrUm Jan Stwriing, 

will open at the Carter Theatre, 

ikKk&, Itiday kr a three 

parAKmaaee ran. 

nils production of "But- 
^Ijffttes an Free" Is on a 
isaam-lMV crosa-oountay teur, 
a« second it has made in as 
many seasons. Tiw current 
Bro»AwsLy version, at Uie Bootti 
Theatre in New York, is now In 
Ml ttird year of a record run. 

Ihrodua^ fcH- tour by Tom 
Italfoii^ Km Shaw, and Arthur 
Whitlow, who originally 
prodi^d the comedy on 
Broadmy, this tow production 
KM f^bve many of the ori^al 
talents rnponslble fw the 
play's iritfal succms in New 

Antique Show 
At Pembroke 

Pemhn^ Mall in Vlrgnia 
Beach wiU host Its tUrd annual 
Ahtk]iM Slow and Sale Mardi 
9, 10, and U. 
I Dttitn from se^raral stato 
wffl be farlngii^ a variety <d 
^antiqpMB, bom . Poinsylvanla 
OuU^ ptae ftanriture and New 
fo^tond iHimltli^s to the most 
risgant In tlmifma ftimittffe 
and Oriental ac cesso ries. 

fhe Pink Domain of 
Galo^dlle, Maryland, new to 
the ii»w this spring, will be 
toam|nr antfaiuM ejected in 
SeoHM mi dealer's smam 
nddtmx, with snphasis on ttie 
attwial in nlv«-, glass, ami 
dsooradve (Ejects. 

Aiao new to £te ««a, Van 
C^rtlandt Antiques of 
%^^iM. Virginia. wiU be 
Aea^ early AoMitean Aff- 
rittve, with si»ie unumadly fine 
V^gii^ ^eces in curly ma|rie. 

or ipedal interest u% tm 
eariy bai^ clocks made by 
SttMM wnard and Howard (tf 
MassMihuaetts, to be exhibited 
by Nwaddle's Antiques of 
aiver Sft^, Ibfi^nd. Hus 
dta^^y win ^Eter eariy guns, 

A HialcMi^ service of Vic- 
toria pa^nv of alvo- wiU be 
proved by Ndwyn's Antkpies 
«f Mcl^n, Virginia. This 
d^«-riMws the torgeM sdid 
0iHf kwU^ o^ kMwn in die 

^nys.,,fiplar in antique 
eveirti ariAOevetoy eddhits. 
Ihe Peoilinlii show to wop- 
llytag ^ kMnst with three 
dstfeti who have devoted ^ars 
toteftodr andoeOeed^Qf 
mMtfrnfmr^i li^a mu^m 
rf If Bp wll, The tbMer Door 
«r Itejtaid, and Owvford't 

llMfHMiMerthe Aew to ^ 
^^^lys tf l^^tt. Ac- 

"W» ptuBitow to be 
unr jm. 

wwa ay w hat !' 

York. MaUow, head of the 
American fheab« Productions, 
made hto debut as a theatrical 
|HroAi(^r last Mason with two 
musteal hiU, "Geoige M," and 

"Butterflies are Free" draws 
" ito iM^atton from the rea\-Ufe 
stor^ of Htfrold Krenti, 4 
Hvvard Law School ipvduato, 
blind since the age of S, 
who wagsd a remarluibto and 
successful struggle for in- 
dependence from the soUcihide 
and well-intonded meddUng €t 
family and friends, to lead a 
normal life in tlie fr«ttied, 
confusing world of sighted 

Maywrii^t Leonard Gersbe 
coitf^nes that the idea for 
"ButtofUes are Free' came to 
,hbn one morning v^wi he was 
Ust^ng to a radio interview 
widi Krento who had recently 
been drafted and ctossified 1- 
A! ! ! The bUnd student, instead 
of lasidng out at die miUtery 
estoblisfament for having madie 
such a mistake, dtofdayed a 
rMfiarkabto seme of humor 
about the whoto matter, in- 
formtog ids draft board that he 
would be honoed and deligltted 
to serve his country in ai^ way 
he could, and wouM be pofectfy 
willing to go to war on one 
condition — that he be made a 

The giri in the pli^, who, after 
a hasfy, short-Uved marriage, 
has a dread of any Mrt of 
permanent relationship and 
cannot brtog h»u^ to face the 
responsibilities of love and 
marriage, was inspired by 
Ckfshe^ firimd. actren Ilia 
Farniw. Miss Farrow hHiseif 
had undergone similar fedings 
and mibMqumt divorce turn 
Ftank Saatra. 
TIcketo for "ButterfUes are 
Free" can be purchased at the 
CentMT Theatre box office, Ith 
and Granby Sbreeto, from it 
a.m. to 6 p.m. and m per- 
formance days through 
dwwthne. The Satontoy tf> 
tHnoM matioM wHl b^ba at 
2:30, with evming per- 
fmtnanc^a b^aaing at 8:M 

Opens On 23rd In Scope 

A vast array of produds, 
serves, dwiOMtrattans and 
edttcatleaal seniMin eon- 
ns^id wUh the bouah^ In- 
telry are stoted f or die U73 
MU-AtUntk: Hone Stow Man^ 
S34e in dw Norfolk Scope 
BrtilMdoB Hal. 

The event, ^eoMTMl by tim 
ndewater JMetiaUm of Hobm 
taflders, hM ^bfa^ed anre 
ttaa 10 toeal ra^enal and . 
atiBwl eenvadas to «MM 
the latest products and 
tecAi^pSB f or tti hHM. 

IteohMto wU be «p« to 
tte ^1^ MarA U from 4-10 
pja. and Mutk mm from MO 
p.m. Mtata^B to I1.M fM- 
ad^i^^w mm ier atodsato 
^m Ld. Md dMrao wder U 
i^^pai^l by adilt free 


The Navy D^>artment has 
notified die Virginia Birach 
School System that it has ap- 
proved activation of Naval 
Junior Reserve Officers' 

^1g^ W)d KOmpsviU^ High 

T^isarB tte Siortci^. ' 

In a letter to School 
SuperintoKlent^^.E. Brickell. 
Navy Secretary John H. 
Chaffee said, "I look forward to 
a lot^ and productive period ot 
cooperation with your fine 
scho(dls in tite education and 
training of fUtore adults who, by 
our Jofatt endeavora, will be 
better prq>ared to carry out 
their civilian and military 
ligations as respimsible nad 
d ep e n da M e citizaM." 

Addittonal informaticui on the 
(rffidal actlvatton of the two 
new high schoid level NJROTC 
imits is expected from the Navy 
Department in the next few 

With the activatt(« of the 
imits at Cox and Kempsville, all 
six Virginia Beach high schools 
will oOnt Naval Junior Raoerve 


Evaiqieltot Cecil Stewart, of 
Belfast, North Iretond, wiD 
bring "Brighter Life Crusades" 
to Coloni J Stores Headqua^ 
ters, Virginto Bndi Blvd., on 
March 19-24 at 7:30 p.m. eadi 

Thto is a return for the 
crusade which was well 
received last year. Thore will be 
q[)ecial music at Mch service, 
/dl.are welcome. 

Mayor Sakite M 

Mayor Donald H. Rhodes has 
urged Virginia Beach residents 
to join in observing the month of 
Mareh as "YouUi Art Montti". 

In proclaiming the 
celebration Mayor Rhodes 
stated "...ttffough meaningful 
art activities, ddldroi develop 
Initiative, self-expression, 
ereadve ability, self-evaluation, 
dtocipline aiul a heightened 
ai^rectotion at beauty". 

Pointing to the importance of 
art in education and in 
recreation Rhodes urged 
citizens to "...continue to 
suppwt the prwnotim of ac- 
tivities in the schools to 
stimulate children toward 
ereadve expression in art" 

To Perform 

The DartmouUi Glee Club, 
one of the natimi's finest male 
choruses, will perform at Lake 
Taylor Ugh School at 8PM on 
Monday March 27Ui. TICKETS 
ARE $3 AND $2 FOR 

VIRGINLV 23705. 

The DartmouUi Glee Club haa 
performed for hundreds of 
thousands of peopk since it waa 
founded over a century ago. 
Recent appearances sine* 
ProfMsor Paid ZeDer assumed 
die baton in IMS have included 
Radio aty Music HaU Jthe Ed 
Sullivan aow, The Peny Corao 
Show and the Movie, 
"Cinerama Holiday." The Gtoa 
Club traditionally includes hi 
ttieir concerts a contmnpcHarjr 
woit especially commissioned 
for the Glee Club plus a musitti 
variety tttat ranges from Bach 
to Bachrach to BeaBes. lHa 
smaU, close-harmony ensemlda 
within die Glee Club, dM 
"Aires" add an extra dimensios 
to die program widi thsfar 
ttimated sfyle and unusual 

Hie Dartmoutti Alumni dub 
of Tidewater will be sponsoring 
die conco-t, and will use dw 
proceetto to set ii|> a scholanh^ 

David Wright. 14. son of Mrs. Joan B. Wright, of Vtogfaila 
Beach has been awarded a School of American Ballet 
Scholarship. The S.A.B. to a New York based school and 
to the ofrictol school of the New York City BaUet Com- 
pany. David has been a soloist witti the Norfolk Civic 
Baltet for the past three years and has Just Rntohed a 
guest artist appearance with tiie Peninsula Ovlc Ballet 
Company. David has studied for four years at the 
Academy «f the Norfolk Ballet. 

Auxiliary Police Install Qffioers 

The Viridnto Beach AuxiUary 
Police hdd their Annual Dinner 
Dance at the Breezy Point 
Officers' Club. Lieutenant M.E. 
Beam, die newly appointed 
C(»nmanding Officer of the 
Aujdliary Police, installed the 
first elected body; Emnt C. 
Hyers. President; R.A. 
McLaughlin, Vice-President; 
Joseph G. Nowlan, Secretory; 
and Joel C. Ctork, Treasurer. 

The hif^ight oi die evening 
was Ae presentotion of three 
awards to the recendy retired 
Chief of die AuxiUary, William 
T. McFarlaad. llie awards 

were presented by Colmiel W.W. 
Davis, Chief of the Virginia 
Beach Police Department. The 
awards were a plaque for 
"Outetanding Service to the 
aty", an "Honor Plaque for 
Our Retired ChieT', and a four- 
foot scroll of Friends and Well 

Honra-ed guests were Mayor 
and, Mrs. Donald Rhodes, 
Colonel and Mrs. W.W. Davis. 
Captain and Mrs. Sonny Payne, 
and recently retired members 
(rf the Auxiliary Police, Ralph 
L. Calhoun, Hubert Cooper, 
L.a Chick. 


first ptoyer from KeDam 
H^h Itehool ever to win a 
paaltton In the AU^tote 
Band. Jerry, a chrlMltot, 
won to chslr durtag a 
recent audition In Lyn- 
cMwg and wlU ptoy In ttie 
State Band concert In 
Ne w por t News la April. 

Career Nig^t 
FcM- Youlfa 

Westwood Hill Bapttot 
Cliurch, Providence and 
Woodstodi Roads in K^npsviJIo 
khaving a C^reor Night for die 
Youdi of die Onoch on Mart^ 
11 at «:ao p.m. 

A buff et wiQ be served and the 
program, "ChrtoUans in 
Careors" wiO b^in at 7:30 p.m. 
Rev. B.G. Campbell, Jr.. 
pastor, will moderate die 

Resource materiato «dll be «i 
dsfday and die foUowii^ to- 
formatton wiU be avaitobto: 
Collie catal(^s, Technical 
Schodl catalogs. Christian 
Scbod (atotogi. and Vocadooal 

IN PENSIVE MOOD b^hre Ihey madetod reeentty la dM 
KInpton Bementary Scho^ fashion show, are Klmberly 
MiUering and Amirw HugglM. I^poasored by tte PTA, 
toshtoN were by Sears, Roeback and Co. 


Aquarian Age 
Yoga Center 

Courses Now Forming 
Phone: 499-1829 

5172 Vkginia Beach BM. 

Mathias Manages - 
Richmond Coliseum 

Grady J. (Jim) Mattiias has 
offictolly been appointed 
Manager of the Richmond 
OAseian by Larry Itiomas, 
Director of Community 
Facilities, thus becoming the 
youngest major coliseum 
manager in the country. 

"Mr. Matiiias has done an 
outotondbig job since coming to 
Richmond last August and is 
mwe dian oipable of handling 
die (^lotidons of die coliseum," 
Thomas explained shortly 
after die app(rintment. 

"Due to the ejqianded work 
load of taking over Paricer 
Field, City Stadium, die Arena, 
as well as the Coliseiun and 
Mosque, I will be concaitradng 
my attentions on all five, rather 
than the day-to-day operation of 
die Coliseum," Thomas con- 
tinued in explaining die move. 

Bilathias, who came to Rich- 
mooA. trom Virginia Beach, 
doesn't expect the appotaitment 
to change his daily routine, 
which usually storts at aboid 10 
a.m. and runs around 1 a.m.. 
seven days a week. 


The Old Dominion Com- 
munity Ballet will present 
"Stoepii« Beauty" at the Old 
Dominion University 
' Technology Theatiw March 24- 
26. >* 

Thto fairytole ballet, in a 
prologue and three acts, to 
adapted from the original 
Russian production complete 
widi a cast of over 80 dsunces. 
Among the Community Ballet 
dancers are several male 
monbers including performen 
from the Old Dominion 
University gymnastic and 
wresding squad. 

The music is by Tchaicowsky 
and die (nchestra wfll be under 
die direction of John Mc- 

"Seq^ Beauty" has be«i 
produced by Richard and 
Cristina Munro, who are ardsts- 
in-r<toidence*%with the Com- 
munity BUlet, and who will also 
dance the leadtog rdes to some 
of die poformances. 

The Munros, bodi (rf England, 
have had a wide range of 
professional experience as 
professional dancers and 
teachers; having danced all 
over the wcn^d with serveral oS 
die major ballet companies 
Including die London Festival 
Ballet, Dutch Natiraal Ballet, 
Sadler Wells Opera Ballet, and 
recently The American Ballet 

With the arrival of the 
Munros, the Old Dominion 
Community Ballet became a 
more acknowledged sctoiol. But 
the Community Ballet came 
faito existence in 1967 under the 
supervision of die Divtoion of 
Continuing Education. At 
present there are ISO students in 
the school ranging to age from 
•even to diirty years old. 
Classes are held from befdnnen 
to advanced leveto widi new 
■todents welcome at any time. 

Among those studoits widi 
majm- parts in "Sleeping 
Beauty" are: John lifedlin, 
Robert Weaver, Stephanie 
McGuire, Gail CcAins, Mardia 
Grfives and Jamie Jarret 
aO resktonto of Vh^into Beach. 

^Then will be evming per- 
fiH'mances on Friday an,d 
Saturday at 8 o'clock wldi 
matinees on Saturday at 1 and 
Sunday at 2. 

lids pace to really nottdt^ 
new to Madiias. "I have beoi 
workii^ those long houra for tiw 
tot ten yean at Ibe Dome id 
die Beach." Maddas started hto 
•drive to a major building 
f%anageraMp by woridng to Uw 
cdncession stand at die Dome. 

From diere, he went to seDtog 
tickets, to Dtoector d die Dome, 
widi intermedtote jobs to the 
box office, as building 
superintendeant and asstotont 
(firector. "Wife the exportonce 
fea t Jim has from die ground 
up in thto business, we could not 
have found a m<ne qualified 
pereon," Tliomas commended. 

Born to Norfolk on May 13, 
1M7, Madiias was graduated 
from Virginia Beach High 
School to 1966, but not befcwe 
being named "Outstanding 
High School Senior of 
America." He is the only 
Virgtoian to ever receive tMs 

After high school, Mafetos 
attended Old Dominion 
University on an acadonk 
schotorship, which he <4)toined 
as a result of finishing Udrd in 
his ctoss. Maddas hokb a 
degree in Business Ad- 
ministration and Business 
Management from Old 
D^mtoion University. 

"Spare time is scHnething I 
see very litde of, but when I do 1 
like to spend it traveUng^" 
MaiMas said. 

VB Arts Center 
l^w March 10 

The Virginia Beach Arts 
Center will present ito anmial 
members' show March 10-12 at 
fee Civic Center. Uw show will 
include sevoral hundred objecto 
produced by local artist 
members to die cat^ories of 
oito and acr^cs, wateroolor, 
mixed media, graphics, 
sculpture and ceramics. 

A.B. Jaduon, artist, and Old 
D<»ninion Univertity faculty 
memb«', will be guest arttot 
md juc^e for die show. He J^ 
also eidiibit a sdectimi^of 
personal patotings, drawtags 
and grai^tc work. He will select 
award winners in each 

A reckon, wife a lecture 1^ 
Jacksod for Arts Canter 
Members will be lidd Blardi 10 
at 8 p.m. 

Hie Members' Show to opvn to 
all arttoto vAm are preaantty 
members or who subscribe 
membor^p during die Aov 
assembly period Ittodi 9 firom 

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. A represen- 
tative will be avaitobto to ac- 
cept manbarditos as works are 
delivered. Each arttot to lindted 
to two entries. 

The diow is open to fee pufaito 
wifeout diarge, from 10 a.m. to 
8 p.m. Friday; 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
Saturday; 10 a.m. to S p.m. 
Sunday. Show propams are 
availi^le for a smaU fee. Most 
of die woriu will be for pur- 

Westwood Hill Bapttot 
Church, Providence 4)nd 
Woodstock Roads to Kemp#te 
to having a Careo- Night fo| the 
Youfe of fee Oiurdi on Mph± 

11 at 6:30 p.m. Ci 
A buff et will be served anwhe 

program, "ChrtoUans • in 
Care««" will b^to at 7:80f .m. 
Rev. B.G. CampbeU, Jr., 
pastor, will mioderate the 

Resmirce materiato will be CO 
^toy and die foUowtog to- 
f<rmatton will be availafate: 
College catalogs, Techaical 
School catalogs, Chriktian 
School catalop, and Vocattonal 


Pottery Factory 

WE win SACRtnCE 



OPEN FROM 8 10 6:30 








THUR$DA Y.MARCH 9, 1972 




From Dungeon To Palace In One 'Easy' Move 


There were no sentimental tears over vacating tlie dungeon") the sun staff has been operating in for tlie 
temporary lieadquarters (apprt^riateiy called "tbe past few mrniths. 



Les Lehigh' 


Despite the chaM gfrfag m aroond them, Brvnda Weiu (Mt) and DelM« Dmtar k^ 
the Gassifled Department in iHisinesi. 

Receptionist and ^^ Friday" Sue W^rtburg ^•ied to 
Iceep her cool ai ihe warned. "Don't yon dare tak« 
anything off my deilt — I've got to get the mall out." It 
was the last batch <tf mall h'om 3108 Pacific Avenue. 



rir ^ — . 

^.The print dryer frbm the old darkroom finds Iti way to 
shiny new surroun^gs. 


The New Home Of 

The Vir^m Beach Sun, 

"I'm not excited. . .1 always 
once," quipped Advertising's 

smoke two elgirettM at 
Otga Edwards as Clr* 

culation Manager Tin Meaanakui triad to etrry 
conversation over the din. 

m ■ 

Beach Recoitlings Go Na&NMIKde 

If Mayor Donald RhodM lo<As surged It's with good rMsen. He wW fai klormal 
session (tf City Council when someone^ramtaided him that he had a ^iwlamatlon to 
malie so he excused himself irom the city's business and made a dash to his (tfflce. 
There Mrs. Bernard Batleman awaited his signature m the ofncial document 
designating March as Red CrMs Month. Ihey also tools a minute out ol their busy 
schedule to unfurl the familiar red cross flag as a reminder to all that March would be a 
good month to boost tiie Red Crisi Blood Propam with a pint of life-saving blood. 
(Photo by Les UUgh) 

Form Chb 

Tfiis week marked the for- 
mation of a new Toastmsters 
Club in the Virginia Beach area. 
Those interested are invUed to 
attoid a demonstraticm meeting 
<rf the groiq} ^xt Tuesday, 
March 14, at 5 p.m. in the 
amference room of building No. 
1, Koger Ex«:utive C^to- (ki 
Newton RMd at Intestate 
Road. ^ *. 

For further information 
c<ntact Pat Patrick 4%-44S. 

Chuck Taylor, Prwklent of 
Eleventh Hoiff Records, an- 
nounced today that the Virginia 
Beach bas^ record company 
has completed distribution 
arrangements with outlets 
coast-to-coast. This^ in essence, 
means that Eleventh Hour 
Recortfe is the first Virginia 
based record manufacturer to 
achieve nation-wide marketti^. 

Taylor said that Eteveith 
Hour Reconto and its sub- 
aiOaries, Mason Management 
and E.G.T. Music PublisUng 
CwapaiQ', has opMwd a new 

lUvisloa called TMA. TMA U a 
compai^ which will handle 
local, regimai and natlm-wide 
b(Mricii« cm a rratricted basb 
and win provhie imrvicM to the 
industry in the fields of 
prom<rtion, managmnent, in- 
dependmt reconi ^oductlM, 
OJver dnign, label art, video 
tape am^ciiMmatc^aphy. The 
C<m){Mny, with home office at 
2947 Virginia Beach Blvd., 
\ftrgiiria Beach, to curroatly; 
eq»rfMK^ iMSvy sates ai^ 
piM^r tram om of its groups, 

Catslda Joint 
Kynit RMhy 

Thomas C. Kyrus It 
Associates Realty, Inc. an- 
nounces the association of 
David L. Casskk witi) the firm. 
Mr. Casskla is a native of the 
former County of Princess Anm 
and attmded public schools in 
Princess Anne County, the 
CoUege of WiUiam and Mary, 
^^inia Wesleyan College and 
i^vahced real estate training 
tlurou^ the American Institute 
of Real Estate Appraisers and 
Society of Real Estate Ap- 

Cassida served tiie County of 
Princess Anne and City of 
Virginia Beach as Assistant 
Director of Planning frcnn 1959 
to 1995 and as CSty Real Estate 
Agent from 1966 to January 
lfl?2. He holito membersMp in 
The Amwican Ri^t of Way 
Assodatira, American Society 
of Planning Offleiato and is an 
Associate in tbe Society of Real 
Estate A{^raisarSi 

Casskla will specialise in 
commercial sales and leasing (rf 
industrial real esUte. He will 
ai^ advise on IsmI (tevelq;>- 
mspt and on i»-operty eoa- 

Crouch Seeking 
National Office 

K. James Crouch, Executive 
Vice Prasklmt, Peoples Bank of 
^^]Vinia Beach, will serve as 
campaign manager for 
Franklin B. Austin, Assistant 
Vice President, Virginia 
National Bank, who has been 
nominated 1^ the Tidewater 
Chapter, Amorican Institute of 
Banking, ss a candidate for tbe 
office of national vice presklent 
of the Institute. 

Austin flrst Joined the local 
group in 19M. He has heki every 
dective of^e ia the chapter 
and has chah«d a number oif its 
committees. He has suc- 
cessfully completed courses of 
sto(^ tpomand by the AIB and 
hoKds the Institute's highest 
certificate, A graduate Cer- 
tificate in Commercial 

On the national level, he has 
served as a membM* of the 
Forum and Seminar Com- 
mittee, ss Associate Coun- 
cflman for Eastom Virginia, 
and for ihe past dvee years as 
Executive CkNncihnsn. District 
IV, which owompassa Nortt 
Carolina, SouUi Carolina, 
\^inia, Maryland, DdUkwan, 
the Dtotrict of Columbia, and 
muefieU, West Virginia. 


For C 


Rc^gidar Pass Hfiok Sa^'ings 


Divideiids oompounded quaileriy 




8 TIL 11 AM. 

cmciE T" 


WiAdrawak uidiout Notice 
Deposii by ffte lOlh earn from IM 

Insured again^ has to ^20jdOO 



& Loan Aaaodaikm 

Hione 42a«31 

»- ♦ 

I m m va«^iP^^^^n^^B^pB^^^pmp^p^p^>-R 







Comedy Of Errors 

Jade Sfreef Faces Closure 

BiOm loM ii uadoubtodly the 
:^tt^e«Md3tflfarrora any ct^ ever 
Hi^ Im^^ aromd tti neck. It hu 

Me b^one remaiiis: Why, above all, 
Mim OHjr Jl AOriUt BeMh and the 
WmHom OrwmBwfcm dlow a pricelew 

teen • flM» from Oie very be^mrii^ a itr^ch of beach to reach the daagMtnis 
and ttie eii on ttsis dty's face hat deficteoey It now niCfen? 

ma^ piled de^^a* with each putfng 

But tUa cMie^ ii no kjogo* a 
laughiag matter. Virgtaia Beach is 

Steps are b^ig takee BOW, of course, 
to-tepefti^^-ci»rei^ the situatioii 
before the tourist seaaon gets un- 
dnivay. It's a last minite crash 
tedi^ a ftiaiKdal oriib beeause<«l a profn^t m to q^, eyen though that 
(BminiMag strand of bea<A and Rudee ^^'^ ^^ been washbig airay for 
Metistoi^mie.Orsotteexpvtviiyr AMBdis, for years. 

Ami it's about time the experts were 

I^fottring must stand Id the way now ol 
•etttng sand back on that beaGh...a 
T^ Armg Ckaps (tf E^igineers ap- 0(»iwiercial dredge, sawl trucked 
pear to be^ oi^ hope of finding a inm matter what it 
^lution tMe Rudbe Inlet daonma. takes. And aU pttfy di^erences should 
YA, for five years tti^ hKve hem be put aside utitU this is accomplished, 
^ored on the premise that fedoal Vliibila Beach ctanot afford the 
funding vm not available for such subtest decrease in its (mirism in- 
projects as Ihe dredgng of the tadet. dustry. The city's entire economy is 
Now, it sesfs, ttM Oorps can, indeed, buUt around It. And nothing wiU 
bear half ^ cost (tf dredging the sand damage this revenue any quicker than 

trap the first time to its denned depth • daoMfad^ M^tBd,Utth. 
(tf eighteen fe^. 

During the City Council 
meeting held on April ai, 19?1, a 
petition fw the closure of Jade 
Street in the Lynnhaven Siwvs 
area wai voted and acted upon. 
AU the ViewMEi and the City 
Attorney recommendsl that the 
street n^ be cloied. With this 
rei^mmendatlon and after 
llstNiing to the testimony of the 
Of^iHoR, all the Couneilmen 
voted not to doee Jack Street, 
and a deidal was rendered. 

Once again the CtHincilmen 
are factai a petition for the 
chmre of Jade Street. Oidy this 
time the petition is aritlng for a 
greatw Iw^th <a that street to 
be cloMd ttun it asked for on 
April as, 1971. 

Jade Sbvet (formerly Jordan 
Street) is [riatted as a street on 
the plat of Lynnhanven Shores, 
made by P.F. Mueller, C.E., in 
IMS, and recorded in the Cleric's 
Office of the Circuit Court of thi 
City of Virginia Beach (for- 
mwly Princess Anne Ccwnty ) in 
Map Book 7, page 167. Jade 
Street (fMtnerly Jordan Street) 
is also platted as a street on the 
piat of Riparian Prqperdes 
Abutting such Lots as are In- 
dicated by the name of 
Ownership in Block 2 and 3 or 
Flat of 'Lynnhaven lores' 
fttuated in Lynnhaven District, 
nrincMs Anna County, Va.", 
duly recorded in the said 
Clerk's Office in Map Book 41, 
page 82. Both of these surveys 
show Jordan Street, which is 
now Jade Street, as extoiding 
north from Page Avenue to the 

I wish to quote you a 




^. ^ . ,, Hie handling of Rudee Inlet has been 

^J«fi«t^r JS 'Si'y^iill'!^!?' nott»to«liMaian shoddy, state Senator 

g^^^£*^*^^^.^n^ JoTcinada waslpdS Justified this 

rf^ee Wet: why waw't it known week when he wi5t« liiyor Donald 

Q^^nm mm that the Corps could Bhodes that "the city's record In 

legs Mown to trUMejHiUghtljr over ,p,ci}ic breject..." ReptfuUy the 

coiKerning the status of Jade 
Street, nortti (rf Page Avmue, I 
have checked with our Law 
Department and they have no 
record of Jade Street being 
closed or of any plans to close 
that street. I do not fwtsee the 
city closing that street as it 
provides important and 
valuable access to the beach in 
that area." 

I would like to bring to your 
attention that if the City Council 
of the City of Virginia Beach 
should elect to close Jade 
Street, there will be signs 
posted on the Lynnhaven beach 
stating "Pi-ivate Beach", 
"Keep Off", and "Trespassers 
will be prosecuted." How do we 
explain to our children and 
families that they will no longer 
be able to use this beach? 

I strongly recommend Uiat 
letters be sent to the Viewers 
and Councilman letting them 
know Just how we feel with 
regard to the dosing ol Jade < 
StrMt or tile closure of any 
street leading to our beaches. 

The Viewers were appointed 
during the Oty Council meeting 
held on February 28, 1972, and 
within approximately thirty 
days the Viewen are to report 
bade to tin aty Council, and 
then the City Council wiU hear 
all arguments for and against 
ihe closure, and the Coiincibnen 
wiU then vote if they wiU ckne 
the street or leave the street 
open. So your letters and 
presence at the City Council 
meeting can mean the 
prevention of the cloaii^ ol tills 
street. A telephone call to the 
City Cleric of tile aty of Virginia 
Beach will verify the time when 
tills Council meeting will be 

TIm tiiree Viewers, appointed 
are Mr. W.W. Flemii«, Jr., 
Director of Community Ser- 
rices, Mr. Qeorie L. Hanbury, 
n, AMtetant City Manager, and 
Mrs. Charles C. Carriagton, 
Director of Planning. 

Hoqltal. The nunM love the 
children. The food is out- 
standi^. You iriB be Mry 
l^teftil as I am to iMve a piMie 
ttiat wfll care fnr your cUId. 
Yours buty, 

Mrs. Donaki F. England 
Ara^Mtt ViBi^e 

Put Up 


To tiie editor: 

Tlwre is a book cafled '*<M 
Houses in Princess Anne 
VirginU", by Sadie Scott 
Keilam and V. Hope KdUm, 
printed Ui a limited private 
editioQ in 1931 by Printeraft 
Press Inc., Portsmouth. One 

Oo|ty te in the r^eresce room at 
Kempsville Lttwtiy. 

A new edition of this book wit^ 
a map iMuU be meet h^ful in 
gettfaig the citixeas (rf Vhrgtaiia 
Beach 4o realize whatsUn exkits 
of Itth century Princess Anne 

It to aad to see what has heeo 
lost in Just ttie last few yean. 
Putting historical mariiav oo 
h(rasM has been very he^iftil In 
pre^wnting ttffiir fortbor decay 
ami (teainictioa. Developers are 
hedtant about bulldoctaig iHiat 
is knomi to be a landmark more 
than Just some M (jterdict shdl 
of a house. 

J. B.M. Myers 
Wginia Beadi 

' j e eaww e ec i jsscagwwwtiiifw l^1^f l fffc^fgnw 



Eugene W. 


She 'Got To Them' 

«nergency ftmd he seeks from the 
state will be fortheondng. 

The dty, however, does not sta^ 
alone in taking the blame. Hio Eros] 

tl^t foUowed when one hundred and 

tUrty thousand cubic yards Is t6e 

require amount? Why have thousands 

(# dolUvs been spent for dredges 

iqfldequate to handle die job? Why 

diai»t die as»ionOommlssten submit ^ . . ^ 

t^e nece»ary forms for State ftuKttng Oonmisskm deserves its share 

on order to be in Governor I&ilton's <^iotts honor. 

cArat budget? Why dW the atysedt _ 

a f«port on tiie inlet from the Corps of ^^ ooly thing Rudee Inlet has 

Es^eers, then chose to dispose of the proved thus far Is what a total mass a 

city's property tiiere bef(nre the report P<^tlcal fbot4)aU can create when 

tiie Assistent City Manager <rf 
the City of Vhiiinia Beach, 
"In answer to your questim 


was comj^ted? 


-tliequestfons could go on and <m. fiut 

childish pride becomes more im- 
portant to a handfid of Uidlvldiials than 
m coopsfitkHi riecessaw to die 
sttc<»ss (tf an enttre project 

A Legend*s Tragic End 

'''1%e ^adi of a pid>lic f^ure is worth. As Norfolk's mayor, un- 

sb^nehow a personal ttiiu striking at doub&dly j0fted wlUi an insight into 

aU whoareeveni^itty nmiUar with die iiotRidal dils mmA cl^ could 

Ae persM. expect, he feared the efftet its 

progress might have on his own 

'^So it K^ wifli die tragic death beh»ved dty. And he fought Its 

ip(&ynlgtt(rf forma* Norfolk mayor devckipnaent, often aUenatIng diose 

%FredDuckwordi,8hottodeatiiashe who loved Virginia Beach, who 

took an evHringstrtdl in his own neigh- believed in Its ftiture. Yet, he gained 

Mrhood. "^e motive temains a reqiect for his devotion, and unttring 

stery, m killer yet tmfoimd, which «fforts. 'or Norfolk, 
iitta^te the drama, die tra^iriy. 

Mr. Duckworth was not a young ^^» *> ^^^ Duckwraih defied 

man.Thra^mostofUsseventy-fOur ^^rglnta Beach hi his days as Nortdk's 

XNtrs he was known as a figher. He 
ims controversial, tiie mere fsct that 
p was a scrappy pubUc future made 
pa ccmtroversial. That he backed 
lyay from aothii^. tx- no one, made 
Um cokH^ as well as oontrov««lal. 

He was a crusader to many. To an 

* number he was a detriment, a 

snger to their, ideas, their 

ejects. He ^was praised. He ^nu 

icized but he was never ignored. 

that, perhaps more than any one 

ar, made FYed puckworrth a 

id in his own time. 

Virginia Beach doea not exactty 
t«tay because <rf Fred Duck- 

mayor, so did he work for It and all 
of Tldewatn* In his di^ as head of 
flie TIftewater Vtegfada Deveiopnent 
CouncU. After leavtaig aty HaU he 
founded the indstury-seeking 
organisation and turned iqion the 
endre area the same hard-hit^, non- 
nonsense Une of action he had lawd 
to^mutl the betterment of Norfolk. 

Fred Duckworth iros a (ttrect. 
straight-from-the-shoulder type m 
man. It la pattiettcally iroidc that he 
«tts stna^ down by a torrage of 
buUeta, ft«d from beUnd a ckiak of 
darkness, as he Msurtiy strolled die 
streets of his b^ved Norfolk. 

Don't W(MTy 
About Critidsm 

Se«ns t^re is a lot of 
criticiKn hi tiie paper about 
Mrs. Jeanette D. Pearce's letter 
to tiie editor. WeU, it does 
people good to think and 
criticise. Also, it might help 
some people realize what is 
^okcn OB hi this coimtry of oiffs. 
I Qibik everything Mrs. Pearce 
said Ui true, except tiie la^t 
paragrai^ where ^e s^4 there 
tehbtootherlylove. Moet neigh- 
bors will still give you a hel|nng 
hand when in need, although 
tiiey are not so frioidly as tiiey 
used to be. 

Some id the peojde taking 
issue witii Mrs. Pearse wmild 
not dare go hi certain parts of 
our dtles aftor nif^t. The first 
tiling you thbik <tf is to lock all 
^ doors of your car whoi 
going anywhere. Murder and 
rape are so commonidace in our 
largo- cities tiiat people pay 
very littie attrition to eitiier. U 
the crlmbial gets caught, he is 
soon free to pns on the putdic 

Another sign of decay in our 
government is burned buildings 
and destroyed propo'ty tt our 
dtlM. Also, de^y is shoMrto by 
litt«r on tiie streets and roads 
and pomogra{Ay in the news 

I tiibik all concerned citizens 
should do what tiiey can about 
tiie proUttns I have mentioned 
hi tills letter. 
Harry A. Sawyer 

Having spent an enthre day in 
tiie presence (rf Mrs. Mary 
Barraco, I find it necessary to 
write to you and eiqiress the 
feeling eiwked Ity tMs im- 
pressive woman. Her message 
to tiie stodents at FYank W. Cox 
Hii^ School deserves printing 
and repeating. 

The auditorium was filled 
witii the cUimor of stodents at 
nhie a.m. At 9:05, as Mary 
began talking, a hush fell on the 
audience, and the students were 
gripped by the shicerety of a 
woman whose courage and faitii 
saw her tiirou^ the terrors of 
WorM War H and Nazi con< 
centration camps. However, 
Mrs. Barraco had not come to 
ellicit pity (H- sympathy from 
tiie students. She had a m^sage 
to relay. That message became 
more and mwe evident as she 
talked. We have a lot to be 
proud of in America, and 
tearing our institutlms and law 
enforcers down not imly does no 
one any good, but is also playing 
into the hands of the enemy. She 
has seen it happen in Europe. 
She knows what freedom is, 
because she was once without it. 
Her patariotism is contagious. 

M (x-al Polhitkm 

Decent dtisens are fed up by 
moral pollution and nihilism 
seen on our TV networicsr 
Therefore, tiiey should support 
tiie courageous fi^t of Vice 
President Spiro T. Agnew 
against the various scandalous 
abuses committed by our 
newscasters. We must urge the 
Federal Communications 
Commission to restrain the 
irresponsible acti«is of s<Hne dt 
Qie TV networks as so(Hi as 

Dr. Alexander V. Berkis 
Professor of His toiy 

Otizen's Comer 

When "tte ArBhailar alifthr" 
wse bRNight to Sm press «id 
ptf^ two years later. mA 
ewtni by New Vorii Ttanea 
Pentagon r^jiwrter Sheehan 
among often, i^ialwi was 
S«Mnlly 00 tt» rtte «f the 
flffteer. Hm Navy wm mm as 
ttie ^tohiahmeitt. iataleraat of 
m yttflrtfcedMt todhrMil. aad 
ca n akisHiMi iii|[^ ine 0nB 
to the Ssftn a a ef AraJMttar by 
CAPT mehard Atexaadar. a 
Mghly nepectod career Navy 


NeU neshM. New York, 

ftose, 1^1. I7JS. 

C^DR Uimm AareUus 

aheite was relteved <tf 

>d of Oe itetoiqw 

1^ >SVMaeiBttll.|HttS 

mvit after to as 

'Hand, in a ■•■■« Mt la 

ORUnce wlA Ml^ 

What Sbaehu ad hto Mew 
npertvB aaglaetod to do was to 
SB heymd aularial sapiMM by 
Anhallar to ist to tiw MM whs 
ArriMttar eattw 

Whie Am Vaaee pafrilad eff 
tte eoast of VM Nta In aai^ 

ombat (to the otanl 
of disobeytBg Mders and fllhif 
t^se repwrts) and making. Mi 
elfiews mere refined gea- 
tiemen (with crtthdsn of (k«ii 
and Bunners, and meals which 
lastod tor hra and three Ihmtb). 
Mae beame demwaUzed, 0* 
executive <tfflc«r develop^ 
oteera, aad otters had 
psycMatrfe preblaiiis; aad thsa 
ahrapOy Arah^ar waa wdN^ 
to leave hte comaaMd. 

SMe^aa'a trael^ of An- 
hittsr aad hto ttnm, threiigl 
Mi Isud, ifflcea^g a^-diieaai 
la ISSS, to mint military 
And ArMiMtor has 
iddid a toetaete, by 
fUag a m amm damaet suit 
OS Pa^wry M against 
SMbu. ^I^Niw Yift niMi. 
«M Uaim BMi. tar tMi 
or •eewato." 

I believe we all felt cloaer to 
each other and our country for 
having listened to her. She 
pleaded vrith every one of us to 
do our part in^behig well hi- 
fmmed in Oder to v(^ in- 
telligentiy and to a\M rusMng 
into movemento whose pur- 
poses are masked witii hot- 
headed emotionalism. She 
received a stonding ovation 
fr(Mn tiie student body, but more 
than that, she received tiie 
respect and admta'ation of aU 
who heard her. 

A comment I heard 
repeatedty hi the halls and from 
stodento comUig up to question 
Mary afterwards was, "I can't 
teU you how mudi you've af- 
fected me. You reauy got to 
us." Wouldn't it be wonderful If 
she c0aiA "get" to aU of us? 

Mrs. Svea G. Fraser 
S^ncer Court 




To tiie ecltor: 

Recentty my son was a 
patient of the Crippled 
iaiUdDsa^^lTospitol to Rich- 
mcmd. He was hospitolized for 
tH days. Ifls surgary atone 
would have been several 
..ihouawiddPJmrB.. It would have 
been bnponmie to pay. 

I am very grateful my son 
was aUe to go to tiie CrippM 
ChiMren's Hospitol. Dr. Frank 
Burns referred me to die 

I am sure mai^ pnrsons are 
unaware of what tiie hopsital 
does. Th^ care to* eye, ear, 
burns, plastic surgery and 
many orthopedic Cimdltions. 
Hie most important part of 
having my son at the hospital 
was tiiat I was not degraded in 
any way. He must retwn for 
mwe suifery. This is a lot for 
he hi not ev«i two years oM. He 
to niffering from a bh*tii defect 
In a leg. 

I contacted several 
organizations and could not 
receive help, including the 
Bur^u of Ct^M Children at 
tiie Ki^'s DaughtHS Hos|rital. 
I was not poor eno^ tor tiiem. 

tf anyone has a child with 
medical problons beyond their 
HMans, I urge them to oimtact 
their doctw for placement in 
the Crippled Children's 

WASHINGTON D.C., What tills city does not need is another 
pnery but tiw Renwick is di^etent. Ihe building next door to Blair 
House and practieaJly across tiie street teem tiie WMti House ii 
architecturally beautiful and to an accsiiible kieatloa. . 

The Ramvick now bears tiie name of its deiignir Jamsi Rmwidt 
who created it for WilUam Wilson Corcoran is IKW to bouse hii art 
coUectiona. After givliig way to tiie new Coro^'an on New York 
Avenue, the buildlqg began to fall apart. In 1MB Presklmt Jotaiioa 
deeM tiM buildhv to ttt 0mithi<mian Institution. This venerable 
oi^anlzatlon, after much debate, decided to use tMs magnlflcent 
structore as an exhlMtion haU for American deaian. It also iarvii 
as a fltthi| cornerstone for tiie resurrected Lafayette Park area. 

Hie Renwici has been tiioroughly toaugunted with three fw- 
malopenhigs and is now opm to the public. The atnoaphne of the 
restoration is typical of tiie pertod. The grand salon on tiw seoond 
floor ratahis Victorian eleiiance wid some of tiie smsBer rooms an 
filled with tiie glass and c«ramlcs of that mi . 

But tiw hue essence of tiie Renwick is desi^. After mt^ti^ tiie 
mawhre doors one is f acedwitii a large i^ss cyUnder coirtaininf at 
least a hundred coke bottles arrangeid to an eye^tohlng pattern. 

b an a<Qoining room are tools and tautruments tiiat have been 
used' in advandhg research to medictoe, electronipi and to- 
ventions that have added to the convenience of every day living. 

The wooden worics current exhibit is exciting because of ttie 
onidiasis on furniture vriiich to to daily use such as diain and 

desks. There is one ptoce dm t truly ca tches the eye. In tiie center of a 
caUnet to s<Hnetiiing tiiat looks Uke a baby cradle. Upbb ctoscr 
tospection and readtog tiie plaque - it is a cradle. The designer Sam 
Matoof tiiought it up for a baby tiiat was expected in the famUy. 
Upon reflection and tiilnktog about the motimr who would have to 
bend down to reach tiie baby to the cradle on Uie flo^hMUIao 
reallztorthatahe neected a place for the baby's clotiies, he built a 
cafatoet to put tiie cradle on. As if that was not enough he added 
anottier cabinet above the cradle for more baby fixing. The readt 
1> B iwMittfid ftincttonal piece of furniture tor botii baby aad 
mottier. Hie cradle can be rocked because tt is oo htoges, and then a 
is no itanger of tofant daustro|Aobto because of tiw qpen worit on 

Ow sUes and idmty of spcus'e above. \lV1iat a niee gift f or miMher mm! 

The Steuben glass room contotoe pieces ttMt you would swear 
came from Vadpe biit are American made to the ltl840 pertod. 
More recent objeeto are also toduded. 

The Indian room has latge and sman collections of tiie Zuni. Hopi 
and Puebto examples of die art of tiie Fint Americans. 

Becauae tiie Renwick is so nnir mah- House where risithv heads 
of stoto are oft«i ratertatoed, S(»ne of tiie embanies will l«id 
approprtote ptoces to Uie gallery during tiiese vislte. 

To rest ttie weary feet, tiie gallery has comf<»rtabte chain to ttie 
grand saton fnr visitors who want to watch a short movie irime 
artiste demonstinte tiieir wwk. 

Hie Renwick will be a spedal boon to touristo became tiiey can 
easlty ^ tiiere before or alter tiie WMte House tour. 

Ooj^f A Nose Dive! 

(Tl^ Is one to a Mries ef SSperbviii of ieadi^ VIrjpnto Beach 
ditoeni iw^ared by Metotasb Stadto tor ^edal edMte 
te«i«taut toe antu. "(Sltaas COrBM-'* ea^ week irfl liattn one 
of these portrtfto.) 

Richard KUne: PresUeat, R.K. Chevrelet: PmldeBt. 
VkilMa BMeh Sparto Chib: aad Stcrtlary. Mnstrtal 
AaShsrl^ af Vk>|^i^ Beaeli. 


Hie VIrglBia Beach tea 
maaageaieBt bellevei 
that a newspapo' shMM 
be the iwice el the peiplt. 
1%e anly way tkey can ke 
heard, hewever, la 
ttireiigh the Letters to the 
Edltar. The San en- 
cowagM wd w^emaei 
lelt«ri freai te readers 
aad aska anly that Hiey ke 
maenaMy brfef aad la 
ihe paiirt and that Ih^ke 
la^ad taste. Nease art 
yanr letters ta the 
Vhrghria Beach gan. P.O. 
Bex M7. VIrglMa Beach. 
ia hMrii^ INm jfwi. 

. Sun Survey took a nosedive 
laitt wedc. "Ihe questiim: "Do 
you pr^er ni^t sessioos tw 
aty CouncU?" Readen ven 
u^ed totodicatoyesorno, plus 
pr rf sr en c e of one ni|^t per 
montti or each Monday ni^. 
What iMippened? Council got a 
reprtom. Maybe it's because 
flie &m was to the middte of a 
m^ty move from <ae location 
to anotimr, and the mafl was 
hdd If), as a result Wtetevn"- 
ttrase who cUd respond, ia- 
dcated an emphatic "Yes." 

One wrote: "Astiilsisareaort 
ana many of us era be here 
weekends only. But we haiw no 
less toto^t in « need of elty 
MTvtoes. AU dty ofRces shouU 
have Sahinfay hoiffs." The 
wrilH' gave a pi^erenoe fw 

Am^her said: ". .two nigMs. 
When Planntog Craamlsston's 
recommendations are 

Ilwre's prdiaUy more to the « 
mail, so well keqi you poated 1 
on a<Uitionid jmnnMnte. < 






Restoring Old Dam Neck House^ 

Back To The Farm They Go 

THE SMOKEHOUSE'S a fticlnatiiiK spot for young Craig Aiggt. ihofwn 
here with his daddy. Ivey Suggs. 

There's an intangible tug that 
mos( of us re«I at some time or 
dther. to return to the home of 
our childhood. 

And that's what Marlene 
Suggs is doing. She's taking her 
husband and three sons and 
going back to live in the house in 
which she was raised. What's 
more, she and her husband. 
Ivey Suggs, are restoring the 
house, which dates back to 1870- 

Called Windy Acres, it's on a 
39 acre plot, two of whjch the 
Suggs will maintain: the other 
acreage will be farmed out. 

The house is part of the Henry 
Dyer farm on Old Dam Neck 
Road. It was built for Mrs. 
Bessie Hardy, sister of Henry 
and Peter Dyer. It became the 
property of Marlene's grand- 
parents, then her parents. Mr. 
and Mrs. DeWitt Blackwell. 
Marlene lived there from the 
time she was two years dd. 

The Blackwells came to the 
farm in 1947. In 1950 they began 
rebuilding the old farmhouse. 

The wiginal structure con- 
sisted of a stairway at the en- 
trance, with living room, dining 
room and Hreplace on either 
side of it. A kitchen and dining 
area extended at the rear, not 
directly connected, but jmned 
by a passageway. 

Upstairs there were two 


:x .J 







ITS GOOD LIVING at Windy Acres. 19th century farmhouse that Marlene and Ivey Suggs are rettortig 
on Old Dam Neck iUnd. 


A rELtOW HAS ROOM TO RUN HERE, agree the Su^ eliUdren. Mattbew. Craig and Kevin, wita 
Marlene Suggs' niece. Kelly Lee Hoggard. 

March Is A Busy 
Gardening Month 

Patriotism Speech 

WHEN MARY BARRACO spoke recently at Cox High 
School on "American Patriotism." she communicated 
with the young, such as Rkky Hitt. shown in the photo 
with Mrs. Barraco. 

By Gerald S.Straley 
VPi Kxtension Agent 

March Is A Busy Gardening 
Month-Prune fruit trees, grape 
vines and roses. Wait until after 
they finish flowering to prune 
azaleas, camellias, forsythtas 
and other spring flowering 
shrubs. Transplant deciduous 
trees and shrubs now; and 
evergreens late this month. 

Effects Of Cold Weather On 
Shrubs-It is still too early to tell 
exactly how much 

damage was done by the cold 
snap in January. Wait until 
warmer weather before pruning 
things which appeai- dead. They 
may still be alive. 

Two excellent Horticultural 
Speakers This Mwith-On March 
9. at the Norfolk Botanical 
Gardens. Dr. Harcrid Tukey 
from Cwnell spoke on the ef- 
fects of water on the color of 
plant leaves and flowers, as a 
guest of the Norfdk Botanical 

Garden Society. At the same 
place and time, on March 23. 
Dr. Jdin Weidhaas. an fin- 
tcRTiulogy Specialist at Virginia 
Tech will speak on insect pests 
and their contrd in this area. 
Both of these lectures are open 
Ie4he public, and are free, and I 
certainly encourage you to 
attciid if you are eithn* a 
beginning gardener or an ex* 

Early Spring Bulbs-In spite of 
the cdd weather there are 
crocus, winter aconite^ daffodils 
and dwarf iris already in bloom. 
Remember these when selec- 
ting bulbs next fall, so that you 
can have them in bloom in your 
yard early next spring. 

Starting Annual Flowers and 
VegetaUes Indoors-Late this 
month you can w^- seed indoors 
of your favorite flowers and 
vegetaUes. grow them indoors 
until after danger of frost and 
then plant them in your gardm. 

Don't Forget To Dial Teletip- 

bedrooms. There was no inside 
bath, and water was obtained 
from a hand pump. 

"You could frost a glass with 
water from that pump." Black- 
well said. 

They added two extfa 
bedrooms, a bath and inside 
kitchen. "We used all of the 
(riginal wood, and when we tore 
into the wall, we found a board 
with the initials J.J. Dyer 
carved on it. 

"And do you know," he 
continued, "that old lumber was 
so hard we couldn't drive nails 
in it? And to get the roof off we 
had to use a tractor chain." 

Blackwell said the inside 
walls were all 1" ceiling 
board.. ."and that's very 
unusual." They recut the. 
boards and covo^ them with 
»k" plaster board and >4" sand 

The Bladcwdls moved to 
Norfolk Oiree years ago, renting 
out the house. It was a 
reasonable move, as Blackwell 
has been with the fire dq>art- 
ment in Norfolk for 30 years, 
and Mrs. Blackwell was almg 
much of the time in the big dd 

Then came the chance for 
Ivey and Marlene to take over 
the old homestead. 

"We Jumped at the op- 
portuiUty," Marlene said. "We 
„had been looking at country 
homes so long, on places like 
Knott's Island, in South 
Carolina and around—just 
lodcing, you know. And we 
thou^t it was awful the ^ay 
thills are going to pot in places 
like AU)eyville, Union. You'd 
see gigantic old mansions 
rottii% away with little new 
brick houses in front of them." 

They were afraid that Windy 

•*WE1IE HAVING A BALL" iiys Mnrtew A«Ci 
as she and Ivey apply the paint to an old flr^lace. 

Acres would eventually go the 
same way or be torn down. 

And it was «ily in February 
that they began to restore the 
house in earnest. 

"We're having a ball, really 
enjoying ourselves," Marlene 
said, catchir^ snacks of a 
sandwich on a Sunday af- 
ternoon, while her parents were 
busy with the paint brushes and 
Ivey and Bill Bonds were 
woridi^ fast in the various 

"WecouWn't have done any of 
this without Bill's help," Ivey 
said. "He's been a real friend." 

fhc children. Kevm, fl, 
Matthew. 4. and Craig. 20 
months, were out in the yard, 
racii% around free as the wind, 
enjoying the open space. 

Ivey's the novice at the 
restoration bit, but he's lear- 
ning mighty fast. 

He's with Ford Motor Co., In 
Nm-folk. and working all his 
spare time on the house. 

"Why I didn't even know how 
to read a tape measure when we 
started all this," he said. 

imd Photor 

H^en Crist 

Wdoome Wagcm Hostesses 

CHEERFUL as a hostess should be are the fow above 
who rec^tly CMnpleted a traintaig course pr^artaig 
them to be hostMSM for the Welcome Wagon. Mrs. Anne 
Perham. Mrs. Ping J^nston, Mrs. Faye Chapman and 
Mrs. Ruthie Itey Ibie up their gaily decorated baskets as 
they preapre to visit newcomers to the Beach. 

Out Nation^ Know A Gua^toed 



wdllM fNvnlM. 





9ua. to9|MM 


church of Chrbl 

MMting at the coriMr 
of Hiygood and fmr 
PiMtttion Roacfc, Vii 
ginia BaMh, Va. Mail- 
fcif Aiklren: P.O. Box 
6036, Virginia BMch, 
Va. 23455. 



NEBRASKA MAN piayod a roB hi tht 
Scopes "monkey" trial Prot Qnfoiy saM that 
the tooth final vhidi this "nan' 
M was a **Mliion dote tooth." Tos, ftOM 
toetti these " irlsntirti^ mustiuUad a 
ace of nWB. IfsfsMy » waa eoM S ^d to ha, 
''a Pip tooML" And 

A CUra-V TAJl_ 

Chide t Christian for "bUnd fatth" hi Eve being 

•*. . . ksv ttat wWdi Is committed to t^ 
taMt, aioUl^ pnbne and vahi hahMtti^ MMl 
uMB i WuM of idenee friisfy so --''*' 


"And do you know that If I hiM ' 
to hire somebody to do only 
what we've done so far, it would 
cost every bit of |4,W0 to 

And what have they done to 
date? \ 

They've jointed the kitchen in 
May yellow, a color whkdi 
prediHninates In much of the 
house. "I wanted as much l^ 
as po^ble." Mariene says. 

It's cheerful and bright. And a 
particularly a^iei^ng ieatare 
(rf the kitchen is the «» ft. 
panelling whidi, witll you feel 
it, looks exactly like wsJlpaper. 
"It's called illusion sun"y- 
Mariene said. fi- 

Kitchen cabinets were 
sU-imteddQwn to the |riiw wood, 
Witt) cl<mij pla^: coat mpgAied. 
They'll fln^ off a large pantry 
with piMter board and pvA in a 

kR intereatiiqi holdamr from 
the old days » a gunnck ribe«e 
a doorway. •"ITiafs where 
granc^ kept Ws 28— we're 
leaving tint tha«." Marlene 

Sub flooring of %" idywwd 
went over the floors witti gold 
carpeting laid in most ot the 
house. Heat will be baseboard 
elccUic. t 

The delicately carved 
banistor and newd port have 
been stripped of pahit down to 
the basic heart i^ne, "It was 
smne jobgettUig that pebit oCf," 
Marlene said. 

They'll eventually open iq> d»' 
four firq)laces. Th^'ll dtrp^ 
all but one of the ordinal 
bedrooms. Here the floor 
boards vary in wi(kh..."randiKh 
floorii*. I think it Is," Ivey said. 
Marlene will furniui the 
house with antiques d^t have 
beoi in the family tafymn. 

And there's ^t pw more 
thing she's asked Ivey to get fM- 
"What's that?" we aidted. 
"A Black Ai«UB bull." Me' 
said. And by now. it's prObaMy 
out there making itsdf right A. 
home just like the Sugp are. 
"We love it," Marlene said, "}. 
Just wanted the kUs to fbid otf 
what really good living, la A 
about." . *i 



Vlrginte BMch 




MoKfay Fried Fanteil Jumbo Mnp "255 f 

TiMSday Broiled New York Strip SIb^ ^3J5 

IVedMsd9 Half Fried »iicten - -^^. 

1huisd9 Prime RlbNte ,-.^H5 

FiMfay BioHed Combination Seafood PM . .^ 
Samrday Broiled Mmonico Ste^ . . ^3SI 

Opened Da^f for Busnesmafs Luncto 
n:30to3 SS'-'LIO 



Itth-AthHittc fm, Vt. B«^ V«. 
For ntmv i oon i Wtem; 4a-iPg 






PAR JuBkr' 

Mrs. Kay« Mitctieil tf 
Pi i ^HMH Brtvt, taw biiM namad 
'^OMUMMttti Jwtar Membnr of 
te I¥h^ AnM Ctttptw (tf 
ftt IM#VR% tf ttie American 

A rasidHtt or ttw Beach for 
teK ^wn, the is a native of 
Qr^nM Sprinic, Mtet^ppi. A 
Navy wlCl, the and her 
taatend, fiMratt a. MUchen. 
Jr. ahd their daughter, 
Janevette Kiye Mitehell came 
hera Aram (||i^ Oriaans, 

Mrs. MitChMtiM be«) a DAR 
immber for 4^t and one half 
l^i^rs. Sw hiks held mem- 
hai^p in ttffiia statei. She 
served m 1| ^te page in 
Galtfomia, tiiraisiana and 
Virginia. Last ^r, she was a 
NiMteMd Ptgi, at the Con- 
tlnwtal t^hgress in 
Wirti^oA^ «^re !^ will 
i^ain serve this^fear. 

Mrs. MitcheM is Senior 
Sociely Ofnc^w Children <rf 
ttie Amcrtcaft^cv<4uliOT, and 
CAR state chairmaii of 
American Nterature. 

Hw hoMes include flower 
arranging, tollectii^ antiques, 
fainting and ^ntiqueing, and 
horai.lwdc ri^^. 

"I think the 6aH stands for 
cverythir^! rl|^ in America," 
Mrs. Mitchell says. 

And achievement that meant 
much to her wKs shaking hands 
with President and Mrs. Nixon 
at the Continental Congress, 
"ft was the first time In 17 years 
that a president had made an 
i^jcaranceat this event," she 

IVIrs. Kavi' IMitchell, as a DAR page at the Continental 
Congress last year. 

Ttie lA/me'K/ 



Toastmistmss Charter Club 

Mracwst TMStmistress Club received its charter recently at the Mariner Motel. !\Irs. 
JTraMfs Briftcos, vice president of public relations for International Toastmistress 
^rrsratrd the charter, installing (rfficer was Mrs. T.A. Jwdon. chairman of In- 
j|«i^ttMal Taastmiatress Club. Taking (rffice In the photo are Mrs. T. J. Richter, 
Meerelan : Mnt. D.R. Savage, vice president: l^lrs. J. L. Robinson, president; Mrs. M. 
jG. Dageritoi^. reiM-esentative: Mrs. J.E. Stmit. treasurer. 

Cobnial Circte King s Daughters 

Come Early For The Auction 

Three enterprising girls of the 
Colonial Circle of The King's 
Daughters are out to better 
their record of last year when, 
they cleared over St .300 at an 
auction benefit. It's air for the 
General H(Kpital of Virginia 
Beach, to which they've 
donated over $3,000 in the past 
three years. 

They've been working like 
beavers for the past year 
creating the items that will go 
im the acution block March 14 at 
the Capes Beach and Cabana 

Maury Higanto will do the 
honors again this year. But 
Jo.Ann Del Plato issues a word 
of warning: "Tell everyone to 
come carlv and look over the 

things, so when Maury begins 
the auction, they'll know what 
they're bidding on." 

Auction time Is 11 am., but 
the doors will be epen at 10 a.m., 
giving a fuH Iwia- to those wl» 
want to look about. 

Chairman Mrs. Grace 
Dragas, Jr.. and co-chairman 
Mrs. Sandra :^IcConibs said that 
over too items w 111 be auctimied. 
One of the most attractive is a 
round table and four Bentwood 
chairs, painted hrlght yellow. 
They've taken a pcrma-press 
sheet of gay yellow . green and 
white daisies and made of it a 
circular tablecloth. 

There's a handsome hand- 
made quilt, the work of circle 
members. Grace Dragas 

ALL SORTS OF ITEMS for the auction. Here Mrs. Sandra McCombs, Jennifer Dragas 
on her mcrther, Mrs. Grace Dragas' lap, and Mrs. Mary Byrd look over the moppet 
pictures, just right for a child's room. They're seated on the Bentwood chairs, about the 
round yellow table that will be bid on at the auction. 

How To 

More Creative 

By Rev. Joyce Kramer 

What are you doing with your 
creative ability? So.. .you don't 
think you have much creative 
ability? 'You are wrong. 
Everyone has creative ability. 
It simply must be developed if it 
isn't obvious at this point. 

You can help yourself be 
more creative. Mingle with 
creative people. Learn how they 
think, feel and respond to life. 
You'll get 50iiie_ideasJhat will 
help you. 

Become alert. Sharpen up 
your senses. Be aware of what 
you are seeing, touching, 
smelling, hearing, and tasting. 
A keen sensual perception will 
help you be more creative. 

Make friends with solitude. 
Spend some time atone each 
day without noise or distraction. 
Pi-acllce thinking during this 
lime. Practice communing with 
God, that wonderful Divine 
Spirit that Is within' you. 

You have much creative 
•ablHy if you will only seek to 
(U'\clop it. What a wonderful 
oxpci icnce you will have js you 
lK>conio a more creative person. 

Leslie HolfomcHi 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester M. 
liollomon announce the 
engagement of their daughter. 
Ixslic Loraine. to Gary James 
Buiwh. son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Fred D Bunch of Norfolk. 

Miss Hnllomon is a senior at 
Carolton Oaks School. Mr. 
Bunch Is a 197! graduate of 
Norvicw High School. He is 
.•ioiving w ilh the VS. .Mr Force 
in San .\ntonlo. Texas. 

The wedding is planned for 
.\upusl .■> -al East Ocean \iew 
Presbviarian Church. 

JUNIOR WOMAN'S CLUB has selected 

D. Gibson "Outstanding Junior". She 

in the Tidewater District meetinc^ 

GREAT FOR A PICNIC is the hand-painted basket with 
table cloth and four napkins that JoAnn Del Plato holds 
in her hand, white showing a blue lap desk with flower 
print decoupaged on the top. 

Jacklyn Schacht Weds 
IC^meth Gardin^^Jiv 

Miss Jacklyn Jeanne Schacht 
and Kenneth W. Gardiner. Jr. 
were married Saturday. 
February 26 at 7:30 p.m. The 
candlelight wedding took place 
in the I^esurrection Lutheran 
Church. Havertown, Penn- 
sylvania with Re\-. !.awrence 
Nelson and Re\-. Clair Halfjeld 

Tlu' bride is the daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sc-hachI of 
Virginia Beach and the 
hridejiroom is the .son of Mrs. 
Kenneth W. Gardiner. Sr. and 
the late Mr. Gardiner of 
Havertown Mr. Schacht gave 
his daughter in marriage. 

At the conclu.sion of the 
ceremony the couple served 
each other and the wedding 
guests bread and wine in the 
traditional Agape manner, as 
origlniated by the early 
Christians. Thoy were assist^ 
by Miss IJbby Gardiner, sister 
(if the bridegroom and Donn C. 
.St^hachl. brother of the bride. 

.\ reception followed in the. 
home of Kov and Mrs. 
Lawrence Nelson in Drexel 
Hill. Pennsylvania. 

Following a trip to .New 
England, the couple will reside 
in Philadelf^ia. Pennsylvania. 

MRS. BETTY CULVERHOUSE models the qniltcd bine 

and white checked hostess skirt witfi blue cord belt to be 
auctioned. She's holding other auclhm items: A stained 
hand-painted purse with mushr^Mi^ design, and an 
embroidered front design pocket book. 

'Round AbouTThe Beach' 

Joan Gibson Named 
'Outstanding Junior 

Mrs. Jack 
will compete 
March 23. 

Joan Gibson was selected to represent the club on the baste of' 
her contribution as second vice president in charge of Ways and 
Means. As chairman of the annual fundraising Candle 

Coffee, she held Open House at her home, exhibitii^ 
the candles throughout the rooms. 

She was in charge of the booth at Pembroke Mall Bazaar in the 4 
fall, and chairman of the Valentine's Day dance. 

An expert seamstress, she teaches sewing at the Atlantic Mental 
Hygiene Center. She participates in a car pool, when the club 
transports patients to and from the Center on each We^esday. 

The wife of Jack Gibson, president of Gibson Equipmoit 
Company, they have four children: Marie, Eric, Melissa and 
Jessica.. They live In the Eagle Nest Point section of Virginia 

In a recent crafts contest, there were 20 Junior Club members 
who took first place awards. All entrants were judged l^ 
fM-ofessionals. The winners will be entered In the district contest Of 
the Virginia Federation of Woman's Clubs on March 23. 

The scoring Cavaliers were Joan Gibson, with a first for sewiag 
a natty Navy blue dress with red, white and blue scarf; Mrs. W.R, 
Waller, an award for Naturscopes - hers, a dried mum 
arrangement of earthy orange yellow and brown mums. 

Two first places went to Mrs. Charles C. Ellis for her crocheted 
multicolored vest and knitted green pauncho with fringe. 

Mrs. H, Leon Ware, Jr. took three firsts: decoupage- a madonna 
and child done in royal blue and white; an original crocheted 
creation: a fantasy arrangement of a fruit tree with matching! 
candle holders of the same fruits. 

ANY VA-176 WIVES interested in forming bowling teams? 
Practice sessions and "brush-ups" will be held on Sundays at noo4' 
at Oceana's new bowling lanes. A nursery will be available for ti« 
youngsters. Mrs. David W. Carter. 816 Spencer Court will funriat: 
more information. 

VA-176 Enlisted Wives Club will hold a morning meting wt 
March 13 at 10 a.m. at the home of Mrs. Ruby Wood, 849 Hopwooif 
Lane in Aragona. All new and old members are welcome, 

The second annual VA-176 dependent's Easter egg huit wllj 
held March 25at 1 p.m. at Red Wing Park. Children of (^listed nii 
and officers will scamper for eggs hidden by the Easter • Buim^ 
There will be a picnic lunch for all . with coffee for Moms. There wi 
be games and prizes 

A professional Photographer will be on hand to record the eve^ 
with movies, to be scnL to the squadron now decoyed 4B--t^ 

Rain date, hopefully not necessary, is March 26. • 

THE YWCA issues an Invitation to the public to attend a showii« 
of students' work in the Creative Art workshop and Maorame class 
that was held at First Presbyterian' Church. The showing and 
reception will be held at the church March 15 at 11 : 30 a.m. 

I '• 

Home Economists 

BEM:H MME ECONOMISTS attending the recent 
Fif ■HturtFwmw m Values sponswed by J.C. Penney 
C^. at Lake Wri^t iacl^M Mrs. Rath Stein. Mrs. Betty 
Mrtllmlnw, Mrs. nyUto F. CaauMi. Mrs. Dwothy 
•iMfe. aMttn. EMfly Davfes, ^ teyside Juniw High 
fldMil. Ms. Mvy Sve fencer was ce<hairman of the 
TItoMtar Mvteary CMsmtttM. 





"For The Finest 
In Foods" 

724 Fii^ Cotonid 
Road at Hilltop 

PINE STRAW Bob *2.?9 



RIYERS ^o\T«. fc. 29* 


FOOD CAKE ^, 14HW. S9« 

TWt Ad EHacttM Thurwtoy Thru Saturday, Or Until G<M 

MirchaiMlM f%» bMn sold which mm comas flrit ficMlrf SUm^ 

NOA¥ if the f im« 
to let us help you 
iMve. Tax Sovingi this 
year have never 
l>efbre iieen mora 

KAREN MEADOR ovailoblei 
Tax Consultant 


5084 VA. 8EACH M.VD. 

lacrosi from GEX) 

PHONE 497-5691 




Ihe "Omb" of Virginia's teaciiing goif pros. Leo Ker- 
mui b riiewn witli iiis wife and former pupil Butcii Garii 
(i%ht) at gala reUrement party given by Princess Anne 
(pMdMTy Qub Ust weeli. 

t^ACC Gala Honors 
f*Dean" Leo Keman 

f Retiring after 29 years as golf 
pro at Princess Anne Country 
Clui), Leo Keman says that he is 
"going to rest awtiile." An 
Appreciation Night was held at 
the PACC last Wnlnesday night 
by the club's 200 membere in 
tonor of Lioo Kernan, a gen- 
tlemen who came do^ from 
Baltimore fw a weelcend visit in 
the early 1940's and stayed to 
become one of, tiie most highly 
regarded teaching pros in the 
urea and in the state. 

Highlighting "a night to 
remember" was the presenting 

Honor Society 

Diane Lonraiiw Derricli, a 
Loi^fvrood Cdlege junior, was 
recently initiated into Delta Psi 
Kappa, national physical 
Mhication fraternity. 

Diane, daughter d Capt. and 
Mrs. Arthur C. Derrick of 
Patuxent River, Maryland, is a 
1960 graduate of Franii Cox 
H^ School. She is a {^ysical 
education major, {dans to teach 
Mpack graduation frwn college, 
and is active in various varsity 
sperta at Lm^wwod. 

The puipose of Delta Psi 
K^ppa at Lengwood C<Aege is 
ta recopize, encourage, and 
nudntain the highest pouible 
standards of scholarship, and 
profeasional etiiics for women 
in physical education. Mem- 
bersb4> is limits to junior and 
senior physical education 
majna who have a cumulative 
average of 2.4 «r better and a 3.0 
professional average in 
physical e<hication. 

Gary Selbe Mates 

Gary Selbe, a Virginia Beach 
athlete who earned baslcetball 
scoring honors at Chesapeake 
College this year, was selected 
to play in the National Junior. 
Collegiate Athletic 
AsaociatjOT's Regimi 10 All-Star 
game at Fwrum College last 
Sautrday. The 6'3" sophomore 
averaged 15.2 points jn 27 
^mes, cai^ained the Cougar 
^m. ami was the team's mrat 
,'accurate shooter with 44.6 

(Selbe, a former West 
Virginian brou^t to this area 
py the Navy, now lives on 
£eanne Street in Virginia 
Beach. He is an hon()r student at 
^Chesapeake, and his major is 

\ Chesapeake College athletic 
iirector and head basketball 
^oach John Meyerhoff ac- 
i(»mpanied Selbe to Ferrumm 
Ifcr tfie i^ame. 




of an honorary lifetime PACC 
membeship to Kernan by the 
club's members. Keman also 
received a carving set from Uie 
lady golfers and a complete 
sihrer service. 

Consklered the "dean" of 
Virginia's teaching ^If pros in 
years of service, Kernan has 
produced many top amateurs, 
including Charlie McDowell and 
Jordan Ball. Ronnie Gerrii^i^, 
his assistant pro, succeeded 
Kernan at his retirement last 

Cyde Trail For 
Beach Discussed 

. A bicycle trail in Virginia- 
Beach was thi' main topic of 
discuk.sion at this .week's 
monthly meelinn <»f the City 
Recroalfon Ce>minis.sion'. Jack 
Jenning.s. spcakinn in Ix'half of 
the Virginia Beadi JayeMV 
rc(|iK'.*iled tl)P ('"mniission's 
help in securint> fuiKis for a 
cyclinn trail in the Beach area. 

Cliairman Maury Higanto 
appointed a conuuittec to study 
costs and areas where a trail 
could Ik* cslablisbed fw the 
growing number of cycling 
enthusiasts. The committee will 
report their findings to the 
Coniniission at lhe_ April 

'Kcii Johnson was introduce 
as the newest nu'inlM-r of the 
Recreation roinmission. 
Johnson is a monilMT of tiie City 
legal depart moni and will 
advise the Commission as to the 
legal aspects of their plans. 

Commission reports showed 
that llie Rose (iardens at Red 
Winp Park should be ready for 
opening on May 13th. A 
Saturday opening ceremony is 
planned that day at 3 p.m. It 
was also reported that Red 
Wing U»kc Golf Course had 
1.538 rounds played in 
FilMumy. the third busiest 
nuHith since the course has l)ecn 


Registratim for the Kemp- 
sville Pwy-Cdt League will be 
held in the lobby of the Kemp- 
sville High School on Saturday 
and Sunday. March 11th and 
12th. between 2 and 4 p.m. Boys 
residing in the Kempsvllle 
Borojgh between the ages of 13 
and 16 are eligible. 

New (rfficers for the League's 
1972 season are John O'Hara, 
president, Gerry Hyatt, vice- 
president of the Colt Uague, 
Charlie Goodwin, vice-presklent 
(rf the Pony League. Arthur 
Mowberry. treasurer and 
iecretary, Lloyd Hudson, 
player agent, and William 
Taylor, concession manager. 

Mel}^ny Guest 
Of Sports Glib 

Bud M^hoiy, Old Drnniniim 
University's baseball coach for 
Ibe past 24 years and a former 
■Yankee player, was guest 
speaker at the we^ly Tuesday 
luncheon meeting M the 
^^inia Beach (^pmlsOub. The 
Club meets every Tuesday at 
12:30 p.m. at the Capes, but due 
to a sdiedule conflict at the 
Capes next Tuesday. March 14. 
next week's meeting will' be 
held at the Cavalier Hotel. 

Metheriy Outlined his team's 
36 game schedule. 24 of which 
•re agaimt university division 
teams. Noting diat ODU give* 
only one full baseball 
■dtolarship "which I usually 
Itfve to split five to nine ways." 
the personaide coach said, "We 
can't give the boys money. bnA 
we can help them with their 
school and their devetopment." 

Metheny announced that the 
NCAA Regionals will be hosfbd 
by ODU in Metro Park again 
Qiis year. "Last year, we tost to 
tike number one team in the 
nation in the national cham- 
pionship playoffs. They gave 
twenty-five full scholarsMps to 
our one." 

"All positions look good this 
year, but we may be tlun in 
pitching." Metheny com- 
mented. "I have some boys that 
can do the job, but we loot 
outstanding senior hurlers-one 
to Baltimore and the other to 

"Play the games as you get to 
them," Metheny said about his 
coaching philosophy. "Don't 
worry about the weather, and 
the good Lord will take care ot 

Shelby Wilson, the goM medal 
Olympic wrestling champion 
from Colorado University, will 
be guest speaker next wedt. 
WilMn is in town for a wresUing 
clinic sponsored by the 
Fellowship of Christian Athl^s 
at Lake Taylw next Monday 
night at 7:30 p.m. 

Princess Anne Wins 
City Baslcetball Title 

By T. Jliy Bnim^ 

Would you like to fly ov^ ^ A%» in a baBoon, shoot ttw |«] 
the Ckilortdd River, or Ain < Bvoin ^ MtenMt Mnm 
Cluto and git gr(n|> rates vm m ig^i. In^toty i fiilwi, 
brips to E^ope, ind more chaltoiging i^renUiret |ri^ mJ 
diving and trips tof ttte South Pole. The Chatet CtaMtebW «ilB .^ 
tenderest tendorftot can handto sud) uhrentlirifwn^ mtti l9 
rau^ng it in conjfort. P«r mampie, ttie flub shwHl thp pm^ 
npids in roomy, Ukman rafts. It cosbi fl^dr an ipitiatiiiff kmifii 
m annuhl dues tat staHilet, t3S per couple, ^fobi. W<hM ^ 
believe ^t the averagt aipi of dub members Ui M ijod 0l#t Vfm^ 
fSm groiip*t 5.000 m«nb«rt is married? If you're bont ^ ilNMiif 
with comAH-t, write Chalet Oub, 1» East S8th ^reet, fm Tff^i 
New Yoric, 10022. 



THE PRINCESS ANNE CAVALIERS ( left to right) : Brent Frye. Curtis Strange, Mike 
Wulf. Mark llembree. Biily Smiley, Bobby Lawton, Tommy Butts, Mike Ange. George 
Purdin. Bill Kennedy. T.J. James, Robert Hughes, Mark Wilcox. Jay Williams Coach 
1^0 Anthony is kneeiing in center with the ball. 

The Princess Anne Cavaliers* did not affect the Cavalier's 

won the 1971-72 season Virginia 
Beach basketball crown. 
finishing a fine season with an 
outstanding 15-3 overall record, 
"nie Cavaliers were 9-1 in the 
Beach, and a-2 in the Eastern 
District for third place. 

Although losing in the pistrict 
[layoff opener to Cox. the loss 

claim to the Beach title. An' 

analysis of the Beach schools. 

records, and points scored 
appears below, and the Beach 
Record reflects the standings 
had the Virginia Beach schools 
been in a separate such as is 
now l)eing discussed 

Tommy Butts led Cavalier 
scorers with 43:1 points for a 
24.(Mi points per game average. 
Other leading scorers for 
Princess .Anne include Mike 
Ange with 340 points. Billy 

Smiley with 314. Curtis Strange 

with 180. and Mark Hembree 

with 8:1. 

Old Dominion discovered the pitf^s of playing in Vm twi^l^ Ifiil^^ 
dtis yf^r Wlwn hopes are set on a NCAA pMt-MHKW tevr"*"^^^ ' 
it hcli» to have an outstanding record. By frtaybm tai t^ 
zone, that area whkh includes top college dHvislqn and 
division teams, it is tou^ to build a recmd JMtor Oijpi 
division teams that stick to college division tMmsfer nMatef 
iimes. Had ODU stuck to college division teams for opinno^tl 
«d a lot of the other schools receiving NCAA bkk, tht^llDMreiM 
rauld easily be on theta- way to Evansville now. Very (e#4fiw 
college division teams with jittering 20-4, 224, jS'2, t/bc^pimk 
faced the calibre of (^iponent the Monarchs encountered a awMMr 
of times this year. Even Norfolk State, whd turned doarnt^lip4^;t; 
bid on pounds of princifrie. dfc) not face nearly die qwHtjr otii^;; 
position as dki the Monarcln. But. teams widt far lett b^m^fw/f 
ODU wiU be in EvansviUe while the Monarchs wiU be re«<ltog4||p 
the national championaMps in the paper. The ^ flIwrhiiRi '"'""' 
season. iHayed good ball for the mostpart, and ^toidd be 
their record against the teams they played. 


I > 


SB-23 to provkle a $20 fee for non-resklent big game licmsee. SMtt ) 



T— m 


FirM Colonial 








































3-1 S 







Ed Douglas Sets High Jump Record 


CHy Council Honors 
Cox IVrasff/ng Team 

At the regular meetfiig of City CouncU on March 6th, the 
fdlowiiv resolution was unanimously ad<^ted honoring the Cox 
Mi^ School wrestUng team. The Cox Falcons wot the state tMon 
uresding title, the first audi tide evo- won by a Vir^iia Beach 
sdHxd. Billy Gutermuth, Fakon wrestting coach, presented 
Council with a replica of the state trophy to ctmimemmrate ttie 


WHEREAS, on February 26, 1972; Frank W. Cox High School's 
wresdlng team entered the omnpetition in the Virginia Hi^ School 
League, Group AAA State Wrestlii^ Oiampionship, held in 
Alexandria, ^^inia; and 

WHEREAS, this outstanding twm entered twelve weight 
dassee and wot two first place awards, two secmd place awards 
and one fourdi pl»ee award; and 

WHEREAS, wider dw guklance am) leadovhip of Coach 
William W. Gutermutii and Assistant Coach George E. McGovem, 
Frank W. Cox High School's wrestlii^ team achieved 60>4 points to 
win the Viighiia H^ Schod LMgue Group AAA State Wrestling 


That the Oiuncil tdtes great pleasure in extOTding its 
congratulations to Fraidc W. C« wrestling team and to Coach 
William W. GutermuUi and his staff and others who contributed 
directly for Uiis r^ional achievement. 


high tkvmostat 88ttini)s7 


Ed Douglas, a juniw at First 

ICdOTial Hi^ Schod, set a 

school high jump record at the 

I recent State Indoor Track Meet, 

during 6'4 and W\. Althoi^h 

' the jump set a school reccn'd, he 

finished second in the State 


Ed laid the groundwork for 
the new record for the Patriots 
in three previoiB meets. In the 
William and Mary College 
Invitational, he finished diird 
with a 6' jump. 

passed the Senate and are now b^ore various HoiM eunmUti^ . 
SB-439 has been hitrodui^ into ttie Senate to allow Sunday huMwl '; 
on shootfi^ preserves. SB^40 to allow riw^ns V$hM flv« lW>l 
and HB470 to allow Statday bowhuntiag hawtJWn (JbliW Hijfti. 
die 1973 sessiOT. SB-2% conconing chutes in Oi^'Mif- 
r^istratiOT fees has tieen killed. 

'. ■' ■ 

+++++ -/' ?■■'--'■ ;.v 

Now li the time to platns orders ttu-ough the M p»ne lili^lir' 
wiklUfe plantii« materials distaributed free Bf tta ConW^P^' 
Game and Inland Fisheries. Bats oi annual game bird nUi^m,' 
eat^ sufficient to plant one-eighth acre, areM^aUid^ tfeylP 
<^fied landowners, clubs, and civic grouprwiiocan i^MnUite 
diat they have land available for planting. 1%e see^s «dD b*^ 
ddivered near the end of Mardi and should be fianted|NM|^|| 
April through late May. Nearly 100.000 paw^ of 0i| mSdiM, 
wMch quail, turkeys, doves, rabbito, and de« flMlatlra^fvt|,.ipw9 
planted by 14 jW! consairatiwi minded peojie hi die sj^gif wn, 

Travis Grant is known as The Madune'* arennd the^KMi^aQr^ 
fCtontinued m fagaS) 


Sebrell Johnson Tommy Johnson Peggy Simmons 


Insurance Agoncy, Inc. 



Dry air in your h<me brings discomfort 
(colds, high fuel bills, static electricity). 
The answer? Climatrot ' whole-home, auto- 
matic, eomomjcal humidif ication! Call today 
f(^ details! 




614 20^ SlTMt 


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■ * 



I i 






III I mnmmmmammmtmmmmimmimmmmmmmmnm&mmmmmmmmmmmt 



P.A« s Tommy iyffs Gefs 
B«rrti On AMmglonoiTBam 

Star <Mitr teoiA Slim 

Prtnews Am«^^&teal'i JBeach>t flMi iMding i 
ItaMy fti^ « 4*4" «Mrior wtft swpeteti in ir«i^ for 
tew^fw awi^ to tt»MMJl«v«iii.lBlwimiiksM 
M^mma Pr«ai wsqi AAA gm of the lytamit and ouidcMt 
AD-l^leniRtfhMitlSdMtasttc jjoyg in the stete. 
BaAfMikaTMntarttieaeceod ^^ Gltaon, ■ sophomoic. 
^toafwr.JwtlMtweek. ^.i the thlrtwath leading 
BQ^^Mned to the Eastern ,«««• ta the BeMsh tMi year, 

^S?^... i?*" T**"";. «»*« »» !»*"*« to 18 games 
Sti other Vlri^la Beach tar a 10.44 average. UatyMraa 

SS^ ''^.^^^ 00 the , jatktt vmity liayer, he 
^^ntf HMQtahle Mottton avmiged » poiiM pw ganie to 
W. Ptart Cotailars Brett to,d iji j.yvee pUyen in the 
l«»*^B«yride;i Rflhbie Cook. aty. Next year. Oliaaon should 
™ Q?*Jp» HalMMd are he one of the tep scorws in the 
f«i«wte.nrteenAme\iMike Beach 
i^^aiid Ifo^Mville's Britt Dickie Wood, a senior. 
S*^!!f^*".' ^ ^^"^ averaged U poinU per game 
^ •j^'f: "S "i *^ ^Mt season. TWa year he was 
^n<k McUe Wood is a to^Mdrt hadtog scorer in the 
^« !.«». . .«*«««- Beaeh^dumptagm 401 points in 
^Zi^.' .' ?!««»«*. It games lor a 2S.38 average. 
m«tte Beach s leafii^ sooier, i^rood fai a difficult playw to atop 
Mttta««ffpoinls in^W games for „»! could very weU be one of the 
a 14.H points per game finest guards in the atole. 


average. Lewb could wry well 
be one tf tte toft ttree or four 
sophMMie guanli in the state. 

MMx CoA, a setfor. was 
(he Beadi's itactt^ tap aoera-. 
soerfiv SSI potato la It games 
for M lt.n svorage. As a 
^idor, Gook a^raged about 11 
psiati pa- oMAeat. 

John ttttOslead, a senior, has 
tod Cm. aceran two years is a 
row. Last year he avK«ged 19 
poiala MH- game, ami in 18 
pmna nte year, te scored 348 
potato tor a 1«.33 avosge. 
Haflstead was the Beach's 
fourth teadii« sewer tUs year. 
ifeh«la|podQref(R>^ bucket 
tram iw outride ahd cmdd very 
weO be one of the top outskle 
shotrtOB ta ttie Beach. 

Mfee Aace, a Junior and one 
of Uie (aOest players in tlie 
Beart this year at 87", was the 

Tunmy BiAts Jmt misaed the 
Beaeh aoortiv lead tMs season, 
Ifloiflg the honmr by ftree points 
to Brett Lewta. Birtts scored 433 
potats in itn i^mes for a 34.08 
points per pnm avaage. ftitts 
was hampered somewhat ta his 
first few games wldi a bade 
injury sitffered while in a 
CavaHer fo<^ll uniform. 

^tts has garnered a whole 
b-ophy case full of honns 
during 1^ Mgh Khool career at 
MncMS Anne. So far Uds 
season, he has be«i named to 
the AU-Eastem Dtatrict and the 
All-'Eastern Regional Teams. 
Last year, Butts made the All- 
Eastern District, the AU- 
Eastem Regional, the All- 
Metro, the All-Tidewater, the 
Easttfn District Toumamrat, 
and the Eastern Regional 
Tournament Tmrui. 

Scoring Averages 

Raakh^ Player 

I. Ufwis 

1 Butta \ 

S. Wood ' 

4. HaOstead 

5. Ai^e 
t. Cook 
?. &niley 
t. Rtriidnscm 

9. B. WUUama 

id. Lang^ 

II. PoQie 
II. Trotaian 

13. GUsaon 

14. Pasduril 

15. I^ni^^ 

18. Butta 
17. G^^ngan 
It. Gatlin 

19. Roberta 

SO. A. WiUams 
S. Roui^itni 
M- Lawaon 
- a. Uaer 
i«. Knight 
K BeiUns 
36. MnUey 
27. 'ibekey 
n. MiBs 
39. Qowe 
31. M. Swingle 
'O. Swin^ 


























Widf \ 





















First Colonial 






Prince Anne 




F^rM (Cental 






First Ddonia] 




















First OiloDial 

First Ccrionid 



Flnt Colonial 







First Colonial 

First Colonial 




First C(4oiUal 




First Colonial 







Flr^ Colonic 












$L Vtyt 

H. aftRWds 






























. 4 

Games Avenge 
Play^ Per Game 













































S , 











































Kite Championshjps 
Set For Saturday 

The windy month of March is 
traditional for flying kites, and 
the Virginia Beach Parks and 
Recreation Department is 
uph<dding this tradition! The 
Second Annual Kite Building 
and Flyii^ Cknnpetitim) finals 
will be held Saturday, March 
nth, at U a.m. at Red Wing 

The elementary school 
diildren participating in the 
final meet are winners of 
preliminary meets held in the 
after school playgrounds 
around the City. The public is 
tavited to attend this wedcend's 
championship matches and 
watch the 40 youngsters give 
their all flying their homemade 

Trophies will be awarded to 
ttio top Oiree 'flyers." In the 
ev«it (rf rain, the final com- 
petition wdll be advanced to 
Saturday, March 18Ui. 

inhnf Dh$ In 

An auto-truck collision in the 
Creeds section of Virginia 
Beach Tuesday morning 
daimed the life of a six-mmUis- 
(dd infant, resulting in the 
reaort city's flfth traffic fatality 
ol ttw year. 

PoliM idoitified the child as 
DavW M. Bright, Jr., son of the 
David M. Bright's of Route No. 

AutfKMltiee aM Ute child was 
dead on arrival at Virginia 
Beach General Hospital shortly 
after the 9:a a.m. accidoit cm 
Princess Anne Road, ap- 
proximately one mile north of 
Pui^ Forry Road. 

Invei^l^rtors said the child 
was a pasMngo- in a pick-up 
trudt bdng drivo) by his father, 
who escaped Injury. Officials 
said an approaching auto ap- 
parently swerved over the 
highway resulting in the 

The drive (tf the car, iden- 
tified as Dcr(^ M. Cason, 41, 
oflClwttaTdmd, N.C., received 
facial lacerations in tlie accideirt 

ftio charges have been filed 
pending completion of p<rfice 

Brennaman Narmd 
T(^ Sportscasler 

Veto^n WTAR sportacaster 
Marty BKtwaman has been 
irilected 1971 Sportscaster of the 
Year by the National S^Mrts- 
casters and Sportawriters. 
IMs is the second conMCUtive 
year Uut Brennaman has hem 
aolionored by the sporta group. 

Breraiman will re(^ve the 
award at special ceremonies in 
Salisbury, Nwth Carolina, on 
March 27th and ath. A sports 
panel consisting (d Bart Starr, 
Arnold Palmer, Byron Nelson, 
Jesse Owen, Al Kaline, and 
Woody Hayes will be fntured 
at the annual event. 

A native of Fwttmouta who 
m)w resides in ^^rginia BMch, 
fevnnman doea the home md 
4way f lay-by-i^y broadcasts 
of tfaeVirginta Squires baskeOMiU 
gam^. Before his association 
with WTAR Radio, Brennaman 
was heard <m a seven station 
netwffljL iiL the Jwo Carolinas 
broadcasting accounts of 
conference basketball contesta. 



Charles CcKKly and Bobby 
Nichols are coming to Virginia 
Beach. These two great golfers 
will play an 18-hole exhibition 
matdh on Monday, March 37tti 
at 2 p.m. at Red Wing Lake Golf 

A golf clinic is selietlulcd for 1 
p.m. on the course, just prior to 
the exhibition rounds when 
these two gfriflng (ireats will 
attempt to the course 
re(;ord set by Lee 
Trevino last year. Rod Wing fM-o 
Jennings House iiiul lied Wing's 
former assistant pro Tim 
McCoy will be |>laying the 
exhibition round.s with Coody 
and Nichols. 

All proceed.s from the match 
will go to the National Cystic 
Fibrosis Research Foundation, 
sponsor of the match. Tickets 
are available frran the GF 
Foundation's office at 117 West 
2tst Street and at local golt 
course pro shops. Tickets will 
also h)c sold at Red Wing prior tc 
the clinic and exhibition. 

Game Law Hearing 
Set For March 24 

The CMnmtosion (rf Game and 
Inland Fisheries will hold ita 
annual puUic hearing on game 
and fish laws March 24 ta Rteh- 
mond, reports Executive 
Director Ch^ter F. Phe^M. The 
meeting is scheduled to b^n at 
9:30 a.m. in the Commissioo'i 
conference romn at 4010 Wast 
Broad Street. A numbor of 
letters have been received 
covering sudi diverse aubje^ 
as early squirrel aeasMs, 
Sumlay hunting, protetjtioa <tf 
the Made bear and a year 
around trout seasmi. 

All persons with recom- 
mendations to the Commtosion 
regardii^ hunting or fishing 
r^utadoia for the upcoming 
seasrai wiU be given an op- 
portanity to speak at die wiUic 
meeting. Persona unalue to 
attend may send in their 
recommendations by mail and 
these will be consklered by the 
Commission before final 
(tectaioM are made. Proposals . 
drafted at this meetii« wiU be 
adq)ted or rejected at a tater 
meeting to be held in May. 


(Contiaatd ttom Pagt 7) 

^rte cunpwB. IVavia stands 6'8" and is the tt^ scorer in the nation 
ta Qm NChA College Division. Last week against Easteni 
Midi^n, "Ihe Machine" hit 18 consecutive fk>or %>ta and 
flotahed tlie pme with a potato, SO of diem comii^ ta tbe setspnd 
hatf. Tnvis hit Ma last diree slwto U the flnt half and thai 4»me 
back to Mt Ms first f ifte«i shota in the second half before he finally 
miaaed. It sounds almost incredibler^tot ta sports anydilng can 

-I- -!--»- + -♦- 

Coach or psychologist? In Saturday night's televised Maryland- 
Vhrginia buketbaU game, viewers got to see two coach- 
peychokigista in action. Lefty Driesell pitted his crowd noise 
against Bill Gibs(m's box (rf Swedish Wool. Virginia coach Bill 
Oibeon consulted an audiologist for a solution to Maryland's noise, 
which had previously been m«isured at lis decibels. 130 decibels is 
the threshold ol pain and is the sound level of a jet plane at takeoff. 
A m^al saw produce 110 decibels, and a large [meumatic riveter 
registers la decibels. Swedish wool blocks out loud noises, but 
normal voiCM can still be heard. Maryland coach L^ Driesell 
has his .{layers practice to recordings of loud crowd noise. Ac- 
oirdii^ to dbe screen on my "tube," Virginia was not bothered by 
die crowd noise. Maryland won anyhow. 

Headttng the spnts committees for tbe Virginia Beach Chamber Oi 
Cnnmerce are Ray Richartsmi. boating and fishing, John^KeDrt 
golf, and G«Hge Hams, tennis. The committee chairman % 19Z3|, 
wae announceCby Chamber president George Davis. 

llie f irat ^oasible matdiHip of the two young sensations (rf womofa 
temria takefptace ttis weekend in Dallis* Texas, when 17 year olr 
Ctaii^v«i'andy^tn^an EvonneGcologoi^ are featured in ' 
iunl^Mffllmei^. Eveme won at WtoMeton l»t year, and «' 
CJiria wn ta TidewatH- to open tbej^ow Ten nis center, she 
diat^vonne was the giii she wouldliiQSt Uke to^lay. If tiiey bo,0i 
«to ttieir preHmtaary matoh«i, tl» first match between Chris a^ | 
Evoime will take place in "Big D." 

The Martinsville double-head^ goto underway at 1 p.m. on Sundaytii 
March 19th at the Martinsville Speedway, a .525 mile traxA 
fea hiring sure-handling and t^t-runntag by competing drivers. It j^ 
looks as though 150 entries from 13 states will be gunning tuf^;*. 
starting positiorai in either the 250-tap model sportsman or the 2S^^'e, 
lap modified race, boUi NASCAR sanctioned. Entries taclude Btt 
Dennis, Ray Hendrick, Sonny Hutehins, Al Grinnan, and SandV^^ 
Hutchinson. __.__^_ . . '"^Z 

. -H-M-l- 

Men, chedc your flies! The Virginia Beach Anglers' Club Bass 
Tournament at Lake anith is just two we^s away. Make sure your 
flies are tied and your tackle box ready for tournament action on 
March adi and ath. 

Theman who "tavented" badcetball never got a penny for his ta- 
ventlMi even though the sportrakes in millions of hilars each year. 
Dr. James Naismidi was hmiored by a U.S. postage stamp, 

-i- -!--»- -1-4- . - 

Ctarcle March 20th on your calendar if you want tickete for the 
Yankees-Meta game on April 4th at Metro Park. The two major 
league bas^iall teams come to Tidewater the first Tuesday in April 
iw an exhibition, and it is expected that tickets to our minor league 
stadium will go quickly. Tickete will go on sale March 20th at the 
lldes' office ta Metro Pfrk. 

-i- +-♦--♦- -I- 

What major league manager ptayed in the major leagues for eight 
seasons, tacluding two World Series, and never fiit a home run nor 
stole a base during his entire career? Ralph Houk is the man, and 
he is now managing the New York Yankees. 


Clyde McCuUough and Bud Metheny deserve a word of jn-aise. Bodi 
are very bu^ men, yet they took time to conduct a baseball clinic 
at Plaza Junior High School last Wednesday and Thursday. 
Metheny is baseball coach for Old Dominion University and always 
Mds t^eam diat is a NCAA contender. McCuUough is the manager 
of the Tklewater Tides and is now getttag back to full speed after 
■tfferii^ a recent heart attack. It is great when young baseballers 
can get ptaytag tips firsthand Arom men they lock up to and respect. 

Beach Girl Gymnasts 
Sweep Regional Meet 



A paraphrase of the words of 
the noblest one of them all, 
Caesar, would also be an 
aprqios way to describe the girl 
gymnaste of Virginia Beach 
"who went, who competed, and 
who conquered." liie Bead) 
girls walked away with 
evoydiing but die gymnastic 
equipment at he Eastern 
Regional Girls' Gyninastic 
Meet last Saturday at Wilson 
High School in Portsmouth, 
ta-mging back all 18 medals that 
were awarded. 

Tlie Eastern Regional Meet 
included schods in Portsmouth, 
Chesapeake, Peninsula, and 
Virginia Beach. The top three 
winners in each category 
qualified for the state meet 
which will be held in Arlington 
on March 18th. In addition to the 
eighteen winners in the six 
categories, Bayside's Bess 
Owens, Kempsville's Debbie 
Simmers, and Princess Anne's 
Vicki Liskey also will go to the 
state meet. 

The eighteen Beach winners, 
three in each categ(H7, follow in 
ordo* of their finish. In the all- 
round competition, a girl is 
judged in her performance in 
four of the five evente, tam- 
bling, \mt>vm parallel bars. 


balance beam, free 
and vaulting. Cox's Cindy fAli^ 
winner of the first place ta tile 
all-around category, finished 
widi first places in three of IW 
five events— uneven parall^ 
bars, balance beam, and trd^' 



, Tumbling 
1st. Nan Dick-P. Anne 
2nd. Cindy Ellis-Cox 
3rd. Brend^ Coles-Bayside 

Uneven Parallel Bars 
1st. Sandy Conkwright-Cox 
2nd. Linda Creasy-P. Anne 
3rd. Sharon James-Kemps. 

Balance Beam 
ist. Sandy Conkwright-Cox ^' 
2nd. Babsi Meadows-Kemps/; 
3rd. Lynne Hadley-F.Col(via|; 

Free Exercise ' 

1st. SaniEly Conkwright-Cox 
2nd. Linda Creasy-P. Anne 
3rd. Linda Jones-P. Anne '. > 

Vaulting , * 

1st. Cindy Ellis-Cox 

2nd Nan Dick-P. Anne - 

and (tie) ^ 

Babsi Meadowas-Kemps!' 


Best All-round 
1st Sandy Conkwright-Cox 
2nd Linda Creasy-P. Anne 
3rd. Lynne Hadley-P. Anne 






TtwCi right, Mmm \nmm\ Ym buy • 2-YMr SMtry ^■ 
tifieMi, and WWII |h« you Mm bnmtt . . . hniMdlMMyl 
WdM*! nora, you em >■«• yaw ii^arait.4%~ln oMti . . . OR 
In «« form «f • "tanui lift" tiM riMit tor MOHf ttan your 

MStyMM dolni iMt? Ifi timpla. You'ra doina M « tavor by 
pimini your iwlnp wrttti M. And NO Mm you to know m 

vou Mnr A a.yiAft MviNGi 







k « «niit 



















PIrif with fMlly PrM ChMking • Plrtt with Sot urday Banlclngl 

• Ptrtf with Advance littwrMtl 



t ^ 

If **• ■' 

• s* «•» 


r pi I 





\ mlm > ■ ■ Ill I II. 



RATE$; For claulfiM 
^lay •dvMrtltllHI. ta.lO 
pir column Inch, with a 
SiitO minimum chargt 
Mttpt on contract basto. 
Ffrtt U wer«i In atralf lit 
chMlflad aro S3.M. Lower 
ritM may ba eamad. 

OEADLlMe for 
cliulflatt «< claMifiad 
display la Noon on tlia 
rvasday prior to 
wbtlcatlen data, 
^laca ada at tlia SUN 
offica 3101 Pacific 
/^•nua. Virginia taaelt. 
-Va. SMSI or mall to 
flaMlfiad D«ak, P.O. Box 
07' or ptiono 4n.240i. 
Claiiltladi ara pricad en a 
taih bailt; paymant It 
iut upon rtcalpt of 
jtttw«»nt. ' 


DrHiniiaking, # 

Altaratlona, ft 
Ropalrtii Man'a, 
woman's and ehlldrant. 
Mllltkry tool 
Raaaonibia 4M49S0. 

Va. laach coupla naadi 
financial aid. PiatM. 
can yau lialp ui. Phena 
4M-1M1 aftar « p.m. 

thdaySf prametlonalt, 
and orand opanlnta. 
Call M7-H97; 4n-4i|9. 

BBADSIl Cryitai Auraa 
Boraala prepallor, 
facatad. teacart paarii 
on dbl. atrina. Aaaort- 
mant of otliar typa 
baada. (araijile tup- 
pllai li «raanw«ra. 4M- 

FREE— 1,000 nama ft 
addrass lablai wllfi a 
donation of tl.OO or 
mora for aacli sat. 
Chaptar 20, Olsablad 
American Vatarans. 
fHO. BOX 2041, Va. 
Baach, 334S2. (Paid for 
by OAV) 

Twenty years 
professional aarvlea. 
Free cenaultatlon aM 
ilttonates. Call 4S«-SlSf 
or 499-4S22 avaninss 
a«d waakanda. 
SUMES In Mallbu 

1-immrmo. i3-$f tcwi sovices 

needed for Immediate 
employment. t4IO 
monttily to start. Largo 
National Company. 
Call 4W.27W. 

Experience in "^ con- 
• t ruction ad- 
ministrative work, 
shop drawings, com- 
ponent of building 
atructure, ft housing 
prelects. Contact Mr. 
John Kirkpatrick ft 
Assoclistes inc. Corner 
•t S. Birdneck ft 
Prosperity Or. or call 
42S-M171 EQUAL OPP, 

Draperies. Slipcover* ft 
Upholstery !l Custom 
made In my home. Free 
estimates. Serge seams 


Restyling ft Repairs I 
Ladles ft Mens 
clothing. 411 V^ 22 St. 
(Rear cottage) 421-7 377 


Eloctrieai Contractor 

installation ft Repairs 

Free Estimates 427-1144 


P1RE WOOD hi S30 
Allarsacofd. 444-M3f 

MINI biKE - 2Vi H.P. 
recently overhauled. 
Excellent condition. 
t90. Call 421-5490 after 5 
p.m. Clay Phillips 

Dictating Machine + 
Gray ETC, almost new. 
Cost $400, will sell for 
tlOO. Call Mr. Brumbtcy 

Rustic Medltteranesn 
llvingroom furnttgre. 
Sofa chair and pecaii 
coffee table ft end 
table. $275 or best oHer. 
420-2401 or 428-4415 
after 5. 


t-IEimi nap WTD . 

required, construction 
axpar lance preferred. 
Contact Kirk Patrick ft 
AsseclatN Inc., corner 
Of South Birdneck Rd. 
ft Prosperity Or. or call 
42J.5417. AN EQUAL 


needed Ipimedlatelyl 

. Several job openlngsl 
1010 for appt. call 499- 



»% OMceunt Ofl Anything 
iaStoek March omy 

1748 Va.Bch. Blvd. 
Obbbue- 428 ^120 

MDn.-Frl. I*8 iknii 
Sit 10 •.m.«0 pi.m. 


r\m» ooyplB with to 
acfept ont or two 
c h i I d r B n b«- 
twBwi thtagBiof 1 
day to 10 yBars. All 
rB pltBs^« )nfidBntial. 


S2 aftar B 


tnfractora ft Hama 
Buildars-Lat us help 
you with that new liome 
• additions • or rapaira 

JifM^ eui f u r Bl a h 
materliis from 
basement to attic and 
aW you ^ financing.' 

Phone: Ketlam ft Eaton, ' 


In your heme day or 
niOhti S9 and up: 400- 

>rtralts In Pencil or 
Charcoal, done from 
PMographa $30 Call 


III danate a Kodak 
Cavaiade copy 
machine to churcti w 
noniprorit organization. 
Call 425-1818. 


RAiNEB • Large 

Mtlanai company hai 
>paning for car Mr 
^ded man. Profit 
mting bonua pre^am 
>nd otfiar benefits, 
^onpiote tratning 
trogram. Rapid ad- 
ancement. Start $010. 
;alt 499.27*3. 

NAaBMRNT- Young 
:orp9raMn seeking 
Management PersontM 
6 Mrk part-time hi 
idewater area. Abave 
v'erage income. For 
if^matlen and ap- 
ointment, call 
ieywrt IMin, 0774701 
etwaan 3 ft S p.m. 

BuolnaM Is buuing Oftd 
wa naMptiaiB. Wottt a 
gOod diraar in real 

■ aatata. Apply today. 

, Call Tom Kana 497.40S1 
Nights 340-1700. Orowi 
wltlr^Realtors. Sfohl. 
Raatty Corp. 

Ambitious couple who 
needs more Income. 
Unusual apportwity 
for good earnings for 
both. Work together 
part time or full time. 
Phone 440-1094 for appt. 
Sorry no Info, over the 

New firm opening in 
Tidewater area. Need 4 
managament trainees 
for immed. piacaf^ent 

pany benefltsr^in^ 
centlve plans. If you're 
tired of earning less 
than $200 a week call 
Mr. Nash 400-1101 11 
a.m. til 4 p.m. 

davelop and ceoMinate 
afternoon aetivity 
program for pra-school 
youngsters. ex- 
parlance wifh 
knewladga of and love 
for young children 
required. Noon to 4 
SCHOOL 4204S05. 

firm nao* managers in 
sales and parsonnai, 
full pr part time. Call 
aftar «m 404.74S9. 

ii-smiiTioiis m 

WILL Baby-sat In my 
ileansod home. Ages 2 
to 6. By appt. only. 
Fenced yard. 420-7934. 

BABYSittlng any length 
of time. Day or night. 
Will Board! Phone 404- 

PLACESI Chimney 
sweeping and fireplace 
repair. Dampers in- 
stalled or fixed. Fur- 
nace cleaning. Call 438- 
73S0 Va. Beach 
Chimney sweepers. 


"If the leaves and lawn 
have gotten you down, 




Leaf removal, fertilizing, 
seeding, tree removM. 
fire wood, mowing, 
weeding, trimming and 
adgeing, YOU NAME 
(Y WE DO IT. 444-3932 



ksnd new 1972 Siniar ssw- 
id! madiiaai. Never been 
UMd. Equipped to do ffloit 
beds" toiS49.9Sr~™- 
IHistie) ' 

■^♦'ll'-a'- ■ I P.m. 




B*W$1S; COLOR $20 



^LUTE, LOMonte 

soprano c silver. 

Excellent Condition. 

*?.•-'• •"*• •ecessorles. 

$100. 444-5471. 

used. Professional 
Instrument. $400. 340- 


AKC registered, 9 
weeks, mother and 
father pedigreed, 
wormed. 588-4449 

REVERE 3M background 
music system. Stereo 
channels, can be used 
for home or office. 
Changes tapes 
automatically to play 
for 15 hours without 
resetting. Cost $700. 
Will sell for $1S0. 
Practically new. Call 
J^r. jBEMWtbley 428-2401 


aquiriiun aoceasoriea. 



1973 P 



saM state savUBsLThiaa 

190110 FMUGifr SALES 
(oaa Moefc esst of Priacesi 


reglatared, baairtiful 3 

yr. oMmala, all papers, 

great blood line. $7i 

Call 4974973. 

C H IjH U A H U'A S - 
BMutifui fawn color 
pufl^les. 444-3933 

A JFC registared. Male. 
lOAonths old. 499-4197. 


problems are solved 
with Barnes ft Barnes 
Home Improvement 
specialists. For free 
estimates on room 
additions, plumbing, 
roofing, general repair, 
clearing lots. Call 
anytime. 423-0945; 
nights 422-9234 

32-HOUSEHOlP 600D$ 

brand new s a ts S 99 . 9S 


Kyou tuna an article 
lB|ife awsgr f or 


yon can fiaet an ad in 
for FREE! 

JusteaU 42S-7264 


f«r info and pladnf ! 

Japenes* Black Pln«s, 
Azaleas, Cametias, 
Gardenias, Field 
grown. 1440 Maharls 
Rd. Lakevlew Parle, 
Va. Beach 464-0344. 


One bedroom efficiency 
apt. Seasonal leas*. 
One block from ocean. 
Very comfortable! 
Phone 425-7244 8:30 'til 

Efficiency In private 
home. LIvlnpbed, 
bath. Enclosed porch. 
Seoarate entrance, 
kitchen References. 

bedroom duplex; 
stove; refrigerator; 
water; $130; call 497- 

VERY NICE modern one 
bedroom furnished apt. 
All utilities included. 
One block from ocean 
on Pacific Ave. 
Available through June 
1. Call 486-3433 before 
S; 4286485 after 5. 
■ " ' I m 


Bachelor efficiency, 
panelled; carpsted; 
utilities, phone; $135 
month. 425-0478. 


Beach winter rental, 1 
bedroom apartments, 
TV, kitchen: from $115 
with utilities, 428-5333 

28th St. 3 ft 4 rooms; 
turn, heated; $30 up, 
weekly. 489-4070 


New Sun Employee 
desires apt or house to 
rent on a yearly basis. 
Approx. $130 or 
thereabout. Phone 428- 
2401 or 623-7258 after 6 


Gracious White Brick 
Wiiiiamsburg: newly 
decorated interior 
bewtlfully landscaped 
90»^ lot. 4|B-1223 

SHORES— 4 bedroom, 2 
bath brick ranch, on 
Long Creek, pier, 
extras, o wner. 460-0366 

PLAZA $17,500 3 
bedroom Ranch, cosy, 
immaculate home. Call 


We have buyers and . 
tenants waiting for 
property in all areas of 
Virginia Beach. Call us 
to sell or rent yours. 
Stohi Realty 



pro f as a l ewa l teacher. 

Call 428-4771. 

Guitar lessons by ex- 
perienced Instructor. 
Various finger styles 
taught. A must for folk 
singers. Beginners 
vMlcome. 425-0909. 
accepting applications 
for admlaslen to pre- 
kindergarten ft kin- 
dargartan clasaas. Also 

• all day child .care for > 
fall term. A few 
openings available 

. now. Call 428-4545 for 

TUTORING: Math ft 
Physics; certified 
teacher, B.S. in math. 
Reasonable. Call «5- 

8415. • 


ELECTRICIAN ■ service 
changes, houses 
rewired, electric heat 
installad, dryers, any 
e4«iar AKtrlcai wwrk 
dene. »S-9I37. 

Custom made home 
caektaN bwt. Mi aize 
or sMpa 340-9B94 Aftw 

COUPLE wJH baard 
0ilfdran in Nia^ twna, 
\^V raason^Mil il7.- 

Includes Avasar with 
mirror, chest of 
drawers and double 
bed. To be soM for 
$99.95 each. Inspect in 
wai'ehause. UNITED 
Va. Beach Blvd., (one 
btock east of Princess 
Theatre) Mon-Fri: 10 
a.m. -7 p.m. Sat: 9 a.m.- 
1 p.m. 

Sears Coppertone Dish- 
washer, Like New 
Condition. $160. 424- 



vaciMim Cleaner* to tM loW 
for a0».a8 each. 
CM) or terms. 


3010 Vs. Maen Blvd. 
(one Wock east of Prinam 

31-FOR mmW ONJY 


For Scirtptress Bras. 
How would you Ilka a 
busmaaa af your ownt 
Earn cars, vacations, 
home and high ear- 
nings. Full or part 
time, with double time 
pay. May l tell you 
. more. Call 499-2741 or 

37-llgC RMI SALE 

« 415, like new, stand 
Included. $325, was $525 

MASNA^^n portable 
starae, t detachable 
SMakars, gaad con- 
dltien. 42S4M7i. 

HOUND- No Dapeers. 
Free to good home. 2 
yr. old female. Loves 
kids. Call 484-3430, Mr. 


kReglstered, Male l yr. 

Excellent with 

children. $50.00. Phone 


"^TOY POODLEExcelient 
pedigree. S75 and up. 
Also stud service. 484- 

PUPPY Black, Male, A 
K C registered. S75. 484- 

■ »aggy dog from Tibet, 
AKC registered. $100 ft 
up. nO-2383. 

Cocker Female 
registered. Blond 4 
months, had all shots. 




IT'S SPRING Planting 
Timel Free eOpy 48 pg. 
Planting Guide Catalog 
In color-offered by 
Virginia's largest 
growers of fruit trees, 
nut trees, berry plants, 
grape vines, land- 
SMping plant matwiai. 
Salespeople wahted. 
WaynMbore Nurserles- 
Waynesboro. Va. 27M0, 


Have dM most to off« . 
Many models (o choose 
tran . . . Come in and 
plan yoHi hoUd^t . . 

Mny Mondu To fvf 


3757 BONNEY RD. 

HIGHLANDER ■ 1969 12 x 
51 2 bedrooms, 10 x 7 
shed, polyester car- 
peting. On Jot! $3750. 

NEW MOON1969; 12 X 40 
With 8x 10, slide a bay. 
1'? baths 3 bedrooms, 
furnished, skirted, 
located on lange l^|,ln 
modern park. Saoo and 
assume 4990335. ^ 

MANATEE 1968 12' X 60', 2 
Bedroom; Wastier ft on 
lot; equity and assume; 


CAM ARC 1969 Z28: 350 
HP; 302 cu. In., engine 
391; posltraetlon rear 
end; Hooker Headers; 
Holley 350; duel feed 
carborator: Hurst 4- 
speed; red witt» white 
composition stripes; 
117m): call 420-7685. 

$500 It assume 
payments of $101 for 32 
mos. 460 0583*'* 

AMERICAN 1968, 12' x 
54 ,2 bedroom, oir' 
conditioned, cer^tii, 
wasj^, on ,.r,r>ot: 

SKYLINE 1970; 12' X 40', 3 
bedrooni, unfurnished, 
lust take over loan 
payments. Call be- 
tween 3 and 7 p.m. 404- 


HONDA '71 Treil 70. Good 
Condition. $200. 484. 

I. oal Not I. fs 

TAKE NOTICE that aftar 
this datt I will not be 
responsible for any debts 
unless contracted for by 
me In person. 

"" E lme r GrSa h ry Jr. 



In the Clerk's Office Of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, Oh 
the 9th day of February, 

tSS *■ *•'""•"■ 


Mantheo Weiiman, 



The obiect of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant upon 
the grounds of continuous 
separation for over two 

And an affWavtt having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is a non- 
rofident of the State of 
.Virginia* the last known 
post otf ice addreiss being : 
General Delivery, 
Statesviiie, North 
Carolina. It Is ordered that 
he do appear here within 
ten (10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his interest in this 




J. Curtis Fruit. Deputy 


E.C. Powell p.q. 

3454 Seweils Point Road 

NoHoik, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 16th day of February, 

Ronald Lee Worlds, 



Helen E. Ownes Worlds, 



The Mtiect-of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrintonfl from 
the said defendant, upon 
the grounds of that the 
parties have lived 
separate and apart 
without any cohabitation 
and without interruption 
tor two years pursuant to 
Section 20-91 (9), Code of 
Virginia 1950 . as 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is not a 
resktent of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office address being : 
572 Eager Ave. New Ywk 
City, New York. 

It Is ordered tfiat she do 
appear here within (10) 
ten days after due 
publication hereof, and do 

corner. Beginning at 
the northwest corner of 
the prt^erty at the 
Norfolk Southern 
Railroad and running 
east along said road 72 
feet; thence running 
soufl) in feet; thence 
west 72 feet; thence 
north 138 feet to point of 
beginning, and con- 
taining one-fifth acre, 
more or less. This 
property being In 
Pungo District of the 
City of Virginia Baacb, 
Virginia. Being the 
same property 
acquired by Sarah E. 
Brock from Moses E. 
Coston, Widower, dated 
March 24, 1950, and 
recorded In deed book 
570 at page 147 in the 
Clerk's Office 
TERMS: Cash. The 
succeMful bidder will be 
required to deposit 10 per 
cwit of the purchase price 
— irt--thr-ttnra that^ fha- 
property is knocked d^n 
to him, with the balance to 
be paid within ten tlO) 



in the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
CTty of Virginia Beach, on 
the 0th day of February, 

Ruby Tumey Torres, 


Carles Torres. Defendant. 

The obiect Of this suit Is 
for the said plaintiff to 
obtain an annulment frpm 
the said defendant, upon 
the grounds, of fraud m 
procurement of the 

And an affWavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant Is net a 
resWent af the State of 
Virginia, the laat known 
POST office address being : 
Fresno, CalMernla. It is 
ordered that ha do appear 
here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication 
hereof, and do what may 
be necessary to protect his. 
Interest in this suit. 
A copy— Teste: 

J. Curtiss Fruit, Deputy 

Mr. Jay Zimmerman, 

Law Building, 
Narvik, Virginia 23510 



This is to notify the 
public that the un- 
dHBlBned. trading as 

will within ten days after 
publication of this notice 
apply to the Virginia State 
Alcoholic Beverage 
Control Board for a 
lleensa to sell mixed. 
beverages for oh premises 
consumption, and beer 
and wine for on-off 
premises consumption. 
Richmond, Inc. 
32 and Ocean 
(Ocean Ranch MOtei) 
Mrs. Brenda J. Weiss 


This is to notify the 
public that the un- 
dersigned, trading as 
SNACK SHOP will within 
ten days after publication 
of this notice apply to the 
Virginia State Alcoholic 
Beverage Control Board 
for a license to sell beer 
for on and off premises 

2105 Atlantic 
Va. Beach, VA 33451 
Mrs. Brenda J. Weiss 


' Legal NotK.cs 

over a period of two (2) 
years without resumption 
Of cohabitation. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is not a 
resktent of Me State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office aiMress being: 
Box 644, Hartford, 

It Is ordered that he do 
appear here within 10) 
(ten) days attar due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his Interest in this 

Phyllis N. Styron, Deputy 


Mr. Fred W. Richter, 


610 Law Building 

Norfolk, Virginia 23510 


fJ„y'^0ln»4»Meh, Public 
Utliltles Division, for a 
USE PERMIT to con 
shruct a lumping station 
dn certain property 
beginning at a point 400 
feet more of less North 
Llnler Drive on the North, 
west corner of winwood 
Drive. Said parcel Is 40 
feat by 40 feet. (LInlier 


Richard J. Webbon 
City Clerk 




^;t::tr,*:!:r:!S!^rr.!? — rrR^-wgim. eiiH 

65-A-M08IU HmES 

HATTERAS1971,12xtt. 2 
backrooms, completely * 
furnished, air eond, 
waaNr. ^g ft assume 
m«ifhlyp|wm«its. 425- 

protect her Interest in mis 


A Copy— Teste: 



Sandra Hargrove, D. 


Robert Lee Simpson 
3500 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 


BY VIRTUE of the 
terms of that certain Deed 
Of Trust, dated January 
18, 1948, from Sarah Brock 
to William H. Martin, Jr., 
Trustee, and recorded in 
the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 
in deed book 1041 at page 
630, and by virtue of that 
certain Appointment of 
Trustee recorded In the 
Clerk's Office ataresald In 
deed book 1255 at page 645, 
the undersigned Trustee, 
having boM notified of 
default in payment of the 
debt therein swured, and 
other breaches of the 
covenants therein con- 
tained, and at the request 
of the creditor thereby 
secured, will offer for sale 
at public auction to the 
highest bidder, at the 
Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 
on March 30, 1972, at 9:30 
a.m., the following 
proi»rty, to-wlt: 
ALL of that certain piece 
or parcel of land being 
on the road leading 
from Pungo Rl^e 
Road to Charity Church 
being at the In- 
Mrsactien 9t said and 
Norfolk Southern 
Raltraad. Norttiwest 

Bureau of Police have In 
their possession 60 boys 
and girls bicycles, six 
boats, surfboards, and 
miscellaneous Items that 
will be subject to auction 
sale if not claimed before 
March 17, 1972. Persons 
who can give proof of 
ownership may report to 
Police Headquarters at 
Princess Anne Courthouse 
between the hours of 1:00 
P.M. and 4:00 P.M. To 
make such claims, 
Monday through Friday. 
Auction will take place 
Friday, March 17, 1972, 
starting at one o'clock In 
the area behind police 
headquarters at Princess 
Anne Courthouse. All 
articles not claimed will 
be sold at public auctlw 
by the department of 
public safety. 


Reeves E. Johnson 
Inspections Engineer 



In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, en 
the 3rd day of March, 1972. 
Pauline C. Gautiar, 

Melvin T. Gautiar, 


The MIect of Mils suit to 
fw me said plaintiff to 
obtain a di^rce a vinculo 
matrimonii from Mie saw 
defendant, upon the 
grounda af saparatlen far 


The Virginia Beach 
Board of Zoning Appeals 
will conduct a special 
Public Hearing on 
Tuesday, March 21, 1972. 
at 5:30 p.m. in the in- 
spection Division office. 
City Hail. Virginia Baach, 
Virginia. The following 
applications will appear 
on the agenda. 

i. R.L. Coakiay requests 
a variance of 20 feet from 
required 50 feet to 30 feet 
front yard setback and 
variance of 10 feet from 
required 30 feet to 20 feet 
side corner setback of Lot 
20, Tract B, Section 1, 
Sandbrldga Beech, 
Sandflddler Road and 
Bass Street. Princess 
Anne Borough. 

11. D.A. Sprinkle 
requests a variance of 3 
feet from required 4 fief 
to 3 feet rear yard setback 
of Lot 185, Larkspur, 
Section 4, 4537 Gieneagle 
Drive. Kempsv'Yile 

ill. Andrew S. Fine 
requests a variance of 4 
feet from required 10 feet 
to 4 feet rear yard setback 
of Lot 3, Block 11, Section 
E, Cape Henry Syndicate, 
4810A Ocean Avenue. 
Lynnhaven Borough. 

iV. George L. Ayers 
requests a variance of 7 
feet from required 14 yeet 
to 9 feet both sMe yard 
setbacks of 4.0t 105A, 
Thalia Shorea, €rabtree 
Lane. Kempsvllle 

V.HenryC.Shaldby M. 
Larry Blum, Agent, 
requests a variance of 20 
feet frewn required 50 feet 
^to 30 feet front yard set- 
back of Lot 22, Tract C. 
Section 2, Sandbrldge 
Beach, 3132 Sandflddler 
Road. Ptmgo Boroi^h. 

VI. Herbert L. Moir 
requests e variance of 
22.50 squere feet of sign 
area Instead of sign area 
on parcel. South side of 
Sandbrldge , Road . and 
west side of Hell Creek, 
Sandbrldge Road. 
Princess Anna Borough. 
W.L. Towels 


In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beech, on 
the 6th day of March, 1972. 
Costley L. Mircheil, 

-Pearl--V^^»ehf-M1rcheth — 


The obiect of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant upon 
the grounds of 2 year 

And an affWavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant Is a non- 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office address being: 
Bronx, New York, New 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here within ten 
(10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect her Interest In this 

A copy— Teste: 

J. Curtis Fruit, De^ty 

Victor J. Ashe Atty. 
702 Plaza One East 
Norfolk, Virginia 



The regular meeting of 
the CouMil « the City of 
Virginia Beach will be 
held In the Council 
Chambers of the Ad- 
minlstretion Building, 
City Hell, Princew ^ne 
Slot ion, Virginia Baach, 
Virginia, on Monday, 
March 37, 1972. at 2:00 
P.M. at which time the 
tallowing application will 

1. Appiicatien of the City 


ui the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach on 
the 29th day of February, 

Gerald D. Whalton, 

Mary Lorraine Whealton, 


Theob|ectof thissuitis 
to obtfin a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant, upon 
the grounds dl desertion 
and separation for more 
than two years. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
dlllgenqehasbeen used by 
or on behalf af the plaintiff 
to ascertain in what 
county or corporation 
such defendant is, without 
effect, the said defendant 
may be a non-rasldeiit of 
the State of Virginia, the 
last known post office 
address being; 1629 
Hedgerow Dr., Virginia 
Beach, Virginia. 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here within ten 
(10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what m*y be necessary to 
protect her interest in this 
Ik A copy— Teste: 


Sandr'ft^ergrove 0. Clei k 

Harry J, MiCks 

524 independence Bhrd. 

P.O. Box 62484 

Virginia Beach, VA 23462 

3-9,16.21,301 • 



in the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 6th day of March, 1972. 
Carle Rehnback Ger- 
nheuser. Plaintiff, 

Thomas E. Gernheuser, 


The obie^ of this suit to 
for the said plaintiff to 
obtain a divorce a roensa 
at thoro from the said 
defendant, upon the 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affMavIt hav|i« 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is not a 
resldant of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office address being: 
539 Whitiock Street, 
Toledo, Ohio 
It is ordered that he do 

appear here within 10 
(ten) days after due 

publication hereof, and do 

what may be necessary to 

protect his interest in this 


A copy— Teste; 


Phyllis N. Styron, Deputy 


Mrs. A.J. Canada, Jr. 


4334 Virginia Beach Blvd., 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 



John Monaco, 768 
DeLaura Lane, and 
Dolores Mae McGowan, 
760 DeLaura Lane. 

Warren Jeffrey ZlzzI, 

Nw^lk, and Paula An- 


Bayberry Street. 

Robert Hinton Williams, 
Jr., 1412 B. Maison Ct., 
and Judy Kay Carter, 5612 
B Holly Road. 

Gary Ei«0ood Miller, 
Greenville, N.C. and 
Susan Lee Kdler, 4613 
Miles Standtoh Road. 

Jimmie Lee Ouzts. 
Oceana, and Linda Lee 
Richardson. 1514 B In. 
diana Ave. 

Mark Steven Aldrldge, 
3044 Coach House Land, 
and Colleen Marie 
McAfee, 3825 Charter Oak 

Larry irvin Cain. 
Norfolk, Mid Katheryne 
Anne Cook. 14 Outer 

Nicholas Emert Rogers, 
Norfolk, and Joan Loretta 
Test, Rt-3, Box 3093. 

Lance Andrew 
Frederick, 3104 Herbor 
Lane, and Rebecca 
Amparo Pacheco, 3104 
Harbor Lane. 

Robert Owens San- 
deriin, Jr.. n» Elder St.. 
and Cathy Lee Myers, 2344 
S. Wotfsnare Drive. 

Edward Washington 
Few, III, 430 Davis St., 
and Wllma Eveiyen 
Griffith, 3710 Shore Drive. 

August William Elliott, 
Jr., Arlington, ai^ RaBon 
Tucker Wilson, S6M HoHy 

Michael Ray Water- 
field, Rt. 5, Bttc ^01 DA, 
and LilllMi Yvonne 
Leggett. 3300 Florence St. 

SteiMn Meek cartw. 
Oceana, and t amMa My 
Crem«-, 310 3Mi M. 

Danny Ray Mo«*e, 4414 
Edwardian Ct., and 
R««me EiakM ic^, 4f7 
Lynftsna^H wrl^rg. - 

waoerw ■mS wiw^ana, jr., 
mt Ar« tl<Aue ., and 

8304 AMMtte Am. 





i ' 



j 1 







' -V in fht dtrkl OWw ©I 
., -ttit Clrc«rtt Court ©♦ IM 
, City «f yirsmit »t»eh, « 

tttt tit»i <l»y of Ftbrutry, 
" »' IW., 
■; i'J«fntt ^. C»rb«rry, 


'C«r»»yn S. C»T.b«rfy, 

• >'« Thi i«t*ct of mi» suit ti oMaMi i divorct t 

r I- vinculo matrimonii from 

**m MM «tf««Mmf, u|>on 

»it (p^unA of ii4*»rtiwi 

•. .'W • pwM of timt m 

.. •ire^ Of on« il> y^r. 

And an affidavit having 

Man mada and f1f*d fftat 

••'*»fl»a dafvndant la not a 

"■ '.''raaldant of tfie Statt of 

. ...v^^lnla, tha laat Mown 

, . poatoffiea addraaa J^ii« : 

f 331» O'Hara Dr , Macon, 

"''' Siwtia ai?il4,, not a 

'«« rMUant of tha - Stata of 

Vk'ttnia, It It ordarad that 

, , ,!M» do appear Hurt within 

**W^ m) days aftar dua 

■^'^'publication hartW, and do 

',<» what may ba nacestary to 

jprotact har Intaraat In thli 


'' :' AC<H>yTa»t*JOHNV. 


, BY : Sandra H«vova D. 


■'/f'Fradarick s. Lowa 
'•*• ^Ita 404 Mallbu Tewart 
,n.<3a6 Vlfflinla taach tivd. 
^f,, Vifsinia taaciv va, 23453 

'' 3-J,f,U,23 

tf^y-Comm onwaal th of 
.5, ■Virginia, 

In tha Clark's Olflea of 
tha Circuit Court of tha 
rioi'city of Vlrfllnia Baach, on 
.'roi- tha 25th day of Pabrwary, 

'4,Charyl PrlaaL Cappar, 
''^ 'Walntiff, '•' 
>* agalnat 

.-vStavan Patil Coopar, 
Datandant. ,, 

Thaebfactof ttilaaultn 
to obtain a divorca a 
vinculo mafrlmonH from 
fht said defandant, upon 
tha grounds of mora, than 
>,' two y aa r s ' • e otrtttw^ 
.^•aparatlon of t»» purflai!' 
''' And an affidavit having 
''•baan made and fllad that 
'f^.tha defendant Is not a 
•...-..rasWant of the Stata of 
^s Virginia, the last known 
post office address baing : 
Grand Island, Nebraska, 
, not resident of the State of 
•'■ Virginia, It is ordered that 
,d ha do appear hwe wtthin 
...ten (10) days aftar due 
.publication hereof, and do 
what may ba ntcaswry to 
protect his Interest In this 

A copy-Taste; JOHN V. 
BV : Sandra Hai^ri^M D. 


"Joseph u, Lyie, Jr. 
'P.O. lox 3341 
VDnsinla leach, VA 





Jrhls nth Day oftPabrsary 

March, l?7l, at tha 
courthouse thiraof« 
Princess Anne itatten, at 
10:00 o'clock A.M., or •« 
soon thereafter as counsat 
may be heard, tor tha 
appointment of com* 
misslonars to ascertain 
lust compensation at 

And It appearing by 
a'ffldavit filed according 
to law that tha following 
wvnars are not resMenta 
of the Stata of Virginia, or 
their names and ad- 
eh^sses are not known antf 
that diligence has been 
v*td by and on behalf of 
the petitioner to aacartain 
such names and addresses 
without effect:T.|0T. 

jnd hi| lian cradltors, if 
Wiy; ItlsOROIRIO that 
the aforesaid owners do 
appear within tan (10) 
days after due publication 
of this order in the Clerk's 
Office of the Circuit Court 
of the City of Virginia 
Seech, Virginia, and to do 
what Is necessary to 
protect their Interests; 
and It Is PURTHIR 
ORDERED that If any of 
tha above named owners 
desire to assert any M- 
jectton or defense to tha 
taking or damaging of hia 
property or to tha 
jurisdiction of tha Court to 
hear the case and to 
proceed with the ap- 
pointment of com- 
missioners he shall file his 
answer and grounds of 
defense dtslgnating the 
property In which he 
claims to be intereatad, 
tha grounda of any ob- 
jection of defense to the 
taking or damaging of his 
property or to the 
jurisdiction of the Court to 
hear the casa and to 
proceed with the ap- 
pointment of com- 
missioners tor tha 
determination 'of just 

Should any such owner 
fall to file hia answer and 
grounds of defense as 
hereinabove provided, 
such failure shall not 
preclude the owner from 
appearing on tha data set 
for the aiipolntment of 
commissioners nor from 
presenting evidence as to 
caluatlon and damage nor 
from sharing In tha award 
of just cempaniatlon 
acrardlng to his tntarait 
therein or otharwlsa 
protecting his rights, but 
such failure shall preclude 
such owner from any 
other deftnao by way of 
pleas In bar, abatamant or 

thli. ORDER than bar 
twfmriHmacutiva»wf«Hs in 
tfvfej^lrtia BMf^'itM, 

anflM^ h«rwf iMtf btt^ 

'Legal NoIk es 

which county or cor- 
poration tha defendant is, 
wtttiwt tffact, the laat 
ttnowti post office address 
balfw 4i« North Peyton 
St., Alexandria Va. 

It H ordered that ha do 
•ppatr hare within to 

, (tan) days after due 
publlettlen haraef, and do 
what may ba nacavMry to 

"- protect his Infaresf In this 

+ auW. 
A Copy— Taitt: 
John V. Penfraaa, Clark 
Margarat w. Brugh, O.C. 

Jos^h A. Jordan, jr. 

. "Atty.-. -v.--- ■■' 

1231 Va. iaaCh llyd. 
Norfolk, Virginia 3)504 



In tha Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of tha 
City of Virginia Baach, on 
the Uth day of Pebruary, 

Eugene Spencer, Ptaln- 


Geneva Spa near, 


Tha object of this suit Is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
tha said defendant upon 
tha grounds of two years 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant Is not a 
resMent of the State of 
Virginia, tha last known 
post office address being: 
1580 Pllmore It. Oary, 

It Is orclared that she do 
appear here within ten 
(10) days aftar dua 
publication hereof, and do 
what maybe necessary to 
protect her Interest In this 

A copy— Teste: 
Sandra Hargrove 0. Clerk 

Murphy, Bennett & Oorry 
500 Beach Tower Bidg. 
3330 Pacific Ave. 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 



In tha ClarK's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City Of Virginia Beach, on 
the 11th day of February, 

June Clapper Martinez. 



Alfred Martinai, 



Tha oBlaat Of thitsuitisx 
to obtain a- div«r«a a 
vincvle matrlmentt from 
tha law daftndant upon 
tha Broimii of tw« yaar 

And an affidavit havlnfl 
bean mada and fllad that 
tha defandant is a non- 
rasMant af tfia Itata of 
viroinlti tha last known 
postoffieo addraai baino: 
Naval Air Station, im- 


• Municipal 



fffl^y&^iffl^" •'?•••'•' '••e^' California 

t»yTaaMi JMI^V 

p:*«tfBsa^ tfark 


$)M Landtown Road 
Virginia Beach, virtlnia 


appear hare within tan 
(10) days aftar dua 
pubiieanon harMf, and do 
what m»Y ba nacaaHry to 
protect hli intorait in thia 


?117 Landtown Road < 
(Virginia Baach, Vlr||nla, 

In tha Clark's Offlca ef 

Circuit Court of tha 

^ , „ of Virginia Boaeh, on 

*«* ^tho lath day of Pobrwary, 

A copy— Tastoi 



J. Curtia Prult« 




Drawer 3, Box U47 
^^ai%APO San Pranelsco, 
Csllfornia, and if any of 
them be dei^ ^air 
survhrli^ spousll| If any, 
heirs at lew, devisees and 

?" Of slpna, w hose names are 
unknown, and the lien 
creditors of eny ef said 
parties, if any there be, 
and all other^yyy^^ns 
having an interest In the 
^operty to be condemned 
in these proceedings, 
whose names are 
unknown, all of which 
parties being hereby 
proceed against as 
"Parties Unknown," 

In this proceeding the 
petitioner seeks ta acquire 
by condemnetlon the fee 
simple title to * certain 
parcel of land situated in 
the City of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, for the con- 
struction and maJn- 
tenance of that certain 
public street or highway 
known as "Lindtown 
Road," and also known as 
State Route ua, which 
property end project mrt 
shown and described 
more particglarly In the 
petition and exhibits at- 
tached thereto on file In 
the office ef the Clark of 
this Court, to which 
reference is hereby made 
for a full end accurate 
description thereof; and 
#w the ««>elntm«»t of 
commissioners to 
ascertain fust com- 
pwisatlon to ttie owners of 
any cttete Or interest In 
the pr<v«rty to bv^akM or 
Mfectad as a rvaulf ^ the 
taung aM um tti^eof ^ 
^ petit^wr. 

nr ««* pMiMaes the 
pttumm win a^iy to the 
aim. on the 13th 4»y of 


Sylvia Simmons Wllion, 



Oorden W. Wilson, 



inaooiectof thissultis 
to obtain a divorca a 
monsa at thoro to be latar 
merged upon proper 
application into a divorca 
a vinculle, from the said 
defendants upon — tlvo~ 
grounds of daaartlon. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant ia not a 
realdent of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office address being:" 
SOI Fletcher Piece, Rock- 
vilie, Maryland. 

It is ordered that he do 
appaer here within ten 
(10) deys aftar due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his intwest in this 



Sandra Hargrove, D. 


Cromwell, Culverheuse !■ 


17M Independwtca Blvd. 

P.O. BOX 5533 

Virginia Beech, VA 23455 

Stuart A. Saundara, Afty, 


1S7 ^orth Ktni Itroot 

Hampton, Virginia 






In the clerks office of 
the Circuit Court of The 
city of Virginia Beach on 
the 17 day of November 


Alice Allen Wilson, 



Witlle J. Wilson, DefM- 



The Object of this suit to 
for the said plantlff to 
odtain a divorce e vinculo 
matrlmeni ft-om the said 
defendant, upon the 
^oimds ef Two rmr Rule 

An4 an affadavit hivli^ 
bewt made and filed that 
due dllioMce hm bean 
iMd by or In behalf of tfM 
plaintiff to aaiM^ki In 

Thia UtB Qay^ Pabruary 

BEACH, " ^. , 
a Munlojpal corpohtifti, 

vs. j^ ., 



1319 Outten Street, 

Norfolk, Virginia; 

P.O. Bowai55, 
Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

P.O. Box «155, 
Virginia Beech, Virelnia, 

P.O. Box ai55, 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 

P.O. Box 0155, 
Virginia Baach, Virginia, 


also known 




P.O. Box «15S, 

Virginia Baach, Virginia. 



ESTELLE Mcpherson, 


DENNIS Mcpherson, 



and If they or any of them 
be dead* their surviving 
spouses. If any, heirs at 
law, devisees and assigns, 
except thoae named 
above, and the Man 
creditors of all said 
parties, if any there be, 
and ail other parsons 
having an interest in the 
property to be condemnad 
in this proceeding whose 
nomiliPi unknown to the 
petitioner, all of which 
parties being hereby 
j^roceeded against as 
"Parties Unknown", 


The purpose of this suit 
Is for the petitioner to 
acBuira by condemnation 
the fee simple title to a 
portion of tha landi owned 
by the defendants, and a 
utility easement adjacent 
thereto, for use In con- 
nection with the con- 
struction, reconstruction 
and maintenance of a 
certain highway project 
known as tha Landtwon 
Road Widaning Project 
(State Highway Route No. 
«33) in the City of Virginia 
Beach, Virginia, which 
property end project are 
shewn and described 
more particularly In tha 
petition and exhibit at- 
tached thereto on file In 
the office of the Clerk of 
this Court, to which 
reference is hereby mode 
for a full and accurate 
description thereof; and 
for the eppolntment of 
commissioners to 
ascertain just corn- 
pentatlon to the owners of 
any estete or Interest In 
the proparty to be taken or 
affected es a result of the 
taking and use of said 
property by the petitioner. 
For such purposes the 
> petitioner will apply to the 
Court, on the 13th day of 
March, 1«72, at the 
courthouse thereof,. 
Princess Anne Station,' at 
9:30 o'clock a.m., or aa 
soon thereafter as counsel 
may be heerd, for the 
appointment of com- 
missioners to a|cartaln 
just compensation as 

And It appearing by 
affidavit filed according 
to law that VIROINIA 
WILLIAMS Is ballavad to 
be deceaaad, ttiot certain 
of fitr heirs, Including 
Thomas Wliiidms, Istalla 
McPharton, Alaxandar 
McPharson, Dennis 
McPharaon, Alaxandar 
McPharson, Jr, and 
Raglna McPharson ara 
bal laved not to bo 
raildants of tha Com> 
mofiwaolth of Vlrplnla, 
and. that she may hpva 
Ojlfior hairs than thoao 
above named, and that If 
any of said parties ba 
dacoasad, thair surviving 
spouaas hairs at low or 
dovloooB, and nio lion 
eroBltors of all said 
partlas, If any thara ba, 
ara unknown to tho 
potltlonor, which has baan 
unabla to aseortain their 
namoB and addrastos by 
dua dlllganca; It Is OR' 
DIRBD that tha 
aforoaatd parsons ai^aar 
within tan (10) days aftar 
dua publication of this 
ordor In tho dork's OHIco 
of tho Circuit Court of tho 
City of Virginia Baach, 
virgliita, and do what is 
nacaasary to protoct their 
ifMarast; and It Is PUR- 

iny of tha above nimid^ 

Pfrsens desire to aasart 
any objection or defenst 
to the taking or damaging 
of saltl property or to the 
TurtkdletlM of the Court to 
hear the case, and to 
proceed with tha ap- 
pointment of com- 
missionars he shall file his 
answor and grounds of 
defense designating the 
property In which he 
clalfflO to ba interested, 
the grounds of any ob- 
jectton or detonae to tha 
taking or damaging ef his 
property or to the 
jurisdiction of the Court to 
hear the case and to 
proceed with the ap- 
pointment of com- 
missioners for the 
determination of just 

Should any such person 

fail to file his answer and 

grourtds ^ datonse as 

hereinabove provided, 

such fellure shall not 

preclude the owners from 

appeering on the deto set 

tor the eppolntment of 

com miu loners nor from 

presenting evidence as to 

valuation and damage nor 

from sharing In ttia award 

of lust compensation 

according to their interest 

therein or otherwise 

protecting their rights, 

but such fellure shall 

IN'aclude eny such owner 

from any other defense by 

way ^ ptoas in bar, 

abatoment or otherwise. 


ORDERED that a copy of 

this order shell be 

published once a weM for 

two consecutive weeks In 

eqal Notices 

the Virginia Beefh Sun, 
and a topy hereof shell be 
posted on the bulletin 
board of this Court. 

A Copy Teste; John V, 

Fentress, Clerk 

By Billy W.Bailou, O.C. 



In the Clerk's Office of 
tha Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 14th day of Februery, 

Ella Mae Orlgory Spehci; 



David J. 




The Object of this suit is 
for the said plaintiff to 
obtain a divorce from the 
said defendant, upon the 
grounds of desertion of a 
p«^lMl of more than one 
year and living separate 
and apart for more then 
two years. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is not a 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last last 
known post office address 
being, 417 Louise Avenue, 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 
it is ordered that he do 
appear hare within 10 
(ten) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his Interest In this 
suit. • 

A copy— Teste: 



Phyllis N. Styron, Deputy 


Mr. C. Lydon Harrell, 


519 Board of Trade Bidg., 

Norfolk, Virginia 23510 





In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 11th day of February, 

Alma J. Borges, Plaintiff, 

Robert P. Borges, 


The object of this suit is 
to obtain a diVorca a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
tha said defendant upon 
the grounds of two year 

And an affidavit having 
been made and fllad that 
tha dafandant Is a non* 
rasldarft of tha Stata of 
Virginia, tha last known 
post offlca addraaa baIng : 
351 Wako Yublnkyoku 
Dome, Wako-SH I 
Saltama-Kan, Japan., it is 
ordarad that ha do appear 
hare within tan (10) days 
aftar dua publication 
hereof, and do whot may 
ba nacassary to protoct his 
intarott in this lult. 

A copy— Tastoi 



J. Curtis Prult, Deputy 


Bengal, Bangia B Bangal 


Law Building 

Portsmouth, Virglnio 


Commonwealth of 
Virginia, , 

In tha Clark's Office ef 
tha Circuit Court ef tha 
City of Virginia Baach, on 
tha 11th day of Pebruary, 

Louis M. Casato, Plaintiff, 

ilvira Becerra Caaale, 
to the point of baginning, 
aa laid down on^akUptoL — 

The object of this 
publlcetion Is for the 
compieinant to give the 
notice of teking of dep- 
ositions In her behelf In 
the above styled suit, on 
the 30th day of March, 
1973 at 2:00 p.m. In the 
oHlcas of Mattex, Sonde | 
B Young, 429 Merchants B 
Farmers Bank Building, 
430 Crawford Street, 
Portsmouth, Virginia 
t3705, and If tor any cause 
or reason, the taking 
thereof be not com- 
menced, or If commenced, 
be not conclud««l, the take 
will be continued from day 
to day at tha same place. 
And an effldevit heving 
been mode and filed that 
the defendant is a non- 
resident of thd State ef 
Virginia, tha last known 
post office address being ; 
5351 South West Third 
Street, Miemi, Fioride. it 
is ordered thet she do 
appear here within ten 
(10) days after dus 
publlcetion hereof, end do 
whet may be neceasary to 
iwotect her Interest in this 

A copy — Testo: 
John V, Fentress, Clerk 
By: J. Curtis Fruit, 
Deputy Clerk 
Mettox, Soi^ej B Ywii^ 
430 Crewford Street 
Portsmouth, Virginia 



ALL THOSE certain 

• Legal Notices 

lots, pieces or parcels of 
land, with the ap- 
purtenances appertaining 
thereunto, situate, lying 
and being In^he County of 
Princess Anne, In the 
State of Virginia, num- 
bered, designed and 
described as Lots Num- 
bers Seven (7) and Thirty- 
five (35), in Block Number 
"0"; Lots Numbers 
Twenty-four (24) and 
Twenty -five (25), in Block 
Number "R"; and Loto 
Numbers One (1) and 
Eleven (ii), in Block 
Numtoer"L", es ieid down 
upon a certain plat of the 
property known as "Ptat 
of Rosemont"— made by 
C.f; Petrle, C.E., duly of 
record in the Clerk's 
Office of the Circuit Court 
of the City of Virginle 
Beach (formerly Princess 
Anne County), Virginia, in 
Map Book 2, at Page 51, 
the said Lot Number 
Seven (7), in Block 
Number "0" is bounded 
and dascrlbod as followi: 
BEGINNING at a point 
one hundred fifty (150) 
feet eastwardly from the 
intersection of vine Street 
with Third Street; thence 
southwardly and parallel 
with Vine Street one 
hundred twenty-five (125) 
feet to the northern line of 
Lot Number Seventeen 
(17— insald Block Number 
"0"; thence eastwardly 
along the northern line of 
said Lot Number 
Seventeen (17), to the 
western side of e rood 
formerly the eastern 
boundary of said Block 
Number "0"; thence 
northwestwardly along 
the western line of said 
road to a point where said 
road Intersects Third 
Street; thence westwardly 
along the southern side of 
Third Street to the point of 
beginning, as laid down on 
said plat. The said Lot 
Number Thirty-five (35), 
In Block Number "0" is 
bounded and described as 

BEGINNING at a point 
two hundred twenty-five 
(225) feet eastwardly 
from the eastern side of 
Vine Street and one 
hundred fifty (150) feet 
northwardly from Fourth 
Street, running thence 
southwardly and parallel 
with Vine Street one 
hundred fifty (150) feet to 
the northern side of 
Fourth Street; thence 
eastwardly along the 
northern side of Fourth 
Street to a road terming 
tha eastorn boundary of 
laid Block Number "0"; 
thence- northweihwardly 
along tha western side of 
said road to the 
southeastern of Lot 
Number Twenty-flve(2S) 
of Block Number "0"; and 
thence westwardly along 
the southern side of said 
Lot Number Twenty-five 
(25) to the point of 
beginning, as laid down on 
said plat, Tha said Lot 
Number Twanty-four (24), 
In Block Number, "R*' Is 
bounded and described as 

BEOINNING at a point 
one hundrad fifty (150) 
feet southwardly from 
Pourth Street and two 
hundred (200) feet east- 
wardly from Vine Streot 
running thence south- 
wardly and parallal with 
Vina Straat twenty-five 
(35) feet; thence east- 
wardly and parallel with 
Pourth Straat to tha 
wastorn side ef a rood 
forming tho eastern 
boundary of said Block 

'R"; thence 


thwaato;ardly along tha 
wastorn line of said road 
to tha southeastern corner 
of Lot Number Thirteen 
(1)} In Block Number 
"R"; and thence west- 
wardly and parallel with 
Pourth Street to the point 
of beginning, as laid down 
on said plat. The said Lot 
Number Twenty-five (35), 
In Block Number "R" is 
bounded end described as 
follows : 

— BBOtNNING at e point 
one hundred seventy-five 
(175) feet southwardly 
from Fourth Street and 
two hundred (100) feet 
eastwardly from Vine 
Street, running thenced 
southwerdly end parallel 
with Vine Street twenty- 
five (25) feet; thence 
eastwardly and paraiiei 
with Fourth Street to the 
western side of a road 
forming the eestern 
boundary of said Block 
Number "R"; thence 
northwestwerdly to the 
southeestern corner of Lot 
Number Twenty -four (24), 
in block Number "R"; 
thence westwerdly end 
pereilel with Fourth 
Street to the point of 
beginning, es laid down on 
said plat. The sold Lot 
Number One (1), In Block 
Number "L" is bounded 
end described es follows: 
ON THE north by 
Second Street, on the eest 
by e road forming the 
eastern boundary of said 
Block Number "L", on the 
south by Lot Number Two 
(2>, In sold Block, end on 
the west by Vine Street, es 
leid down on sold plat. The 
said Lot Number Eleven 
(11), In Block Number 
"L" is bounded end 
described es follows; 

BEGINNING at e pom? 
one hundred twenty-five 
(125) feet northernly from 
Third Street end one 
hundred (100) feet eest- 
werdiy from Vine Street 
and running thence soutb- 
wardiy one hundred 
hwentyfive (125) feet to 
the northern sWe of Third 
Street; thence eastwardly 
along the rwrthern sWe of 
Third Street to the 
westorn side of e read 
forming the eastern 
boundary of said Block 

* I p'jul Not It 

Number "l"; thence 
"Sr^JwMtwardiy to the 
southeaatern corner of Lot 
Numben Six (a), in said 
Block Number "L"; and 
Itiance westorardly and 
parallel with Third Street 

in the Circuit Court of 
the City of Virginia Beach 
on the ath day of 
February, 1972 ' 

Fine and Salzberg, Inc., 

Rosemont Corporation, et 


In Chancery No. 15954 


THIS MATTER came to 
be heerd this 8th day of 
February, 1972, on motion 
of the complainant, and 

Court that the object of 
this suit, as set forth In the 
Bill of Complainant, Is to 
quiet title to certain 
parcels of real estate, 
more perticularly 
described in Exhibit "A", 
and situate in the City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 

PEARING that an Af- 
fidavit has been made that 
there are or may be 
persons unknown who 
have an Interest in the 
subject ef this suit, 

consideration whereof, it 
that all persons, known or 
unknown, claiming any 
right, titlp, estate, lien or 
interest. In and to the real 
property hereinafter 
described in Exhibit "A" 
to appear within ten (10) 
days after publication of 
this Order and do what is 
necessary to protect their 

It Is further AD- 
end DECREED that this 
Order by published once a 
week for four (4) suc- 
cessive weeks In the 
Virginia Beach Sun, a 
newspaper published In 
the City of Virginia Beach, 

ENTER this 8th day of 
February, 1972. 
A Copy Teste: ' 

CLERK ' . 

J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 

I Ask for This: .-v-^. 

* Legal Notices B 'Legal Notiv:os 

Carl M. Hall 
Counsel for 


the' Com- 


Tha regular meeting of 
tha Council of the City of 
Virginia Beach will ba 
held In the Council 
Chambers of the Ad- 
ministration Building, 
City Hall, Princns Anna 
Station, Virginia Baach, 
Virginia, on Monday, 
March 20, 1972, at 10:00 
a.m. at which time the 
following applications will 
ba heard : 


1. Application of Alblc 
Incorporated for a USI 
PERMIT to construct a 
a08>unlt hotal on certain 
proparty located at tha 
Southaast cornor of 38th 
Straat and Atlantic 
Avanua. running a 
distance of SSO.Ii faai 
along tha east side of 
Atlantic Avanua, running 
a distance of 150 faat along 
tha south slda of 31th 
Street, running a dlstanca 
of 350.13 faat along tho 
iastarn property Una and 
running a dlstanca of ISO 
feet along the Southern 
property line and a USB 
PERMIT for additional 
parking on certain 
property located on the 
Northeast corner of 
Pacific Avenue and 35th 
Street, running a d lstanca 
bnsrreet along tha Him 
side of 35th Street, run- 
ning a distance of 150 feet 
along the East side of 
Pacific Avenue, running e 
distance of 158 feet elong 
the Northern property line 
and running a distance of 
150 feet along the Eastern 
property line. VIRGINIA 

2. Application of M.J. 
Standing for a CHANGE 
OF ZONING from One 
Femlly Residence 
Suburban District (R-S 2) 
to Two Family Residence 
District (R-3) on certein 
property located on the 
West side of Holly Rood 
across from 34th Street, 
800 feet more or less South 
of West Holly Rood, 
running e distance of 
180,33 feet along the West 
side of Holly Road, run- 
ning a distance of 235 feet 
along the Southern 
property line, running a 
distance of 182.02 feet 
elong the Western 
property line and running 
a distance of 218 feet 
elong the Northern 
property line. Said 
property is known as Lot 
80A, Plat of Linkhorn 
Park. (Linkhorn Perk 


3. ApplicaUon of 
Atlentic Richfield Co., by 
Grover C Outland, Jr., 
Attorney, for e USE 
PERMIT to operate a 
gasolinf supply station wi 
certain property located 
on the Northwest corner of 
South Lyrmhaven Road 
and Holland Road, run- 
ning a distance of 250.97 
feet atong the West side ef 
South Lyiwihevw) Read, 
running a dlstanca of 

253.78 feet along the North 
side of Holland Road, 
running a distance of 
159.57 feet elong the 
Westorn property line and 
running a distance of 
161.29 feet alang tha 
Northern property line. 
Said property contains 
0.898 acres. (Green Run 

4. Application of 
Thomas W. Land, Jr., for 
' from Restoence Suburban 
Distr+ct 4 <R-s 4) to 
Limited Commercial 
District 2 (C-L 2) on 
certein property begin- 
ning at • point 690 feet 
more or less West of Toy 
Avenue, running a 
distance of 98.40 feel along 
the South side of Virginia 
Beach Boulevard, running 
a distance of 413.10 feet 
along the Eastern 
property line, running a 
distance of 98.40 feet along 
the Southern property line 
and running a distance of 
413.10 feet along the 
Western property line. 
Said parcel contains 0.917 
acre. (Boulevard Manor- 
Fair Meadows Area). 

5, Application of 
Kemptodd Corporation for 
a USE PERMIT for a 
sewage pumping station 
on certain property 
located on the South side 
of Proposeci Stratford 
Chase and 100 feet East of 
Proposed Winslow 
Crossing or 2,830 feet 
more or less East of 
Kempsvllte Road and 350 
feet more or leu North of 
the property line of Indian 
Lakes Subdivision. (In- 
dian Lakes Area). 

6. Application of Fett 
Roofing and Sheet Metal 
Co., Inc., for a USE 
PERMIT to erect a 115- 
foot radio and com- 
munication antenna and 
tower or certain property 
beginning at a point 
1035.10 feet South and 
West of Princess Anne 
Rood, running a distance 
of 141.99 feet along the 
North side of Arrowhead 
Drive, running a distance 
of 291.10 feet along the 
Western property line, 
and running a distance of 
145.41 feet along the 
Northern property line 
(Norfolk and Southern 
Railway Right of Way) 
and 322.47 feet along the 
Western property line. 
Said property Is known as 
a portion of Parcel "A", 
Arrowhead Industrial 

7. Application of New 
Hope Baptlat Church for a 
USB PERMIT to oparata 
a church en certain 
proparty beginning at a 
point 100 feet North ef 
Buskey Lane, running a 
dlstanca of 205 foot along 
tha Eastern property line 
of which ISO feet is the 
WMt sido of Old Oreat 
Neck Rood, running a 
dlstanca of 150.44 faat 
along tha Southern 
property line of which 
310.44 foot Is the Norfti 
slda of Buakoy Lapa, 
running a dlstanca of 
214.34 faat along tha 
Western property lino 
(Buskey Lano), and 
running a dlstanca of 
448.93 foot along tha 
Northorn property Una. 
Said property contains 1.1 
acres more or loss. 
(London Bridge Area). 

8. Application of Joe A. 
Peay tor a CHANGE OP 
ZONlNO from Residence 
Suburban District 3 (R-S 
3) and^-Multlpto Family 
Residence Dlsh'lct (R-M) 
to Llmltod Cem'merclal 
District 3 (C-L 3) on 
certain property begin- 
ning at a point 1932 feet 
morr or losr Wes t o f t)td 
Greet Neck Road, run- 
ning a distance of 130.81 
toet along the Northeast 
side of Reagan Avenue, 
running a distance of 446 
feet elong the Western 
property line, running a 
dlstanca of 130.81 feet 
along the Northern 
property line and /unning 
a distance of 451 feet atong 
the Eastorn property line. 
Said property contains 2 
acres more or less. 
(London Bridge Area). 

Richard J. Webbon 
City Clerk 



The Virginle Beech 
Planning Commission will 
hold a Public Hearing on 
Tuesdey, March 14, 1972, 
at 1:00 P.M. In the Council 
Chambers of the Ad- 
mlnistretion Building, 
Princess Anne Cour- 
thouse, Virginia Beach, 
Virginia. The tollowing 
eppllcetlens will eppeer 
on the agendo : 
Albert Miller- 
Blackwater Road at North 
Carolina Line. . 

Floyd L. Haywood- 
Stone Rood, South of Mill 
Landing Road. 

Waldon Ackiss— North 
sMe of Back Bay Landing 
Read, East of Princen 
Anne Read. 

Henry C. Morgan, Jr.— 
Subdivision of Part of Lot 
44 LINchom Park. 

A POD w e. 1 by Philip 

Pi^aat Apartmanto, s. 
Ortoto Dr. 

.17, 1972: 

1. Application Of Harry 
Sandler for e CHANGE: 
OF ZONING from Limited 
Commercial District 3 
(CL-3) to General Com- 
mercial District 3 (CG-3) 
and a USE PERMIT to 
construct a gasoline 
supply station on certain 
property located on th* 
Southeast intersection of 
Independence Boulevard 
and Shell Road. 

Parcel 1: Change of 
Zoning from CL-3 to CG-3; 
On certain property 
located at the Southeast 
intersection of In- 
dependence Boulevard 
and Shall Road, running a 
distance of 435.70 fe^t 
along the Northern 
property line - of which 
205.70 feet is the South side 
of Independence 
Qpulevard, and 60 feet is 
the Southeaat side of Shell 
Road, running a dittince 
of 73 feet along the 
Western property line of 
which 40 feet is the East 
side of Bradford Road, 
running a distance of 
398.12 feet along the 
Southern property lln«. 
and running a distance of 
200 feet along the Eastern 
property line. 

Parcel 2; Use Permit to 
operate a gasoline supply 
station: On certain 
property located at ttte 
Southeast Intersection ef 
Independence Boulevard,' 
running a distance of 
365.70 feet along the 
Northern property line of 
which 205.7 feet more or 
less is the South side of 
Independence Boulevard 
and 40 feet is the 
Southeast side of Shell 

Road, running a distance 
of 118 feet along the 
Western property llnfe, 
running a distance of 230 
feet along the Southern 
property line and running 
a distance of 200 feet along 
tha Eastern property line. 
( Robbins Corner , Area ) . 

JANUARY 11, 1972 

2. Application of Aired, 
Inc., tor a CHANGE OF 
ZONING from Residence 
Suburban District 4 (R-S 
4) to General Commercial 
District 3 (C-G 3) and a 
USE PERMIT to con- 
struct a gasoline supply 
station on certain 
property located on the 
Southwest corner of 
Bonney Rood end Penn- 
sylvania Avenue, running 
a diatance of 194 feet more 
or less elong the South 
side of Bonney Road, 
running a diatance ef 220 
feat more or leaa along the 
Watt side of Pennsylvania 
Avenue, running a 
distance of 149 feet along 
tho Southern property line 
and running a dlstanca of 
30S feet along the Western 
proparty Una. Said 
proparty Is known as Lots 
1 through 10, Block 6, Plat 
of Midway and containa .8 
acre. (Thalia Gardens 

3. Application of 
Pembroke Meadows 
Aaaoclotas tor a CHANGE 
OF ZONlNO from 
Oenerol Commercial 
Dlah-lct 1 (C-0 1) to 
Multiple Family 
ReaWence Dlsh-lct (R-M) 
and a Use Permit to 
conatruet- S40 garden 
apartments oh certain 
property located on the 
Southeaat corner of North 
Wltchdyek Road end Old 
Donation Rood Extended, 
across from Sullivan 

Parcel 1: Change of 
On certain proparty 
located at tha Southeast 
corner of North Wit- 
chduck Road and Pem- 
broke Boulevard Ex- 
tonded running a dlstanca 
Of 283 feet along the South 
side of Pembroke 
Bouleverd Extended, 
running a distance of 82 

feet along the Eest side of 
North Witchduck Road, 
running a distance of 220 
feet elong the Southern 
properts line and running 
a distance of 241 feet along 
the Eestern property line. 
Said parcel contelns .917 

Parcel 2; Use Permit to 
construct 314 gerden 
oparhnentsi On certain 
property located at the 
Southeast corner of North 
Witchduck Rood and 
Pembroke Boulevard' 
Extended, running a 
distance of 1119 feet more 
or less along the South 
side of Pembroke 
'Bouleverd Extended, 
running a distance of 410 
feet more or less along the 
East side of f^orth wit- 
chduck Road, running 
• distance of i950. 
faet elong the Southern 
property line and running 
a dlstanca of 574 feet along 
the Eestom property line.' 
Seid property contains 
20.3 acres. (Pembroke 
Meedows Area)» 
FEBRUARY 8, 1972 

4. Appllcatton of White 
Wey Leundry, inc., for a 
USE PERMIT to con- 
struct 7 townhouses and 4 
apartmwits, totaling 13 
units on certain property 
loceted at ttia Northwest 
comer of 34th Street and 
Arctic Avenue, running e 
distence of \M feet along 
toe WMt sMe of Arctic 
Avenue, running ' e 
dls^nee of lOO feet along 

(OaaiiBMadoQ ftps II) ' 










PAGE 11 



James Franklin Freeman Jr., 

61, of 5532 WMrlaway Road, 

retired Norfolk Naval Air 

*Stati«i planner and estimator, 

died in a hospital Thursday. 

He was ttw husband of Mre. 
Sarah Munday Freeman and a 
son of the late James F. 
Freeman Sr. and Mrs. Ada 
Johnston Freeman. 

A hative of Phenix Oty, Ala., 
he lived in this area 33 years. 

He was a member of 
Spurgeon Memorial Baptist 
Church and retired from 
Norfolk Naval Au* Staticm after 
20 years. 

He was a member of Wilson 
Williams Masonic Lodge 351 d 
Phenix City end NmfoUc United 
Royal Arch Chapter No. i. 

He was a past commander of 
Grice Conunandry 16, Knights 
Templar, a member of Khedive 
Temple Patrol and a past 
president of Planners and 
Estimators Association of 
Naval Air S^tioi. 

^rvivlng, besides his wife, 
are a daughter, Mrs. Martiia C. 
Cannon of Norfolk; a son, 
James David Freeman of 
Virginia Beach; six sisters, 
Miss Wilma Cardin, Mrs. 
Crystal Walls, Mrs. Sarah 
Knowles, and Miss Barbara 


Retired Navy Cmdr. Jdu 
Alexander Sinomons Jr., fwrmer 
executive ofHcer of the Pam 
Neck Naval Installation, died 
March i in a hospital. 

A native of Chicago, he lived 
in this area six years. 

He was toe husband oT Mrs. 
Glwria Petersm Simmons and a 
son of Mrs. Loretta Pratt 
Simmons Gollner of Amilyville, 
N.Y., Snd Hie late John A. 

He ended 26 years of service 
at Dam Neck in 1970. He was a 
veteran of WorW War II, the 
Korean War, and the Vietnam 

He wM a graduate of Prin- 
ceton University. 

Besides his widow and 
mother, surviving are his 
riepfattier, Charles Gollner of 
Amityville; two swis, William 
Charles Simmons and Michael 
Paul Simmons of Virginia 
Beach; and a sister, Mrs. 
Clement Kaye of Amityville. 

The body was taken from 
HoUomon-Brown Funeral 
Home, Bayskie, to Princess 
Anne Memorial Park for 


James Gray of 234 Grayson 

FYeeman of Mienix City, Mrs. R«d died March 1 in a hospital 
Mary Aqn Martin of Palm after a long illness. 

Beach, Fla., and Mrs. Th«-esa 
Davis of Trona, Calif.; two 
brothers, Veni($n M. Freeman 
of Qwensboro, Ky., and Quentin 
Freeman of New Britain, 
Conn.; and four grandchildren. 
A ftmeral service was; in 
Smith & Williams Funeral 
Hmne Sunday at 3 p.m. by the 
Rev. Paul C. Lawson of 
Spurgeon Memorial Baptist 
Oiurch. Burial, with Masonic 
rites, was in Forest Lawn 

A native of Nansemond 
County, he was a smi of the late 
James and Mrs. Rosalie Gray 
and ttie husband of Mrs. Geneva 

He wwked for Community 
View Trailer Park. 

He was a member of the 
U'sher Board and &tnday School 
of Union Kempsville Baptist 
Church and Masonic Lod|^ 93. 

Besides his widow, surviving 
are two daughters. Mrs. Rosalia 
Adiew and Mrs. Evelyn OU ci 

Virginia Beach; a brother, 
Rob«-t Gray jrf Nansonond 
County; a sister, Miss Janice 
Gray QfVii^ia Beach; seven 
grandchildren; and a great- 

A funeral service was heW 
Sunday at 1:30 p.m. in Union 
KonpsviUe Baptist Church by 
ttie Rev. S. L. Scott. Burial was 
in the church cemetery, 


Orla Lee Mathes, 85, of 520 
9iarp St. died Thursday in a 
hospital after an illness of 
several months. 

A native ef (^Uia, Neb., he 
lived hwe six years. 

He was the husband«f the late 
Mrs. Alice Ann Mathes and a 
son of Elmer Lee and Mrs. Rosa 

He was a retired fanner. 

Surviving are two daughters, 
Mrs. Irena Demasters of 
Virginia Beach and Mrs. Elcie 
Wenzinger of Salinas, Calif.; 
three sons, Lee Mathes of 
Fowlw, Colo., Clifford Mathes 
of Phoenix, Ariz., and B«t 
Mathes d Chino. Calif. ; and two 
asters, Mrs. Myrtle Will and 
Mrs. Elizabeth Biniak of St. 
Paul, Minn. 


Ritchie Allen Harrison, .?, of 
2063 Kempsville Road died 
Thursday in a hospital. 

A native of Prince George 
County, he lived in this area 20 

. He was the hisband of Mrs. 
Sarah Ambrose Harrison and a 
son of Burley Carter and Mrs. 
Emma Slwlton Harrison. 

He was retired frran Norfdk 
Dredging Co. and was a 
member of Victory Bai^tist 
Church, Chesapeake. 

Surviving, brides the widow, 
are a stepson, Eugene R. 

Anrtbroserf Virginia Beach; 
two brothers, George B. 
Harrison of Norfolk and Ran- 
dolph N. Harriswi of Vir^nia 
Beach; and two sisters, Mrs. 

secretary of Mutual Fed«nl 
Savings & Loan Associatkm. 
and a memb<r of Eastern Shore 
(Epi8C(q;>al) C3ia{Kl. 
Hie body was tiioi to H. D. 

Mary E.Lewis and Mrs. Evelyn Oliver Funeral AparttnenU, 

Slmpsrai of Norfolk. 

A funeral service was cwi- 
ducted in Hollomon-Brown 
Funeral Home, Bayside, 
Saturday at 11 a.m.i)v thp Rpv 
Charles H. Jones of KerapsviUe 
Baptist Church. Burial was in 
Rose wood Mem'brial Park. 


Modestos E. Patselas, 83, of 
3864 waiiam Pienn Blvd. died 
Saturday in Syracuse N.Y. 
Veterans Hospital. 

A native of Mitylene, Greece, 
he lived in this area 17 years. 

He was the husband of Mrs. 
Anna Gamanos Patselas and a 
son of Charles and Mrs. Helen 

He was a retired restaurant 
owner, a member of Gredc 
(h'thodox Church of the An- 
nunciation, and an Army 
veteran of WorW War 1. 

Surviving, beskles the wife, 
are three dau^ters, Mrs. Jdin 
M. Paris of Virginia Beach, 
Mrs. Vincent Sorrentino of 
Liverpool, N.Y., and Mrs. 
William R. Webb of 
Chesapeake; a son, Constantine 
M. Patselas <rf Norfolk: two 
sisters in Greece; and 10 


M#s. Norma Tompkins 
Thompscm of 1017 .Chinquapin 
Lane died Sunday in her home. 

A native of New Yoit, she 
lived here 20 years. 

She was a daughter of Mrs. 
Margaret Prieur Thompkins. 

Surviving, besides her 
mother, is a son, David Carter 
Thompson of Virginia Beach. 

She was an assistant 

/Continuad fhrni Ptga 10} 
tht Norlir side of 34th distanct 
Street, running a distance along 
of 140 feet along the property 
Western property line and distance 
running a distance of 100 along 
feet along the Northern property 
property line. Said property 
fKoperty contains 14,000 acres 

of 1117.01 Tee'tE. Baylor for a CHANGE ■'unnino • distance of 
the Western OF ZONING from "<«•» »••» along the 
line, running a Residence Suburban Southern property line 
off 923.83 feet District 4 (RS 4) to •"<' ""unn'ng a distance of 
the Eastern Mu itiple Family '536.6 feet along the 
line. Said Residence Disfrict (R-M) Eastern property line, 
contains 31.119 and a USE PERMIT to Said parcel contains 35.5 
LYNNHAVEN construct 20 apartment """es. (Baylake Beach- 

square feet. VIRGINIA BOROUGH. units on certain property Ocean Park Areas). 

j-.BEACH BOROUGH. 10. Application of Paula beginning at a point 100 BAYSIDE BOROUGH. 

'^ « Anniir.*iA« A# i«..«K L- Coliins bv Stanley A. feet North of BrIgadoon .J'; Application of 
P «nrt SLr^lr i^i Jn^r £^ P»''»»P*' ^♦^'■"•V' *«•■ ♦•'• 0r\w9 (formerly LaVue '^•'l*"*' '""';P?r"**<' ♦"'' 
G^SCfr r wrteh ir^ discontinuance, closure Drive), running a distance • "f.F,''"**'^ 'or f "O" 
At^r!lu .«r . rui»iic •"«* abandonment of a of 100 feet along the West P""©"* Institution (private) 
oc?nMii?« f^«ft-l »«»'■♦'•>"<'♦"'"•'• ^^•""* «W« «« Pleswre House?" certain property 

■ ri-iT? - oriS-5r! (formerly Renville Road, running a distance located at the Northeast 
mtlTiiwp ir»ViL..u^,fi!*^*""«''''*«'"^''«***^«o' OS*' ♦Mt along the co^n'^ of >«"••« Avenue 
District (R-1) to Multiple south side of Virginia Southern property line, ""^ Indiana Avenue, 
nlHTii. ,r. ,, J''*,'?fJ B"c*' Boulevard and running a distance of 40 funning a distance of 200 
2]?o«!-r' . ' •"'''.,. •^♦•'"llnfl In • Southerly feet along the Western *••♦ ••o"fl ♦f'« North side 
PERMIT to consh-uct 34 direction a distance of 800 property line and running «* Indiana Avenue, run- 
apartment units on cer- ,eet more or leu to theadlstanceof 453 feet more ning a distance of 125 feet 
tain property located Northern boundary ofor less along the Nortt»ern ■•«"fl ♦•'• £•»♦ side -of 

line Said l-buise Avenue, running a 

..^ ,,,,... „„..„ , w,vF». .» contains o 85 *"**""*^' °f ^^ '*** •'''"B 

distanceof 210 feet along village Area). KEMP-acres. (Chesapeake ^« Northern property line 
the East side of Arctic svillE BOROUGH. Beach Area). BAYSIDE and running a distance of 

Avenue, ^running a „. Application of the BOROUGH. 125 feet along the Eastern 

distance of 175 feet along city of Virginia Beach, ,x » .. ., ^ ^ ^property line. Said 

r-^fo- -r -v^.^..^ Norrnern oounoary ororiessaio 

across from Maryland fourth Street. Said shreet property 
^/.f""' •rt«7"':*1?- J «».«>»-» 'n «"«'.♦♦'• <lh«illa property 

the Northern property puJ„c utilities Division, R<^,,^''Snd ^.t M^ai P^' 
feline, runnino a distance of ft,. - uSE PERMIT ,' ^o^l^p •"«. Sheet Mrtal ,q 
f 110 feet along the Eastern irL •.!?.: ^:.Vl^I inc., for a USE g^. 

185 feet more or less along 
the Western property line. 

Parcel 2: Change of 
zoning from C-L 1 to C-G 3 
and a Use Permit for 
tires, batteries, and ac- 
cessories sales and ser- 
vice: Beginning at a point 
350 feet more or less South 
of Laskin Road, and 1825 
feet more or less West of 
First Colonial, running a 
distance of 60 feet along 
the Eastern property line, 
running a distance of 75 
feet along the Northern 
property Ihie, running a 
distance of 60 feet along 
the Western property line 
and running a distance of 
75 feet along the Southern 
property line. (Hilltop 

23. Application of 
Carolanne Farm Civic 
League for a USE 
PERMIT for a swimming 
pool and community 

tlO feet along 
property line 

ILAK* ""V"«* " pumping PERMIT to erect a 115- 

Holly),runnlngadi;tan?^'♦;"*" bSlnnlng'TS'^^^ •."" "'"- 

of 165 feet along the g^?K fj!?mSre or lest I"""'""**" f ">*•""' •1'* 
southern property line, ffm bf LinilTr Dr?ve on L**!"" "■" "'*".'" ""P^r'V 
?•«;" f/L"' "K',"„'ir. 'w' tt''!loVthw'i'sfc?r'i;? o" fo?5'?o'""2et" 
A'*mt!:.TJ"!J°'?'**^'* Winwood Drive. Said JJest of Princess 
A, Plat Of Shadow Lawn „.rrei I* - -- . "•»» «»» rnncess 

Heights; , VI RGIN I A ,Linii«r 

REGULAR MEETING: ,, ADoiicaTion or « . 
6. Application of Ocean Acquis.tro^n!"'ln"cr"for "1 S^'^li.^oTe? along the 

USE PERMIT to con- ^„t,pn property line. 

lt,t^l*Li*^}S^.^JJl\ property contains 25,000 cent*- on certain property 

uare feet. (Oceana beginning at a point 198.65 
Gardens Area). LYN- feet West of Yoder Lane 
NHAVEN BOROUGH. and 351.91 feet North of 
20. Application of Parliament Drive, run- 
Murphy's Emerald Isle nlng a distance of 216.83 
> „,_» Motel for a USE PERMIT feet along the Southern 
c^.T.h --J ♦•> construct 44 additional property line, running a 
sourn ana n^ot^, eHlclency units on distance of 445 feet along 
certain ^gperty located the Western property line 

Application of Ocean Acquisition, 
Island Inn for the 
a Dortion 
on certain 

10 urive. saio west of Prlnr*«< Ann* ""'•"'■ "■■ — ■-•■~r -..— —. u...aM>.« wi ^^ isci oiutiu 
1 40 feet by 40 feet, a^l mnninn.Hi.t-nr! "<■»«'" <>rW)«'-ty located the Western property line 
• Area) LYN „* i/, m ,L.i •.^i'J""" on th» Northeast corner of and running a distance of 

nSoroUGH NortS , Wert Arrowhead I'"**' ^^"* '"^ ''""^^ '**' •'»"'' »»'• 
Application of o?i„« rmnino -H^rt«nr. '^^*""*' lunning a. Northern property line 
n»<K>"-<i'"'i' wi orive, running a distance /4i.»>nr> n< un «•>» .i—-. /u.,<,.ii, ..^ o.:*!.. 

""nuance, closure struct m motel efficiency rnd"unnino a distince of 
abandonment of a ,o«rtm«nt« an certain ???:,.» .»J^ 
m of Jade street and '^. . I<*-^' feet along the 

« J « arreer ana property running a Northern oroDertv line 
Hon of Ocean Avenue di»tanc« a« m i? fest an ,»? !. ,\. properiy line 

rart.ln nrnn.r»» °'""..".°' "J'*.^**! *" (NorfOlk and SOUthom 

distanceof 140 feet along (Norfolk and Southern 
the East skte of Pacific Railway Right of Way) 
Avenue, running a and running a distance of 
distance of 100 feet along 445 feet along the Eastern 
the North side of Tenth property line. Said parcel 
Street, running a distance contains 2.12 ' acres, 
of 140 feet along the (Carolanne Farms Area). 
Eastern property line and KEMPSVILLE 
running a distance of 100 BOROUGH, 
feet along the Northern 

Laskin Road. Where a funeral 
service w^ held Tuesday at 11 
a.m. Burial was in Elmwood 


Edward Lawton Bi^ce of 2921 
Jupiter St., (Ued in a Norfolk 
hospital Sunday. 

He was ttie husband of Mn. 
Floroice Goodwin Boyce md a 
son of Mn. Katharine Boyce of 
Uke Worth, F]«.. and the late 
Milton b. Boyce. 

A native of Portamouth, he 
lived in Norfolk moat of Mt life. 

He was a member of Foundry 
United Methodist Church, 
"Virgliria Beach Masonic Ld^ 
274, and was an Army veteran 
of World War II. 

He was eih(doyed as an 
aircraft medianic at Norfolk 
Naval Air SUtton.. 

Besides his widow and 
mother, he is survived 1^ a 
daughter. Miss Diana Fay 
Boyce, knd a son, Stqrtioi 
Wayne Boyce, both of Virgtnia 
Beach; two sisters, Mrs. 
Kath^ine Hill-of Portamouth 
and Mrs. Juanita Cushman of 
West Pahn Beach, Fla.; and a 
brother, William W. Boyce of 
Long Beadi, Fla. 

A litneral scrvke service was 
cmxhicted tai HoUmnon-Brown 
Funeral Home, Baytide, 
Wednesday at 2 p.m. fay tfia 
Rev. Lee V. Rudtman jr. 
Burial was in Woodlawo 
Memorial Gardras. 

Clifford Enaley Canaday, », 
of 3628 Britt Terrace died 
Monday, at the Oceami Riding 
Stables after a heart attack. 

He managed the stables five 

A native of Birmini^am, 
Iowa, he was the husband of 
Mra. > Byrla Freshwater 
Canaday and a son of Mrs . EdM 
Jackson Canaday of Bir- 
mhigham, Iowa, and flw late 
Ebner A. Canaday. 

He was a retired chief Navy 
hospital c(ni»man with 27 years 
of service, which included 
World War 11. He was a 
m^nber of Woriaiua't MsMoic 
Lo^e 5M of Stodrfort, Iowa. 

Besides his mother and 
widow, survivnf are a son, 
Jerry D. Canaday, and i 
daughter, Bffias DeiMrah L. 
Canaday, both of Virginia 
Beach; a sister, Mn. Karen 
aiyder of Birmiqgham, Riwa; 
and five br(Hhm, Eari Caa* 
daday and Dean Canaday of 
Canadav and Dean Canaday of 
of DeWitt, Iowa, and Johii 
Canaday of Boulder, Cdo. 

The body was sent Tuesday 
firom Simiele Funeral Home to 
Catcott Funeral home, 
Keoaauqua. Iowa, for a fiui«al 
service and biirial Friday. 


Raymwid C. Martin, 64, (tf 4fi 
West Neck Road died Saturday 
in a hosirital. 

A native of Princess Anae 
County, he was a son of CSuu^e 
and Mn. PoDy Miller Mardh. 

He was a Bapttet and a retired 

He is sundved by two sisten, 


Mrs. Betha Peale and Mn. 
Mhry Tyndell ef Vir^nli 
B4ach. ;^ 

A ftmeral service was Mi 
Monday at 3 p.m. in Twiford 
Cdonia) Oiapel, Owsapetke, 
by ttie Rev. James T. Bvyi. 
Burial was in WiUowwood 
Cemetery, Sandbri<j^. 


H. Keith Toler Jr., SO, of 4411 
Wakefield Drive died Friday la 
Medical Cofl^e of Vit0a» 

He wua s<m of Hwmaa Keilh 
and Mn.lttttie Godwin Tokr. 

A UMoRg reridCBt of Norfolk, 
he wiia a R4Mnb«r (rf CIvtt atod 
^. Luke's Eptec^wl Church, a 
graduate ei Maury Hi^ School 
aftd the CoOege of Wflliam and 
Maiy, and a federal prdbation 
odioHr. " 'A'^-- 

^rvivii^ are a sisto-, Mn. 
Eug«)e H. ^tey Jr. of N(»f irik. 

Aloniii seivtj^ was hdd In 
H. b. OUvia> Ftnend Apart- 
rfol^ Moi^ at 
Bflrtal^ts inW 
Lawn Cemetery. 


Mn. Kitis Tew CeggiBB, 74^ 
of 204 Jamiiion St. died 
Satarday af 9:10 a.m. in a 

A nathre of Sampson County, 
N:C., she was a dauohter of 
Sampson ind Mrs. Melne 

Drau^iooT|w and the widow of 
f6<»nas Kteck Co0(iM, &. 

She waa a member of 
Atomndar Baptist Owpeli. . 

She is siavhred by two so«, 
Charles Felton Coggias of 
Pertsmoudi and Thoaias Made 
Caggins Jr. of Lawtoa, Okla.; 
(wo daughters, Mn. Mary 
Helm Thomas of Chesapeake 
and Mn. Patty J. Adams of 
Virginia Beach; a brother, 
Didce C. Tew (A Roseboro. N.C. ; 
two sisten, Mn. EHiabeth 
Holmes of Greei^Mro, M.C., 
and Miss Cleo T. Tew of Dimn, 
N.C.;; and 2S grandddldren. 

A fUnenI senice was held 
Tuesday at 11 a.m. la Stur: 
tevant Ftmeral Home, ^orts- 
motith by the Rev. H.L. 
Tolbert. Burial was tai Olive 
Branch Conetery. 

Ahrman l.C. George M. 
Biuf <Hrd, 2S, of 7161 Old Vlrtfaia 
Beaeh Read died Friday in 
Hmcock Air Fidd, l^racose, 

A nathre of Vir^iia Beach, he 
wasasoBelJobaR BurfMidSr. 
and Mn. Sarah Burford. 

He was a member of 
Rahotett Baptiat Onirch, ^ 

Beskles Us pareote, he is 
survived by four brothera, 
WiBiam A. Burford. John P. 
Butf ord, Don A. BurfOtd. and 
Robert Barfdrd. ef Virglpia 
Beach; five sistvs. Miss Sarah 
Burford, Miss Mary Burford, 
Miss AUce Burford, and Mn. 
Debra Burford af Virgiaip 
BMch and Mn. Margarat 
Moore of C h es iy c ric e; aad hte 
grandmother, Mrs. Minnie 
BoMen of New Rochdle, N.Y. 
A funeral service was held 
Tuesday at 2 p.m. in YuMa^ 
Bairtist Churdi by the Rev. 
L.W. C3uM. Burial wu ui 
Roosevelt Memorial Park. 
Hainton Funeral Home had 

Jpsear L. "Buddy" Gilbert, 
IB, has jtrfned the staff of the 
diy*s Fire Preventimi Bureau 
in ttn position of Fire InqKCtiM*. 

GHbo-t, 26, brings a 
Itagroiuid or Are qjp^ to 
Ms new position iram stfvice 
«Ath the Ocean Parte Vdunteer 
ifkt Department. He has 
served witti the fire deparbnrat 
^lea ass, and currenUy holds 
the office of Secretary of the 

He is a member of the U.S. 
l^val Reserve, and previously 
s«^ed if4tti the Navy seeing 
sdrvioe in Virtnam. 
' He is a graduate of Uie Fort 
IMon, Vs., and has attencted 
(Nd DomiiUon University in 
Nfarfolk, and Virginia Wesleyan 
CoO^ fai V\s^^ Beach. 

Gilbert's wife, Hope, is a 
Spanish teacher at Firat 
Ool^iri jRt^ Schodl. The 
coa{de reside on Down's Lane, 
in ttte Lake &nith region. 

Qty CoModi, wbttM you worit 
for and favor a hntMemn in 
nportiog the City's flnandal 
■tattetks to show how much 
taxes an coUectad and ndat is 
«9anded on borough baste? 

S. To adiieve eqtdty, and to 
offset the ^qiMnt altegattons 
Of favoritten would you n^port 
a ^n fw hiring aty enqiloyeM 
based on fitness teste to do ttie 
)ob famrdved? 

9. Wodd you baxk election of 
Oty Councilman in the future on 
m at large baas? 
.10. Would you fovor Miofrtion ot 
a p r efo rentiri rstecndum {dan 
whereby Qty vota^, at the time 
ot nwdlil electiona, would 
expr^s unmistakably for 
themsdves how liMy staml on 
given taRMs? 

11. Do you fovor regulations 
as reccnti^ adotfad ter fa^wd 
auOorSieB for limited inrarion 
the beach at Back Bay? 

12. Would you approve 
dectoi 1^ pcqular \^>te ot a 
"Community Relations" 
representative, who would 
serve as an {dmubundsman, 
meeting with pei^le with 
prddems in thehr own o»n- 
munities and then seeking 
sduticns at Qfy Hall based on 
need, priority and equity? 

13. Win you, as anuraiice you 
will keep your campaign 
promises, i^pve to work for «id 
vote for adoptioa of Petition 
Referendum. Recall l^dattoi 
whereby-on petitions being 
signed bif a ^edfiad nunU)cr id 
i^cgiMved voters-you may be 
sd>Ject to recall (»■ recon- 
firmation bi a -reforendom? 

Wins In Speeches 

Toastmastar^ frmn the 
^^nia Bead) area will be 
rlf^rilNnted by Pat Patrick 
floni tfte Dam Neck Toastm- 
nen dub, who won the Area 
Seven Serious Speech Contest 
Saturday nig^t at the Oceana 
CPO Qub. 

The titie of hte q^eedi vras 
''What Boot Knfis?" Toaitt- 
marter Patirick wQI rqms^nt 
Area Seven at the Eastern 
IMviidon Speech Contieat Aprfl 7 
at 6:90 p.m. at the Embera 
Restaurant in Portsnoi^. Jim 
Gerling» also of Itam Neck 
Ikia^masten Cld>, was the 
ruhno-Hq) witti Ma speedi en- 
tftled "Automobiles Are Here to 

.Lewis MdXmald, from the 
Dam Neck CItib, won the 

evahiation contest, and Uie 
runner-^ was Kari Schwartz 
irom Uie Virginia Beach 
Toastmasters Club. They 
evahiated a target speech given 
by Ray Lo^ entitled "Key to 
the Door." 

Ihe beat impnxnf^ speech of 
the evening was pwaented by 
Joe Voyit from the Virginia 
Beach CMb, Mkwed by Bob 
Miller from the Dam Neck C3ub. 

Geo-ge Williams, the Area 
Seven Govomor, predded ovtv 
the meetu% whidi was attended 
by over sixty Area Seven 
Toastmastere and thdr guests, 
several Dirtri(A officera. and 
the Secfflid Vtee Pre^doit of 
Toastmasters Internatimial, 
Dave Cm^, ATM. 

15 U'OCK 


V]SB^ a lav waMNii aksoate 

k Bssaassatttf aaa li mlaa H 

a M BMN^ M |8rt M A M 


853-3671 ^ 

LVNN HAVEN TL7^'L"!l"x"?.---'!L-"S? °! BOROUGH 

tOROU^tT^^^lSf'J'^ZSr'^lS^ TtT Appilcaflon 

7. Application of North rJTh said orooertv ls*fl"?ili?!!??' v£?""15t!^5L*J Association 
Shore corporation by i^n,?a>H^[ZAls'pZT"*'co,^^^^^ F"^**"^ 

Orover C. Wright, Jr., ljS:lu.lve, Block »,_Sej_tlon ?o'rpo?.tlon*"'and ChaVf.s 'D7sTrfcVl*"(".|"T'tS 

Limited Commerc 
District 3 

property line. Said 
property contains 14,000 
square feet. VIRGINIA 

-; H^ App4lcat4«R «♦ 

•* Tidewater Children's 

for a 




Attorney, ror ^ne g n|at of Ocean Park r> uamar «nr > ruAMrc 
discontinuance, dosure IXysTde BOROuIh: Sf '^oilNG f^?m 
and abandonment of a IS- ,3. Application of First °^ zoning »rom 

Residence Suburban 


3) on 

24. Application of D.L. 
Garcia Enterprise for a 
from Residence Suburban 
District 4 fR-S^ 4) 
Limited Commercial 
District 3 (C-L 3) on 
certain property begirj- 
ning at a point 922.34 feet 
Ea>t of Fair Meadows 
SMil, running a distance 
of 1M.45 feet along the 

foot alley running In an Baptist Church for a USE District 4 (R-S 4) to '•^"'" Pi^oP'rW begin- south side of VIrainIa 

Easterly direction a permit for a parking lot P m ited Commercial «"'-.•* ' "*""* '"'* '•** •••«»« Boulevard, running 

distance of 350 feet from f^^ which no fM Is ^ be D,Tlct 3 (C L 3) on N"''* "♦ Overland Road, a distance of 527.34 feet 

Atlantic Avenue. Said charged on certain ^lliMin oroDertv lacated r"r"'"fl • «l«tance of lio along f Eastern 

, ■ . J w » charged ... 

alley is located between property beginning at 

certain property located 

u»k c»r..*Mnw <7»h c»r>.« '"*'"- -' — ' ' -' * on tho SouthwMt comsr Of V^';,',^ 

^ aiLk * UhirmMr P**'"* '" '"^ ^"^ *" Shore Drive and South **'"**' 
in Block «, uoermeer. pacific Avenue, running a oilvfcr Drive, running - 


distance of SO feet along distance of 237 feet more 
the South side ef 35th or less along the South 

e Drive, 

. log a distance of 

Eastern property line, 30047 feet along the West 

"j ^RP.""J.'*" "* '*?'*'* Street, running a distance , <,. of Shor 
HA^iTs OF^'VoHfNG '*' '* '"' ""i"' .«*• run'ning a di. 
#r«™m..?tCr.f Dulr^ft Eastern property line, 300.47 feet along ,n» «-„ 
fflif" tn Rl.?d.^ei '■"""'"" " •*J!*""," 2! SOsldeof South Oliver Drive. 
k^B?« District 2 Vrd 2? **'^ '^2% ^' Southern running a distance of 2SS 
?"P'" ?'!*!'" lir:?-.* orooertv line, running a f.,t more or less along the 

on certain 

h.„i«„in„ .. > oSrn?reT a dUtance of 140 feet along southern property line 

beginning at a point AVT.S m.« MlMhrn nr'naartv iin* .-^ 1.1 .^i.i.' . 

feet more or less 
Princess Anne 

East of 


the Western property line. 

Said parcel Is known as miQ faet 

and running a distance of 
261,60 feet along the 
,..««i— . Hi.».nr. •# Mn •-<*' ^*' ^^^ "* »ill western property line. 
I^*LlS«-^h.No?ih.^ ""♦•'"»''"<*•*'"«''•*••♦ Said parcel Is known as 
TL:!^a^ruJ^r>inal VIRGINIA BEACH Lots 17, 18 and If, Part of 
S.f.n^ ^ A»lT7Jt BOROUGH. Bradford Terrace! Section 

fil!?-" ^. ci.tlri .. .. No. 2. (Bradford Terrace 

along ttte Eastern ^4. Application of Ryan Area) BAYSIDE 
property line, running a Academy by Allan J. BOROUGH 
distance of 200 feet along Gordon for a USE ,| Application of Young 
the Northern property line jjBRMIT to operate - n. ^PPiic.Tionof Twng 

fe#t along the West side of property lln*, running a 
WItchduck Road, distance of 12».02 feet 
-unnlngadlstanceof 131.19 along the Southern 
feet along the Northern property line, and running 
property line, runnlrn) a a distance of 562.83 feef 
distanceof 23.42 feet along along the Western 
the Western property line property line. Said parcel 
and running a distance of contains 1.66 acres. (Fair 
104.21 feet along the Meadows Estates Area). 
Southern property line. BAYSIDE BOROUGH. 
Said parcel contains 0.172 25. Application of 
acres and is known as Lot Pembroke Manor United 
75B, Section 3, Kemp- Church of Christ and 
svllie Heights. KEMP- Pembroke Manw Civic 

22. Application of PERMIT to operate a 
Mldtown Development park and recreational 
Corporation by Peter w. area on certain prc^erty 
Martone for a CHANGE located on the Northeast 
OF ZONING from comer of Independence 
Residence Suburban Boulevard and Hinsdale 
District 3 (R-S 3) to Stieef, running a distance 
Limited Commercial ot 213 feet more or less 

Safer Driver's Automobile Personal Accident P olicy . . 

provides IndMftnKy for toss of Nfe or time as a rosutt of ao- ^ — -^ " ■■>■•'- . . , ,- 1 

cidents while driving or riding within any automobile, truck . } GuartllUtll ll*n«wabl« for LIf j 

rnenorinvrnpruvviir •••<> j?ERanlT to Operate s Men's Christian i-'miTea tommortjiai or zu teer more or less 

: and running a distance of private high school on Association of Norfolk and Districts (C-L 3) and from along the East side of 

^ 4lf.6i feet along the certain property located virolnla Beach for a Limited Commercial Independence Boulevard, 

Western property line, ©n the Northeast corner of CHANGE OF ZONING ^'•*'''** ' '^■'- '^ to running a distance of 277 

PUNGO BOROUGH. Indian River Road and from Resklence Duplex **•"••■•' Commercial feet more or less along the 

9. Application of Robert Thompklns Lane, running District 2 (RD 2) to Olstrict 3 (C-G 3) and a North sWe of Hinsdale 

Wilson and Assoclatw for , distance of 425 feet along "^J±-ii — " USE PERMIT for tires, Street and .j-unning a 

a CHANGE 0> ZONING the North side ef indieiv Multiple ^ • "^" V batteries and accessories distance of 171 feet more 

from Limited Commwclal River Road, running a "••Wanee District (R-M) „),, and ,,rvlce. or less along the Eastern 

District 1 (C-L 'J ;o dl8t«Keof50«.0«fe^atonrwd a USE PERMIT to— -- _ _ „, property line and running 

Multiple Family the western propertx line construct 385 apartment , ^•J'"'^^ • R*^/. ?* a distance of 225 feet more 

. Residence District (R-M) ^ which 215.26 feet li thT """»»»» c*^*""" J^'fJ^tL bSiZ^Tt JSnt Js »'" •«" ""^o '»'• Northern 

and a USE PERMIT to East sWe ef Thompklns lOMtwJ North of '^f* f^'^'Pf oV iL w«f^# P''«P»«'»y ••"•• Said 

construct 472 apartment Lane, running a distance Drive, East of »ie Sub- **•' '"*'? «^ '•" %«♦ »♦ property 

and 45 townhouses, e, 131.43 feet along the tli*l»lo« •♦ ■•y'*l* runnL,di^ti«r. „♦?,!; •" 
units on Northern proDerfy line Beach, West of the Sub- running a distance of 51.50 _ 

Riorinern property iiqe ^, _,,,_ _. ^^^ Park, ♦••♦■•o«0 «»« South side Of (Pembroke Manor Area). 

distance of Ir*!*^!" •**•«>' running a BAYSIDE BOROUGH. 

All Interested persons 

mwe or less. 


feet more or 
along the aivision or Baylake P<"» Colonial 
totaling 517 units on Northern 

certain property begin- .nd running a distance of O'vlslwi of .Ocean ,.„„„,„„ 

nIng at a point 500 feet n3l.70 feet along the running a <«»♦«£• of h**^'"««»f'/"nn'"0« 
West of First Colonial Eastern property line. 1«3.l feet along the f '•!•"<:• « '«♦••♦ "nere 
Read, ruiwlrw a distance saW parcel centaliw 11.247 Northern properly « In t ^^itss along the Eastern are Invited H> attend. 
Of 133444 feet along the .eras. (NewHght Area). (Chpsapeake » ■ V > ■ Sf.t^'l'l J'^U?'^''? • *^«f "^^f •.^f*"'!*' 
Ner» sWe of the Virginia KEMPSVILLE running a distance of f "f^JJ^ *' W *••♦ ••«no Director of Planning 

•each-Norfolk Ex- bqrouOH. 1054.7 feet along the '"•Southern pr«*erty line 

pressway, running a 15. Application of Jamw Western property line, •'<"'w'»n"»8 •«"•'•"=• of Mar. 2,9-1T 

^^OMIi whtn you art 

M MirMli^lraH wkai. 4p I a Vepsr 

mmmtmsMmt **' 








awift. $5.!?^ 1 

«tlM««aifMawaHMdidtoiUMy 1 


$450." 1 

No Rtnawable 
Age Limit 


Full 24-Hour j NAME 

Coverage— On Or I 

Off The Job 


Claim Service 

! STREET AD ^. ! 


! FflOIS .... 


I »a ■•««••••■■••• 



House, jSonfine- 
ment Not Re- 
quired To Receive 
Cash Benefits 

Paid ¥nm The IsA 
Day Of 

Paid From The 1st 
DayjOf Med- 
ioil Attention 

*14 Per Yeu^ 

QdumbU Accident St BetM Aicuraiset 

P.6. Box 23S2, Ya. Beach, Va. 23452 

*14 Per y. 








The $tttt SiAuUs 


iij^cr Buiek and (^1 Inc. eamt iirto fxtgtancfl in May lira 
iHiM B«i> Siiy^ pureNrnd Hoit Buick. Snydtr Btiiek 4 Opal hai 
•MB- tta |«it yaar Imkoim ^ larfiat Bulek ai^ Op^ 4uilar in 

OiMM' Bfli) S^rdMr, Ml wife and Uvea eMMran mevad to 
Viq^ Baaeli Irm WatNngton, DC. in May af ifM. Batara 
eaa^tathateaehkawaaiona manifar for Buick and has btm 

aiyder Bulck it manaiad by vary axp«ri«n««d dapartromt 
heada. Art Walktr \g tha inrvlM Maaiiar andta in eMa of aU 
rapalra and larHca. biflH^ of parli la Ray Uwla. BtU Itarrtll is 
die Used Car Msnagwf and worta out si Inydar's locatton at mtt 
VlTflnlB Beach Blvd. &dtth HolUa ia ttMOfficf M«na|^, 

"hm paq^ at SM*r iitfch km» thirtr h«tfBaaa«M want to 
sdtM^ aadi omMmt. Bab teydar ^rataa ^ bm^mm by tM 
fMlMM(^y. "Ho^ «4io taiy «in wUI buy firam a om^ i^ 
atanda beMnd Ml product and fives tiw beat sarviea poiitUa." 

The Blue Hawaii opened Janaf Shopping Center in July 1970 and 
became the first authentic Polyneaian restaurant in Virgiida 

Blue Hawaii's manafer iaNelsm L. Lu frcm Formosa. Lu is a 
graduate of 09d Dominion University and has been living in the 
United States for five years. 

All (rf the employes are from Formosa. The cooks are 
profasalonally trained in the art of pr^Muring Oiinese food. Jimmy 
WUi Miatfihe partnwa. to in charge of the kitchen. Ka>Jung Wang 
is in diaifa of tha steaks and shish4ebab. Wei-Jung Wang handles 
the ChiMMe food. 

Hanvailan food is an i^arnattonal food and the Blue Hawaii 
otfait m axotrilMit tai^tla|. Some of the favoHtea are Steak 
Tarlyidid aendd wldi a Jsfahase Reclpa Sauce, Hawaiian Pantw 
Kaak, ^rimp Temper! and Stei^ Kobe Diane, cooked wltti 
TPI JM J rtj i iw a tMi aanrad wMi fkuntng cogoM. 
^**MtwNiH itoo aarvaa aMtic Hawaiian eocktaila such as the 
(M di. Unii^, Mil Tal aiMl the riamiqg Volcano. Come into the 
MuftpriraM aoon and enjoy a quite relaxing dinner of tha fineet 
(|ttiU% Firtynealan food. 

The ChlMress Awning and Window works, located^rectly 
acrou from Aragona shopping center at 4859 Virginia Beach Blvd, 
offers a complete line of storm doors and windows to satisfy every 
ciiatomwra need. Manager E.L.. "Gene" Bergelt has been 
associated with the Childress Go. for 19 years and has an extensive 
knowledge of what materials, workmanship and installation 
proceedures are best suited for UUs climate and the individual Job 
being performed. 

All (rf the ChiMreas company materials are built by local, state 
and fed««l codes. Woricmanship and quality are alio guaranteed. 
The Chlktoess also hM an experienced crew familiar with tn- 
stallatioo proceedures and the materials used. 

The CMldress Company carries a complete line of prime win- 
dows made of the hi^eat quality materials and the best crafts- 
manship available. The prime («' inakle Window) is the most 
important window in your house. It keeps Qie heat in and ttie (»>ld 
and rain out. It standi to reason Uiat anything as important should 
be <tf the best qtnlity. Fw this reason Bergelt recommends vinyl 
besides It Is best niited for Uiis climate. 

Other aervices provided by the ChUdresa Company see, storm 
doors and pordi wiclosures. The storm doors come in all shapes 
and st^es to suit any home decor. 




The Dairy Twist, 1716 Virginia Beach Blvd. la one of the few 
places that still feature the oM fashioned hamburgnr, that is, on „ 
that is not pre-manufaetured by someone else and then only heated 
by the I'estaurant. 

The hamburgers are always aU meat and alwaya frarii and :^ 
tender. Daily specials for breakfast lundi and dinner are alao 
priced to {dease the budget. A breakfast, for inatanee, including 
egp, sausage or bacon, haah brown potatoes and coffee can b«^ 
purchased for less than one dollar. Lunch and dinner are priced 
equally as low. 

The Jumbo hamburger is a specialty of Vttt Dairy Twist. The 
JumtK^ is made with oidy the hii^est quality ground beef fiwsMy 
prepared to please the individual. For a lunch, (Unner or even a 
snack the Dairy Twist is a place you should try. It is open Monday 
throu^ Thursday from 8 A.M. till 1A.M. C^ the week-otds it is 
open 24 hours a day. 



Ranch House 

JtMf ourofif s 




mmmmiotwKk mm 

7 A.M. To MidsMt Saatf^ Ihw Umi. - 7 AJL T«| 
- 11:10 AJi^lAJLPMIlMikfMil 

ancNBim vNiMiifyicH 

7 A.M. To MiiMitMiivnN Unw. - 7 AJi. HUkMJ^mm $ 

i^E AWE onn ANO^mNd wni ^(Ay 




AMetlaect PBIB wtik mner 
Pua PiMi TraflSwvwl with PlaaiM HHmcM) Che Ch«, 
SluiinpTMMMin, gBen Ribs, eadghrina Toeit. 

Cikp TeiMd OiMn with Blw HawaH Houn DiMiinf 

Cibeoae Avm our 20 Fabidotu D^ntn 
mtek a$i j^Duuun fnm 18.98 

m^li Hawallaa "^^ 


^flS i^^S^ ajffiSi. 

Mixed Beven^e Ueeaae 


r ^ 


M 11:11 uMlfil 




857^6951 Party Room Available 





locally Manufactured 


Awning & Window Worka 
4859 Ya. Beach Blvd. 4994139 



if „ 










You're used to 
^ings that are 
out of the 








Breakfast 85' & up 

Lunch iLOO&iqp 

Diimer •1.00 & up 

Our foot kmg hot dogi mid tuunbwgen 
are ail mmL 
All meaU are cooked to trider, 

Step &y ^k try ua or t^ for 

fii^ out ordera, ^unaa 

nUMY i SfffUMMY oral 14 HQUIS -^ 








Serving IheCUyOf ruginia Beach 

47th YEAR-NO. 11 


ladies Night Out' 
Ends In Mass Arrests 

Tuesday night the Virginia 
Beach Police raided a Rih|^ 
ganl« at the Aragona Com- 
munity Recreation Center and 
arrested 215 people. Those 
orettedM^^ formally charged 
with, "unlawfully and willfully 
participating in a game of 
chance, to wit, Ringo. 

Most of those arrested were 
middle aged women, however, 
the ages ranged from 18 to 84. 
All wore held in lieu of $100 bond 
or $36.75 fine. 

Clark T. "Sandy" Dunnington 
and other officers of the 
Community Center were held in 
lieu of $500 dollar bond. The 
Community Center posted bond 
for most of the people involved 
in the arrest. 

Sargent L.O. Sutt<m, whose 
investigation led to Uie arrests, 
said, "I was not aware of how 
many people were involved 
until we made the actual raid. 
With the deceptions of a couple 
oi instances, everyone was most 

Molt of the people txxdc the 
arrest with a little humor. Some 
were outwardly angry with the 
actidn taken by the police. A 
munbo* of peofde commented 
ttiat they were not aware they 

were breakii^ the law and felt 
that the action was uncalled for. 
One of the major complaints 
was over a similar raid last 
Friday ni^t at Lucky's in 
which the people were warned 
but not arrested. 

Sargent &ttoi^-^ted that, 
"as a result of a formal com- 
plaint, I iniated an investigatl<m 
and found the law being broken. 
It was at this time that I made 
plans f<x the raid." 

The community center's 
attorney, Charles Burlage said, 
"this is one hell of a way to run a 
railroad. Why were they not just 
warned? In a similar incident 
witMn the teat seven days 
concerning another business the 
players were only warned. Why 
couldn't we receive the same 

Opinions were mixed as to the 
way the situation was handled. 
Some pec^le complained they 
were jammed into the paddy 
wagons "Vke a bunch of cattle." 
Othm praised the oflkers for 
(k)ing the best they could under 
the circumstances. One of the 
worst complaints was tiie delay 
infemng proconel It wgs 3:30 
Wednesday before dit last 
group was flnished. 

For the moat palrt, however, it 
was a mcre-or-less cheerful 
event, in spite of the fact that so 
many under arrest. Mrs. 
Doro^ McAlister said, "it took 
me ft )i»ars to get arrested." 

Tbe on-duty Shore Patrol 
recalled having about 30 people 
in his small office when out of 
the Uue he heard one of the 
ladies dowly count down from 
time. "Its 12 o'clock so now it's 
my birthday." 

"That started it," the Shore 
Patrol laughed. "It sounded like 
all 215 of ^em right there in my 
office singing Happy BirtUay 
to her." 

A rumor circulating during 
the groiq) was that three people 
had had heart attacks as result 
of the strain. However, the 
official word from Sargent 
Sutton was, "we hear that ti^ee 
peqple who advisied us that Uiey 
have had recent heart trouble 
and were under medication. 
Tliese we processed as quickly 
as possible and sent them on 
their way. General pdicemen 
woriced overtime to furnish 
tr^nspbrtation back to the 
^foMlnunity Center for the 
people' who had left their per- 
sonal cars there." 

First Citizen Award, 
*• A Secret Well Kept 

James P. Sadlo' walked into a 
room at tlie Sandp^nw Motel 
Iaft.Fri<h^ mnming and was 
obvfeusly oonfWMd 1^ «4iat he 
saw... a room full of news 
representatives, Jaycee of- 
ficii^ and imorted frirads and 

He kxriied at his wife, Susan, 
as tf to say "WxaA have you 
gotten me into?" But she 
merely smiled. 

iJMrry Waters, chairman oS 
the Jaycee's First Citizen 
committee, greeted Sadler, 
abatk his hnad, and with very 
genuine enttiusiasm let him in 
on ihe Ug secret~-thi^ James 
P. Sadler was Uie unanimous 
ehokee as 1971 First Citizen oi 
\^^ia Beach. 

"Ilw judges said they, had 
never seen as many warm, 
sincere lettm as those they 
recdved nominating you as 
First Citizen." Waters told 
SadUer. "They came from 
friends, business associates, 
military personnel, even your 
competitors. And their decision 
was unai^mis." 

Sin te(&r Is a bU( nm, a 
leader in if» community, a man 
wfe9 gets thinp dime. But at 
th^ moment he )o<Aed like a 
Uttte b(9 irtw has just bem told 
tfart ev e ry day4aOiristmas, his 
face reftoding first disbelief, 
tlMB great pleasure. 

"I ^n't know «^ft to say. I 
sifl^y dm't know what to say," 
he mianbled. "Thank you— that 
teems so inadequate— but I 
don't what wise to say but thank 
you." His v<^e In-oke and for a 
farle! moment tiie room was 
q^. thea be look«l down at 
ttie "Smile" button on his lapel, 
a ^rmbol of the campaign he 
conedved to make Vlr^ia 

Beach known aa the "Friendly 
City", . and. iJiiimented 'Tm 

were upon him with their 
congrattdatfons. Everyone was 
amazed at how well ttie secret 
had be«i kept. The tou^iMt job 
feD <m Suaan Stder. 9m npt 
only had to keq; the honor a 
secret, but also fifiure out a way 
to lure ho* hwhand to the 
Sandpiper for the an- 

"I UM him some friends wen 
oonakler^ buying ttie mum 
sad wan^d him to look at it so 
he oMild^advUI ttiem," l^aan 
lauded. "Re said he want 
coming because he didn't want 
to meddle" in his friends 
business affairs. He was 
arguing about coming right up 
until the last minute. But v 
made it!" 

What the Sabers might not 
make, however, Is a long 
planned trip to Europe, llwy 
«wre sdnduled to leave next 
week. »it with the First Citizen 
Award Bmq0t set for March Si 
there'r »«cailct\ta) planniw 

''^V^at wiU the banquet dolo 
your trip to Europe," asked 
Jaycee President Jack Jeo- 

"It'll save me about $4.0«,^ 
Sadler was quick to reply. 

Sadler, 90, was selected as 
First Citizen fw his many 
contribtrtions to ttie dty, not ttie 
least of v^idi has been his 
outstanding work with tte 
Chamber of Commerce, botti as 
iu presfcient and orguiizer of 
many of ito more suc<»trful 

As one tettor (rf nomination 
said: "EaoitaditowMdihi^ 

eimm^tedUmself haa been ler 

r<iN>MipvM7wgee^fv, aium ror 
fVpltnla Beach's eoMomic 
grovtti «• Iw tte wttf beta^ of 
Its dtizeoi. He has habttoABy 
met or exeeedMl the objective 
and goal for ea^ endeavor In 
iriiich he has partte^ted. He 
not only has demonstrated 
Aitotan<big ftnesiipt in u- 
ticlpating commimity needs but 
has worked wnstintln^y in 
fulfilling ttiem." 

AnettMr letter noted: "Uie 
Sadhv method d opwatkm-' 
the foreefUli detormined, but 
gentlemanly — concerned 
pundt of whatever la best for 
Virginia Beach and its 
people....a tdd effort to do 
somett^ for die lees fortunate 
d this oraomudty." 

$100 Reward 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Owens, 
52SS PrlncMS Anne Road In 
KempevUle, are offering a $100 
.^rewprd for the return d a 
doMon^a bench taken from Uieir . 
front yard, it has grrat sen- 
timental value and they're 
hoping whoever took it win 


And speaking of stolen items, 
Hi^ Siapiro, manager d the 
OWHrdl Motd on IMamond 
Siprti^ Rood, is pretty sore. 

SMneone walked off witti a 
bird feeder from his bade yard. 
**R ettfy cod W cents," Harry 
saM^, "so I can't Inuiglne why 
anyone would take it." But he, 
too, is hoping it will be returned. 

2 Die In Jet Crash 

Witnesses Praise El 

To Protect Other Lives 

Lehi^ interviews KPbwA at tke crash scene. 

Freedom; Foundation 

Honors CoL Elliott 

Lt. Cd. W. Glenn EUid, 
VA$G (Ret.), rderred to by the 
Virginia Beach Sun last Jdy as 
an "Old Fashioned Flag- 
Waving American", has been 
honored by the Freedoms 
Foundation at Valley Forge, 

Cd. Elliot, who reddes in the 
Oceana area of Virginia Beach, 
has been ix'eeented the Foun- 
dation's "George Wadiingtdi 
Honor Medal Award for 
Patriotic Activities, 1971". 

The award cites EUiofs 
activities to sup|dy Amoican 
servicemen 4n~ hospitals 
throughout the World with 
cigarettes, tobacco, p^uiuts, 
candy and books. TWa is done 
ttirouv^ the American, Sodety 
d the G<Men Horseshoe, which 
Ellid founded for ttiis purpose. 
Since its inc^tion in 1966 tiie 
Soddy has distributed more 
ttian $1S,000 worth d items to 
wounded sorviosmen. 

Last Fduuary ttie National 

Socidy d ttie Sons of the 
American Revolution also 
honored Elliot for tiiese ac- 
tivities. The Society awarded 
Ellid its Silwr Good Qtizen- 
d^ Medd "in recognition d 
ne^bte services in bdialf of our 
Ametieen principles." 

sAlbt's himamtarian dforts 
have alee been officially 
recognized fan ttie Congress d 
the United States. Last 
November Rq). Thomas N. 
Downing, in adion on ttie flomr 
d ttie House d Represen- 
tatives, had placed in the 
Congresdonal Record a copy d 
ttie Vfa^^da Beach Sun's at- 
counttng of Ellid's activities. 

Downing rderred to EUid's 
American Sodety dJthe Gdden 
Horseshoe as "... an 
organization dedicated to 
reviving and stimulating 
patriottnn in our land, and to 
honoring and aiding the many 
veterans who have served our 
Ndlon weU bi ite time d need." 

"They had a kit d guts. It 
appeared t)»y were trying t» 
get above ttie hcusee." 

■ni* V. E. "BiUy" Brown 
described w4id appeared to him 
as last minute df«-ts by Lt,^. 
John F. Montgomery and Lt.jg. 
RuMeU F. Harris, Jr., to divert 
tiieir crippled plane from hornet 
as tiie craft ^unged to eartti, 
killing ttion, Monday e»ning. 

Brown, a city dog wardes. 
witnessed the crash d the Navy 
F4 I^ntfHi jd as he was 
mdiing a ph(»ne call from a 
bodh at First Cokidal and 
Great Neck Roads. 

He said, "I hMTd him come hi 
km witti a roar, his tiut Ihu:- 
nnrs going full dast. It kicked 
like he was trying to puB it v^." 

"All of a sudden it was all 
over. I beard a kwd noise nd 
saw a flash. I knew he had gime 
down." : , 

Brown said he than got tetv 
his dty van and radttoed a 
report of Uie crash to ttie police 
(Uspatdier and drove to the 
crash site. He added, "There 
was debris all over and small 
fires burning in the fidd." 
Shortly dter ftvwn's arrival 
fire trucks fr(»n the Urndtm 
Bridge Volunteer Fire 
Department arrived on the 
scene, along with police udta 
and a dandl^ medical unit 
from the Beach Boroi^h 
Volunteer Rescue Squad. 

Arthur StaOings, a Trantwood 
resident, described ttie crash In 
a mannar dmIBar Ito ttid of 
ftrown. ^flings, in his home 
teas than half-a-mile from the 
scene, sdd, "I heard ttw air- 
craft ornie ui tow, bend an 
eqriosion, and saw a ball of fbre 
ji^ dwve ttie tree toiM." 

Tlie jd narrowly missed 
oeeufked homes, and several 
u^er oradrudlan, in the new 
Laurd Cove housing sub- 
divlskm In its B^t to eertti, 
appreirimately three mllea 
Nortfiwed d ttie Oceana Naval 

On-scene olwervatlon In- 
(teded ttie dane bounced off a 

H^ dirt embuikment, passed 
ov«r ttie iottndatton of a new 
home, ripped Offough a tree line 
sonw 100 yards be^md point d 
impad, dwortag the trem oCf a 
short distance a^ve the 
ground, and apparditty ex- 
ptoded into a flre-ball. 

Wreckage from ttie plane was 
strewn ttirou^t a large com 
field jutt beytmd the tree line, 
which follows the exptosion 

London Bridge Fire Chief I. 
B. Ge(»f e said whoi his men 
arrived at the sc«ie, "Thae 
wu jud a numhn* of small fires 
in the field. Thtm wasn't any 
big burning. Moat d it w«i fuel, 
uid it wrndd have ^{i^ed the 
woods in time." 

Navy ofOdals said ttie jd had 

H^iS^e -teded In 
Gity Government," Says Young Leader 

Jaycee ProMwl Jack Jwn^ifa (Ml) oad Fkit cmMtm CtatowiB Lory INtan 
(rt^t) cenirataMe Ftoet atliM Jtai lailer. (Phole hjr Tea Aieadt) 

By Jty Bnimbley 

"laee a nMd for m<m young 
men to be invdved in our City's 
government," stated Bob 
Warren, a young man himself 
who was Just recedly seleded 
Outotanding Young Man d 
Virginia Beach and one of the 
tap twenty Outstanding Young 
Mm d Vfrglda. "More young 
men need to be appointed to the 
various boards and com- 

"We have some fine young 
men ui Vii^nia Beach," Bd> 
continued. "In ttie Jaycees, ler 
instance, we have tturee past 
preddeds ttiat have been in- 
volved in ttie City. I wodd like 
to see ttiem, and ottiers, topped 
by ttie City in order to make use 
d their ocpertise in a way that 
could be d assistance to the 

Bob was tapped f Mr such a 
position in February d 1971 
when Mayor Donald Rhodes 
apixtfntedliim cbairman d the 
Mayors" Fact-Finding Com- 
mittee. The committee met for 
seven monttis with ail facets d 
ttie City government attempting 
to see how the govemmed 
codd better serve ttie people of 
Virgida Beach. 

Itie committee pointed out 
s<Hne of the inequities in tex 
assessments, gd the feelings d 
ttie citiienry on the City's 
^owtti, and looked into the 
causM d the failure of Uie 1971 
bMd referendum. "Soon after 
we b^an quesUodng some of 
the tex assessments, the Mayor 
appdnted a committee that 
de^M to Mng in outside tax 
assessors to correct the poss 
InesdtiM that we found," Bob 

"Aft«r teUdng to the peode 
and determidng ttietr wishes 
cwiceming the City's schools, 
we recommended that the 
Schod Board go back to the 
pe<^le witti ancMier refCTOodum 
more in line witti Uie needs d 
tile people," Bob said. "The 
lated referendum passed, so we 
mi»t have found out what the 
peq^ want«l and were willing 
to Ri{^(»'t." 

Bob is presently vice- 
president d the Virginia B«ch 
first Coalition, a non-parttean 
pditical erganizaUmi formed 
tor the paepcm d decting the 
b«it qua^M candidates in tte 
tpi^Mitt^ eoundtoiatie ^c- 
tei. Accwtling to Warren, the 
pwq} to a temporary one. 

formed just for the upcoming 
election, and there is "no in- 
tention to continue bey<Hid this 
coundlmatic election and at- 
tempt to devdq) a pditical 

A native of Portsmouth, 
Wairen has lived in Virginia 
Beach since 1967. A resident of 
ttie Alantoo section, his work 
witii the Alanton Civic League 
has brought him s«ne of his 
greatest satidacUon. 

"As far as ttibigs ttiat I'm 
particularly proud d, I wodd 
place ttie effort for ttie Alanton 
swimmii^ pool hi^ on ttie 
list," Bob pointed out. "We 
cmceived the idea in Sq;>- 
tember, and by Uie next June, 
we had ttie pool built. 1 was the 
fund-raidng chdrman, and in 
four months we raised nearly 

Tlie Jayceea are imp<»-tent to 
Bob. IiT^act, he credits tiie 
Jaycees as being "the single 
most significant organization" 
-hs hai aver h— n siioristed 
witti. Bob feels drongly ttiat ttie 
Jayceess have done more to 
enforce his individual 
develcvment than anythi^ dse 
he Ims ever done. "It is ttie ody 
organization I know where a 
young man can make himself a 
viable idluence to ttie com- 
munity, somettiing which few 
young mm can dc by them- 

Speaking m a young man and 
citizen of Vii^nia Beach, Bob 
Warren speaks what many 
young men bdieve. "Tlie City 
has fremendous potential. We 
have the fastest growing city in 
Virginia and one d tte fastest 
growtti rates in the cam try. 

"Growth is scnnettiing we 
can't st(^. The marketplace 
det^ntioM growUi. If {WO|rfe 
want to come to Virginia Beach, 
ttiey will aime. If people con- 
tinue to come becMise things 
here attract ttiem, they are 
goii^ to need h(snes, goods, and 

"The thing ttiat is absolutdy 
essmtid diout ttiis kind d 
growth tt toat ttie growUi ^ms 
not outstrip the reources that 
we have aid that our govom- 
ment can provide Tlie dngle 
ttiii^ that we need most in our 
community is unity of 
iMdersUp-a pro^YWive kind 
d teededup ' 

What docs Warren call 
proreedw iMdor^p? "We 
need to ^d aty Councilmw 


who have the best intereste d 
ttie City at heart, llwy mud 
work in imison to insure that we 
have ttie kind of growtti ttie City 
can siqiport and can provide 
services to aU Ite citixens to an 
accepteUe fa8hlon..,We med to 
follow the comprehensive 
master plan being developed. It 
is a 9>od plan and shodd be 
fdhmed fd- the good d Uie 

"People like to describe the 
kind of growtti ttiey like as 
controlled or tempered 
growtti," Bob expldned. "The 
Fact-Fbiding Committee fdt 
ttiat it was abeolutely Msmtial 
for the City to proceed im- 



Hears 9 

After montttt d preparation 
and organization, an idea 
started beering fruit Monday 
dght. tt started with a desire to 
have men people involved in 
etecting dty dfidals in a 
knowl^eable way. 

Hie result was a meding d 
ttie Virginia Beach Flrd 
Coalition (VB-lst) idien nine 
ceadkiates for ttie May Coun- 
dlmatic dectton appeared. 

There were no exciting 
memento nor stortling 
revddkns, Iwt (me membor d 
tiie audioice commented, "I do 
fed like I know each of than a 
little bdto- now." 

Some iasuea were moitioned 

Miiii^ mm ftllii Mwiiiili tiiialiMt anil 

sucnas ciiy growui, uimu^, maa 
Rudee IxM, bd no one offered 
sny concrete sddions. Some 
went ao far as to say ttiey dki nd 
know the answers right now. 

Each candidate was given 
five nttn^^ to speak, and moat 
took the ^qiortimity to In- 
troduce themsdves and offer 
ttieir guallficatkms for a seat on 

The nine candidates who 

tokn df from Oceana JM $ 
few mtadeebddrethe en^ Of 
q^rmimttdy 6;I0 >puB;, aa 
Montgrnnery and Ifaurrll began 
a routine "carrier lanra^ 
pradkse" sesakn. Tbdr ^oae 
rqxirtedy was tbn first to leave 
die field fai a ffov^ d dffee 
drcraf t scheduled to take part in 
ttie sesskn. Ibe opmtkn ms 
halted imme<fiatdy after ttidr 
take-off, according to 

Officials said ttiere- was no 
indication from air traffic 
OMitrd persoraiel ttiat ttie {done 
may have been having dtf- 
flc^les prior to ttie cnA. A 
full invedlgation haa been 
launched to determine cause d 
ttie crash. 

Desdte ttie efforts of a crew 
d some 100 mm, constoting d 
volinteer firemen fnm vwikm 
omnpades akmg wtth regidar 
and auxDiary pdlce^dficws, 
ttie cradi sooic was ^tekly 
crowded by peo{^. 

Most of whMn had gone ttiere 
but oi curiosity, and many d 
«^m an»rentty showed apm 
disresp»l for tltt men etriving 
to carrytog out ttie necessary 
woric invdved m such an in- 

Tbere were rqx»ts d people 
crificlztog police «1io adced 
ttiem to dear the area, md 
ottiers seen running fron the 
field with Uts d ttie atareraft as 

AuftoriUee id«itified Mod- 
gomery as pilot d the aircraft, 
and Harris m ttie ratter Ibp- 
tocept officer. Both men were 
M'yean d age. 

Montgomery is survived bf 
m wife, Charlene. TIm awqple 
refxxrtodly tn^e married jott a 
few wedts ago and made tiieir 
home Ml Wetofront Gove in 

Harris If sunned If hfai 
parents, a« RaMMtt Borrto' d 

Chamber v 

s To t 

George Itevis. pr»iteit d 
ttie Vii^ia Beadi Chamber d 
Commerce announced 
yMterday ttiat ttie resort 
(»t(uiizatiQn has p]e<^{«l ^ in 
su^KNrt d ttie Reward Fund 
esublished by Norfdk 
Qiambd" of Commerce for 
information leading to ttie 
arred and oonv^too d the 
person or pnaona reapnttlhle 
for the roMnt slaytaig d No^ 
fdk's 6amar Mayor W.Fred 

b a brid ctt-emony MNi In 
the offices of the Nwfdk 
Chamber vesterdav. Davis 
prwwrted a flnaactol piedge to 

Harrison Hubard, Ncn-folk 
OiMnber dfidd. 

"We commetd ttie Nwftft 
Chambo- in eatobUshing ttiis 
reward fud," Etevis stded. 
"Tlw \%gtoia BeMh iM^aNS 
(immunity joins with the 
busing community d ttie City 
d Norfolk In support of our law 
enforcement agencies," Davto 

'Mr. Duckworth woa on 

Bob Warren 

iidividud Inenty Idereateirto 
development of the entire 
Tideirater arn as iraO aa the 
stote," Dada aMtttauied. 

"Hie Vlrgkiia Beodi com- 
mtnlty wu equaOy shocked by 
this senselesa ud brutd 
crime," the Chambo- presided 

Hie w^d rwvard tmi d 
^,000 has been IncreeMd to 
I7.S00, oco^ding to Fforldk 
Chamber dfidate. 


Alwuy-H pnmdf welflom miw/kd, never ui^med! 




EttobHihwi 192S 


PuhlidMd McA Ttursdajr bf A* Beach PuhMA^ CorpontioB, 238 Rommtmt Rom^ 
inrgam Boscft. Va. 234S2 SM»nd daa potts^e pM at Vkgbik Beseh, VXrpinIa Mam- 
btf of V^fluui Pnm Amxktkm. To subKribt <x mtrntise, ph<a» 4^34m. ^o^ o^py 
price iO^. 

Si4wriptkm Ratn: w areas served tv ikhie-oeliveiiv carrku. 





3M0Nn« — IJ§ 3 MONTHS — — «-—. lU 

e l>IWTHS>..~.............w...... 3.00 e HUNIIIS .m w ... » .... . .. »~ ~. 4J# 

I YtAR ....^^ e.00 I WAR »-..,.«.™- 9M 



OlM to *BIIM JUtmiUP'W-AM MMH luMcHvliom MUST fe« 9tm IN t 

A Deer J^iicetion Dediceled to S«rwi$ thi Peopk of th$ 
CUy of Vupnia 0Mck 



■-^ ¥ -» % V it -^'%"^ 





fNavy^Shoflv Band 
Entertains Scouts 

OibSowt Pmck «r, spoHorad 
ly tt» A mirb l o u i Baw, ImU 
tb ktmuA BhM Md Gold 
•m|M ttemM^ at Om Whwri 
MsMkMA^ hi ntds 19 tf 

^fNpIt «r tte twotaf 1 

«^Mte wife i«ee«riM «( 
to pMit Mi diB iMdtn, an* 
laMtaMDt by Am Navjr a»w 
Buri, Md ttw ir^Mtttw of 

i^'OvtM^lM (tf Tteaka tor 
'^hilt oodMbiHlMii durtai Out 
'fM year w»« pnanted to 
•GaptiAi W.H. Hai^katfia, Jr., 
BMJa OMBmadtat 
GbW JouraaMst iUn 
ilbedbtttar, laitltatioaal 
<lt^^w0BtaMve for Scouting 
AdMMet: Mr*. Xaa Ofechi, 
Pm Laadw Ooa<A; aad Jeff 
i^^fo. Den Uadar Goaeii; and 
^ Alidte, Dei CMtf to D«B s. 
*; GaHtttttet tf tiuuda ware 
1^ preiintad to Dm Leadm 
and Anktofil Den Leaden: 
$bt. Lee Ounaas and Mn. 
l^taM Gwtto, Den 1: Mn. 
fUi^frt Bobtt and Mn. 
SUrir Pittt, Dan i: Mn. 
Geaevleve IMii, Dm 6; Mn. 
V1m» CMton and Ifaa. Donna 
Raalnei, D« 7; Md Ifirt. I^t 

SUva and Mn. Cynthia Soctar. 
Dm I; 

A nunbw of lilvM- and gidd 
anow poinU for acMevemenU 
wen pmMtod to dM membwi 
and Welbelei c^on to tiffee 


Jay Pitto of Den S waa 
crowned "Checker King" 
kaving Minrged from an 
^toinatlm toumaniMt wlttln 
ttie pack without the losa of a 

In addlttoB to the Ave dem of 
Pack f7 the AmphlWow Bait 
idM^ooMn a tk/y Scout b-o^ 
Md two CMa Scout tro(q». The 
Amphibioui Maintenance 
IN^MTt Unit iponaon a Sm 
Eiqjdorer icout SI41. 

Hie AmphlUoui Bam Scotrt 
laland camping area ta 
availaMe An- uie by ar^ scout 
troop. MMibenMp in ttie doit 
of Padc 87 and <^h«- soiuting 
grwpe an opM to reaUMts of 
Navy hottiing and the 
•arrounding ana. 

Scouting activities at the 
Amj^btouB Baie are limited 
only by the awnber of avaUalde 
vvduntaen. If you would like to 
participate at a volunteer or if 
you have a son or daui^tor 
interestod in scouting, call Chief 
LedDMtter at 464-7923. 

Mn. Ann CrtcchI, Den Leader Coach for Cub Scout Pack 
S7. places the "Checker Klng"crown on Jay Pitts. Jay 
earned his tlUe by emerging undefeated fai the Pack 67 
Checker Tournament. 

"Who's the Mattor With Me?" 
sdM be Uw subject of a day's 
lectwM on Satorday at the 
AModation Ww ResMrdi Md 
EidistOMnt, 67th Street and 
AtiMtk: AvMue. 

Lectores wiU be at 10 a.m. 2 

Lectures Set 

and 7:30 p.m. and the lecturer 
will be Worth Kidd of the 
Association staff. Removing the 
barrien fi*om being (Mieself will 
be the gist of ttie lectures, and 
ample oiq>ortunity for audience 
participation will be allowed. 





Aviation Fire Control 

hnicliin Second Class 

lUdwrd P. Xieemann hu been 

chosen as die Naval Air Station 

Oceana Saikr of the Month ftu- 

March Ifhi. 

A<^ Kleemann wxk$ in the 

WeapMs Dei>artment in stodc 

txaM >^MH% he ktep* in- 

jjeotartos 00 m^sUe om^oneiH 

^rto. In this position, 

^leemann co-o^inates orders 

^"om sqiuAt^ fw misses 

1MI in tralniim exercisM.' 

Piai^ Ms thjiw at WMpons, 

KleenMim has worked in the 

mta^ ejMtimi test pito teating 

the rsieiye laedutniMA used on 

jiM A-4 airdralt. In the missile 

festing and build-up section he 

vorted in mittlto asembly. 

fVna his areas of experleiK» 

Qeemann has gain^ a waking 

Lnowle<^e of ttie Weapons 

pepartment oi^rations that 

pdke him M a«et to the Navy. 

. Kleemann has a little over 

^ro yean kft to serve of hki 

ovTsnt eidii^nmA before he 

jpuM mate ttie dedirion as to 

phefter he wiU conttmie with 

he Na^ as a eareor. 

Far Mag ttie iweetMt. mr at least selUng t^e meat candy. Karen Bush receivea a 
ta-^y tnm Bmmy Humphries, insb^ctm- for ttie Vfar^la Beach High Steppers. Baton 
ani Dram CoriM. Other girls receiving awards fa* selUng candy are Cathy Hill, Mary 
Mi4 Rose Eacajeda. Karen recelved.her award for selling 229 lioxes of candy which 
helped the Htfut^pen buy drams for their corps. The Hlghsteppen Is an 
or^batfM for ••year-rids aad rider wUeV wias started last October by interested 
parenta la Oe PriacMS Anae Plata area. Iliey meet every Frl. night from 7-8:30 at 
Lyaalmven Elementary for practice. Iliere la room for nine more ^is who might be 
Maraated la JotalBg. For laformatton call. Gus Bush. 486-4567. (Photo by Joh Segester) 

Lenim Preacher 

The Rev. Bass^ Site. pastra> 
t anmaouel Lottormn Church, 
Mil be the Guest Preadier at 
St. Fi^BKds' Episc^Ml Oiurdi 
iiaday at 7:96. 
i St. Fraa^' Is kxated at SOO 
^tosoBori Road. 

Acker In 

James B. Acker, III of 
VhrgiBia Beaeli participated in a 
ree«A talk in at Chowan C(dlege 
OB the subject of edhicatton. 

Tay[;taia an sponsored by ttie 
d^artmMt of student p«>* 
soMd and highlight dtocuMlona 
of currMt issues among 
sSdMto ami lei^toi tewa 
fhxn te faculty, staff and 

Some ahmud help^ to guide 
ttie dlacupskm tw the talk-in 
devoted to eduatiM. 

James to a gmudate of NoHh 
Chicago QHBmunlty High 
Schori. file SM of Mn ft Mn. 
James Adcer, Jr., he te enrolled 
in tte Hbenl arts curriculum at 
ttw two^rear B^^t oAege. 

New Home Center 
Opens At Hilltop 

A new quarter-million dollar, 
20,000 square foot True Value 
Home Center has be«i opened 
at 1609 LaskinHoad at the new 
Hilltop business district at the 
Pint Ccionial Road and Laskin 
Road intovection. 

R.D. Taylor, President, 
announced Utat ttwnew store is 
me of 4000 nationally affiliated 
True Value Cent»^ in Uk 
Uidted Stotes. In conjimction 
wWb this new Laskin Road 
cwrter, ttie Hara Home Coiter 
at 342} Virginia Beach 
Boidevard has alM been con- 
verted to amAher new True 
Valm store. Birth ol these new 
True Value locations are 
operated by R.D. Taylor, 
Preaident, Jim Jordon IH, Vice 

President, G.S. Jordon, 
Secretary-Treasurer, and Al 
Fisher and M.J. Fisher, B<»rd 

Extensive remodeling and 
rwiovation has been completed 
and a varied inventory stocked 
at 1609 Laskin R oad. Jliis new 
True Value ouUet will feature 
garden supplies and outdoor, 
equipment witti large lumber 

Area growth and ttie nq^id 
expansion of this new, planned 
retail center prompted this new 
True Value locaticm, said Sam 
Scott ot Thomas C. Kyrus & 
Associates, who arrai^ed the 
transactions. The principals 
have a I(»ig background in the 
hardware business. Their 
parents foimded Fud & Feed at 
19th and Pacific in 1^7 which, 
(d cmirse, will continue in 
operation at the present 
location. This led to the sots 
<^>ening the Plaza Home Caiter 
that now has annual sales o( 
over $1,000,000, Taylw says the 
new facility of 1609 Laskin Road 
is Uie only home cento* of its 
kind in the Virginia Beach 

Auditions Sunday 


At the Sunday Forum mi 
March 19 at 3 p.m. George 
Houdeshel, manager of the 

Marshalle Hotel, will telk on 
"Edgar Cepre Concepts in 

Be^nning at 1 p.m. on &inday 
awUttons tor "Youtti On Stoge" 
|ro<hiction, sponsored by the 
Vh^nia Conminion <d Arts 
and Humanlttw, will be held in 
Norfolk at the Chryalcr 
Miaeinn AwUtorium. All High 
School students living in the 


SCOPE will feature ite fint 
annual Ahticpies Saiow and Sale 
March 17, 16, 19. Sponsored by 
the Norfolk Chapter of 
Chil^en's Asthma Research 
InstttuteandHospitol (CARIH) 
<A will bring to ttie area some <rf 
Qie finest anttquea qMnning 
many centuries, periods and 
cultures. The show will raise 
funds for its Denver Hospitel. 

Governor Linwood Holton has 
attached such importance to 
CARIH ttiat he has prodajmed 
the week of March 13-19 
"Virginia AnUques Week for 

He issued a stotonent urging 
all Virginians to siqiport this 
WOTthy cause. 

More than 50 exhibittons will 
participate in the Scqpe show. 
Items will include Oriental 
rugs, period and counby furn- 
iture in aged mdlowed woods, 
unusual primittv^ itons, pre- 

Tidewater Ar^ who wiih to 
participate as singers and 
dancen are invited to auditicm 
and are requested to tring 
ballet or t«inis shoes to the 

"Youtti on Stoge" is an hour 
and a half' musical revue 
composed ol song and dance 
routines directed by a 
professional staff of a 
choreographer, music 
arranger, a vocal coach and a 
stage manager. Students 
selected from ttie audition will 
go to Fairfax on Jime 18 and 
until July 6 the show's routine 
will be rehearsed daily. 

On July 6, the show will open 
at the Little Theatre of 
Alexandria, and trom ttien until 
July 23 ttie show wiU tour 
Virginia with shows being 
presented in Winchester, 
Lynchburg, Blacksburg, 
Roanoke, Covington, Richmond 
and the Tidewater area. No 
tuition is charged and lodging 
and travel will be provided by 
ttie Commission of Arts and 
Humanities at no cost to the 
participants. However, nieals 
will be the responsibility of each 

"Youtti On Stoge" appeared 
last year in A (»^olk at the 
Tidewato- Arte Festiyal, and 
during ttie week of July 16 of 
ttiis year, is tentotively bo<Aed 
to appear in Norfdk, Virginia 
Beach and Portsmouth. 

Wll.l.ll MM 

Columbian antiquities, pewter, — ^ ^m 

iM-ass and many interesting rfjflfitjftr ^JlOW 


small decorative items. 

The show will be open from 
noon to 10 p.m. on Friday and 
Saturday and from noon to 6 
p.m. on Sunday. 

Pmibrdke Mall 

The story read like an old-time dime store novel a girl left home 
and jdned a carnival^ eager only to search for meaning and. pur- 
pose in her life. Possiblv the only difference could have beoi that 
die story Kay Dodge told me was brue. Kay hasn't reached the 
pinicle d success she wants, but that is only steps away. 

Kay's (N'ofession is dancing. She is one of the best topless 
dancers in the area. This has suprised everyme but Kay 
who never had second ttioughts about it. 

Kay's hometown is Northeast Harbor, Maine. As she remem- 
bers it, "main street was only a block long. On that block were four 
stores, ttie bank, a p(»t office and city hall." Northeast Harbor is 
not much of a place to began a career so after graduating from hi^ 
'school she stor;^ted looking for a way out of bar drabekistan(». Her 
chance came when a small traveling carnival made a stop at 
Northeast Harbor. Though a carnival life was not what she wanted, 
it wpuld give her a chance to lecrtc around and h(q)efully find a 
direction to follow. 

The carnival traveled everywhere and finally ended up at the 
Pungo Fair. Here, Kay, tired of the carnival life and traveling, 
decide to stop. She had already heard of the many places in this 
area that used dancers and this would afford her ample oi^rtimity 
to explin'e the idea. 

The first time for her was at "My firottiere" a local Beach 
restaurant that features topless dancers. Her sUccefs was quicker 
than anyone believed possible. After only a few engagemento Kay 
was in as much a demand as beer was during prohibition. Kay aays, 
"I am a very persistent person, I want to be the best dancer in 
Virginia Beach." 

"I don't want to be a dancer all may life. Someday I want to open 
my own club, I want to make something of myself whether it is at 
dancing or running a night club." 

There are some drawbacks to being a topless dancer but Kay 
has managed to overcome the most of them. "Some people feel-ttiat 
topless dancing is dirty . in more ways than one it is an art Just as 
much as a beautiful painting that shows a nude model." 

Kay is an accepUonal person both in manner and personality. . 
She is always vibrant and alive there is never any dullness in ho* 
voice or movements. 

Kay Dodge will go a long way in this world, she has to. Nothing 
else would fit her. 


There's going to be an Eastor 
E^ Contest for Beach sdiool 
students between the ages «f 5 
and 9 at Pembroke Mall March 
29 to April 1. Fhrst, second and 
ttdrd prizes will be donated and 
awarded by the Mall. 

Eadi omtestant mtut fill out 
and return a form to the 
Pembroke Mall Merchants 
Assodatkm, 4S80-9 Pembroke 
Man, Vhrginia Beach, 23402, by 

tMB^teJDtJK,fitf^ AfmA{Mte{# 

1^ must be hanMwiled or 
hoUow. No piaatte or arttfldal 
eggi may bejaad. Deowating 
must be completely done by 
contestant. A stond must be 
provi(ted fw the entry . It is to be 
no larger than 8" wide, 8" k»g 
and 12" high. "Hie stond may be 
part of the deoontton and have 
contestant's name and aga 
clearly printed on the from. No 
electric parts may be used. 

Eitfries must be brought to 
ttie Mall stage area between 4 
and 6 p.m. on Mardi 28. They 
muat be pidted up between t 
and 7 p.m. April 1. The Mall 
canned be responsible for the 
entries and thdr stonds. 

Judging will take place 
Mardi 29; wtonen and priaea 
awarded at 7 p.m. that eventaig. 

Troop 369 
Earns Awfuids 

Boy Scout Troop 369, Baylake 
Pines United Methodist Churdi 
last week hdd a Court of Honor. 

Scout Master Jolai Sullivan 
promoted David Morris to Stor 
rank and presented other 
membo-s of die troop with the 
following awards: Dtizei^ip 
in the Nation badges and 
Citinnship in the Community 
badges were presented to 
Donny Uverman and Kraig 
Sullivan; First Aid badges yi/ere 
earned by Kerry Sullivan, Sric 
Drxe and Carrdl Palmore; A 
Music badge was awarded to 
Carnril I^lm(»e, Pottery to 
Domy Liverman, Animal In- 
dustry to Kerry Sullivan and 
Jerry Bryant, and Safety to 
Larry Sullivan. 

Marine Pfc. Walter R. 
Harold, son of Mr. and Mn. 
Willis Hardd Jr. of 4821 Bonney 
Road, Vii^inia B^di, Va., 
com|rieted tadividual Combat 
Training with ttie Fint Infantry 
Trainbig Reginwnt at Camp 
Lejeune, N.C. 

An Easter Holiday festival of 
store featuring such performers 
as Jerry Butler Revue, The 
Dells, Al Green, Ida Sands, 
WDJ, The Prince ot Soul, is 
coming to Norfolk Scope 
Satorday,\^)ril 1, at 8 p.m. 

This concert is being 
IN*omoted by WRAP Radio and 
Commonwealth Productions, 

It will featore 4 big recording 
bands, plus ttie J.B.'s Ice Man 
Band. The show features such 
hit tunes as "Ain't Un- 
derstanding Mellow," Jerry 
Butter, "Open Up My Heart," 
The Dells, and "Leto Stay 
Togethw," Al Gre«i. 

The show will play One per- 
formance beginning at 8 p.m. 
Tick^ are on sale at all 
Tidewater Ticketron outtete and 
Scope Box Offke. 

WM West Show 

Everybody loves a rooting- 
tooting wild west i^ow. Such a 
show is coming to tiie Princess 
Ahne Hi^ Schod March 19 at 
2:30 p.m. It's the Tim McCoy 
Wild West S3iow and the Tommy 
Scott Country Music Caravan to 

It's all to benefit the Beach 
SPCA and a nearly completed 
clinic and cat facility. "Animal 
over-pqiulation is ttie single 
greatest cruelty to animals 
allowed or abetted by man," 
Mrs. J.W. Sill, SPCA president 

And die show's going to be a 
winner. Indian fire (isacen, 
fancy roping, trick shooting and 
country music are in the 
package deal. And the audience 
will have a chance to get into 
the act too. 

Old-timers will remember 
Tim McCoy from Western 
movies. He starred in over 200;. 
from "The Covwed Wagon"- to 
"Around the World in Ei^ity 
Days." He's a bonaflde cowboy 
and was a friend and champion 
(rf ttie ' IndiaiK. His title of ^ 
Colonel was earned for 
distinguished service in WorM 

Adult Uckets at |2 are 
available at ttie SPCA Shelter^l 
1098 Farm Road. Children 
under 13, can buy a tidcet for It. 
They are also available at 
Alexander Beagle 'a, 
Hofheimer's, Laskin Road, 
Variety Music Shop, Beautitone 

Wesleyan Poefs 
Third Work Out 

Vu-ginia Wesleyan's Poet-in- 
Residoice, Bruce H. Guonsey, 
has recoitty published his thfard 
colle^ction ol poems. The book is 
entitted Biological Clock, and 
according to Guernsey, "the 
theme is man witti nature and 
the style is imagistic." 

Guerisey, a native of Upper 
Montcaiir, New Jersey, 
received his Bachelor's degree 
in English from Colgate 
Univeraityin New York and his 
Master's from his Univenity of 
Virginia. He came to Virginia 
Wesleyan last September, and 
his poems have tieen published 
in a number of literary 
magazines including A^ile and 

"raE "FIDDLER" IS COMING — "Fiddler On 

Iloor"7^mlnatedTor eight acaAemy awards, makes Its 
TMewater premiere at the Pembroke Tlieatre March 22. 
(^lening perfwmance will be a benefit fw the Heart 
Fund spMuored by the Vfa'ginla Beach Sertoma CInb. 
Ilcketo are on sale throi^ memben (rf theS«H^ma 
Club and at Seaside Market. Webster's and Hofheimer's 
at PrtaceM Anne Plaza and Pemte'oke MaliT 

Maury Reunion 

All memben of the 19^ 
pa<hiating class of Maury High 
School are ui^N to contoct 
Mn. Gail Watson, 428-5051. 

Addresses are needed as soon 
as iioissiUe for notificatim of a 
rouuon on June 17th. 

at teart a lew are 
WmrA WU tm Naltaul &H ScMt We^. And tb«-e ta 
(IMrt r«v) Imralea U*rm Meeker. Qira Sxnyter ud 
M« am It f|gM) Cliiattf Cathy SmMae, J«nl«- Ter^a 

Ow Naiioaal^ Kaow A GvwMMd 




f> i i iii <i ii i ii n i rtinsi ii ji 


OtuSL Wfxmwri 


March 19 

Evangrtitt Cecil Stewart, of Belfast, North Ire- 
land, vmII luring "Brj^ter Life Crusacte^' to Co 
lonial Stores Headc^i«rter% Virginia Beach Bh/d., 
on March 19-24 at 7:30 p.m. each evening. 

Thte is a rvtum for tfw cruiade which was well 

HoHK 9 aak to < p^m. Orilr - Th^rfv 9 ua. to f pja. 
lMiiUMkRd;lM»«m£ayiwaN(kidMliwlNDWmje|3 I 
mfVttB WmA WM. Net to lym^Amm bom l^nair^-97ti| 

Ji- J. J- J- ^ J- ■»■ -.^ » '-* --■*■» J Jaa,5a.»ii 

• ' ■» "^ 


^ifmmf^mm iM^ikm^^ 




State Planners Release 
Atea Population Study 

Tte popiUatiwi <rf ttje Norfdk- 
Virglnta Beach-Portsmouth 
Mettopolitan Area, which 
«msiste of the cities of N(»{oUc, 
Virginia Bwch, Portsmouth, 
Chesapeake, and Suffolk, and 
Oie county of Nansonond, is 
I»-ojected to rrach m,m by 
1980, according to an area study 
released by the Division of State 
inning and Community Af- 

■nils would rqjresent an in- 
crease of 100,876 over the census 
ttgafe in lim, an average an- 
nual growth rate of 1.3 per cent 
of the decade, compared with a 
growth rate of 1,5 per cent for 
tile decade of the 1960's and 2.3 
per cent lac the decade of the 

Approximately 80 per cent of 
the area's projected population 
growtii during tiie decade of the 
1970's is expected to occur in 
Virginia Beach with most of the 
area's remaining growth oc- 
curring in Chesapeake. 

The fed^al government with 
approximately 127,000 em- 
ployees and nearly 40 per cent 
of the area's total jemidoyment 
in 1970 is eiqpected to remain by 
far the area's leading employer 
in spite of a projected slight 
employment decline. The 
federal government sector is 
expected to employ ap- 
iroximately 124,000 persons by 

Manuafacturing employment 
is expected to continue 
demonstrating a significant 
rate of growth with a growing' 
diversification of the area's 
manufacturing base and a 
decline in its traditionally 
strong ties to the area's port and 
mitttary activities. 
I Other contributors to area 
i growth wUl be continued rapid 
.expansions in the relatively 
•inall higher eckication and 
travel trade sectors and a 
aodest expansion in the 
rdatively large port related 

Itiese projectims and in- 
MitM are contained in an 
ilponomic study just released by 
tilt Division of State Planning 
and Cmnmunity Affairs. The 
study is one of a series bdng 
developed for every economic 
area of Virginia. Btsidts 
forecasting the economic 
outlook to 1960, the report also 
contains historical data b-om 
19S0 to 1970. The area's em- 
ployment is bnkm into its bade 
and supporting sectmv. The 
basic or export sector is 
believed to be the key to future 
development and growth, since 
it represents jobs in industries 
which 8«:ve areas or persons 
outaide of the Norfdk-Virglnia 
Beach-Portsmouth Metro- 

politan Area and results 
in additional inflovm of inctnne 
to the area. Hie supporting or 
local sectOT is dependent m 
developments in the basic 
sector, since it represwits jobs 
in industries serving only the 
local metropolitan area. 

Tlie Norfolk-Virginia Beach- 
Portsmouth Metropolitan 
Area'9 basic employment 
sectw is composed of seven 
industries~the federal govern- 
ment, manuafacturing, post 
related activity, travel trade, 
agriculture, higher education, 
and state government. Of the 

sev«i industries, ' all are ex- 
pected to grow with the ex- 
ception of agriculture and the 
federal government sectors. 
Manufacturing shows tiie most 
promise of future growth and is 
expected to be the majcn* source 
d new basic emidoyment q;>- 
portunities during the decade of 
the 1970'8, 

The Norfolk- Virginia Beach- 
Portsmouth Metropolitan Area 
study and Uiose completed for 
other areas of Virginia are 
available without charge from 
the Division of State Planning 
and C(»nmunity Affairs. 

Mayor Moves Toward 
'Cost Benefit' Study 

Mayor Donald H. Rhodes has 
acted to acquhre the much 
discussed "cost benefit 
analysis" of the financial aspect 
of Virginia Beadi's govern- 
mental operaticm. 

Hie procedure would enable a 
public disctomire of expenses 
involved on practically a day -to- 
day basis of the operation of the 
various branches <rf the City's 
government, including benefits 
from expenses involved, to 
property plan future 

lUwdes informed City Council 
Monday he has written Dr. 
Weldon Cooper, Chairman, 
Institute of Government, 
University of Virginia regar- 

ding the matter. Rhodes toki 
Dr. Cooper at the fantastic 
population growth of the resort 
city over Uie past decade, and 
the "advanti^es and disad- 
vantages" of this growth 
t)ecoming "..the focal point of 
all local policy decisicHis". 

Rhodes has requested Cooper, 
throu^ his staff, to assist in the 
program "...and-or recommend 
individuals or organizations" 
who are qualified to undertake 
such a sbjdy. He also pointed 
out City CouiKil would like 
(4)taining proposals for such a 
study from three or four 
quaUf Ued groups bdore making 
a final decision as to who should 
conduct Hoe stii^. 


New Restrlctlorit On 
Use Of Firecirmi 

(Left to right) M.J. Fisher. Al Fisher, Jim Jm-don, R.D. Taylor and G.S. Jordon. 

.Amendment Cifed By Candidate 

Homer W. Cunningham, can- 
didate for the Virginia Beach 
City Council, has extn-essed 
great satisfaction on behalf of 
all the peoDle. that the floor 
amendment to allocate $^,000 
for sand erosion was pass«i by 
the State Senate. 

"I feel thai the united eff(N-t of 
the entire Virginia Beach 

delegation was 
responsible for the 

passage of 

Bulldoiera are being med to rebuild the leverely eroded beacfaet at Fort Story by 
puthtaig sand shoreward ai the ocean sttbildea at low tide. Mayor Oonaid Rhodes says 
the iM'iny hai agreed to furnish equipment to Virginia Beach for a trial of the aame 
program to atiiit the City in repleniihing its badly eroded beachei (Army photo by 
Sandy Weiihan). 

Fleming Council Scrutinizes Sard "Spoil Areas' 

To Speak 

Director of Community 
Services William W. Fleming 
will be guMt speaker at a 
meeting of the Thoroughgood 
CHvlc League Monday at 8 p.m. 
at Thoroughgood Elementary 

He wUl speak on "Virginia 
Beioh'B 6-Year Capital Im- 
pMvement Plan as It Relates to 
Riads and Highways." 

In the general business 
jMslon of the meeting, com- 

mittee rqHjrts will be given and 
a )iew slate of officers will be 

Ilie policy of (teposltlng sand 
dredged from the Lynnhaven 
Inlett on two parcels of 
privately owned land, classified 
by the City as "spoil areas", 
came under strong scrutiny 
during Monday's Council 

The move followed a request 
from C^ty Manager Roger Scott 
for an ijf)egpriation of |2,soo 
forrqnlr^tUtes used to retain 
the material, as well as 
auth(»rizing the Army Corps of 
Ei^ineers to pro ceeid with its 
maintenance dFe^ing in thai 

(Council deftired action m the 

request for two weeks,. Qfi a 
m(^on from Councilmfin F. 
Raid Ervin seconded by 
Councilman D. Murray 
Malbon, when quMtloni were 
raised as to why this sand owld 
not be used by Qie CSty at a time 
when it is deq^ly Invdved with 
sand eroslm problems. 

Ervin referred to the 
pot^lity of "truck-hauling" 
sandfrom that area to replmi^ 
the severdy eroded beaches in 
the Beach Borough, He asked if 
the City w(Mild be "able to 
negotiate wttii lami owners" 
wtose iroperty is being used as 
spoU areas, and "if we will be 

Easily studying U^ schetri mementoet, these memben (rf the Princess Anne lUgh 
School aasi 9i mt met recently in the home irf aass PreMent JHck GarricM to plan a 
fMttve iwuion fnr July 29, 1972, at tfie Cavalier Hotel. Snce taivitaUms and details will 
be mail^ sotm, interested graduates who have mrt yet repwied their current addresses 
rtimld cwitact Mrs. W.R. Collier at 464-9MI w Mn. T.E. Barrow at 499-28^. Calls 
wMild alto be appreciated from relatives and friendto who can iui^ly addresses of 
p-aduatm. %owb here are (left to right) Diana Miller, Marlene Mathers. Grace 
GaiTiott, and FlM-ence Goodwin. Standing are (left to right) Herb Culpepper. Steve 
MiU«'. and Rmnle Goodwte. 

able to (ri>taln material from 

Ervin also questioned why the 
cost (rf Uie required dikes could 
not be shared between the City 
and prqierty ownov. 

Councilman Robert B. 
Cromwell also requested a 
move to "...explm'e if this sand 
cannot be used for public 
benefit", rather than having it 
deposited on private property. 

Unique Film 

currently being exhibited by 
American National En- 
terpriKt, captures mi film the 
most penetrating look ever 
made into the Dark Continent, 
revealing in never- 
photographed-before sequences 
the awesome splendor, 
strai^ely beautiful and often 
violrait ways of its wildlife 

Simon Trevor, a former 
safari guide and game warden, 
spent thirteen months 
travelling to the remotest 
corners of East Africa to 
photograph dozens of rare 
animals for "The African 
Elephant." Produced by 
Cinema Center Films, it is r»w 
showing at the Princess 

Ak Units R0tum 

Men attached to four naval 
air units have returned home 
after a six month deployment to 
the Mediterranean for par- 
ticijMrtion in NATO exwrcises. 

"The units include carrier air 
wing CVW-7. filter squadrons 
VT-m and VF-102. and atUck 
squadron VA-65. Each are home 
based at Oceana Naval Air 

Operating from the aircraft 
carrier USS Independence the 
j^roup l(^gMovcr I29,00©^b<»irs 
of fligh{£merwitlveacb4tf the 11 
i^otslfvolviid-^Htiiting over 
100 carrier lancUngs. 

The exercise took the m^ 
into Mven different countries 

this amendmer(t," Cunningham 
stated Friday althe CampaifH 
Headquarters where his 
campaign workers had 

Cunningham commented on 
the passage of the bill on his 
return from Richmond where 
he met with Senator Canada 
and the city's delegates on 
Thursday. The trip was 
preceded by a telegram to 
Senator Canada, Delegates 
McCIanan, Middleton, and 
Pickett and Mayor Donald II. 
Rhodes in which he said, "I 
respectfully request on behalf of 
all the peoples of Virf^nia 
Beach that every effort be made 
to restore the proposed $75,000 
to the budget for sand 
repl«ii^ment of our wcmderful 

The message set the tone of 
Cunningham's trip to Richmond 

Marine Pvt. Stephen M. 
Fol^, son of Mrs. Marilyn E. 

fmmm ta^ptymm^m^ 

•Virginia Beacn, Vl., is a 
member of Battalion Landing 
Team 1-9, homebased at Marine 
Corps Base, Camp Smedley D. 
Butler, Okinawa, and now 
deployed aboard ships of the 
U.S. Seventh Fleet 

Thursday by concluding, "this 
is so vital to our city that I 
suggest this is the time to show 
all your colleagues singleness of 
purpose from our Virginia 
Beach delegation, the City 
Council and the City Ad- 

Homer W. (Cunningham is 
running for one of two at-large 
City Council seats which will be 
decided on May 2. 

Janke Speaks 

The Tidewater Virginia 
Council of the National 
Association of Investment Clubs 
wiU hold ite regular mmtbly 
meetir^ at 8 p.m. on March 33 in 
the Lake Taylor Junior High 
Schod in N(»rfolk. 

Guest speaker will be Ken- 
neth Janke, a member of the 
Editorial Advisory Committee, 
and Director of Council liaison. 
National Association of In- 
vestment Clubs. Currently co- 
wtti^^ng the Repair Sh(^ 
•MBKlMlih U Sc^, Jr . ^n 
Better bvesting, the official 
publicatiwi of the NAIC serving 
nearly 200,000 ptopit, Janke 
will speak on "Repair Shop 
Prescriptions for Ailing Port- 

Several ordinaiu;et {^cing 
greato- restrictions on the use 
of firearms in Virginia Beach 
were adopted duri^| Monday's 
City Council meeting. In taking 
the action City FathoiB devoted 
much attention to protecting the 
rif^ts of property ownws to 
mgage in htarting on Qieir own 

The major revisicm is con- 
tained in an o/dinante which 
states, "It shall be unlawful for 
any person to shoot any 
firearm, spring-pr(q)elled pistol 
or rifle, abr-rpopelled pistol or 
rifle or slingshot in other than 
agricultural zoned areas of the 
city. This prdiibition shall not 
apply to the areas known as 
Back Bay or Lynnhaven Bay." 

Enactment of the ordinance 
resulted from increasing 
complaints of property owners, 
especially in the Lynnhaven 
Borou^, of damage to their 
homes by gunshot. 

Qty Attoryney J. Dale 
Bimsmi strewed the ordinance 
would prohibit the discharge of 
firearms along banks ot the 
Lynnhaven Riveri both the 
Western and Eastern branch. 

Wordii% of the ordinance 
clearly defines legal hunting 
territory as agriculturally 
zoned4irea8 as large fields and- 
or woods, such as located on 
large parcels Ol farm lands, and 

pnMUto Ow use irf flreanm (« 
the banks of mt^m the bodies 
of water hi ttw rewrt ^y. 

Council favored passage «l 
ttw (Hdlnanee over ao alte^ 
native jmipoial whi(A wouU 
havefdaced wdi r«ttrietia»^ 
areas "nwtii of the Nw^A m, 
Southern Railroad traj^", aad 
certain subdlviskms south of the' 
bracks, whldi would have ba«i 
declared bird sanctuaries. > 

Another ordinance prohlbts 
reportedly was the first to baw 
"shoot mr have In bis 
possession" any of the abow 
described weapons exc^ 
wder co^in craulittims. TkiBi 
excq)tions include use up<m mi 
approved gennery range, «■ 
agriculture zoned land, undo* 
Immolate supervislra of sh 
a<hilt. or irimi l^sQy engagtf 
in hunting. 

Two existing firearm contrqt 
ordinances remain in ^ect! 
One bans tiie shooting of any 
high-powered rifle anywhere ip 
the aty, and defiiMss "high- 
powered rifle" as any rim 
above a .22-ealibra. The secofw 
a ban on the discharge of any of 
the above d^cribed weap(»v 
^ithin 100 yards of atqr public 
road, building or dwellings; or 
while on shore within 100 yards 
of any public waters. 



D. C. ciUttiMT 


■*^-!*^g*»--^> - - >- * - » »> - > "*'^ 

■ »%i%«%^^%^ ^' 

; 5 ? * ^j ^ ^ «cggggc«g jjg»KaagJ isac 


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Daniel Wabster^Qratoriind sUtesmaif, 

"New Hampshire is a small state but ttamire those who love ho-.?; 

Until Mardi 70) afl the presUential candidates and tbeb- spee^ 
making firiends loved her - but it was tiie voters of New Hamj^ 
shire's pengative to dedde whom tiaiey loved. Iliey did, and t% 
winuMs nwved on to tiie nsxt battle and Mt the hwnelwd tb ti^ 
Graniteers. •{ 

Interest in tiie China trip U beginning to wane. Six season^ 
nqmlers invited to accompany the Presfalent called it «Aeustia| 
and bereft of news. The pen pushen admitted that Qley didn't ha«% 
a chance with that otiier pleture-takhig metSa. ^te ft^dly fe^ 
terpreters gave no tnformstlon except what Chou orte^. • 

It wssn't tiie Odnese who snubbed Secretary of ^te WQUam 
Rogers. The PresMmt needed his adviser Hmry Ktosingsr mwe 
tiian he needed his Seeretsrv and friend. <v 

Who WiU be the leaden In the Senate whan the two ocianttf 
Bchiriars take off to th^ CUna vlsltt Botii SwMtors Mike MNib 
sfield (D-Mont.) and Hugh Seott (R-Ptana.) we (HMj^ed wMh 
Choa's iRvitottao ndsMtMr wives wiU be ol i^at M^Ha 
C3ilna when ^Mi bihe fluJzp ... 

(X course Sriaator WflUam Fuibrl^jt mi^ht run Sie Senate 
during tiie sbsenM of tte twoleaders, since Ms tontipa peUcfes (ttf 
not rate an invitation. 

The Nixon daughters and their husbands did, but Pspa may 
prafw to have Ms pre^ girls camjMign for him. They do a good 

it won't be Imig htiw the Russian cossack bhwse snd baoy 
pants will replace tiie mandarin collar and tiie satin ttwmn M 
fasMon dlsj^ys In the store windows. We wiU botasting borsch and 
caviar instssd of chop suey and ^ roll. Tim eolor, hrarever, wip 
still be red but more crimson Uian vermllllon. ' 

Even wltii tiie President away on foreign ptdlcv mtoSions.anl 
tiie Coi«ress deflated by absenteeism, the csndldstes who hv« not 
dropped out wttl make news. Why do so many seek tfai Whits Hooset 
ExperiMKO shows tiiat tiMchoMn one ao sooner gebi ttioe than lif 
leaves It as oftoi as possSik for a leas lonelv nlnre. 

Hmn are now thTM dlOMwt health bills betag eoosklsnd o«, 
Capitol Hill - tiis Preskleat's, Senator Edward XemM^'s (P- 
Msss.), and Congressman MIUs' (D-Arit.). All of ^bma smack ii 
what the docton eonhiw socialised Ow mtt^laM a 
persondoesn'tdsra getstekst night or on a weikmd. If he does gst 
to Uie dolor's office or land in iie hospital, he can't get Wep 
because he worries about ths bill. Ifhe has health losutanee. he isi 
wreck by the time he fills out an the foims. 

According to tiie Nstional Council on Imm^tlm S«^ft 
locals, tiiere are at least S.MO,000 iUegal aUens working hi tiitt 
country snd sending about H bittion abroad esa year. They pay no 
income tax. Some are involved in orgaidsed crime afid nMr«>tics. 
Yet Uttieaettm to taken by the government against them. ' 

on Albemarle Sound in Nortt) Caiolins 

Mrs. Louise B. Hulse receives a blanket from branch 
manager Joe Kelly at the new branch of First Vir^nia 
Bank that opened last weekend on Vh*ginia Beach 
Boulevard at Little Neck Road. The Colonial William- 
sburg styled building houses the 21 st office of the bank in 
Tidewater Virginia and is the third in the Beach. 





"For Th9 Finast 
In foods" 
724 First Colonial 
Road at HlUtop 


Corned Beef Rounds— lb. 89" 

Fresh Lettuce "«^° 1^ 

Armour Star Franks— ^ckaoe M* 



Sugar Cured HamsH^^F^"" 

Thit Md Etf«etlv« Thur»(tty Thru Saturday, Or Until 
MfcwrWItw KM l>— n »om wWeti mm comw flwt. 


Hon. nunmw*i and iwMtmant. Ov« 15 mllw of »'J«>'f™**™'* 
fw tlihl«o,Vwlmmlns and boatln* Our f laid offica l> alwayt opan. 
Brtng your family and mm a picnic. 


I Here's A Tremendous 
I Winter BorgainI 


II yoa bey osp of At 5 iwiainlai *••«<*«»» »«*.«^^ 
C«rtl St FBHERMAfrs VILLAGE we wll asi y«« ll«0 ae 

l^^igrmit to MM yoa ■ teck sa yM eaa 0*. pteaiB, sad 10 

boatiaf iH ym HMMd. 
I Wa w« (bMKsa *a isrt of IN ^ea rt moal^ i 

of |Si.4S «Mdi tai^rit taiMwt at umsl nta of « 

I c«rt(7»). ^_^«,«.«,«-.«.— . 

South to South MMH (M.C.) itmt s«a to a»W)Jt». • 9^ 
mv'Wm%§* 4 nrtW IaHtoOwe»w«w>wrtSl>t<w»M^ 

Vlrilnla aawh PtfM. »»"5S!?!^^J^^^.^i« 

SMI or«*e ofiiwM p»d pt >t». ammmw, tmn -m. #MI 

ffc -h -m-k *- -^ ^ ^ ,^- -. J.; , . - i- .. ^- .- ^- . — _j~ ^ ^ i,i.j.^j^..^i. A,j>.u>j...j..iM.iapfciii>..*MMti 




UPiVUl . 




More Discrimination What W/// Counc// Do ? 

Ite toitev ol ttito ^to and Mi 
wtlti nuiiiirtoii i(iniHiittnn ttat tin 

^^j|ito Ppch hM «!» BWt IXitt 
1 SMtM^ will CQUmj Wm 

IMS laiMi diaertaitetton li iiwx- 

Ik* UtMt COngTMllOMl 

trite Mtanl QMBii teowi Mtriy 
WM taiBii^ ia tMt dty, Witt ovtr 
Mmb flMNWuii nridnli, ia tlit 4th 

toMMd of irisartaf rMreMBttttoD ia 
Oq^w wWi Nnfoi ia tlM Sad 
DIMet,lte raridaoli of Pin«o, BlMsk- 

WatM tad ifl of ftJBBMi Atw notot 

flMOeaipjklift^ Afr Stattoa bow art 
ttrawB lito tti ^^fMrttai bouadtrtot 
«t ttN 48i MMrlet teanwif loomi to 
IM aa i^ppmpriale oaw^ma of Hm 
«fe, itaeo it eoi^ti of &• dti« d 
^rte^ttth, Cliet«p#tke, ^foll[, 
Fraaklta, Bmporia, Potoriburg, 
OriMlil Ita^i, IkiMwoU tad po^ 
ttoofe of ^^rma Boadi, M Will M tho 
eiwiMlM of ItataiMBoad, Mo of Wight, 
S<mthaoiBtoa, Surry, Sumox, 
QranoviM, Prlaoo Ooorgo tad 

tf tiM eoanbhiad popolttioBi of 
^mUik aad Virgitfa B«adi wore too 
lute for tto MhcaUad aorm for • 
dimet, tb« mkq waia*t a portloa of 
Mirf^ wpiMMMa off for oqiiuteatloat 
^^ItfBia Btach hat alraady hott cut to 
Mta ta tte otata radiitrictlag, 
prtaaarfly 10 ^t NorfQilE alight rataui 
as largo rqreaoBtatiQB ta Mduaoed. 


Hi* approval of th« ooagreisioaal 
ra d i rt ri o W ag iaafthBaauamteoftfat 
•dvaatagii olhar ^aa havo tai a large 
driigatioa ia the (kearal AaMmbl^. 
\MBia Baaeh*i mn three Migates 
aad oaa iaaator fought ^Uaatfy to 
preveat the three boro^ frmn beiag 
aefwed ftom the reat of (he city. Aad 

Sgr are to be ooauaeaded for th^ 
orto. But th^ were ao Biatefa for the 
ftreacth of toe larnr (Mepttoas. 

IMagitoi llkimoa, ndratt aad 
MeCaaatti did fiieir beat to amead the 
piaa to ttie Kouae, mioetog a f ar more 
aeoiptable plaa. They were voted 
dowa. Seaator Caaa& picind 19 the 
ataadard ta the Soiate aad fou^t to 
toe falttir ead, caatiag the only 
diaeatiitf v<^. He waa evn pubHcly 
chaatiaed aad ridiculed for his Mand. 

Vh*giata Beach ia the fattest 
growiag city ta VirgiBia. It will 
eveatually be the largeat, most 
propeitive, city ta the sUte. It is 
uafair aad ua^t toat so many of the 
dtiieaa are fbrced to throw their 
vottag power tato districts more ad- 
vaatageous to other cities than to their 

Die only control a dtiien has over 
the future of his city, state or country is 
toe vote he caste for representation. He 
votsa for the candidate he believes will 
best serve the tateresto of his owa 
oommuaity. Hta vote is his voice ta 
goverameat. Aad thouaaads of dtizens 
of Vtargiata Beach are beiag deprived of 
this voice. 

Stettattcal exactitude apparently 
has beooBie more important than the 
Ooastitutional righto of toe people. 


if Woni Be Easy 

Vb|^ Beadi voters obviously 
hateliifr work cut oirt for them ta tha 
MigrJ eoundhnanir alectioa. No lesa 
Ifau tweal;^^ cndldatea are ta the 
ruaatag lor ttw five aaate to be filtod, 
anrt of Ihem vl^ for the two at- 




HWh such a tame number eom- 
VBttagf da^dons wffl aot oome easy. 
Mt itf ^llA ttMce wn be dadsloBB to 
mate.Miliri wOl aot be forced tato 
asls^ilg the "tasser <tf two evils" aa 
haaoftMi beea the caae ta part alec- 
tone. N 

KnoiMag toat the baOote win be 
loaded with names ta May, it ta oe^ 
lidBfy aot too early aow f^r 
frtsit^ Mfft their owa leM^ for 
toe cttiidiMB of ISBntk chotoe. Now ta 
« the ti^ to get to know the councfl 
hopehdi, Ibiow what their ptatfwma 
are, loMW iww thiv feel about issues of 
ioterert to toe taffividnal vi^an. 

At least two groups have already 
launched pregrama to iaform the 
pubUc. The Virgiaia Beach First 
GbaUtioa has tavited the caadidates to 
naak before toem aad toe Concerned 
dttaeaa of Virgtata Beach has sent 
questtaaaaires on perttaent issues to 
each of toe twea^-ata. Otlrar groupo 
may ooaduct simitar programs ta the 
oomiag weeks. «.a:i 

the VUrgtata Beach Sun wflTl^Srk 
wito these groupa ta every way 
possible ta acquatatiag the votiag 
puUta wito the caadidates. Ptaas have 
already beea made to publiah ta the 
Sua toe resulte of the questtonnataes 
iiitanitted by ihe Coacemed atixois. 

Iheae are crucial thnes for Virginta 
Beach. The dty needs toe best 
toaderaUp posaiUe. And it ta the 
reqponaioiUiy of toe voter to see toat be 
provkiea just that....tbe best leadership 

'Candy Man' Is Gone 

tt% ttit fftag to be MNt 
tot lUM BOW up toere 
umoA S8b ^eit Tlw 
•Giad^ MiB* is i^M. 

C^taBil caiarles B. 
Ssctaad dtad tait week. It 
fiM my gaed f vtoBt to be • 
Oometta lor a tow years. 

Oh. tt^ frut eaoiigh what 
tie pepen iaid..4ibout hew 
he was Ne rtdk's dty 

eettege abeui U yeeri ago. 
ABQSonehow er oto«r, he 
beetme known •§ toe 

Off he emdd |^ every 
morotag very early, 
etauttiiii dowB to toe 
eoeMfroot for a brisk king 
ivalk, breethta« ta toe fkeeh 
iDvigoratiag air... hta 

of pnbite 
ntoty, gmersl mnu^er of 
tte Remptoo itoe<to 
Saaitattea Dtatrlct Com- 
ralHieii, ciief d pettoe and 
an toerist 
But toat wMbeiorehe and 


Ihiy's ran m» to him iHmd 
they'd see htan coming, end 
if to^ raiM him, toey'd 
fo kneeUag eo itoi door. 

"Oome io--cente ta,*' he'd 
cell ta • boemtag tavtag 
votoe, and he'd go meh toe 

Sr itoere toe iweeto vvn 
l»t Bi^ he'd put temt ta 
the little outoU'etched 

And wtMtt he w«rt to ttM 
hoepital with his ftaal 
Ulneu, the oetahborhood 
children were eeddened. 
Some, such si Ssm and 
Steady l^tereon and Ddiible 
HIggbM, bought Iton a card 
and went about the n ri gl^ 
n^MiAood, whwe parent! luid 
cUUhnm alike signed it and 
wished htai well. 
He might have litod that 
No. it won't be quite the 
aune 19 tliere now. Tbe 
'Candy Man' is gone.— 
Hflen Grist. 

To the Sdltw: 

I haw been uiwUe to reeetiw 
Ml answer frmn the offldaii of 
ttit Ctty el Vtaginla Beadi to my 
queatton as to iriiy a buU^ng 
pnrmit wai Untied for the 
eo^ructicn ot a utiUty died on . 
a de<ttcated strert in Lynnhaven 
Sums. It liaa always been my 
tndefftan^ng Oiat if a persm 
wanted to iiMwrporate a straet 
Witt) his other property in m^r 
to build on the street, he fint 
would have to doie (rff ttat 
street, and in wder to do so, he 
would have many Important 
raquh^ments to meet, me of 
wMch would be to file a petition 
for ttw stre^ to be clMed. The 
Gty CkHaicil would ttien hear 
(tticussion fnnn aU interested 
parties, and after listoilng to 
both sides of the issue, the 
Coimcibnm would vote If tb^ 
ttiought ttiat it would be to the 
beat interest (tf the majority to 
leave the street open or to close 
the same. Whatever way the 
Councibnm \^ted, it would be a 
contempt of Council if anyone 
did not respect the Council's 
decision, uiless this decisiOQ 
was over-ruled by a court of 
oMnpetent ^isdiction. 

On April 26, 1971, the City 
Council decided that it would be 
to ttie beet interest of all parties 
to d«iy the closure of Jade 
Street, but Ocean Island had 
such little regard for the 
decision of ttie aty Council ttiat 
it went ahead and (4}talned a 
building permit from the 
Building Inspector's office for a 
utility died to be constructed on 
Jade Street. It then started 
construction of the building, 
tho^y manufacturing its own 
method of closing off a street. 
But then a stop work order was 
issued, and Uie builcUng permit. 


To ttw Editor: 

1^ recent school bond ap- 
proval was a classic example of 
a well {tanned sdieme aimed at 
winning even before the vote 
was cast. Ironically, ttiis vote of 
confidence in the schools will 
have ttw ^ect of granting the 
buihtars permission for mart 
construction. It will bomnerang 
fjgalnstJhwe^who purtied for 

Sehoql superintendent E.E. 
Brickell's letters to miUtary 
wives to register and vote 
regardless of future legal 
residence implications, his 
forced registry ot seventeen 
year olds and his concern of 
teadwrs and students is what 
we would have ttuxight could 
happen only in totalitarian 
countries. "Dw City Council's 
last minute denial oi Terry 
Corporation's aj^cation for 
more town tuxises was an ot>- 
vious devise aimed at con- 
vinctag toe v<Aars ttiat ttiey will 
henceforth heed ttidr wishes so 
that ttie votors woidd approve 
ttie bonds. 

Unless an wmiaed cltiimry 
will express ite will before 
another r^erendum is bittii 
American Democracy ifil 
to exist. 

wMch diould nev«- have be«! 
ittued hi ttw ftavt place, was 

As Ocean Island started 
construction of a shed on a 
sfreet tat ttie City Ck)uncil had 
Just pravioudy refused to close, 
it would seem to me that it had 
very littto t^wct fo* ttie City 
OHUicirs decision or authority. 

To allow a shed or any other 
building to be oxistructed on 
Jade Street woidd deprive all 
the ownev of ttie prc^erty or 
the Lynnhaven lucres plat of 
ttidr rightful interest which was 
gi^wi to ttwm by ttie developer 
of ttw ^opecty cm this plat. 

My question is this WiU 

ttie City of Virginia Be^ch feel 
that it must close off this street 
as the City Council meting to 
be hdd on Monday, March 20, 
1972, in order to protect those 
who were responsible for 
issuing the building permit? I, 
for one, do not believe that the 
City Councilmen will elect to 
close off any portion of Jade 
Street, as they are aware of the 
importance of this street to the 
Lynnhaven %ores area and to 
the City of Virginia Beach. 


Eugene W.Jarvis 

Qualify Concerns 
Par en f 

Thank you, 

Henry D. Sivik, D.D.S. 
Five Point Hd. 

To The Editor: 

In December there a^wared 
a letter fran tte staff of 
Seatack Elementary School 
reprding the success of the 
intergraticm plan at ttiat school. 
The letter ateted ttiat there 
were still various forms of 
abuse being directed at Seateck 
and ttie steff considered "ttiis 
abuse to be unfounded and in 
order to help clarify or remove 
any doubts concerning ttie in- 
te^ation process, ttie fdlowing 
information is herewith listed." 

I, as a parent, would like to 
answer this l^ter. It was stated 
in ttie letter that "ttie teachers 
spend ttie majority of ttieir time 
in carrying out their 
professional chities and not in 
disdaining studoits as has 
been stated by some critics." 

At a cmiference with my 
child's teacher, requested by 
myself, I was told by his teacher 
ttiat she had ttiirty students in 
her class and so many per- 
s(Miality problems that die did 
not have tbne for reading, 
health, spelling, math, or 
science evoryday. She did not 
have time to give my child extra 
work to diallenge him and keqp 
him interested. This same 
teacher dgned ttie letto- to yoar 

My next challenge to the 
lettor concerns the stetement 
"llw faster students at Seateck 
are not held badi because of 
slower dude&ts — " This I can 
proveJS^iypened hi ttie case of 
my ctU. , 

b August 1971, I was con- 
cerned about Uw quality of 
elation my child would be 
receiving at Seateck, so I 
registered him in a very hi^ly 
recommended private school. 
At ttiis time, he was tested and 
we were told that his scores 
were excellent and he was the 
fype student ttiat this school 
wanted, llie sdiod was filled 
for the second grade, but we 
were put at ttie t(q> of the 
waitit^ llst,and they wotdd call 
us at the first vacancy. We did 
not seek any ottier school, but 
put our son in Seateck and 
encouraged him to do his very 

My husband and I both txxik 
an active part in Seatack and 
tiled to give it a fair chance. By 
November, I was very 
dtocouraged ttiat our son had 
not learned anyUiing new and 
never has any hmnework. His 
once very enthudastic spirit 
was one of bored<»n. I discussed 

Gtizen's G)mw 

Jaycee Survey Explained 

TMs ia ki 

^yimrt durlai normal 

aurver 4p«ieB in tta VIrgiria 

Id tta wonng imn. 

Ifarrdi t. IfIS 

ktymm prstabfy awara, 
ttw Vtei^ria BttuA Aqnaaa 
raoeo^ osodttdad • annm ef 
SP tMc 


flw e^'oeoeaniBg ali|l <^ 
Hw awvqr 

AMtttooaQy Mm itiriy to- 
dndad a aurvqr of dtar onai- 
dliBaB fren On dte of Prata- 
nwvdi ud Haai^B. This 
Murvejr reveided a huf c 
SI aooeeBi vub b^^ 
eltiia. Wwthmmwn, eeun- 

■Mrt ec 

a bittv eppartnllar lor 
|iMc ptf^lelpetieB Md ttat 

to liv« Ml ihM ef e«- 

•■ teoHby le «• Vhgata 
JtwHftfl Lmmm- far !■• 
wwii ia H a n lasirnng ^ «• 
witaetflf altar VkgM eMai 

Wf tae V^^a llMMpS 

fer^-tM BwairtpiMttes ta 
~ taU at 


Itw govamtag body of any 
Juriadlettoii darivaa its powwr 
(tmb the ceaaeDt of ^e 
tpimmA. It thus ^ipaars ttw 
CUy Ooundl, aa ttw govwn^ 
bod^ of Virgiaia Beach, haa an 
oM^tloB to oi^lniM ttie 
avaoiMlily <tf ite pmmii^ to 
ttw faneral pubUe. It ia obvtoua 
ttut with an r^olarly 
a^edWed oouncO nM^ap hi 
Vtarginia Baaeh held duriag 
what is ONMitored normal 
woUag hem, ttee are many 
dttaans who do aot he^ the 
0|i|wrtuBlty to evm ^aorve 
much kaa iwrtkipate ta te 
aMato of eolndl. 

Numereva diaadvantaf^ 
tave beea MtrttNited to ^a 
«Nineil meethiga. Howevw, 
flOBa anoear a^B^at to daUar 

R ttanlDre eaana aaaartial 
SiM ^ eauBdl tarttate Btt^ 
maartngs twlee motiitiy for a 
of oot taaa tfan dz 

this with his teacher, and she 
steted tliat "second grade is 
just a review of first grade "and 
he would be learning new things 
in the third grade " She made 
me feel that I was Uie only 
mottier to complain that my 
complaints were not legitimate, 
aie did say he finishes his work 
ahead of the other students so 
she let him draw race cars. 

The first of January an 
(^ening at the private school 
came up and he was retested, 
and barely got in. His math was 
so far behind that his teacher is 
working with him. After this 
shock, I checked with second 
grades ift two ottier public 
sdiools in Virginia Beach and 
found that Seatack was way 
behind in ttieir math. One 
second grade had completed or 
nearly completed their maUi 
books, another was on Page MS- 
ISO. Seatack was on Page 61. I 
was told by a school board of- 
ficial that by the S.R.A. tests, 
my child scored in the top 40 out 
of the 3,300 students at Ms level 
in Virginia Beach. So why was 
he held back??? 

Mii% is not an integration 
problem, if it were I would have 
put him in any private school in 
September. I can't really say 
it's a busing "hang-up" for now 
he travels twenty miles a day 
instead of the twelve to Seatack. 
My complaint is tliat he did not 
receive the quality education he 
is entitled to at Seatack 
Eloi^tery School. How many 
other children are being told 
they are doing fine and are tops 
in their class???? Compare 
ttieir work with another school 
to see if they will be tops in their 
class if ttiey should be bused to 
another school next year. 


Mrs. Fftfz Evans 

Refer to Page 9 
For Additional 
tetters To Editor 

(fMa la AM ta a aartai of a perfraHi a( 
dttaaas i^eNnd by Metttoah Sbadle 
ilirflighoirt ttw ««&. "QtisewConwr" each 
of ttiaea pertralta.) 

Mnanbf yenrai 

Vtagtaia Beach 
pedal eidiUrite 

AiBiM G. K e atapaaea i- IHaiawr. Vi^da BiMieh 
Ctoakw eff CaauMreei 4^<^inMa7 BaHJhg Ceaa* 
aOllee. C^^ylei CMMraa aa4 Aiatta ef tfM Baaler 8etf 
Sedely: nt^ CMmb AvarA Vtrtfala Beaeh Jaidor 
OuMiber ef C^nMrce, ttH. 


Hie Virginia Beach Sun 
management believes 
that a newspaper should 
be the voice of ttie pe<Hple. 
Hie only way they can be 
heard, however, is 
through the Letters to the 
Editor. The Sun en- 
courages and welcomes 
letters from its readers 
and asks only ttiat they be 
reasonably brief and to 
ttie point and that they be 
in good taste. Please mail 
your letters to the 
Virginia Beach Sun. 138 
Rosemont Road, Virginia 
Beach. Va. 234S2. we look 
forward to hearing from 

Reader Outlines , 
One City's Efforts 

7^ ttie Editor 

For ttie last two of ttiree weeks I have fofowed with mudi ta- 
toest and ooaeoti ttie {^t of the Fairfldd home. I undarrtaiid 
we have lost it now and Uda is truly tiragb: fw time are wajt to 
save our historic buildh^, The reid tragadly of ttita story ia-a hoitte 
built in ttw 1600s has survived aoe yMTs of ni^urs's wrecktag ball. A 
gallant a^ lady deserted by ttieae who could have saved her. 

The town I lived ta fiH- the paat Ibiir yean haa saved two eld 
tmildii^ twice ta Ave years. I called the DewqMpMr e<ltt&r, Joel 
&nith, in Eufnula (pronounced You4ail'-n), Akbaaui Mdrecehred 
ttiis information. 

Hie first building was ttw Shorter Mansion, home of of a fanmr 
governor. It was J^t becoming as eyesore and dertructtaa mu 
imminent, The first stop taken wal to eontact ttw Nattimal Truat for 
Historic PresorvatM ta Washington, D.C. A (dcture and raaaoos 
for saving the buiUUng were sent to the Trust, llw home, built ta 
1906, was recognized by ttie Trust an "an exceUent example of 
Grade Revival Architecture". This meant the builcUng could not be 
destroyed. Meanwhile it was put 19 for auction md ten dtti«w, 
still uncertata of Uw future of ttw buil<Ung, dffwd flidr nanwa to a 
$30,000 note and placed their bid. They had iw idea if Uwy woukl wta 
ttie bid or if ttiey did how ttwy would set about to pay ft off; If was 
only after the bid was won ttie Eitfauta Heritage Aaaodatfan waa 
formed. lUs all todc place ta 196S. ta May of 1971 ttw m^ waa paid 
off and I'll tell you now later. 

ta 1970 ttw WoUbom Home waa endaiwwed. On Its preseitf atte It 
was in ttie way of space heeded to ei^ana a warehouse. Ibe owner, 
eittier thoroughly tadoctrtaated wltti praaervattan pn^i^uida 
himself or ta fear of local wrath offn^d to give ttw house to anyoiw 
who would remove it from his |H-operty. Seriously, he did not want 
to see it destroyed and he waited quite some thne before ttw local 
art assoctation came forward . They contaracted the local HUD agent 
(found at any fedoral houstag project) 'to find where to oMtact the 
r^ional agent or director. HUD will match Fundi if the buildbig is 
to be med for the putdic such aa as art gallery, muaeum dc. If you 
designate it as a cultiural crater in application, ttiat haves you open 
to use the buUdh^in Jti^st aboijtt any way you want to. Hw project 
was approved and one yen* tater ta Decembor 1971 the hoiMe waa 
moved six blodcs to stand beakle tile oMeat buOtUng ta toim, a 
restored tevem. The Enfauta Art Aaaoctatton is taitiatiMmg means 
of paytag off ttiis new dept. If you are tatoested I'D be ^d to teO 
you what I know oof it. 

Several means were used to pay off the debt tacurred by the 
purchase of ttw Shorter Mansion. All were ta coojuncttan with the 
heritage tours inittated ta 1965. The first tour was atanply a bua tour 
witti a commentator tdltag local dthwns about ttieir own heritage. 
For ttie next tour, four or five houses i^ened theta dom for vMtors 
to come in and hear about ttie house and arttcOes of interest wtthta, 
Organization took hold <rf the tours and ttiey carried off are 
witti an almost professional experUes. 

Each house has a house chahrman. She is reaponaOde for: 

1. Ltaing (q> hostesses (one for eadi room, hall, m* parsh; two> 
shifte fw four days). 

2. coDection (ttiis has to be done only once) prtaang,~aiid 
distiribution to Uw hostesses, of historical and intereatioog facto 
about ttie house and articles within. 

3. preparation of the bouse deantag. eta. (eaeepttag signs, ropes 
and trackers). 

tacidentelly, the hom«>wn«a are given a courtesy fee to cover the 
expense incurred ta showing the house such aa deantag, nnall 
repairs ete. They also are very hetafbl ta gathering infnrmattan. 

Somewhere ta the devekipement of ttie tours an AiAique Show 
and Sale was added and is one of the largest and nioat aueeesafhl ta 
ttie South. 

ta 1970 candtali^t tours were added and an antique auto show. 
Also ta 1970 the nearby town of Lumfritin. Georgta agreed to open 
itts reconstructed 1850'^tfllage of WentviUe at ttw same t^a aad 
collaborated in brwAvrm ttaket ngles and publicity. 

Other ttiii«s devd(^ along with the tour and vartous tacal 
ot^anizationstodt- advantage <rf the avaitafaility of crowds to 
provide a service for a fee. For example, ttw high school PTA 
opened a dountry sttHre offering atmosphere, coU (Maka, sand- 
wiches, home baked goods, home made crafto, hwa!l artwork, 
needlework, jams, jellies, pickte ete. 

Another school organization offered box Inches to tourtata and 
were so successful the next year they eiqiwnded to a tea gardea ta a 
lovdy frcmt yard. 

A locaL artist donated pen aketcfaes of some of the homes. 
THThese wne used ta ttie publidty and brodiuea. They were 
reprinted and offered for sale as wall prtata and w^ ends. 

Favorite redpes were gathored and compdedl^Tiii olif sfiuth 
co<ritt)o6k and offored fw sale. 

Whoi we were transfered hne . I waa ta the process of omipfiStag 
a chronological history of the town wita pen sketdws of hirtoric 
buUdings not on the "open house" tour. The only existtag mw ta a 
very large vdume about the whole county. This one woukl be a 
small paper and ribtam bound edition. Thne tast tlu>ee mentioned 
were sold («■ to be soki) by ttie Heritage Assoctation. 

Enfaula has found that htatny is big buataesa and if you don't 
believe them take a look at WiUiamaburg. Moteta md KOA are 
bodced for the occassion months ta advance. Last year we en- 
tertataed 13,000 touriste from every state ta the utaon md several 
foreign countries. 

The whdte town iritdws ta on this project. Every heme fhaa the 
most de^at to th«hfatn|l{jMHs plmted, pdnted, cut, trimnwd, and 
manicured for the^i^t. Bdieve it «■ not. the pride ta the eon- 
munity has become so strong that the order and "WffHww taata 
ttireu^MHit tae year. 

1 have enctased a notecard Ulustrating the neweat bank bufldlng 
completed in 1969. It is a beautiful bt^dtag ta keepta^ witti 4w 
town's heritage. TMs bmkcr hm offered to pay the ardiitedS fee 
for any ctavmtown bustaess taat wUl take down tta neon dga and 
have its frmt restored to its origtaal architecture. I^ce nwet of the 
buildings are quite dd it sim|rfy amounto to ^ipropriito paint md a 
new sign. ' " 

A bit eariier I motioned WUliamdiUrg. Let'a not oaifl|are 
oursdves (m- Enfaula to MUlianMburg. Th^ (^erate year reond 
witti history as ttwir (mly bustaess. 361 days out of the yur ^Iwla 
looks like any otbor town ta ttie United Statea bolt tw-tmu dd^^rtftil 
days ta ^ril, ttw streeta are fUO of touriste and wnmm ta boofut 
^Irts. llw work has bem gdng on aU year and it ta all vohaaary. 
There in no way to equate ttw noilUons of mm houn donated. I 
referred to ttiem as four deligtafUl days but fdr me tte eadtmimt 
(Sm READER 0UTUNE8,Pat» 9) 

Favor Night Sessions 

Looks as if night sessiorm for 
aty QwnciJ is receiving a 
positive response from the 

Althoi^ r^ponse wa Ugta 
to the Sun Survey questicxi for 
tais, the sKond week: Do you, 
prefer ni^t sessimis for Ci^ 
Cwincil, replies ran three to «w 
te the affirmative. 

OnewTi^: "...It appears thtt. 
Mr. Ferretl is oincerned about 
ttw l«ig hmirs the City «n- 
{rioyees woidd have to put ta if 
th«e v&rs ni0it roe^tap. My 
wggt^t^ is let ttie ofl^yen 
oime in a cwpie of hottfV Mer 
on that particular cotAdl 
meeting (tay." 

The writer suggested at taas( 
tvm nigtas pv nuNtth u a trtat 

Another said: "What we 
really iw^ Is more IntereM, 
omcera and publicity cm* 

coming the a^ip^.iff gp; City 
CouneU. If one night mfettiHi a 
mmtti hdps thta uini so be it." 

'^he respqnsMlity aad ef- 
fecte of the (Swncil an of ao 
much importance that the 

people cannot permit ttie 
Coiaidl to (yarato ta a cloaMl 

Ota the aagati«e sidta me 
rMpomtant aatd: "Etoet 
reqponalde pamle and iflew 
ttwm to do ^aSh." 


QUESTKm: ShoiM twine on Oty 
Com^f rtanim^ C^Nnniiirion end 
swKKN Bonni De iNmaa w iwo ywi^ 

^ reoMMhf piopottA Wf Dele§Me 

. GwfNi nNdenen? 

Taer mmmH ee^ sl|fe«4 kumt veeM ke 







'A Rou^ Begnm ing' 

A Look At Seatack, Six Months Later 


"It was a big changeover • 
pretty rough in the beginning," 
said Bernard E. Morgan ni, 
principal of Seatack Elemen- 
tary Sdiool. which underwent a 
swi^ from a 96 per cent black 
enrdlmait last year to an 86 per 
cent white, 14 per cent black 
— student body in September. 

This was the result of a 
fedo-al court order to create a 
m<M*e equitable racial balance 
in Beach schools. 

Morgan, self-confident and 28, 
admitted that accq>ting the role 
(rf principal was a big challenge. 
"But since November, and up to 
this point, I would say ttiat 
things are gdng weO." 

^ Cooperation from parents is 
good now. "We've \)^ numerous 
. ix-ograms such as the Muucal 
Festival, Fire Prevention 
Wedc, whoi Smdiey the Bear 
was ho-e - the kids loved that." 

There have been mties during 
the holidays for the>irents. On 
March 21, the school will put rni 
a physical fitness demon- 
stration, in the gym. S(Hne 110 
students will participate and 
parents are invited to come and 
watch and stay for the PTA 

"Iliat's one thing we've done 
too - we've organized a PTA." 
I^or to Qiis year we just had an 
organized group, but not 
nati(Hially affiliated. 

The PTA meets on the third 

Tuesday of the third month. 

. Frank A. Chobetar is president. 

"We've written a set of 
bylaws - took two months. Tte 
first meeting we had a ftall 
hoise, and the secmid was 
pretty wdl attended," Momm 

We adced him if the students 
have adjusted to the racial 
changeovo- at the schod. 

"Yes, I would say that both 
races have learned something 
frcsn it. Some of the fantasia 
and misconcepticms have been 
cleared up." 

"For instance: S<Mne whites 
may have thought that aU black 
kids steal, and th^ found out 
this simply iai't true. Then 
some Uack kids may have 
thought that all whites are bad, 
Uiat they oppress the blacks - 
and they discovered that this 
isn't true either." 

How about racial probl«ns? 
"None -here we talk about pupil 
problems, not racial 
proUems," he said. 

He said that parents are 
cooperating with him too. 
"There were some ccnnplaints 
earlier in the year... about three 
or four that I know ai." 

Tliey all invdved the second 
grade. In one case, the parents 
felt that Qieir child wasn't 
getting quality educaticm and 
9>ing ahead fast enough, lliig 
was determined afte their son 
was tMted at a private school. 

"This situation was the result 
oi the teachor's inability to cope 
with the class," Morgan said.i 
"She had many home proUems. 

STEVEN MICHAEL SMITH, a third grade student at Seatack Elementary School, has a 
friendly chat with principal, Bernard Morgan, 111. 

She's since \dt the area." 

There were other a)mplaint8 
of second graders not 
progressing rapidly enough. 
"We checked this out with a 
team of advisors," Morgan 
said, adding that they've 
regrouped the classes now 
according to ability. 

"By ^ril we ^ould see the 
results of this change in 
curricuhmi. Thai, we urge the 
parents, if they wish to have the 
diild tested, by all means do 

But one thing Morgan asks is 
that parents level with him. "If 
they have had the child tested - 

fine - but don't try to hide it. Tell 
me about it. 1^^ know Qiat I 
don't lie to my parents - 1 tell 
them the truth." 

There are four classes in each 
grade with the excq>tion of the 
seventh, which has one. 

Enrollment increased from 

6S0 to 755, primarily as a r^ult 
of the opening of Atlantis 
Apartments. "We aren't 
overcrowded," Mo^an said. 
"We could handle from 25 to SO 
m(H-e students." 

What (rf the t^icho* quality? 

Thwibing throu^ Yilk ties, 
Morgan said that of 25 teachers 
at Seatack, eight are first-year 
instructors, or recent 

"They're doing a beautiful 
j(4). And I believe that this 
school has more teachers with 
master's degrees ac working 
tmvard them, than any other in 
ttie Braeh sraton." 


Discipline problems? "We 
lave no mux than any (Aher 
school," he said. 

He noted that the association 
(rf" '^fck students with whites 
lias boQn advantageous 
acad«nically to the bUtcks. 
"We find them ccnnpetii^ more 
than thty did before." 

Morgan has a deeper un- 
derstanding of the black-white 
relationship he says, as he was 
educated with white people. 

A graduate of tmivorsity ot 
Virginia, he has a master's 
degree in education, and is 
woridng toward his doctorate. 
"I've set a goal tor myself to get 
it before I'm %." 

He came to the Beach fh>m 
Bnx^ood Schotd, where he 
was assistant principal. The 
father d two-year-old Tonja, 
bom on CSuristmas day, his wife, 

too, is a teadier. 

Exfremdy competitive, he 
s^ys he doesn't like people to 
get ahead of him. 

He has further plans for 
Seatack. "I'd like to inaugurate 
s(»ne curriculum changes next 
year, but of course tfa^ vmM 
Have to be approved first:*' 

M«^an works cMsdyrvrin 
Albert Floyd, Community 
School Consultant. Where a 
problem exists with a child thc;^ 
will try to find a stduticm. 

They wOL for instance, go into 
the home and detennine what 
help the child needs and what is 
causing a di^culty in learning;^ 

Floyd is one of two con- 
sultants in the Beach system. 
Tha% is another at Courthouse 
Elementary School. 

A former teacher, Flc^d was 
in the Navy 2& years, retiring as 
a Untenant commander. 

"He is a lia^m betweehl 
student, principal and home," 
Morgan said. 

And if the predion needs 
further attention, the child is 
sent to pri^K!^ authorities for 
help f 

How about it, we asked 
Morgan, at the end of the in- 
terview, do you Mvk this 
system of integration &l 
Seatack is wiHttng,wdl? ..' 

"Yes, I do," he.^d. "We 
have to learn to live together 
and I think we are." 



V' ■ 














_Sli *r_ ik^ ^r.* iSLsijii" »^J' J 

i Itmginanon. . . 
How Do You Use It? 


' " ' By Rev. Joyce Kraoicr 

^ p«i can be used to write words of hate, fear or 
frustration, lliese words may ai^er, discourage or an- 

The same pen can be used to write words of beauty, 
harmony and k>ve. Tliese words may inspire, heal, and bksn. 
The same tod, yetaccordii^ to tlie way it is used the results 
will be either constructive or destructive. 

Your imagination is a tool Aat you use in a similar 
mannor. Imaginatimi precedes all manifest forms and 
casults in our worU. According to your use of this tool, your 
4q«riences are coosiructive or destructive. 

bnageyomn^Mf as an effective person, contributing to your 
.,, JKork). Imagine yourself as bdng vital, alive and healtby. 
Imagine yourself enjoying the good tUngs of life-loving 
^tionsUps. abundant fulfillment of outw nee(b and 
Mtaes, happy experiences, peace of mind and health of 
iMdy . Whra you can imagine ttiese things you are only a step 
away from ca^eriencdng them. 

You can build a great new wond^ul worU for yourself. 
Imagine that! 


Sherri Taylor 
Y-Teen Director 

Miiss aierri l^ylor has been 
appointed Y-Teen Director of 
the Beach Branch YWCA ef- 
fectiye March 1. Miss Taylor 
comes to the Y from Hertford, 
Norfb Candina wha% for five 
years she was coordinator or the 
Perquimans County 4-H Club 
Rrop^m and a staff member of 
Ifae 4-H Camps sponsored by the 
North Carolina Agricultural 
ExtoWon Service. She also was 

Biddk Wives 


Egg Hunt 

Hie USS Biddle EnUsted 
Wives dub is spons(Hring an 
EMter Egg Hunt Ml March 25 at 
1 p.m. at Red WUig Park. It is 
for aU the cfaOdren of Bid- 

coonflnator ol the Penipdmans 
Sewing Progi^m for botti adults 
and teens. 

She's a graduate in Home 
Economics (rf East Cardina 
University and has done; 
graduate work at Northi 
Carolina State. 

In addition to her woric with 
Y-Teen, Miss Taylor will be the 
director of the day camp con- 
ducted by the YWCA of the 
Tidewater Area at Camp 
Owaissa on Shcnre Drive. 

Miss Tb^ reidaccs M^ 
Jayne Jackson who has 
resigned to marry Charles 
Beasley of iOB DevU mOa, 
North Ctfdhui on Mnrcn 10. 
IHirtatt Mrs. Jadoon's time of 
drecmig ^ Y-Teoi [»x)gram 
die dubeliave devdoped a city 
wide proenm of wnrkiag uriUi 
Oai^vantaiiBd diiktoen at Uk 
various c<N»mnnity service 
centari and memberdiip has 
increased substairti^Uy. 


I ^1 CAMH fNerfWIi C tm^CM A- 


Earn Special Award 


1HE MUCH COVETED AWARD of G«d and Cemmnatty wai eareed hy seven GM Scents at the Bench 
and presented to them at Sunday services. Frmn Haygood Methodtot Church are Diane Amoe, danghto- of 
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Amos ef Aragona. Troop 4M; Edith and Brenda La Rock, dauf^ters of Mr. and 
Mrs. Francis J. La Rock, Pembroke Manor, Trwy 364; Karen Templetmi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.D. 
Templeton, Pembroke Manor. Troop 47C. Not In the photo were Carol OUnettle and Janet Fowler. 

Gayle Ann Hu^es Scores 4.0 

IT 'TOOK NEARLY ONE YEAR to earn th^Ood and 
Ctmimanity award, said Sandra Davis. <rf Tl^op 249. die 
dairfhtM* ^ Mr. and Mrs. LmIs G. Davis ^ 
Ihorottghgood. A member of Bayslde Christian Church, 
the shows a pwiton of a chart delating worldwide 
missloiis of h«r diarch. Sandra's still receiving ^tters 
)rom around the world, a rewarding boani of hc^ long 
effort to earn the awanl. 

Six Longwood Collie 
students Crom Virginia Beach 
made the dean's list for 
academk: excdloice during the 
fall aemeiter. 

They are among 199 
Longwood students, in an 
enrollment of 2373 at the 
college, who achieved Uie 
distinction of earning an 
academk: avo-age of 3.5 (B-) 
from a possl>te 4.0 during the 
first 16 vraeks of the college 

year. The current dean's list 
rq>resent8 d^t p«r cent of the 
student body. 

Gayle Ami Hui^s, daui^ter 
of Mrs. Lena Rae Godfrey d 
3114 Bray Road, is one d 34 
students who made a 4.0 or all 
A's. She is a social science 
major vAm [dans to teach upon 
graduation from college. 

Also on the dean's list are: 
Deborah Anne Ellmbraad, 
daughter d Cdr. and Mrs. 

Ralph EUenfarand; Ivy Lynn 
HUibs. daughter d Captain and 
Mrs. AS. Hibbs; Deborah 
Violet IWdt, daughta- of Mr. 
and Ifrs. C.L. Tilldt; Cynthia 
hee Tyson, faughto* of Mr. and 
Mrs. Clifford L. Tyson; and 
Anne Lynne Pierce, daughto* d 
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne F. Pierce. 

Miss Deborah Videt Tiltet. a 


seniOT at Ln^wood College, has 
been named to the Dean's liat 
for the past semester. Deborah 
is a graduate of Virgtda Beach 
High School. ' - 


An average of 3.36 earned for 
Miss Betty A. Johnson of 
Farmington Road, a place on 

dHifch of Oirtel 

Maflrting at the corner 

Plantatioii Roads, Vii 
ginia Baaeh, Va. Mail- 
ing Adtkan: P.O. Box 
5036. V^nla Baach. 
Va. 23466. 



- NEBRASKA MAN played a roll to Mm 
Scopes "monkey" trial Prof. Owgory said that 
the tooth from which this ••man" was eooatei» 
tod was a "raaion ddhB tooth.** Yes, from one 

tooth these "adantMs" eoMhraded a 
nee d mm. Efiitaally R 
"a pig tooth.* And thin 

chMe a Christton for *'bttndfdth'* tai Beehatag 
BM^ bom a lib. 

•'. . . keep thrt wirieh li eoamrittod to thy 
tovst, wditav pcofuM and ntai h^httnm Hid 
oppoMons of sdenee fdis^ w ~ ' 
fl Tim. •; aO) 


Vifglnia Baach 

Kittfr m ibrk 


MENU SERVED 4:80p4a:80 

FEiiumie Nimy ^^eom. omner of 

Fried Matf Jumbo Sidrnp ^ , _ ^J^^ 
^wOm BiDiied New York Sb^ Steak .... ^ 

WUMMiqr M Fried Oiicken .».^2JS 

TlMid9 Prime Rib Nite ^ 

FMtf9 Broiled Combin^ion S^food Pte. . -»3J0 
SiMm'ftoiied Delmonico Ste^ _^95 

()p6Md Dalf fv Busnessmaift Luneb 
11:3010 3 95* -'UO 



IMi^tlantle Ava. Vk. teach, ^Ai. 

. For Raaaiwationi Phona: ^6-60^ 







Hie IA/owbh/ 

PAflE 6 Cowual Of Garden Chibs 



So Satisfying 




in rnkmrnHh ud nvtiy 



ta Oh imn «Mi your m«a 

1 ll. Mr wAon, (Nrii 

lib. Inil^nnite'onBu 

• lililHniuiii bntttr or 

1 eap l^K OsoBtry WMte 



Dopt Ml to ayoB p yr 

% cup biittar«d Mft 

Dtfregt Mtllopt, If CroBOi; 
cut la fburthi. Slice 
muibroMai; cook In I 
taM^Does 9i ttM butter tod 
iMMB Jtfet u^ goMoB brom, 
riUMif ofUB. OMobtaw irtm, 
•wwy, bay iMf, ttU Mid 
pM«r Ui large swicopan; aAl 
Miiuepi; cook wm meiUum 
bMt 10 mtaiiw; (h-«tai, itvliig 1 
o^ brott. Make a ildte mice 
wMi rem^lBf buttor, flour, 
aeaUop brother aad cream. Add 
icattqi niiture and 
BMiriirooiiiitoMuee; ipooiitnto 
laeaDepabdiaerrauBUM; Uxf 
irtib buttered cmnbe. Bake at 
460 degr e e a intU crumbs are 
gehlMi farowB, tfMut 10 mim^a 
Makea • aervlBga. 

Have You Tried Scalk^ Latriy? 


1 1 

C;|fa|lite MalboH 

Mh «tt|b«. David Murray 
Midbea flf G hea op d M i C^ony 
Bifiwiipft tbe eoiaflUMat of 
flieir dulihter. Clynliiia MalboB 
to waum iomfik Daveiport. 
10.800 flflb. aadMri. lAra 
JoMpk I^M^Mort, Jr., of 
GreeBvll«,'pfii CaroUna. 

lOaaairiliii li a graduate of 
Ptwd[ W. ^ n^ School, and 
a y^ it Baat Caridliia 

Js a paduate 

Ua maMer'a 


S^mng Bazaar 

Gudoioe Speikn* 

star of the iea Home and 
SdiBol Aaaoeiaipi win preaeot 
of itttdeftt 

the Uoeeaa of RkhmoBd 
tA a meeHng at the 


STAR OF IHE SEA BAZAAR will htid many surprlaes 
wmk as tinae MA txy ehafa>maB Mra. Robert Foley, tt't 
aet for Mweh 18 at the Recreatloo Center, 12 noon to 3; m SvMlay. ftron it a.m. to 1 p.m. The Items are 
l»aima(te aai liU benefit the mtanlBatloB E^Mhrlght. 
Coffee wU be aenrei by the women of the iMirlsh. 

DAR Me^ 


a 4«te of officers, 
are faMrttad to iA> 

Hie Adam Thoroughgood 
Chapter of the DAR will meet at 
ttie home of Mrs. Marcel 
Carpenter, WllliaUa Drive on 
Mareh M. Un. Harvey 0. 
Sergeant will present an 
Am«r^n Heritage sUde 
pro9«m eatMed "Women and 

nana are uadmray far aome 

of Uw Chapter monbcn to 
attend the Virginia State DAR 
Ckmvaition in Romoke Mardi 
S1-S3. Expected to attend are 
Un. Gewye Abbott, Ch»ter 
re^t; Un. James F. Chap- 
man, C9u4>tar vice regent; Mrs. 
Eklgar,*TupM«, stete diair- 
man, Americwiam and DAR 
Itamd for QtiaeBahip. 


By Thelma Barrett 

A8TR0UNE Like poking 
around dusty archivea, ar- 
chaeotogteal diga, «■ visitii^i 
museums ? Pisces (Feb. 20- 
Mar. 20) should be a perfect 
companion, sharing your k>ve 
for thii«s of the peat. What's 
more, the steifasen credit 
Pisces with a keen sensitivity to 
vibrations around toem so your 
companionable pieces could 
wdl make the past come ok- 
igly alive fw you. ^ 

COLORATING Did you know 
blue is the most Uveatile-wiOi 
ootor? Consider its attributes- 
tranquility, spaciousness, 
restfulness, plus versatility. 
Use it profusdy in deoorati^ 
but keep a little ydlow (an 
armtoad of daffodils?) handy to 
safeguard againat blue moods. 
tummy can be flattened wtth^ai 
fow wdl dBsen exercises. (^; 
that win ahow reaults to a short 
tbne (if (hmepimslstentfy) is the 
stomadi Uft. There are many 
verdona bat the draw in, lift iqi, 
pull back, (toward back- 
bone) and hold for count of t« 
version is a fovorite, and eaat to 
do aoyirtiere. Another stomach 
dghtener (and thia also keepe 
argwa in their place) la done by 
itretdOng oirt, oa fhrn, with 
both feet braced agataist watt 
didi raise up' on hnds. Clrde 
torso to right then to Mt. 
Oraduatty work up to three 

pemiA ott massifed niiprtly 
iirto a crspy ned( wiU betog, 
improvement that's 
Mticeahlt hi a short time. 

Then, aa you an^, aa you mete 
out, remember, Siere are laws 
ttfcrtM e iBdimgeaUe. Frlmds 
begrt frisw d sli j p e, love b e g e ts 
tove. Making self beautiful la to 
be beautiful in the Hvh of 
othws, not in sdf but of 

Hands Prqyect 

Bugs Don tIMe Organic Garden^ 

"Do your prdoiing with 
organic matter, maid^ with no 
chenrical spray and no 
chemiical isrtaisera," Kenneth 
Gorman last week advised the 
Osiflidl of Qmcdm Clubs (rf 
Virginia Be«:h at a meeting at 
Thalia Metho(H|t CSwrcb. 

Only (Mie of tfie ^uitages (tf 
organic gardening, Gwman 
aaid, is that you'O be free of 
bu^ in Oe garden. "Bi^ don't 
Uke plants grown oiganically; 
ttiey tuoUxw i^ddy ones," he 
said. A natural deterrent to 
hup too, are marigolds, basil, 
dU. garlic, onimii. And diould 
aome invade yow garden, try 
uaing lady bugs, preying 
mantts, ante, and tansy lea^^ 
Gorman said. 

At the business meeting 
prece^ag Gomun's tdk, the 
club heard reports from 
committee chairmwi. 

Mrs. Arthur J. Winder, in- 
terim (Airman fA the city-wide 
tree planting committee 

iigxwted that fte Orepe myrtle 
and evergreen planting on 
Independence Boulevard 
median strip between Sius-e 
Drive and the oveii»M has 
be«i comideted. It was ispL 
very simple to comfriy with 
highway safety rules and city 
maintenance requiremrats. 

"Our main planting is on the 
boulevard overpass as It 
crosses Northampton Blvd: 
Three of the four segments (rf 
die overpass have some trees 
already growii^ th«^. One 
s^ment is cwnpletely bare and 

cerns, individuals, motels, 
oi^anizaUons and 27 gantai 
dubs. 1110*6 is. also a 1900 
manorial gift for crepe myrtle 
trees to be planted on LuUn 
Road near die entrance to &nb 

The Council will landscape 
the exits and entrances in the 
city. Donations of money 
toward the {Nirdiase of crepe 
myrtle trees for this wiU be 
gp'eatly appreciated, Mrs. John 
Brewingtmi, Council president 

B(rs. Eleanor Rusnock, 

most of Uie landscaping this reporting for the ecology 
spring will be concentrated in cmnmittee, said that litter bags 

that spot," Mrs. Winder said 
9)6 said that a larger crepe 
myrtle tree will be planted in 
die triangles at the top of the 
overpass. It's expected that the 
entire landscaping process will 
be completed next year. 

Mrs. Winder rQxwted that 
$3,378 from 400 donors has been 
received, from business con- 

will be placed in c^ices where 
license te^ will be sold frtmi 
March 15 until April IS. Hie 
Ings were dmated by the 
C(nnmodore Maury Hotel and 
will be available at the Division 
of Motor Vehicles and at 
Kelhim-Eaton Insurance and 
Real Estate Company. 
Hwticultur^ chairman Mrs. 

*Rmnd About The Beach ' 

Irish SKde Tour Club Treat 


^rdois was held at the home of 
Mrs. Reathie Vance recently. 

Robert Jack noted ttiat many 
plants have been b«dly 
dama^ by the si^den sharp 
shifte in temperatures ttis 
whtto-. "Mudi, iKwewer, ii 
limited to the leaves," she said. 
She advised gardiMrs to \ni|t 
untn pUuite havelnvken dw- 
mancy before eutttaig Uiem 
bade. "Many plants wfll come 
bade from growth biMte whidi 
weren't hurt in the hard 
freeze," die added. 

Mrs. Lawrence Tucker, 
beautification commission 
chairman, said that 200 Awards 
of Merit are ready to be suit to 
businesses that have done mudi 
to beaudf y die surromicUQgB hi 
the pest year. 

IlKre vriU be a city-nride 
cleanup on April 29, Mrs. 
Martha TompkUis noted. 
Scouts, Campfhre Giria, and 
individuals will partidpate. 

dub members were a^ted to 
partidpate in die flower show 
April 6 and 7 at Pemlnroli^ IfoU. 
T^eme of the diow is "Beauty is 
Forever-Virginia Heach 
Yesterday, Today and 

Tlie Beautification Com- 
mission will meet May 2 at a 
time and place to be announced 

lUiubarb and Heather. 

", From Hampton Court, _. , . 

Aragona Garden Qub was frdand, they saw a Yew bush The resulting arrangements XJTU^-p Wrima#i'a 

hreated to a sUde tour of that was actuaUy two bushes- *'®" ^^^ *° ^ Shore Drive ^ "cic w uillitu » 

Southern Irdand and the an English Yew and an Irish Convalescent Home. x •! ti ii oi 

British Isles at its latest Yew grafted together 200 years ^^e Smidi Terrace Garden Jjjj JH a|[g j^hCHt 

meeting, by Fred Huette, n<rted ago and still growing today It ^""^ *dicated a formal garden 

horticulturist. was pruned so that the English at The Bayside Library earUer 

Shown were giant red and Yew makes a skirt of the ^^^ month. It was contributed 

greoi water lillies with pads towering Irish Yew ^ ^ <^"b ^"""i ^^^ ^Sht 

large and strong enough to 
support a smaU child. In the 
Rqral London Park diey viewed 
other unusual plants, such as 
the Lobster Claw, Chilean 

There were idso castles and 
homes and gardens, 100 years 

In other news of the dub, a 
workshop (m plants and didi 

crqie myrtle trees idanted at 
the liix-ary on Arbor Day. 

At the February meeting, at 
the Atlantic Permanent Savings 
and Loan Association, Mrs. T.F. 

Why does Women's 
Liberation fail to attrad most 
women? Savs writer Shirley 
Fader, in March 
"Mademoiselle" "The 
Womoi's Liberation Movem«it 
campaigns on die aasumption 
that meaningful ac- 

Riddle, Mrs. R.B. Hughee^and compUshment, an taitereating 
Mrs. R.L. Blankenship were ^^^^ a°d constant peraonal 


Mrs. Malcolm Todd, Jr. gave 
a talk on "Oral Judging" She 
stressed, amcmg other things, 
that one should have dqith, 
lines up in Oriental 
arrangements. Other 
arrangements would have line, 
terget and filler, she said. 

Red Cross Class 

The American Red Cross, 
TiJ^wata- Oiapter will olfor 
flrst aid instructor tn^dng 

growth ai;e univelraial 
as|rirations-when to fact, tnoet 
p^iple, boQi men and women 
are not particular^ interested 
in any of Uiese goals." 

What are most people in- 
terested in? ..."Taking it easy 
and searching for oijoyment at 
Uie beaches, country clubs, 
fasUon shows...Most people im 
not even interested in becomhig 
millionaires if it requires 
quantities of hard work, 
tiiou^t, pressure and tension." 
I^e continues, "The emphasis 
by many American unions on 
more holidays and less woridng 

March 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the hours over increased pay to 
Rescue Squad Headquarters in proof of tiiis new phik)eflp& of 
KempsviUe. «joy ^oursdf, '^^'*^ 

Janevette Mitcbell 

CAR Takes Honors 


bflaBaai^itfTea tnmalageq^ 
myrtfa tram aai ptyr aattbi 

When the women of Pdirt 
O'Woods Gar(tens Club get 
togethn> li^ a jprola^ thiv 
dm't do thtaip half««y-they go 

Witinm the 38 crape myrtle 
trem and tt prycanthte bi^wa 
that diey planted last Hmk to 
the ma^ the LoBdon Bridge 
NeigNboi^ood Parit on Nortfi 
(kwt Neck Road. There were 
alao smne pbced at die CMcken 
VaUcy Road entiraace to Poiat 
O'Woods and at Rustwood Lane 
entrance. , 

Ifrs. Lavem Hbwton, dtrii 
preddNrt, said the money for 
^ project ms ratoed 1^ the 
G«rdm Oub's amaial btock 
party and rummage aale. Alao, 
a substantial amiwnt was 
dMMted by the London Bridge 
Budnem Men'a Aaaoditfton. 

'The Civic Lea^a, with 
Jdin Seredy^ as 
BMH^I^atton ^Amaa, has 
helped with thto project alao." 

Vhr^aia Bm^ Paria ud 
Reoeation Dq^tmeat fur- 
oiabed te labor for the planting 
and wfll n^^erviae tte upkeep 
also of the trees. 

The bMutlteatkw firo^ct 
wm part efibe dub's ttnds 
Pn^Kt, q^eeaored by Saan and 
Rotfwck Co, thrNgb the 
Ooimdl of Ctedm ClBfeB. Mra. 
Kafbi Bmsly and Mra. fSsKxy 
fmrntK^ OKhalraMn of the 

The Cavalier Society of 
Children of the American 
Revolntifm walked off with 
honon to the recent Virginia 
^te 4Kh anmud conference at 
die Hotd Chamberlto. They 
vran tiw flrst place awards: fw 
imiraase in membership in 
sodettes Ims duui SO members, 
sud hut famOy magarine sub- 
s cr iiM oH S . Th^ todc a aecond 
plaoe to ttie American Indtons 
contest, in-s^iyi Jhsy made 

treasurer; Janevette Kaye 
Mithcell, registrar; Melanie 
Bartlett, champlain. 

C^avalior Sodety was one d 
the host societies for the con- 
ference. Mdanie Bartlett and 
Mn. Clarence Smitii, seidor 
president were in charge of 
chapd arranganento for tiie 
manorial service. 

Seidor dflcers attending were 
Mn. Clarence Smith, Jr., sedor 
president of the Cavalier 

Participants must be 17 yean 
dd and hold a current advanced 
tint aid co-tificate. Tlie Red 
Ooss hqiies that graduates wiU 
volunteer to train othera, as the 
need is gr«it. 

For further toformation, caU 
Paul Jackson at Red Cross 

Windsor Woods 
Civk League 

WindsOT Woods (3vic League 
is extending an open tovitation 
to all City Council candidates to 
attend a meeting Mardi 22 at 8 
p.m. at Windsor Wooda 
Elunoitary Schod. A com- 
munity so^riee, die meeting is 
ofiOi to eva7one. 

Hie two major objectives of 
most women widi jdw," says 
Mr. Fader, "are betaig-with- 
people and money, not 
achievement and growtii. 
Faflure d die Ubention leaden 
to underatond ttiis makm it 
hnpossible for them to engage 
tile attentton of the avemge 
working woman." But, fhe 
s^s, "Hut Uie woman who la 
motivated should recdve'the 
same opDortunitiw and 
promottoM 'aa die motivated 
man, should be b^ond 

Mr. Fader concludw, "In 
order to atbrad die wide base d 
support among American 
women, the Women'a 
Uboatimi campaign mmt flnt 
appeal to Uie rdgnina 
philosophy d life-fulfOhn^ 
through - greater - llfe- 
enjoyment... because then it 
(die movement) would be ac- 
curatefy shaped in terms d 
most women's real life-goals." 

something repreaentaUve of Soc|dy; Mn. George HarreU, 

Indian Qrafts; a third place to »?»^«; ^tce preddent; Mn. 

promotiag d CAR and^BAR Ch*"*' Nixon, Senior 

woith« togettier and a diird '^[•^f^- **" ^verdt Mit- 

piMe fbr regidrar 19-to-date <^^' '''' • "^"'^■^ ngisti-ar and 

neig^, senior state chairman of 

Offlcere of the Cavalier American Llteratiire for CAR. 

Soddy of CAR wen present Highlight d die conference 

and puHc^ialed. So'rii^ as was a nM>vie "Birthi^ace d a 

preMmt to MaifMret Bonner Nation". Election d dflcen 

Smith; MIchad StKitt HarreU, "^ **" ^^ enlerteinment 

vice prodded; NMcy Marie *«7 ^^^ a ^ilaah party, a 

Stendh«. reecnlh« aecretary; «>werence banquet and a 

Charles Dallas Nixon. Jr.. <lum«--Mnce- 


PmPm Trior 








Criip ToMd OrsM ami 

CkooM from our SO Fobitktmi^kiim 





i67:mi Party 


j»«f*wa«ss%^»*-- '-': nm fu£ -:T- Z if *'4- 

Bad Metheny, bead baseball coach of Old Dominion 
University, talks to the young baseball players about 

QDU & Tides Coaches 
Ho|d Plaza Jr. Clinic 

Qydt McCullough and Bud 
Metha^ cached a basdtoll 
^ic at Plaza Junior ^figh 
School last week. The two 
respect baseball leaders gave 
yoing bas^)all hopefuls tips for 
improvement during the two- 
day clinic. 

Plasca Junior High coach 
Randy. I^rling felt that the 
boys l^nefitted from the clinic. 
.Quite possibly the help received 
finaiy^McCullough and Metheny 
dbri^lbedinic could make the 
^diffonence between an average 
ballplayer and a star in the 
yews to come. -«. « «.. 

Metheny is quite outspoken 
about youi^ boys hi baseball. 
"A young arm ^uld not ttirow 
curves," Metheny stressed. 
"Just throw the strai^t ball 
and learo to vary the speed and 
get it over the plate. ITirowfag 
curves too early could very well 
ruin a fine pitching arm." 

Metheny feels that the curve 
should wait until college, at the 
very earliest, or ev«i later 
when a boy signs with wie of the 
major league teams. "Nothing 
beats a good fastball with speed 
and accuracy controlled," 
Metheny said. 

Clyde McCullough of the Tidewater Tides gives ptrinters 
on the techniques of catching. 

Ducks Unlimited Has Record Year 

Dtoks Unlimited, North 
Anvirica's picmeenng water- 
fowl conservation organization, 
hd a lecord year hi 1971. Lee C. 
Roirifly, president of the non- 
proflt environmental 
management group, reported 
that final statistics showed both 
wetlaiub construction programs 
and the dollars to accomplish 
than cUmbJng to the highest 
levds hi DU's ^year history. 
. A record »2,600,000 was spent 
fagr DU on theta* projects in 1971. 
VmSs fl^ oews were at work 
on 1)1 watonfowl wetland areas, 
with 76 marked complete, 
mot^ 30 at least 90 per cent 
comM^e, and another 10 
MfaeMed to be completed by 
the end of 1972. This r^^ml 
nimber of projects covers over 
lOO.OlM) acres of waterfowl 
baUtat, encompassing more 

than l.ooa miles of shoreline. 

This ecological achievement 
was made possible by a record- 
brealcing $3,048,000 in con- 
tributioM, a 31.7 per cent ta- 
crease over the oi^nization's 
previous record set in 1970. Juit 
as significant, the total number 
of consarvaticHiists contributuig 
to DU during 1971 also reach^ 
an aU-time high of over 65,000 

To preserve our watarfowl 
resources for tomorrow, it is 
imperative to mahitain and 
expand DU programs today. A 
strong DU program wiU hisure 
^>od primary waterfowl nesttaig 
grounds, which are fanp(»t«it tf 
we are to have a good supply of 
dudis. CObtributimis for 1972 
can be sent to DU, P.O. Box 
66300, Chicago. Olmois, 60666. 

Beach Ex-HIgh School 
Stars Lead Cougars 

Foor Viiginia Beach high 
sdiodi^aduates will lead the 
C3ia»peake Cougar baseball 
team to intercdlegiate play this 
year, ttie fhtit year that the 
&:^egt has fielded a team. 

PastbalUi« Gary AnseU, 6*l" 
and ^graduate <rf Kdlam, and 
S^Oi Wallace, a Firet Colonial 
gradwte, head the Cougar 
liitdihig staff. Both are counted 
dn to be in the regular starting 

Ed WcCtAoueh, who was ui a 
Bayride umform last year, will 
be in eenttffleld. Ed is the sm 

of Tides coach Clyde Mc- 

Jimmy Hill, a Kempsville 
^aduate, is expect«i to start at 
third base. Hill is a ' power 
hitter, and his bat will be 
nee<kd in Qie line-iq). 

Faced with an ambitious 
schalule, ttie Coupra ha>^ 
their wwk cut «it for them in 
their first year of friay. If a boat 
(rf Tidewater ex-t^ Mhool 
baseball SQtrs v^ for tbe 
Oiesapei&e Orili^ club, the 
Cmigars could have a very fine 
flrst-yMr seasoi. 


Men's Classes 

The Viisiiila Batch D<p«rt- 
■lent ttf IRuki and ftoomtften 
win offw claaBM for hmq only 
tids l^vtag and Submmt. A Uit 
of BTMiKettve daoflt fsAom, 
nd if enwflh mea art in- 
iBE^ed in sigoiiv iqp for a 
particiiter eonrw on the Hat, it 
trill be ^ven. 

fhe preqwetive cUmm for 
men only are auto mediaalea, 
coaching, pfaotograiAy, smaU 
bousdwld ^if^ace repabrt, 
woodworidiis. aurf Oa^tng, rod 
repair and bulhttng, ai^taig, 
barber diop qiiarM itaigiiig, 
drama, public tpeaklBg, 
dsfensive drivtaig, daoMpigB. 
oO paiBthig, landscapiiig and 
fbrdoiiiig, judo, karate, hun- 
ting, pistol and rifle 
markamanahip and safety, 
bridge, dog obedience, ard^, 
banjo and guitar, gdf, 
cnamhs, path) eooktaig, candle 
making, tennis, geology, 
Mtndogy, social card playtag. 
craft design, and Intematioiial 

If you wish to enroll in w 
desire more Infonnatlon about 
a class, can Butch Grimstead of 
ttie Recreatkw DqMrtment at 

Jr. High School 
Basetnil Schedule 

Diamond-ahaped plots of 
gnHBd dl over the Ctty are 
oeirters of activity nofir that 
basebaO practiee has gottai 
(Bderway at all area senior and 
junior high sdiools. Every 
aftemomi coachea and (ribiyers 
work to ready Ihemadves and 
theta' teama for diat Orat pitch 
on opoiing day. 

So that aD people mtoreeted fat 
basi^ll on a k>cal levd can 
keq> abreast of aU gamea befaig 
played, the SUN Sports 
Department will run schedules 
of all games. Since each 
schedule vdU ran only once, ft 
should be clipped out and put in 
a convenient place for future 

The first such schedule 
follows, and it la a master 
sdiedule for all junior h^ 
school games fw Virginia 
Beach jianior Mgh sdmda. 

AptH 7— Norfolk Academy at 
Kanpa^e Jr. 

AsxQ 11— Norfolk Academy at 
BayMe Jr. 

^|irff i»-KempBvile Jr. at 
PrincMs Anne 

^nrO 14— Va. Beach Jr. at 
Plaza Jr.-H; Bayslde Jr. at 
Kempa^rille Jr.-f- 

April 18-Va. Beach Jrr at 
Bayside Jr.-t-; Plaza ,hr. at 
Norfolk Academy 

April 21— KempaviUe 




Va. Beach Jr.-l-: 
Bayside Jr.-(- 

A|Hil 25— Plaza Jr. at Kempa- 
viUe Jr. + Va. Beach Jr. at 
Norfolk Academy 

A^ 2ft-Plaza Ar. at Va. 
Beadi Jr.-(-; KempavlBe M 
Bayside Jr.+ 

Blay »-Bay8kle Jr. at Va. 
Beach Ar.-f ; KempaviUe Jr. tt 
Plaza Jr.-^ 

Mi^r S-Va. Beach Jr. at 
KempaviUe Jr.-l- 

May 4-Norfolk Academy at 
Plaia Jr. 

.May t7-Bayside Jr. at 
Plaza+;N(8folk Academy at 
Va. Beach Jr. High 

May 1»-Plasa Ar. at Va. 
Beach ^.-1-; KempavUle Jr. at 
Bayside Jr.-(- 

May l»-Va. Beach Jr. at 
KempavUle Jr.-t- ;Bayshle Jr. at 
Plaia Jr.-f 

May 19— Plaza Jr. at Kempa- 
vUle Jr. -I-; Bayride Jr. at 
NorfoUt Academy 

May 23-Va. Beach Jr. at 
Ba3#de Jr.+ 

May 26-Play-Off if 

All games begin H 4:00 p.m. 

Play eadi Va. Beach team 3 

AdnUaaioi: NONE 

-t-Conftfence games 



Four Beach Ballplayers 
Wear Chowan Uniform 

Four young men from 
Virginia Beach figure 
predominantly in Chowan 
CoUete's baaebaU plans fills 
season. Last year, a fredman- 
dominated Chowan chib 
compUed a 14-14 overaU record 
and went lo-io tai ttie Cavalier- 
Tarhed Conference. 

Tbe (%owan Braves look 
improved in aU areas this year, 
and coach Jerry Hawidns feels 
that he baa "at least two pbiyera 
hi the fuming for the first teaid 
at moat po^ons." AQ four 
Beach playras should make ttie 
ftast'team, however, moat of 
them are being puriied and 
mustwhi aberUi tai the starting 

Ed Herring. BUI Henley, MUce 
Sweezey, and David Wtaiecoff 
are the Beach players at 
Chowan. Herring and Henley 
are returning tettermoi, and 
Sweezey and Wlnecoff are 

Furst baseman Ed Herring 
batted .356 last year for tbe 
Braves and was voted ttie club's 
most valuable player. Bill 
Henley was considered ttie 
starting catchor laat season and 
shouM be again this year, 
aftbough Us badc-iiq;> man last 

Carolyn Paxton Leads^ 
Longtvogd's Gymnasts 

Carolyn Lee Paxton, a 
Longwood CoUege sophomore 
from Virginia Beach, led 
Longwood in the Regional 
Gymnastic Meet held at 
Men^Ua State Ui^msity m( 

prises coIllBg«^Emll|^e39? 
area. Memi^ State won the 
team trophy with a score of 715, 
with Longwood taking second 
(dace witti a ckise-bddnd score 
of 60.55. 

Carolyn won ttie first place 
medal hi ttie evm bar cook. 
petttkm witti a score of 6.25. Her 
routtne iras judged far superiw 
to any other, whidi was ui- 
dicated by the aecond place 
fintehtf's score of 4.8. 

In the aU-around event, 

Half-MiUion Trout 
Await Opening Day 

Over a mUUon catdiable size 
trout wiU be available to 
^^ghria angters ttiia season 
which wUl reiHWn A noon, 
Saturday, Ajiril l, 19^ rqnrta 
Game Commiasion FiA 
DhMon CUef Jack Hoffinan. 

Over half, or some 508,250 
trout are to be stodced under 
oombfaied state and faderal 
pngranu by oqnfaig day. An 
addttooal S0630O trout are to be 
stocked hi May foUowed b^ 
204,100 to be nttonedout durih|" 
summer nuwttis and used W 
MocUng the foUofwtaig faU md 
winter. About 75 par cent of tbe 
stocked ttrout are raUbowa, 20 
per cent are broidta and 5 per 
cent are brown trout. Hie 

Sports Qub To Host 
Coppage Tuesday 

proportion of brown increases 
later m the season. 

tr«Jt fishermen are required 
to have a special |1 trout licoise 
hi addition to theh* regular 
flsbhig license, lliose fishing on 
Natiiimal Forests must also 
have a Nati(Hial Forest stamp. 
Funds from both of these 
sources help finance ttie trout 
stocking program. Surveys by 
Game Commission personnel 
bdicate ttiat few angers tock 
advffiitage of ttie extra 6 wedcs 
of trout Qsbh« provided by ttiis 
yewls k»gar seasoi excqit 
during the warm days rigltt 
after Christmas wboi sizeable 
crowds turned mit foUowfaig 
stocldng hi some areas. 

Judging by letters and 
refilMipns received by the 
Game Commissicn there stUl 
seems to be some interest in a 
yetf arowid trout season for tte 
state, a subject sure to come up 
during the Game Commission's 
rcgidatton hearing hi lUdi- 
mend, Mardi24. 

Usson L«oni«d 

Charles Coody Ready For 
Red Wing Visit March 27th 

year is much improved and is 
pushing him for the position. As 
a freshman, Henley provided 
CSiowan witti Hw long baU whUe 
battii^ .333. 

Both newcomers to the 
C^cMran. team from , Vir^ia 
BaiCh^^ pitchers and should 
be mainstays on ttie pitehing 
staff. Swe^ey is a freshman, 
and Winecoff is a h-ansfer from 
Wofiord CoU^e. Widi the ad- 
dition of Sw^Ky and Whiecoff , 
coach Hawkiils predicts that the 
team "will be sta-onger this 

Twenty of Chowan's 30 games 
are against conference foes, 
with the opener a home 
doubleheader with Chesapeake 
Cdlege oa March iTtti. Coach 
"Hawkuis predicts a good year 
for hfat team, but figures tough 
competitton from the College (rf 
the Albemarle, Louisburg, and 
Ferrum. Albemarle has a 
sophomore-studded lineup and 
was briefly the nation's number 
one ranked junior coUege power 
last seasra. f)ie Hurricanes of 
Louisburg won the conference 
tttte last year, and although 
they lost about two-thinls oi 
their starting nine, they still 
should have an outstanding 

Cardyn took seoind place with 
a score of 22.85. It was a close 
second, since ttie winner scored 
just 24.6. Itie aU-suround event 
scores are totals of srores 
earned in floor «xercise, 
halaimi i|ins^, unevea paraltol. 
baa^ AMTvaulttng. On^'ofthe 
top fluee medals in the best aU- 
around categcry is the most 
coveted in the competition. 

Cardyn is ttie dau^ter of Mr. 
and Mrs. James L. Paxton (rf 
2861 North Landing Road. 
Longwood had a highly suc- 
cessful gymnastic season, and, 
the second place team troirfiy 
and the various individual 
medals was a happy 

A lesson learned m the 
professlmial golf toia- can be an 
expensive one, nuny goUm 
have discovered. 

Charles Coody, who will 
appear in a Cyattc MUirodi 
benefit exhibitton Mai^A 27 at 
Red Wing Lake Golf Course. 
I»id tte price for just such an 
expensive lesson in the \m 

He had be«i ttie UtMen' 
leader with ttu^ holes to f^y 
but blew it witti ttiree sue* 
cessive bogeys. 

"I remanber ttihiUng as I 
walked to ttie I6tti tee ttiat if I 
could just par ttie lart Oree 
holes, ttie wh(de ttdng woidd be 
mine," Coody recaUed. 
^'So what do I do? I dunked 
from attacking the coiave to 
defensive play." 

He bogeyed in and finished 
tied for fiftti. 

That leraon stuck with him. 
He assMlted the QuaU Hcttow 
course ui Charlotte, N.C.. with a 
course record 65 to finish second 
in the Kemper Open. 

Then the wecdc after ttiat, he 
went into ttie final round of the 
1969 Cleveland Open wltti a two- 
stnAe lead, played attacUng 
golf and won by two stnAes. 

That aeveland win wm his 

little League Hold$ 
New Oceana fidd 

The Vh^^ Beach Uttte 
League wiU have a new home 
ttiis season. They are moving 
from their single field at 
Wghiia Beadi Junkr High 
Sdmol to four fidds on an ei^ 
acre tract of land on Harper's 
Road in Oceana. 

Captafai Mm Ford, com- 
mandtaig officer of the Oceaoa 
Naval Air Station, seared the 
use of ttie land tar this kical Uttte 
leaguers roit-free. Groimd- 
tareakfaig at the site waa hehl 
last week witti Afr Station, Ctty 
government, and little League 
officials taking part hi the 

Walter M. Refai, ^eaUem of 
the Virghiia Beach Ut^ 
Leagu|i^«. a^rs ttiat f|fi 
fadmsB #01 enaUe the ~ 
to fflqiand fhan 16 to 22 teams. 
In additkm, a new senior leagBB 
ftv boys from 13 to 15 years of 
age will be started. Reha 
estimated that nearly a 
ttiousand boys fiiom tbe Miftaiia 
Beach area wiU be taking part 
in ttie programs on ttie new fieM 
ttiis year. 

R^ estimates that it wig 
take a minunum ot 150,000 to get 
the Helper's Road ctnnplex hi 
shape by the tbne the aaaaon 
opens. He reipiests tht anyone 
vnho widiea to donate funds, 
tune, matorials, etc., caU Urn 

College Seeks 
Athletic Trainers 

"Stuart Cake, viha came to ua 
from Cox High Scho<d hn 
Vfaf faiia Beach has done a fine 
job for us tai the pMt two 
yearj," Chesapeake College 
athletic director J(An 
MeyeriMff said. "But he wUl 
flnidi his Muches here ttiis 
spring, and thirt creates a new 
ofpor^mky for somerae dae. In 
short, we need tndnera." 

Aa ttM sports program itt ttte 
junior college has expanded, ao 
has the need for student attdetfe 
traUios. More than one trmhar 
is nee(tod, dnce ClMsaipeike 
College Adds teama tn 
basketball, basebaU, crMa 
c»mtry, gcrif, ami dtUng. 

Anyone htareated in bring a 
trahier fw the Cougars la te- 
vitedto csfl Coadi Meyeriwff at 
547-4S1S or viwit hfan on the 
coUege's C^dar Road campus hi 

O^ptatai Bo Coppage, a^letk 
dhector of tte XMttA ftalM 
Naval Academy, ariU be gueat 
speakor at next T^Muy's 
luncheon meeting of ttie 
Wgtada Beach SportaChri). Ilw 
aid) meets evoy TuMday an 
12:30 p.m. at ttie Capes on 
ittlMitic Avenue. 

Detatti of ttie first Virghiia 
Biach Sports Chih Golf Outing 
were unowced tt ToMd^^ 
meet^S. Twenty feuraenea wffl 
oomprlae ttie field lor ttn April 
Itth event. 

^dhy WUaon, wrastifaiig 
coach at the IMvar^ of 
Cblorade WM ^eit ^ayiar isr 
lafift wedt'a meettig. Shdby TCM 
hi Uxmt for a Mondigr ti0t 
wee^g cifarie at Ute^JM^ 
flpi Iwwoo i lor van mwaara 
mfmKKtaofWn reuoannq)of 
Cfartattan Attklea. 

A grid nedil wtnor hi the 

I960 (Xympics hi Rome, Iti^ 
Shelby said ttiat United States 
wrestlers should adopt ttif 
international style in thdr 
meeta. The United Statm ia tiie 
only eotmtrjr hi tin worU ttiat 
does not use ttie hAernMional 
style, and ttiis is a disadvantage 
to our (Xympic i^detes. 

aieihy sakl ttiat he feels ttiat 
U.S. wreatin are w<H-kiog 
toward ttie in^natbnal stjAe, 
but ttiat h wUI probably take 
anottier five y^n for ttie style 
to be adopted nMknwide. 

Myone tatere^ed in wporU \$ 
awoMne to attend ttie week^ 
SfoeU Chd) Imicheoni and t^ 
be^me merob«-a of th# 
A Strang, i^ivo 
BiemberiMp tt 
In «pRMnala spMlfiig 
in tiie Vtaighiia Beach 




■V AlVMimillT MNLV 






first tour victory in five years, 
but he WHit on to wtai 179,000 in 
110^ fite Hiirered through a 
wi^M IfTO, phiy^ poor^ ttie 
Uot half of ttw aeason when 
Mmeone waOced off with bto 

ftit 1971 was his best year on 
ttie tour. Ma 104,047 Jl bringbig. 
his career eaniings to 
|991jn.79. He adiieved such 
feats as podhig one of ttie tvro 
best roiBids, nine under par, on 
ttie tour-a 62 hi ttii aeveland 

However, his big ac- 
c«n|didunent was the Masters 
triumph, iiAme he had hiUed 
two years previous. His 279 
scar9broi^Umtt«fint prises 
mon^ of 125,000. 

He had made that 1909 lesson 

The S4-year-old Coody, a 
Texan litti now Uvea tn Abilene, 
wUl appear in Vfarghiia B«ich 
With another tour veteran, 
BtAl^ Nichids for ttie l»4Hde 
exhUrftton at 2 p.m. March 27. 
At 1 p.m. ttie tvro wUI hold a gdf 

hi the mabdi, ttiey wUl be 
joined by Red Wing |m> Jen- 
nings R. Hmve and "nm McCoy, 
pro at Balttmore's Pfaiey Grove 
Country did). 

The benefit te being staged 




Charles Coody . 

under the sp<msorship of the 
Tidewater Chapter of the 
National Cystic Fibrosis 
Res«irdi Foundation. Tickets 
are availaUe at pro shops in the 
area and Red Wing and SeweUs 
Point Gotf Association mem- 
bers also Jiave them, lliey are 
|5 if purchased in advandl, $7 
the day of the match. 


Wi'vit little ttora. but 

You'll tike «w: 



21it A Atlantic 

VA. BEACH, opp. ttM o<Mn 

tm,H 10 to 6 daily 




By T. Jny Brumbley 
Siporti Editor 

Mtbou^ your next camphig trip mi^t bcvittiout any mos^^ffioes, 
if two researcbera from India are right, it wOl also be without any 
friends! Two biology researchers from Bombay have rep<»-ted ttiat 
garlic may provide a deadly diet for mosquitoes, houseflies, and 
cortain other ma^ bisects while posing none of the hazards of 
DDT. Ilie researchers reported ttiat, particularly considering its 
nontoxic nature, "garl|c oil could be us«l as a pesticide." So, ttie 
next ttme you gd out ui the woods, just rub a littie garUc all over 
fnd relax pest-free. If you don't have a lot of wilderness around 
you, after ttie gariic dl is smeared on, you soon will have. 

+ ->- + 
An taiteresting note to h^ect into your next cocktail party con- 
a»vation: Ihe U.S. Dqmrtmoit of Agriculture has reported ttiat 
one acre of grass wOl rd«ise about 2,400 gallmis of w^r on a 
nnnnMrday ttum^ evaporatton and transpiraUon. That provides 
ttie comparable coding e^ct of a TO-trni air conditioner . 

-^ -*- + 
&itartey dght Ftnn^ Car Umm^^mg^^ of the m^^ 
Record t^g Raci^<3MnfliM^I|nHte^eld on WkA 
25tti at dtariotte MotiMr Speedway. The Ncnrth Carolina speedway's 
race diouU decide the champion automobile amwig Chevrolet, 
Foi^ Pfymoutti, and Dodge. Tbe special funny car meet is ui 
oxijunctton witti ttie twinlay World Record Meet there on Saturday 
and &uiday, March atth and Htti, and top speeds of 190 miles per 
Imnb* expected. 

-I- -H -I- 
A word of conpatulattom tottMl! Kii^ Grant Mermaids in the Oty 
Recreatianal Imgm b^. 1%egirl cagers have not iMt a game in 
two years. Ihe (3<y laafttejla^ its games in Uie various school 
fiddiouses on Satiniiay moriinga. 

+ + -I- 
MttrttaiBvUle Speedway nports ttut over ifo ^ NASCAR's top 
modified and late modd qiortaman drivers are ready tw the 
Sunday, Mwch 19th douU^Mader that features a 250-lap national 
diampisnship.race Jn each divtoion. The raceway picks l4-time 
MarttnsviUe wbno- Ray Hehdrick as tfaeoaan to beat m ttw l |»!m. 
race diriUM the Dogwood 500 Classic. 

+ + -K 

"Ecokigy : A WUd Idea" is ttie ttmne for National Wildlife Week, 
March 19tti Uuough ttie 2Sth. Govenwr UnwOod Holtw issued a 
statffimtf mnhiding aU Virt^ntana (rf ttie Importance of perserving 
our wttdUfe. "A WUd Uea" is what ecology ^ ap about * 

-^ + + 
LetftalaUve Repnrt: SB-23 to make ttie rran-resident game license 
fee $ao and ^-471 to make it iUegal to have the skin of any «i- 
dangered wihUife qiecies hi possession have both passed Uie House 
and Senate. SB-US to exempt persons over % from buying filing 
licensee pasMd the S^uta but was kiUed hi the House SB-439 to 
aUow Sunday dioothag on preservu pased t)K Senate and was sent 
to tbe Hoiae. W410 to aUow I^-m hunting and fishir^ for disabled 
veteraM and SB-S37 to raise the resident trout license fee from |i to 
tS have bean carried over to the 1973 session. 

+ -^ + 
Playoffa are hi progrees hi the Plata area City Recreational 
League Intermediate bracket^ Ten teama are participating, and ttw 
cottiolatton and diamplenBbip gaaaes wiU be held Monday night, 



"T TO 1- '^ ^ ^ 








each! Custom Cat Owners Win 
10 Trophies In Scope Auto Show 


^^i^i »nd Jbvolteii roarfri 

«iA te^tt itiddmi «it of 
wM»«s, heading home M 

tmttet dUMnl Akte, 
IRiie 10^ #as tr^ Ok ki^ 

trtphm Witt t^Ptt^lMrtai. 
^^ FMtMT tni Jtomes Si^Hi 
vM « ant ^im c^ ia ttobr 

Mac King of SIS Corvette 
Uoe hM (N reputettoB <tf Mng 
te iMtt an iritti tt» patat fu 
In Tidewater Virginia. Ht 
proves it by owning foor 
ednph^ flrst-rate Aow eara, 
two of n^idi a^ml^-iR last 
w«**s Oistmn Car Ihow at 
Scape. Maror <rf the other cars 
on display wM*e also branded 
with Uie Kii% toudi. 

In the show, Mac displayed 
hb not only rare Ijut 
unusually painted 1933 
Plymouth deluxe roadster, 
dubbed "Baby RmrI Bunner." 
Hm antk]ue vdiide, the victim 
d a standard one-c<4w Detroit 
peint-J(ri> befnre it met tbe 
spny-0m king, was painted in 
a nmlMa psydiedelic deagn ^ 
ewif cokr and ev^ry custdtii 
si^ available ia » 

Mac Kii^ afeo had a im 
Oaenm tntMrfldna fia UMi^ 
^IM^t Si3;tw0; net BMlucing 
^^■ntmi^Wt Idttf houi^'or 
hafti #■! ttMN^^nier^'lftit 
w^t Mo maldr^ M itfr oot- 
s^hdii^ ^w car. 1M 4M 
cubic inch motw puts put 850 
hoiB^pow^ and can t^ the 
(jpiarter mile in a h|^ nine 

Ite paint 4^ is a Miry In 
iiB^, Hie Corvette is paints in 
nuafifiM metal (lake s^lnkkd 
with genuine hilustrial 
daoMBd dwt ^ib|M.firun « 
lit^ {M tfanund cutter in 


n^ mM chrMie efti^m m Jadt Ftekto-'i T-Blrd comirtetet flie daisy eaatom look. 

'Pennessee. The custtmi Vette 
and the jazzy antique Plymouth 
added eight golden tr<^hi^ to 
King's already bulging tjt^y 


Jack Piditer <^ 3446 Silina 
Drive took his "Vi^inia G<dd 
Rush" to ttte diow and nrturaed 
with a first place trqihy as the 

winner of the custom sports 
class. A 1957 Thunderbird, the 
312 cubic inch solid chrome 
engine sports two four-barrel 

Flchter's iMrize-wimting eye- 
catchy- U painted in a large 
marigold maUil flake sprinkled 
yvith real industrial diamond 
chist, over which is sprayed nine 

Mae lOag^a i«i WjyMiitt Paiwa 

gallms of clear lacquer, giving 
the finish a d^tti of one- 
sixteoith of an inch. 

^he T-Bird, britfnally pur- 
chased in 1963 by Fichter, is 
now valued at over )6,500. Since 
its purchase, Fichter has put 
over 150,000 miles on the 
odometer travelling around the 
United States. Although a 
custom sports masterpiece, 
which was also painted by Mac 
King, Fichter drives the car 
whenever possible. % 

A M VQlkmrai«piti|«pni 
car wM the flrst placi ttdfiiftii 
Uie touring car class. Owned by 
James Smidi of Virghiia Beach, 
the gleaming black beauty 
featured a tufted white interior 
and a redesigned body giving it 
the appearance of a larger 
European-styled touring car. 

Gfmt Neck Ball 
Team SgnUp,^ 
Stan SaUmlay 

Great Nedc area boys and 
girls can sign-tq) for bas^MtU 
and Softball teams sponsored 1^ 
the Great Neck Recreatioa 
Commission this Saturday, 
March 18th and next Saturday, 
March 25th. Registrations wUl 
be taken at JtAm B. Dey Sdieel 
from 10 a.m. until noon botti 
days, acc<»iling to Mary Jane 
Kemick, CommissioD 
secretary. . 

Boys 7 through 14 yeara at age 
are eligible fa: the baseball 
teams, and girls It years dd 
through high sdiobl age may 
sign up for Softball. To be 
eligible, r^istrants must ix 
within the ages listed above and 
live in the Great Neck area. 

AD^tar Toume^ 

Consolation Gam* 

MaiM SmM's IMC Vdkswag« C^toaa Tew^ car. 

R^ €n^ ImtUxOe Set 

1^ Tidewater , cChai^r 
Amqfcau ^ CroMr, widi ttie 
coe^rattflw ,tt» Nft-folk 

t^Ml^ yrtiram ilBirlrrinri In 
rittttte tf Camp BiW Vm^ m 
itoy Mk. m, aad m. any 
Y«Mg m Mat^ oa DeepMtet 
Mto is Ch«apMke. ^r 

Tke 0Bane tf iostawtiae M 
the Ai^tt^ teiades vata' 
mU^, Mrt aM, Mi a bomU 
<raft progian. nm Water 

aii^ oivM, ^Mttrfiag^ar 
sMlor Me n^g ad i«vmw, 
to be i> 

yem tf i^e. For te Jli^pMd^ 
Sinaalag iHira^r Owne, 
0iadeats iwrt be tt ^aM «M 
and Md a mmam seal^ 
mmrbm eer«MU 

Tlie nmt AM Propwn fip- 
dadM ttairiwd aad ^MnrtHT 
B^i«fldMi aad raq^taas Oe 
^uHmUt to be If ^aii of afli. 
1%eteadHd n«t Aid Leetwe 
C^oiw to sm«9A to ttaae M 
yi^n of 1^ and dte. To aarai 
iattenst ^ U^rmltirmi 
Revtow (^unc, the i^rtie^Mat 
nM be If 1^ M aad held a 
ovraat advawirad first aU 

The tetaO Craft InstariKtifln 
CowM kichMtoa bask caaoate 
bMttag, aad «^^. SMtato 
muit be,,^l# ysais old ud 
capable ti awimming ton 

A t» dd^ fee to e^eetod to 
covM* Om cert of 4Mak, but 
ttM^e to ID dmpi fw in- 
stourtioB. For addittonU in* 
feraaattoa v apirii^ttiw torms 
writo ttie Tld^rator Otaptar 
^Mrl^m Red Cnm Uh^ 
Progransa, 414 West BiM 
l^roet. P.O. Bm UM. ItaMk. 
Smu or phMe ^k67«i. ex- 
tastoaSZor » 

Kings Grant— 40 








Plaxa— 57 








Oavls . - - , , 


Championship Osmt 

CoeKt— 71 









Thaha— 4» 

















The champion Coolce Rams, tournament winner and undefeated In two years of league play. 

Cooke Rams Win All-Star Tourney 

the Cooke Rams, undefeated 
in two and a half years of 
Recreational League play, won 
City Intramediate All-Star 
irnalift^t last Thursday 
ifpit, downing the Thalia All- 
Stars 71-49. The week-long 
tourney pitted all-stars from 
Various area reams in an effort 
to crown an area champicm. 
"The Woodstock, Bayside- 
Thoroughgood, Plaza, Kings 
Grant, and Thalia All-Star 
Teams wM-e players picked by 
their coaches as being the best 
on the various teams making up 
that area of Virginia Beach. The 
Cooke, LJnkhorn, and Larkspur 
All'Stor Teams were the only 
teams in their areas and were 
not; macte up of players from 
various teams as is Uie case (A a 
true all-star team. 

Following the tournament, 
the coaches of the participating 
teatns picked an All- 
Tournament Team. The Al 
Tournament Team is com. 
of tai boys representing eight 
(fif{«-ent league teams. The 
Coeke Rams dominated the All- 
Tourney Team with three 
ida^ers, James Rii^r, Pete 
Hafris, ttid Edward Bardiff. 

The AU-8tar Tournament Team as' selected by the coaches representing the odt- 
standing players in the tournament. * 

The Thalia Eagles were 
represaited by Jay Birsch, the 
Kings Grant Chiefs by Jarry 
Onhaizer, the Plaza Cavaliers 
by Bob Hughes, the Plaza 
Demms by Gene Efird, th^ 
Kings Grant Lakers by CJiarles 
Gawrys, the PUoa Havrin 1^, 

and Gl«i Wilson from the Bliw 
Devils. L.J. Britton was ^the 
head coadi with G Grispen 

Risper, Woodrow Spellman, 
Pete Harris, Keith Ferebee, 
Edward Barclifl, Yondel 

Burt Lloyd, Steve Gray, BSbert 
HarreH,>«nd Erte'^lftith 'firoittj 
the Squires', Jerry Mariatff aittf ' 
Bob McCollough from ^the 
Braves; Scott Fryers,, -Jim 
Homsby, Rick Beasley, K«i 
Pearl, Phillip McCoy, J. Vinw, 
«id Donnie Wooten from tlw 


The runao-mp Thalia All-Stars. 

ItaiaeH S^ace (44) ^ tbe 
Thalia All-S»ars irate it up 
for a two-pointer after 
ge^g by tbe Coidie Ram 
Jefeasive man l^diyard 

Andi(»y Davis, and the Plaza 
Falcom by Ed Mayo. 

Ten troi^iies were present- 
ed to the tournament champion 
Cooke Rams, to the second- 
place Thalia All^tors, and to 
the third-place Kings Grant All- 
Stars. Each member of the 
Cooke Rams ai^ each All- 
Tournament Team selection 
received individual trophies. 

listed bdow are the players 
<Ni each all-stor team in the 
tournament showing the 
regular season team on which 
thQT play. 

Cahill, Gene ETuxl, and CharUe 
Skipper trom the Deamons; 
Marie Sinnen and Kurby Spain 
frinn the Lake's; Bcto Hughes' 
and Scott Lewis from the 
Cavaliov; Ed Mayo and Ron 
Martin fTom the Falcons; Sam 
Doyle and Phil Stewart from the 
Knights; Wes Wagner and 
Anthony Davis from the 
Hawks; Randy Hassdl from the 
Squires; and Itacy Auman 
from the Bullets. Randy 
Sterling was the head coach, 
and P^ Wraver assisted 

Jerry OnbalKr, John Hdnz, 
Mark Flitten, Fred Lee, Ed(&e 
Harwell, Danny Crispoi, Mark 
Moicini, and Pat Heinz from 
the CSiiefs; Dan Dixon and 
Charles Gawrys from the 
Lakere; Walt Parsick, John 
Kaler, and Wke Sears from the 
Squires; and Gerald H<^ud 

Daiden, Valenl Felton, Jimmy 
Butte, Paul M<*ley, Claude 
Owens, Ricky Doss, Anthwiy 
Amos, FYank Wade, and James 
En>s from the Cooke Rams, the 
only team in the Cooke area. J. 
Fletdier Bryant Jr. was the 
coach, and Rip Rylance 

Bucks. Eugene Lovitt and 
Oliver Hawkins coached tbe 
Woodstock All-Stars. 

Mark Wilson, Billy Dickinsm, 
Jim Bell, Gary Boothe, l^ad 
Tazewell, Ricky Lear, B(M)by 
Shoemaker, Shawn SulUiin, 
Joey Doyle, Bill Lindner, Paul 

only team in the Unkhom ^c^- 
Brad Tazewell Jr. and Ed 
Moore were the coaches. '! 


THALIA ALL-STARS :vSny(ter, and Ray Moore from 
Ronnie Marata from the the Mariners since they are the 
Monarchs; David Pate, Butch 
Mathews, Jimmy DIflin'd&; 
Russell Spence, Barry Gertzog, 
Steve Weber, and Ray Bjork- 
mann fnnn the Saints; Same 
Eure and Steve Notes from the 
Steelers; and Derails Casey, 
Otarlie Gatling, Doug L<»ig, 
Jay Birsch, and Steve Edwards 
frinn the Eagles. Dan Seaman 
and Bib Ellis were the coaches. 

Mike Sanderson, Steve Knight, 

Dr. Heilwft & GoMF 

Cliko|Hact(» Phyridaa^ 
Phone 428-7606 

K^lXaaK -C(*tcH 

• I'*** tiittvC 


&d better 
allmmmor with 

air (^awiiaoiiing 


614 Mtti Strait 

23461 •ITOSL^mi 

fit IF W 


Hnw ooa^Bctioa corti «e §ak^ np (25% since 

l^S). Yetpct^ «ci9»d^ nKwe OMHi^ mi bMMne 
^fovcnarti ($n.S MHm In 196S). In riiort, yotv 
hoBH ii fNbikfy irorth mofe thm em i^ ik>w. 
M has yaw hout ff nmm tasmaiKe k^ peee witii 
Am* ^aaps? M ^a'n atrt nate, cal as. 

311 1 rAonc AVE. «6ne 428.9161 

340^« PIUNCESS ANNE RD. NONE 427-2»« 




Arttur Maekey of 20M 
itirvtte R<Md died ^indty ia 

A littf^ of lOckflry, Norfolk 
lOnoalyilw was • am of the lato 
lUt- aiiA Mn. Ida (Smith) 

Bn in* a mambor of Oa 
iHouii of Prayw fo AU Poopla, 

Sunrivkig ar« four brothers, 
Johinie Madey, Leronla 
llae|iy, Wlltte llackay, and 
Wttusm Henry Mackey of 
ONslVMiw; snd three sisters, 
lfi«7YM Uttle of Norfolk. 
Mrs. Betsy DeLoatch <rf 
Vlrgliia Beach, aiid Miss Ida 
Mae Madny of Chesapeake. 


Mar^ Hock, 4 nontte, a 
dai#lar of Jossfih T. and Mrs. 
Maiflra Aehtstpsr Hock of m 
Smleot Drive, died In a 
Norfolk hospital Sunday. 

She was bom In Portamouth. 

BeiddBS her parsnto, she Is 
survived by tttfee dsters, Marie 
Hock, Beth Hock, and Uesl 
Hock of VIrgtada Beach; her 
maternal grandparents, Mr. 
andMrt. Joseph Acttiiger, and 
paternal grandmother, Mrs. 
Hden HoA, tH of BroiAIyn. 

Neif dassbumer, 37, of 42U 
Oomty Chib Cbde died in a 
hospital ITriday. 

Jc^d intftigtoo caasriMmer 
and a SOB ef Air Force Ool. 
IhamMM. QlasdwrnnrSr. and 
lAi. fkra Atford CaasdNirnttr 
of Vi«ginia Beach. 

A native of Augusta, Ga.. he 
Uvpd in Vlrghda Beach nine 

^> He iras an Afar Force veteran 
and f carpenter. 

Besidss his adfe and parorts. 
he is survived by a sister, Mrs. 
Donia Lm Thompson of 
Mrgjiria Baadi; two brothers, 
Iho^ M. GlasdNmer Jr. of 
Norfolk and FblUlp Alfred 
fflassbumer of Vlrgtaiia Beach; 
and his prandfadier, Harry 
(HasriNvner of Beaver, Pa. 


dariesEdwinlteakleof 17S0 
live Forks Road, owner and 
#erator of CAR Service 
Cenler, died Sativday in a 
Norfolk hoepltal. 

AUMong resident of Norfolk, 
he fM • son of Charles Henry 
ItiOde Jr. and Mrs. Peari 
Price TMakle Novak and the 
huOband of Mrs. Aom Noewll 

16 was a 40^ear member of 
Owens Masonic Lodge IM. and 
a BMmber of Scottish Rite 
Ooflidstory and Khedve Temple 

Besides his wife, he is sur- 
vived by a son, Charles Bryan 
Tr«kie of Portsmouth; two 
sislers,Mrs. DaiM Btheridge 
of Norioik and Mrs. George 
Achennann ol Tmamik, N.J.; 
and two granddiOdren. 


Paijl Stqdien Shappee, 7 

and lire. Margsret Wallbank 
Shsnpee of MS Delroltar Drie, 
dhid in a hospital Saturday. 

BesidBS Us perenta, surviving 
is a brother, ftrjnui Sh^»pee of 
Virgnla Beach. 


Mks. Irma Ufloy Lassiter, 81, 
formeriy of Gatae County, N.C. 
dM Sunday morateJn General 
BoBltal of Vlrginia^eaGfa. 

She was a daughtw of Joseph 
Wa*ta«tflB and Mrs. Joanna 
Felton Ulley and the widow of 
James Edward Lsspiter. 

She was a member of 
GatesviBe BaiMist Chivdi. 

Surrivtag are four dpu^itors, 
Ifrs. Margaret LiOey and Miss 
Jutts Mae Laasllor of Virginia 
Beii^ Mrs. Bailee of Lucama, 
N.a, and Mrs. JUanlta Poston 
ofSBiabethaty, N.C; aeon. 
Jaass B. LasBltOr of New 
Orleans; a foster son, J. Randy 
iiUiS of Gates. N.C; IS grand- 
children; and six great- 



Mrs. Virginta KoonU 

Dewberry, of SMS North 

OMtUae Drive dtod in a NOr- 

Mk hospRal Saturday. 

flie was fta wtte of Vernon S. 
Dee/heny Sr. and a dau^tar of 
Bni^ D. and lbs. Nande 
PoiVfil Koonts. 
w A Uietang resid«it of the 
NoitDlk-Vlrgfada Beach area. 
ito wee a mimh o r of Ftost 
ChrWltti Chnrdi (Dleei^) 
ad a SS-year ofllce empli^Fe of 
NorlsQc »aia * Copper Co. She 
was assectated with her 
„ tai Dairtienry's Hard- 
Oa. ^ ttM time of her 

CSiosapeake; a brother. M^ 
D. Koonts Jr. of Norfolk; and 
three grandchikkren. 


Mrs. Fannie Webb Neal. 90. of 
4419 Blackboard Road died in 
ho- hone Mar. c. 

She was the widow of WUtam 
H. Neal and a daughter of Byrd 
Unghom and Mrs. Martha E. 
Pinckard Webb. 

A native of Rocky Mount, she 
lived here foir years. 

She was a m«mber of Ba^de 
Baptist Church and United 
Daughters of tha Confederacy. 

She is survived by five 
nephews, Frai^ Webb and 
Rqrmond Webb of Roanoke, 
John Webb of Charkaton, W. 
Va.. George Webb of Glendale, 
Calif., and James Webb of 
Roewdl, N.M.; and two nieces, 
Mrs. Virghiia Williams of Delta, 
Coto., and Mrs. Patty Hopkins 
of Virginia Beach. 


Mrs. Grace Elisabeth 
Meesier, C7, of IMB King Henry 
Court, Apt. 2, Regency Aput- 
raenta, ^tod in her home aftor a 
kngUfaicas. ^ 

A native of Brooklyn, she 
ttved in this area 18 months. 

She ««s the «Hdow of Unwood 
Joee|di Mesder and a dau|^ 
of Cbta and Mrs. Ann Bumun. 

Survivtaig are two (toi^tws, 
Mrs. Ilialma Hagerman of 
Virginia Beach and Mrs. 
Josephine Cole of Stratford, 
HJ., and nine grandchildren. 


Mrs. Ome E. Owens, 78, of 

Princess Anne Road, Creeds 

Station, died Sunday in a 

Norfolk hospital after a sbori 

A native ol VIrgtaUa Beadi, 
she was the widow of Walter 
Owens and a dauf^ter of inilis 

She >as a deaconess, 
treasiaer of Pastor's Aid «m 
Prayer Band, a minionary, Mid 
a member of the Willing 
Workers Oxb of little Piney 
Grove Baptist Church, a 
mendier of Creeds Tants Ul, 
and tressurer of Golden Age 

Surviving tttt a son, Mdvln 
OwMS, a daughter, Mrs. Ctedys 
Jackaoa, and a tknut, Mrs. 
Betty Uwrenoe. sll of Virginia 
Beach; 15 grandcfaiUk«n; 84 
great-g^ndehUdfenr srfd a 


David WhifM CarroU Sr., 79, 
of 8880 Woodstock Court died in 
a hoepital Itairadsy. 

He was the husband of Mrs. 
Hasd Johnson CarroD «ida son 
of MalacU and Mrs. Mary EDen 
Oivps CerroD. 

A native of Princess Anne 
County, he was a lifelong 
reddent of Norfulk. He was^ 
rsthf«d NorMk Naval Base 

Besides Ms wife, he is sur- 
vived by three daughters, Mrs. 
Margaret Nash of RidunoMi, 
Mn. Edna Vau^ of Stauitton, 
snd Mis. Margie Wiggins, of 
BaMmore; Offee sons, Roy A. 
Carroll of Virginia Beach, 
David W. Carroll Jr. of 
Chesapeske, and Ndson R 
Csrrott of Chteago; a sister. 
Mrs. Emily MtHrrisette of 
Virginia Beadi; and 10 grand- 


Mrs. Man^ Owen Robortson, 
78, of 187 Hitchler Lane died in a 
hospital Friday. 

She was a native of Pittsyl- 
vanta County and lived tai the 
Norfblk-Vir^nta Beach area 15 

She was die widow of Lee T. 
Robertson and a daught^' of 
Cheelay W. and Mrs. Alice 
George Owen. 

' She v«s a member of Nor- 
view Baptist Church and a 
retired employe of the 
altentton departmoit of Ames 
A Browal^ Depsrtaaait Store. 

She to «ffvived by ttree 
daughtMS,.!!^ Marion R. 
PattleaD of Vlrgiida Beadi, 
Mrs. Basel R. Uuck of 
Baltimore, nd Mrs. EUe R. 
Lewto of Norfdk; two sons. 
Currdl Rdmtaon uid Curtis 
Robertson of Peterdiurg; two 
brothers, Henry W. Owen and 
Ben Owen both of Oiatham; 
and 17 inmddrihkwi. 

Mrs. Maiy Love IW^msai 
McClansn, 8^ of 8M ^w^mm 
ft. disd hi a hespttal Sndqr. 
ftie wss te widow of J. Hsery 
MeOaaan and a dautfilv of 
Walter and Mrs. Apy 

die is 

._ If f alipsoB, V«fln 

t Dewberry ^. of Vtogiata 
Batch;: a> at^pdiupitsr, mn. 
ttris D. Touag of Ormond 
iMpli, Pit.; a riatar, mm. 
gvdira K. »rren of 

A nanve of 
OBUBty, *• was a Hfdong 
of (he W^da Bea^ 

Aa was a manber M 
MsraMla tttod Cboth ni 
a ^rt«r nradtoit of Ita 
WHI^ 1«Mtaa MM Oai^ 
mMbsr tf fta Dn^Mhi of 

Aamriea, nd Saadds Hone 
Demondndon Chd). 

%e is survived by two 
dsuditars, Mn, M.W. HaeUne 
and Mrs. Kenneth WUtchunt, 
toee sons, W.F. MeCanu, 
W.I. McClanan, and A.W. 
MeCbnan, ai^ a sktor, Mrs. 
Rdwrt VMk^, an of ^igtaia 
Beach; two brci^n. Ben^Mdn 
F. iraiiaoison and dande V. 
wnUamson of Norfolk; dght 
grawichildren; 13 great- 
BraMiAAdren; ind sbc gred- 


Miss Madgs lOekerson, 78. 
dtted Sunday evening in a 

She was living with a niece. 
Dr. Madge May of 2840 BayviUe 
Road, Bsylaka Phiee. 

A ndive of Mapiolia, Dd., 
die was a dni^er of Dr. Harry 
snd Mrs. Oan Mckerson. 

SUie was a m«nb«r of 
Havertown (Pa.) United 
Mdhodid Church. She retired 
fai 1882 as a teadier of Haver- 
town IBgi School. 

Beddes her niece, surviving 
isa Iwdher, Dr. Robert George 
Dunn ir. of Albany. Ga. 

Mrs. Alice Evelyn Morris 
Wllson,48.of Routes. Back Bay 
Sutioa, died in a Nwfdk 
hoapltd Mondsy. 

She wss the wife d EX 
Wilson Jr. and a daughter d 
Julian Nelson and Mrs. Maude 
Proffitt Morris of Bar- 

A nathred Louisa Cranly, shs 
lived tai the Noifdk and Vhigbiia 
Beach area she yean. 

She was a member d Oak 
GffoweBiVtid Church, Vlnfaiia 

Beddes her husband and 
parsds, die is surrived 1^ two 
dep^ns, EX Wilson m d 
Vtafida Beach nd Timothy B. 
Wflson d Roanoke; a brother. 
Ifolman Ndson Mwris of 
BariMursville; and a deter. 
Mrs. Margard Morris Fsckidl 
d Alexandria. 


'«» spring Re vivd*d St. 
Jdn's Baptist Church will be 
held March 1»-2S. 

Didc CockrcO, chainoHi d 
the Deacon Boerd, said thpt the 
entfare Revivd wID be ted by 
outatanding Laymen of the 
Area. ** 

Hie Revivd starta Simliy at 
7:80 p.m. with Oongresi^a G. 
WilUam WUtehurd speddog on 
"Why I need Chrdt" l^ore 
diis, st the 11 a.m. scrvie^ur. 
the young people d the diurch 
will tead) an Sunday Sdiool 
daases ami conduct the Wor- 
diip Service with a youth 
mudcd cmtata. 

Jesde James, director d 
Bapfid Men for the Norfdk 
Baptist Association will be 
prindpal tpttSmr on Monday 
v^t. wnUam E. Hidon, a 
r^red civU service emirioyee 
triU qieak m Tuesday nii^t On 
Wednesdsy night, Stuart Ives, a 
termer from Blackwater, «iU 
^ve ills verdon d why he needs 
Chrid on ttie farm. 

Charles Atkinson, d St. Job's 
Church will lie featured 
llusrsday di^t, conduding the 

Each service, Simdsy tlamigh 
niursday dght, wiU be led by 
one d the men of the diurdi. 
Hw youth service win be led by 
mU Sawyer, Youth Director. 
Tlw men's choir is directed by 
Joim Rawls. 

Red Cross 
Open House 

The Amoican Red Croes, 
tidewater Chapter invites the 
puUic to tow its fsdUtles d 414 
W. Yorii Stred in Norfott 
during March as purt d ita 
observmce d Red Cnu Month. 

March is odebrated as Red 
Croee Moi^ an over the ttdion 
and tocsl^ is observed as 
miedal Uvda to tte Inaidreiki 
d vohmteers vbo 0ve thete' 
time every dsy in Oe year, said 
Hieeaaa S. Dacoran, chapter 
m«Mgn-. It ^0 provMM ttie 
oivorhBtfty to ttuuA Oe pdbUc 
ler ita^ supped ttireui^ ths 
Udted Conuaudty Fiaid. 

Corcwaa dated fliore is a 
gred need at Ml UflM for HMre 
v^Biteers. "Mi^be you don't 
QtM every month, bd tatak . . 
where do you nt ta. We m^ 
need you," he said. He dnssed 
tha peat need ler person idw 
have had ddier eaperi e nee or 
trrt*«tai the AeU d sedal 
week to hdp wMi easewMk la 
iw dHfter's servlea to tt» 


Reader Outlines 

(Cbntinued Awn ^<^ . 

higtais long Mbra April. Ai soon as eenuiMteei go M» adtai lad 
sJJrQtidnMwlhatliHi iigshiiiii^^ 

nt « the bsmioar yal*. The eaiiastaaaa, lit dntoemea. iw 
witMIng ooilftisMii, Bi saw frlwilshlpi midi, idtf imsxijHituJsil 
and flnd^ tha 08ds«s glaw of sueeaas wNa ths lad asm- 
wakmamkamm rij^sr kss iliuaiiad wuUitliL to rdnra ^^ vnar 
irtfli drevsaMMsndi hi lew, ani menehas i esrnr wUb ow for 

IdMs'tiMn tofd soearrlad away bi^tditdijogr flia toun. The 
paid I'M tryfaig to BMis la that ii i a se i b i tten en be a c e omiildiad 

emimniUy: nttdtetiSBaia nd ae hl ava d ftreuah ee em a tin: 

^wns wa^n* wT^n anF a^nw^^^^^H^ KgmHnnnn ^ww^wia^^^p* \i% w sH^^F'^HnVB* 

eoOent way QSmnSm mrnam tn and gh« then a aense of 

FIrat Cdorial tat fiva whners In the recent District XX MsWbattve eteeattn ean- 
petitfm, and the Hrst place wlimers will compete at Ae Statp L^atorsh^ Canfowiee In 
RanMka Murch Sdh tturanfh Wk. PIctared from left t« right are Biary Jeidita. 
Zni ^ace wUwer ta adverlbli^. 0laHe Boyee, 1st ptace in Job Interview and 2nd plan 
Intiie D.E. Stodent d die Year cmpetlttn. Charlotte Jamell, let ptace in advertfsing, 
and Mke Faaher, 1st ^ee In grnp nies. Randy Lamb won a 2nd ptace in dtoptay bat 
was absent whea the pictare wu taken. 

Public Aid Is Sought In 
Bribery Investigation 

mptiwsWlit y and parSdpaHn tai tha ooanwa^). 

I exped to hav firdtt Mr. Ssdfli wlOi n*^^ k^iirinatln son so 
V yn ars dfll toUraded rd be ^ to talk wttb yw hiriher abed 
It I'd love to sn ssQMthtag Uks this gd started and I'd lava tobe a 


fMn Dsnnli Melaad) 

Arf/c/es Praised 

Onunonweslth's AXUmtv 
Andre Evan h« reqndad 
snyooe who has ban fdead to 
maka payofb to pdiUc officials 
to order to obtahi approval d 
monfaig and<Hr use pwmtt 
npttcatioM to contact Ms d- 

nia sctin was taken 
foDowteg the arred d Virgtaita 
Beach Bddth Departmnt chtef 
sadtariu M.J. (Mae) Owen 
nd KempsviUe Me«tow8 Golf 
Mi Country Club gdf 
Vofessiond John T. KeOy n 
bribery diarges. 

Owans faces charges of 
allegedly accepting money 
during the devdopmnt of the 
ss-eeres Havn Estatn nb- 
divisten on Whitchurd Uniflng 
Rnd, plus aOegfed reedpt d 
money firm KeOy ta ooonectkn 
widi apinvd lor a ptat nb* 

KaUy was charged vHth 
allegedly giving \mney to 
in coroiection with the 

sdxUvidon approval. 

Both arreds were made 
idowiog iadktments from a 
Circuit Oouri grand Jury based 
n taiformatkm dUained during 
Kwa»' teveetigation. 

Owens and Kdly have denied 
bdqi guQty d any 


inn Manager 

Thomas C. Kyrus, Presided 
of FoudsidMsd d Virghita 
Beadb Inc., owners d The 
Ratoads bm d VOr^nta Bndi 
located On the Ocean at 7th 
Street, has announced the 
appotatment d WilUam M. 
Csmpbdl M Gnerd Managa-. 

Campbdl was former 
Mnager d The Windjammer 
Motor Lodge in Virginta Bnch 
amd to a graduate d American 
Motel Schod and Ramada Inia 
Inc. Managemed Dcvdopmed 
enter in Phoenix, Arixona and 
a member d Ramada bus 
Na^md Anodation. 

Ilie new Ramada Inn d 
\^^ita Beach with ita 106 
ooeairfhmt rooms, rastaurad, 
cocktdl lounge, heated pod, 
banquet and convntion 
facilities is scheduled ftfr 
opening in mkl-A|aiI, 197S. 

Siifi|)ect Charged 

A suqwd in the shoding d a 
grocery strare ni^t cterk is 
awaiting traO on charges d 
tttned robbery and malickMia' 
wounding. tt: t 

Of Adds identifled Urn at 
Raymond I. Woodhouse, 18, d 

Police say Woodhouse ta 
dnrged in connection witii ttie 
Mardi Ttti armed rd^ery d the 
7-11 Stan in the 500 IdodL d 
Newtown Road, ^ring iHiich 
Sgt Richard Walcy, ^, w» 
shot in the hnd sml nedL 
•tatioaed at Fort ^ory, wm n 
duty in the diMre at Uie time. 

At last rcfMrta Waley was 
rep<H-ted in good condition, 
mdci^ latidactory recovery 
from his wounds. 

pRipiin NmiQuncid 

The Virgtata Bnch City 
Pul^ SdMMte Plnetarhatt's 
Mar^h pri^ram wiU ha 
"Cdadial Mechanics", which 
deala with observed, and 
predated ftabire, motions d 

Ilie prapam dso dnis widi 
orbite d eends and i^aaeta, 
and fnlon u «qdanatin d 

Pr^nms are Kheduled ea^ 
Simday snd Tueeday tnm 1 
p.m. to • p.m. at toe 
FlnMuhn in Han JwM 
ri^ Sohed, n Seirth Lym- 
hMan neaa. 

Psr teter taNraidton nd 
I wervitlona phon 4imn. 


James F. Qdrk has been 
a^Minted sales manago- of the 
residaitial dividon d Pem- 
broke R^dty and Insurance 
Agency, Inc. 

QuM's new duties indude tlie 
8iq>ervision d over 20 sdes 
people in the securing d listings 
and Qie sales of new and 
existing iMxnes. \ 

Quirk holds accounting 
d^rees from Benjamin 
FranUin Univaiitty and the 
Udverdty d VU«inia. He is 
vice president d Gtizens for 
Onterfy Progress, chairman d 
tiie sales and marketing 
committee fw the Tidewater 
Assoctation d Home Builders 
nd on the board d Star d tlw 
Sea CathoUc Parish. 

doings in ray trannetions 
coneded with the dtariM. 

KeDy wm airsstad liandiqr 
shortly aftsr tha retm of ths 
inUctmnte from die grsad 
Jury, Owens was arrntod 
Tuesdi^whn he returned ftam 
a trip to Ridunond. Botti have 
ben reteasod M bond pendh^ 
ftirdier le^ prooeedtags. 

Evans indleatM hl| in* 
vestigathm of aBagsd brfhiag d 
public dfidate ta c o n n ecti n 
with land devetopraant ta 
Vfarginta Beadi is cntiadng, 
widi the poMibility of sdditknal 


Cynthia Lee Tyson, a 
Loogwood College, judmr firom 
Virgida Beach/ wm recn^ 
idtiated into Rappa' Delta Pi, 
national honw society of 


Bnjamin Ptao^ is a 

^dnte dMneessAne H|0 

SchbOL She is. a mafliematlM 

major iHio plans to tndi npn 

graduation from celtege. 

Cynthia is a mmbo' d ^pha 

Lambda Delta, national 

scboiastfe hnor sodsty, ^ha 

FM sodal sorority, sad the 

l^chnos Sodety at Lengwoad« 

Kappa Delta Pi ta an 

orgadzatin ta rscogdtin d 

schdarship, character and 

service. The soctety proposes to 

recoffnize the abWty d then 

studnto who have attataiad tte 

highest intellectual 

acMevemnt and have diown 

interest in the field d ecueation, 

to encoura^ matatnsnee d 

high professional and sdidaslte 

standards, snd to codrtbuto to 

ttie iddlectud and aodd Vfe d 



Iha Sun and Baton Crtat 
are ta ha enusieada^ far 
llModstandb«iob lliat to bdng 
doae ta araudng piibHc talsnd 
ta toe pitaht d ttw dtarmtav old 
honn &t have maaifsd to 
survhra aalval catistanhn 
and eultaoral dapradamns 
wHhta flto diy d VMtata 

d virgtata Baadi who oMd 
^pracjato (Ms iMr^i am 

back to the early mob's te a 
nrUy. Here wa have soma d 
the aarited homn hdit ta ths 
Uritad Katoa, and it ta ad 
^ ^ ^flJl m ^lm toflwd ayf* ddtag 
bade to die early tm^ and a 
few from the lata im'S. Uh- 
foriuaatdy, many native 
Vbginlns take thilr hsritags 

However, nd aD de ve leper s 
tear down dd heusss ta new 
MJbdlviBloaB, n raportad by 
Mrs. H Jl. Jotaaan ta hsr idler 
to iha editor. WItaan tha iMi- 
ocDiunr hOhNB rmnuh hi hm 
midd d "Pdnt ofWoods" nd 

"Kiflg's Gnat" (aHwIt an 
graa^ rsdaeed pids d tand). 
Hnsital^, me r e d ev atopers will 
idlow ate «wi^ and bdid 

T miMtf iwilhss to hdng Mssart 

wn fonnerly euralsr d the 
Mytrs Houn (c im and, 
H^orougbgoed Houn (if^t) 
whBa wlih Iha Noifdk Musaim 
(u#>un). M thi^ ttan wwh 
d llth^ntary Norfdk wu 
tavglad tft f¥'*^ tt Hit duHW d 
the tanta' d^ nd to tte praesn 
many DMnopies werarequna 
to nHdand und w landUD 

mnigad to dtva tibs Wtteagh- 
bgH^or house, bd fte red 

ph e tap ap Mc Utea, or to ttie 
ii i wii o ites d our aldv cHtasn. 
Kesp up toe good work! 

si n c er dy, 

Gaorga 1. Stetan 

Old DouulBini Unlveidty 

Licensed To Wed 

Qharles SemiiM uinai 

•ertaw Piece, eiW 
9doi|tiwaite« ISO N. 

KnnsNi Ruckman Merdinti 
Norfolk, end Rita Alin 
WNItams, 3744 SMIna Ortve. 

WaMace dlchad Martta, 47« 
PeelBMe Piaee* an ianara 
KrisMne Aiia«rew> 4747 
PeelsMe Mace. „_ 

Oiiriste^ier W»\pie'C«Sfr 
0«en. Old liliabeth Ami 
o^te, w Una at. 

denm ReMton ktefS. 1MI 
Qvan Patat Raea. ejid, 
toel tobwte J eAn iansen. wr 

Oerten Ln laten. Jr„ nt-i, 
■ex tsi7, ena KeNiy Mamie 
White, llt>i. fax lift. 
. Jerry Um Haynea. MS Pern 
RMae Ren. end IMNmra l^w 

- Jesnii OeraMt PtoialM Jr. 
sai Itli ttreet. ana JMary 
Prancn Lynch, N1 dk Street. 

MKhael Itim wadStaaton, 
vm troea iey Reed en Mary 
Lds Avery, vnr (Mesa iey 

Athenle Unberto Tertero, 4tS 
Mtk street, an IllialeNi Ann 
Peniey. 4H NHi Street. 

Patrick Jeseah Ceeney, Jr.^ 
sua tew cren Mvs.. m* 
Mtoriaret Am Lwtx, 4SI N. 
■attiime Drive. 

Walter Oray WemMe. III. Ml 
■. Sperrew Read, and 
SheryMlm Parker. RM, Bm 

Wliliem Rannil Skane. »S 
•risn Avenue, an Seily LAis 
Censelve. isii Ceienid Arms 

Rebinsn KlnneHPd iieeeil, 
401 Street, end Cslky Uymi 
I. SS4S Hattores Ren. 

Ricaard Hurtout Rylker,. 
Cope Mey, NJm end W e rm e 
Jean Pelten, SIM RoNntn 

Marten Italsen. 401 Ptaey 

Wad* Jlrfiiii itandl, m S. 

Lynnaswm Read, end Mery 
MdvMie NMTlS, 9# S. Lyfl- 
nkeven Ren. 

Alvln iiwerd Ounbar> 
Oceana. jMt Jaleen Diane 
Oentry, l^ria. III. 

winini ftoydn Meraw. ess 
• Uke Drive, an PliyMis Jnn 
Pruitt, Ml Piam tncli Mce. 

MvW Urry HarMianr 245 
Foley LOM, mnt Santfa Merle 
Pee, SS7 Poley L^n, 

Harry Narbert luotftier. New, 
York. H.%»M« Deboreli Ann 
DeuaMWUilArasefia Mvd. 

WMIaH0Perker, MS 21st 
mntt, enFmraM l.n Herrls, 
SSI Crawfsri Pton. 

Sherman Dwier, 264 Wavarly 
Drive, en Merfwer^^enma 
MriuKi 0to Wed n^ Ren. 

Wliliem Jl^timHh, $r»9« 
Manta jma, ni TwnMn MMa 
caiiefc, lat yMidteM t-ne. 

Dart Wayn RMaan, 
Oceen, nd\ Smm smrto 
HenyciHt. ust HunMia HHl 
Lam. i 

Artovr OH nimi, WS Park 
Avenue, an Deris Laverm 
Taylor, 1211 Park 4M>emia. 

ArUiur Am Arnetn, 414 
Mimrtemn Ron, an jenltor 
LN temena, ' iMe LakwWe 

Midinl Oiartos Jeedrinie, 
Quewt tea, e n Oiris Canfieid, 
7M RrkMn Ard). 

Carey Sari Hoseh, New York, 
N.Y., en Swan Rtliel drMer, 
asw viraiiria ieacii Rivd. 

Jese^ Idward Pelrtor, Jr., 
IN Pkrst Cotentol Ren, and 
Jetmn eN»befti Bvrra, 440 
Weet Ptantetton Rnd. 

dem eyata ywe Rn> Oceana, 
end snaren Marie Remmotea, 

HarrY^^LM CMto, 240 Qirince 
Uin, an Karen Sue MeClWia, 
4f24 Naanu Drive. 

Births Announced 

Ifr. A Mrs. Riebard Oyds 

Mr/ it Mre. Rodney Ln 

Mr. ft Mrs. Ftaak Maria 
MctiSBghWa. Jr. twta 

Ontey tte wnlhcr te eaM urf gtaany. A^ wMT' Aa 

next tey R's tab- and warn. Ani wMy. B«t whatofrar iM 

teaqpentora, ItdecAi'tteaspMa ^«a| man's I 

a bnggy ride ta hte ai eAar pa wa r a d ni 

Oavte aRl^ the ride : Rbi. PiiMP^ Davte aiMgps Iha steal. 

(PMa by Jay bambley) 

Ifr. ft Ita. J^Ms Pitaads 
Lsoaard, ^.. aen. 

Mr. a Mrs. Terry Lynn 
Oeteweed, devaMer. 
jWr. ft Mrs. Wiley Mdvln 

Mr. a Mrs. DoneW Pranfc 
Kern, davekler.^ 
. Mr. ft Mrs. OuWeym anney 

Mr. a Mf«. Jemea DmN 
Miw>, Jr., deaditer. 

nw. ft Mn. Reaert Wherreti 
■aliataie. deuditer, 

Mr. ft Mrs. Rner lllls 

Vlf BlVy* wVW«^n< 

Mr. a MM. Themes CardNi 
Bmerv, Jr., dsinht e r . 

Mr. ft Mrs. Wllllsiq 
UekrMH dMpheard, 4r., aen. 

Mr. ft Mrs. .tames lunmn 
Prn^ iMfhfer. 

tkt. ft ltos.f/n cn Marin 

AUr. ft Mr^ itarry jamn 

Wefcdy. Jr.. asagMSTi ^ ^ 

. MMr. ft MrSa ^^^n uaya 

M^. ft Mrs. Jerry Weym 
Teyler. seiw.. 

Mr. a Mil. WNllam Rnsr 
tewyer, an. 

Mr. Sb Mrs. Robert J^n 
Hitt, jr«, en. 

Mr. ft im. H. jedi JoMrins, 
Jr., an. 

Mr. ft Mrs. Irvbi Reen 

Mr. ft Mn. T hanere OevW 

Mr, ft Mrs. Immeavol 

Mr. ft Mrs. jnu LiOvem 
m. ft Mrs. PrmMta Itotaer 

N^. ft Nin. Pleyd ttanlet 
^iggrine, sen, 
Mr. ft mm. Prnk Mwrt 

Or. a Mrs. James Tlmaiiv 
Oevlbw tan. 

Mr. ft Mra. t>n ^mmt 
Cartir, n^^ffer. 

Mr, ■ flMs. ftnnn Tetvy 

,111 M a ^^.^ 

wniie, •••*. 
wiser , ^mi 






U'»" "i 




THURSDAY, MARCH tfl. 1972 

37-tilSC. FDK SM£ 50-H(ll|$l$IIH RENT 

Thrtt drawer, lolld ock 
(Mak, ranch ityla, t4S, 
Kilehflntnt, 4 chain; 
140. Pint e^ara. 4M- 
Mil btfwa 10 a.m. 

MWMtjiongs y-MMi HBf mm i}-specml sewhxs -* 

Typtwrltar-Sacrlflet SCM 
41S. Stand includtd. 
tSOO; was tS7S naw. 421- 

A<Mf«ti«m, I, 
ttpaiftii Man'a,- 
wwRan^ and (MMMna> 
M 1 1 1 1 • r y ^ ^>a I 
RaManabtt 4M^iO. 



^ 4M-10I1 attar 4 ».m. 

■Il l) i- ii m iii « ii I I— ^— — i»» 

NMtoya, {MvnieMonata, 
and srcnd apanln^a. 
Can m-mtf M-Mif. 

ANO POKM 1?.Vl. 
Twan ty y«ar ■ 
■r a f aa ilana i larvlea. 
wr— MRMllatlaR aN 
«' m*4iM Avantntt 
• nd wtajanda. 
NATIONWlfi^ R|. 
MM! in Maltkti 

•) nWaff. 


MfiM lar immadiaH 
am^laymant, |«io 
mafiN«lyt»a^rt. LJiva 
Natlanai Campany. 

■K|>arlanca in con- 
• tr wetian a d • 
minlatratlvt work, 
•hop drawlnfa« com. 
pontnt of bulldino 
•h'uchin, 4 hawaing 
prolacn. Contact Mr. 
John Kirkpatrick g 
Aaaoclatoa inc. Cornar 
of S. Blrdnack ft 
l^aiMrlty Dr. or call 
mum iQUAL opp. 


I , k' « 


iWl OlwoMnI on Anythim 
tnt»«timr^ O»^ 


tet 10 «.»!,•« iMn. 




mod lata oponlns for 
roc^lantot for lacf^ x 
National Co, Salary 
baaod «t oxporlonca. 
Soma typlns halpfui. 
Call 4f9Y7«. 

MCmTAIIY . Typing 
raiiulrad, comtruction 
axporlonct proNrrod. 
Cantacf Klrkpatrlek^- 
Ataoclattt Inc., eoirnar 
of South tlrdnock Rd. 
AProaparity Dr. orcoli 
mm?. AN IQUAL 


Modod Immadiattlyl 
Jfvtral ioto opanlnBal 
W10 lor appt. call m- 

tmmih tN agii of 1 
day to 10 yttn. All 
fipliM oonfidintial. 

1404 ' 3932 tftt B 

Contrajitara * Ham a 
l|)it<ori.Ltt MjiPip 
lyov wNti that now fwma 
1. addHiani . or rapam 
^a- can fvrniih 

&•*•!!•'• ' ♦♦•*" 
j- pMantant to sttic aiMl 

1 iM you M flntwrnt. 

Koitam iriaton. 

w _^V^Uk wR* 


y i - ' - . " ■- — H 


4r fpw ham,k <ty or 


P^twm In ^oiKllor 
^^•jpi^a no CPU 


OOU •iMllah MMilor will 
toter H.t. Intilih m 
y»w iiomo tr mm, u 
P-h. CaH S4Mdli. ) 

Hard Mwoi $m a 6«nd, 

aVox.- portllt* 
lt«f|o. I ^otaeltfbia 
i^Mktrt. ikeoiKint 

•OP to ^. 
pneMta. m4en. 








Will donatt a'KMlak 
Cavaladt copy 
machmt *o diordi or 
nen-^ofit organliatton. 
Call 43S-1I1I. 

4-iosT mmm 

LOST AnVwort to 

"Sambo''-Mai« Slack 
Labra^r. Victatty of 
Bay Colony. 
RIWARDI 4M-4a00. 

TRAINII -' Larpt 
noMonoi company hai 
^onlnp for cpraor 
mifldod man. P4%fit 
tfiorlNp Ponw pr^Mm 
and othor 6Ma«ltt. 
Comploto train inp 
pi^ram. Rapid ad- 
vaNcomMt. 9Mf^ NIO. 
GeH Jff. »«.'«* 


iBoalnoaa to tenhtp 
wo itaiMLffMlp. Want' a 
«^ slnor In ropi 
olfpfa. Apply toity. 
Call Tom Kpna4f?«Mli 
NMita S4|.tM0. Orow 

Ambitious coupio whit 
noodi moro Ineomo. 
Unuawpl opportunity 
for flood oarninfli for 
both. Work toflpthor 

Rrt tiraa or fulf timo. 
_ono 4M-1IN for pppt. 
lorry no info, evor tho 

JOI HuhTlNOt Pick up 

Wookly Impioymant 
NMft at all f-lfavoni 
ond Navy Ix^aniao. 

Now^ firm oponlns in 
tMtilyptor aroo. Noad 4 
manawmant h'alnaoo 
for Immad. placomont 
In fmtr otticoi. e^m< 
pony bonoflti, In^ 
cmtlvo piarw. If ywi'ro 
nm or oiminf ioM 
ttioh HN a woMt call 
Mr. NMii 4i«>noi n 
a,m. tN 4 p.m. 

ii-smmfioNs m: 

wiUL BPby-iat in my 
licaniod homo. Afloi I 
to I. By appt. only. 
Poncod yard. 4H.yf»4. 

IIW IAtY4awins knit 

•hirta, aiackai w^aaaa 

li fllrdloa. Two wook 

eourto. MOM panta, 

battHhj wita. m-nw. 

Baby-aminfl in my hama 
day ol ni^t. Poncod 

^ard. Roaaanabla. 
laia araa. Ui-m*. 

Will Baby-ait in my homo 
Monday throuph 
PrWay 4W-4S40 

BABY-Sittlnp any ionpm 
of tImo. Day w nipht. 
Will Boordi Phono 4I4- 


profoaalonal toochar. 
Call 4^.4771. 

Owitar laaaona by ox- 

porlPfiMd Inatructor. 

Various finflw' otyiaa 

tai«ht. A mutt for folk 

•Inpo ro. Boplnnora 

WOlCOmO. 49-POSO. 

■iMioRlary Toachw will 
tutor now and thrpoph 
aummor. Rosldoneota 
Cavalior Drivt. 4JS?* 


aceapttaB ^pilcottona 
far admiaalon to pro- 
kindorparton Si kin- 
do rflprt an cloaoao. Abo 
all day ^IM caro fw- 
fad twm. A fow 
oponlnBS ovailabia 
Coir m^m tor 


•0 wM« pprt4Mo M 
T Mowal a r arm, Abovo 
oyorapo iftMmo, Par 
infwmatiM j^nd ap- 
polntmpnt, calf 
NOWpPrt Nawt t ^74711 

Physical cartltlad 

Roaaonobto. CM m- 

chanfloi. honooa 

Will Babysit daytlma In 
my liMiO. Prlnctss 
Anno Plata Araa. 4SS- 

COUPLt will board 
chlidran In thair homo. 
Vory roaionabiol M7-' 

ilacflrtevl Contractor 
inataHptton ft Ropoirs 
Praolaflmatas 427-1 1M , 

14-iMSHiEss mm 

doilara a cord. 4S4.3Wr " 

PLACBSI Chlmnay ' 
•waoplnp and firoplaco 
rapalr. Oampori in- 
•tallad or fixtd. Pur- 
naco elaaninp. Call 43S- 
79S0 Vo. Baach 
, Chlmnay iwaoport. 


"If tho loavoa and lawn 
havo pettan you down, 




Loaf romovai, fortlllilnp, 
taadlnp, trao ramovod, 
firo wood, mowing, 
wooding, trimming and 
odgoli^, YOU NAME 
JI Wl DO IT.4»4-lWa 



PLUTB, LaMontt 

•oprarto C »llvtr. 

Bxetlitnt Condition. 

Com and accntorioi. 

StOO. 444.S471. 

usod. ProfMslonal 
tnttrumont. S400. 340- 


CO., P.O. BOX 3S 
Cortland, Ohio 44410 


AKC rtglattrod, 9 
wooks, mothtr and 
fathar ptdlgrood, 
wormtd. 5II-M49 



B Ik W $18; COLOR $30 



Tropical fish, plant 
Si aquarium 
aocassof ios. 




RIVIRI SM taekgreund 
muolc ayttam. Starao 
ehannola, can bo uiad 
for homo or efflco. 
thanfoi topo.a 
autematlcallv to play 
tor II hours witjiout 
rosottlng. Ceit S700. 
Will soil for S1S0. 
Practically now. Call 
Mr. Brwmblay 42S-2401 

tiNo BgiMwd hMitliaML 
wcM tttmnn Mft ail^ 


I wimpoiiiwiii 

Cow Modt oast of Pilaoaii 

Whita dog with tan >pet«. 

Ftmata, 5 mot. old. 
Proa to good homt. 
Good pot for chltdron. 
1937 Anoka Avt. 4«4- 

PUPPIES-Por aalo 
mixad brood. Shots ft 
wormod. Phono 499- 

tOY POODLES for sola. 

7n wks., puppy shots, 

AKC raglstarod. 3 

malas 340-S7S7 
■ ■ 


Baautiful fawn color 

pupplot. 4«4-39^2 

^oMams ara sohrod 
with Bprnos ft Barnn 

Homo improvomont 
IpoelallatSi Por froo 
ostlmPtos on room 
addltlona, plumbing, 
roof Ina, gonoral rapalr, 
claarlng lots, call 
anytlmo. 423-09SS; S23- 

Alaskan malamutb- 

AKC roglstorod. Ma^. 
10 months old. 499-4197. 

HOUND- No papoors. 

Prto to good hpmo. 2 
yr. old fomalt. Lovtt 
kids. Call 4S4-3430, Mr. 


Roglstorod, Mai* 1 yr. 
B X c 1 1 a n t with 
chlldron. SSO.OO. Phono 

podigroo, S7S and up. 
Also shjd sorvico. 4SS- 

K C raf latarad. S7|. 4S4- 

Cockor Pomala 
ragistarad. Blond 4 
months, hod oil shots. 



brand mw sots S99,9S. 

Includos ^ossor with 
mirror, chost of 
drawors ond doublo 
bod. To bo sold for 
S99.9S ooch. inspoct in 
wo^ohouao. UNITED 
Va. Baach Blvd., (mo 
block oast of Princou 
Thoahro) Mon-Fri: 10 
o.m.-7 p.m. Sot: 9 a.m.- 
1 p.m. 

Boautyrost doublo bod 
mottroM and springs. 
Ooet Cendtlon. S3S. 4S«- 


VOMMHII doow s w to bt spM 

for sSPitS oidi. 


IXffllO PRlk»T lAUB 

sets vo. Booeh Wvd. 




Japanoso Black Pinos, 
Azaloas, Camollas, 
Oardonlas, Fioid 
grown. 1440 Maharis 
Rd. Lakovlow Park, 
Vo. Boach 444-0344. 

IT'S SPRING Planting 
TImtl Frtt copy 4S pg. 
Planting Guldo Catalog 
In color-offortd by 
Virginia's lorgost 
growers of fruit troos, 
nut troos, bar ry plants, 
grapo vinos, land- 
scaping plant matorlal. 
Salospoopio wantod. 
Waynosboro Nursortos- 
Waynosboro, Va. 279S0. 

45-ROOiiS row RENT 

A room (or rant. Houso 
privlltdgos. Noar 
ocoon. Also room with 3 
doublo bods. 430-4790 

37-lll$a RMI SM£ 4S-Am. TOR RENT 


inatptiad^ d^arSf Miy 
dMa. M»-ra7. 

POR SALR-Baby ^, 
> stroHor, wolkM-, hiph 
chair. Lawsoa arm 
&k»W, alip eavM". Boy's 
34" inpllah bicyclo. 
Call S4P4M9 batoro 9 
a.m. or aftw I p.m. 

bodroom duplox; 
Stovo; rofrlgorator; 
wotor; S130; call 497- 

Bocholor offlcioncy. 
panollod; corpttod,- 
utnitlot, phono; S13S 
month. 42S-047S. 

49-»FURIIiae APT S. 

<p— i— — — — i> 

• 21th St. .3 ft 4 rooms; 
fum. h^fad; S30 up, 
wookly. 4H-«70 

^achwlnNr rantai. i 
bodroom apvtmanta, 
TV, kitchon, frwn si IS 
wiPi wtllltM, ^SSSS. 

P^coss Anoo. Pbwa- 

In. Avallablo tm- 
. madiatoly. S190 plus; 
Wtllltlos. 4S4-43S1 boforo^ 


I <'<jai 


Ths Vle#Inla Boach 

fir RENT 

SPACE— Now spaca 
avallabia In modorn 
SUN building at 13S S. 
Rooomont Rd. rtpxt to 
Exprostway. UlfP* 
and small unlf«fv 
sovtral off Ico USPv 
roady for you. Call 4SP- 


Gracioui Whtto Brick 
Williamsburg: nowly . 
doceratad Interior 
booutlfully tandscapod 
corntr lot. 44(J.12a3 ..^ 

— I'T i hUl I " ' " 11 I . Ill " : 

C A PE - H fe N H,f/ 

SHORES-4btdroom, j 

both brick ranch, on 

Lwng .Crjok, pior, 




^*>^r¥ncess ann# • 

PLAZA $17;500- 3 
bodroom Ranch, cozy, 
immaculato Iiomo. Call 
42S-742 1 


' ' I ' ■ I II " i r r ., i ^ 

Wo havo buyars afrti 
tonants waiting for ■ 
property In all areas of 
VIrginio Beach. Call us 
to sell or rent yours. 
Stohi Realty 
_\ 497-4851 




Hare die most to ofllar . 
Many modali to choose 
from . . . Come la and 
plea yow hoUd^ri ... 




CAMARO ■ 1949 Z2I: 3S0 
H.P.;302eu. In., engine 
391; posltractlon roar 
«nd; Hooker HMdors; 
carborator: Hurst 4- 
speed; red with white 
composition stripes; 
S1700: call 420-74S5. 

MOB 1944 White con- 
vortable. Good con- 
dition, radio. S7S0. Must 
sell 3^-243S. , 

Volkawagon •I9«s-Cream 
Puff and White, radio ft 
hooter. Excetlonf 
condition. No money 
down SS1.42 monthly 
Cpll Mr. Wnyno 4SS- 
SSS3. s 

Mustang 1947, Automatic, 
mdia ir htatpr, wittfa 
wpM tires. Exeoiiant 
condmen. no mohoy 
down. «iM monthly. 
Call Mr. Arnold AS- 
ssa4. i c- 


S500 , ft assume 
paymahh Of SIOI for 32 
mea. m4»i. 


HIGHLANDER ■ 1949 12 x. 
51 2 bedrooms, 10 x 7 
shod, polyester car- 
peting. On loti S3750. 

AMERICAN 1941, 12' x 
54'. 3 bedroom, air" 
conditioned, carpeted, 

-H»«aher,.m largo lot 
,..427-455^'''" "■■ 

SKYLINE 1970; U'x 40', 3 
ba*t)Om. unfurnished,' 
lust take %ver toap 
p»ymentsir^<Cait ka^M 
hwoonu3«iid 7 p.m. 




HONDA n Trait 70. Good 
Condition^ S200. 404- 
3537. ; ' 

recently overhautod. 
Excellent condition, 
190. Call42S-5490aftorS 
p.m. Clay Phillips 


This IS to rtBttfy the 
public that the un- 
dersigned, trading as 
Snack Sh^ will wHhin ten 
days after publication of 
mis notice apply to me 
Virginia State AicohoUc 
Average Control Board 
Rv a license to sell mixed 
beverages tor on ^em Ism 

Trecy L. Mppn. 

T-A Snack foa 

M^nda Weiss 
314-1 T 

Burfau of PaRce have In 
their poiiatsron «o boys 
*»«'..ttett.^iHcycies, six 

mlscellail^ Itoms that 

will be subldct to auction 

sale If not claimed before 

March 17, 1972. Persons 

who can give proof of 

inershlp may report to 

nice HeB4Mvorters at 


between tfk^urs of i:00 

P.M. and *4f« P.M. To 

.make such claims, 

^Monday Ihroogh Friday. 

^ Auction will take place 

Friday,, March 17, 1972, 

itartlBp at one o'clock In 

the -^ area behind police 

hSatfpwartors at Princess 

Anne Courthouse. All 

articles not claimed will 

be sold at public auction 

by the department of 

public safety. 


Reeves E. Johnson 
Inspections Engineer 

1 mj i I M 


terms Of that certain Deed 
of Trust, dated January 
II, 1941, from Sarah Brock 
toWiltk^-H. Martin, Jr., 
Trustee, and recorded In 
'- 'the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
VIrglnle Beach, Virginia, 
in deed book 1041 at page 
430, and by virtue of that 
certain Appointment of 
Trustee recorded in the 
Clerk's Office atoresa Id in 
deed book 12S5 at page 445, 
the undersigned Trustoe, 
having been notified of 
default in payment of the 
debt therein secured, and 
other breaches of the 
covenants therein con- 
tained, and at the request 
of the creditor thereby 
secured, will offer for sale 
at public auction to the 
highest bidder, at the 
Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 
on March 30, 1972, at 9:30 
a.m., the following 
property, to-wit: 
ALL of that certain piece 
or parcel of land being 
on tho rood leading 
from Pungo Ridge 
Road to Charity Church 
being at the In- 
tersection of sold and 
Norfolk Southern 
Railroad, Northwolt 
corner. Beginning at 
the northwest corner of 
tho property at the 
Norfolk Southern 
Railroad and running 
oastaKmg said road 72 
feet; thence ruttolnp 
south 131 feet; thence 
west 72 foot; thance 
north 13S foot to point of 

more or less. . This 
proper fy being "^In 
Pungo District of the 
City of Virglnio Booth, 
Virginia. Beihi' the 
same propo i^ y 
actjuirod by SaraW'-e. 
7 Broe* from Mdaor<, 
March 24, ifW^Rb 
raco^dWt In 

', -^ tSTTaffplMt 147 

5' CfsrR^r- Off PC a 

■, afdrooRW. '• ^'i^^^ ' 


TERMSt-'^CBShv VTh* 
succoiafOl bidtf^r wiH«tni 
rogulroB to deposit >10' Mr 
cant ci tho pvrehaao-pnitB 
at, th« ttmb' th«"6ttrt 

prapwiy toknoekid «MAi 
to him, wittrflia botpncf to 
be patd wlthMt ton-'^IO^ 
doys. ■ '^' 


117 W ^ 


The Virginia Beach 
Board of Zoning Appeals 
will conduct a special 
Public Hearing on 
Tuesday, March 21, 1972, 
at 5:30 p.m. In the In- 
spection Division office. 
City Hall, Virginia Beach, 
Virginia. The following 
applications will ai^ear 
on the agenda. 

I. R.L. Coakleyrepuests 
e variance of 30 feet trom 
required 50 feet to 30 feet 
front yard setback and 
variance of 10 feet from 
required 30 feet to 20 feet 
side corner setback of Lot 
20, Tract B, Section 1, 
Sandbridge Beach, 
Sandfiddler Road and 
Bass Street. Princess 
Ahne Borough. 

It. D.A. Sprinkle 
requests a variance of 3 
feet trom required 4 feet 
to 3 feet rear yard setbeck 
Of Lot lis. Larkspur, 
Sectton 4, 4537 Gleneagle 
Drive. Kemps^lle 

III. Andrew S. Fine 
requests a variance of -4 
feet from required 10 feet 
to i feet r9»r yard setbeck 
of Lot 3, Btock 11, Section 
E, Cape Henry Syndicate, 
4I10A Ocean Avenue. 
Lynnhaven Borough. 

IV. Geoi^e L. Ayers 
requests a variance of 7 
feet from rei^lred 14 yeet 
to 9 feet both side yerd 
setbacks of Let lOSA, 
Thalia Stwres, Crabtree 
Lane. Kempsvllle 

V, Henry C. Shald by M'. 
Larry Blum, Agent, 
requests e verlence of 20 
feet from required M feet 
to 30 feet front yerd set- 
Peck of Lot 12, tract C. 

ctlon 2, Sandbridge 
Beachj 3122 SandfMdier 
Road. Ptmge Borou^. 

VI. Herbert L. Moir 
r^uesta a variance of 

Leijul Not 

22.SQ square ffMF Of sign 

araa Instead of sign area 

on parfW/Bputh side of 

Sandbrtdi# Ropd and 

west sMe of t^eli Creek, 

Sandbridge Road. 

Princess Anne Borough. 




W.t. Towels 





The regular meeting of 
the CeuncMpf the City of 
- VIrglnle Beach will be 
held \i\'^ the Council 
ChombeN of the Ad- 
ministration Building, 
City Hall, Princess Anne 
Stetion, Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, on Monday, 
March 37, 1972,. at 2:00 
P.M. at which time the 
following application will 
be heard: 

1. Application Of the City 
of Virginia Beach, Public 
Utilities pivVsion, for a 
USE PERf^lT to con- 
struct a lumping station 
on certain property 
beginning et a point 400 
feet more of less North 
Linier Drive on the North- 
west corner of Win wood 
Drive. Set(^' parcel Is 40 
feet by 4e;feot. (LInller 

2. Application of 
Carolanne Farm Civic 
League tor a USE 
PERMIT for a swimming 
pool and community 
center on certain property 
beginning at a point 198.65 
feet West of Voder Lane 
end 351.91 feet North of 
■Parliament Drive, ,run- 
ning a distance of 216.83 
f4et along the Southern 
property line, running a 
distance of 445 feet along 
the Westorn property line 
and running a distance of 
308.18 feet along the 
Northern property line 
(Norfolk and Southern 
Railway Right of Way) 
and running a distance of 
445 feet along the Eastern 
property line. Said percel 
contains 2.12 acres. 
(Carolanne Farms Area).., 
KEMPSVil^LB '^\''-' 
BOROUGH. ; , . imir'"' 

Richerd J.Webbon 

3-9,14, 3T ^"^^'":'' 


MARCH, 1972 




S wfwwirit i ' i^ "' 

Is to effect partition 
among the owners by sale 
or otherwise of real 
property in the City of 
Virginia Beech, Virginia, 
designated as Lots 6, 7, S 
and 9, Plat of sub-division 
of property owned by CM. 
Hodgman made by C.P. 
Petrle, Civil Engineer, 
end recorded In the 
Clerk's Office of tho 
Circuit court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia. 
In Map Book 4, Page 2S2, 
of which Andrew Mayo 
died seized and possassad. 

An affidavit haying 
been madoahd filed Ihft 
VIrglnIi Mayo Is not a 
resMant of this state, and 
that Malvin Mayo, If he bo 
living, Is not a resident of 
this state, and the Bill 
stating that there are or 
may be persons Interested 
In tho subject to be divided 
whose names are 
unknown and making 
them parties defondont by 
the general description 
"parnas unknown", an 
affidavit having baan^ filed 
that they Sra imknown, 
such unknown parties 
being heivs of the 
decedent, Andrew Mayo. 

the saicT Defendants, 
namely, Virginia Mayo 
and Melvin Mayo, if he be 
living and the said oersons 
mode Defendants by the 
general descrl|(tlon of 
"parties unknown" do 
appear within ten (10) 
days after due publication 
of this Order and do what 
is necessary to protect 
their Interests. It .is fur- 
ther ordered that the 
toregoing portion 'of this 
Order be published once a 
week for four succmsIvo 
weeks 'In the Virginia 
Beach Sun, a newspaper 
published In me City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

A Copy Teste: 

John V. Fentress, Clerk 

By J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 




1100 Virginia National 

Bank BIdg. 

Norfolk, Virginia 

I ask lor thiet — 
John Y. Peersm 



Pursuent to the firms of 
certain deereiai - orders 
entered in tho Circuit 
Court of thd City of 
VIrglnle Beech, VIrglnle, 
on Februery 17, 1972, In 
the Chancery ceuse of the 
City of VIrglnle Beach vs. 
"Mrs. M.S. Blend," end 
her hwsbaiM, R any then 
be. Whose nemo is 
unknown^ . Beetrlce 
Colbert, end her husband. 
If any thw be, wtioee 
nemo to unimewn; and If 
any of the 'Mai^sald 
defendenft be dead«? their 
survlvif^ Mm^to, If any 
mere M, meir heirsat- 
law, next of kin, devleoM, 
legetees, personal 

representatives, ass- 
ignees, transferees, 
and lien creditors, and 
lieu creditors of any heirs 
or devisees, all of whose 
namjs are unknown and 
whOKO post office ad- 
dresses are unknown 
any persons having an 
Interest In the sub|ect 
matter of this suit, whose 
names art unknown, and 
.whose post office ad- 
dresses are unknown; an 
of whom are made parties 
to this proceeding by the 
general description of 
"Parties Unknown," the 
undersigned Special 
Commissioner will offer 
for wie at public auction 
at ttie front door of the 
Courthouse of the Circuit 
Court Of the City of 
Virginia Beach, VlFgtnla, 
City Hall, on March 20, 
! 1978, at Nine o'clock, the 
following real property, 
located In the City of 
Virginia Beech, Virginia, 

'All those certain lots, 
^ pieces of parcels of 
land, situated, lying 
and being in * the 
Bayslde Borough of the 
City of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia and known, 
numbered and 
designated as Lots 
Thirty-One (31) and 
Thirty-Two (32), In 
Block Six (6) on that 
certain plat entitled 
Property of Follansbee 
Land Development Co. 
Scale: 1" equals 100' 
MAY 1905 E.C. 
FOREMAN, C.E." and 
recorded In the Clerk's 
0»fft*i:«f. the Circuit 
Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, in Map Book 
3, at Page 27, reference 
to which Is herby made 
for more particular 
description thereof; 
and being the same 
property which was 
conveyed to Mrs. M.S. 
Bland by deed from 
James T. and Avery V. 
Nottingham, husband 
and wife, dated August 
1, 1905, which deed Is 
recorded In sold Clerk's 
, . Off Ice In pofd Book 77, 
.-'■ppge'S. "--■-- 
^AM Also*: '-■^ '!-■** -■■• 
All thet certain lot, piece 
or parcel of land, 
situate, lying end being 
In the Bayslde Borough 
of the City of Virginia 
Beach, Virginia and - 
known, numbered and 
designated as Lot 
Sixteen (16), In Block 
Six (4) on that certain 
. plat entitled "MAP OP 
GARDENS, property of 
Follonsbee Land 
Development Co, 
SCALE: 1" equals 100', 
IfiftY *905, E.C. 
POREMAN, C,E,"and 
recorded In the Clerk's 
Office of the Circuit 
Court of the City of 
VIrginio Beach, 
Virginia, in Map Book 
3, at Page 27, reference 
to whiph Is hereby 
made for a more 
portlcuair description 
thereof, and being the 
same property which 
was conveyed to 
Beatrice Colbert by 
deed from JOmes T. 
and Avery V. Not- 
tingham, husband and 
wife, dated August 1, 

The undersigned Is 
oumorlzed authorized by 
the aforesaid dKroos to 
offer the aforesaid 
property for sale. 

This property will bo 
soM froo from liens or 
oncumbroncn. TERMS: 
Cash. All sales are sub lact 
to (jconflrmotion by the 

Purchaser or Pur- 
chasers will be required to 
deposit twenty percent 
(20 por cent) of tho bid 
price at the time of sale 
and fo conaummate the 
purchase within ten (lO) 
days after the sale Is 
approved by the Court. 
Bruce B. Mills 
Special Commissioner 

I certify thet the bond 
required by the decree 
heretotore intered on the 
7th day of March, 1972, 
has been given by the 
Special Commissioner. 

City Attorney's Office 
Princess Anne Stetion 
VIrglnle Beach, Virginia 

DAY OF MARCH, 1972. 

Chy NO. 14040-4 
Infant, Age 14 


The object of this 
metter Is to allow 
Petitioners, ROBERT 
ed<9t the infant DEBRA 
ANN AYERS, an Infant, 
age 14 to be known as 

And a verified Petition 
Deving been filed that the 
naturdl father, HER- 
AYERS, JR., M a nwi- 
resident or the Com- 
monwealth of Virginia 
Mid his last known ad- 

dress wes 15243 East 
Cotonlal Drive, Orlando.. 
Florida 32S07,and MlAhls 
consent tor adopNoN ^Is 
being withheld contrary to 
the best Intoroot of the 
Intent pursuanT to tKe 
Laws of the Com- 
monwealth; ^ ..^ . 
AYERS, JR., do appear 
within 10 days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his InterOst In this 
ceuse and It Is further 
ordered that a copy Of the 
verified petition be mailed 
by the "Clerk of this Court 
to Mr. Herbert Goodwin 
Ayers, Jr., 15243 East 
Cotonlal Drive, Orlando, 
Florida 32807. 
John V. Fenh'oss: Clerk 
By J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
I ask for this: 
Garland M. Lsyton 
Attorney tor Petitioners 
1510 Pleesure House Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach on 
the 29th day of Febfuary. 

Gerald D. Whalton, 

Mary Lorraine Whealton. 


The obiect of this suit Is 
to obtein a divorce e 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant, upon 
the grounds of desertion 
and separation tor more 
man two years. 

And an affidavit having 
been made end filed that 
diligence hes been used by 
or on behelf of the plaintiff 
to ascertain in what 
county or corporation 
such detondant Is, without 
effect, the said defendant 
may be a non-resMont of 
the State of Virginia, the 
last known post office 
address being: 1429 :^ 
Hedgerow Dr., Virginia . 
Beech, Virginia. 

It Is ordered mot slto do- 
eppear hero' withins tbri' 
(10) deys offer duo i 
pubticetlon hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect her interest In this 
suit. i-^ 

A copy— Teste: ~ 

Sandra Hargrove D. Clel k ^ 
Harry J. Hicks 
S34 Independence Blvi. 
P.O. BOX 424S4 
VIrginio Beech, VA 33442 




in the Clerk's ONIce of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of VIrginio Booch, on 
the 4th day of March, 1972. 
Carle Rehnbaek Oar- 
nhousor, Plolntlff, 

Thomas E. Gemheuser, 


The Object Of this svlf 10 
for the said plaintiff to 
obtain a divorce a menso 
et there from the sold 
defondont. upon '^tho 
grounds of dosortton. 

And on offMavIt having 
been mode ond filed thot 
the defondont Is not 
rosWont of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post off Ice oddross being : 
S39 Whitlock street. 
Toledo, Ohio 

It Is ordered that ha do 
appfar hero within 10 
(ten) days after due 
publication herOof, and d# 
what may be nocoaaary to 
protect his Interest In this 

A copy— Teste: 

Phyllis N. Styron, Deputy 

Mrs. A.J. Canada, Jr. 

4334 Virginia Beach Blvd., 
Virginia Booch, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of 
me Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 6tli day of March. 1972. 
Costley L. MIrchell, 

Pearl v. Raid MIrchell, 

The object of mis suit Is 
to obtain a divorce e 
vincute meh-lmonil from 
the said defendant upon 
the grounds of 2 yt»r 

And an affidavit having 
been made and flie^ thet 
the defondont Is a non- 
resWent of the Stato ot 
VIrglnle, the last known 
post office address being • 
Bronx, New York, New' 

It N ordered thet she do 
wpeer her^t wimin ten 
(10) days after due 
publlcatton hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect her Intorest In mis 

A copy— Teste: 


J. Curtis Fruit, DoButv 

Clerk /^ ^ 

Victor J. Astw Atty. 

702 Plaza One Eest 

Norfolk, VIrglnle 




wi^P!i«a.JMmjti,jjiM^ ' 


rHU ftSPAY, MA RCH 16. 1972 



PAGE 11 

ll-Stars YMCA Faces Opposition 

In Rezoning At Bayside 

(«^--Mi«f» H orMit/ 

(ContiniMd from Pa|^ 8) 



IgrARS: James Cidp, Bailey 

[Cwidrey, Ceddy Holland, Ron 

DdDuca, KeiOi Hebert, and 

Tony Pe^, from the Iron 

iDtdces; I^rk Williamson, Scott 

Hayes, Mike Rhodes, Billy 

Donovan, and Dicky Glass from 

I die Barms. Kenneth C(»-nick, 

Tomnay Bidwp, Matt Adams, 

and Doug Edgo'ton from the 


Bill Shears, Larry Cason, Steve 
Sawyer, David Stafford, Jimmy 
Hewett, Colgate Solmnon, Craig 
Bemick, Tom J(^nston, Teddy 
Bacalb, Ricky llMnnas, Mark 
Christian, Mike Harmon, Mark 
Howerin, Bill Turley, and Brain 
Kason from the Larkspur 
Larks, the only team in the 
Larkspur area. Coaches were 
Lyrai Gaskings and Doug Hugo, 
diampionship Game 
Cooke 71, Tlialia 47 

Consdation Game 
Kii«s Grant 60, Plaza 57 

Preliminary Games 
Raza 77, Arrowhead 32 
Plaza 63, Linkhom 47 
Thalia 62, Woodstock 37 
Kings Grant 71, Bayside- 
nuiroaghgood 41 
Cooke 66, Laricspur S4 
llialia 49, Plaza 39 
Cooke 56, Kings Grant 37 

Exhibit Opens 

Members of the Chesapeake 
Bay Art Association are 
presently exhibiting original 
work« 4 the College Park 
Village Gallery. 

The exhibit indudes oils, 
watercolor, scidptio'e, acrylic, 
and grai^c works. The gallery 
is open to the public daily from 
11 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is located at 
the intersection of Provid«ice 
aftd Indian Rivor roads. 

The Youi« Men's Oiristian 
Association of Nwfolk and 
Virginia Beadi went before Uie 
City Planning Commissitm 
Tuesday to get tiieb* property at 
Baylake Beach renmed tnm 
R^kloice Duptex to Multiple 
Family Resklaoce. They were 
met with stiff opposition from 
the Baylake Pines Civic 

The Baylake Pines Civic 
League set fm-th a time-worn 
plea much reminiscent of the 
past effwtB dreeklence in 
Chesapean Colony and 
Thoroughgood. All three 
groups, when faced witti a 
commercial .or apartment 
complex adjacent to their area 
fou^t wilfa much v^or in op- 
position to all plans set forth 1^ 
the developers. In eadi case the 
developer insisted that the 
|H-operty had to be put to some 
use, but the resUoits fought 
steadfastly against aU plans. 

In the YMCA-Baylake Pines 
fight Tuesday, the devek>per 
had a use potnit for duplexes 
but tried to get the prqwrty 
rezoned for a Mgh-rise con- 
dbmoniam comidex, with tt» 
apartments selling between 
$3S,000 and $60^. The YMCA 
spokesman argued that' the 
high-rise plan would retain Uie 
naturalness of the area, 
whereas the approximately 
fifty duplexes woukl necessitate 
leveling the property and 
destroying most trees. 

It appeared that die Baylake 
Pines resklents wanted the area 
left as a natural paric-like area, 
which the devetopers sdd was 
impossible. No opposition came 
ft-om die Ocean Park resklrats 
on the odier skle of the prtqwsed 
development. The Planning 
Commission gave the devdoper 
a 30-day deferral to attempt to 
w<n1[ out a suitable plan with 
dw Baylake Pines resftients. 

The otho- major piece of 
acticm was the deferral for 30 
days of the application of 
Pembroke Meadows Aaaodates 
for a use permit to build 360 
apartments at die Southeast 
corner of North Witchduck 

Road and OH Donation Road. 
The pared was part of the (Hd 
Donation Fttin »i. one time. Itie 
d^erral was granted to aQow 
the d«vekip«r to woric out the 
dUference between the original 
appUeatfon fa* 318 uidti tnd 
Tuesday's requNt for S0O.» 

A use permit was granted to 
Acquisition, Inc., to oonalru^ 
120 motd efficiency apartments 
on die North sUe of Shore Drive 
at DuPont Circle. Ryan 
Acadony ret^ved die group's 
Uening and a use pirmi to 
coMtruct a private high sdiod 
on the Nordieast eoriMr of 
Indian River Road and 
ThompUns Lane. 

A use permit was also 
granted to Murphy's Ememkl 
Ide Motd fnra five st«y nootd 
addition at die Northeast comer 
of tenth Street and Pacific 
Avenue. A use permit wu 
granted for Sears and Roebudt 
Compaqy to construct a tire, 
battoy, and accessory servke 
and sales outlet on LasUn Road 
near First Coloidd Road. 

An application of Martus. 
taic., fmr a use permit for a non- 
profitdnig rdiabilitation center 
on the Nordieast comer of 
Louise Avenue and Indiana 
Avemie was denied. 


(Continued from Pigt J) 

mediatdy to com|dete the land 
use plan and the master zoning 
ordinance to get a com- 
prehendve develo|Mn«it plan 
for Virginia Beadi. 

"Tliis is coming to fndtation 
now. I diidt diaries Carrington 
is very successful in trying to 
develop the plans and in sedi^ 
Uiat the plans are being carried 

"We have a young erai- 
munity, prdwbly one d the 
youngest in die country in torms 
d per ca|Hto age. I ditak our 
City government diould reflect 

Xrash Program' Launched 
To Cure Rudee Inlet Hws! 

iMMgiiuuNis aerno 

mpstms THE rae^MQsr 
imticmsmiosimmiSf m 
TUL mimosa TOR m«us 

A crash program, utilizing 
city owned equipm«it and that 
d die Virginia Be^ch Erosion 
Commission, has been launched 
to open die Rudee Inlet channel 
and replenish sand along the 
resort strip beach of the 
Atlantic Ocean. 

The move resulted from a 
joint discussion of these issues 
last FYiday by City Manager 
Roger Scott; members of City 
Council; Community Services 
Department Director WW. 
Fleming, Jr.; and represen- 
tatives d die Erosicm Com- 
mtosion and Army Coi^ d 

Tlie program involves an 
around the clock, 24 hours daily 
seven-days-a-week, operation of 
the city-owned dred^ and two 
dredges from the Erosion 
Commission. The operation 
{daces the City's i2-inch dredge 
in Rudee Inlet to pump «and 

This'iii^od d handling the 
situation was decided uptm 
foUowing a discussion d the 
possibility of contracting a 
comm«-cial dredge to cope with 
die Rudee problem. 

City Manager Roger Scott 
pointed out this move would 
cost approximately 1^200,00. He 
added that while half Uiis coet 
would be covered under a 
federal subsidy, "We (tiie city)' 
just haven't got $100,000 now to 
put into diis, even on a 50-50 

Another factor which con- 
^cemed Council was die length d 
time required in completing 
requirements to place a com- 
mercial dredge in the Inlet, 
when the situations at die bilet 
uid along the beach require 
immediate attention. 

In approving die program. 
Council stipulated the operation 
would be continued for 30-dBys, 

M^cfKCfm f9fXoa to m^kst om sermanys *wim ri\^ 

Coalition ^^^^"^ ^ ^ '^ 

from the sandtrap and adja(!Mr and if it proved unsuccessful 

spoke Monday d^ «wre Andy 
Barr (Priaeefs Anne), Jtriin 
Baum (Blackwater), John 
Hdland (at-large), Cecily 

MacDonald (at-large). Civttt 
Payne (Princesi Anne), 
Qus Riganto (at-large), Betty 

Roraidus (at-large), Jdin 
SeinMur (at^rge), and Ben 
Wrotem (Virginia Beach 

^; As eadi candkiate filed for 
^0ty Coincfl, he was sot an 
ll^nduetocy letter and an fair 
1«p^ to appear the V8-lst. 
,!ttni$ ate responded were 

tavlted to qieak bttnt the 
organization and to have an in- 
df^Ul inttfview widi die VB-lst 
candkiates' committee. 

After all this, the First 
CbaUtkin plans to select wiiat 
di^ fed are the five best 
qoidified candidates and dwn 
woit in an organized campaign 
to get them elected. 

A meeting to hear the rest d 
die cwdkiateB «4io reqxmded is 
planned fd* Mardi 29th at 
nantwood Ehmentary Schod 
at 8 p.ra.lte imeting to sdect 
the five cvi^datee is scheduled 
for April 3rd. 

sandbar mto the beach to clear 
die Idet channel; utilizes an 
Erosion Commission 8-inch 
dredge as a "back-up unit" to 
gather the sand which may be- 
paM tte sandtrap and pump 
same onto die beach; and 
continues use d Uie Com- 
mission's 12-inch dredge in 
Owl's Creek for additional 
beach replenishment. 

Council approved an 
emergency appropriation of 
$17,000 to cover the Cmt d 
rdocating the City's dredge to 
Rudee Inlet from the previous 
Lynnhaven River operation, as 
well as expenses d operating 
die dredge in the Inlet for a 
period of 30 days. 

stronger conskleration wodd be 
given to cmitractit^ a com- 
mercial dredge to handle the 
Inlet operation. 

When the program was 
motioned for voting Mayor 
Donald H. Rhodes Councibn«i 
Robert H. CalUs, F. Reid Ervin, 
Murray D. Malbon, J. Curtis 
Payiie, Frank A. Dusch and 
George R. FerreU were still in 

Callis cast die ody negative 
vote against die proposal saying 
he fdt, "...die City shodd go 
into a contract widi a com- 
mercial cb^dge now." 

Ervin conditimied his ap- 
proval by proposing the 
(OmiQunity ServicM Depart- 
ment mamtoin observance d 

the activities progress ai^ 
report back to Council at ttie 
end d SO di^s on the proHwt'r 
succen,^9Pd prqiare necessary 
material to ccmtract a omb- 
mercial dredte at that ti^m te 
die event die current ^iigran 
is unsuccessfd. 

CoutKil pdnted to the above 
program bdng d vdue onty to 
dw soutii^iimost portton d tte 
Atlantic beach at the resort 
stirip. The mvrity at (^mditieiBs 
elsewhere akng the b^ch wwe 
dted by Fcrrdl. He pdnted to 
possible damage to die board- 
walk having occurred abvady 
from heavy tidal action 
resulting frcnn the erosion d 
beach sand removing the 
normal buffer to tkles. 

Fleming said there was a 
surplus d sand in die Lynn^ 
haven area, and because of ito 
being a heavier type sand irauM 
be b«iefieial in aiding the beach 
orosion condition, bd added, 
"The problem is how to gd diat 
sand at Lyndiaven to the 

He pdnted r to tlw lack d 
suf ftetent dty-owned equipmeitf 
fcMT a full time prt^ram d 
"tivck-haulii«" die sand to the 
beach, and recommended 
consideration of privately 
conb-aeting Uds operation on a 
"pUet biisi.*'; 

During Monday's r^ular 
session ^Council instructed 
Fleming to prepare a cost 
proposal in sudi a "trudk^iaul" 
operation and present to 
C^iual, as wdl %» j^iatim' 
mediate action ^ have eem- 
mercial dredge available if the 
present operation is un- 

1(!MCA Omfines 

'the Norfdk YMCA an- 
nodwefito intent to parddpate 
ii^ tbeigrou^ international 
program ^^HKdHiiled by the 
idtemadMial StdMftServiee. a 
t^ ot the YMCA's In- 
Youtt laternatioifal ia a 

family visit and educattcmal 
travd intigram designed to b^ 
teenagers learo more about 
another culture by living 
abroad for a m<mtl»-^or by 
hosting a teenagor from anodier 

Commission To Haul Sand 

Leqai Notices ■* Legal 


In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 3rd day of March, 1972. 
Pauline C. Gautier, ' 

AAelvin T. Gautier, 


The obiect Of this Mills 
for the said plaintiff to 
obtain a divorce a vinculo 
matrimonii from the said 
defendant, upon . the 
grounds of separation for 
over a period of two (3) 
years without resumption 
of cohabitation. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant Is not a 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office address being: 
Boy 644, Hartford, 

It Is ordered that he do 
aptaar here within 10) 
(ten) dayi after 'due 
publication hereof, and do 
whq/ may be necessary to 
protect his Interest in this 

PMII* N. Styron, Deputy 

Mr. Fred W. Richter, 
610 Law Building 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 


In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 16th day of February, 

Ronald Lee Worlds, 

Helen E. Ownes Worlds, 


Thaoblectof thissultis 
to Obtain a divorce a 
vlncijlo matrimonii from 
the Mid defendant, upon 
m» t'rbwids of that the 
parMaS have lived 
' separate and apart 
wi^out any cohabitation 
and wlth«Hit interruption 
tor two years pursuant fo 
Section 20-91 (9), Code of 
Virginia 1950 as 


And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant Is not a 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office addreu beli« : 
572 Eager Ave, New York 
City, New York. -- 

It is ordered that she do 
appMr here witttin (10) 
ten days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect har interest In this 

A COW— Testa: 

Hargrove, D. 


Robert Lee Simpson 
3500 Virginia^staech Blvd. 
Virginia Beiich, VA 23452 


THE 10th DAY OF 
MARCH, 1972. 
/ Chy. No. 15S90 
MIchaar L. Childress 






The object of the above 


this Order be published 
onca a waak for four 
succasslva waaks in the 
Virginia Beach Sun, a 
newspaper published in 
the City of Virginia Beach, 

By Phyllis N. Styron 
Deputy Clerk 
Carl S. Markowitz, p.q. 
James and Censolvo 
1512 E. Little Creak Rd. 
Norfolk, Virginia 

T. J. Amelson, p.q. 
801 Plaza One Bids. 
Norfolk, Virginia 


L eqa! Nn 


In the Clark's Office of 

, te Circuit Court of the City .,„,.„.,„.„, ^, ,„ „„, 

styled suit Is to partition In *»* Virginia Beach, on l^f „ ^^ nagotlota a contract 
one Of the modes as *^,^»y *** ***''?*1:.."''- deamad teba in the bast 

Phillip E. Williams,, iprtarast Of tha City for the 

clalmad. AU of such ac- 
tivltias shall ba pureuad 
by the City and the Con- 
tractor under City or- 
dlnanca No. 244 of 
Nevambar 25, I9M er as 
amended, whicli ia made a 
part o( Ibis sdvartlsamant 
by rafecanca. 

Bids wm ba recdved up 
to 3:09>.M. en March M, 
1972. In the office of 
Purchasing Agant, Room 
352 Administration 
Buiidiia, Municipal 
Canter . : V Irginia Beach, 
Virginia^ for this 
progreie,. at which time 
such bMt will b« publicly 
opened' and read aloud. 
The Citt reserves the 
right fo waive any In- 
iormalltlas in tha bidding, 
and reserves the right te 
the acceptance or 
ralection of any or all bids 

provided by law, those 
certain lots, or parcels of 
land, situated in the City 
of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, described as 
follows : 

"Lots 50, il and' 22, in 
Block 5, on the Plat of 
Chesapeake Park, duly 
of record in the 
aforementioned Clerk's 
office In Map Book 4, 
page 47." 

And It appearing from 
the averments of the Bill 
of Complaint filed herein 
and by Affidavit duly 

First: That the 
following defendants are 
non-residents of this State 
and their last known post 
office addresses •rt as 

Estella Lynn and Robert 

J. Lynn 
Pomona, Los Angeles 

County, California 

Second :Thatsaidnamed 
defendants fn this suit 
may have died leaving 
heirs, devisees or par- 
sonal representatives, and 
if so, the names of said 
heirs, devisees andor 
personal represmtatlves 
are unknown and their 
last known |wst office 
addresses are unknown. 
That there are or may be 
pesons other than those 
named in the Bill of 
Complaint Interested in 
the real estate to be 
disposed of in this suit 
whose names and last 
known post office ad- 
dresses are unknown. 

It Is, theretore, OR- 
DERED that the above 
named persons. If living 
and if dead, their heirs, 
devisees and-or oersonal 
representatives, and If 
married, their respective 
consorts, and all persom 
other than tirase herein 
named, who are'or m^ht 
be interestfd In the real 
estate to be disposed of In 
this suit, whose names are 
unknown, do appear 
within ten days after due 
publication of this notice 
and do what Is necessary to 
protect their irtferests. it 
is further ORDERED that 
the foregoing p«tlon of 



Christina M. Williams, 



The oblact of this suit Is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant upon 
the grounds of two years 
continuous separation. 

And an affMavIt having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is not a 
rasldant of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office address being : 
5900 CerrltM Ave. Long 
Beach, California, 90S05 or 
2479A North School St., 
Honolulu, Hawaii, net 
rasMent of the State of 
Virginia, it is ordered that 
she do appear here within 
(10) ten days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary te 
protect her Interest In this 

A copy— Testo: 

BY: Sandra Hargrove, D. 

Mr. Richard Brydges, 

1369 Laskin Rd. 
Virginia Beach, VA 

3 16,23.30-4-6-4T 




The purpose of this 
invitation to bid is to 
provide the City of viginia 
Beach, Virginia, (City) 
witti the swiCM M a 
reliable independent 
agency (Centiwctor) tor 
wrecking truck pickup of 
motor vehicles sbaiMtoned 
on the sheets and eltier 
premises of the City, 
hauling and storage of 
same, retumlnf same te 
rl^tfol claimants after 
peymwit of due charges 
by claimants to Con- 
tractor, or sales of Mch 
Icicles by ttie Confractor 
net riglitfully 

performance of this 

Bid forms and more 
pertinent information 
concerning this gregram 
may be obta tried by 
communicating wfth the 
office of Purchasing 

Cheryl Priest Cooper, 


Steven Paul Cooper, 


THe obiect of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinciHe mahrlmonii from 
the said defendant, upon 
the greonds of mere than 
two years' continous 
separation of the parties. 
And an affMavIt having 
been made and fRed that 
the defendant is not a 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
pest df ice address being : 
Grand Island, Nebraska, 
net resident of ttie State of 
Virginia, it to ordered that 
he do appear here within 
ten (10) days aftor due 
publication hereof, end do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his interest in this 

A copy— Testo: JOHN V. 

BY : Sandra Hargrove D. 

* L egn 

Alice Allen Wilson, 



Willie J. Wilson, 



Jeseph L. Lyie, Jr. 
P.O. Box 2341 
Virginia Beach, VA 



Carroll O. Cipugh 
Purchasing Agent 
No. 2313 


Commonwealth of 

in the Clerk's Office ef 
the Circuit Court ef the 
City of Virginia BMCh, on 
the 25th day of Fdiruary, 

James F. Carbarry, 

Carolyn S. Carbarry, 

The obiect Of this suit to 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimMill from 
the said defendant, upon 
Ihe grounds of desertion 
tor a period of time in 
exceu of one (l) year. 

And an affidavit having 
bean made and filed mat 
the defendant is net a 
resident ef M«e Stato of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office address being : 
3319 O'Hara Dr., Macon, 
Georgia 31206, not a 
resident of the Stato of 
virgmia, it is ordered that 
site do appear here within 
ten (10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect her interest in this 

A Copy Teste JOHN V. 

BY : Sandra Hargrove D. 

Frederick B. Lowe 
Suite 404 JMeitov Towers 
3N0 Virglnle Belch Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, Va. 334n 


in the Clerk's Office of 
the areuit Court of th# 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 16tti day of February, 

Sylvia Simmons Wilson, 

Gordon W. Wilson, 


I ne oBiect of to is suit is 
to obtain a divorce a 
mensa at there to be later 
mer^ieil wPRn. proper 
apfticatien nw Wdrvwce 
a vincvllo, from the said 
defendant, upon the 
grounds ef desertton. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed thet 
the defendant Is not a 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post efftee aMroM being :' 
501 Fletcher Place, Rock- 
villa, Maryland. 

It Is ordered mat he do 
appear here within ten 
(10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necMsary te 
protect his Interest In this 




Hargrove, o. 



com m on w eaith 

in the Om'kt Office ef 
the Circuit Ceort d «» 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
Hm 2»h day d F^rwary, 

Cromwell, Culverheuse ft 


im inde^denca Blvd. 

P.O. Bex 5533 

Vh^mia Beach, va 334SS 



in Ihe clerks office of 
ibe Circuit tt«rt>«» The 
city d Virginia Beach mi 
the 17 day d Nwember 


Thaeblect of this suit to 
for the said plantiff to 
odtain a divorce a vinculo 
matrlmoni from the said 
defendant, upon the 
grounds of Two Year Rule 

And an affadavit having 
been made and filed thet 
due diligence hes been 
used by or In behalf of the 
plaintiff to asccrtein In 
which county or cor- 
poration the defendant is, 
without effect, the last 
known pest office eddress 
being 416 North Peyton 
St., Alexandria Va. 

It Is ordered that he do 
appear here within 10 
(ten) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his interest in this 

A Copy-<rTesto: 

John V. Fentress, Clerk 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 

Joseph A. Jordan, Jr. 


122S Va. Beach Blvd. 

Norfolk, Virginia 23504 



In the Clerk's OHIce of 
me Circuit Court of me 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 16th day of February, 

Eugene "Spencer, Plain- 

Geneva Spencer, 
Defendant. . 


The object of this suit Is 
to obtain a divorce a 
Whculo matrimonii from 
the said defendent upon 
me grounds of two years 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed mat 
me defendant Is not a 
rasidMt of the Sfato ef 
Virginia, the last known 
post office address being: 
15S0 Fllmore St. Gary, 

It is ordered mat she do 
appear here wimin ten 
(10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect her Interest In this 

A copy— Testo: 



Sandra Hargrove D. Clerk 

Murphy, Bennett ft Gorry 
no Beach Towe^ Bidg. 

n» Pacific Ave. 

Virginia BMch, Virginia 

The Virginia Beach Erosion 
Cmnmission Tuesday voted to 
begin truck-hauling sand from 
die Lynnhaven Inlet area to 
replenish the severely eroded 
resort strip l>eaches. >* 

Hie project will be financed 
by die $75,000 appropriation d 
State funds I to aid mmf^MM 
ifieti^ch >^hicB State' Serial 
A. Joseph Canada managed to 
retoin in die State budget. It is 
understood diis moiey will go 
directly to the Erosion Com- 
mission, with the only 
stipulation it be used for 
emei^ency action to rq[)Ienish 
die beach. 

Hie sand will come from a 
privately owned spoil area 
where it was deposted after 
dredging from the Lynnhaven 
River. It will be distributed 
along the beach nordi of 24th 

Contractor E.V. Williams 
emerged low l»dder in com- 
petive biddit^ for die moving d 
die sand, with a (rice d $2.34 
per cubic yard. Williams was 
chosen after the firm of 
Higgerson and Buchanan was 
permitted to withdraw its bid on 
the grounds d an error in price 
d its sulmiitted bid. 

Commission members voted 
to go ahead with the project 
even thoi^h die State fimds 
may luit be received until late 
July or early August, since the 
funds are contoined in die 1972- 
73 fiscal budget. 

C(mtract bids were liased m 
die hauling d ^,000 cubic yards 
of sand which based . on 
Williams' bid would cost 
$46,800. However, the Com- 
mission is cmsiderii^ hauling 
30,000 cubic yards which equals 
a cost d $70,^0. 

At Uie present time die 
Commission has $23,400 on 
hand, which wodd cover half 

die financing cost bsoed on use 
d 20,000 cubic yards of smd. 
However if the project involves 
30,000 cubic yards d sand the 
balance would total $46,800. The 
Commission discussed means d 
financing the outstanding 
ImlaiKe undl the recdpt d 
State funds to fadlitote repair 
d the beach in light d ap-' 
preaching tourist season. 

The [H-oposal d borrowing the 
balance from the aty was 
discussed widi City Manager 
Roger Scott, MayiH* Donald H. 
Rhodes, Councilman F. Rdd 
Ervin, ami Oammunity Services 
DirectOT W. W. FTemii«, Jr., 
who were {Nresoit at Tuestfaiy 's 

An alternative proposal waa 
to request an advance from this 
Army Corps of Engineers 
against functe appropriated the 
Cmimission annually i^ the 
fedo'al govonment for [nrojecto 
d tills type. This appropriation, 
like stote funds, is made on a 
fiscal year basis. 

Tom Lyms, Scott Sterling and 
George Davis, representing the 

dredge at Rudee told was the 
most economical means at 
repl«iisMng the beach. Tlwy 
also questioned die commission 
as to what action is being taken 
to repahr the overall bea^ 
defideocy, estimated in esseen 
d KO,0()D cubic yards d sand, 
^^t received no concreta an- 
* swer from ta» Commfaolaa. 

City dflcials attending the 
meeting said they would 
IM'esent the proposd to borrow 
required funds from die City 
during next Monday's CouncU 

Commissioner Robert M. 
Kurnlss, Jr., motioned the 
Commission negotiate* with 
Williams to haul 30,000 cubic 
yards d sand from Lynnhaven, 
but contract tar ^,000 cubic 
yards if iieessary, and fw- 
mally re(]QeSt the C3ty to loan 
the outstanding finances udll 
receipt d SttAe funds. 

RieMfr Short, eommlirioa 
vice chairman, raised the 
question d whether. toe cnn- 
mission's:;(Aarter will porndt 
entering into a loan. IMs 

Innkeepers Association, at- question will be answN^ at a 
tended die meeting to offer futore me«Mi|. 

financial assistonce from the 
associatim to rqiiair the beach. 
They pointed out, however, the 
association felt tiie use d a 

Signing of Che contract with 
E.V. WiUiams has been delayed 
to allow Council consideration 
d funding die pro-am. 

Speaking of Your Heal... 

Lnt9r t. Cof«fiian, M.O. 

At 7 Sim Ha9 an Utoer 

Snyder Wins 
Sales Honor 

John P. (Jack) Snyder, 
Virgtoia Beach, local agent for 
die Allstate Insurance Com- 
panies, has received a special 
commendatory award for 
oulston^g sales achievement 
dunng a recent sales program 
saluting Allstate's Chairman 
and Cluef Executive Officer 
Judson B. aranch. 

Snyder's sales ranked him 
witti the leadere among more 
ttian 8.0W Allstate agents 
Uiroughout die United Stetes 
and Canada. 

"Outstandii* aclaev«m«it, 
siKh M Snyder's, in wimAag 

ttiis sales honor, is > matter or ^ ^ ,^^ ^ ^_ 

pride to die entire sales force m j^^j, p^ ^^ ^^ ^^OBS 
te Roanoke Regional Office, ny,^, u o^wrlook^ beemso a 
laM W.N. WOkiis, R^mal "chronic wwi^lnw^ la da- 
Associate Vice President, prived d his ri^ to expraes 
"Efforts aich as his and dher real or even fttdftd distreB. 
mnts honored in diis sales It Ukes treat li^ to r«^ 
Sr-m have pUyed a Ury ^Ji^d^^ ^ 

standi growdi. ar^lgM vidita tte 

Snyder has hew an AUstote ^ ^^^^^ ^^ nieet 
•gent dnce itSI. §•!*•• Ib altti* d phyA^ 

Our 7-year-eM dMghter has 
be«i ceaqMaiataif d pain to ho- 
abdemea for aliMd a year. We 
thMfht she WM o^f this as 
an ezcMe at sobm nd. Naw 
we have beea tdd oSk dw hm 
a stMsach nfctf . Who ever 
heard d aa vieet to saeh a 
yoBBg child? 

Mrs. 0. R., New Hex. 
Dear Mrs. R.: 

More and more doctors arc 
making and confirming the 
diagnods d peptic. ulcers in 
young children. This con^tton, 
once thoui^t to be the lurivate 
property of adults, is l>eing rec- 
ognised far more frequently. 

Tliere is a very dose rdation- 
diip between the iMiyd^ umI 
the emotiond aspects d ulcMrs 
in all age grouin. In children, 
emotional stress, behavior larob- 
lems, and physical symptoms go 
hand in hand u th^ do to 

Another part d jnMir lett«' 
interests me espedally. You to- 
timate that your chUd's com- 
plaints were considered to be 
"IMychological" to (Higin rath- 
er than "red"! 

This is an error that must be 
avdded. Eiwrycme is entitled to 



fimUmwMtMt havfag a 

Cm yea toe IM asase d tiMs? 


The bMtadvice I can d«e 
yott to Vbm UMolutdy smraftat 
ev«ry («e d ymir qwsttoas Is 
thwmii^ answefed helen 
you aceei^ this mai<» fena ei 
poraanent deriliiatioa. I say 
"permanaat" beeaase tka 
dimee d flicecsstal^ «delii| 
the vMS^ay iHM^toa ton- 
mote i^Hh^Jnetfaods mm la 


B e msmhsr that a ^rrr imiTtr 
tfaa aeir suy. under i^tm^ 
Bodd dreOBUtaaee^ rhmgs 
Nus^roos bo(^ and BH^Meli 
iMiw been dfldWied Mil art 
availabk to Ithraries sad heek- 
ahopi. tUnwiU 
^itpery, dUMgit to 
ud the oMitoBd toiplfadtoM 
d this ipwodMt ^tedsloB. C^» 
sMw ooefHOr Tear decWsB 
ud dteMs dl aspecto d tt i» 
fere sargaiy, to vnAA ps M ltii 
j^ntal r^rct. 

Wkd k vitaasta I aat «kf Is 
It bctag.tadod aa the WMiw 


\^tiiria I 
it to b e afm^mm fihate 

SfS^ MAMa li « aii^ 
ad wtob Otfida, i^MjM^ 

^tMm aaa^k >i^^r flBK aflfll |L|k«b 
^^^K TC^^M ^^^Hb ■■■ ■H^B iVWa 









The Sun Returns To Normal In New Home 

The Virginia Beach Sun is home at last! 

After months of struggling against adverse 
condititfns in temporary quarters on Pacific 
Avienue, the Sun staff i$ finally settling down in the 
new offices at 1% Rosemont Road. 

The past two wedlcs have not been easy, what 
witti the move, the usual chaos. of getting out a 
newgpaper and the normal demands of operating a 

And, of course, there have been mishaps. The 
teleplwnes have b^n doing strange things and 
calls have not always gone through. The mail 
backed up in one post office when it should have 
been deiiV^rsd out of another station and many 
news items (and, yes, even advertisements) came 
too late for pubHcation. The heater got tem- 

permental and the staff worked in heavy coats until 
the needed part was bused in from Richmond. And 
creativity often gave way to the whirring and 
Wnging of lumbers and carpenters as they put 
the home in order. 

But things are quieter at the Sun now and, with 
the exception of a little paint here and a bit of 
straightening there, the new house is beginning to 
look like a home. 

Like any family in a new home, The Sun staff is 
proud of its new quarters. But the most rewarding 
experience out of the turmoil of the move has been 
the patience, tolerance and understanding of the 
Sun's readers and supporters. 
All of us at the Sun would like to take this ^ 

portunity to say "Thank you... without your Mpwe 
might not have made it!" 

Mmaihg E^tttr Riby Jraa PhUU^ ii dbvlotttly an art 
Aui^ar. ait alto ktUtviN that cdw brightens the 
4^r...J^ tfftot Ii a brilUant orange. 

"Thank heaven for the peace and quiet," Woman'i 
Editor Helen Crist seems to be telling a friend. A true 
animal lover, Helen is obviously a &ioopy fan. 

ITiree On 
Wistto's list 

Hir^ VirginLa B«ich 
rtudutt art auned on Uie fall 
wmmtkm deu's Ihtt at Evan^l 
Ooll««a, Sprhvfldd. Mo. 

Th^ are: Lata Stanton, 
dM^ter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd 
Stantofi, ma Bra^ Road. She is 
a aaakr ph^l^ adueathm 
malor wd has a grade point 

3 of S.6C7 Mit of the 
n Jadcsoo Ififh wdHxd, 

Mao Doi^M ami JonaUian 
a^te, soM of Mr. and Mrs. 
Ibrvia Snyder, Jr., 41? W. 
FtMBtatton Road. Doii^u is a 
jMltrMileGr «A^«id has a 
ftwte point avtnit ot3.M8 out 
ef Hm powttlt 4,». Ho is a 
fnduatt of YcMiama High 
8^ed, 39^ JsMttian is a 
atiriir ina^ri^ta WMory and 
hn a p«dt point aviittgt (rf 4.0. 
Rt it a graduate of WUe C. 
Umd^ High school, 
Yokahama, ftpan. 

Evaagrt is dw national ac- 
erwVtaa foiff-ytar oOltge of 
arts and scteBces oi tha 
Aiamibltes of fk)d Snrdlmtnt 


Navy ^tty Offloer Third 
catta&Mst SchMfman Jr., we 
(^ Mr. and Mrs. Ernest 
S#HfV«i«f BOIPIntyKdis 
Siai, has ri^orted tar duty 
aboard Uie escMl dottroytr 
uqs Vtge, an antt-^kdmiarine 
Wtffare Vessd ionitporttd in 

Nwpoft, R.L 

.!ig ^B»^'^ ■ 

Thlt picture could well be a elassic.both Les Lehigh, editor, hve a smile on their face. Perhaps It's the shocking 
general assignment reporter, and Jay Brumbley. sports •»'"« ™g >" f»e news room that does it! ^ 

Welcome to the Sin. And what could be more welcoming than the radiant 
smile of receptionlst-"Girl Friday" Sue Wartburg? The colorful tem- 
porary sign was graciously supplied by the staff of the architectural firm 
Lastlo. Murrtll and Assoclatei who "live" across the hall. 

Pock 425 Stages Blue & Gold Service 


The auMial Wm and Gold 
Banquet for Paek^ was held 
laat vmk, tA Plasa Etantntary 
ScheoL ^weial guttts wim 
Mrs. Audrey Btariv* Ragtohrar 
irtlh Ttdewattr Counefl widi 
stwatesB ytut of scouth^ 
servloe and her son, Jimmy 
Beariey, an Eagle Scout and ttw 
Raveread Junie Foster, Thalia 
Lynn BapUst Church, who 
eotthided the hivooatiMi and 
■antdictlfln SeOtfTARAMA 
^at^et we awarded fo the 
loiewtng bo^ who s<4d tra or 
aere ikkeis: Jimmy Brown, 
Hif Kruse, BptiUey Orbaa, 
Jetiph Gustaitai Walter Wahl, 
Pari MathMi. John 
Malkowski, Paul DuBois, 
WUwa BkMl, Riekr Germa", 
Joe Rofon. Joey Murphy, 
Itammy Friler, Norman Ktag 

Den 1, BA#" Mountain 
rtdwv^ Us Bev Badge and 
lasistsnt Demer Badp; Tim 
Iteftty received his Bear 
Raigi, one Gold Arraw and towo 
SApct Arrow Points; fyom Deo 
4,||Mv GomNT received Ite 
INi Bad^. one G<dd Arrow 

ami two Silver Arrwv Points; 
.foe Roi^ received his Wolf 
Badge, one Gold Arrow and two 
Silver Arrow Points; Joe 
Rogers received his one year 
pki Merit Cartwr^t received 
me Gold Arrow and two Silver 
Arrow Points, and David 
Mdaln received his Bobcat pin. 
From Den 5, Billy Kruse and 
Joe Gustaitus received tl^ir 
Wolf Badges, Tommy For- 
tRiberry received his Demer 
Badge and Norman King 
recdved an Assistant Denner 
Badge. FlrtHn Dea 6, Tmnmy 
Fuller and Paul DuBois 
received two Silver Arrow 
Poiirts and John Malkow^i 
received ttiree Silver Arrow 
Poii^ and one year pin. FYom 
Den 9, David Ntcoll received his 
Bear Badge, one Gold Arrow 
PoUrt and wie year perfect 
attendance award, and James 
Allen r^^eived a one year 
perfect attendance award. 
Ftom W^jeloe No. 1, David 
Laird reccdved his three year 
pin and Showman Activity 
Badge, Madcie Debord, Jody 
Williams, Steve Boyce and 
Dennis Melahn received 
Showman AcUvity BadgM, 

Doug Nicoll received Ms Artist, 
Scholar, Showman, and 
Sportsman Activity Badges and 
Tim Murphy received his 
Webeloe colon. Adult awards 
for scouting services were gives 
to Jack and PrlsciUa Melahn, 
B^tty Brown and Lois 

Webdios No. 1 preseited a 
puppet diow depicting space 

program complete with 
astrcmauts, space ship blast-off 
and a trip to Pluto. It was 
greatly enjoyed by the scouting 

First Place Award for the 
best Table Centerpiece went to 
WdMlos No. 1, Secomi Place to 
D«i No. 9. 

The door larize wm won by 
Mrs. Lah-d. 



2 E3(» • HAM - SAUSAGE or BACON 

8 *TIL 11 AM. 



NOW Is th« tiiii« 

to M US h«lp you 
iovo. Tax Soviagi this 
yoar havo novor 
boloro boon moro 

KAREN MEADOR avolloblol 
Tax Consultant 



(ocrois from GEX) 

PHONE 497-5691 


Charlotte Histler. CAP Telephone aj^Ua 

^M^B ^ M L;narioiie nuuer, usr i eiepnone opt 

She ¥iDn1 make vou pay 
for your mbkakes. 

H you are making a Long Distance call, you can dial it direct 
yourself and save. 

But what happens if you dial a wrong humber? 

Nothing. Don't worry. • 

Just call the operator right away and tell her what happened. 

She'll make sure you don't get charged for a call you didn't 
want to make. 

So dial it yourself and save.* 

People need to talk to each other. CAP people help. 


*r)itl-d{r*«t rmtn do nnt >|iply Is rutn, emiu-nrd, colltet, pmM-to-pwMn, m4 hstil^Mrt ate w to **&» afearfi^ taMtrtbR- numbw. 






"Brut my fiogtrprinta back . 
: TUi itatMBMi by ]fi«, 
Poro% McABfailw, 7S, ]i in. 
(Iteiriift flf tki oonenn moii tf 
tti la pmoM, tht miatHr 
majority of tbin ml4(UM(|td 
woman, bavi about tha poUea 
reeoida tbatwUl nmaia apttast 
item ba6auaaor tba Rinfo raid 
hat vaair at tha Aragoaa 
}pimm agatet att q( tboaa 
lawtead in tharHd, ottapt tbi 
iMfalon of ttw cantar, ama 
(Vaodaaad in »funlei|Mii Court 
Waibiaaday noraiiig, but tba 

gona Ringo Players' Want Their Fingerprints Back- 

I»*otaat ovar tba lam tbat 
iranptad lait Tua^y 'a p^ca 

llMy ara coofmad, primalrQy, 
ovar why Iwwa proublt gama 
pkytaig wbae proeaatto ara luad 
to baa^t tiw c(»amurity. 

Mbi, Baaaia Uc&wm, ataig 
wttb Mn, EUiott. Mra. 
McAlUatar and * numbwr of 
(^ara, polatad out tbat, 
ta'oiiically^ Mm «»0 had bam 
doaatadl^ ttw oMAar to a fund 
for ttia witova o^ (SS'opt^oamaB, 
(TMi donatton, howa\wr, wai 
mate prior to Attwnay Ganmtl 

woman bava no Intantlom of ^VdrowMUlar'a ruling laatyaar 
Ittting tha matter drap. ^— 

Tliay wara arraatod. Hiay 
Wtn takan to Jail. Ttiay wait 
precaaaad and ftngarprbitad - 
"I filt Uka a c(HBBidn 
criminal," aaid Mia. Jamaa D. 
Jaequaa of ttlaaNr Wwda ~ 
and tbay atrufglad igalnat 
lagalitlaa until lOiaatima after 4 
im. Wadnaiday bafofa tbay 
wen fraa dtiMaa again. 
>^ thawikaef tta ehaaa of tba 
(•id, Aa wancn aarai to bava 
ttkm on a datarayaattoB to (1) 
aboliab ttia p^tea rac<8'da 
agataiat than and (S) aat about 
corraetlntlavi which praMUt 
(ha play^i oflUngo. BJago, or 
any, gama of chanca, for 
diaritabia onuiaa. 

"I want to try and cbanga 
thaaa kwa," Mra McAQiatar 
fltplainad. "It la ridictdoua to 
dapriva citlnni of tha rigbt to 
anjqr tbonaalvaa. to drag tham 
to Jail, wlMn Oay ara having a 
good tima and contributing to a 
9>od eauaa, too." 

It waa tUa goali apparantly, 
flitt promptad moat of tha 
woman tovohntoar. to appaar in 
court Wadnaaday, oven chough 
diay had baaa advlaad by of- 
ficial adica that tha ebargaa 
wfahl ba diamiiaad. Iliay want 
aa a protert agataut tewa that 
nbjaet dtiaaM to proaactition 
for iriiat th^ bdteva ia innooant 
raereatimi. Tbay formad a 
caravan from tha Arigona 
RaoaattoB Cantar to Oia Court 
llaiiaa and avan prapnad a 
nMy aong, mitton by Mm. 
AM^quaa, firom h« hoqitel bad 
mku9 aha WM awaltia^ aurgary 
Iteaday, tothi tuna of "Ifir Dog 
NMnad Hngo". "It'a ayibolic. 
tei't yau flink," laugbaCMn. 

^tltha fl^l MpOutty 
mn Mop at Kaletef&Mart 

««i;M mtett waAiiit ana of 
ft* ftrfe^>iB% ^0t MM ittt 
waa^iotaf to laehnand'Oa iry 
to eorraei tha hi|Bltta«.^ftaa 
wai'a, in fact, niiBora lldl waali 
tlu^ a oumbar of ttf par* 
Iteipanto would argasisa a 
caravan to (ha Steto Oa|ilol to 

mat auch gamai of chanca 
wara, to fact, i4ototiena of the 

And otbar coiArtoutiona ware 
mantionad: a haart maebim for 
tha G«ldrd Oq^l flf Virginia 
Baacb, aehmlnihipa for 
^udnte at Prinaam Anna High 
Schod aa wall ai four cdlage 
itodanto, a dimttton to a boy 
who baa bacona m invalid for 
Ufa ind, of oouna, froewlaa 
And auppliaa or gifto f w naady 
famlliaa at Chrlatmae and 
Thantttfvtag. A^ thaaa, ac- 
eordtog to tha aunwrtua, ara 
but a fMir of tha centar'a many- 
contributiotui to ttia onnmunity. 

Tha aame ia true of many of 
tba (^ur^aa wMdi oparato 
Ungo gamea aa a maana of 
aiqn>orttog eburch-q;»norad 
duffltiaa. Thaaa diurchM have 
baan warned by police ttwt, if 
cmnplatoto ara made, their 
piayara, too, wQl ba wbjact to 

Ojpmiton_(ai Uie Aragooa 
Rft^aatton Center were 
ni|^6Mp]f warned that they 
wm t^arattng the Tuaaday 
night ringo gamea illegally, 
after coi^atoto by non-|dayen 
promptad an invaitigation. 
Moat of tha participanto, 
bowavar, wara unaware tbat 
tbay wafa braaktog toe law and 
thoaa who dfcl realiie it wai 
illegal fait it waa "ridiculoua". 

Bodb Close To 
VotBTB Apnl 1 

Ibe laat day to ra0at«r to 
vote to the council elactton to ba 
bald May S wiU ba Saturday, 

fha, ofBea of te Ganarel 
Rai^trar at 

rai^itrBra wm ba to to#^aoaa 

Fw totormation ragardii^ 
tha location of aaaiatant 
raglatrara call tiha ganaral 
raiatrar at 477-4flC7. . 

NMrly aft ted ttiat audi gamaa 
ara tanoemt fim, harm no «m 
and bmaflt numy. 

"To tUak that wa lanior 
dtfatana go thvra tor rdnatioB 
wd to enjoy ouradvaa," Mn. 
McAUiit«r aaid. "Diara'a no 
U(|uor, no ndhing, Yat, ttara 
ara people who go lee t^teaa, 
even bottonlwa, dueaa. And 
THAT'S h^l." 

'•Boy, thiy raally got toa dd 
pla thia ttna," aba added. 

Tuaaday, March 14, te not 
likely to ba foi^ettMi by the 
ringo piayara at Aragena 
Racraatloa Cantmr. For moat, it 
wu their fint braah with the 
law. And thabr m«norin ara aa 
vartod aa tha participanta 

A QiantNHr w«ra new to tba 
area Mi were attamttag tor tha 
itaat ^m. One wam had 
arrlvad to Viigtoto BMvdi frmn 
Caltfornto only a ^ir daya 
befora. fntn the arraato wara 
made die r«hiaad to eaB bar 
hudMUid. Sb» WM furh||i wito 
Mm. "IVa bean de«Mg itoinv 
and doaato and impactkfag tve 
dayi," iba told a friend at tha 
jail. "He ladatwl that I gd aat 
todght and aojoy myadf and 
rdax a litUe Ut 8b lame hara 
(toa recrMtion centanT And I 
amTup to JaO! I could UU Mm!" 

Another, mora "worldly", 
vldtor was flab«fbaitad liy the 
raid. "Juat tMnk," the said to 
axupantton, "I run a routotta 
ailed to Laa Vagaa. I take a br^ 
to Vbrgtoto Baadi and toe Ibrat 
dght I'm here I get arrested." 

Needlesa to aay, die ax- 
periance d bdi^ arreatod waa 
boto axdting and b«im>atto. 
Some reacted with taara, othan 
with laughter. A number 
credited Mn. McAllister wito 
pulling tba group together and 
booating their spirits with 
laughtw and good-natured 

"Shu wu ev«rywhere," Mn. 
Jaoquea said, "telling ua to keep 
our spbrite up, and laugMng and 
telUng Jdies." 

"Actually, wa enjoyed our* 
sdves," Mn. McAQistar saM 
this week. "We had a Id d tm." 
She was still toughli^ aboit bar 
atoter calUig her a "JaflMrd" 
and the aliirttod readton aha 
raoaivad when dM tdd bar aoB 
and dautfitar-isMaw dia didn't 
gat hMna uatt dKor 4 a.n. 
Iiacauae dto waa '*in JaS". 
; f*#'iaMi^^«»ii't ,w- 

invairad, aapa^il^ to^lKef a 
raid ttM pravtoua waai an'a 
commwdaliima place whara 
ttM parlteipante wen aer^ 
warned. And ttia wi^ fliagr wtta 
transported to ^a atotlM 

ca«Md aana reaaateaat, "I 
didn*! mind bdng amstad," 
Mn. McKewan aaid, '•but Vm 
wiQT toay took w dowA to p^e 
can and fb^iarprintetf w, I 
ma't (Mak waa right." ihara 
wara scattered complaints 
about the rough rMi to the woman, "a Gar- 
mu girl", raportedly had to 
"have bar tog (bMd" becauae 
dw was thrown about to the 
paddy wagm and another 
woman repdtod^ fatoted. 

Thara bM aJao bean oitfctom 
d tha pnn tor npordiqi that 

School Rezoning 

Will Attect Over 
2,000 School Students 

(Sradaa l-e. lite areu affastad 
1^ Ma brandd- are ranttgwwa 
to flie onrant Weo^todc Sdiool 
»me and include: Homaataad, 
Haven HMghto, Haven Estotas 
and WMlcAwst Landing Road.r 

6. ^mofbr from K«npaviUe^ I 
Elementary to Kemps Un<JUng 
Schod soma St sixth grade 
students from: Homestead, 
Haven ildghts, Havm Estates 
and WMtehurst Landing Road. 
Students from these areas 
currently attend Kempa Lan- 
ding School to sevoith grade. 

7. Tranafer from Kempa 
Unding to WiUtams School 
came 187 sixth and seventh 
gracte atodenta from the College 
Park and Level Green areas. 
Tliaae areas are not contiguous 
to Uw Williams Schod now and 
can beat be described as a 
"satellite area." With the 
completion of the new 
elementary school in the 
CoU^ Park area students 
would attttid the new school. 

8. Transfer from Kempsville 
Meatews Elementary to 
KempaYlDe Elementary School 
some 82 stiMtonta to Grades !•< 
from: Churddll Drive cm-wo 
blodts), Saratoga Ehrive, 
Gulfatream Drive,' Pamlico 
IMve, Locke Lane, Trt^ical 
Drive and Triq^ed Court. 

lUa area is conti^us to the 
current Kempsville Elemen- 
tary Sdiod. 

9. Tnadw from KempavUle 
Maidowa Elem«rtary to Knnps 
Landing School some 12 
duianto to Grade 7 from the 
folfewlng dreeta: Churchill 
Drive (780-800 blocks), 

AlvM^mpmudt tMom jmHafM^ nev^ Mttuuned! 



estibliahed 192S 


WvanWfOT t 

AAttAad aadi IHandiy by tha BhA FiMMof Cerpontion, 136 Rosamont Roa^ 
VftffMi iMd^ Va. 2S4SZ Saoond oliia jiqatnaiMld at V^fftola Baadt, Vliftoto. Mmi- 
bar ef Vlbvinii A«ai Aasodattoa To lutiaiAa or advartisa, phone 4a6-34Sa Sto0ie eqpy 
pdet JO^ 

iuhoar^lioifl Htim: M AMAI ItRVKD IV NOpiEDeLIVERY camuim, 



' IN TNVcnrvoi' VIRGINIA MtArH oMmmu 


(HQNTIIg; .^.^^^.hW I MONTHS 

■f f BAR '»«lU«..Ml».« H II>« H 8k00 I TBAR MMMIfOUMl 

Diwi* PMiai naaiiWMM-Aii man MikKriatient MuaT at a«M tn A<Mn«a,. 

>»tMfl«»M«tltM* ••«••« 


A Dmr Puhtieation D^dieotid to StrvJi^ tht Ptopit of th9 

ByHdwCrtot V 

O^K 2,000 demeitar^ sdiool 
stwfcsto wfll ^ diredly af- 

fodad to 1972^ ^4 satm 

Board deciaien "^UMday to 
change attendaaee sonou 
Schod Supt. E.E. BrIckaU laid 
it was nacaaaary to redraw 
boundariea to more equitd>ly 
distribute dementary atudenta. 

In making the rec- 
comendattona, tha Board triad 
to create as few diangas as 
poadUa to axiattog lonea, and 
to make ttwm aa parmanant aa 

"tt's been our observation 
though," Brickdl aaid, "that 
ddldran ara laaa upaet than 
otoen d duuging of sdiods." 

Iha board noted tbat no 
aacondary school rexoning 
woidd occur at (his time. But it 
might be necaaaary to furniah 
torae pMtaUa unite, aqiecially 
d Flrd Cdonial IBgh School, 
wbna toe atudant atmdlmeot to 
neariy 2,700. 

Uw Attandamse Zonae Report 

1. Tranatar from Alanton 
Elemmtary to Uiddiom Hxk 
Elementary School ap- 
proxhnataty 181 atudrate hrom: 
Laakto ViBage and Eaatwood 
VlUage Apartmanto, Va. Beach 
Blvd. (north dda), Laakto Road 
andHUl^|> Manor, tlwae araaa 
are «ontiia8ua to tha currad 
Unkbom Park SdM»l Zona. 

2. Thmafd' from Brodtwood 
Elamantiry to L^nnhavan 

^ ktary School ap- 
itdy 82 atudAito from : 
D^lp and Ro^ttal 
Mvaf Hiaiia atoaate ara dm* Sata^to Drive, GuHatream 
' io %0 eumnt Lynn- Drhra, IHadtoo Drive, Locke 
SUM and ere 4iift&. Tropin Drive .in. 
to XynflhaViit: fWa ^*urt. 

- 10/ Bttend gradaa served by 
Luaford IQementary l^ Grades 
1-8 withto currad schod cone. 
nUa change affecta aome 147 
dxOi nida dudanto. 

11. 'nvnafar from Lynnhaven 
Etoroantory to ^l^niiera Woods 
Semantory Schod sane 42 
atudnte from Paladto Stred. 
Ihto area ia cod^tuous to the 
currant Wtodaw Woods 
!3«ito»tary Schod area. 
a.lExtond grades served t^ 

(Cbotinuad on Age J2; 


Hm Con^mad CHtix«ia have 
extended the deadline on 
quaatiminaires sent the 38 
council candidates because a 
number d the hopefuls com- 
plained their forms were 
delayed to the mail. Chairman 
John Gravatt add. 

"Wa extended the time to 
order to be fair to all of tba 
candidatea," he sdd. Friday 
noon artll be toe flnal deadline, 
however, and the reaulta, 
cnndate » or not, will be 
puUiahad tmt weak to the 
>1rgtaUa Baadi Sua. 

the police shuttled thoaa 
amated back to their can at 
the cmter to the wee houre. The 
abuttlii^, it aeenv, was done \sy 
the operatwi of tlic eentor, not 
the poUce. And the complatota 
(Uracted toward the police have 
been focuaed primarily on one 
man who anawend toquiriaa 
about how tha women wouM get 
bade to thafr can wito a gruff 

"There waa only one 
policeman, at ttw atation, who 
acted very naaty," Mn. 
McAllister ex|dalned. "We were 
all concerned about how we 
were going to get iMck to our 
can," said Mn. Jacques, "but 
ail he would say js 'that's your 
woMem.' I fdt be codd have 
badi a little mora hetoful. After 

aU. wa wen frifhtenai" "No 
one took ui back," Mn. 
MdCawan aekl. "Ihay tdd la to 
Ond our own way tadi." 

The police, however, came 
undef relatively Uttla fire 
csnaklariag tba dtuatton. Moat 
sympatbtoed with toe 
policeman for having been 
caUad to on the raid in df houn 
and many, despite the rumon 
d rough traatmaati praised the 
courtesy extended toem. 

Mn. Jacques baa suffered 
numerous "altorgy attacka" 
bacaian d the lom conflnmmmt 
to a "amaU, crowded and 
smdcey room'^ but she ia stUl 
quick to dispute many d the 
rumon surroui^tog the han- 
dling of the arraati. 

"Rumon were flying toidc as 

fltoa that dght," aba add. "Bitt 
B»it of tham dsqply wara Ml 
true. Wa wara traatdl 1n 
eoorteously as we ebi^ ba 
under the situatioa and tU| 
amdittcma. Anyone mbo aan 
they wen raiatraated, bro^ 
it on thnns^aa." 

It waa Mn. Jaequaa. to fi^ 
who would have Hkad to go l»i| 
to the police atetloa 1^ 
fdlowing day and dean it « fl# 
tham. "We iaft that ptoea to « 
meaa," aha said. '*Aad a tot d it 
waa daliNrate. Jua) 
childiahaaaa. I wiah I could hara 
pteked up the traah for 
them...but it wm ao tote thd 
night and I'm aura tbay had it 
<tona toe next toondng. I hate 
for them to think that we're all 
like that." 




47th YEAR-NO. 12 


A Brush With Death 
But He Made It Home 


Sf TlwMv atom <loln B. Tttf 
«a xsMroi^BigOQfl JEianaaiRary 
Idtott a|^xlauitaly 128 
litoiiiii nm tba araii d: 
na^a^toN, Ooaan Firk and 

t1ila8|Mtl ara oonttewus to 
the cnrrent IHioroiighgood 

Jfohn B. Day Sdieol wUl 
jralaaaae apace to boose 
atudnito currai^ fiftigmti! to 

■•aw fie waaaaf^w^rtrtp ^^^rtHPa^* vHiMa'Vv 

4. Tramfar from Hdland 
mamantary to Hasa 
SHaMBtanF tppnatauMiy 110 
atodanto mm the foOralag 
atrpato wfaldi ara ooBtiguoua to 
ttia eiRanft Wam fflamaBtorv 
Sdtool lona: QtnXty and 
Ooacbouaa Lima, CoadihouN 
Court, Aahlawa Terrace, 
LampUght Lane (701-717), S. 
l^anbavan Road (728)783), 
Bufasaaa Lane (731-737) and 
Carriage mU Lane (718-740), 
Th^ atudenta ara withto 
walkli^ dUtonca of Plata 

^■pa^Haa^^aaafla# j a^^Mv^avat 

8. Tnmuar tnm Kempsville 
Elementary to Woodstock 
Elementary School a; 
proximately 108 


It ian't newa anymore. 
Coming home from Vietnam is 
rather blase — unless you are 
the one coming home or toe one 
at home waiting. 

For toe fhmfly d Lt. Cmir. 
Richard M. Kreassig, it was 
news, exdting news. KrMssig 
returned to hU Lynnshorea Dr. 
home tost week, aftw a year to 

His wife iHrodaim^ ttia nrws 
by hanging a torge sign on tha 
front porch, "Happlneu is 
h>«lng h6n borne tron Vtot- 


"I was particutorly bq>py in 
this case becauae be was 
to a hdteopter acddmt 
Just before ba came 
backi" noted Elhe Ibeaadg. 

Kraaaa^ was to a heto nMcb 
crashed near DaNang in 
Fabruaiy, laas ttiaa a nmMi 
befora ha was to be roteM 
home. He and tw&, ^ Vm 
crnmenwere ttwoi^enMtb 
Kurrive ttn <eraab tor nM^ 
seven often lost toair Uvea. 

"AB Ptdigd waa a sentob on 
too bead wUeh to aaarly gnaw 

now," sighed bbi lovdy blonde 

Krearaig aw a Itaral indkre 
lidaoe dficdr aWle ovwmhi, 
vpigti^ dgtt nutntha to Saigon 
tnd f our moBaa l» Otltoag. 

Since retordng iMne he hai 
bean attadiad to ttM Ftod 
Underway lMdi« Udf to 
Norfolk whara, "I hope to atoy 
awUto," be dadaraa. 

Itie Kraaaalg'f, who bave- 
baan reaidanta of Virglato 
Beach tor five yean, have tew 
children, Chrlttan, 6, and Kurt, 

Ite ••HlBB- te Ikia eaaa la M. Cndr. ilMiw< Krdwaif , ahffini hart iM hk ^te ma !■ 

fh»ntarthelrLyaaahpriaDr.hema.(Ph0lebyJdiBtgaat«r) r ' 

A 'Refresher Course' In Virginia Beach's Governmental Structure 

la iMa Ul^n alx weeks 
Vfrghte Bei^ voten wiO go to 
the pdla to dect five 

eeuadlniaB, hr»«i4ria, three 
to fill ttie Prineeaa Anna, 
Virgida Beach aid Blaefcwator 
bwiugh aaate. Ifw eiw^pelltioo 
wiU ba raoi^; th«« ara 38 
candldataato tha ruadng, 18 for 
toe tw»«t-]af^ saato. And 
ttiara ara ttaaa tocumbada to 
ttM n«e. 

Vhgiida Beach to 
audi a ia^'#wtag d^, maqr 
d toe velara aA ba ^Itog to 
their ^rat eendbaaatic 
deettoo. Many will be voting, 
avan ttoui^ IhM m pnawara 
a( the dty'a i^atotrative 
atnidura, uMwara 9i tta ism 
ft'raapeiMliftttoB «r (% Coundl 
aa ragvtoled 1^ tfra City 

Aa a prtito aarvira to Ibaae 
new dtixaoB . . . aad aa a 
" eourta to I wf^ f w 

Sun adMBlto tha fiMdng to* 

fonnatfaB Ml dfy 

aa praiiared 1^ Mlaa Am 

by aOaaacD 

Manapf lorai d 

MBS* wO^^M^^wAflB 

enry tern yeara 

Ihaaa gaoanl aledicma tain 
plaoa on the fint l^wadi^ to 
Mi^ to r^ilace tboia eoim- 
dtman irtioaa term expfrea at 
ttM aodof J<aM.' "-'' 

A candidate ruiml^ for City 
(^uncn muat ba a voting 
reMant to ttM atoto for one 
year, to ttM dty for dx monttM, 
and to ttM dtotrid for SO daya. 
Whm a candktote filea to run 
tor a City Omaidl aed, he mud 
atote whattMT 1m hi running at 
lari^ or fimn the borou^ of his 

A councilman receivea 
cooMMuaton d 8400-roontti for 
hia aervicea. The Mayor 
raedvM compenaatton d ^00- 

City Comdl maatinp ara 
open to ttM puUic. No or- 
dUaancM, reaolutions, or 
nrattona, »i laMUy he adopted 

T%e powera d the City 
Ooiadl, gmmri^, ara ^ttm: 

i) to exerdae all powen 
vaaAad to Am dty 

I) to provide fur the 
wgaaixatim, condud aM 
opar^en d aU d^artoBfOto, 
lMrM«a» dlvidma, boaMa, 
Mmmlaaiona, dficM and 
agaDctaa d Am dty. 

3) to craato, dter or abdidi 
dapartmanta, baraaus, 
dvwans, bow&, cnnmi^oM, 
oBkm§ and i^andes, exe^ as 
qM^AcaUy provided to tha 

4) to craato, dtar or abottdi 
and to artpt and raaaaip to 
departmento, all buraaua, 
dvidona, olflna and agandea, 
occqit aa qMcifieally provided 
to ttM contrwy. 

8) to provide for ttM nimiber, 
tittw, qiulitoittoea, poawra, 
dutteaand compmaathm of all 
offiooa and wnployea d the 

8) to irovite for ttM form d 
oattM «Ml ttM anMMsit and 
comUiona d nrety bonda to be 
reqvod of certato dHean «m1 
mat^fym d ttM dty. 

7) to provide for ttM sifl^ 
ndaaton d u^ propoaed w* 
inaaeaa, where re^pdred by 
Stato tow, of ttM dty d an 
•dvtoa7 rdemtoi. 

At ttM &rd BMatiag to July, 
afters gMai^ atoctkm, ttM new 
Gowidl etoda one d ito mem- 
ban to be Mayor mmI om to be 
Vke Itayor. tlMy are etoc^ad 
by a atojarity vote d toe comcU 
to aar« tor two ymei. 

Hm Itayor haa aD toe r^hto 

ami powan d a dty coun- 
dbnan. In addition, ha preddaa 
over maattoga d ttM council, 
ads as hM^ d ttM city 
governmmt for ceremonial 
puntoiee. end has any other 
rt^to or d^ttaa praacribad by 


IIm Vice Mayw preforms the 
duties d ttM Mayor to hU ab- 
asBM or dtoa^^. 

Hm City Owned dao an^^iu 
a Ctty Manager «Ao aarvaa d 
ttM j^aaaura af t&e Cewdl. He 
is At executive and ad- 
miniatrativa bead of toe 
gov e rnme nt. The Oty Mana^r 
appdnto, or ddagatos toe 
power to i^Mtat, aU ofllcen 
and amptoma d ttn dty. The 
Oty Cdndl may nd ^atfera 
wito ttMae a{q>dntmento to any 

There ara four Ad- 
nUdiMi^ve Departmento to 
^ dty govanmaeet: D^Mrt- 
mentof nanea. Department d 
P«aonnd, Department d 
OoMral SarvioM, Departiu^tt 

There are six Operating 
DaptftoMBto: D^MtoMd d 
Ecoaemle Develepmant, 
Di^arttoMt of Iteeraatton, 
IH^UrtaiiMt 9t Community 

Servicea, Dapartmoit of Public 
Safety, D<q»rtment of Social 
Sm'v^, DqiMrtment of Public 

tlM head trf each d ttMae 
departmw^ ia appdnted by the 
Qty Manager and may be 
removed 1^ him at any time. 
Each d Om departmento is 
raqModbto directly to the City 

to addition to ai^nting the 
Gty Manager, Um City Council 
also ai^ids the CSty Attomqr, 
Real Estote Assesaw, Hi^ 
ConatoUe, City aerk, Sdiool 
Board, and Planning Com- 

1^ Schod Board conaiato d 
U membn^ Ijpfdded by the 
Qty Council, one tnm Mdi d 
toe boroi^ ami tour d laii^, 
for da^red terms d ttuwe 
yetfs. Tim S<^»1 Board ap- 
poids ttie Supeintendent d 
Schods d the city. 

C3ty CoincU appolnto the 13- 
membw Planning C^mmii^on. 
T%My muat be (ipialified vden 
and are ai^ototed for staggered 
terms of four yeajrs. The 
Ptond^ Commtoitai totaaded 
^ a dMhmi^i dected 1^ the 
Ptomtog C^mmi^m. 

TIm [damring C^xnmission is 

cesponiible for making 
r^mmendations to the City 
CkHincil on all pbasaa of city 
{dandng induding master |dan, 

zodng, and nbdlvidon ctnttvi. 

The City d Virgtoto BeMh is 
made v^ d raven buroughs: 
Bayside, Kadnvater, Konp- 
sville, Lynnhaven. PrtocMs 
Anne, Punga and Virginia 

These buroughs originated 
from ttie six Magiaterial 
Districto of ttM dd Prin^n 
Anne 0>unty plus the city d 
Virginia Beach befora the 
mtfger in 1963. 

At the time of the merg»', 
none of ttie dx Oxinty Super- 
visors d PrinceM Aime Cktunty 
CM- toe five dected councUmen 
d the dd dty d Vli^nto Bmch 
widMd to r^i^. TiMrdora, the 
tdd r^TMNtetiond ttM new 
dty was ad at 11 coimciliMn. 

At toat time, ttw t«rms wd 
dection d ttw coundbnen irara 
Minted w ttMt aO aaj^ad 
tog^Mr to 18M. And to 1888. 11 
council seats were up for 
dectim aiMl wwe fiUad. 

A§t^ to 1170, tooae 11 aaate 
m99 visited. At tat ttoM, 
however, ttM dty ctotrte was 

changed to provitto for 
diggarad terms d otrice so ttwt 
u Mttody new ^wndl woidd 
nd ba re^^iired at one time. 

It waa sd torto to ttM charter 
toat of ttM four candidates 
runntog for seato at large, the 
two wito ttM lai^eat manber d 
popular votM would serve fw 
four yean, wdiilc ttM r«naidi4 
two would serve for t«^ years. 

Of ttM seven runUng fttmi 
apMfflc burougla, toe four wito 
t^ largest popuUur vde woidd 
Mrve for fow yean and tbe 
remaidng three for two yean. 
TiMrdora, to two yean Ubm 
(11^), Ave dty council saato 
would be vacated: two aaate at 
large and ttirae borough aaate. 

Ihe raadt of ttM 1970 election 
determined toat to 1978, ttM 
boroir^ aeato of BtoekwatH* 
(Eari Tebadt), Prineeaa Anna 
(Curtto Payne) and Virgtoto 
BMch (Robert CalUa) and ttM 
two aaate at Im^ rapre aa nt a d 
by Geon^ PernB mM fmk 
DuB^ weiid cmaa uv tar 
atedtoa. Wee Mayor TdMdt 
»d bua^ iMva cboaen mt to 
nn BU^ L 

WMe *a 11 daetad dty 
ram^BMB aarra MnM d f our 
yaan, ^re to a dty <MiBieU 

aladton every two yun to flB 

Thua,^ ttM city w(D nerar have 11 
mm dty oaundta^i MHi^ 
office at one ttoM. ""^ -^ . 

l%a 11 oouaonmaB, ana 
f^^om each d toe aavaBbaroii^a 
aa^ tha four at larga, ara 
dected by a sinq;Aa su^arlty d 
the poputor vdea ften tha 
entire city. A citten ^ste a 
vote hr each d ttM vMdit 
aeata, ad jkot ttMaaat raad to' 
Bb own nvo^pi. 

tt to peadUa, ttMiaion. tor a 
eaadUWa to taaa tha dadion to 
Ma own byreuidi. bat niaira a 
majority d votea d ttM mUn 
dty, awl titai wte ttM aligthw. 

tteebvtoui whranlaga^ Mi 
type d precaAira to ttMt 9& 
cou^iMn are forced te ba 
fiudtttf.iHto.ttM touaa aai 
pnMiwt d lA the ho fff rt k i 
aad nd Jod ttMaa d ftan^e 
boroi# to whkh ha fiiHai. AI 
are e^^ 
ud d te 8«M 
ttmev'eaal e aa a efl mi n to 
aa^^po te te e^ i» • ^da. 
The IMad SMaa Imika 
Oourt nM ttitt lUa tern ia te 
wmtn Im 
te "wi 
aeavd^ toaory. 

^ ^ ^- ^- - 





■'^^■^» • • «*«* «w «* ^ I***! be em rf 


n^te Ot^ ^ ttunnMivtag • iMd ftadilir Dot ««trta« 
^<ytf»w iMMetrtMBetaa^Mr.lleOMitiiidliv 

Mt I MB AtalM will iMT« to go down M MOM Of lAV b«tt« 

iMBMrtoi. Now I iatyt «Me««rwl • llttlt of iHMt iaiiit PaMcki 
^!L? ^^ ' hiWM^iiiMetd Md Mved to wrilo aixNit ny 
jMt^P i^tek'iDiiyoikbratkB wlA Tbn MeClaMliui. 1« 

toMii btbag St. Ptttflk D^r MiNlrlYth if TIm'i Urthday, 


Jobs Rh- Vets Task Force Exceeds Goals 

tlM Mftfor'f Virginia. BoMb 
Jofai-fM>V^«'«is l^A ForM 
ealefaraMd Ifi tint mOvknmTy 
Woltaieidasr, and Oiatanan Jee 
Godwto ttinounced that tin 
group had exceed its goala in 
Ita fitit yaar of txiataioe. The 
ta^ force wai appointed by 
Mayor DonaU Rhode* to aaaist 
the maiqr military veterans in 
the VH^inla Beadi find tm- 

Buss 0. Rucks, manager of 
the Virginia Employment 
CcMnmisstOB of^ in Virgbita 
Beach where the me^^ was 
held, reported that 1087 
veterans had been emidoyed 
during,tbe past year, exceed 

tlw fMl of the tad[ force ^ 9t. 
TSem vitoranTwnre empl^ed 
by a04 SiUKvA Budi Anns, 
exceeding the firm par- 
ticipation goal by 4. 

Aubrey Watts stated that 
dM City had onployed W 
veterans during ttie past sfat 
months, the larger empk^or of 
veterans in the Beadi. At ttie 
present time, th«e are active 
applications on file in the 
Employment Commission of- 
flee 1^ 904 veto-ans seeidng 
Jobs. Tliere are over SSOO 
veteram seeidng Jobs in the 
four-dty TUewater area. 

RqiraseBted at the meeting 
was die NatiaBal ABlanct for 

BttslneMmeti. Jim, Fisher, 
NAB's M^opolitan Area 
Chainnan, rqwrted Uiat hi||' 
graup ms alio taleresied hf 
plMtag i^enns ahd that ttie' 
government would contrMt 
with empl mrs for »i^ly 
rebriburseihints in miaqr eaiea. 

Fred EUiott Jr., Stete 
Veterans Bmpltymeiit 
R epre se u t sd ve, also aHandad 
die nuetiofLdHvli^ down fron 
the State olke k RldrnMod. lt« 
is req^ealsd tfiat tt^ emptoywi 
tbterestedinl^teg vetaraasiet 
in touch with die Vhginla Beach 
office of die Viiglnia 8m> 

^^ Is net the ssrt of parson who goes flif ceiebraUi« Just to be 
«Mralli«. No. to Mb a eaWmtioB is mora diaa iat. It has to 
^V Bitat iMMM WteUog Oa lata aii« novlis and tiM fMvth of 

gjwwrt Mi wrath and toy upoBvoa. 


.My earl^ menttoa «f Mr. McGoo rsBBiadi me of Tim sittta« on 
mmm by IIm Cape Hawy Oub at three to die momtaig and 
-■^•liBBtf tebiawoulditapaaywbwaiiearHUltap. Idonot 
I la fen^tiiit Tim ii aayddai Uka Mr. McGoo. Of coune 

' Departneht 

irsali aremiderwayffrJoB Van Glmtea'a hit mvilcal 
•anted by the Frank W. Cox High School Fine Arts 
Hnder the dlrectlm la James E. Garrett and WUUam 

rapi. Announced Dirty Picture 
hnetarium Show At Cox 


ruMWIiMler than Mr. McGoo. 

rM|tef the SaiBtliMneki Day celebratioB is green beer 
, fiAin«.that Urn weidd itaiva a thousand miles to get 
^Mi^Mar OB Saw Falrteks Day. Forttmataly however dds was 
"** _.a-*^ ^ of die Red Baron, taMwlng Tim's 

"- provided It for him. 


l^Ts band even naaaiiA a Ciw eourses of an Msh Jig and Tim 
^«nd, toapMaal Mi eendUon, a fairly good but not too poilihed 
*«itai of the iradKional dance. 


The Virginia Beach City 
Public Schools Planetarium 
program for April will be The 
Seven Powers. The mdgical 
"seven" rtSen to the five 
visible planets, and the sun and 
moon. Sevo) has been a mystic 
nuttiber since man speculated 
on the creation ot the visible 

The seven, it was believed, 
affected or controUed-in some 
cases — certain human actions, 
ctdors, (xrgam of the body, parts 
(tf the head, sins and virtues. 

The ancients believed the sun 
Influenced the quality of 
laader^p in a person, and the 
moon affected one's 
Imagination. The planets were 
ttiou^t of as influencing the 

Mercury — Buainess ability, 
Venus — Beauty, Mars k 
Strmgth, Jupiter - Wisdom, 
and Saturn — Sorcery. 

The program wiU discuss 
tti^ee popular theories of the 

(MTigin of the solar system. 
These Include: the near 
collision theory, the necular 
theory, the dust cloud thewy, 
and the exploding star thecH-y. 
With the aid of slides, some 
telescopic views of some of the 
planets will be shown. 

Sunday; 7:00p.m. to3:00p.m. 

on the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 


Tuesday: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 
p.m. on the 4th, Uth, 18th, and 

The Planetarium seats 170 
people, and is easily accessible 
from the 14 toll road by taking 
the Lynnhaven exit to 3080 
South Lynnhaven Road, Plaza 
Junior High School. 

Tele[rfione the main OTfice at 
Plaza Juni<»- High School . . , 
486-1971 for reservations. 
under age 12 may be refused 
entry unless accompanied 
by a mature person. 

Fusco Sculpture Wins 2nd Prize 

students for Environmental 
Actira, an ecology club at Cox 
Hi^ School, is planning a Dirty 
Picture Slraw. "Hie best photos 
of the worst pdhition win. This 
is one erf the clvh's effwts to . 
awakoi Tidewattf to the ever- 
increasing p<dlution problem. 

To enter, send |Aoto (s) ot 
polluticm in color or black and 
white. The photo can be taken 
anywhere, but the person en- 
tering it must have taken it 
himself. Write your name, 
address, tel^hone number, and 
where the picture was taken on 
the back of the {dcture. Put each 
entry in a seperate envelope 
and send to: S.E.A. Post OfRce 
Box 5357, Virginia Beach, Va., 
23455. All entrees must be in by 

All entrees become the 
property of the S.E.A. The 
pictures will be displayed at 
Cox High School at the showing 
of Cabaret April 27, 28, ami 29. 

Prizes include a $100 set ol 
Beetle albums, other albums, 
and a temis racket. Ttie prises 
are the courtesy of WNOR and 
«HiriV.''' \ ■'".'"' '' ' 

NCmFOLK - Richard Lewis 
FlMco, a Junior at Virginia 
Waslayan Cdlege, was wcond 
firtse in sculpture at the 
Vlrghiia Beadi Arts C«iter 
"member's show." Hie odiibit 
held at die Wginia Beach 

avic Center March 10-12. 

Fusco, die son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Ardiur S. Fusco of 3121 
Quimby Road, Vii^inia Beadi, 
Viiiinia is a 1967 graduate of 
Frank W. Cox High School. 

^Q* Pni* 411*1 Htriitle «driMt at Ptmbrdn MaU. 

CiJiim PtBsmt l^chibit 

^CUbSoetf PMk 4U ^splayed 
•Basddfatt at ^sahnfca MaU 
die a«ne "mqr I Um 

Soeat FKk 411, flwlla 

Amwi went to ]^may Wood 
(1) and Rkky 9Mi. Den I 
pnmolad Ihaii Gantem m 
Damw and Dob Greriiam aa 


Hw ^ast nwakiT 

die Bewnhle ¥nA P. 

JvMaOm tad 

BaUiitoii ^Smri 

The feltowing Weblo'a 
raertved tekr ^ortHnan'a 
award: Phil HaitMr, Gme 
TattmoB. MBn Maaslttl. Rolf 
Carrlvaau, Jimmy Driver, 
Br^ McCoy, and Ralpft 

Miifc Dodd was pnmotad 
Iran QAa to Woblo's. 

iMra. R.C. rBratfanA, u^ 
[Arw^M "Aoaii^B, Scout 

-Boh Qrt ata^ to DbvM Ante 
mdUffimak^ Wdf Ba^a 
to On flraslum aad Itiiy 
Wood. Snahag te Banr Baa$t 
»elqr Bisb. KaUh Bart- 
aad an PDNMlL Geld 



and Ricky ttsh.^«ar 

I Mcrai- Cit#d 

JpBwr ^^iar tte wg^^ 

K»i» *•::! 



we^^^^ FAMILY PAK 




REG. ^95 






fMt OVMif jpO O tf Mill SlMM^ fMlWwl X6/ 


Celebrants at the ffa»st anniversary meetfaig of the Mayor's Yirgfaila Beach Jato^ar- 
Veterans Task Force Include (left to right) Jim Fletcher, Jerry Propater. IHek 
Cockrell. Rev. Bill Brake Jr., Robert Borden. Fred Elllott Jr., Aubrey Watte, aB« Jaa 
Godwhi. ~ 

Griffin Elected 
To Qmunittee 
At Wedeyan 

Frank G. griffin, Jr. of 
Virginia Beaclifias been electeil 
lo fill a position on the Student 
Activity-Welfare Committee for 
I he spring semester at Virginia 
Wesleyan College. 

Griffln is the son of Dr. and 
Mrs. Frank G. Griffin of 1638 
Cutty Sark Road. He is a 1965 
graduate of Robinson High 
School in Tampa, Florida. 


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1875 lASklN ROAD 



OFFICE: 4250531 






-ja aaffl Ji j^A^wmAfc 



Fights Pollution 

#»mcil, said Saturdayte has ^"^^ ^•"'''■*' '^"<^''*** 

Written Governor 
Holton urging his support oi 
House Bill No 763 which "can 
greatly reduce the probability 
of continued pollution." 

In remarks made at a coffee 
held in the office of Clark 
Flemmg at Bayville Forms, 
Gardner said: 

"I was shocked and appalled 
to learn that Lake Rudee, Lake 
Wesley, and Uke Christine were 
COQdemned to take shellfish on 
March 9th and that Brock Cove 
<m Lynnhaven Bay was cmi- 
demned March 7th. 

"One of the most serious 
problems facing our city today 
is that of pollution. You have 
read articles saying that if we 
do not solve these problems, we 
as a country are going to drown 
in our own waste. We may not 
be quite to that point how, but 
we certainly are getting a taste 
of what it can be like if the 
condition is not corrected im- 
mediately. Let us take a look at 
what is happening. 

"All Hampton . Roads 
Sanitation District sBtferage 
plants serving our City are 
overloadea,- Ovierload^3o the 
point w6«iB: 43ie bifitogical 
discharge into, our riv&s and 
bays are contaminated. Con- 
taminated to the point where 
^e marine life is unfit for 
JiUman consumption and unsafe 
for those who would like to swim 
in its waters as I used to do as a 
kid. We are losing the benefit 
to our economy from the shell 
fish industry and those who ply 
this trade are being deprived of 
their, livelyhood. 

S^e* State Water . Control 
Board and Hampton Roads 
^n>tsM9n District have been 
fincountering differences. To 
(^arify the duties and authority 

Miller on February to, 1972 wood asking for his opinion. Hampton 
jioads Sanitation District, had 
maintained that it must take all 
who ask for a hookup for service 
irrespective of the fact that they 
could not properly treat the 
enfluMit. It would, even to a 
layman, seem ludicrous that the 
State would set" up such a 
Copimission with so little 
authority. The Attorney 
Generals opinion written on 
March 7th clearly maintains: 

"THat the Hampton Roads 
Sanitation District Commission 
does have the necessary 
authority to prevent 

overloading of Its sewer lines 
and sewage treatment plants in 
order to ensure that the same 
are operated within their design 
capacities. I am further of the 
opinion, in view of ttie mariifest 
purpose of the above referenced 
act of Assembly and the 1970 
amendnnent to the Water 
Control Law including 
authorities within the definition 
of "owner", that the Hampton 
Roads Sanitation District 
Commission has a legal 
obligation to operate its sewer 
lines and sewage treatment 
works In accordance with ap 
plicable laws and regulations." 

"It is crystal clear that 
H.R.S.D. has functioned in a 
derelict manner and you, the 
citizen, have the recipient of the 
problem caused by their 

"There are several questions 
which come readily to mind. 
How has this condition been 
allowed to reach its present 
level? What is going to be done 
immediately to reniedy the 
situati(Hi? How many more 
hookpps are going to be allowed 
in the interim? Wh«"e does our 
own Health Department fit into 
Uie picture? What is going to 
happen when the builders 
decide to construct the 
thousands (A homes, apart- 
ments and townhouses for 

which pennits have a]rea<fy 
been issued? These are just a 
few of the questions which come 
into mind. 

"One other major question 
needs to be answered. Isn't It 
the dutv of our Dlanninie 
department to notify H.R.S.D. 
its projections for sewerage 
requirements? The school 
board must anticipate its 
requiremnts for schools before 
the critical point is reached. 
Why should sewerage be any 
different? No army is going into 
battle and extend its linn 
beyond what it can supply. If 
that tactic is taken, d^eat is 

"This is a typical case of too 
little, too late, which is typical 
after a case of too much, too 
soon. We know the proUem and 
we know the solution. 

"Immediate action is 
necessary to catch up the 
sewerage facilities and expand 
beyond that to meet future 
needs. If building must be 
restrained in the interim, so be 
it. We can not continue to 
perpetrate this form of pollution 
on our beautiful community and 
jeopardize the health and 
welfare of our citizens. 

"Cwitrols are needed such as 
House Bill No. 763 which was 
introduced by Delegate Glenn 
McCIannan and pased by the 
General Assembly. This bill 
would add safeguards much 
needed to stop poUuticm. Tlie bill 
is now awaiting Governor 
Holton's signature. I have 
written the Governor asking 
that he give his su];^>ort to this 
bill and hope you will do 

"When elected I shall com- 
pletely investigate all com- 
missions, boards, and dqwrt- 
ments to see that they in fact 
are functioning to the fullest to 
fwevent pollution. As your City 
Councilman, I shall vigorously 
oppose furUier development of 
our city where such develop- 
ment creates additional 


Cunningham Suggests 
Re-evaluation Of Games 

Sorenson (left) and Cooper 

Homer W. Cunningham, 
independent at-Iarge candidate 
for City Council, has expressed 
concern over the pr^ent bingo 
dilemma alcmg with his speciftc 
recommendations to provide 
relief to the embarrassed 
players as well as the Virginia 
Beach police. 

Cunningham stated, 
"Virginia Beach sadly needs 
more recreational facilities for 
our citizens. This need is not 
going to be fulfilled by clMing 
non-profit Bingo, Ringo. or 
whatever it may be called. Civic 
organizations and churches 
should be allowed to continue 
such activities as long as they 
ia not serve private interests. 

The people need things to do 
and I call upon the City Council 
to instruct the City Attorney to 

request that the Attorney 
General's Office re-evaluate 
and reconider Jik stand on 
such non-iffoflt functions. 

"The Aragona Recreation 
Caiter has b^i providinf tbc 
people of that area with 
facflities for danees, meeting!, 
socials, etc. for all ages for over 
10 years and I would hate to see 
it cease operations for any 

"The Virginia Beach police 
should not be crlticed for en- 
forcing a law even thoi;^ it is 
shorUighted. In its execution 
they are doing their job," he 

ccmHnued. "I am in iKtm 
pari-mutual wagering a 
strict State Confrd but I tUB 
firmly against wfnaliyL 
gambling. I don'i tUok w^S 
yioM censldN' dvlc MMo W 
flrat step. ^ T 

"I urge the (^ CamxAM 
take steps on^this matter ri^ 
away", Cwninghun itIitwC 

This stat^ent mw «a«de 
Tuesday at a coffee glMn fir 
Cunningham by Mrs. M^ 
Mairafeldt of Vlrglnius Driw," 
Vii^inla BMch, wlOi a poup efr 
campaign workers in «u. 

Colonial Printing Co. 
Opens New FaciKty 

Too Much T, 
Not Enough 'We' 

Colonial Printing Company of 
Virginia, Inc., the largest 
printing company in Virginia 
Beach, has opaied a new, de- 
pended plant. The new facility 
will be equipped to handle any 
kind of printing, according to 
owno-s Geoi^ Cooper and Ned 

The 7,000 square foot plant is 
located at 5001 Admiral Wright 
Road in Virgiiua Beach. It 
hoiBes more printing presses 
than any other printing com- 
pany in the city. 

According to co-owner 
George Cooper, "A lot of 
business is going out of town 
because people don't know 
anyone here can handle it. Now 


list By Alphabet 
Nelson Says-^- 

Mr. and Mrs. Ciugston 

Couple Open Service 
To Aid Newcomers 

A new business has opened in 
Virginia Beach designed to help 
new residents get settled easily 
within the community. 

The business was started by 
Joe and Leslie Ciugston, who 
are themselves newcomers to 
the Beach area. Since they are 
very familiar with the need for 
this type of service, the 
Gugstons felt that a business of 
this nature would not only be 
extremely useful but very well 
received in such a highly 
transient area. 

Ciugston just recently 
completed nine years com- 
missioned service with the 
UnitwJ States Navy, during 
which time the family moved to 
many different states and found 
that their greatest prol>lem with 
moving was finding their way 
around the new comnftmity. 

Vi rg inta Tidewater 
Newcomers' Bureau is designed 
to resolve this problerfi for the 
fast growing military and 
civilian population in Virginia 

VTNB has prepared a booklet 
containing recreation, social, 
emergency and other pertinent 
information and free gift cer- 
tificates from leading mer- 
chants who join them in 
welcoming new pe(^le. The 
hostesses are trained to give all 
possible assistance to the -new 
resident in assimj}^^ this 
information to his own specific 
needs and in helping him find 

Home Show 

A mile of exhibits and 

displays will be featur«l at tte 

1972 Mid-Atlantic Home Show 

•slatwi for Sc(H)e's Exhibition 

Hall today thrm^ Sunday. 

Products, services, designs 
and techniqiffis on view wiU 
cover the entire range of the 
homebuilding industry. 

Today has been set aside as 
Preview Day lot approximatdy 
1,000 building iwliitry officials, 
government leaders and 
members of the {ress. 

As part of the continuing 
service to new residents, VTNB 
is now sponsoring a radio 
broadcast containing numerous 
helpful tips designed 
specifically for new residents 
but of help to old residents as 

At— large councQ candidate 
Kenneth Nelson said at a 
meetii^ of his workers Friday 
that he hopes to clarify the 
listing of the 26 candidates on 
the ballots in the Majr 2 election. 

He has written John B. 
James, Chairman of the 
Electoral Board, he said, diking 
that the names be listed 
alphabetically rather llMn the 
order in which the candidates 
nied. -^ 

Nelson tok) his suppWters: 

"It seems that every local 
election in Virglnitr:3each 
begins on a note of Confusion 
and the current councOmanic 
election is no excepti^i;. Shortly 
after the deadDine foi^i^, and 
article in one of the local papers 
pointed out that five of the 
candidates filed simulteneousty 
at literally die last minute. The 
article further implied that 
those candidates would, 
because they were the last to 
file, be given the last positions 
on the ballots and voting 

"I do not believe that the 
election laws in Virginia permit 

such "gerrymandering" of the 
ballots and I have asked the 
local electoral board to clarify 
the matter. The large number of 
canUdates who have filed for 
this ehK*tion will provide enough 
coBfUsien to'votecsand I bope 
that, for the benefit of all 
candidates, this question will be 
answered immediately." 

we can." 

The company has the 
technical capabilities to handle 
the hard jobs of blind embossing, 
reverse printing, hair-line 
registration, duo-tones, 
overlays, and heavy solids. 

"We have a large multi-color 
press and one of two comfxiter 
-type-setting machines in 
lldewater," said Ned Sorenson. 
"We can handle a small or large 
job with equal ease." 

Colonial Printing Company, 
established in August 1969, was 
located on Holland Road until 
September 1971 when the 
current plant was built. Co- 
owners George Cooper and Ned 
Sorenson bring a combined 
experience of 25 years to the 
printing business. They hope to 
keep mwe of the local business 
at the Beach. 

"We extend an open invitation 
to all of our customers to see 
our plant," stated Ned Soren- 
son. "It is an ultra-modem 
plant with constant main- 
tenance to the machinery. We 
like to have our customo^ see 
how and wh«re their work is 

The Company had an annual 
gross in 1971 of $375,000 with an 
investment of $240,000 in the 
new building and equipment. 

Maries Joins 
State Police 

Reorganize Youth 
Council Soys Borr 

Local CPA Is Accepted 

Loveyann G. Buckingham, of 
1413 Partlet Court, Virginia 
Beach, has been voted mem- 
bership in the American 
Woman's Society of Certified 
Public Accountants by its Board 
of Directors. 

"Hie AWSCPA, a national 
society, was formed in 1933 to 
advance the pnrfessional in- 
terest of women certified public 
accountants and encourages 
their participation in other 
technical accounting; 

Miss Buckingham received 
her Bachelor of Science degree 
from American University, and 
she also attended Longwqod 
College. She received her CPA 
certificate from the State of 
Virginia, and is a member of the 
American It^titute of Certified 
Public Accotuitants and the 
Virginia Society of CPA's. She 
is currently affiliated with Peat. 

JAIL Meefs 

JAIL, Justice Among Inmates 
Locally, the renamed and 
reorganized groiq) previously 
known as Citizens CoiKerned 
about the Virginia Beadi Jail, 
will meet ^7:30 tonight in the^ 
First PresDyterian Oiurch at*^ 
3600 Pacific Avoiue.* 

Various standing omimit^ 
have been established and 
many openings are available 
for volunteer. This group is 
wcrkii^ to alleviate pnririems 
due to an overcrowded facility. 
Hie puUlc is urged to par- 
ticipate. , -' ' 

Marwick. Mitdiell 
Norfolk. Va. 

& Co. in 

Miss Buckingham 

In a three-hour sessim d 
interrated discussion among 
some IS people, Andrew H. Barr 
council camUdate for Princes 
Anne Borough, reviewed his 
campaign effort to date, and 
recapped his position on the 

"In summary," he told the 
group' at the home of Mrs. 
Kenneth Overman, Baker Rd., 
"I believe our city needs 
stronger leadership. Most of the 
issues today stem from a lack of 
decisive action. I have geared 
my campaign to positive 
solutions and positive actions. 
Today I take tlds opportunity to 
call for the solution of the 
communicatim gap with youth. 

"I believe the reoganizati<ni 
cf the Mayor's Youth Council to 
the aim of providing a direct 
and truly responsive com- 
munication with our young 
people is necessary now. To be 
effective, and to have 
meaningful impact, a youth 
council must be, first, 
representative, and second, 
authoritive. In its best form, it 
should be the focal point of city- 
wide youth activity. In its best 
effort it is the driving force 
behind community un- 
derstanding and coqjeration in 
youth affairs. The present 
council does not m^t these 

"Therefore. I suggest 
representation on our youth 

coundl be drawn from students 
between ages 15 to 24~that Uiey 
be elected through the city's 
student body and represen- 
tative of the seven boroughs- 
that four persons of majority 
age, appointed by city council, 
serve at-large and equally-that 
the council be charged with 
learning the capabilities and 
limitations of local govern- 
ment; with seeking out and 
developing responsible rapport 
with civic, business and 
government leaders, 

"Only Uirough a strongly 
motivated and effective youth 
council can we lead the way to a 
better understanding and 
cooperative effort among all 
peqile in our young city. As a 
parent, a taxpayer, and a 
council hopeful, I see the 
benefits of reduced frustratiois 
and increased harmony in t}]|s 

Walter E. Marks, of Virginia 
Beach, is now witti the State 
Police as a conditionally ap- 
pointed trooper and is un- 
dergoing field tralnii^ in the 
Fredericksburg area. 

Trooper Marks graduated 
from Princess Anne High 
School in 1967. FYom 1967 until 
1971 he served with the U.S. Air 
Force, and was discharged with 
the rank of Sergent. He holds 
the Air Force Commendaticm 
and Good Conduct Medals. 


He is die son of the L. Mason 
Marks' of Allyes Road, Vii^ia 

Reef Proposed 

Public (pinion is being soi^t 
by the Army Coips of Engineers 
on the proposed construction of 
an artificial reef (A Virginia 

The Tidewatw Artificial Reef 
Association, in coi^unction with 
the U.S. Departmoit of Com- 
merce, is proposing con- 
struction of the reef ap- 
proximately 3>'^ nautical miles 
northeast of Rudtee Inlet. 

Indicaticms are the reef would 
be constructed of discarded 
motor vehicle tires bound 
together in units of five each, 
with each unit wei^ted down 
with ccmcrete. ^ 

TTiose wishing to comment on 
the proposal are invited to write 
the Army Corps of Enginews, 
Norfolk, no later than April 17. 

Benjnnin W. Wroton. can- 
dMate for the Beach Borough 
■eat on City Council, %M his 
supporters last week there is too 
much "I" and not enough "We" 
in Oty government today. He 

"I travel around this Great 
City of ours, looking at and 
thinking of the many complex 
proUems, that our Citizenry is 
faced with, today, Ustaamm, 
next week and many years in 
die future. 

"I listen to and read the 
statements of those persons who 
we campaigning for die office 
of a councilman. I hear the "I" 
approach in the solution of the 
problems, indicating that "I" 
will soWe the problems, if 
dected. This, in my opinion, is 
an encroachment upon the 
intelligence of our citizenry, 
because as woridng together, as 
a team and by use of the many 
talents cf those waitlist to be 
adced, to participate, many 
retirees who have the ttme and 
would wekome the oppwlunity 
• Our approach to solving 
proUems, wouM be a "fair and 
hcmest" rq^resentation to all 
people regardless of color, race, 
religion, or politteal affiliation, 
witUn the frame wink of our 
city, thus, creating and 
maintaiidng a positive interest 
amiHig KLA^ 

"I am cognizant of te many 
complex probliia^ ttict 
currenOy exist, all of wMch, uri 
stated in my anompieeinent of 
candidacy, revohre arouad tte 
rapkl smtiih diat we have 
experienced In the past decade. 
But, WE workli« together, will 
solve the problems per- 
manently, or to a workable 
degree. In tUs attempt the 
immediate elimination of ibe 
current communication gap 
between the government and 
our people should be 
esteblished, thereby, creating a 
harmonious working condition 
amraig ALL. 

"I will attempt to pass-on, to 
the team, my knowledge gained 
throui^ and by experirace, by 
living wittt and study of the 
many problems, for many 
yeara, dius, ttideavwing to 
orase, or itecrease, the severify 
of these problems, on a per- 
manent basis, without crash, or 
instant programs are 
established, without proper 
Uiought, or study, thereby. 






"For The Finest 
In Foods" 

724 FM Colonial 
Road at Hilltop 

Country Ham »>-i4uk. 



10-14 LBS. IM. ^iW 


7 OZ. PKO. 



iflM»w Mocoroni 

rmMa EfMctlv* Thursdiy Thru SMurday, Or UntTi 
ndta im mm told wMch mm cowwflwt 









• Pr«-«(lttir>8 Condition! CovcrM Afttr Six MontM It 
LIttad On Tht Application. 

* Pays In Addition To Otnar insuranca. 


* Connpany Guarantaas Navar To Cancal Your Policy 
Ragardlau Of Any Changa In Your Pftytlcal Condition. 


I would Ilka full da- 
talls on your naw 
hospital or incoma 



P.O. iOX 2352 


80% Rafund of th« pfamlum you hava paid for 10 
years if you do not prasant a claim. 


necessitating the expenditivet 
of large sums of money ami 
creatlt^ only a temporary con- 

"We would hope to ofOr 
solutions to prevent die e» 
croachment vpoa the stanteR*>' 
of-livhig, of our fixed salariadt' 
retirees and low income 
families that is continually 
existing, by die route of irnvHt 
and other cost of living. 

"We woidd attempt to a?Mi»- 
greater confidence, through and- 
by our own confldence, amoog 
thoM who are willing and«lde 
to estabUsh and invest wIMd 
our city, widi fuH confid«M# 
that our CITY is growi^' 
toward a permanent atv 
established one for ^he future 

"There are many avenues tk* 
die approach of income ^grii' 
permanent revenue, all of 
which should be explored,, 
without die purpose of persoMl' 
gain, or greed for power, but, 
widi a fixed purpose of a C0$* 
Growing tm the Putulri^ 

Generadons. < 

"We see die problems ii(* 
sdHxds, sewage and mitei|* 
roads and streets, beach eroaNtf 
<diuB ^fecdng our TOUR^K 
TRADE). Rudee Inlet e^ 
penditores, beach closures^ 
security of the pottce force, r *^ 
department and oth«r Ci 

pollution, ectAsfgy, drateafe i 
run-off into cur inland wat 
ways, garbage and trt 
coOectlon and disposal, narci 
use widiin our cify and ito i 
increasing problems, mail 
zoning and land use ptan 
mediate necesaity, 
housing code (enf«rcem4 
thereof), crime of 
descriptions and many 

WE, . W R K I 
TOGETHER, wiU solve 
problems, but, WORKIl 
DIvmSD and as PARTI 
GROUPS, die problons 
continue to exist and grow 

"My approach In tide caiB' 
paign. Is positive, without the 
enterliig.of penonaUiM. and 
^ingtag, pr aiQE other «n^(^, 
wheraby die Imafe tf oQr great 
city, wmild be deeded 1^ tlie 
adverse publicity (Attained 
diereby. I thus chaltoi|^ aO 
candldateB to do UlEe-wiae. i 

@ CaiwAa Rlwt^gjyttt 

tlon, ratMnwnt and inwMtmant Omt IS mllw of iMrMlM t 
tor fUhlnt, swimming and boating. Our fl«M offm to always epM. 
•ring your family and hava a picnic 


WooM kM ta any DOGWOOD m^tm M S1,M0 «Mi te- 
dlKOMb for miibwi of Aamt S 

I Sir;;; 

HMT X ISO" lotk Dow* piyMMl SS&M 




wMfc S37.64 
mal iMaof 

AdDmat wttuboKt am hit bew 
hilo noMBoa petit wifli iunof 



I Coni«S«« Tli«M Uww^j jgJSliM i 


DRIVirK; DttlCnOIK • Pront ^Ml^M■ 

Amm Ceurthoyaa or OfMl ■rMfi - than 

N. C. ti««n S4S to aroewty. • Froaa Nertelk 

SoirtH to SdutM MM (N.C) tMM S4S to preaty. • Mem 

city • toha iss 4 mH«t Caat to Camdan Man rl|M m 1«S to 

Virtfnta ■wcM orfloa, sua MMfle AM^ If^O, ••« iOtl, "W, ^» 
••Al or ftaid omea on pMsarty. OH* CaiJifW. Mpr^ tM. mm 



'IP ■ ■ 'f^^^^^^^^t^mmmmmmmmmmmmmi 



This Fuel May Work 


' Courage' 

To TTie Editor: 
I want to commend your 

.'! 'i.?r„^ ™^i^ ^L^»«»; Charges then could have, been placed PiSictSe-tdh""^^ 

Wheat law becomes SO ouWated that fleers could have courteously ex- 

2 •* '^SJ**'^ ®** ^ ^*®P with the plained that complaints had been 

ttm«t, when It eoirfiirts the normal n^stered and that the participants 

mryday living of law-abiding w««, in (act, in violation of the law 


Mw has 

From Our Legislators 

Ate been nu)re evidenced 
ftan by tte raid last week on the 
Aiagona ^a^tion C^ter 

Ovm tw© httiichfed residents of, and 
^tttts to, ttris city, most of them 
eftiiMis, were subjected to the 
fd an^t simply because 
•V *w« «Bj<vii« an evening (rf 
pl^ii Itfe^. Ttw center, along with 
MNpr ^w^dies in tte city, provided 
Minngram as a recreational outlet to 

against the operators of the center, 
which is the usual i»x)cediure, 

Just why the poUce chose to drag all 
those middle-aged and elderly people 
to the station, fingerprint them, detain 
them intil the wee hours and bli^t 
them with a police record, will 
probably never be known. But the 
image d law enf (n^ement has suffered 
because of it. And this city has, once 
again, been publicized as one of police 


to^ tiienMMaotony of restricted lives, strength rather than one of police 
■BO to raise ftmcb ftar various work- swisitivity. This, too. is most 
wUHt diaitties. 

tkt poltoe are pu^ans of the law. 
llMy are also guardians d the people. 
Aad laws are made for the protection 
rf sttdely is g^ral. It would Seem 
Mily reasonable r^at whtn the 
Mph^<fli^ of an outdated law is 
wai^Nd agaiMt the possible per- 
iiatfton <rf hundreds of upstanding 
c^iM, that ttie protection of the 
peo^ would be the first consideration. 

SoA «^ nrt the case, here, of 
In an obvious "right by the 
t" dsdrion, the police launched an 
tovyU gatfon into the violations at the 
MerMtftoncmter, even to the extend of 
wJag ladtttiover agents, and went to 
ortderaWe expense to bring th«ie 
p^e to "justice." 

tm m^ce matt^ was so un- 
Moanaiy. Here, again, common sense 
|WwM have prevented so much 
^sntaehe, so much embarrassment. It 
ft MiiBrstandable ttiat the police must 
ta^ Siune action when law violations 
ira r^ortod, as was the case in this 
iieideiit. But a warning to the crowd 
wouW have sufficed. One or two of- 

that most of our free fffess 
grossly lacks. 

CKtr Constitution Ruarantees 
to we the people the right to a 
free press. Biit do we have a 
free press? How many 
news{^pers, while enjoying the 
jM-ivileges of free press, offer 
unbiased, unslanted, equally 
prominent presentations of 
controversial news? How many 
newsi»pers publish letters to 
the editor in their entirety when 
those letters sharply differ with 
the basic philosophy of the 
publisher and his editors? 

Your kind of newspaper is 
desperately needed in 
Tidewater. A courageous and 

support the full blown con- 
tentions of both sides of any 
aniument, has been sorely 
lacking in this area for many 

TTie golden opportunity is 
yours to show the pec^le of 
Tidewater what a really free 
and unbiased newspaper looks 
I hope your people are 

fortunate because Virginia Beach 
basically does have a fine police force. 
Most of die officers are, indeed, sen- 
sitive to theneeds of the people and are hard honest press, with 
understanding of the normal shoulders broad enough to 
weaknesses of human bdngs. 

The real culprit, of course, is the law 
itself. R is most regrettable that the 
efforts of Norfolk legislator Peter 
Rabelas to modify the law to permit 
game-playing for charitable causes 
failed in the General Assembly. This 
city's own legislators fought the battle uke . ...^. ,„. 

Wim him but the rural delegations in equal to the task. I am certain 

less progressive areas of (he state were y<)" have the blessings of aii the 

formidable people in this community to 

HopefuUy, this one incident wiU give ''^^P °" giving us the undeleted 

.. ^ JT, . '': . ^, i. \ , news— and leave the 

the Tidewater representatives the fuel propagandizing to the others 

they need to revive the proposed Best wishes. 

modification in the next General jamesD. Parker 

Assembly and see it through suc- 

cessfuUy. And if the police have 

learned that strict, unbending 

adherence to the book, in which are 

written many laws long outdated by 

the times, is not necessarily in the best 

interest of the people, then all of this 

will not have been in vain. 

R ICHMOND — Last WMkMd, wt closcd tht 1973 iHitKtIvr 
session with our city having a strongw vote* In th« acttvltlM In 
the Assembly. I hope, than It hat ever had bttort. 

This yoar, your reprsMntatives In the Senate and the Houm 
of Delegates fought vigorously the moventent to take the rural 
portion of the city and put It In the 4fli Cenffreeiional Olslrlct. 

Delegates B. R. Middleton, Glenn McClenen and Owen 
Pickett lolned with me, In our respective tteuees. In seeking to 
have Berkley section of Norfolk given to the 4th Instead o^ the 
southern end of Virginia Beach. 

Our efforts failed, but I think the city's delegation showed a 
unity of purpose that has never been exhibited before. 

The benefits of unity «F effort was exhibited when we were 
able to guide through the Senate and House an amendnnent to 
the budget bill to provide S7S,000 additionally to the Virginia 
Beach Erosion Commission allocation of $100,000 to aid en a 
one time basis in the sand replinlshntent program. 

History was m«de when we successfully get the amendment 
passed through the Senate 23-13 and the House agreed to leave 
the moneyHn the budget. This has never been dene In the 
General Assembly. 

The Governor and members of the Assembly were sold on 
supporting this allocation beceuse the city has a great shortage 
of sand on the beach only weeks before the tourist season, that 
the city, the Erosion Commission and the Army Corps of 

. ?g .;^'3»c «?« s « «ss 8 s «ses8g a s?'Wfag«ceM«g^Mcee 





*God Bless You, 
Russell Peterson' 

Govamor Russell W. Peterson of 
Delaware was named "Con- 
aervatti»ist of the Year" for his strong 
MlHiyilp which led to landmark 
ki^slatton protecting Delaware's 100 

ttiose in industry. Before being elected 
to the state house in 1968, Peterson was 
a top executive with DuPont Cor- 
poration. Dr. Peterson, by virtue of a 
Ph.D. in Chemistry, was labded a 

9^ eoMtUne. Hie award, pr^ented friend of industry when he took over 

% Ihe three million member National the governor's cliair. 

mSM Federation at its annual The label was not wrong. Peterson 

metf^^ li^t we^ in Mexico City , tells is a friend of indiui&y— clean industry. 

liea^Bi^rvationsideof the story. But, Peterson^alsoafriendof the people— 

Ifeetttiatthe "guts" side of the story is 
1^ as important. 

Woildng apinst formidable op- 
potfilimi tite Republican governor was 
tt« Biatn tmrce in tl% ^actment of Uie 

both those here today to enjoy 
Delaware's clean beaches and those 
that will be here tomorrow. 

Many politicians feel that to buck 
industry and labor is a sure form of 

poartal Zam^ Law which prohibits political suicide. Did Peterson commit 

tte «M^N(»dmient of any new heavy political suicide? Time will tell. But 

ind^i^ ttiat is incompatible with political suicide, to Peterson, was a far 

tr^STed beach uses. The landmark better risk than environmoital suicide, 

unr tfso bans ccmstruction of off-shore If a political career dies so that 

^)dBLpro<fauA transfer facilities wildlife, fish, and man can live in a 

MHie tin^ ol the ptssage of the act, healthful environment, can a political 

Pet^swi said, "Jobs are very im- career die a more no^le death? I think 

portent to tmr people, but so is the over- not. 

jfl quaUty <d our environment— not Many politicians do not have the 

|urt the qmdity of our air, water, and "guts" of Govenrar Russell Peterson it 

pad, hut also the quality of our life." is sad to say. Quality of life suffers at 

As a native Delawarian, I ke^ in the hands ci these politicians so that 

tMKh with what is happening in the th^ can keep their political tenure, 

^te (fartw^ visits to my parents' These peofde need our help. 
hone aad by reading a Dekware- We can help the "gutless" majority 

pdl>lirtwd newspaper ^ich is mailed by demanding ttiat terms of our 

To the Editor: 

I commend the Concerned 
Citizens of Virginia Beach for 
submitting a series of questions 
to the candidates for City 
Council in order to draw out 
theiriwsitions on various issues 
i^tecing Virginia Beach. 

The coming councilmatic 
election will be the most im- 
portant ever for our city. Much 
has happened in the past few 
years which, in the view of 
many citizens, has given 
Virginia Beach a direction that 
will adversely affect our wh(de 
future. A course change is 
needed and the only way to 
^fect this is a change in our 
City Council. We voters must 
know the candidates' §tand on 
the issues. We have a right to 
(temand a commitment. 

I must criticize the list of 
questions submitted, however. 
Most of the people feel the 
primary issue is GROWTH, yet 
I do not see any question 
relating directly to the growth 
issue. Growth can be cmtrolled 
through zoning and use permits. 
These are the direct respon- 
sibility of the City Council. We 
need to know how each can- 
cUdate stands on this issue. We 
need a commitment from each' 
of them as to what he will or will 
not do. 

J.E. Weirlch 
Virginia Beach. 

Refer to Page 9 

For Additional 

Letters To Editor 

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Kennedy Center has rapidly 
become a national center. Almost every week an out-of-town 
symphony, a university or church chorus, chamber music, or a 
visiting opera is featured. 

March 13th the St. Louis Symphony with a chorua d 180 
premiered Ralph Vaughn Williams' Sea Symphony, bi honor of the 
lOOth anniversary of the composer's birth. Moat of the Miaaouriana 
based in Washington turned out for Uie concort. Members of the 
Missouri del^ation were on hand all dreaaed tq>. The composer'a 
widow, Mrs. Ursula Vaughn Williams, was in ttw Preaident's box. 
Many national groups and cmventions are taking blocks of 
tickets for center performances. The national Newspaper 
Association's Workshq;) members had lunch in La Grande Scene 
Restaurant tlwre and saw Ingrid Bergman in the Show play Cap- 
tain Brassbound's Conversioa 

In April the American Society of Newspaper Editors will hold 
their openii^ reception ttiere and have a four of the center. 

Spring is in the air when the circus comes to town. Believe it or 
not, when the famous Ringling Brothers Bamum and Bailey show 
arrived at the Penn Central Union Market fte^t station, circus 
lovers were waiting to watch the animals beii« unloaded. Ilieir 
tamers kept them in tow while the clowns took care <rf the curbside 

Speaking of animals — Around April lat the Chineae Pandaa 
given to President Nixon will have their new home in the National 
Zoo. They will surely provide cnnpetitioa for ttie famous white 

The Gridiron Club, composed of 50 s^ect Journalists, may not 
compete with the circus as the best show on earth, but it ia, or haa 
been, a very good one. This year however, ttie men who dress in 
white tie and tails have succumbed to the wtmien'a lib and sent 
engraved invitation to 15 womoi. Some have declined on the 
grounds that the all-male club discriminatea in its memborahip. 

Engineers ere now trying to correct this shw^ege with dredge 
eqiripniMiriMllch mey not be eble to do the |eb end thet the ctty 
mey lieve to hire e commercial dredge. 

Seceuse of the clty^ Ihrnlted f iMnclel cepebllltles, If ttils Is 
done, then the Erosion Commission would erevlde this trs^MO 
towards the cost. The city end the Army Corps of Engineers, 
peying helf . would pick up the remelnder of the balance. 

The city Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the In- 
nkeepers Assocletlen, The Erosion Commlssleo end ethers 
provided us with ststements of support for this epproech. 

Meny would like to see Rudee Inlet dredged to speclf^etlon 
to see if if will work. Every yeer the Inlet cloggs wHh sand end 
the public expense of keeping It open rivels the burden of the 
SST In the federal government. EnginMrs sey the Inlef has 
never been dredged to specif Icetlon so criticism of Its deeign Is 
unfeir. ^ 

l>eople here went to see the city dredge the Inlet out or forget 
ebout It. We hove Invested more then $2 million In recent yeers 
In the besin end It would seem unfair to all of us for the 
problems there not to be correctod. 

The city's hendllng of this prelect hes been so poor thet 
public confidence of locel government hes been shaken. 

Some of tiw most Importont Issues ceme before the Senato in 
the closing deys this week. The State Income tex was Increased 
by ^ of 1 per cent of all incomes above S12.000. 1 voted for this 
Increese es I believe It Is the felrest way toralse the revenue we 
desperetely need tor mentel health and other erees. 

The corporeto tex wes raised one per cent. This leaves 
Virginia still In line with other states In the ftold of con>ereto 

The gesollne tex wes increesed by 2 cents. I voted agalmt 
this. I think Virginians ere eireedy peying enough end we In 
TIdeweter heve been shortohenged In the emount of funds we 
ere receh^ Ing under the proposed tO-yeer plen end nothing hes 
been done to eese the burdens of our toll reeds. 

The Senato passed this week House till US which reiatM to 
non-support, it would require thet a husbend support e wife end 
children end likewise e wife would support husdend end 
children under certein neccessery clrcumstences. 

I wes very diseppolnted in the II yeer old bills. We passed 
meny bills which would allow II year olds to become firstcless 
citizens, but heve denied them some of the rights end privileges 
which I think they deserve. 

One of the biggest Issues before the Assembly waa the 
moretorlum on ennexatlen. This has evoked quito e bit of 
emotional rhetoric throughout the Oenerel Assembly because It 
effecto three suits which ere pending, one In Lynchburg, one In 
Cherlottosvllle, end one In trlstol. 

The wehends bill pessed this week and It Js a start In the 
right dlrectten. 

A bill pessed which relates to persons h'evelling on steto 
business end using their own cars, it Increesed the emount of 
compensetlon per mile from 9 to 10 cents. I think still this Is 
below whet It actually cost the people driving their own cars, 
and I feel It should heve been raised to at leest 11 or 12 cento so ' 
thet peepto who are using their own cers could come out even es 
they ere ectuelly seving the steto the expense of owning the 
eutomoblles which are used In business for the Steto. 

We pessed e bill which would require ei pert of your semi- 
ennuel Inkpectlon thet eech car be checked to make sure thet 
the emissions conh'Ol devices are hooked up. This bill Is 
desivied to make sure thet wo try to eliminate as much air 
pollution from automobiles es possible. I think this is e very 
good bill. 

A bill pessed the Senete which would creete e movie revtow 
beerd. This Is en exercise in futility beceuse the lew will not 
hold up. It will ceuse the Steto e greet deel of money, and serve 
no useful purpose beceuse of the feet thet It will not hold up In 
the courto. 

I wes sh'ongly egelnst x-r|ited movies but I do not believe 
this Is thepreper wey to control this menece. 


SUN simviY 

QUESTION: Should mm on CHy 
Council, Planning /Commitrion and 
School Board be limHad to two yMri, 
81 rocantly propoaad by DeltjiH 
Glenn MoClanan? 

Ywr caaaatti •§< tlfigi bitgri wmM It 

ipprirlatai ilif. 

fis D no □ 

Clip ni r9UtMHtm§mAMUWSn 


Urge Two 
Year Limit 

Three to one in the af- 
firmative, was the response to 
the Sun Survey question : Siould 
terms on City Council, Planabig 
Commssion and School Board 
be limited to two yean, as 

lo my Vii^inia Beacii tiome. Such 
eiwteeto with my former liome-state 
lAnred mt to follow the goveraor's 
cflforts mi to note the criticisms piled 
Um for (Nirsiing the legislative 

I A fovenor, Uke any other elected 
MpviraMirtal ^Mial, is a politician. 
reWolUHMy today, a ^eat many (tf 

politicians be limited to one term, two 
at the most. WiU this legislate "guts"? 
Probably not, but it might legislate the 
seed from which "guts" grow. 

If we Umit the terms of our City 
Councilmen, ScImk)! Board members, 
variois City commission and board 
members, to one term, preferably, but 
at the most two terms, many of them 

Citizen's Comer 

official-^licitians are too might make different decisions— 

atat re^l^tu)n ami walk a 

tightrope strobed acro^ th^r office 

pg 0^«iy as the Great Wallenda 

nrilcs Us tf^itr(q)e under the big top. 

Had Governor Peterson been 

inti»«8ted in his reflection, I 

decisions tiiat reflect the best in- 
terests ctf the people that put tiiem 
into f^ice to begin with. Many times, 
the best tjtecision is tK)t the most 
popular at the time. But in years to 
come, Uie p^^son who made ttie "guts" 
WnA tt te safe to say that the Delaware decision in Uie foce of adversity could 
lOotstal Zoning Law would not be in very weU eara himselya form of im- 
jsl^ct tXNby. "Gute" Peterson fou^t mortality— a jrface in history. 
to wtet he thoi^t to be the b^t Let us, Uie Virginia Beach citizeuy, 
of M!tioD for the state, not just rise up m& etemai^ "peo|de ^»vem- 

ment." The Qty has nad erwui^ oi 
"poUtical government." L^ us [Mit our 
City government into tte hands oi 
p^^le who are for tt^ people. 

We can impt^ve our quaUty of life 

by dMng so— tf we do it before it is too 

late. If the "gute" (teciston by t)^ 

Ddaware govenKS- starte a chain 

to tim ecdk^ d the area, and ruction ttiat donatMk "t^Uty of lUe' ' 

l«ul»« imft^id oi poUticiiuis h&e in 
our City, aoA hqi^iUy across the 
cmmtry, t^s, to paraphrase Oiarl^ 
Mdcons, "Gkid Uett you, Russel 

— Jay&rui^dey 

fix now, but for years to come. 
: What ttve tew was passed, it meant 
It^a large r^uiery propo^d at a mid- 
jrt^ fmtRfjront site had to scrap its 
The en^teuction would have 
miUtoim of (toUars into the 
IWflri a^MAed,^rf3s for Uxxisaiuls ci 
ite. ^^gnising the possible 

the ^mage to the state's 

mA to ttie tmirtet indusb^ if 

vfwM oartv, Peteii»B 

uMm by fte govenwr sur- 
• M <rf ^e^e, partcidarly 

(This is one in aserm of 23 pcrinits of leaiBng Vlr^ria 
citize.i5 prepared by Mcintosh Sty^o for qtedal ezMNte 
throughoit the tP«a. "Citizei» OwTaer" each week wiD ftoatiM ite 
of these partreita.) ^^ 

W. Clark FIftmlag. Jr. PraiMent, BayvUle Famu, be. 
President. Virginia Beach Devetepneat CmicU 
Mrector, Virftota Beach Beiattlfcatfaa 

members, tooth in the 40*0 • Richmend lewyer Junle L.. Bred- 
shew, e tormer m*rtiber of the House, and Preston C. Shennon, 
who hes been the regulatory egency's generel counsel, malting 
the first chenges on the three-men commission since the IfSOs. 

PUBLIC SCHOOLS — Changed the tormule tor distributing 
steto funds for public schools to cittos end counties from ADA 
(averege delly ettendance) to ADM (everege dally mem- 

Deferred until the 1973 seealen e f Inel decision on leglslatton 
euthorliing tocal school boaria to engege In "prefesslonel i 
negetletlens" with teachers' grwps. 

Appreprieted t23.4 mlllton le leunch en edu a'lenal 
pfogram for handicapped chlMran, assuring them et siMClel 
fecilities in public schools end. If ttMy ere not evelleWe, tultton 
to priMato s^ieeis. 

Granted immunity to teechera f^m Itoblllty m seHcIng out 
drug offenders end h-oubtomahars In their clessreems. 

HOUSING— AdoptedanopeR'houslnglewstrenger than the 
federel stetute end put enforcement In the etterney genera's 
oHice with the responsibility of seeking Inluncftons against 
property owners who discrim Inete on the bests of rece, creed or 

HORSE RACING end GAMBLING — ICIIIed e bill which 
would heve permitted churches end cheriteble organliattona to 
opereto bingo gemes. 

Continued the Perl-Mutuei Betting Study commission so it 
cen make Jts report to the 1973 session of the leglstoture wi 
whether Virginle should legellze perl-mutuel betting — e must 
If Virginia Is ever to heve e meter receh'eck. 

HIGHWAYS — Pumped tSO million more e yeer Into steto 
highwey funds to beef up recelpto from thd ges tex end llceiMe 
piatee to underwrite e revised 10 yeer consh-uctlon pregrem by 
relsing the ges tex hrem 7 to 9 cents e gellen. 

AUTOMOBILES - Killed loglstotton awltohing Virginia to 
the "no fault" concept In settling autonnDtoile demege claims 
md removing Insurence retes from the>dlrect cenh^ol of the 
Stete Cerperetton Cemmlutoh (SCO by euthorliing cem- 
penlee to begin cherging retes prior to SCC ei^revel. 

Set 140,000 es the minimum eutomeblto llebllify Imurence e 

^'J*^If '!!.*•!• •♦•♦• «•" "•''^ -- • «0,000i Increase which 
mekes Virginia's minimum one of the highest In the notion. 

Decided thet beginning with 1973 stete eutomeblto tags will 
be iMued for «ve yean and eech yeer the owner will buy e 
decel which will be etteched to the permenent plete to keep It 
up to dete. 

Provided for the sato of the new decels yeer ereund en e 
steggered bests to relieve congestion before the April is 
deedline under current lOw. 

POR THE WORKING MAN - Ralsvd meximum weekly 
unemptoyment cempensetton benefits from SS9 to 170. 

Increesed meximum workmen's cempensetton from 042 to 
170 e week end meximum deeth beneflto for job related 
fetolltles from S24400 lo^l^OO. 

Required cempenles that use polygroph (lie detector) 
devices tor screening job eppllcents to furnish the epplicant 
coptos of the tMe of the Interview, If such Is requestod. 

PUBLIC UTILITIES - Auttwrlzed the Steto Corperetton 
Cemmlnton to now pubiictieerings. If requested, on the rlght- 
ef<wey tor high power etoctric trensmlsslon lines end to take 
Into ec(»unt Ito Impeet on the environment In certifying e right- 
of -way. 

icittsd a bill requiring public utiiittos to get e certificato 
frem the tocel ptonning dlsfrlct betore exercising Its rigiit to 
omdemn property to eminent demein to ecquire right-of-way 

Klltod a bill to require utillttos to melntein en office In any 
first cless city where they do bushiess. ' 

THE ECOLOGY — Benned the sole In Vlrgmie of leepertf. 
skto (Mto end elllgetor shoes or eny ether piece of clethino or 
merchMidiee mode frem toe skin of en enlmel or bird ciessmed 
as "endangered spectos" by the toderel govelnment. 

Required extermlnetors who use pesticides to teke an 
exembiatton and be licensed as a prefesston. 

Killed hills benning the seto of beer, soft drinks end milk in 
nonreturnabto bottles — populerly known es "dispesebles" — 
and referred the problem to the continuing study by the selM 
westo cemmiseion. 

i-.-^f iI*'*lU*^l.Wi*'" '>«"»««fV wttnds 100 mitos out 
into Nie Attonfto end thet the stoto has control over ell mineral 
end ell depeelts en the Cwtthwntei Shelf. 

CONSUMER PROTECTION - Exomptod customer frem 

"•i^ !• g"'' • "♦'"♦v •»'" J* ••• cemplelned ebout ebraken 
meter and It IS net repeIrM MM deys. m „w^wn 

^^^ *J^^ agreeeWe to benkers «Milch was aimed et 
protecting homeeMmers egalnst fly-by-iMght salMmon and 
htgh-proMwe merchwito by ghring them ao days to ftto a 
compialM wnh the bank or tlnence ram^ny which bought Me 
f»to they eigned en en tostoliment crnih-act — a diange to 
kneemes the doctrine of "hoWerin due course". "i»- » 

iJf.^f:''^^*i*"****7 - Empowered tocel gevermng 
bodtos to tiiarge for service (pellce-fb^ prMectton, gerteae 
Inr wm thou^ ten to &p- ^H«ctton) for property exMtpt frem reel Mtote texesTmc^ 
pM«it queatiOBahto aeltai en ^ ^f^lJ^^tift^^ "^ J?! Pr***^- 
Se part tf ele^ and an- «J*i^£°J5'^*'^i"'**^-**«*«^yC®w»««d"Mareetics 
w^r^a^tocwpe aoo ap- and Onw Abuse Control e permenent cemmlsoton using the 
pMBCed BMBOan. name *wg ebuse csnh^ ceuncN to ceordtoate drua aboM 

No eeiiehMM that Oris Pi^Bceme end be respenstote for sovenlng ell stoto end tocaf 
provldee one food raaaea Ibr •'IZSSSlJffl^ -!SSL*t '^ **^Jr?« »«>r««i. 

you ^ a good naa teap hta. ^ **}ff ^ J^ •••♦• crime Commhston o perm«|o«t 

whwe My yewem s eelMMg to stoto gevenMnwit, 

racratty proposed by Delegate 
C!lenn McClaiuin? 

Emphatically one wrote: 
"YES- and att liiree ahould be 
elective offlcea." 

"Yea," aaki another." and the 
pecqide ahould abo have recall 
power to uae if needed." 

Voting in the afHrmattve. a 
King'a Qnnt reridoDt wrote: 
"....Aa to two yau* tema, one 
may iweaume that ttiey wen 
primarily eatabliahed for 
poUtical control by the 
"organization." "eatabllah- 
moot" or what have you; 
however, tt^ can provide a 
betta* oportuiity for iotarastad 
taxpaytag eiiinna to eemet 
earta- raiat^ea at the poAa and 
a good raaaon to vote YIS to 
ItUa <pieaiieB." 

The writer neted.that ha did 
not have before him die 
steteneot by Dahiatt Gta 
MeClaan and ttw raasan for Ma 

"But inasmuch aa naitter the 
SUte of ^Iqinia or Um aty of 
Vtogtaria Beach haa aa eINctlve 
"confBct of litfarast" lav (or 
«tt bava, witaeaa, actiaB tatbe 
»?3 Lagtolathre mm/Oag) aad 
altteagh there la rrfevBwe that 
MiBe audi lav magr «dat (to 
same iB^adataBt) tbara la 00 
ODViona effort lb 





'Forget Polit^s, Tree Planters, 
Write Something For Homemakers' 

By Helen Crist 

Many a man would envy 

I^el Norton. His browh-eyed 
Mm wife Terry, with long 

frown hair and outspoken ways, 
18 a 21-yBar-old who'd rather 
wWp up a deUcate souffle and 
tend hw house than o^age in a 
whirl of social or business ac- 
tivity that takes her away from 
home most of the day. 

Not that Uiere's anything 
wrong with aU that extra in- 
volvement. "If a woman can 
keep up with her househokl 
diores and get a job too - fine - 
1« her go ahead. But if Um 
house or family has to suffer I 
cant see that," Terry said. 

We met Terry via the 
telephone when she called the 
Sun. - * 

"I like the Sun," she said, 

hut I'm SOTt of tired of reading 

about p(ditics and about women 

w*o go out and plant trees for 

8(Mneone etee.'' 

"Can't you write somrthing 

about women like me who don't 

have time to do those thii^ and 

I who are...wdl, homemakers?" 

Terry said she had a real 
iitferest in cooking - owned 
about 15 cookbooks and would 
like to see more recipes. 

"You like to co(A: and you 
ccdlect recipes?" we adced. 

"Sure do," she said. "'I'm a 
label reader too. If I see that I 
can get a recipe fay sending off a 
label - well, it's certainly worth 
an eight cent stamp, don't you 

"Fine," I agreed. "How about 
an interview?'^ 

"A what! You must be kid- 

"Nope, not at all." 

"Wow," she said as we made 
^ date for a later morning get 

We took a few wrong turns 
getting to Tory's house at 
Capital HUl Lane in the Prin- 
cen Anne Plaza section. We 
rang the do<ntell and had to 
wait a bit. Terry came hurrying 
to die door. 

"Sorry to keep you waiting 

but I'm not used to ddng so 
much cooking so earty in the 
nMHuing," she said, pushing her 
iMig hair back from her face. 

Straight-away we walked into 
her kitdien, where yellow paint 
and daisy contact paper on the 
wall made the ro(Hn seem full of 

And there, to our d^ghted 
surprise, was a complete 
spread of some of Terry's 
favorite specialities: Salads, 
Nicoise; Wienie-Lottas, baked 
bean cassercde, frosted lime- 
walnut salad, lemon cake 
shaped as a daisy. 

The whole thing looked ex- 
ceedingly tanpting, and we 
took our coffee into the living 
room, where a stereo was \ 
playing softly, and Terry gave 
us the recq)es she'd written out 

Her young son, Jesse Ray, a 
lively two-year-old was visiting 
a neighbor for the morning. 

"I really get interested in 
cooking when my mother, 
grandmother and I went 
overseas," she said. Terry 
spent nine months in Tirrenia, 
Italy, when her stepfather, in 
the Navy, was aboard a ship in 
the MecUterranean. 

"We lived on the economy, 
and I grew to love the Italian 
food and the cooking, but I 
didn't really experimoit much 
until Dan and I were married 
three years ago." 

Dan's with the Norfolk 
Beverage Co. They've beoi 
here at the Beach since Oc- 

Terry's an Alabama 
girl. .."come from Gadsden, 
midway betwe«i Hunteville and 
Krmingham," she said. Her 
parents and grandparents 
owned a nursery and florist 
shop there. 

"I was raised in a gre«ihouse 
practically." Her duty, as a 
child, was to keep the flower 
pots clean. "I used to think Outt 
flower arranging and all that 
was M hat and I'd much rather 
have be«i out playing," she 

But some of it must have 
rubbed off on her, because sIk 
enjoys creating arrat^ements 

now, and she's interested in 
growing flowers and 

She'll' tried her hand at gar- 
dening once since her marriage. 
"Last year when we lived in 
NOTfolk, I raised cucumbers 
and tonratoes and made bread 
and butter pickles." Now this 
year, Oiey'U put in a bigger 
garden back of their house, and 
Terry will do her canning on a 
larger scale. 

Terry says she tries to co<* 
something special and different 
once OT twee a week. "And of 
course when I make som^hing 
like the Wienie-Lottas I leave 
out the hot pepper sauce and 
chili peppers so the baby can 

according to package direc- 
tions. Combine next 3 
ii^redients. Place a wiener on 
each tortilla, top each with 2 T. 
chili mixture (reserve 
remaining). Roll tortillas 
around wieners. Arrange, seam 
down, in 12 X 7V4 X 2 tiich 
baking dish. 


Combine remaining chili 
mixture and tomato sauce, pour 
over the tortillas. Sprinkle witti 
pei^rs. Bake 350 degrees for 25 
to 30 minutes. Tc^ with cheese. 
Serve with shredded lettuce and 
tomato wedges. Serves 4 to 6. 


3 medium-sized cooked 
potatoM, sliced. 

dressing over warm potato 
slices and codced beans (in 
separate bowls) to coat 
vegetaUes. Rub the inside of a 
large shallow salad bowl with 
Uie cut surface ci the garlic. 
Line bowl or serving platter 
witii lettuce. Unmold the tuna in 
colter of bowl and separate bito 

Arrange sq)arate mounds of 
the potatoes, green beans, 
onion, tomatoes, and hard- 
cooked eggs in colorful 
groupings around tuna. Garnish 
with anchovies, olives and 
capers. Pour dressing ov^ aU 
before serving. 


WIENIE-LOTTAS...Tasty and practical... popular, too. in the 
Norton's household. Here Terry serves up a piping hot dish sbvlght 
from the oven. 

8ALADE-NIC0ISE...A just-right 
with Terry's homemade dressing. 

eat it too." 


8 to 10 frozen tortillas 

2 - 10% OK. cans chili wiUiout 


^ 1 T. instant minced onioh*^ 
6 to 8 drops bottled hot pqqier 

1 lb. (8 to 10 wieners) 
1 - 8 OK. can tomato sauee 
V4 C. seeded and chopped 

canned green chUi papers 
4 oz. sharp natural Cheddar 

cheese (shredded) (1 clip) 

lunche<Hi...especially pigmant 

I pkg. (9 oz.) forzo) green (ToserveonSalade-Nicdse) 

beans, cooked 
1 clove garlic, cut in half 

1 small head lettuce 

2 cans (6Vi or? oz. eadi) tuna, 

1 mild bnidfi, quartered, 
thinly sliced 

1 T. capers (optional) 

2 ripe tomatoes, cut in wec^es 
2 hard-cooked eggs, quar- 

1 can (2 oz.) rolled anchovy 
% C. pitted ripe olives 

COMBINE IN JAR <« bottle 
% C. olive oil or salad oil, 2 T. 
red wine vin^ar, a mixture of 1 
teaspoon salt, % teaspoon 
pepper, i teaspoon dry 
mustard, and 1 T. finely 
cheeped chives, and 1 T. finely 
chopped parsley. Shake 
vigorously to blend well betoee 
pouring over salad. 


2 jara New England style 

baked beans 

1 large onicm sliced 

2 large tomatoes, sliced Mi" 

Salt, p^per 

EMPTY ONE JAR beans into 
a cassercde. Separate onicMi 
slices into rings and arrange on 
top of the beans. Add the other 
jar of beans and cover with 
sUced timiatoes, overlapping if 
necessary. Salt and pepper. 
Bake uncovered in a 375 degree 
oven for 20 minutes cr until 
thoroughly heated. Serve widi 
cfM ham slices or other cohl cut 


1 pkg. (3 oz.) lime gelatin 
1 C. boiling water 
1 can 8V% oz. crushed 

1 C. cottage cheese 

hi C. finely ch(^ped celery 
\i C. chopped walnuts 

2 T. chon)ed pimiento 

1 i^g. (3 oz.) cream cheese 

2 T. may<mnaise 

1 teaspoon lemon juice 

boiling water. Oiill until con- 
sistency of unbeaten egg white. 
Fold in undrained {H^eapi^e, 
cottage cheese, celery, nuts and 

Turn into 8" square pan. Chill 
until firm. Blend together 
remaining ingredients. Use to 
frost salad. Cut into squares and 
serve on lettuce. Makes 9 


Cucumber slices (about 16 - 4 
to 5" long, sliced V4" thick) 
1 medium oni(Mi sliced 

1 medium gre«i tomato sliced 

2 C. cider vin^ar 
V4 teaspoon turmeric 

1 two-tfairds C. sugar 

3 teaspoon celery seed 

2 teaspoon prepared mustard 
1 teaspoon ginger 
% teaspoon mace 
Few dashes red pe(q)er 

cucumber slices, onions and 
tomatoes, sprinkling rach layer 
with salt. Add water to cowr 

vegetables; make sure all 
vegetables are completely 
subm^ed. If Utey ftMt, lay a 
piece of wax paper across bo«^ 
and place a saucer on top to hdd 
vegetabtes undo* the brine. 
(One pickle not submofed wiU 
spoil all of them.) 

Let stand 24 hours. Turn into 
colander to drain for 15 
minutes. Put in enamd pan and 
add remaindo- of ii^ied«its. 
Heat to boiling point, simmer 
only 3 or 4 minutes. Pack in hot, 
sterile jars. 

Bnm.bie7n ^^ ^^p Sfevens Benefit 
Photos I To Aid Project Friendship 

Marguerite Dieir holds her 
pet dock close ^t StKr of the 
Sea Science Fair. A real 
animal lover. Marguerite 
raised the duck heraelf. 

'Hold JUm by the tail and he 
won't biii' says Adele Bemy 
(rf her yaet gerbil to teacher 
M«8- Kathryn Reed, 
cftairman ^ the Science 
fair J 

Your Luck 
With Spi^ 

Down through tte centuries, 
the spice shelf has always been 
conskiered a prime aHy in af- 
fairs of the heart. 

Romany gypsies tiised a whole 
nutmeg in a complicated 
ceremony to insure the eternal 
devotion of their sweethearts. 
Around the Mediterraman, in 
okien times, girls burned laurel 
leaves to charm errant lovers. 
Young ladies, eager to know the 
names oi future husbands, used 
to set a row of onions on the 
mantelpiece. Each onion was 
named for an eligible man, a 
possible husband. Whichever 
grew first, represented the 
future husband. 

Declarations of love were 
sometimes made by wearing or 
carrying a sjw-ig of herb. In 
Italy, basil is called "Kiss-me- 
Nicholas" and any chick ap- 
{H'oachihg a favorite young man 
with her basil sprig is hoping to 
be kissed. 

Rosemary has always been a 
romantic symbol of fidelity in 
love and marriage. As HamM's 
Ophelia said, "There's 
rosemary, that's for remem- 
brance." Alert young men 
learned early, however, that in 
the home, "where rosemary 
flourisheth, the woman ruleth. ' 

Ancient Gre^ and Roman 
lovers went to the altar wearing 
crowns of marjoram. German 
Wd^ were quite {Tactical, 
carrying a bit of cumin seed at 
tl» wedding to make the vows 
more binding. 

Today, we're even more 
|H-actk:al-using spices as they 
should be-by pre{Mrtng come- 
hither dishes because "the 
stort^t way to a man's heart is 
through his stomach"--and 
Kron his teste bucb. 

Project Friendship is going 
all out to get its Day Care 
Center buUt. CXtuntuig on music 
lovers to swell its coffers, it's 
bringing live entertainment to 
the Civic Center Eastern 
Sunday from 8 to 12 p.m. 

Performing artists are Flip 
Flop Stevens and his troups- 
including recording stars 
Debbie Taylor, Ida Sands, 
Barbara Staunt, Wilson 
Williams, plus Kelly and Soul 
Explosions and Positive 

Tickets are available at the 
Dome box office for $3 in ad- 
vance and $3.50 at door. 

Project Friendship was bom 
as a result of a need. The 
sewage systems at Seatack 
Community Center needed 
repairs to suit the local health 
codes. The center meeting room 
needed a facelift-a paint job and 
some presentable furniture. 

An interracial group of 
concerned members of the 
beiK:h community, it came into 
existence in May 1969. The 
initial goals were reached with 
funds netted from concession 
booths at the Greater Tidewater 
Fair in summer '69 and from 
talent shows the same year. 

Ilie ultimate goal- a child 
care center- was established in 
January, 1970. Such a service 
was regard^ as a partial 

solution to the problem of the 
welfare mother entrai^)ed in 
tiie welfare system while 
needed in the home to care for 
her young children, most often 
wiQiout the he^ of an absent 

A survey showed that the 
population of Seatack in 
January 1970 was 4,865-85 per 
cent of whom were living in 
poverty. They counted 914 
homes, two-thirds of which 
were substandard. There vtere 
602 preschool age children 
within the 521 families resident. 
The community could an- 
ticipate the arrival of ap- 
proximately 400 additional 
families as a result of the rent 
supplement housing project 
then in the [danning stage and 
now completed. 

These statistics ceniented the 

A site for the child care 
facility adjacent to the com- 
munity center became 
available early in 1970. A 
member of Project Friendship 
loaned the group the money- 
interest free- to secure the land. 
Fund raising to repay the debt 
was iniatiated. Funds were 
accumulated through small 
benefits-musicals, a stockcar 
show, membership drives, 
talent shows, more concessiwis 
at the Tidewater Fair. But 
$53,000 still is needed. 

Todd Smith 
Wins Talent 
Show First 

Todd Smith's a talented 
ventriloquist, and just recently 
he took first place in a Talent 
Show at Alanton School. 

Tlie show was put m by the 
PTA. Second and third i^ce 
winners w«^ Robin McAlister, 
singing "Kids are People Too! " 
and Nicky Kyrus, playing the 

"Norw^ian Concerto" on the 

The youngsters all gave a fine 
performance and judging was 

It was noted^at the meeting 
preceding the show that 
monthly movies have been 
succ^sful and attended by a 
large percent of students. 

The sclKKrf will sponsor a 
carnival on April 29. 

ITiere was a decision made to 
give five lifetime PTA mem- 


1 T. unflavored gelatm 
^ C. aigar 
Dash salt 

2 b^ten eggs 
% C. wat» 
1 6 oz. can hrosea lemooade 

concentrate ^ 

1 - 14^ oz. can evapuRated 
milk chilled icy cold and 
whipped i 

Ydlow food colMing 
1 - 10" tube angel food cake 
sugar, and salt; add eggs an^ 
water. Cook and stir until 
gelatin dissdves and mixture 
thickens sUglttly; remove tnm 

Stir in concentrated 
lemnuide. C%ill until partiafly 
sc^ ; ^ into whipped mflk. Add 
a few drops food col<»ing. Rub 
the brown crumtts off cake ; tear 
cake into bite soe pieces. Cover 
bottom of 10" tube pan with thin 
layer of gelatin mixtures 
Airange (me-third of cAe 00 
top. Pour one-third of 
remaining gelatin over. Repeat 
layers. OM until firm. Umntrid 
on serving plate. IVim with 

These are jjst a few of Teny 
NOTton's favorite recipes. And 
one (rf her prira poi^^sions te a 
book she boi^ht at an wetion 
ajtitled, "A Tlrousand Ways To 
Please a Husband With Bet- 
tma's Best Recipitt", puMished 
in 1917. 

It must have worked weD hi 

ferry's case, because ber Dan 

Is a contented husband... "'fat 

and happy," she says witti a 

wise Uttle smile. 




CAU 340-2708 



AppMlBw: niEE wkk IMmmt 
Pim P«i Tr«jr (Served «ith f\mSm HHwdii) Cbo Clio. 
tAaatip T(MMMin, Span Ribt, mukm^a^ ImH. 

9m»«1L.4: ran wSk oSmt 

Crap Toaeii Giwa with Mw HMnrfi How Thmixi^ 
Choose from our 20 Fo^hIemm DumerM 

such as 


rHiM SitWa SiMk 



rniM sitMM MMk , ... , - . 

eSE^- ^^^ ^-aSi 

M 11:11 aa 



857-5951 Party Room Avaikbto 




' a' ■ ' 


i I 




Alabama Restoration 
Ideas Welcome 

By Helea Crttt 


pIMM Ib 

mm IBAMCS to Mn. lUthy N. HoUand for the fine lett«F she 

I rettantion in E^tfatda, Alt>ama, that we 

UM WBrifft &m. And if she can foiifive all ttie 

«nNn (it was a ^at week for them) w're hq>ing 

•Of* MMrmattoD ami get K-lividy inv<rived in the 

ttat^ catcUsg flce.Thanki, too, to aU those wiie 

to tte rtMontieii irictes. Let's keep the interelt 

pi-« lAfl snuMifiig pwriBve Is done about it. 

'lUwnd Abcmt n^ B^ch 

^ WM MWWWWWD GARDi;^ (XUB wm b«ated to a talk Igr 
AWiM M. fNKf^ of Norf dk. He's the camellia specialist who was 
i nwigWiwI by ''Better Hemes and Gardeitt, Gardei Ideas for 1971" 
« • •ewer of more than 140 varities of (»meUias...Hoste8S was 
Iftt-Mn S. Btvllle with an assist by Mrs. A. tl. Brunslli, Mn. H. 
M. JaRtau and lbs. C. L. OWera. 

IMFm SL $nm Mn. Cedl H. Reed dUscunlng the March 
matfRg fli Ldn Jayce Garden aub said that James Qihen, a 
MtiMU Judgi «d laborer |^ve a cmstructive analysis m In- 
M«Mve Darign and Creativity at Shore Drive Inn Mrs. Reed 
«Mb i. B. T. Batonuui wUl bed^^ates at the lldewato- District, 
VhgWa F^edwaten vi CNirden Clute' spring meeting, with Mrs. 
AObnf WtttattMen, and Miss Isabel wmiams, alternates. 

VmNCBSA ANNE COUNTRY CLUB reports that Seaborn 
PUUoveliaewclii>inaiiager...On March 28, PACC women golfen 
«tt kavB Qite opming g<M luncheon in the Prince Oiarles 

u..lftuth SO, they'fl have that good Famity Night Plantation 

' imerratkMis, please. 

NBD) A COOKBOOK? Tlie Faculty Women's Club of Virginia 
tttk has conmOM a Centennial Cookbook, to commemorate the 
|W>wMoBg eeMirattgo of the lOOth birthday of the founding of the 
lMv«itt3r...The book will m^e it possible for a number of womwi 
MndM^ to attend the University through scholarsl^ grants 
...Ottt to A, iMhKliog postage and >)andUng...It can be ordered 
frm Ontaealal Cookbook, P.O. Box 395. Blacksburg, Va., 24060. 

VIRGINU COUNat ON SOCIAL WELFARE will hold its 70th 
nNCtiai Apra IMl in WiUiamsburg .. Word is that Mrs. LeonUne R. 
Vmg (rf HtmaA, om of the nation's foremost authorities on 
«MttWi win speak at tin openii*.. Author of "Out of Wedlock" and 
me aiMrllcGnw Mil boiAs in the social service field, Mrs. Young 
Mdstfiedoclvof Mdaliiwlfare degree from the New York School 
b Social Worit...PartildpBting froin the Beach are William E. 
fbanO, Mrs. Frances W. Cuthriell and Mrs. Betty Jo Boyd of the 
Deputinant oT social services. 

To Sing 

In Latin 

By Elaine Kalm 

A thing of beauty and 
ecumenical uniquMiess is the 
faster music to be presented by 
the Bow Credc Presbyterian 
Church, on March 26, at 3:30 
pjn. at Rolanoirt Road and 
Flaza Trail, with the asristance 
of the Boys and Girls <a 
the Kellam Hi^i School Choir. 

There is no generation gap 
here, as the two groups present 
"Prgnium." by Faure, under 
'he direction of Frank Tatum. 
•Soloists will be Harry Garks 
and Miss Holly Mlllis. It's 
.suggested the military per- 
Kimnel wear their uniforms to 
'his concert in honor <rf the 
Viebiam PrUKHaws of War who 
ure deprived of being with their 

The Kallam High School 

Choir will also sing the 

"Ruquiam" on March 23 at 7:30 

|).m. at the Kallam High School 


Kasler Sunrise Service at 
now Creek Presbyterian 
riiurch will begin at 6 a.m. on 
Uk> s(tulh lawn of the church. 
Toffee and Moravian sweet 
rakes will be s«rved in the 
ihiirch after the service. 
Fveryone is Invited. 

Two Identical communion 
services at 9:30 and 11 a.m. in 
Ik sanctuary will be held. 
1 hrre will be church school for 
' Iiildren which will run at the 
>aiuc lime as adult services. 

Tlic church will observe 
t'linimunion In the custom of 
'liclr Scottish fwefathers 
Aiiiundy Thursday, at 8 p.m, 
the saunctuary. 



^aWOANT OFnCERS WIVES CLUB has selected Uke 
WtiHA OioDer l^tre f«- a charity benefit on March 23.. .Social 
teur bagtas at il:30 followed by a buffet at 7 p.m. On the bill is 
■nfey'ra a Goad Han CharUe Brown "...Tickets can be picked up 
#«B aw ONO^ANT Divteion head wife... To benefit from the 
avtot WUl be Om Kkideland Nursery at NOB, Frirads of the 
^ki(ftA Juvenile Court and the National League of FamUies. 

NA%Y WIVK CLUBS OF AMERICA, lldewater Area CouncU 
maittig win be hcM March 30 at the New Gosport Community 
OeMr inI^Mrti0MX«h at lO a.m...NWCA Admiral Logan McKee 136 
wm be hostets dub. 

ADMlRAL'rfyWNSENDPREP SCHOOL, an information school 
for Itevy «dvea, boM two aories each mcmtti to a<^ualnt the women 
wl6 dMidbi of aO aspects of Navy life. New classes start April 4'^ 
tnm ttSOa.n. to if :» April 19-21 flrom 12:30 to 4:30 
pi.m...To rafteler, phme the Administration Department, Naval 
Afr Station Oeeans. 


Mrs. Glenn NcClanan as 
hostess recently to the Princess 
Anne Plaza Garden Club. 

Dr. Charles Elstrodt, hor- 
ticultural specialist with the 
Virginia Beach Experimental 
Station illustrated a talk <»i 
"Lawi^" with color slides. Dr. 
Elstrodt advised the members 
to use a 'wait and see' attihide 
for shrubs which many have 
been damaged by the winter's 

Mrs. BUI Warran, ecology 
chairman, was omgratalated 
on the wcH'k done by h«r. com- 
mittee in planting trees on 
Jjsbor Day. 

Joyce Davis W& 
Dr. Joe Tynes 

TAHB Auxiliary Donates 
Language Machine To Tj 

Tictewator Association of 
Hone Builders Women's 
kmiMuf donated a Language 
ktastir MMhtae to lldewater 
Association of Retarded 
(MMpm at its March meeting 
^ the White Sands aub. 

Ttey are now collecting 
cWllBg for needy retarded 

nil h just one of the 
(Parities diat ben^t from the 
wait ef the autUiary, which has 
bean ade^ed for three straight 
yMn as "Auxiliary of the 
Year" by the National 

Be^ Helfaitf nys. "We're 
trytag hard fer a foirth." 
One of the club's project is a 



Mrs. William B. Hughes, 
pro^Hit <rf IN Woman's Qub 
of ChMifteake Bmdi, and Mrs. 
SUtks Ib^rrig, first vice 
pre s id e n t, wm clvb t^bgates 
A tteHdeimla- I^trict Spring < 
of flie V.F.W.C. on- 

"Show and Tell" hoise that 
they give to elementary schools 
tlu-oughout Tidewater to help 
chil(fat>n understand the con- 
struction oi a house. 
Many of the club projects will 

be on display at the Mid- 
Atlantic Htrnie Show at Scope, 
March 24, 25 and 26. * tt's 
sponsored by the Tidewater 
AnodatlMi of Home BuUdws. 

GRATEFUL FOR MONEY to purchase a Language 
Master Machine for TARC U Mrs. Carolyn StrickUwi, 
TARC direclM-, accepting a check frona Mrs. CMstiBe 
MeicMorre and Mrs. Betty EUliM, <rf TAHB. 

During a candlelight 
ceremony on March 18 at 7:30 
p.m. in the sanctuary of the 
Fh-st United Methodist Churdi 
of Arlington, Texas, Miss Joyce 
A. DavS and Dr. Joe W. lynes 
were married. 

Miss Davis is die daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. HarmcHi J. Davis 
of Washington, North Carolina. 
A former Beach resMent, she 
Uught fifth grade at Cooke 
Elementary School and 
•n-^fltWWd School. 

Dr. Tynes is the son of filr. 
and Mn. Joe W. Tynes of 
Pamps, Texas. 

Officiating at the cerraaony 
was Dr. Jack Payne, minister of 
Fint M^hodist Oiurch. Mimic 
was provided by Rever«id BUT 
Biller, Ministo- of Musk: at the 

The bride had Mrs. Jdm 
Ivary of Eugoie, Oregon as 
matron of honor. Serving as 
bridesmaids w«e Mn. Paul 
Burnett of Arlingtoa^nd Mrs. 
Harmon Davis of Atlanta, 
Georgia, the bride's sister-in- 

Serving as best man was 
Donafd Kickey of Denton, 
Texas. Groomsmen were 
Rob«rt D. Brown of Centra 
Park, California, the bride's 
brother-in-law; Harmon J. 
Davis of Atlanta, the bride's 
brother; Paul Burnett of 
Arlh^ton; Dr. G.W. Grammar 
of Arlii^ton. 

On .the arm of her father. 
Miss Davis entered the churdi 
throu^ an archway of live 
greenery, white and yellow 
flowers, and glowing can- 
delabras. The suKtuary was lit 
entirely by candelabras, which 
extended down the aisle; 
around the altar, and ah)H the 
stain i^an wimtows. The bride 
wore an Empire A-Une Satin 
Gown. The bodtee and cuffs 
were of AteKxm lace and the 
VictiHian standing collar ac- 

cented the lace neckline. Ap- 
{dlques of Alencon lace and 
pearls covered the sMrt of the 
floor-length gown as well as the 
detachable chapel train. The 
Camdot sleeves were oi sheer 
organza. A matching headpiece 
of pearls and Alencon lace with 
a shoulder-length veil, com- 
ideted the ensemble, the bride 
carried a cucade bouquet of 
white ordilds, «ddte carnations, 
yellow daisies, and liUles of the 

Immediately after the 
ceremony, the coiqile received 
Uieir guests at a candldight 
reception in the Fellowship HaU 
of the church. Serving as 
hostesses were: Mrs. Jim 
Miller, Mre. Ken aeaver, Mrs. 
Idys Cox, Mrs. Irvin Walker, 
Mra. G.W. Grammar, and Mrs. 
Juanita Griffin ; aD ci whom are 
from Arlington. 

Music was provided during 
the reception by Rush Robinson 
of Arlington. 

The bride's table was adonied 
witti white lace over yellow 
linra. The four-tier wedding 
cake was deon-ated with yellow 
uid vriiite flowers and tqiped 
with a bride and groom. The 
cake along wiU) fruit punch, 
yellow creme mints and nuts 
provided the refi^eshmoits for 
the more than two hundred and 
fifty guests. A candelabra wiUi 
yellow and white flowera was 
the centopiece fur the draped 

The Fellowship HaU and the 
receiving line were flanked by 
palms, white columns and 
silver candelabras. The bridal 
couple receii^ guests in front 
of a candle archway ad<Hmed 
with yellow and vMte fkiwera. 
"Hie coufrie will honeymom in 
Acapulco and Mexico City. 
They will live at 1S04 R^ency 
Court No. 232 in Arlington. 


Salgado President 
Without Partners 

Tkiewatw dOvtei il of 
ParenU WithoiKr 1»#bers 
recently held its Idecioa of 
officers. Mrs. Mary A. Salgado 
la president; Bob Weigand, vice 
president; Jackie McCain, 
treasurer; Vara .Mamillo, 
ncording' secretary;. Nora 
Pr'uden, corfjli^ondlng 
secretary, Heloi Hugha, 
monbership director. 

Also: VictorU Washe, 
programs and education 
<firector; Jack QuaUs, adult 
actvities director; Toula 
Nicholgou, family activities 
Arecter^ Bob Garel, public 
infoFmation director; John 
Boone, member services 

All prospective monbers are 
welcome to the monthly 
meetings. For further in- 
formation call one (rf the of- 

I^rents Without Partners is 
an international nm-profit, non- 
sectarian, educational 
organization devoted to the 
welfare and interests of single 
parents and their children. 


See Mansion 

By Vera Henderson 

"Ladies take, the wide 
staircase to the left and goi- 
tlemen go up the narrower one 
across the hall." Don't get 
excited girls. No discrimination 
against womoi here." 

Tlie speaker, a hostess at the 
Governor's mansim in Rich- 
mond was addresstaig a group of 
Virginia Beach Republican 
wrnnoi who, under the auspices 
of Mra. Joseph Canada, had 
come down for a tour of the 
mansimi and the Capitol last 

"In the days when womai 
wore wide, ho<^ skirts," our 
hostess continued, "special 
staircases were built to ac- 
commodate them." 

Althot;0i the interior ot the 
mansion was completely 
burned mit by fire in 1926 when 
Governor Trinkle's little mm 
ran under the CSiristmas tree 
with a lifted sparkler, we 
learned that the original fur- 
nisfali^ have bem restored 
oitirdy In the colonial fadUon. 
A short walk tock us to the 
Capitd and the Senate gallery 
where sessions begin at high 
noon. We were given a calendar 
containing bills under Con- 
sideration and listened in 
amaisement as the Qerk rai^dly 
read the 33 pages of them out 
loud. We n^e6 with approval 
girl pages scurryhig in and out 
and fliat each group of visitora 
in tbfi gallery was formally 
introduced by a senator or the 
lieutenant govo-nw. 

A delicious luncheon broiuht 
our excuraion to a dose and a 
day that started with rain and 
clouds ended with sunshine and 
lots of new and interesting in- 
formation about our state 

MRS. MARY SALGADO, president Parents Without 
Partners, with daughters Lealy and Cindy. 

Watch That Fine Print 
P.A. Woman's Ckib Told 

"The large print giveth and 
the fine jMrint taketh away, " 
Charles Martak, manager of 
Tidewater Better Business 
Bureau told the Princess Anne 
Woman's Club at a ^recent 
meeting at Scott Memorial 

Martak was speaking of free 
travel advertising, and he urged 
the woman to be cautious when 
accepting it. 

Club members at the meeting 
tallied up their donations to 
various organizations during 
the year. They gave $2,500 to 
Hope Haven, $2,000 toward 
scholarships, $500 to tiK Mental 
Health Foundation and $100 to 
the Virginia Beach Little 
League, Inc. 

Ata disi^y of arts and crafts, 
Uue ribbons were won by: Mrs. 
D.L. Wan de Wisle, Mre. R.B. 
Tynes, Mra. David Y. Malbon, 

Mrs, A. R. Hunting, Mrs. J. A. - 
Miles, Mrs. Kari DuVal, Mrs. v 
Millard Godsey, Mrs. F. M. 
Camp, Mrs. C. W. Jernigan, 
Mrs. J. G. Smith, Mrs. Harry E. 
Billups and Mrs. William 

Officers were elected for the 
coming year: 'Mrs. A. R. 
Bunting, president, Mrs. H. J. 
Stansell, first vice president; 
Mrs. Lacy Robeson, second vice % 
president; Mrs. Thomas * 
Follary, third vice president- 
Mrs. Ian Hamilton, recording 3 
secretary; Mrs. E.E. De Long, * 
corresponding secretary; Mrs. 
W. E. De Lancy, treasurer. 

Sixteen members attends 
the Tidewater District of ine 
Virginia Federation ofWomen's 
Clubs in Hampton March 21. 
Seven members have made 
reservations for the VFWC 
state convention in Roanoke, 
April 24-27. 

Does Your Happiness 
Depend Upon Others? 

Of Interest 
To Parkas 

"Challenges Facing Parents 
Today" is the title of a program 
at St. Nididas Churdi this 

^>eid^ere are Dr. George. M. 
Bright and Dr. Ted R. Aber- 
nathy <rf the Medical Cd^gi of 
Virginia. Saturday's qieatere 
are Efr. and Mn. Andrew 
Farret of Baltimore. Ilckets 
are $3 per couple. 

By Rev. Joyce Kramer 

Many jpeoph are in bondage 
to unreasonable, as well as 
unhealthy dependency feelings. 
They think that their own 
hapi^ness depends upon the 
actimts of someone, often ex- 
pecting or demanding that 
another take care of their en- 
tertainment, their social needs 
and many other needs and 
desires, "rhis is a carryover 
from infaiKy and a direct effort 
to control the life of another 

There is no need to be an 
emotional burden to others. No 
one can make you happy unless 
you want to be. No one can 
make your life meaningful for 
you; you must be an active 

participant. It is unfair to ex- 
pect others to make decisions 
for you. Itie person who lets 
others make his decisions then 
gripes whenever things didn't 
turn Out just as he thought they 

To be overly dependent upon 
people is to be subject to hurt 
feelings — to feelings of neglect, 
loneliness and the like. 

Learn to depend on yourself. 
God's unlimited Spirit is within 
you to guide you and to help you. 
What more do you need? 



I a. "Rie meetii^ was hdd 
at ^ H<^ Chamberlin in 

Otko* nMmben attending the 
n^ing w«-e Mra. Ray 
ftweden, Mn. Cmti Fox, Mn. 
M.Q. Roper, Mra. Charles 
Wans, Mra. George Delsiey, 
Mra. Harry Fulfkd, Mrs. 
Utaux StuSM, Mra. Oruo 
UriiV. Mrs. Minnie W«n-- 
Wrtn^mi, Mra. Donald ^aes 
aai Mra. Jerry BondL 

fta Mawh haA ea n mrcting 
«f te dub was held at the 
Banate ka with the PiAUc 
AffitaiDap^ment in dhw^ of 
te ^'^lua. Departmoit 
Is Mra. Milton 
As a (Mrt of the 
BS on Utt 
rf oactf were ^own 

Jitfnk C. 1^1^ a wam^m 
Ai kMi# tf *«««■ lor the 

Good Coumry AnSWeUmn Mutk 

*Xiood Eating"" Food 

$|3i UP 


Nsshvilla Eatt 


TEE mm;roney 

8 "•"• " I A.HI. 





• ISO 

6 TO 
11 P.M. 

Nashville East 





pry air in your h«m brings discpnifort 
(colds, high fuel bills, static electricity). 
The answer? Clinfatrol' whole-home, auto- 
matic, economical humidif icati<Ni! Call today 
for details! 



23461 ♦ (703) 428-0731 J 


Assorted Chocolates 

1 lb, box . . $2.00 <^-^ 

2 lb. box ... $3.95 (f^ 
Htpk ion tiasket . . . $1.50 


2e7-SdlST. 3^ A ATLANTIC ufv^ 

4n*m 4»Mi7 ^ 


Charlie Mims Seeks 
World Drag Record 

heads Crt (l,a^oS' JS ^J^ t,"^ ^ ' ^*>'*'« "* 
.. y ^narioiw, North more weeks afrer the track has 



CaroUna, this weekend for an 
assult on a world drM record 
Mims won top stock elminator 
m Richmond with an elapsed 
time of 12.89 seconds and a 
speed of 102 50 mUes per hour 

The Charlotte I Motor 
Speedway will host the In» 
ternational Hot Rod A^ociation 
World Record Drag Race 
Championships on March 25th 
and 26th. Mims will be i trying to 
r^ain the world rec(M-d that 
was his before a recent Bristol 
Intfernational Dragway event 
where a new record was set. 
The record set at Brist<>l was 115 
miles per hour in an dapsed 
time of 12.81 secwids. 

"I feel sure I can set a new 
world record in Charlotte," 
Mims said^ Monday. "I am 
shooting for an elapse<J time of 
12.60 seconds. I proba^i^ly won't 
break the miles per hour 
record, but its the time <down the 
course that really coi^ts." 

Tlie Mims car is spoiAsored by 
Burns Tire and Wheel Center in 
Kempsville and Oak Grove Auto 
Supply. After returnipg from 
Charlotte, Mims will be making 

been paved. 

The "Flying Cycles" will also 
be fwtured at the Charlotte 
Motor S^ieedway on March Kth 
and mh. Inspired by the famed 
Evel Knievel. 18-year-dd R« 
Blackwell and 20-year-dd Cary 
Itavte are the latMt rage io 
motorcycle darectevih. 

On March 5th at the Ontario 
Motor Speedway, the two 
roared over a total of 21 cam, 
clearbg 138 feet and breaking 
Knievel's prevfous record of 19 
cars. The unique part of the 
"Flying Cycles" double jump is 
that the two youthful riders 
start at q>posite ends of a ramp, 
race towards each (rther, hurtle 
through the ah- just scant inches 
from each other, and land 
safely to the roaring approval of 
the crowds. 

Tickets for the IHRA World 
Record Drag Chami^onshiiM 
are priced at $5 for the Saturday 
activities and |7 for Sunday's 
events. A two<lay combination 
pass can be purchased for $10, 
no increase in announced prices 
due to the participation of the 
two-man motorcycling show. 


Ray Melton Announces For 
Langley's April 2nd Opener 

School Extramural 
Winners Announced 

The Virghila Beacli Public 
Schools through the Depart- 
ment of Health and Physical 
~ t Education announces the 
winners of the Third Ex- 
. tramurals for the school year 
' 1971-1972. The events were held 
at four schools with each 
member of a winning team and 
each individual winner being 
$; recognized. 

M The girls' b^inning gym- 
I nasties was held at Plaza Junior 
' with the following girls win- 
ssffi^-'ning: i - 

Uneven Bars— Sue Norton, 
Cox; Balance Bars -> Jenny 
' Morris, Bayside; Free Exercise 
— Lisa Wallace, First Colonial; 
Vaulting — Denise Hall, 
Kempsville Junior; and 
^Tumbling - Lisa Wallace, First 
•^Colonial. i 

The boys beginning basket- 
ball tournament was hdd at 
Virginia Beach Junior, with the 
host team defeating Princess 
Anne in the finals 40-35. 
Members of the winning team 
were Eddie Robinsoi. James 

Bass Totimey 
This Weekend 

The bus io Vta^inia Beadi 
win be particularly eautious 
Oiii weekend, because ^y will 
be the tai^ets 9i an unusauOy 
determined group of anglen 
taUng part ia ttie Vii^a 
Beach Anglers Club Bass 
Touniament on Satimlay and 
Sunday. March »th and 2(tth. 
Huwlreds of baas ientfauskuts 
are expected to participate 
again' hi the annual spring 
teUng tournament openae. 

Buddy's Bait Bam and Cap'n 
Smith's Baittwuse are advarne 
registration stations, and the 
Lake Smith Filling Station will 
register anglers on ttie t«« 
tournament days. The 
registration fee is one ddlar; 
and separate competitive 
classes will be set up for men, 
women, and children. 

Proof that large bass are in 
Lake Smith was presented 
Monday by an^ Dick Alberts 
of Norfolk. U^ natural bait, 
Alberts landed a twelve pound, 
she ounce largemoutt bass. An 
Algiers Clid) spokesman claims 
Out a UA more big ones are 
thoe walthig to be outemarted 
by tourney fishermen this 

Riq)er, Terry Harris, Verloni 
Feiton, Paul Mobley, Edward 
Barcliff, Walter Wiggins, Clint 
Wiggins, and Frank Wade. 

The boys volleyball was held 
at First C<donial with Cox 
beating the host team in the> weekend 
finals. Membera of the Co*. — r» -u_ ■ 

team were Robert Danner. Bill^ lOmmV DUuS AR 
Hogood, Rex Bams, Evan Pick. 
Dean Arrington, Johnny 
Richards, Chris Coidcwright. 
and Marty Adsion. 

The advanced boys basketbaU 
tournament was hdd at Cox 
with Bayside defeating Kemp- 
sville in the finals 23-19. 
Member of the Bayside t«im 
were Mike Lee, Scott Parker. 
Leon Williams, Gary Searey, 
James Jones, Bill HuU, Mike 
Harvey, Paul Cash, Doug 
Carter, and Mike Clifforrd. 

The girls advanced gym- 
nastics win be hdd later this 
month, and the final extra-' 
murals, tennis and track, wiU 
be held in May at sites to be 
announced later. 


AI^AAA Selection 

Piling up post-season 
hcnors. Tommy Butts _ 
s^ctod to die An-Group AAA 
Associated Press Basketball 
Team. Butts, a •'4" senior 
forward at Princess Anne H^ 
School, ted Us team to an 
outstanding lS-3 reonrd ttiis 

National jWildiife Federation 
Holds sith Annual Meeting 

N.A. "Bill" Wibter of 
Rioenix, Arizona, ^as been 
elected president | of the 
National WiklUfe Fed^tion at 
the 36th annual meeting of the 3- 
miUion member conservation 
organizatioD. [ 

Nearly 1,000 consen^tk»ists, 
scioitists, and noted govern- 
ment figures from all 
Puerto Rico, the V 
and Guam, attem 
meeting at Mexteo Q 
CanUno Real, Blarch 
list of partic^ms incli 
Secretary of Trans 
John Vo^. Tine m 
the first NWF coi 
outskle of north Am< , 
was based on the tbema of "One 
World of Envirt^ental 


A higMight of the three-day 
meetii« vras the {x-esentation of 
the Federattcm's Distinguisbed 
Serivcein Conservation Awards 
at the annual banquet, March 
11. Russell W. Peterson, 
Governor of Delaware, was 
named "Conservatim^ of tbe 
Year" for his landmark efforts 
to protect th» coasffine of 
Ddaware fr(»n heavy indutrial 
encroachment. In addition, 
Congressman Henry ReuM, 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was 
awarded for "Conservation 
Legislatfon" for his kM«-time 
national dedication to con- 
servation of natural resources. 

Thirty-four resohitlons vMA 
wm dtawt One FederaUon's 

Butts was the only Tklevnto- 
and Eastern Virginia area 
I^yer sdected to ttw A]H3roiq> 
AAA ffarst team. Ja U games 
this s ws on . he scored 4SS points 
for a 24.W points per game 
average. In post-season play. 
Butts scared 42 points hi tbe 
openbig gune batOe agaiwt 
Cox hi Uie Easteni District 

The state Associated I¥ess 
team ia adected yearlv by m- 
state qportswriters and sports- 
castera. Butts' outstanding 
play during his high sdM»l 
ctreer, in which he scored over 
1,000 points, caused him to be 
widely adahned and heavily 
recruited by colleges and 
universities in and out of 

ooaservatioB actfvitiea during 
the comii^ year were adi^ited 
by die dricgatea to the me^^. 
Among tbem were directhes 
alUng for a new natknal 
energy policy considering 
environnwntal implications, 
support for the devdopment of 
last and effldeot systems of 
mass puUic transportation, and 
strong r«K>mmendations for 
changes in newly-proposed 
federal water resource preset 

Bayside, Kempsville Win Openers 


The Viifinia 9eadi scholastic basebaU season 
got off to an exdting stort Tuesday afternoon. 
BiUy Paschafl fikimd Ut first mMdttwr aphist 
Norview, and KampsvOle wm 2-0 M. F'aschaU 
strudc out sane tettm and scored his team's 
tint nm. 

Mike Kdly tmught home ibe wtoi^ run for 
Bayskie with a bases loaded stagle hi tbe b(Mtom 
of tbe eighth, nit OolMiial got two nms tai both 
ifae second and tbe thfrd fai^^, hut wm 
shutout te rert of tbtw^r. Bayrids kqA ^e^ 
irt tiMl^rkit's ted, Moring omx in ttw second 
inning and theft eaflying for two runs in tbe ^th 
and a na in bo« the seventh and eigbtb tamtags. 
beattaig First (^loiriaM. 

Bobby Nkhob 

Langley Fidd Speedway, 
Hampton. Virginia, will 
feature, as guest anhouncsr on 
opening day, April 2, the "Dean 
of Stock Car Race An- 
twmtxn," Ray Melton. 

Tl» 2S year vetonn wOl 
beUow his famed, "Gentlemen, 
start your enginn," during aU 
heat and race events. Langley 
Field sdiedttled both Limited 
and Late Model events for 

Melton, who got his start prior 
to World War U wldi U«ky 
1%ta-, then, fdQowing the war 
with B. Ward Beam and tbe 
Qiampion Dan Devils, has 
been Chief Annotmcer at fsmed 
DarUngton, S.C. track for the 
past 16 years. 

The graveled-voice vetnan 
remarked, "I've visited 
Lai«ley Field muy times and 
have always felt that there was 
a great potential here." 

"I also believe that tbe cunmt 
rise in rack^ faitcarest wUl gtn 
Langley Field it's greatest 
season, "he added. "EspedaOy. 
with the drivers they will 


Tbaaa drivan ia^rie l^uee 
Wanen, Al CMnnan, Raadjr 
Rutebiaon, Jos Hendrick, Oeaa 
Hutdienson, Eddte Card, MM 
BraiOey. Joe Falk and Max 

Ungley Field has placed 
emphasis on fast iMh« in quidt 
time. Mdton was tfokk to 

"A lot of track owners." he 
noted, "tblak ibe fan shouM be 
gtvea bow altar hour of racii^, 
untfl it pours out tbefr ean. 
Bat." he added. "I don't agree 
at aU. I b^eve ta 0vtav ttiem a 
coiq^ howi of fast, ttviUtag, 
acttoQ, ihansMang tiiem horn* 

Un^ Field has placed 
Mha PttrtoB, one of stock car 
racing's top stewarte. fai as 
Chief Stewart, then backed him 
iniha pMs with Howard Barns, 
Ptt Stewart, and a hand pidted 

Uiiiik^ neld diMas to run 
bidepMidaBt <Ms season and. 
May 10, WiU switch tmn Sun- 
day afternoon, to Saturday 


Here Monday 

Nichols' Own Misfortune 
jDurred Red Winer Visit 

Cindy Ellis Rnishes Second 
In StElte Gymnastics Meet 

Money means a lot to the pto 
tour golfer and Bobby Nichols 
has won his share. But just 
being able to play~or ev# 
walk-is a majqr ac- 
complishment for this Calented 

It was partly because of his 
own personal naisfortune that be 
readily agreed n> participate in 
a Cystic Fibrosis benefit 
exhibition at Red Wing Golf 
Course March 27. 

A tremendous athlete at St. 
Kavier High School in 
Louisville, Ky., in both football 
and basketball, he was 
critically injured in 1M2 when a 
car hi which he was a passenger 
failed to n^otiate a curve. 

He suffered a brokra pelvis, 
back injuries, a brain con- 
cu8si<w and internal injuries. 
He was paralyzed from the 
waist down and was un- 
couscious f(Hr 16' -days' and 
hospitalized for 36. 

Nicholas recovered slowly 
later attended Texas ALB, 
where he won the 1956 Soutti- 
west Conference gdf titie. and 
graduated in 1936 with a degree 
in business. 

He joined the pro tour in 1960 

and began his cUmb in 13U) on 
(he list of careo* earnings 
($571,219.20). HU achievemente 
were much that his fellow 
golfers, voted hun an award for 
Ms courageous comd>ack after 
(he near fatal wreck. 

"Guys like Jack Nicklaus 
and Billy Caspo* can go out and 
win a tournamoit every four or 
five weeks, it seems." Nichols 
says. "I'm not in tiiat class, an 
it's a tremendous mentel lift is 
finish first- no matter what the 

The bluest purse for Mm-iH* 
for any golfer ever-came in tbe 
1970 Dow Jones Open. A 
dramatic 14-foot put on Uie final 
hole broui^t him 180,000 and 
him first $100,000 on the tour as 
he collected money in 20 of the 
25 events he played in that year. 

Until his Dow Jones win. his 
most memorable ooe was the 
1964 PGA Oiampionli^). He 
took that titie witii a 274, whidi 
stands as the stroke play record 
for the event. 

In 1967. Nichols came within a 
shot of winning tiie Masters. It 
look a 67 by his good friend Gay 
Brewer to win. 

His tour wins indude St. 

Lifesaving Devices 
Are Boating Musts 

lliink about Ibis! Y<ni are in 
your boat without a Coast 
Guard lifesaving divice aboard. 
What do you think coudd ha|>- 
pen? Well, at least two things: 
First, you could receive a $500 
penalty for not having that 
approved device, m for having 
one that is defective or not 
readily accessible. Now that's 
not too bad. After all, \t's only 
moaey. But secondly, you could 
lose your life. And that is bad. 

Contrary to what many 
twatmen think, the buoyant 
cushion is still acceptable on 
|4easure boats less than 40-feet 
length. According to Com- 
mando* Dave Corey of Uie Fif Ui 
District's Boating Safety 


Branch, "The Coast Guard 
cmsidering the poesibility 
approving only wearable 
lifesaving devices, but no action 
is expected before this boating 

The buoyant cushion can be 
tsed as a seat cushion, and ttius 
is readily available for use. The 
chief disadvantege to the 
cushion's use as a life preserver 
is that it can't be wwn securely, 
and when sonieone trys to WMr 
a buc^ant cushion on tbe bade, 
it temis to torce the weirer's 
face underwater. The use of life 
i»*eservers and buoyant vests as 
seats can be just as dai^rous 
because their sealed com- 
partments can easily rapture. 

Petershui^ and Houston in 1962. 
Seattle hi 1963, CarUng WorM in 
1964. Houston in 1965. Minnesota 
in 1966 and he teanted with 
George Ardier for tiie PGA 
learn title tai 1966. He was a 
member of the U.S. Ryder Cm> 
team in 1967. 

Nichols, who is 6-2, 196 
pouods, and ^e S, will a^iear 
with Masters chanm^on Charles 
Coody hi VirgUda Beach for Uie 
184iole exUbiUon. The match is 
scheduled for 2 p.m. Mardi 27. 
A clfadc by the pabr win be hdd 
at 1 p.m. and a reception in their 
hMMHT win be held at 7 p.m. at 
the Cavalier Hotd. 

Red Whig pro Jennings R. 
House and Tim McCoy, pro at 
Plaay Grave Counbry Club tai 
Baltimore, win also be playhig 
in tite match with Nicbids and 

Thelldewatn- Chapter of the 
Nationat Cystic Fibrosis 
Research Foundation is 
sponsoring the event. Tickete 
are available at area pro shops 
and from members of the Red 
Wing and SeweDs Point golf 
aModatiora. Tlek^ tfe |7 the 
^y of tbe mateh, |5 if pur- 
chased in advance! 

The oth^ types of Gosst 
Guard approved lifesaving 
devicea are: life presnrvers. 
buoyant veirts. life rings, ai^ 
qwdal purpose devices wMd) 
include hunters' floatation 
caste, sdtog vests, and water 
sUtaig veste. Corey said, "Tha« 
are many tHvmto on ttie mark^. 
hot to be aocqitidbie the de- 
vice mi^ have a M>d showing 
ttie Coast Guard approv- 
al wanbar**. 

Ciro^ Ellis was the only 
Virginia Beach giri to win a 
medal at the Stete Gymnastics 
Meet last wedcend. Cindy, a 
Cox High Schod gymnast, won 
(he second place medal in the 
vaulting competition. 

"The Northern schools 
dominated the state meet." 
Sharon Burkhart, coach of the 
Princws Anne High School 
gymnastic team, said Monday. 
"But. the Virginia Beach 
schools have made a lot of 
advances in the past couple of 


"Many girls scored higher in 
the state meet than they did 
when they won the regionals, 
but the state scorra were not 
high enough to win," Miss 
Burkhart added. 

Sandy Conkwright, also (rf 
Cox, was the top area gymnast 
in the regional meet and 
seemed to be headed for a state 
championship. However, Sandy 
met wift misfortune last week, 
breaking an ankle during 

Sm/ffi-Gunfer Lead 
In Tennis Gmnd Prix 

^an Smith of Sea Pines, 
South Carolina continued to 
build up his1)ig early lead in the 
n^'s s^pnent of the $375,000- 
{dus Commercial Vnim Grand 
Prix of tennis and. Nancy 
Ricbey Gunt«- of San Angelo, 
Texas todt over the women's 
f^d with victwies last week. 

Smith extended his winning 
streak to 20 match^ and four 
consecutive Grand Prix tcnir- 
naments by winning the $25,000 
Equity Funding International at 
Washugton, DC. Mrs. Gunter 
overtodc early leader 
Rosemary Casals of San 
Francisco by winning the 
$30,000 Maureen Connolly 
Brinko- International in Dallas. 

Smith recdved 30 points and 
boosted his total to 140 after five 
wedcs of men's competition. 
No. 2 man Hie Nastese of 

Rumania, a quarterfinal loser 
at Washington, has 76 points. 
Jimmy Connors of Belleville, 
niinms earned 2a pmnis as 
runner-up in WasWngton .and 
jumped into third place with 46 

Mrs. Gunter received 50 
points for an impressive vic- 
tory, her second in three weeks 
on the Virginia Slims women's 
pro four. Nancy defeated Billie 
Jean King of Palm-Aire, 
Tlorida in the final, after Mrs. 
King had beaten both of the 
young sensations of women's 
tennis, 17 year-old Chris Evert 
of Fort Lauderdale, Floricte and 
Australian Evonne Goolagtmg, 
the 20-year-old Wimbledon ■ 
chajnpion. Mrs. Gunter now has 
80 points and leads Miss Casals 
by 22. 


Princess Ave plays at KempaviUe and 
Baydde travds to Cos in aty basebaU action 
VMdi^ lAsntton. GaoMa stert at 4 p.m. 

CiMrry Padnoii It Butting Out 
All Ov»r In N««v UuHmr 




21st & Atlantic 

VA. BEACH, opp. the ooan 

(X>£N 10 to 6 dally 

C»»EN?lll. "TIL 9:00 


For C 


liegiilar £ ass Book Savings 

{By MaU if you wishf 


IMvkknds compounded quarterly 

WUtdrmjMds whhout Notice 
Depomi by Ae lOA earn from 1st 

bt9vred g^ina loss to ^,000 


Savings & Loan Association 

2I&2S1I1SI. ViigBQiaB«rii 

PlMnM; 4^-8331 


'• '4VV * ^m^H^f^mmm^mmmr^i^^^'iim 









hiblant Edges Masters 
Volleyball Tournament 

mn^n ^i^m away IS to w 
inr SUB, ^ Viii^ia 


oms," tte ^In tois w^t to 
f«\N}rof tiw Mtslm. Mia la ttat 


By T. Jay Bnimbfey 

Roger Visser (!) iplkei the 
kail as Dennis Willaman (3) 
•ttemtits to block. 

between the players, but also 
between the officials over 
dsputed calls. 

Hie finals were a replay of the 
1972 league season. During the 
r^ular season of play, the 
finish was identical — Phiblant 
first and the Masters second. 

Phiblant, although favored to 
wtn the ^Qi Naval District 
Tournament beginning this 
week at Dam Necl<, will 

MmlMll (trnffy) BokuiMa and Gortca MMUitto>d 
•treteh for (be ball to block a Joe Holioway (ttr^ed 
shirt in foreground) spike. 

Ik^ Uke a bunch of youof 

tt^-s in last weekmd'i 

IMMMter ^^oBybUn^^taot 

Annual Tournament In ttt 

MnccN Anne High Sdioti 

^ j ge kftou s e . tlie Mastos loet out 

il a ftie, experienced Phiblant 

iMua hi the teals by 15-9 and 1^ 

.1 KBiies, but the long route to 

1^ cham{H(m£hip game had 

tbken tte toll on the old timers. 

To reach Uie finals, the 

ttatan leun, whidi is 

PM^ of business 

pitifeiriMial mm all of «Mch 

«e S yens of age «r oMw, hwi 

^IB admi them^v^ in aa 

prfn f^y-M game with • 

PMB^NT Norfolk Opm team. At 

pe eod of a four-game douUe 

huai rdMa, ^ Vii^inla B^ch 

IbBtm aiMl the Norfolk Opea 

ipaflu were deadkx:fced for 

jiacoad j^an. 

If tti» ttie ^cond place team 
ana Vtte right to meet unbeatea 
PMbtant in tlw finals, ttie tie 
had to be btokm. Norfolk 
Qpei's captain favored a two- 
iaut^tf-teee mateh to break the 
1^. Tte Masters team, already 
fired and worn from eight 
Ipimes, wanted a single game to 
#cide tt« deadlock. 
■ Fortunately for the "old 

Virginia Wesleyan Cdl^e opened a 15 match tennis sdieduto 
last Sunday with a "N) loss^ St. Andrevra l>rest^erian Cdlege. 
Ei^t Iwme games will be played on Norfolk Academy and Prtii- 
Mss Ame High Schort cou^. Coached by Howard *Mast, the 
Wesleyan team has three returning iettermen from last year's O-liO 
team. Wesleyan meets Chowan College ttus aftemooa, Thursday, 1 
p.m. at Princess Anne. 

+ + + + + 

The annual public hearing on flsh and game laws, one (tf |he 
most impo-tant meetings the Commbsloo of Game and bdand 
Fisherlw holds all year, will be held tomorrow, Friday, March 
24th, in Richmond. Thehearhig gives hunters and ai^ere a chance 
to voice their views to the Commis^n. On the ag^ida are 
iroposals for eariy squirrd seascms, &niday huntii^{, a year rmuxl 
trout season, and protection for the Mack bear in the state. 
Proposals made at Oiis meeting will be accepted or rejected at the 
May meeting. 

-I- + + + + 

Richard Petty and his STP Plymouth became the first entry for 
Martinsville Speedway's Virginia 500 <m Sunday, April Stth. The 
speedway will observe its silver anniversary prior to the 1 p.m. 
starting time, marking 25 years of racing action since the speed- 
way opened in 1947. Richard's fathw, Lee, won races at Mar- 
tinsville on the old dirt track in 1953 and 1K4 and to^ the Virginia 
500 in 1^. Saturday, April 29th, wiU feature time triate, a 20-lap 
consolation race, and a 100 lap NASCAR modified race. 

+ -t- -I- -t- -»- 

For the first time in the history of the Rebel 400, the infield will 
be open the evening before Sunday's race. The hifield gates at 
Dariington Raceway will open at 10 p.m. Satiffday night, and the 
36-car Rebel 400 field will get the gre«i flag on race-day Sunday, 
April 16th, at 1 p.m. The track, considered by many to be the most 
demanding on the NASCAR ch'cuit, will open for driver practice on 
April 12th. Time trials begin m Thursday, and a consolation race 
will start at 4 p.m. on Saturday. Fred Loroizen wiU be making his 
1972 racing debut in the Rebel 400. 

-I- -t- -f- + -I- 

"Men are bwn collected. Fhrst they cdlect bugs, toads, and 
marbles; then girls, kisses, and ties; then money, worries, and a 
family; then golf troiAies, fishtog tackle, and hair tonics; and 
finally {»ins, symptoms, and memwies." — Dugout Dope. 

-»■ -♦- -I- -»- 4- 
The Dixie Youth Baseball League's publication Dugout Dope 
cautions the leagues about reward activity programs by well- 
meaning managers and parento. The practice df paying a boy a 
cash reward w bounty or a prize of merchandise donated by a local 
store may cause a boy's amateur status to be questiwied. Once 

He ehamploB Plata Demom. 

Demons Down Hawks To Win 
Plaza Intermediate Tourney 






V'hnfna Kv ' ^^^ '^""^ ^ "^y ' amateur status to be questiwied. Once 

IT XIUUJO Uy I declared professiwial, that is a player who receives money or goods 

I T C .,...^,^ I '*^ *^*' ®'f<""t8. the boy loses his amateur status to league play and 

I JOn idageSter J ^n high school and cdl^eplay. This is tme in aU types of organized 
'— ——«——■■■»—— J ball, not just in the Dixie League. Otijer than a troftoy for a 

champion^p, a boy is jeopardizhig his amateur status by ac- 
cepting any other rewards 

+ + + + 

Georgia suffered its fhvt golf loss o( the season in a three wigr 
match with South Carolina and Georgia Southera. Mateh victor 
Georgia Southern was led by a former Kempaville High School 
golfing star. Rick Smith. Smith riiot a 68, which was four undo- par 
and the low score of the day. 

. Final Legislative Summary 
Fish, Game & Conservation 

A Hawk fonaiMaa wMi Draiaaa' 

Ka Unmn (T) and p^b flWainaB (S) go above the net 
to block a Roger visser Spike. 

defeated Norfolk 15-13, It was a nevertheless meet some tough 
close, hard spking and hotiy 4j»mpetltlon from Oceana, I^m 
contested match, sprinkled Nedt,andiHrobablyBainbrid^. 
with heated arguments, not only 

Badminton League 
Ends Sixth Season 

The mixetldoubles badminton 
sponB(r^ by the City 
rtment of R^reation, 
ite sixtii s^isim Monday 
o^ht TMnty-four couples and 
Mthstibite ow^es made up 

Stiu-ted in 1967 by Dr. Itogw 
Visser and Monroe Farmw, the 
local league was patterned after 
a similar set-up seen by Visso' 

while in medical sdiool in 
Michigan. The poixjlarity d thi 
league increases yearly, larg^ 
due to the participation of both 
tte husband and the wife on the 

MEASURES PASSED — Await Governor's Signatue Only 

SB 23 and HB 1064 Raise tht non-rmldent big game hunting 
license to S30 (now S10) 

SBH2- Authorizes the Game Commission to lease state 
properties to local governing bodies and authorities created by 
them for purposes related to hunting, fishing and boating. 

SB 471 Prohibltssaleof U.S. or world endangered species or 
parts or products thereof In Virginia. 

HB-320-Establlshed a state policy for development of 
wetlands and provides controls on such development. 
MEASURES PlV^SSED Await Governor's Signature Only. 

HB 584-De$ignates the James River from Richmond city 
limits downstream to Belle Isle as an "Historic River." 

HB'-778Comblne the Division of Water Resorces, 
(currently in the bepartment of Conservation and Economic 
Development) with the State Water Control Board. 

HB 789 Raises the nonresident license to hunt on shooting 
preserves only from $3 to $5. 

HB 792AIIOWS the Governor to exercise discretion in ex- 
' tending hunting seasons Interrupted by fire closure (presently 

HB-793Exempts persons not required to have fishing 
licenses from purchasing National Forest Stamps, (children, 
old people, etc.) 

HB 836 Requires registration of all motor boats as of October 
1, 1972 and provides reduced fleet registration rates of t3 per 
boat after the first 10. 

HB-880- Perm Its Bath County to charge $5 for a non-resident 
game damage stamp and use 50 per cent of stamp funds for 
hunter trash collection and 25 per cent for capturing wild dogs. 

HB 883WIII allow the Game Commission to Issue up to 25 
transferable fishing licenses (at $3.50 each) to any state 
hospital for use by patients. 

HB-1092 Allows Highland County to spend game damage 
stamp funds for a base communications system. 

SB 218^Would provide free hunting and fishing licenses for 
disabled War Veterans. "5" 

SB 440 Would make It lawful to use shotguns capable of 
holding 5 shells'' for hunting. (Federal law limits waterfowl 
hunters to 3 shells) 

SB 537 -Would raise the fee for resident trout licenses to $2 
(currently $1) 

HB 470 Would allow bowhunting on Sunday during th9 
archery season. J 

HB 1142 Would prohibit the hunting of bears with d<igs 
before the opening of deer season. J 


SB 2 Would have established a 5 year mandatory jail sen- 
tence for use of a weapon In ttie commission of a crime. 

SB 12 Would have prohibited the sale of throw-away 

beverage containers In Virginia. KILLED IN COMMITTEE. 

SB-13 Would have required new or expanding industry to file 

environmental impact statements 6 montlis befwe starting 

construction. KILLED IN COMMITTEE. 

SB 132 Would have exempted persons 65 years of age and 
older from buying State fishing licenses. KILLED IN COM 

SB 295 Would have established redubed «NS for registration 
of 5 or more motorboats by the same^Itrson. KILLED IN 

SB 439 Would have allowed Sun^y tivntlng en licensed 
shooting preserves only. DEFEATED ON HOUSE FLOOR. 

SB 451 Would have established a two-weejK waiting period 
for Superintendent of State Police to sh>pttie%«l* of a pistol if 
evidence was found that the prospective purchasw was a 
drunkard, drug addict, criminal, etc. KILLED IN COM- 

HB 143-WouM have |H-ot«lblted the carrying of shotguns, 
rifles and other dangerous we^Mns concealed. KILLED IN 

H6S11 Would have required a police permit to purchase 
handguns, switchblades, etc. and pistol and rifle ammunition in 

HB 707 Would have prohibited carrying loada<t or uncased 
riflw or shotauns in vrtiicles. KILLED IN COMMITTEE. 

Ha-77« would have provWed a IS yaar sentence i» using a 
gun w ottter dangerous wvapon wtilto committing ■ fetony. 

HB 987 Would have set up a mandatory 3-5 year sentence 
for using a gun or other weapon in ftie commlssl«Nn of a felony 

HB 993 Would have permitted ttie taking of carp with haul 
seinn for perswial use from the Smith RIvw between Mar 
tinsville and the Nwth Carolina line, KILLED IN COM 


With a convincing 64-50 
score, the Plaza Demons 
downed 'the Plaza Hawks 
Monday night to win the Plaza 
Area Intermediate League 
Basketball Tournament. Held 
at Plaza .Junior High School 
during the past week, the 
tournament pitted all in- 
termediate teams in the Plaza 
area. | 

Membei^ of the champion 
Demons are Bud King, Don 
Bellinger, [Mike Rogue, Charley 
Skipper, Gene Efird, Rick 
Bellii^er, Tom Renn, Mark 
Devuyst, Randy Gressbey, 
David Wilkinson, Pat Sullivan, 
Mark Kinjg, Ju|i Kefa, John 
Kofa, andjTim Cahill. 

Members of the runner-up 
Hawks are- Randy Hawn, Wes 
Wagner, Tony Rezanson, Steve 
Little, Buddy Posey, Anttiony 
Davis, Rieky Gay, Paul Dew, 
Tony Church, Stephen Beary, 
and Donny Adams. 


Celtics *), Squires 39 
Bullets J4, Knicks 40 
Demons! 60, Celtics 25 
Hawks 4F, Falcons 35 
Lakers 37, Knights 33 
Cavalien 47, Bullets 26 
Demon8,'74, Lakers 47 
Hawks 49, Cavaliera 46 

Lakers il2. Cavaliers 36 

Demons 64, Hawks 50 

Tom CJijpok Named 
To All-iar Team 

T<nn Clipok, who quar- 
terbacked] the Bayside High 
School fodtball team to a &4 
seasm, has been named as one of 
the playert on the first Virginia 
Hi^ SchSol League AU^tar 
game in ijearly twenty years. 
Ihe game fs slated for July 20th 
In Roane' 

Chipok, |vho is headed fo# 
East CarcKna University next 
fall, will irfky fw the East team. 
Compoeedf of 32 players. . 






* I. 


Hni Staaley. GaO Boyle. Cathy Myatt (Mt la right ahuritag) 
(kneeling foreground) lead the cheers for the wtonlag Deaaona. 

Jduison Gilest 

N^ Johnson of the Virginia 
SqulKS wiU be guest speaker at 
the Virgtoia Beach Sports dub 
on TuMday, March 28th. The 
dub hoI(b a luncheon meeting 
every Tuewlay at 12M p.m. at 
the Capra. 

Johnson has missed the last 
half (rf die season with an in- 
jury, but his |riay and antics oa^ | 
ttiecout deilf^ die fans. Called 
die "bad boy" <rf die Squires by 
s«ne, Johnson talks back to the 
referees and the jeerii^ fans 
and has been knoym to tluvw 
back misslM Umed onto the 

Capt. Bo Ct^ppedge, athk^ 
(firector <rf. the U.S. Naval 
Ac»kmy q»lK Tuesday. He 
discussed the Academy's 
athletic program and pointed 
out that tlw tanighness of the 
schedtite iMts 1«^^ reqxn- 
sible hr die midU^Hnen's n(A- 
too-ertataaftg records. 

Ket^toMi. - CM4L>U. 


^^'"1 » 

•P. IF Mf 

Hone wmtnt^kn com Me goii^ vk (25% 

1955). Yet pe^e aic qpnttv aoic m^B^ on hone 
ia^ovcaMnts (SI 1.5 bttoa hi \96S). In diort, yoar 
hone h proba^ worth bmic tkm efn i^ now. 
let has-ymv horaeownm taswaoce k^t pace wUh 
these rtufes? tf yoa're M>t sue, c^ ^. 

3111 rAciFic AVE. raor^428-9i«i 

2406.B PRINCESS AIWE RD. raS^ 427.2«» 









Hn. Lav«ya mi SalUogg 

jo. of 270 South Wllciiduck 

RMd, /KempsviDe, died Friday 

monifaig in a NorfollE hoi|rfiaI 

AiuitiveorAhoBki«, N.C., she 
vu # daughtn- of l^omai and 
Mn. Anda Hogard ffiU and the 
wife of William A. Stallii^. 

Sha was a monber of Kttiq)- 

aviUe Bapttet Churdi, iUitti 

Bible Class, and KempsviUe 

I Carta Chib. ^ 

She was an 18-year secretary 

I of Brown-Arris-Langhorne 

I InsuraDce Co. 

Besides \m hu^and, she is 
survived by a 8«m,' lliomas A. 
StsBii^ of NorfoUc; a shter, 
l&s. Naomi Hughes of Ahoside ; 
I sad a grandddld. 


Mrs. Eleanor Kuhl KucbMdti, 
S5. of 1841 Si^ewood Drive, the 
wife of Louis Kueinski and a 
dau^ter of Mrs. Hdm KuU of 
Bayonne. N.J., and die late 
William Kuhl. died at her home 

A natfve of Bayonne. she lived 
in Virtfnia Beach u years. 

She was a CatfaoUc. 

Besides her husband and 
OM^her, she is survived by a 
son, Louis A. Kueinski of 
Virginia Beach. 


Tommy lOehael Bryant. 2. a 
son of Mlduel Forrester and 
Mrs. I^m Vu TU Minh Bryant 
of 90M Belle Haven Drive, died 
in a Norfolk hospital TuMday. 

Besides Ms parmts. he is 
survived by three sisters, 
Caroline Elizabeth Bryant, 
Jacqu^ne Bryant, and Vu Thi 
Lan Bryant, and a iM-other, Jotm 
Michael Bryant, all of Virginia 
Beach, and his grandparents, 
Mr. and Mrs. HaroU L. Bryant 
of ^MTin^ld, Mo., and Mrs. 
Nguyen lU Am of Saigon, South 


Thmnas Fredmrick Marks Jr., 
48. of 4444 Witchduck Road, 
program managar of Integrated 
System Support, Inc., at the 
Fleet Computer Programmmg 
Cmtttr. Atlantk, died Sunday in 
a Norfolk hospital. 

Anative of MOwaukee, Wis., 
hewved here a year. 

He was ttie husband of Mrs. 
Betty C. Maria and a son of 
Thoraaa F. and- Mrs. Rose 
Tortmck Marks. 

He was a veteran of Workl 

He was a member of the 
American Managers 
Association and the American 
Computer Manageqient 

Surviving, beskles his wktow, 
are two sons, James T. Marks of 
the Univenity of Wisconsin, 
Join D. Marin of Los Angeles 
Valley Junior College; a 
daughter. Miss Joanne B. 
Marks of Virginia Beach; two 
brodien. Frederick T. Maria of 
Mihraukee and Robert J. Maries 
of West Bend, Wis.; and two 
sistns, Mrs. Peto- Brodn«- of 
Puk Bid^, m. and Mrs. 
Robert Mooney of MUwaidcee' 


lliomas Burr House Jr. , 83, of 
210 84th St who retired from 
Willis Wayside in i960, died 
Monday in a hospital. 

A native of HopklnsviMe, Ky., 
he was a son irf Dr. lliomas B. 
and Mrs. Carrie Salter House 
Md the husband of Mrs. D(»is 
Antavflo House. 

He was a member of the Firat 
United Methodist Church in 
Hopkinsville. He lived in 
Virginia Beach since 1928. 

He attended Washington and 
Lee Uttivwrsiiy and was a 
member of Phi Kappa PsL 

Beskles Ms wMow. he is 
survived by a dau^r, Mrs. J. 
Davkl Frerauu of Vii^ia 
Beach; a son, lliomas B. House 
in of Aaanta; and three' 


Jesrie Langtey of 4879 Baxter 
Road, the biaband of Mrs. 
Brtier Langley, died Saturday 
ta a haqrftal. 

A ni^ve oi MnMas Anne 
Couity, he was a son of the late 
Mm and Mrs. Mary LMgley. 

He was a member of Union 
Kwvtvfle Baptirt awrdL 

Besldea Us widow, sur- 
vivta^ are a Aiugitnr, Mtos 
Louise Lai^lqr of NorfoOc; a 
brothor, WflUam Lai«ley , and a 
Ater. Mn. Evelyn Knight, both 
■of VkgWa Beach; Mid two 


Heriiert R. Cooper, 07, of 725 
fariMe Ave., SuOm Uwn. a 
roansr. (Bed in a hospital 

Mttve of Rlduttond, he 
kk Vlr^te Beach ao 

Um husband of Mrs. 

Letie Cooper and a son of J<Am 
A. and Mrs. Lula Cooper. 

He was the owner and 
opw^tia- of Cooper Realty. 

He was a past president and 
the first honorary memba- of 
Virginia Beach Board of 

He was a member of Urdted 
Methodist Church. 

Besides Ms wife, he is sur- 
vived by two daughters, Mre. 
Jeanne Walsh of Richmond and 
Mrs. Mary JoThorn of Virginia 
Beach; a sister, Miss Else M. 
Cooper of Richmond; a brother, 
Judge Herman A. Cooper of 
Ridimond; and two grand- 


Mrs. Ellen Theresa Brogan, 
83. of 320 Capot Road died 
Sunday night in a hospital. 

A native of Ireland, she lived 
here 3»/4 years. She formerly 
lived in Lowell, Mass. 

Sbe was the widow of Edward 
James Brogan and a dau^ter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mc- 

She was a member of St. 
Gregory's Catholic Church and 
Holy Rosary SodaUty and St. 
John's Hospital Alumnae. 

Surviving are three 
daughters, Mrs. Josq^ Raf- 
ferty. of San Jose, Calif,, Mi». 
Richard Raf forty and Mrs. 
HerbWt Sargent of Virginta 
Beach; a brother, Michael 
McNamara of Ireland; two 
stoters, Mrs. Patrick Regan of 
Iretand and Miss Mary Mc- 
Namara oi Lowell; and 10 

Opposes Closure 

Clifton Golden, President, 
Virginia Wildlife Federatiwi, 
told City Council Mcmday his 

organization has officially 
requested delaying closure of 
vehicular access to the 
proposed False Cape State 

Gddoi said the stand was 
taken during the annual 
meeting of the National Wildlife 
Federation in Mexico City two 
weda ago. 

Golden said the request, 
fra^arded to the U.S. Dq>art- 
ment of Into-ior, requested "a 
cmnpleteenvironmaital impact 
study" of the Park be com- 
pelted by appropriate agenciea 
on the local, state and federal 

To Wed 

James Alonzo Ridgwell IV, 
Norfolk, and Nancy Gayle 
Barraclough, 304 38th Street. 

Robert Jimerson, Jr., 180S 
Washington Ave., and Liille 
Mae Parker, 1805 

Washington Ave. 

Russell Harry Howland, 
Oceana, and Patricia 
Charlene Campbell, 844 
Stratford Hall Drive. 

John Keenan Roberts, 945 
Sunnyslde Drive, and Dana 
Anne Bowman, 3550 Glen 
Arden Road. 

John William Potter, 4U 
Baldwin St., and Paula Sue 
Hughes, 604 isth Street. 

John Richard Rostron, 
Oceana, and Shirley Darlene 
Durham, 947 Virginia Beach 

James Watklns New, Hamp- 
ton, and Eva Bertha Patch, 
4713 Alder Ave. 
Michael Eugene Lovitt, 908 
Clubhouse Rd., and Linda 
Louise Marlhelll, 329 
Lavender Lane. 

Thomas Lee O'Brien, 5601 
Banbury Ct., and Rhonda 
Gayle Yates, 5M1 Banbury 

James Robert Sterling, 
Oceana, and Merlin Marie 
Patterson, 465 Lineberry 

Prank Edward Thornesberry, 
Bowie, Texas, and Mildred 
Gayle Clark, 3517 Olympla 

William Henry Eure, 173 
Coral Gable Ct., and 
Catherine Cornett Williams, 
173 Coral Gable Ct. 

James Emery Kovacs, Rt. 4, 
BOX 4141, and Susie Carmen 
Griggs, 3012 Pewter Road. 

John Gordon Hughes, 5417 s. 
Sun land Drive, and Jessica 
PloskI, Ringoes, N.J. 

Franklin Randolph Williams, 
Portsmouth, and Mary 
Louise Pinner, 6002 Burton 
Sta. Rd. 

Jessie Savon Cox, Roanoke, 
and Teresa Sue Grimsley, 
3516 Sale Drive. 

Patrick Ellis Baker, Norfolk, 
and Linda Gloria Wilson, 2324 
Dodd Drive. 

Richard Columbus Smith, Jr., 
Portsmouth, and Treasa 
Annette Morgan, 1137 
Amerlcus Ave. 

Jacob Jerry Kantor, Norfoi|(, 
and Kahty Ann Lombart, 103 
44th Street. 

Harvey William Murray, Jr., 
2268 Wolf Street, and Gloria 
Lynn Pendley, 173 Dillon 

Kenneth Gene HIggins, 
Bessemnr, Mich, and Sandra 
Laveme Lewis, 2M Verdwi 

jotm LMnard Posavec, 461 
Baldwin Street, and Jane 
TMnol* MMer, 404 Lynn 
»ierM Drive. 

Patrick Kally Rowland, 
NerWk, and Ramw^a Carroll 
Grambell, 3225 P^lar Pt. 

By Bingo 

Last week stmieone in Oe 
Ugher iderarchy of omr cilgr 
administration put out and 
followed tlurot^h on om of th* 
most asinine orders that I have 
sera in my lifetime. As a rendt 
of that order, Virf iida Bea^ 
haa been made the laugMng 
stock of not only Virf inU but te 
anyone dse vho read aboul 
consequences of this ordo'. I am 
referrii^ to the arrest udi 
herdUng to die police pnciaglL 
of over m tMaly ladies and 

AiMl what were tiMse senimr 
citizens doing? They were 
enjoying themselves in the 
imiocent pasttime of Bingo, 
niis is probably one of 
the only ways these 
dderly citiaxns have in en- 
joying themsdves. A ttioitt- 
and ^mes on this hiidier 
official and may Ms shouraers 
become burdened with his 
decision and may he have un- 
told sleeidess ni^ta! 

AcoNding to all rep<Mrta the 
police officers who partic^iated 
in this travesty on justice felt 
ashamed and embarrassed. I 
am not blaming them. We have 
a very fine ptXXt force and I 
feel for them in bei£g made tq 
take action from smne fathead 

I realize die taw says no 
bingo. But also the taw Mya no 
littering, Mtdi-hikws standing 
in Uw street, etc. I don't reeaU 
any wAen being issued to onck 
down on diese. Tliere are some 
laws that are against all 
poputar opinion and no effort is 
made to enforce them. When 
National ProMUtion was witti 
us thna wore many states tiiat 
reftised to recognize it and 
UquOT flowed freely and no 
attempt was made to control it 
by the states. Once in a wMle 
die Federal Agenta moved in 
but die flowing still omdnued. 

Now if diese sanctimonious 
and pious Mglier ups want to be 
fair, why not crack down on aU 
odiers who spnuw these biiMpi 
games such as churches, 
benefita, etc? 

But be of good chew aU you 
senior citizens who went 
throu^ tMs degrading ex- 
perience! By your sacrUlee you 
may have op«ied the ^ea of the 
hypocrites in our Hmise of 
Representattves who defeated 
the playii« of bingo ta their 
jeaaloo just closed. May I potat 
out that doM not hiehide eur^ 
own fair-minded represen- 
tatives from Virginta Beach, all 
of wUch voted yes both in the 
Senate and the House. 

I could go <m and on aa ttta 
entire matter has really made 
me skk widiin. My sympathy 
goes to all die ddorly ittvo^red 
in this fiasco tmt let thran taww 
ttiey have all become marlyrs 
to what win turn out to be a good 

Sfanleigh H. Jones 

/s Praised 

To die Editor: 

On behalf of the Kh«aton 
Elementary School PTA, I 
would Uke to exinreas our ap- 
prectatton to the Sun for the fine 
publicity coveri^e given our 
rerant PTA sponsor^ fasMon 

We espectally diuk you for 
tbe time and effort you ex- 
tended that evenii^. 


Mn. Richard Roadie 

PubUcity C3ia||nMin 


The Easter BonrlM Servlee each year draws thouiandi ta the Cape Heary Cran at Fort 
Story. (Army plMta) 

Easter Sunrise Service Set 

Ihe Reverend Ben Hadcn, 
Pastor, First Presbyterian 
Church, Chattanooga, Ten- 
nessee, member of the Billy 
(U>aham Crusadea, and qieaker 
on CHANGED LIVES, a weekly 
national radio miniifry 
broadcast, will deliver the 
Enter m^sage at die 45di 
Annual Easter Sunrise Service 
at die C^ie Henry Cross, Ft. 
Story, Va., at 5:29 a.m., April 2. 

The aty of Virata Beadi 
and ttie Fort Story Command 
will mutually sponsor the 
memborable event hdd an- 
iMttUy at die Bite of die firat 
landing of the Jamestown 
settlers. More than 5,000 per- 
sons are eqiected to attend the 
non-demoMnadonal service. (In 
die event oi hxlonent weather. 

Drug Abuse 
Exhibit Opens 

An biformative exMMt to 
cnnbat drug abuse will opea 
Mh eventag at die Pembroke 

The pr<4ram, coordinated 
dvough UDAC's Joam Lenz 
(United Drug AlMiae Council) 
features Dn^ Focus Cominittee 
Displays from Virgiida Beach, 
Norfolk. Portomouth and 
jChesapeake u^ 'sodi: aa. A3« 
projecte trim Lake Taylor 
Audor High School shidenta 
and pMters frian Portamoudi 
and (Chesapeake Schools. 

Tonight and Friday evening 
and an day Saturday, experts 
will be on hand to answ«r 
qiMsdons and show samples of 
actual drug fntns. 

Local groups, including 
Martw, Norfott Free CHinic, 
NARCO, Vhrginta Beach Police, 
Outreach Center, Proclaim, 
niADE, UpdgM, RenaiNance 
and Ptettilant (Tare, wiU have 
boodia to taif orm die pidiUc what 
ta behig dMie to combat drug 
dmse oo the commuMty and 
neighboriiood level 

die service will be held at the 
Post Tlieater.) 

Colonel Lowell R. Hutson, Ft. 
Story Commander, will f^ve a 
wdcoming addreaa and Mayw 
Donald H. Rhodes will In- 
troduce Rev. Haden. 

Rev. Haden has been acUve in 
die Billy Graham Cruaadss tor 
many yean. He partldpated in 
a recent (3iicago Cnndadb and 
wiU be in the Chartotte, N.C. 
Cruaade dds i^Hil. b Sq>- 
tember he WM guest speaker at 
a White House worsMp service. 
A former newspaper nun and 
\^ce President and General 
Manager of the Kingsport 
Times, KingqxMt, Tenn., Rev. 
Haden is alao an attorney, a 
business man, workl trav^er 
and auttior of four books and 
numerous magazine articles. 
He sored widi Clbtral In- 
telligence Agency dur^ the 
KM^n War. 

He was ordained in the 
Presbyterian Oiur^ fai My 
196S after graduattaig magna 
cum laude from Columbia 
Itiedoidcal Seminary. He tatmr 
receiivd his D.D. d^ree tnm 
King College. Healao has a B.A. 
degree in pditkal science fttan 
die Univerdty of TexM and a 
law degree tnm Wadiingtoa 
and Lee University. 

Can to Worddp on 
morning will be given by 
Chaplain (Mejor) QaraM K. 
Hatni,Pt. Story Staff Chaplata: 
Invocation by Chaplain 
(Captain) RIdiard R. Bsmmta. 
Chaplin of the Ttth Tran- 
aportadon BattaUon. Chapiala 
Benonis will s«ve CittMUc 
Blass at ttia Qnnb site Im- 
medlataly foOowfaig Um non- 
denominational aarvteat 
Rcaponsiva Baadag will be by 
Revemd Thomas H. Brittan, 
Lynnhaven Coloay United 
Church of OMst; Ser^^hHre hy 
Reverend Byron g. Halstiad, 
Pastor, Baylaka United 
Methodtat Church; Pastoral 
Prayer, Reverend Paul T. 
Gaughan. Pastor, Star of dw. 
Sea ChiBxh. 

Walter Noona wffl direct the 
Virgtada Beadi Chdc Chorus 
and mudc will be profvided by 
die U.S, Army Band, UJ. 
Military Sdiool of Muaic. Uttia 

Hie area's dvic and miUtary 
leaders, deify and taymaa 
fhm numerous churdias wUl be 
joined by vidtors from 
throughout Virginia. North 
Cardtaa and tern w tu away 
as Oaaada. Maiqf naaka aa 
anaial pOgrimate to idtaad the 
Bader servlee at Cap* Henry. 

Holy Wettk O b iw rv a w di 

"Hie Reverend Byron S. 
Hallstead, Pastor of Baylake 
Udted Mediodist Church, 4S(» 
Shore IMi^, has announced the 
sdiedule <tf services tm Hdy 

This Sunday, Mareh 21th. 
Pabn Sunday will be obeerved 
with aU didrs sintfng spedal 
music. Ite Holy Sacrament of 
Bapdsm will be cddnted nd 
die diildren who ha^ been 
attending ttie Pastor's Con- 
firmadon (3ass wiU be con- 
firmed. The Mediodist Youth 
FeQowdiip will have a qiedal 
meeting at 6p.m. at the Church. 

Pastor Is Honored 

The "Just We" AuxUtary of 
St. Stephens Church of Gkid in 
Christ in SouUi Binkieck Road, 
^^ilinta Beach, Virginta under 
dw leaderddp of Elder and 
Bin. Hemtoron C. Bei^min, 
Sr., honored die pastm- and his 
wife. Elder and Mn. Th«-tain 
Burden with a Testimonial 
Banquet at die Wards Ckimer 
GMant Open Air Banqud Room. 

The honored gueeta were the 
redpienta of a diest of ftat 
silver, a silver service on footed 
tray, a diver casserde on legs, 
a carving set and silver sdtuid 
pepp«r set. 

Ihe ^fta were presented by 
Deacon Thomaa L. Olda, 
Gaudet Burden, Levina 
Ferebee, Jacqudine Ben^min, 
and Adiewood Baijamin. The 
Y.W.C.C, die Deacon Board, 
die Youth Chohr, die Pen- 
tecostal Ctnir, the Saturday 
Night Prayer Band, and the 
Benjamin Family pwdiaaed 
die Rifta. There were 152 guesta. 

Some of the guest 
w«re:Sidney Kdlam, Mr. and 
Mn. Rldiard Gi^, Mr. md 
Un, Bernard E. Morgan, HI, 
Mr. Heriiert Swertfoger, Ekier 
and Mn. William Fayton, Jr., 
Oty Counciknea (>eorge Fsrrell 
and Robort QilUa; Ifr. nd 
Mre. John AtUiMon, lUasdl 
Browns, Mr. R.R. McCheaney, 
Mr. Jim Marrow, Mr. Ivan 
Mapp and many otera. 

On Ihwsday. Mardi ». a 
MauMly nnirMhff CoBumaUoB 
Service wffl ha held at 7:10 
Spedd muste 1^ be imUiad 
Iv die Chanod Chdrondcr the 
dhadioa of Mr. Rtehard L. 

On Friday. Mardi SUt, the 
members of die Ctened Chdr 
win jotai wMi the ehotos of 
BaysUs Prsa byt arl n i Ctanh, 
Bi^'iMs ChriallaB Churdb and 
Baydda Bai^M Orareh in 
pressattag Am Baalsr porttan of 
the "Masdah" at Bayslda 
Bapdd ChuNh at 7:21 p.m. AU 
four eoagragatloM wUI be 
jdidngtai tMs spedal wonUp 

On Easter Sanday merah^, 
identkd ssrvkM wffl ha hdd at 
8:20 and at U a.m. All dnira 
wffl hedntfng spadat Eastar 
music and a brass aasMdde 
wffl accompany die Chaaed 
Chdr. The puMk is hivited to 
partidpate hi all d ths Hdy 
Week activities at Baylake 
Udted Mdhodid Church 

Guest Preacher 

The Rev. Tfaaodiy Sdflen. 
anistant mhdster at CSalUee 
Episc^pd Chweh. wiU be Uk 
gued |i«adier d St Fraaeto' 
E^pls«9d Oairdi Mm Snaday 
at 7:20 p.m. 

The dmrcfa is toeated at JQO 
Rosemont RMd. 

Easter Cantata by Jack 
Coleman, wffl be prasMted 
Sumtay. March 21. at 7:20 p.n. 
at ThaMa Lyaa Baptist Chmfch 
by the Suctuary Chdr. His 
pubBc is bivilad. 

Mrs. Anthony Gains 
State Recognition 

Mn. Carole J. Anthony, a 
Heeher at nm Colonid H^ 
fchod bi Virgbita Beach, has 
Ncnnanaad "Vhrgbda Budneas 
■dmiter of die Yesr." 1^ the 
Virginta Business Education 

IiV presenting the award 
Mareh 11 at a State convention 
M Roanoke, die Aaaociation 
ptM Un. Antony a doutrie 
tribute by maUng her dw flrtt 
rsdpiant of tMs award which 
wffl hence forth be preaented 
ttUHially 1^ die group. 

Mrs. Anthony was selected 
for die honor firmn among an 
the Mgh school, coUega and 
umverdty budness teachen in 
the State. 

The judgea based their 
deddon m eadi nomfaMe's 
laadsrsMpquBUdoa, intdlectual 
advancement, prt^easional 
activities, teaching and-or 
admiaidradve ei^ertence in 
budness educatoi, and con- 
tributions to admi programs. 

Mn. Andiony has been 
teaching in Vltdnta Beach for 
dx yean and is currently the 
Cooperative Office Education 
Coordinator as well as a 
Badness Education teacher at 
Fird Cdontal Hi^ School. 

Snce her graduation tnm 
acdve ptftl^pant in budnen 
education workshops 
diroiu^t die State. She has 
coordlaatad adult education 
classes for Virginia Beach 
Education Secretaries, has 
been an awHtor for dw school 
system. Owirman of the 
Virginia Beach Cooperative 
OMIoe Eihibatkn Coordtaiaton, 
and ipoBsar of the Fbrd Cdontal 
Hgh Schod chapter of the 
Future Bushwss Leattan of 
America which haa gained 
local, regional, state and 
national recognitton for its 

CDR Ktatwood 

Aw^ed Star 

Navy Commander Kamedi 
K. Kirkwood, Civil Engineer 
Corps, recehred the Bronze 
Medal frwn RADM Foster M. 
Lalor, Jr., CEC, USN, the (M- 
ficer In Charge ai Consbruction, 
Naval Faci^dj^ Engineering 
Command, Vietnam (OICC, 
RVN) for his outstanding 
services in Vietnam, as the 
Navy Programs Officer and the 
Assistant Officer in Charge of 
Construction for Contracts, 
during die ptMyear. 

OICC, RVN is the U.S. 
Department (rf Defense Ctm- 
strucdon Agent in the RepulAc 
and has been charged widi the 
constructi(»i of airfields, pwte, 
troop support facilities, roads 
andMghways for U.S. Forces in 
Viatoam. The commani has 
been in Vietnam sbice l%&. 

CtmiRianiter Kirkwood is the 
son of Mr. (Jeorge Kirltwood, 
5M North State Street, Ken- 
dallville, Indiana. His wife, 
Joyce, and ttieir five children 
reside in Virginia Beach, 

RABBI HONORED — Dr. Louto Fhikelstein, ChanceUor 
af Um Jewish Thedoglcal Seminary of America, 
presents d^tonas eo^lag that he is Doctor of 
DIvfarity, henerls eaasa. (o Rahbi PhllUp Ptaiena, 
sptritaal leader ef Temple Emaaaal bi Vhghiia Bmeh. 
The saaUnary awarded henerary degrees wa ti^l of 31 
members af the eonso^ative rabbinate in recc^nltion of 
tte servlMS they have readered to their congregatiens. 
and ta Amnrkaa Jadatom. 


7i30 NIdHTLY 

Hear Evangelist Jim Pruitt. MMtings will be fwkl 
in tha auditorium of Va. Beadi Schools Center 
for Effactive Learning, located on Witdi Duck Rd. 
bdhind GEX. Sunday nwrnir^ serviMs fwfd in Pem- 
broka Thaatra 10:30 a.rt\. 



Retreat Is Scheduled 

An Earter Meditadon Retreat 
will take place at the 
Aaeoctation for Resnreh and 
Fidyitenment. ITdi Street and 
^nte Avmue llwch » to 

/A ^f^ktt wfll be HamMp 
tiartaaO ftro., Ph.D., mialater 
«ri psy ^e t ha r a ^ who hM 
taai^talisriwd sad Syni^M 
IMvarritifi and Mda mdwite 

d^rees fhm Htfvaid and the 
Urivenity of C3ucago. has also 
mWm several books. ^oth«- 
qMdter will be Walter St«cte, 
audior, world traveler and 
hMhH^rialist, uriioae books are 
riao wMsty read. 

these toetvns m opM to the 
^Mie. Fur^r information 
may baehlated by etftag tha 



ChufCn off uwiBt 

Mttting at tha comar 
Off Hayfood md Farry 
Plantation Roadi, Vir- 
ginia BMch. Va. Mail- 
ing Addmi: P.O. Box 







ovoMkHL Howow, W» 
a "^pMer ef OimLKSNT DmQM. Mea eaa Hufld" day man aroaad "i^^s 

hat this doesn't ptova anytkliV I 
I as a paoof t% f ^ Um a^a **! 

(ttajr h^ kr e«| « to hAsve B^ M- 


tr* ■ » "^P^-^^P^^iWipp^PPWWIlP*^ 








AiteratUaj^ I, 
Repairs'! *i«n'i, 

; W M lt«r y todt 
Re*»on*blt 4l«4fM, 

Va. Ba«ch ceu|^ n*ttft 

. financial altf, PImm, 

,.ew ytu h«lp u». #liom 

4«» imi afttr I p.m. 

ttMiayi, fH^motlOMlt, 

Call $l7Mf7, 433- Wt. 

AND mntA }7V%. 
Twtnty ytart 
fM-oNwilonal aarylct. 
Frwa C6n»uttatn» aM 
•stimattk. Call 4t«-!1SS 
or 4»t-43:iJ «vbii)n9( 

•nd waektnds. 


SUMtS In^ Mallbu 

S6W EASY Sawing knit 
shirts, slacks, draatM 

& Birdtts. Two WMk 

coursa. Man» ptAtii 

bathino suits, mint 

IVfVBtt ojuplB wi^ to 
wjopt one or two 
c h i i d r t n be* 
twMn theiafKof 1 
day to 10 yiari. All 
relies (^nf Idential. r 

464 - 3932ifter5 


'CWitrhctors fc Noma 

BdlldtrsLfit us half 

, ^u with that naw homt 

- additions ■ or repairs 

We can -furnish 

materials from 

basement h> attic and 

aid you in financing. 

Phone: Katlam & Eaton, 



Hard wood S40 a cord, 
mixed at $35#teoRl. */^ 
cords also. 427*2517. 

MAGNA vox - portable 
sterao. 2 dftachabla 
speakers. Ihncollont 
Cond. Best raatonable 
offer. Must saa to ap- 
preciate. 425-1072. 


LOST Answeft to 

'"Sambo"-Mala Black 
Labrador. V*d*ilty of 
Bay CW\ d « y . 
REWARD! 42|-«M«. 

j^mi HEip irtD. 

JOB MUNTIN9? Pick up 
your copy of the Hi 
WMkly fmpleyment 
Nawt at All 7Elavans 
wtd Navy Exchanges. 

ll-SimATKHiS m. 

WILL talnflff In my 
iicansad heme. Ab«s 2 
♦o 4. By •ppt. only. 
Pwctd yard. 42l-7»34. 

BABY-Sltting any Itneth 
of time. Day or niflht. 
Will Board I Phona 4M- 

*P w— WWW 


problems are solved 
wiM Barnes & Barnes 
Home Improvement 
Speelallits. For free 
eitimAtet on room 
addlN«u|, plumbing, 
roofing, ffenaral repair, 
clearing lots, call 
anytime, mmui tn. 

Famous name brand paflo 
door - 3 14" tempered, I 
ft. wide by 6 ft. 8 Ins. 
high. Panel slides are 
on left. Complete with 
,x-tras. Mon.-Sat. Hi 



■ national company has 
opening for career 
minded mkn. Profit 
sharing bonus ijngram 
and other benefits. 
Complete" training 
program. Ripid ad- 
vancement. Start $410. 

., Call 4W-274J. 

MANAOaMtNt- Ydung 
Corporation seeking 
Management PervoMll 
to work f»rttime In 
Tidewater area. Above 
average Income. For 
information and ap- 
pointment, call 
Newport Neilite^ •77-4711 
between 3 ft' 5 p.m. , 

needed for Immediate 

Experience In con- 

strvctlon ad- 

mlflistration work, 
sttop drawings. 

%-mm£ HEtf WTO. 

needed Immediately I 

required, construction 
experience preferred. 
Contact Klrfu)atrl€k. 



Business Is buizing and 
we need. help. Want a 
gttOd cireer 4m real 
eatata. Apply today, 
^fl lD»m Kartr 4V7-4ui i 
Ni^iff 3^1740. Grewi 
with Realtors. Stehi; 
Kea lty Corp. 

Ambitious couple who 
needs more income. 
Unusual opportunity 
tar go<HJ aamir^s for 
both. Work together 
^rt time or full time. 
Phone 440 IBM f»<ia|»pt. 
Sorry no info, m^ ttie 

m firm opening In 
Tidewater area. Need 4 
managemwit trainees 
for Immed. placement 
m four offices. Com 
pany benefits, in 
centive plans. If you're 
tired of earning Icm 
than S300 a weMt call 
M». Nash Menti ii 
a.m. tu 4 pM Iff 

professional teacher. 
Call 428-4771, 

Guitar lesaens b^ ex- 
perienced Instructor. 
Various finger styles 
taught, A must for folk 
tmgars. Beginners 
welcome. 43S0«4t, 

tiemwitary Teacher will 
tutor now and through 
summer. Residence on 
Cavalier Drive, 425- 


accepting applications 
for Bdmtoalon to pre< 
kindariarten !• kin- 
dergarten classes. Also 
all day child care for 
fall term. A few 
openings available 
new. Call 428-4545 for 

TUTORING: Math 4. 
Physics; certified 
teacher, B.S. in math. 
Reasonable. Call 425- 


changes, houses 
rewired, electric heat 
Instaliad, dryers, any 
other electrical work 
done. 583-9327. 

Will Babysit daytime In 
my home. Princess 
tkaM Plaza Area. 484- 

(^OUPLE Will board 
cbildren In their home. 
Very reasonable! SI7-' 

Electrical Contractor 
inMOatlM I, Reitairs 

15-RAOIO - TV 



B A W lit; COUm 9S0 



REVERE 3M background 
music system. Stereo 
chMMieis, cm be Mad 
for heme or office. 
Changes tapes 
atfiematlcaliy to play 
tar IS hours without 
resetting. Cost 8700. 
Will sell for 8150. 
^aetlcaHy new. Call 
Mr. KvmMay 4n-2401 




PM "mUoif vMi f oiMifli 
IliitiliMKllllii Bwa 





brand new sets 199.95. 
Includes dresser with 
mirror, chest of 
drawertsand double 
bed. To be sold for 
$99.95 eath. Inspect in 
waKahotAe^ ' UfllTED 

Va. Beach Blvd., (one 
block east of Princess 
Theatre) Mon-Frl: 10 
a.m. -7 p.m; Sat: 9 a.m.- 
1 p.m. 


Vacuum daanari to be told 

for $39. 99 aach. 

cash or term*. 

901S V*. Beich Blvd. 
(one block aait of Wncau 



Bawl new 1972 Singer mw- 
ing maeUiiM. Navei been 
inad. Equipped to do most 
Idwia of lewing such aa: 

itftchM, etc. To be toU (mi 
a "flrst come, fint lene 
tnMit"rOT $49.95. 
3016 Va. Beach Blvd. 
(one Mock east of PriAcen 
Theatie) ' 

MotL-FrL: 10 a.m. ■ 7 p.|n. 
Sat! 9 ajn. - 1 p.m. 

l4-WSlwm SCRVfCE 

P ml WOOD III S30 
^liirs a cord. 444-3932 

PLACeSI Chimney 
sweeping and flre;^ace 
repair. Dampers In- 
stalled or fixed. Fur- 
nace cleaning. Call 42t- 
7350 Va. Beach 
Chimney sweepers. 


"If the leaves and lawn 
have gottM you down, 




Leaf removat, fw'tlllzlng, 
seeding, tree removed, 
fire wood* mowing, 
weeding, trimming and 
adwlns' YOU NAME 
IT Wl DO IT. 444-W32 

FOR SALE— Baby bed, 
stroller, walker, high 
chair. Lawson arm 
chair, slip cover. Boy's 
34" English bicycle. 
Call 340-0809 before 9 
a.m. or after 5 p.m. 

Above iround-nvtmminff 
pool; 20 ft. circular 
swimming area; 4 x 24 
sundeck; $700, 340-4337. 

1 I I J III I 

Typewriter-Sacrifice SCM 
415. Stand included. 
$3(K); was $575 new, 428- 


FLUTi, LaMonte 
soprano C stiver, 
Excellent Condition- 
Case and accessories. 
$1M. 444-5471. 

used.. Professional 
Jnstrument. $400. 340- 

U ' I II! ^ 

CO., P.O. BOX 35 
Cortland, Ohio 44410 

PIANOS — Used and 
rebuilt grands. 
Graham Piano Co. 420- 

41>IK)GS • CATS 

POODLES 2 malei left: 
Miniature silvers, 
shots, papws, tender 
loving care, tOT-ms, 440- 
— — — *— i— - » 

White dog with tan spots. 
Female* 5 mos. old. 
Free to good home. 
Good pet tar children. 
1937 Anoke Ave. 444^ 

PUPPIES-For sale 

mixed breed. Shots i, 
wormed. Phone 499- 

TOY POODLES for sale. 

7n wks., puppy Slwts, 

A ICC registered. 3 

males 340-47t7 
■ " I I. ■■ ii-i^ 


Beautiful fawn color 

puppies. 444-3933 

A K C registered. Male. 
10 months old. 499-4197. 

Registered, Male 1 yr. 
Excellent with 
chHdroij. »0.00. Phone 
340 5703. 

pedigree. $75 and up. 
Also shid service, 4M 

K C registered. $75. 484- 

CCc fc'e r Female 
registered. Blond 4 
months, had all shots 
440 1493, 


Japanese Black Pines, 
Azaleas, Cameli^s, 
Gardenias, Field 
grown, 1440 Maharis 
Rd. 'Lakevlew Park, 
Va.. Beach 444 0344. 

IT'S SPRING Planting 
TImel Free copy 48 pg. 
Planting Guide Catalog 
In color offered by 
Virginia's largest 
growers of fruit trees, 
nut trees, berry plants, 
grape vines, land- 
scaping plant material. 
Salespeople wanted. 
Waynesboro Nurseries- 
Way/jesboro, Va. i7980. 


A room for rent. House 
prlviledges. Near 
ocean. Also room with 2 
double beds. 438-4790 

VA BEACH-405 32nd St. 
Clean, warm rooms. 
Close to ocean. Call 428- 


bedroom duplex; 
stove; refrigerator; 
water; $130; call 497- 

Bachelor effitlency, 
panelled; carpeted, 
utilities, phone; $135 
month. 425-0478. 


Beach winter rental, 1 
bedroom apartments, 
TV, kitchen, from $115 
with utilities, 428-5333. 


Princess Anne Plaia 
Small, 3 bedroom, 1 
bath. Ranch. Fenced 
In. Available Im 
mediately. $150 plus 
utilities. 484-4351 before 
10 a.m, 

VA BEACH 1 bedroom 
townhouse; Near ocean 
front. Many extras. 
Non-seasonal. 486-4383 
(?) , 

•" bidrooms; 2 iaths; 

central air conditioned; 

redecorated; garage; 

$275; 464-1739, 

■ .>—■ I I 

55-BUS. PROP. 

PR I M E F F i C E 
SPACE— New, space 
available in modern 
SUN building at 138 S. 
Rosemont Rd. next to 
Expressway. Large 
and small unit f6r 
several office use, 
ready for you. Call 484- 



bedroom ranch, 3 full 
baths, garage 71 x 83, 
family room, air- 
conditioned 2 

fireplaces, call 340-0809. 
tar appt, 

PLAZA $17,500 3 
bedroom Ranch, cozy, 
immaculate liome. Call 

60-OUT OF 

Lake Gaston ■ Exclusive 
wooded water front 
vacation homesltes on 
Carolina Virginia's 
prettiest large lake. All 
lots have good 
waterfront, paved 
road, electricity and 
private water system. 
Lake Gaston offers atl 
water sports plus 
record-breaking bass, 
crapple, Si striper 
fishing. 2<2 hours from 
Va. Beach. These are 
not campsitepi Priced 
at $7,000. Terms, For 
dataHs call Nick 
naifUngt, Rawlings 
Realty 428 3447 or 425 

. 0892. 


We have buyers and 
tenants waiting for 
property in all areas of 
"Virginia Beach Call us 
ta set! or rent yours. 
Stohl Realty 




« , .1 . .. m 

Volkswagen 1968 Cream 
Puff and White, radio 8< 
heater. Excellent 
condition. No money 
down, $46,50 monthly. 
Call AAr. Wayna 488- 

Mustang 1967, automatic, 

radio" St f eater, whjte 
wall tires. -ft«ceil*nt 
cond, ; ' ^ 

I I ;r II I I "i i F" I 'i.mniJ' ' 

MUSTANG - 1968, 'ten:, 
vertible,. con<ioia~«m^ 
fm, stereo,* Al; 

»i>— — — — I— ' II " I I » 

PONTIAC 1967 2 door 
Bonnevilie, Al con- 
dition; r ownfr. Cail 
after 4 p,m. SI'OO 460- 
0681. ^ ■" " 

CHRYSLER ■ 1961 New 
Yorker; eifcellent 
running . cdn'drtion; 
excellent tires. $300; 
340 1592. 

-..Ji^ -.^...^^ ■ - t ,1, I 

Bonneville- '68; Fully 
Equipped, power 
steering, brakes, air- 
conditioned. Full price 
$1895. No money down. 
Call Mr. Arnold 488- 

STUDEBAKER - 1942, 4 

door Lark, good tires, 

good transportation, 

reasonable, 4970821, 

CAMARO 1969 Z28: 350 
H.P,; 302 cu, in, engine 
391; positraction rear 
end; Hooker Headers; 
Holiey 350; duel feed 
carborator: Hurst 4- 
speed; red with white 
composition stripes; 
$1700: call 420-7685. 

MOB 1946 White con- , 
veriable. Good con- 
dition, radio. $750. Must 
sen 340-2438, 

Volkswagen 1968 Cream 
Puff and White, radio 8, 
heater. Excellent 
condition. No money 
down $51.42 monthly 
Call Mr. Wnyne 488- 

OLDSMOBILE 1970 '98- 
$500 8i assume 
payments of $101 for 32 
mos. 460-0583. 


HIGHLANDER 1969 12 x 
51 2 bedrooms, 10 x 7 
shed, polyester car 

, P,e.tina- 0/1, 1??^!, S.?7^9,,, 
425 8412, 


HONDA '71 Trail 70. Good 
Condition. $200. 486- 

I I ■ ! ' 

MINI BIKE • 2'/2 H.P." 

recently overhauled. 

Excellent condition. 

$90. Call 428-5690 after 5 

p.m. Clay Phillips 
"—^^— ■————«— •—Mil 
Honda 1971, CB 450; 

chopper, 2 helmets, 

$1,400. 488-2424. 

* Legal Notices 


Notice is hereon given 
that on Thursday, April 6, 
1972, at 7:30 p.m, in the 
City Council Chambers in 
the Admin Istra tion 
Building at the Municipal 
Center, Princess Anne 
Station, Virginia Beach, 

The City Council of the City 
of Virginia Beach and 
the Planning Com- 
mission of the City of 
Virginia Beach will 
meet In [olnt session in 
accordance with 
Virginia Code Section 
15.1 431 (as amended) 
for the purpose of 
holding a public 
hearing of the proposed 
new Comprehensive 
Zoning Ordinance of 
the City of Virginia 
Beach. All persons 
wishing to appear 
before -,v this joint 
hearing shooldreolster - 
by mat! wtth' the Cfity ' 
Clerk oh or before 5:00 
p.m., Thursday, March 
30, 1^2, 




The proposed Com- 
prehensive Zoning 
Ordinance Is Intended 
to replace, after 
adoption of the , new 
City of Virginia Beach 
Master Zoning Map, the 
present Alaster. Zonmg 
Plan of the County of 
Princess Anne «id the 
Master Zoning Or 
dinance of the old 
resort City of Virginia 

Legal Notices 

Beach, both of which 
ordinance and plan are 
presently in effect. 

Copies of the proposed 
Comprehensive' Zoning 
Ordinance of the City of 
Virginia Beach will be 
available to the public for 
perusal In all public 
libraries in the City and in 
the City Planning Office 
on and after March 23, 

The Comprehensive 
Zoning Ordinance of the 
City Of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, shall be effective 
after the .Ordinance ap- 
proving the Official 
Zor>»ng Map bf the City of 
Virginia Beach, Vlrflinia 
is adopted by the City 
Council. ¥ . ' 

,, (sJRTchard J. Webbon 
Richard J. Webbon, 

3 23,302T 


This Is to notify the 
public that' the un- 
dersigned, trading as 
: Rjimada Inn will within 
tl^ days after publication 
of this notice apply to the 
Virgjnia ■ State Alcoholic 
Beverage Control Board 
for a license to sell beer 
and mixed beverages for 
on and off premises,- 
Fountalnheadof Va. Bch, 

T A Ramada Inn 
615 Atlantic Ave 
Brenda J. Weiss 

Mar. 23 


The Virginia Beach 
Board of Zoning Appeals 
will conduct a Public 
Hearing on Wednesday, 
April 5, 1972, at 8 p.m. in 
the Municipal Court 
Building, upstairs court 
room. City Hall, Virginia 
Beach, Virginia. The 
following applications will 
appear on the agenda. 
. r I .' 1 James D'Amora 
, requests a variance of 
2'6" from the required 6' 
to 3'6" side yard setback 
of Lot 1, Block 11, 
Pocahontas Village, 4825 
Conestoga Road. Kemps- 
ville Borough. 

II. Atlantic Permanent 
Savings 8, Loan 
Association by Talley 
Neon Signs requests a 
variance of 38 square feet 
of sign area, for a total Of 
158 square feet Instead of 
120 square feet as 
allowed; and a variance 
for each face to be 79 
square feet Instead of 75 
square feet as allowecl,at, 
9 4 4 I n d e p e n d e g:cp 
Boulevard. Baysfqie,. 
Borough, ' ' 

III, Laddie Corporation 
requests a variance of 10 
inches from reijuired 20 

"MUm to 19 feet 2 inches rear 
/dVd setback of Lots 1.4 
and 16, Block ,42, 
Shadowlawn Heights, 
Greensbpro Aven/^ie;,, 
Virginia Beach Borough, 
IV Edward John Gwnt 
requests a variance OrrV 
feOt from required 3t Je'iSr, 
to 22' feet frbnt V^im- 
setback of Cot 8, Block Vi, 
Araggpa -Vlll!ag£,:^lffrtion 

^8, 84?. RQmn*^y':vL«OHAft 
Bayside Borough, ^jiin^* 

V. Dunk|n Donuts by 
Ivan jpsH.n, A^eh), 
requests a variance 'bf.'-'Sit- 
square feUt of sign' At*^) 
with aJdtal art. 180 squdre' 
feet instead, of 96 squafOi 
feet of sign area .ftpr, 
allowed at 2448 Virgin^, 
Beach Boulevard, l-^nc^pn 
Bridge, Lynnha.yen' 
Borough. "' '' 

VI. G. C. Riley rVqueits 
a variance ef 10 feet from 
required SO feet to 40 feet 
front yard setback of 
Parcel A, M, J. Robertson 
Property, 1365 W, Little 
Neck Road, Lynnhaen 

VII. A. M. Fox, Jr. 
requests a variance of 
9'8" Irojn required 15' to. 
5'4" side corner setback 
and a variance of S' from 
required 10' to 5' rear yard 
setback of Lot 15, Block A, 
North Hollies, 119 SOth 
Street . Ly nnhaven 

VIII. Gemini Builders 
Inc, requests a variance to 
allow one lot to be sub 
divided into two lots, with 
proposed lots Rl and R 2 
to have a frontage of 71.4' 
instead of 75' as required 
ar Tract R, Block 0, 
Property of Andrew Land, 
South Fir Avenue. 
Kempsville Borough. 

, . IX. Ai'bano Cleaners 
.i*ic< requests a variance ot 
143 square* feet of 
sign area, with ,a 
total of 195 square 
feet as allowed at First 
Colonial Road and Laurel 
Lane, Hilltop, Lynnhaven 

X. Walter F Gilchrist 
requests a variance to be 
allowed to have an outside 
toitet in an industrial 
district at property on 
Centerville Turnpike, 3525 
feet north of Kempsville 
Road, Woods Corner area. 
Kempsville Borough. 

XI Unico Corp. trading 
as Carrol's by Ivan Joslin, 

* Legal Notices ^B' Legal Notices 



Hew the moit to offer . 
Muiy modaU to chooie 
fram . . . CtMie in sad 
piM jrow boM^t . . . 

Many Monhi To Pay 


3757 iONNEY R0. 


WcMk for leMfiBg company, 
toiM typing preferred - 
food pay - many benefits. 

OAer poHtions open paying 
$«10 Monthly 

Them positkms start at 
$610 mcxithly widi oppcw- 
tunity to enter mina^ment. 



Laife natioaal company 
expaadli^ bnwch in this 
area. 4 men needed now. 

$M0 Monthly 

No strikes or Isy-offi. Over 
60 years in oat planU and 

ProTit during; many odier 

Start nw! Ctf 499-2763 

Agent, . requests a 
variance of 88 square feet 
of sign area for a total of 
192 square feet instead of 
104 square feet of sign 
area now existing at 217 
Virginia Be#ch 
Boulevard, Virginia 
Beach. Virginia Beach 

XII. Kenneth W. An 
drews requestsa variance 
of 40,5 square feet of sign 
area, with a total of 72.5 
square ^eet of sign area 
instead ef 32 square feet of 
signAre^^s allowed at 758 
[ndepfndefKe Boulevard, 
Ike Meadows 
Center Bayside 

^j^rner* Ad» 
vertisin^ Co" by. ^ay-rfor" 
E. Rice \yishes to appeal 
the doclsfon of the Zoning 
A d m I n f s 1 r a 1 r in 
reference to portable 
signs (ports panel) wich 
he has prohibited, at 
Pacific Avenue and 
Cavalier Drive. Virginia 
Beach Borough. 

XIV, Public Service 
Display Corp, by Richard 
C, Owings, wishes to, 
appeal the decision of ttie 
Zoning i(^jh i^istrator m 
reference fb outdoor 
advertising structures at 
4300 Virginia Beach 
Boulevard, Thalia, 
Kempsville Borough, 



% " 

L Towers 

BY VIRTUE of the 
termsof that certain Deed 
of Trust, dated January 
18, 1968, from Sarah Brock 
to William H, Martin, Jr., 
Trustee, and recorded in 
the Clerk's Office of' the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 
in deed book 1041 at page 
430, and by yjrhje, of J^hat 

4tTe, sewi Defendants, 
namely, Virginia Mayo 
and Melvin Mayo, if he be 
living and the said oerson* 
made Defendants by the , 
general descrljJtlon bf« 
"parties unknown" do 
appear within ten (10) 
days after due publication 
of this Order and do what 
is necessary to protect 
their Interests. It .Is fur- 
ther ordered that the 
foregoing portion 'of this 
Order be published once a 
week for four successive 
weeks In the Virginia 
Beach Sun, a newspaper 
published in the City of 
Virgjnia, Peach, Virginia. 

A Copy Teste: 

John V. Fentress, Clerk 

By J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 




1800 Virginia National 

Bank BIdg. 

Norfolk, Virginia 

I ask for this: 
John Y. Pearson 
' ,i..' . 3-14,23,30-4-4-4T 


DAY OF MARCH, 1972. 

Ctiy No. 16060-4 
Infant, 4ae.>^6 ■ 



The obiect of this 
matter is to allow 
Petitioners, ROBERT 

630, andbyyjrnjeoffhat iypRs ifHULSEY, to 
certain ApH^mitt^ oQClilW WieCIJftfant DEBRA 
'■■■■"' "" ■" * " ANN AYERS, an infant, 

Trustee recorded in the 
Clerk's Office aforesaid in 
deed book 1255 at page 645, 
the undersigned Trustee, 
having been notified of 
default in payment of the 
debt therein secured, and 
other breaches of the 
covenants therein con 
tained, and at the request 
of the creditor thereby 
secured, will offer for sale 
at public auction to the 
highest bidder, at the 
Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 
on March 30, 1972, at 9:30 
a.m., the foliJowIng 
property, to-wlt: 
ALL of that certain piece 
or parcel of land being 
on the road leading 
from Pungo Ridge 
Road to Charity Church 
being at the .in- 
tersection of ■ sWd and 
Norfolk Southern 
Railroad, Northwest 
corner. Beginning af 
the northwest corner of 
the property at the 
Norfolk Southern 
Railroad and running 
east along said road 72 
feet; thence running 
south 138 feet; thence 
west 72 feet; thenco 
north 138 feet to point of 
beginning, and con- 
taining one-fifth acre, 
more or less. This 
property being In 
Pungo District of the 
City of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia. Being the 
same property 
acquired by Sarah E. 
Brock from Moses E. 
Coston, Widower, dated 
March 24, 1958, and 
recorded )n deed bopk 
570 at page 147 in the ^ 
Clerk's ' Office ., 
TERMS; .Cash. The 
successful bidder will be 
required to deposit 10 per 
cent of the purchaw price 
at the time that the 
property is knocked down 
to him, with the balance to 
be paid within ten (10) 


. .1 i .' i J^ lU I .' I " •-. 


THE 8TH DAY" •0^..;"n 
MARCH, 1972 
• vs. 

1. The otojact-of this suit ,. 
is to effeer partition- 
among the owners by sale 
or otherwise' of real 
property In the. City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 
designated as Lots 4, 7, 8 
and 9, Plat of sUb division 
of property owned by CM. 
Hodgman made by C.F. 
Petrie, Civil Engineer, 
and recorded in the 
Clerk's Office ef the 
Circuit Court trf theClty of 
Virginia Beach, Vifgin^a,, ;._ 
in Map took 4, Page 282, :. 
of whlcli Andrew, Mayo 
died sel^ed.and possessed. 

An affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
Virginia ^ayo is not a 
resident of this state, and 
that Melvin Mayo, if he be 
living, is edf a resident of 
this state, and the Bill 
stating that there are or 
may be persons interested 
in the subject fo be divided 
whose nainnei are 
unknown arid making 
them partlfsd^endant by 
the general description 
"parties ninlmown", an 
affidavit aaving been filed 
that they are unknown, 
such unknown parties 
being tieirs of the 
decedent, Andrew TWayo. 

age .16 to be known as 
' And a verified Petition 
having been filed that the 
natural father, HER- 
AYERS, JR., is a non- 
resident of the Com- 
monwealth of Virginia 
and his last known ad- 
dress Was 15263 East 
Colonial Drive, Orlando,. 
Florida 32807, and that his 
consent for adoption Is 
being withheld contrary to 
the best interest of the 
infant pursuant to thie 
Laws of the Com- 

AYERS, JR., do appear 
within 10 days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what /nay be necessary to 
protect his interest in thi» 
cause and it is further 
ordered that a copy of the 
verified petition be mailed 
by the Clerk of this Court 
to Mr. Herbert Goodwin 
Ayers, Jr., 15243 East 
Colonial Drive, Orlando, 
Florida 32807. 
John V. Fentress, Clerk 
By J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
I ask for this; 
Gitrland M, Layton 
Attorney for Petitioners 
1510 Pleasure House Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


In the Clerk's OHice o 
the SircAiWt. Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
the 15th day of March, 
1972, ,i 

Don H. Turn^^.fUiintiff, 
against -<-eo»j b 

Frankie Mae Turner, 


The object of this suit Is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant upon 
the grounds of desertion. 
And an affidavit- having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is not a 
res««nt of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
address beinig^cISS Gulf 
L a n e r ' C i tronell e, 
Alabama 36525, not 
resident of the State of 
Virgin ra, it is ^dered that 
she do appear here within 
ten (10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect her Interest In this 

A copy Teste: 

BMf«BRdra Hargrove, D. 

Mr. Osie H. Gay 
2871 River Rd. 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 
3 23,30 4-4,13 4T 

THE 10th DAY OF 
MARCH, 1972. 
i Chy. NO. 15890 
Mltha«F*'L. Childress" 





The Object of the above 
styled suit is to partition In 
one of the modes as 
provided by law, ttrasa 
certain lots, or parcels of 
land, sihiated in the City , 
of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, described as 

"Lots 20, 21 and 22, Jn 
Block S, on the Plet of 
Chesapeake Park, duly 
of record In the 

'Legal Notices 

aforementioned Clerk's 
office In Map Book 4, 
page 47." 

And It appearing from ' 
the averments of the Bflf 
of Complaint filed hMi(i 
and by "Affidavit duly, 

First: That the 
following defendants are, 
nonresidents of this State 
and their last known post' 
office addresses are ar 
Estella Lynn and Robert, 

J. Lynn 
Pomona, Los Angelee' 
County, California . i 
Second : Thatsaidnannr«d< 
defendants h this Sdit 
may have died leavlijo, 
heirs, devisees or 0«r- 
sonal representatives, and' 
if so, the names of said 
heirs, devisees and-^, 
personal representative 
are unknown and their 
last ""known post offtd 
addresses are unknown^' 
That there are or may b^ 
pesons other than those 
named in the Bill ^cN 
Complaint interested in 
the real estate to b« 
disposed of in this suit 
whose names and la^t 
known post office ad- 
dresses are unknown. ' 

It is, therefore, OR- 
DERED that the above 
named persons. If livinp' 
and if dead, their heirr; 
devisees and-or personM 
representatives, and If , 
married, their respectlvii 
consorts, and all personi 
other than those hereio 
named, who are'or mighf 
be Interested in the nif 
estate to be disposed of in 
this suit, whose names ant 
unknown, do appeaf- 
withln ten days after dtff 
publication of this notlcllr 
and do what Is necessa ry Ut 
protect their Interests. Il- 
ls further ORDERED tha/' 
the foregoing portion of. 
this Order be published- 
once a week for fourt 
successive weeks In th.O; 
Virginia Beach Sun, tC 
newspaper published in' 
the City of Virginia Beach^,'- 
Virginia. m> 

By Phyllis N. Styron ;". 
Deputy Clerk 

Carl S. Markowitz,^jf 
James and Consolvo tjf 
1512 E. Little Creek R^«* 
Norfolk, Virginia *« 

T. J. Amelson, p.q. 
801 Plaza One BIdg. 
Norfolk, Virginia 




In the Clerk's Office 
the Circuit Court of .flj 
City of Virginia Beach On 
the 29th day of February, 

Gerald D. Whaltifi, 

Mary Lorraine Whealton, 


Theobjectof this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant, upon 
the grounds of desertion 
and separation for more 
than two years. 
! And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
diligence has been used by 

Jron behalf of the plaintiff 
e ascertain In what 
?ounty or corporation 
such defendant is, without 
effect, the said defendant 
may be a non-resident of 
the State of Virginia, the 
last known post oftiee 
eddress being: 1429 
hedgerow Dr., Virginia 
Beach, Virginia.. 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here within ten 
(10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect her Interest In this 

A copy —Teste: 

Sandra Hargrove D. Clel k 
Harry j. Hicks 
524 Independence Blvd, 
P.O. Box 42484 
Virginia Beach, VA 23442 


' In the Clerk's Office of 

the Circuit Court of the 

City of Virginia Beach, on 

the 3rd day of March, 1972. 

Pauline C. Gautier, 



Melvin T. Gautier, 


Theobjectof this suit i| 
for the said plaintiff to 
obtain a divorce a vinculo 
matrimonii from the said 
defendant, upon the 
grounds of separation for 

over a period of two (2) 
years without resumption 
of cohabitation. , 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendent is not a 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
f»st office address being : 
Box 444, Hartford, 

It is ordered that hti do 
appear here within 10) 
(ten) days after '<^e 
publication hereof, and'o 
what may be necessary ^o 
protect his interest in this 
suit. '; 


Phyllis N. Styron, Deputy 
• Mr. Fred W. RIcHfif, 

610 Law Building 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 

I I IIWillHL,^,. ,^ „. ^.q^^ug^Lft 


tWURSPAY, MARCH 23, 1972 


PAQE 11 

ODU Announces 
New Admission PoKcy 

today i^Ktoced a new ad- baUeve we aw wn^ff^ 

mtejona (policy that recognize, tew putdic inatttu^ to tkt 

ftatwo-yearaMociate'8 degree •(•teexprcifiiigourHntim^ 

from community cdleget at through thii kind of poUcy " 
meeting the tJnivertity'g «. 

general diitributlon ^^*««*I« of the State Boartf 

nM^drttneati. « Communis qol^es Dana B. 

WlOi the Univenity'q prea«it ^^'""*'' c«nmeMli« flrom hte 

pijllcy of accepting community ^ohmond office, uid, "We art 

or Juidw college graduates with P'*.*"**^ that Old Dominioii 

t "C" average, thU new policy 
ifitoBigned to make the transfer 
ffiom commiuitty ccdlegea aa 
easy as possible and prevent 
unnecessary duplication of 
requfarements, Dr. Bi«g ex- 

Hie policy waives general 
dlstrlbi^tion requirements 

University has adopted ttili 
policy (or comnranity oritoge 
itudenU Intereated in pursurlaf 
their baccalaureate degrees." 
"Ifany oi our graduates have 
already been acoepW at ODU. 
this expUdt policy wiU en- 
courage numerous oUiers to 
transfer to this fine University, 

(English, mathematics, foreign S^'^'^y ^^'°** gradutlng tnm 
languages, social sciences, ^f^'fter Communl^r Coltege 

and from Paul 



, "On behalf of the SUte Board 

for Community Colleges, I 

commend the University ftor 

Dr. Hamel 

physical education and 

other courses generally 

required In the freshman and 

tophomore years) for the 

transfer student with the 

associate's degree, and aUows 

the transfer to Immediately this signal action,' 

attadc ttie qiedfic courses he stated. 

may need to satisfy the 

requirements for his major. 

James R Valllancourt, dean 
of admissions and registration 
at ODU. explained Uiat transfer 
stt^inits at many schools are 
required to take a number of 
introductory courses after 
transferring because of dif- 
ferent general requirements of 
die instlttims. Hie result is that 
many studeits must take an 
octra semester (n* year to 
complete their bachelor's 

Hm dean added. "We beUeve 
die new pdlcy will be valuable 
to community cdlege students 
planning to transfo* to Old 
Dominion University as It will 
greatly enhance their ability to 
cmnplete a bachelor's degree in 
two additional years. Not only 
does it make educational sense, 
but the policy points to the 
University's commitment of 
siiniarting the role of two-year 
cdl^ in hitler education. I 

D? Camp 

"SURltY wrm THE FRINGE ON TOP."— Iliav'i m Maga, aai It really Inl • 
sarry, bM when yon're young Iff flui to |»retend. Pan Thompson, 2. and her brother 
Stevt. S, ei^oy a ride wltb Snsan Matttews hi a vacant lot across from Pemln-oke Mall, 
"ftigarfoot" and the snlky belong to Sktcoak Day Camp on Vlrglala Beach Blvd. (Photo 
by Jon Sagester) ^ 

200 Cleared Of Gombllng Choraes Sncas hi Qmrt 

More than 2(N) persons 
arrested last wedc In connection 
with alleged gambling at the 
Aragona Recreation Cent«r^ 
DeLaura Lane, were cleared of 
the charges in Munidpal Court 

Police (rffldals said the ac- 
tivity Involved the playing of a 

game known as lUngo, reported 
slmlllar to Bingo, which has 
been classified as iUegal. 

Peter T. L^^, Asst. City 
Atty., said charges against 206 
patrons of the Center were 
nolle-prosed on grounds of 
"insufficient evidence to 

Boating Sofefy Tips 

In light of the fast approach of 
the boating season the VJ8. 
Coast Guard DW. V reminds 
you courts^ on the wata* is the 
key to boating safety. 

Here are a few rules that will 
aid you in bdng a courteous 

Sailboats and rowboats have 
the right-a^ay over pow««d 
craft in atanoet an cases. Keqi 
dear of lai^ CMMnerdal and 

gownment vess^ too, your 
snudl craft can maneuver more 
easily and quickly dian they 

Watch your wake! It can 
cause serious dama^, and you 
are legally responsible for it. 

Keep dear of fiaherman, 
swimmers and water skkn. 
Don't "bun" docks or the 

proaecuto". Eadi had been 
durged with gambling under 
aty Code jHPOvisions. Legler 
said fines paid by some of the 
patnms at ttie tiuM of their 
arre^ are being refunded. 

Ju^ P.B. White iqriidd a 
defense motion to dismiss 
charges against Clarks T. 
Dunningttni and Issac Snyder, 
Identified as operators of the 
Center, Dunnington, 55, of 
Putnam Road, and Snyder, 53, 
of Kennedi Road, had been 
charged with promoting a 

Defense attorney Charles 
Burlage dismissal of duu^n 
against Dunnington and Snyder 
on grounds the Center was a 
private c^ and that pdice 
entered the buOding to m- 
vestigate dia^es without the 
bmefit of a search warrant. 

The Dartmouth College Glee 
Chib, one of the finest men's 
dMxal groi^M in the nation, will 
proMnt a cuicert <» Moixky, 
March 27, at 8 p.m. at Lake 
"ni^r nith School. 

The Dartmouth Glee Club 
tea produced tour kmg play 
records, two under the suqilces 
of United Artists, and has 
performed on numerous 
tdevislon shows and In motion 

Noted Washington Post 
Critic, Paul Humes, oom- 
mented after hearing the glee 
chib, "Hie spirit and styte were 
hearty and ttie warmth diat a 
men's dwrus akne can give 
was diere." 

Tickets tw next Monday's 
performance can be obtahied at 
tte door. Proc e eds frmn the 
concert will be used to establish 
a sdiolarsh^ fimd. 



«|i the Cltrk't Off let of 
tttlrcult Court of tlit Citv 
of Virginia Boach, on th« 
»th day of March, l»72.'^ 
Phillip E. WiUlamt, 

Christina M. Williams, 


The obitct of this tult It 
to olrtaln a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the Mid deftndant upon 
the grounds of two years 
continuous separation. 

And an affWavit having' 
bean made and fliad that 
the dtfandant Is not a 
rasldant of tht State of 
Virginia, tha last known 
pest off lea address being f 
SMO Cerritoa Ave. Long 
Baach, California, 90805 or 
2479-A North School St./ 
Honolulu, Hawaii, not 
resident of tha State of 
Virginia, it Is ordered that 
she do appear here within 
(10) tan days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may ba necessary to 
protect her Interest In this 

A copy— Teste: 

BY: Sandra Hargrove, D. 

Mr. Richard Brydges, 

1369 Laskin Rd. 
Virginia Beach, VA 


Commonwealth of 

in tha Clerk's Office of 
the /Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
tha 25th day of February, 

James F. Carberry, 

Carolyn S. Carbat-ry, 

to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant, upon 
the grounds of desertion 
for a period ofjtima In 
axcan of one (i) year. 

And an affMavit having 
bean made and filed that 
the d^endant Is not a 
rMident of the State of 
Virginia, tha last known 
post office address being: 
3319 O'Hara Dr., Macon, 
Georgia 31206, not a 
raaWant of the State of 
Virginia, it is ordered that 
tim do appear here within 
t«i <10) days after due 
IMblicatlen hereof, and do 
what may ba necessary to 
protect her Interest in this 

A Copy Teste JOHN V. 
my-. Sandra Hargrove D. 

Praderick B. Lowe 
Suite ^M Mallbu Towars 
3S00 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Virginia Baach, Va. »452 


Commonwealth o» 

in the Clark's Office of 

the Circuit Court of the 
Citv of Virginia Baach, on 
me 2ith day of February, 

• Legal 

Cheryl Priest Cooper, 



Steven Paul Cooper, 


The obtact of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vincvie m^rlmMill from 
the seM defendant, upon 
tha grounds of more than 
two years' contlnous 
separation of the parties. 

And an affidavit having 
bean made and filed that 
the defendant Is not a 
rasMant of the State of 
Virginia, tha last known 
post office address being : 
Grand Island, Nabreska, 
not resident of the Stete of 
Virginia, It Is ordered ttiat 
ha do appear hare within 
tan (10) days after due 
publication hereof, end do 
what may ba naceesery to 
protect his interest in this 

Acopy-Teste: JOHN V. 

BY : Sandra Hargrove D. 

.Joseph L. Lyie, Jr. 

P.O. Box 2241 

Virginia Beach, VA 23452 



In the Clerk's Office of 
tha Circuit Caurt of tha 
City of Virginia Baach, on 
tha eth day of March, 1972. 
Carle Rehnback Gar- 
nheuser. Plaintiff, 

Thomas E. Gemheuser, 


The oblect of this suit Is 
for the said pialntiff to 
(Atain a divorce a mensr 
at thoro from tha said 
defendant, upon the 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having 
bean made and filed ttiat 
the defendant is not a 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office addren being : 
539 Whitleck Street, 
, Toledo, Ohio 

it is ordered that he do 
appear here within 10 
(tan) days after due 
publication hereof, end do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his Interest in this 

suit. ^ ^ 

A copy— Teste: 

Phyllis N. Styron. Deputy 

Mrs. A.J. Canada, Jr. 

4336 Virginia Beach Blvd., 
Virginia Baach, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of 
the Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, an 
«»e 17th day of March, 

Shirley R. Hattabaugh, 

Clyde Wilbur Hattabaugh, 


to ^Mln a dNeree e vM- 
cuio metflm«ili frwn me 

said defendant upon the 
grounds of treatment 
tantamount to desertion. 
And en effidevit heving 
been mede and filed mat 
tha defendant is a non- 
raaident of tha State of 
Virginia, the last known 
post office addreu being: 
West Bond Street, 
Bemant, Illinois, it is 
ordered mat he do eppaer 
here within tan (10) days 
after due publication 
hereof, and do what may 
ba necessary to protect his 
Interest In this suif. 
A copy — Teste: 
John V. Fentress, Clark 
By: J. Curtis Fruit, 
Deputy Clerk. 
Brydges, Broyles & 
1369 Leskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


In tha Clerk's Office of 
me Circuit Court of me 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
me 17m day of March, 

William wade Gaimer, 

Pansy M. Geithar, 



The oblect of mis suit is 

to. obtain a divorce a 
mensa et moro to be later 
merged Into a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
the said defendant upon 
me grounds of desertion. 
And an affidavit having 
bean made and filed mat 
me defendant is a non- 
resident of the State of 
Virginia, th last known 
post office address being : 
660 Grier Street, 
Statasvlllc, North 
Carolina, it is ordered mat 
she do appear here within 
ten (10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may ba necessary to 
protect her Interest in mis 
A copy — Testa; 

«hn V. Fentress, Clerk 
-: J. Curtis Fruit, 
Deputy Clerk. 
Brydges, Broyles & 
1369 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 
3-23,30 46,13-41 


In the Clerk's Office of 
me Circuit Court of me 
City of Virginia Baach en 
the lOm day of March, 

Lydia S. Nicholas, 



Stephen 0. Nicholas, 



The object of mis suit is- 
^ ma said plaintiff to 
(M>tali^ di\^rca a vinculo 
matrlnlenii from me seid 

defendant, upon the 
grounds of 2 years con- 
tinuous s^MratlM. 

And an i^MavIt havli^ 
been made and filed that 
me defendant Is net a 
resWOTt of the Steta of 
Virginia, the iMt ta^mn 
pest efflcv addr^ beh^. 

•Legal Notices 

Route No. 1, Oswego, New 

York, It is ordered ttiat he 

do appear here within 10 

(ten) days after the 

publication hereof, end do 

what may ba necessary to 

protect his Interest In mis 


A copy - Teste: 



Phyllis N. Styron, Deputy 


Messrs. Brydges, Broyles 

tr McKenry, Attys. 

1369 Leskin Rood 

virglnie Beach, Virginia 



in tha Clark's Office of 
me Circuit Court of me 
City of Virglnie Beech, on 
me«thdeyof Merch, 1972. 
Costiey L. MIrchell, 

Pearl V. ReM MIrchell, 

The oblect of mis suit Is 
to obtain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
me seid defendant upon 
-M» grounds of 2 year 

And an affidavit heving 
been made nid filed mat 
the defendant Is a non- 
rasMent of me Stete of 
Virglnie, the last known 
pest off ice addreu being : 
Bronx, New York, New 

It Is ordenki mat she do 
appear hare wimin ten 
(10) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may ba necessary to 
protect her Interest in this 

A copy— Teste: 

J. Curtis Fruit, Deputy 

Victor J. Ashe Atty. 
702 Plaza One East 
Norfolk, Virginia 


The regular meeting of 
me Council of me City of 
Virginia Beach will be 
held in the Council 
Chambers of the Ad- 
ministration Building, 
City Hall, Princess Anne 
Station, Virginia Baach, 
Virginia, on Monday, 
April 10, 1972, at 10:00 
a.m. at which time me 
following applications will 
ba heard: 

1. Application Of Harry 
Sandler for a CHANGE 
OF ZONING from Limited 
Commercial District 3 
(CL-3) to General Com- 
mercial District 3 (CG-3) 
and a USE PERMIT to 
construct a gasoline 
supply station on certain 
property located on me 
Southeast Intersection of 
Ind^andence Boulevard 
and Shell Road. 

Parcel l: Chenge of 
Zoning from CL-3 to C6 3: 
On certain property 
located at tha SeumMtt 
Intersection of In- 

dependence Boulevard 
and Shell Road, running a 
distance of 435.70 feet 
along tha Northern 
property line of which 
205.70 feet Is the South side 
of independence 
Boulevard, and 60 feat ie 
me Southeast side of Shell 
Road, running a distanca 
of 73 feet along tha 
Western property line of 
which 40 feet is me East 
side of Bradford Road, 
running a distance of 
398.12 feet along tha 
Southern property tine 
and running a distance of 
200 feat along the Eastern 
property line. 

Parcel 2: Use Permit to 
operate a gasoline supply 
station: On certain 
property ioceted at ma 
Southeest Intersection of 
Independence Boulevard, 
running a distance of 
265.70 feet along the 
Normern property line of 
which 205.7 feet more or 
less is the Soum side of 
Independence Boulevard 
and 60 feet is the 
Soumaast side of Shell 
Road, running a distanca 
of IIS feat along me 
Western property line, 
running a distance of 230 
feet along the Southern 
property line and running 
a distance of 200 feet along 
me Eastern property line. 
'(Robblns Corner Area). 

2. Application of 
Acquisition, inc., for a 
USE PERMIT to con- 
struct 120 motel efficiency 
apartments on certain 
property running a 
distance of 227.12 feet on 
me North side of Shore 
Drive, running a distance 
of 357.10 feet along me 
East side of OuPont 
Circle, running a distance 
of 477.59 feet along the 
South side of Bay Drive, 
and running a distance of 
249.88 feet along tha West 
side of East Stratford 
Road, Said property is 
known as Lots 1 mrough 15 
inclusive, Block 9, Section 
B, Plat of Ocean Park, 

3. Application of White 
Way Laundry, inc., for a 
USE PERMIT to con- 
struct 7 townhouses and 6 
apartments, totaling 13 
units on certain property 
located at me Northwest 
corner of 34th Sh-eet and 
Arctic Avenue, running a 
distance of 140 feet along 
the Wast side of Arctic 
Avenue, running a 
distanca of 100 feet along 
me North side of 34th 
Street, running a distance 
of 140 feet along me 
Western property line and 
running a distance of 100 
feet along me Normern 
property line. Said 
property contains 14,000 
square feet. VIRGINIA 

4. Application of JosafM 
P. and Barbara Fielder by 
Grover C. Wright, Jr., 
Attorney, fw a CHANGE 
OF ZONING from One 
Family Residence 
District (R 1) to Multiple 
Family Residence 
District (R-3) and a USE 
PIRM.IT m construct 34 

^Mrtmwit wilts 9n car- 

* Legal Notices 

tain property located 
across from Maryland 
Avenue and running a 
distanca of 210 feet along 
me East side of Arctic 
AverTue, running a 
.distance of 175 feat along 
the Northern property 
line, running a distance of 
210 feat along tha Eastern 
property line (Lake 
Holly), running a distance 
of 165 feet along ma 
Southern property line. 
Said parcel Is known as 
Lots 14 through 20, BtoCk 
A, Plat of Shadow Lawn 
Heights, VIRGINIA 

5. Application of First 

Baptist Church for a 
parking lot for which 
no fee Is to ba charged 
on certain property 
beginning at a point 
150 feet West of Paci- 
fic Avenue, running a 
distance of 50 feet along 
me South side of 35m 
Street, running a distance 
of 140 feet along me 
Eastern property tine, 
running a distanca of 50 
feet along me Soumarn 
property line, running a 
distance of 140 feet along 
the Western property line. 
Said parcel is known as 
Lot 14, Block 108 and 
contains 7,000 square feat. 

6. Application of Ryan 
Academy by Allan J. 
Gordon for a USE 
PERMIT to operate a 
private high school on 
certain property located 
on the Normeast corner of 
Indian River Road and 
Thompkins Lane, running 
a distance of 425 feet along 
the Norm side of Indian 
River Road, running a 
distance of 506.06 feet 
a.Jpngthe Western 
property line of which 
215.26 feet is m.e East side 
of Thompkins Lane, 
running a distance of 
831.43 feet along the 
Northern property line 
and running a distanca Of 
1138.70 feet along the 
Eastern property Line. 
Said parcel contains 11.247 
acres. (Newllght Area). 


7. Application of Robert 
and Lilian Gregory for a 
from Agricultural District 
(AR) to Residence 
Duplex District 2 (R-O 2) 
on certain property 
beginning at a point 691.8 
feet more or lass East of 
Princess Anne Road, 
running a distance of 200 
feet along the North side 
Of Malbon Road, running a 
distance of 489.48 Met 
•long the Eastern 
property line, running a 
distance of 200 feet along 
the Normern property line 
and running a distance of 
489.68 feet along the 
Western property Una. 


Richard J. wabbon 

City Ciwk 3 23,20 2T 

Youth Board Adopts 

Organizes ^^^^ g^^g^^ 

His National Youth OoaUtkm 
tac PoUtleal Invotvement will 
hold an orgaidiattoul "get 
together" Sunday firom 7:Sb 
p.m. to 1 a.m. at the CkMen 
Garter,.; I8th St. and Atlantic 
Ave. Congressman William 
Whitehurst will he guest 

The Yoi^ Cioalitian came 
lAout in February yAtm about 
U young pe(^ high school and 
edlege age. met with die Idea of 
(fc-awbg other youi^ ptof^t 
witti the rif^t to vote togetW so 
Oat &my could toam more 
about thoir responshilitltios and 
"use it effectively". 

Public relatlmis chairman 
Dennis Ward said that about 75 
have how joined and diey h(^ 
Sunday's fiincdon will attract 
more monbers. "We eqtecially 
w«it to readi the hif^ school 
sentors and encourage diem to 
register," he said. 

The purpose of the group, 
which Is non-partisan. Is 
primarily to educate the new 
voters on governmental 
^ructures and to familiarize 
diem with the candidates. 

Iheir first project will be to 
oomi^ a pamjMet on Vhrgfaila 
Beach's 36 caiaAdates runidng 
for City Council, aa wdl as those 
In Norfolk, so diat young votNV 
win be more knowledgeable 
before ttie May 2 de^on. 

Ward said die Coalition may 
eiidiHse five canttdates "if we 
can come to an agracmeitf as a 

Virgfaiia Beach b u si n ess m a n 
Edward Garcia ia qioBSor of the 
group and Rk:h Schurtz is 

3 Beach Students 
In Chowan Talk^ln 

John H. Whitlow. Lisa 
Tderton, and Debbie Scott of 
Virf^nia Beach participated in a 
recent talk-in at Chowan 
College on the subject of 
Rotary: "Ihe Beet U Yet to 
Be!', an -arUde from the 
January, IVn issue of The 

blscusslon leaders were 
monbcn of die Murfreesboro 
Rotary Club. Talk-ins Involve 
approximately SO students 
divktod into small groups. They 
are sponscn^d by the depart- 
ment of student personnel, 
beaded by Clayton Lewis, (kan 

Mb, a graduate of Kempe- 
viDe H^ Schod ia ttw son of 
Mr. and Mrs. D.P. Whitlow. At 
CSiowan Jolm is enrolled in the 
pre-education cmriculum. 

Lisa, a grathiate of Bay^de 
Hl^ Schod is die daughter of 
Caf^. and Mn. Raymmd C. 
Tderton. Jr. At CSiowan Lisa is 
enrolled in the secretarial 
sdence curriculum. 

Debbie, a grsduate o( Prin- 
cess Amw High Schod is the 
dsttghter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Gen^e W. Scott. At C3iowan 
Debbie Is enrolled in tiie 
secretarial sci«)ce curriculum. 

12 Gi 

Twdve Vhr^^ Beadi young 
women are among the twenty 
Uiree Tidewatn- Girl Scoots 
selected by the Greater 
Udewater Girl Scout Couicil as 
participanto in the Intematknal 
Girl Scout event, "Tinw ami 
Tide", to be heM hi Uk Norfolk 
area July S-ll. 

They are: Roberta Ann 
Baker, iw Victoria Drive; 
Sheila Escajeda, 43» St. 
Albans; Victoria Fralix. 4101 
White Chapd Court; Vaknda 
Gibson, 4a Bare^ma Lane; 
Uigti Jones, 100 Raff Road; 
Ahna Kd^, «tt S. Oliver 
Drive; Madelbie Lohr, «4I 
Bishop Drive; Kwi Miller. 001 
CardfT Road; Sara Mordies, 
000 Cambria Cowl; DaMsM 
NorviDe, sass N. Soriand Drive; 
Cadiy Smouse. oni Atlantic 
Avenue; ami CyntUa Tapp, tOi 
Wdteiare Road 


There will be an oM^uAiMned 
Ravhal at Betbd Methodtot 
Ghisch in Oneeds, March SMl 
at 7:30 idghtfy. 

Bev. Frank Se^ tasdo- and 
praaldnt of Hoponrma Randi 
tat Beys, ke., in Qluutilsr 
(^uity, win iMeiato. IMa 

The School Board Tuesday 
^(^ted a m-M-milUm bu<l^ 
for 1172-70, an IncrMse of ahoirt 
IS par cent over 1I71-72, f «■ neiA 
fiaealyear. The vote was 10 to 1. 
TIm dissairting vote was cast l^ 
Board member Spencer Lott. 

"I eaimot go m record ap- 
provhig ttiis budget," Lott said. 
"It's dme for City HaU to face 
up to dw fact that part of Its job 
Is to contrd eiqiemes. I canmit 
vote for die budg^ as sub- 

But Dr. Roy Woods, School 
Board member, said, "I think It 
to an excdlent budget, well 
woited out. The schod ad- 
ministration and staff ne«i to 
be congratulated." 

One hundred new teachers 
wiU reportnext fall, 19 of wlwm 
will go to die new Vocadonal 
Tecimkal Education Center on 
Nordi Landing Road. 

Teachers will get a salary 
jump. A beginning teacher with 
bachelor's degree will earn 
$7,200. A master's degree, widi 
IS teaching years, will bring 

Some $2.4 million earmarked 
for instriMdonal costs; $325,000 
for capital improvements, 
including $300,000 to air con- 
dition two elementary scho<^. 
Instructional cost, including 
educational tdevisiim. libraiy 
books and supplies Is up some 

Oity funds wUl sapfAy the 
major portion d the increased 
budget. State receipts will 
pn^bfy increase to $12,209. 
090. Federal fiinds wiU be 
reduced to $2,483,250. Under the 
new budgrt, die city wUl have to 
pay $1$.966.0W, compared to 
$13,003,040 In 1971-72. 

"The Beadi Is expected to 
receive no additional or a 
minimum increase in state 
fUnds for schools next year." 

Supt. E.E. BridteD sahL 

Because true vataea In- 
cruoed by $635 mllUm over ttw 
last U«ndum at die BeadL Oe 
dfy ta ad»d to IncrMse toeal 
funds for educatton. 
BrickeU said diat salee tax 
money for aifeieaUoB wlB hh 
crease from an oatlmaM 
$3,609. 736 durhig 1071-72 to 

$4,190,260 during next Meal 

Tlie budget bicreaae is a 
reflectton of ttw Ugh eoat of 
living and hi^ growtti rate «id 
increase In salaries, BrickeU 

At the TuMday meetli^, Om 
board voted to purehMe 13 new 
schod buses, as n^cement d 
old ones; $30,M4.S5 f<»- five46 
passengtf buses; $Bt,507.30 for 
eight-66 passen^ buaes. 

The Board commlssitmed 
Waller and Sadler Architects to 
construct one elementary 
sdiod and diree junior h^ 
schods. They were approved in 
the recent referemhim. They 
will be named CoD^^ Pari( 
Elementary School, Lynahaven 
Junior Hi^ School, PrhKess 
Anne Junior High Schod and 
Independence Junior High 

Supt. Brickdl reported diat a 
preliminary survey showed diat 
interest in the prtqiosed 
voluntary night school was not 
sufficient to warrant It* 
q>ening. Of SOS.stuitents who 
had expressed an interest, only 
160 were ready to make a 

In other tNBiness, Mehdl 
said dw NJROTC unita wiO be 
added at Cox and Kdlam H^h 
Schools, putting units hi ttw sfac 
senior liigh -schools. 

The next meeting of the 
School Board wiO be held April 

By Helen Criat 

Media Conference 
At Plaza Jr. High 

TYw Tliird Amiual Spring 
Eduational MeAa Conference 
d ttw Vk^a Anociation d 
BduoiticNial Cmunudcations 
and .Tedmdogy will be hdd 
FHday and Saturday at Plaza 
Amior High Schod in Virginia 

Approximately 250 school 
prindpals. teadiers, librartans 
md educati<mal awMo-visual 
directora. suiwrvisors, and 
Bpedaliata are expected to at- 
tend the twcHlay meetti^. The 
amAan will provide an op- 
portunity for media people from 
high schools, elementary 
sdMds, cdtoges and univer- 
sittes UntHighout ttw State to 
meet, exdunge ideas and take 
a hwk at ttw "state d ttw art." 

W^ known media specidist, 
flhn nuker Mori ScMndel of 

Weston Woods Stwfio in Con- 
necticut, is one d the featured 
speakers for the conference. 

Tours of two dementary Mid 
two hi^ schools in Vir^nia 
Beach will be cmxtaded to 
provide a dose-up kak at a few 
d ttw ^te pilot projects being 
conducted at the facilitiea. 

Additionally, a fllm tmtivti 
has been planned to di^tay 
some of the new, oreative 
educational pro(hictions ttiat 
are now available to «h«»tors. 

A wide range d qwdal in- 
structional material and 
teaching tedmiques will alao be 
demonsb:«ted and diq^ed at 
die meding, which «dll con- 
dude witti a serte d workrtqps 
allowing ttw partidiwda to 
learn how to.utiUze Aero. 

PA'S Steve Duff Selected 
For Presidential Classroom 

imrMed wwyone 10 attend 

A Presidential Cla8sro(Hn for 
Young Americans today 
rdeased ttw list of high school 
students who have been 
sdected to attoid one of its six 
sessions to be held in 
Washington, D.C. during 
February and March. Steven 
Duff fnm Princess Anne High 
Schod has beoi named as one d 
ttw 1,700 high «:hooI students 
who will spend a full week 
studying American Govern- 
ment through personal in- 
vo]vem«i( and contact witti 
leadag agencies simI top tevel 

Dentists Meet 

jitavy dedal dBcers in the 
Tittewater arM will meet 
Mtfch H at the UMe Creek 
AmphibkHa Baae for the Mcond 
in a seriM of forums on the 
lateat kleas and tedtt^kines iwed 
tai various dental spedaMes. 

Tlw gueat speaker at ttw 
meeting will b« Captain 
ThoBMS A. Garmn, D.C. l^N. 
ttw head o^the dqprtmeM d 
(^rative dMtistry at Uie 
Norfolk Naval Doital CUnic. 
Ttt tanna is the second d five 
sin^w naftdh^ sdwdided ttds 
yew. At oadi. a Navy dental 
offiraa ute to c o nsltoed a 
special in ttiia Add WiO speak 
OB WW phase of t^ worii, 
fiAowed by a (tecudoo ptfkxL 

In a^Mta to dental oMeert 
datkned a^WR a^ afloat hi 
Oia . Tidewater area, Navy 
RoM^y R es erve dental o^leers 
and rettred Navy dan^ offieers 
an bdig hnrllad to atend. 

TTia miKlm am ba hsid d 
te Uttla GreA OHaadadoned 
Oneanf^ltas, iriih ibuiH- 
at T p.m. 

In making the announcement, 
Executive Director Angle 
Whitaker stated that Classroom 
officials are particularly 
pleased with the natlon-widie 
support Uie program has i^aifl 
received this yrar. PreddMttal 
ClassnxHn has be«i endoraed 
by Senators, Congressmen, 
Governors. Stste Superin- 
tNidmts and a host d locai 
school officials, whose 
recommendatiora are based in 
part on student reacUoM and 
Uie imigram's far<wd impad on 
the view of young ptof^. 

Steve is ^ son d Robert D. 
Duff, 309 AmMane Vhrginia 
Beach. Ife wiBattendCteMNo. I 
fron lifardi llUi to Mardi iMt, 

Young Boy 

A wkx-ycuHM boy wtt ae- 
ddoitaOy dectrocded Taeadiy 
d|^, aoeen^ to oflteMh 
while plying wtth friends i*Ma 
S. Lynahavw Read baae."~^ 

Tlw bey was idsnttftod aa 
Mkhad Pritdwrd. aen d ttw 
Uittcer Pritdunrd's. 

Accordfaig to auttierMaa tta 
lad crawlad under tte fao^ 
home and appventty came la 
contact with p^MaM had 
been used aa gmundlBg lir 
dectrksal aqripmant hi the 

Btwm pronflweadamd en 
arrival *t Vbghda 

General lliiM^ri ■l—fti 


by MoMeal XxaaMMr, Dr. 









MlMWfNm RNm Mtt wto tkt b«Mh 



Commission Attacks Erosion 

fiiHap CemmJwHwfftrtdtod In 
Ik* d^itoi lo kndh'a ttrtt- 
fKBt&i «tteck on tt)« i»i^l)^ 
tf i^pltsltlilf^ tb« crodtd 
ranrt fMp teicH ttaig tht 

tit pi4*ct iBvolvM eon- 
tttMNi i^flttiring of matoriail 
tain RudM M^lMU Owtai 
09^ If UM of ci|f-owEnd a^ 

Mnahafcn ipoil trot; and 
itftaiiii Port Story •mdpmoDt, 
ta an Mai pntnm,« i^uMnf 
■airf b«^ onto tht bMch which 
has bMn rraioved in worion. 
An adMUfl^Ml ^va a(prMd on 
at I^Mtday'a am/ta§ wai the 
InuMdtata ohtaM^ tt &)tt 
h^an to a^iiikr* IN UM of a 
fWiHWffta! dradia at Rudac 
teHtlt, r^dng tha {KiMnt 
il^^mt, in (Utter to placa a 
li^^ amowM M natarial on 
Om aroda^ hfiehaa in thie 

1%e atova rtapi wart a|rttd 
to by HMi^tii of tte Eraaton 
^Buantaaion, r a pre ia n tativaa of 
(he Army Coipa of Eni^Mars, 
and a^ emeiali la a Joint 
diai^Mlon of tta aitwtfon. 

tha t^mmmt m* [^wadad 
ty ■ tai^b' diMMrion can- 
earali^ prtvloua nporta «t tha 
aauMBt of laftf atadad to 
eorrtet tto ^taattjMAd whwt 
mitaUt^^ vIpK avOabla. 

Joaaph MacDonald, Coun- 
attlttag Ettginaar for tha 
Cnmteta^ aaM tiia wrtnt 
Mm ov^oiriwd waa "not ttw 
u^spit of auKl faquirad but 
whara it !• naaded". 

OMn^taan ^. M Ervin 

ly Om arM fnsm Rudaa 
to Mtb »raat. paHiapa 
tevek-hau! ooultf ta tiatd to SItb 
ftraet to coojunctlo^fli itopa 

and flf %a baadi" ...whara it it 
raa^ bad.*' 

. W.W. FlanihMf, Community 
Jarvteaa Director, indicated it 
'flBuU b* iMiaiihia to Bumn 

'Ottfk, aa tor aailb 8tt«at by 
ttw uaa tf booator itatlaoa. 

Ha alae aaid that ttia Clty'i 
dradie worttog in tha briat 
dttmal haa pumped aoma 
SI,OM 0tdMc yardi of matwial 
bMi onto ttia b^^. aod con* 
lUnratloaia oe« im| givae to 

move tha dredge into the "sand 
bnip" whwe a lar^ amount o) 
material to amttiabla. 

Flaming said that loma 
difflculty bad developed in 
ae<ittiriag land from a L^n* 
lAavta H»U area, aa inittiUly 
planned in the truck4iaul 
opM-ation. The area ii owMd by 
davtiopar David I. Levina. 

Flaming indleated that, 
during nagotiattcma with LeWne 
to move tha aand, agrtMnent 
could not be reached due to 
atipulatlona placed on Oia 
agreement i^ Levina. 

AcciMrding to Fleming theaa 
Inviflvad a commitment on tha 

Crt of the City to raidaidah tha 
ach in the amount of 900,000 
cubic yanii (tf Mnd by a cwrtoin 
date, plua honoring a ratpiaat 
fbr Um rMoning tA (Nrqwrty. 
Both attpulations, Flaming aiM, 
were unacc^toUe. 

As an alta'iuMva FlwAiag 
aaid ha entorad into 
nagotiationa with developer 
Wayne McLaaky to purdutaa 
amd ftvm another Lynnhaven 
"apoU area" owned by him. 
Flaming aaid ha haa indieationa 
this will ba poaaibia providing 
ttia amoimt of sand removed to 
rqitocad In future dradgiai 
Qparations at the Lynnhavan 

It to eatinaatad that IO,OM 
culrfc yanto of sand could ba 
tru^«lMttM from LynoluivaB 
to tha beach in 48 days, wMto 
Unsporting of 90,000 cubie 
yards wiU require 80 days. 

Fleming aaid, attar tht 
meeting ttuit he hoped to haw 
ttto n^eaal nrmad ty Oa aiii 
of toe week, to oagottoto • 
eoolvct for taru^>hauUng irtik 
coetraetor B.V. WiUtoms. low 
bidder on thto pn^t. 

Aa oOar fhna Fort Stenr ,to 
iMtot tiM aty in raptoatoMig 
ttt nsrthtm «ul of Um baach ^ 

dona to eoi^ct aroatoo •rouM 
^(^pa itaury Croia. was aiit 
(UacwMd. TkartwMt qiMitiiii 
of ^i^Mi M rai|^ tafb. 

FiAowtog ttia maAng U. 
C^. ^MMa A, Pmm. D^ty 
CommaadlBg Oftloar, Fort 
Stoiy, Woraiad tha Sun Iw fait 
Oia equipment might be 
avaitoUa by tha mldtta of next 
weak fte laatiaii at Virgiala 
BMch. Thto win datarmlna if 
ttw profpraro could ba In- 

plenumted on a trial iMsis. Tlito 
ttmlm, Ckd. !^yaa a^, was the 
NMdt of c<mtinued action to 
reltalld the Cape Henry Cross 
are* in.ttnie forSastw Sunday 


Pembroke Elonentary Sd«wl 
to Grades 1-7 within the currant 
schnd »»e. This change affects 
some 118 itoidento. 

13. Transfer from Plata 
Elementary to Brookwood 
ilSammtory some 91 studeiHs 
flrom: Bendce Ptoce, Crosa^ 
Street and Prud«i Avamw. 

Thto ttM to conUguoui to tl» 
currant &t)<4(wood EUementory 
School «me. 

14. IVanafer from Seatack 
Elwnentary to W.T. Combe 
Qonentaiy SclvKd stmie 24 
students from the Triangle 
Itailw Paris, tliis area is 
contiguous to the ^rroit W.T. 
Opoke Sdiool zone, 

18. Transfer frtsn Seatack 
Etomentary to King's Grant 
Elementary School ap* 
proximately 9 students firom 
O^rse Park. Thto area to 
conMgu<H» to the currmt King's 
Grant Sdiod area. 

16. Tranafer from Trant- 
wood Elwnantary to King's 
Grant Etommtary School some 
21 students from the Old Great 
Neck Road area. This area 
would be cmtiguous to the 

Fleming Discounts Reported 
Loss Of Highway Funds 

W. W. Ftomlng, Jr., Director, 
Commufdty Servicw, informed 
City Council Monday recent 
raporto of ttia City loaing 
mOlldns of doIUuv in State high- 
wi^ fttnda wan iaeorract. 

Tha aUegatioM Uiferrad the 
moneys wera lost through in- 
omrect iNHtteaaing in anilyii^ 
for highnwy proi^t approval. 

Flaming said Joe Riptoy, 
Uiten i^way Divtoion, in- 
Armad him that "...Virginia 
Beach has received their fair 
shara of dw Urban Highway 
ConstruaUMr money and he 
(Ri|dey} knows of no instance in 
which Virginia Beach's 
requeato wera not processed in 
a propar nunnar." 

iUplqralNaald, avoiding to 

Fleming, Virginia Beach 
currently has projects ap- 
I»t>ved, which exceed funding, 
which "the City could 
reasonably anticipate for at 
least the next two (2) years." 

Fleming added the City has 
revised its highway plan, 
originally submitted last Oc- 
tober on a five year plan, to 
coincide with the State Highway 
Departmoit's priority lisdng 

Fleming also informed 
Council that following its ap- 
I»^val his office is in a poeiticm 
"to take advantage of the 
maximum State funding for 
Urban Highway Construction 
for tha next fiva (5) yean." 

piHIt fOOdi 

Mm vgHii Aipliyi I MBipli wT I 

VWdlife Plant Seed Offered 

Suspect Arrested In 
Housewife Rape, Robbery 

Rauban tyrana Watt waa 
vraatwl at Ma NorteOt honw 
teaday nMrri^ anord^ to 
prtet, nmI chHvad with te 
rapart«l rape and atroag- 
amad PdUbary of a Sl^aar^ 
VbfUa Bandi houBMrtf a. 

Offidato aM Vnt, I SB-year- 
old Negro, of LiMQhiitrak to 
ctargad with alk^adly at* 
tacktog Oit White woman at har 

monad pctlce. 
Wast mu uraatad f oUovHog 

11w VtifUda Guna Otm- 
mtotfflo to offMiig stad to those 
who vtob to rttot pbmt food for 
quail, rabbltiaiid or pbtasanta. 

TlMsaadto b^ oSlrad in 
thraa pound bags of game 
nditUvs, aadb of vrideh to nif- 
fletont for aMrodmata^ H 
aera of toad. 11» mixtura will 
prodttoa a quanttty of planta 
oftar a yatt> rmnd vartoty of 
wUdUfSptont food. Tha seed to 
usual^ planted at tha adgs of 

Ai^mie wtohlng to obtain the 
material may do so by calling 
ttie Bade Bay Game Wardms 
Haadiiuartea at 49^961 from 8 
a,m. to 8 p.m. Monday throiqpi 
Saturday, and leaving their 
name and address. Tha 
material wUl be daliv«red to 
them frae of ^arga. 

The mixture to availaUa in a 
limited quanity, and will be 
dstributed on a finit-come firat- 

Paiftoa fnola Itae viettai wtah 

leAtag for a Howard fami^, 
and ttked for dtoactions to 
WMtBBM Lasa OB the pretext of 

Eeoalvtag a aagativa ra^y ha 
«w panted peri^lta] to uaa 
the wopan'a ptale, ao^rcb^ 

toBa^^ and Bratoiriad to at> 

^am asied tf her h«A«d 
ay^ be able tolntot ktaa aid 
wia ImI he wrtWt'hoBw, ifce 

hfer abMt the Oroet and 
t» ha her tf she 

fte attacker , 4MundN 
aMBar and wss uM to the 
vtoite's aoB'a raeai^d given 
IS fr«n a ««Bet, Donaadtag 
laeaar iie«M Men totte 
""a be#eeai 
«MM^ faon a nr «w 
ttto money ttie 

, MMI hv tf Ae 

mr MiUIB A Vr - llie TwHettaa. Virili^ Beack parcate • q^ewes^ prectoloa 
■arcM^ learn, asade a«ch a big htt ia laat Friday's St. Patrick's Dance ParMe at 
Oeeaa Vlaw ttal 14. Got. BaMf MeraB. gtmU ManhaM ef the parade, left hto cea- 
vsi^MtlahaveUBpletirtliAea Huh Ihe^ria. WMh iMBi. toe. to aeae •««• than "St. 
fctasaeir. Hm TirMettee eanpilMi af saM N ^4s. have waa avnereas 

^Continued tnm fw^ 1) 

King's Grant attendance rone if 
Arm 3S to ap^Dved. 

17. Transfo* from Trantwood 
Elem«)tai7 to John B. Day 
El^nentary s«ne 160 studenta 
from: Great Neck Manor,' 
Ukeaide Ih'ive, ^^r Poiirt, 
IawbI Cove. These areas ara 
contiguous to the currott J(An 
B. I^ Schod zone, 

18. Transfn- from Winttoor 
Cake Elementary to PemtMroke 
Meadows Elementary ap- 
projdmately tSi stodanta from: 
Holland Road, Bonmy Road, 
V^^mtom- Oaks West (inclu(Ung: 
Forest Glen Road West, Win- 
dows Park Road, Old Pm 
ftoad. Old Post Court, Woodbine 
Um, Saddle Itock Road, Turtta 
eeve Court, Pine Hill Road, 
Brentwater Road, Brmtwater 

Also: Old Colony Lane, Old 
Cdony Circle, Wimtoor 0»k§ 
Blvd., Windsor Oaks Arch, Old 
Farm Lane, (Hd Tree Lane, 
Watea Oak Lane and SouUi 
Ptoza Trail). 

lliase areas ara not con- 
tiguous to the Pembroke 
Meadows School zone and can 
best be d^Ksribed as a 'satellite 
zone." Assignment of this area 
to Pembroke Meadows would be 
for one year only. 

19. Transfer from Woodstock 
Elemoitary to Williams School c 
some 318 studenta in Grades 1-5 
fram the College Park and 
Level G^een areas. 

Hiese areas 'are not con- 
tiguous to the current WiUtoms 
Schod zone and can best be 
described as a "satellite zone." 
With ttie completion of the new 
elementary school in the 
College Park area these 
students would attend the new 


T%eae mlnt^ydro-planee wwe among Hems wMeh wwe made during tiie City's l^ycle 
auction last Friday. Tiie auction, whch was continued until Monday when intemiptej 
by rain, resulted in sales totalling $1,557. A large pubUc turn-out made the event one of 
the most successful ever cmiducted by the City . 


The Virginia Highway 
Department has scheduled a 
public hearing on the Icmg- 
awaited improvementa to 
Rosemont Road, according to 
Cmnmunily Swvtees Dinctor 
W. W. Fteming, Jr. 

The hearing will be held on 
Wednesday apd Thursday 

Jail Funds O.K.'d 

Funds were approved during 
Molly's City Council meeting 
for the construction of a visitors 
araa at the City Jail, and 
making library services 
avalUbl^ to inmates of the jail. 

An af^ropriation of $7,198.86 
was approved for the con- 
struction of a visitors araa, 
equipped with steel paneto, for 
the low bid from Burton 
Lumber Co., on tiw project. The 
area will be set-up on the first 
floor of the jail, and will be able 
to accomodate eight persons. 

Council also approved an 
application for federal funds, 
under tTae 1968 Cime Omidbus 
and Safe Streets Act, to expand 
library service to the jail. This 
will be accom[dished through 
ttie use of the Public Library 
Bodcmobile. Federal funds in 
the amount d 17,510 would be 
matched by $2,752 in local funds 
for the program, 

nights. May 3 and 4, at 7:30 
p.m., in Windsor Oaks 
Elementary School. 

Roadway designs and aspecta 
d the pro^t as they affect the 
reakiento of region will be 
discussed during the puUic 

NOW is hm f iiii« 

to l«t ut h«lp you 
Mvo. TliJt Sovlngs thii 
yoar havo novor 
boforo boon moro 

Tax Consultant 



(ocroif from GEX) 

No Appointment I¥ecooMUPy 








nwt'iriiN, AdWHW imirMtl Vou buy i a-YMr Sivln|i Ct- 
mmn, 1^ vM'H iM yM th* IntWHt . . . immttfiralvl 
Wtwri mtft, you «tn hiM youf i>«wrM-4%"ln mh . . . OR 
inttaformvf • "bemn^ft" thn rattlli for MOKE ttan your 

Why wf M« Mnf ««hf ItYihnpli. Vn^rt do<i« M « fnor by 
•puRlns your Nvlngi wtth iw. And «Mr«Mnt you to know «« 









- ITV 

• CMirtiTV 



*^HW« ^VRNO Tt 


Mm TV 






r Hww 




• Plrsf with roolly fme ChackliHl • Plrit wIfK Safurckiy lankliisl 

• Pint with Athramco IntBrMf 1 


or vntoNu BBAca 







Concerned Citizens <5et Answers Fro 

See Page 3 For Res pmae To Questionnaires 

45th Sunrise 
Service Sunday 

When the sun cones up over 
the sand dunes at Fort Story 
and r^lects ^ Cape II«U7 
CrMs against the bourse 
grained whiteness, the 
sound of crashing At^ntic 
Ocean breakers in the 
background, Um historic site 
becomes a place of tranquility, 
a plrce of pod. 

It Is a perfect spot f«- the 
observance of Easter for on ^at 
wiWernesi stretch d shoreQne 
m^, in aw^iess and revererice, 
is tlmoet forced to look inwttrd 
in search of peace, if cmly for a 
fating moment. 

Perhaps that is why over the 
past 44 years the Annual Easter 
Sunrise Service at tb^ Cape 
Henry Cross has grown in- 
creasingly popular with people. 
Each year th^ c<Hne, by tlie 
Ihousands. the young and the 
oM, the well-dressed and the 
Autfaree-clad, joined together 
in tms very tptaai observance. 

And 80 it will be Sunday when 
the City tit Vin^nia Beach and 
the Port Story Command 
sponfor the 45th Annual Easter 
&urise Service, starting at 5 : 29 

The Easter message will be 
delivered by the Reverand Ben 
Haden, pastor. First 
Presbyterian Church, Chat 
tanooga, Tenn., member of the 
BflHy Graham Crusades and 
speako* on "Changed Lives", a 
weekly national radio ministry 

Walter Noons will direct the 

Concert Is 

The^rginki Beach Friends 
of Musk will present the third 
Mjlfioul concert of the winter 
Mnon i^iril 5 at 8 p.m. at Plaza 
Jwrior Wgh Schod. 

Hm recital will mark tha» 
completton of the presentation 
(Of 'the complete cycle of 
Beethovens Sonatas toe Vicdin 
and Piano. The sonatas wo-e 
written during Beethovens 
middle years and present, in 
microcosm, and ideal study ^ 
his genius. 

Ckirat arti^ in the recital are 
Dora Short, violinist, and 
Pravda ^orski, pianist. 

VioUnist Dara Short is con- 

certmlatress of tte Norfolk 
Symphony Orchestre Or- 
chestra, first vidinist of the 
Feldman Stri^ Quartet, and 
director oi the Dwa Short Youth 
Orcbtttra. Miss Sikorski, 
winner <rf the first young 
Vhrginia Arttets cimipetition in 
1966, has been artist-in- 
residoice at Emwy and Henry 
Cdtege for Qm past four years. 
Sbe iko p«formed locally as 
sidoist for the Friends last year. 

Hie sonatas to be performed 
are: Stmata in E flat Major, 
opus 12, no, 3; Sonata in G 
major, opus 30, no. 3; and 
Sonata in A major, opus 47 

TidEets from the March 12 
concert, which was cancelled 
because d ilhiess (rf me of the 
guest artists, will be honm^. 
Additional tickets will be 
available at the box office the 
evoiii^ of the pertormance, 
aduHa, $3 and students, $i. 

Virginia Beach Civic Chorus 
and music will be provided by 
the U. S. Army Band tetm the 
Military School of Music at 
Little Creek. 

Also participating will 6e 
Chaplain (Major) Gerald K. 
Hilton, Call to Worship; Lynn- 
haven Colony United Church of 
Christ, Responsive Heading; 
Revererend Byron S. Halst^d, 
Baylake United Methodist 
Church, Scripturi; and 
ReveraiMi Paid T. Gaughan, 
Star of the Sea Cath(^ Church, 
Pastoral Prayer. 

C/fy Approves 

Fund* For 
era Program 

Vohmteer Rescue Squadsmen 
received a $10,000 aj^ropriatioo 
trata Pity Cwmcil Monday fw 
impiementtng mobile treatment 
of persons requiring cadrio 
putaninary resuscitation during 
emergency illness. 

The program will aUow im- 
mediate treatment of heart 
patients, victims of severe 
b'afflc acckients, or otho* in- 
cklents whteh require CPR 

The 110,000 will be used Ux 
ccmsiniction of a base system in 
the Plaza area and a relay 
station in the soutlmm tab- 
tremity of Oie City. These 
statiena will be used in tran- 
mittlng medical reacUcpi 
from the patients, obtained hf 
the use of "Ufe packs" in the 
fidd, to Viiflida Beach General 
Ifospital as die patient is befaig 

This system will provide 
doctors und nurses with Gnt 
hand taifbrroation coocernihg 
tiie patients conditton from 
moment to moment, v(^ in turn 
wlU be aUe to assiat reaeue 
stpiadsmen to bettnr care for 
patleata during any Ufe savtag 

BoolsB Ckee 1p ^ 
Voters Aprfl 1 

The last day to register to 
vote in ttie^ouncU election to be 
held May 2 will be Saturday, 
April 1. 

The, office of t)w General 
R^trar 1^ Prin^ Anne 
Court House wU be open ft'om 
9a.m. to 5 p.m. and til asaistam 
registrars will be in th^ places 
of bwiness on ttiat day. 

For informatioh regartttng 
the location <^ assisunt 
registrtrr tall the general 
registrar at ASH-Mtfl. 

Sermg The Cty Of Vu^ia Beach 

47th YEAR-NO. 13 


Budget Includes Election 
Year Tax Increases 

HEY KIDS. LOOK WHO'S HERE — The Easter Bunny rates secend only to Santa 
Claus when he drops out of the sky as he did Saturday at Princess Anne Ptasa, from a 
modern helicopter. (Photo by Jon Sagester) 

When City Manager Roger 
Sc(rtt presented his proposed 
Qty Opovting Budget for the 
next fiscal year to City Council 
Monday he also fnced Coun- 
dbnen to face the possibility of 
iVi|H*oving three tax increases 
dluring an election year. 

Scott has recommended in- 
cxeases m real estate, posonal 
property, and business lic«iae 
taxes in ordo* to balance the 
record $07.8 million budget, 
which exceeds the present 
budget tqr 19 per ceirt. 

He has prqKsed increasing 
real e^te toxes by some 8.16 
pnr coit to 10 pn- cent 
rqvesoiting a 20 cento increase 
in the per hundred dollar 
evaluati(»i, which would yield 
additional revenuf of 11, 
706,991. His proposed IS per coit 
increase in Uie assessment 
ratio of porsonal {ffopCTty for 
taxation purpose would yieU 
additional revenue of ^26,069, 

An^w additional source of 

tax revenue, Scott points out, 
will be realized dirough a 
currofit revision of the business 
licoue code and fees to coincide 
widi otho- State municipalities. 
It is anticipated this will 
];H-oduce an additional "$100,000 
m new incmne to the City." 

The largest single ex- 
pemliture is contained ki tiw 
public sdiool operating budget 
at $31,649,000, which rq[»Hents 
46.7 par cent of the proposed 
biKl^t's total. Scott point* out 
that as a mult of a revision in 
State educational funding, 
"combmed with an anticq>ated 
reductim in Federal funds 
sdbod iHirposca." an additional 
$4 million-plus in local fimds 
will be needed to me^ School 
Board budget requests. 

Included to the School Board 
appropriation would be the 
necessary fUnds to pay this 
years interert on the $12.6 
million schoid-braid issue ap- 
proved by vtiben fa Frtavary. 

City Approves Commercial Dredge, Truclt-Haul To Repair Beacli 

An earlier proposal to lae a 
ccmimeicial dredge to r^lmirii 
the severely ero^ resort jurea 
^(i^ies oMrig^lte^eachi'was 
i Wg i iMliitji f iMjriw i t» City 

The move f(dlowed an earlier 
mdorsement to empl(^ truck- 
hauUng of sand, and ccmtinue 
use of the city-owned and 
Erosion Commission dredges to 
rqiair the beach in time for the 
rapidly approaching tourist 

Council took the action 
f(dtowing Joint concurrence by 
the Army Corps of Engineers, 
the Erosion Commission and 
city officials that the plan oi- 
tend the best method of han- 
dily the situation. 

Council Concerned 

Over Deception 

An ordinance designed to 
prohibit deceptive rate ad- 
vertising by hotels and motels 
received unanimous aiq;)roval 
from City Council Monday. 

The ordinance resulted firom 

advffl-tising lodgings must in- 
clude the number of ac- 
cwnodattons available at a 
givffl rate, and requires tlw 
revisiim of signs as such ac- 
comodations become occupied. 
Tliis procedure will result true 

|H-oposals by members ^tha.- jateertising of space available 
Virginia Beach InnketpB^tllrue rental cost. 

Association who voiced concern 
ovef advertising of rooms 
available at rates which 
allegedly mitfeprelented ac- 
cwaodatiorB available. 
The ordinance decrees signs 

The ordinance was 
unanimously approved 
following its motion by 
Councilman J. Curtis Payne 
and seconded by Councilman 
Frank A. Dusch. 

W. W.. Kieraing, Jr., Com- 
munity Services Director in- 
fwmed CoiBicU he expected to 
hiVe comnwrtW ^e^t. bk}s 
rea^ <far m^«m$^^tnff Mi 
first of n«ct wmA. It is 
estimated bis wouU permit tte 
placing oi the (fredge on station 
no later tlian May 1. 

A delay in bk! advotisiag 
developed Monday, although 
bids were rrady for woric in 
Rudee Inlet, wh«i it developed 
a commerical dredge might be 
more fusible at other sand 
sources. Wiarding of the bids 
required revising to indu^ i»e 
of the dredge in possible 
alternative location. 

Fleming located the tm^nxa 
as the Rudee Inlet and a Camp 
Pendleton site on Owls Ontk. 
discussed Monday was the 
discussed Monday was the 
farmer Eureka Brick Co. site, 
also on Owls Credc. 

In order to utliie tlie com- 
mercial dredge to fullest 
capacity the bids will be ad- 
vertised on the basis of placing 
100,000, 150,000 or 200,000 cubic 
yards of material onto ^^he 
eroded beaches. Plans call for 
this commercial dredge to 
pump material to Ihe beaches 
as far north as 38th Street. 

Fleming estimates the cost of 
the commercial dredge at $2.00 
per cubic yard of material. This 
expense would be borne jointly 
by the City, Erosion Com- 
missicm, and Army Corps of 

T. JoseiA McDonald, Erosiot 
Commission consulting 
engineer, said Monday the 
has piHBped^ 
soM 100,600 cuMc yards of 
material onto the beach. It was 
pointed out this dred^ however 
is limited in capacity to wwk 
tioog the beach (mly to a pc^nt 
of aboirt 20th Street. 

Fleming Monday reported the 
city-owned dredge, in 24 days of 
operation at Rudee Inlet, has 
pumped more than 27,000 cuImc 
yards of material onto the 
beach from the Inlet channel. 
He also felt this dredge could 
possiUy be moved into the 
Rudee Inlet "Mnd-trap" 

In light of the time required to 
place a commercial dredge "on 
station". Council approved 
another $7,000 appropriation to 
Onance the opera ti(» of ^he city- 
owned dredge for am>ther 30 

Council unanimously ap- 
proved obtaining a commercial 
dre<itee in the program on a 
motion from Councilman 
Robert H. Callis, Jr., seconded 
by Councilman Fraidt A. Dusch. 

It is expected Uie Erosim 
Commission will award the 
COTtract for the truck-hauling of 
sand onto the ar^ ncn-th of 38th 
Strrat by next week. It has been 
indicated this (Hroject has been 
delayed as a result of dif- 
ficulties which devel(^)ed in 
obtaining sand from Lynnhaven 

property own«l by itevelqier 
Wayne McLadcy, ccn^ming 
pcmli^e re|da<»mmt of sand. 
ImlteattoBs ww we V» sand 
wiU hs aoit^red Irfun^ Q^sat 
Nedt Road pi^erty owned i^ 
J. J. Standing, where an 
estimated 10,000 to 15,000 cuUc 
yards of material is o^Mrted 
available. Fleming also in- 
dicates another 10,000 to 1S,000 
cuUc yards o( material is 
available for truck haul from 
the Rudee Inlet area. 
May(a- Donald H. Rhodes 

p<4nted out Qiia will still provide 
152,000 from fl» State fuMis 
wUch can fc* diverted to sup- 
cement financing of the 
cmnm^cial dredge.* 

Cwocil enderMd' ^ ti^ck- 
iMuI op ei>W l lH»l »1»jtfitft8 
OP a motion from Councilman 
F. BmU Ervin seccRided by 
Councilman R(4>ert B. Crom- 
well. Coundlmen Robert H. 
Callis, Jr., and Floyd E. 
Waterfield joined Vice Mayor 
Earl M. Tebault in voting 
agaimt the truck-haul pr^Kieal. 

The second highast ex- 
pmditure in tiw bu<^t, 91.9 
million for 13.2 per cmt of tht 
bud^, vt proposed for tin ' 
retiremwt of sdiool, wat«- rnui 
sewer|4Mi|^n«-al debts by the ^ 
City. """ 

The third higheat expencttture 
is earmariced for Comnnmity 
Service at $8.§ milllOB, 
representing 12.6 pn- cent of ^ 
total bu^et. 

I!te (H-cposed budget r«Elects~ 
concern for the ne^ssHy of 
increasing PubUe Safety s^ 
vices calling for an ap- 
propriation of $4.6 milliMn, or 
6.9 per cent of the total bwif^, 
for poliee and Ore prototMon. 

Included in Uisi i^qa'aprtatkn 
is $377,069 to onph^ an ad- 
ditional 23 uniformed 
policem^, {dus 38 new paid 
firente»,'iRK hM time instructor 
and (xie tUstrkt chiri "to im- 
plement our program of iwid 
fire poMoid to support Qie 
exc^ent vol^fe« su'vica ear 
city now enjoys." 

In closing Scott states, 
"Finally, our best e^imatn 
infficate that $1,423,816 will be 
avaiUd>ie aa surplus at ttie ^ose 
of the im-n budget year. TItai, 
acfated to the revalue gewra^ 
by tiw three tax h^raaisf 
recommaided above, witt 
taalaw^ ttds Ftecal Y««r vm 

FoUowii^ rec^t ti ^|tfc 
tMk tUfdi budS^ profcwir 
CdittcflmeD agreed fis attend 
bri^ngi (M the pn^Msl m tht 
nights of ^^ 11, 13 and 13- It it 
ffiitic^wted^ putitte bearing on 
the budget ilfepeaal wiO tate 
pla(» MTty in May, to tBom 
time for Us requbed adqitta 
by June 1. 

All Earn Eagle Scout Rank In Original Patrol 

Always pttHid, ^elflom trntiM/M, nevm' mihumeM 


Mmm^qt li'iUim 

Eitiblishad 1926 

Aibiuhfd «Mft Tfcunday by tte Beach Pubtibiog Corpontkm, 13$ Rommtmt Road, 
Viigiak Beach, Va. 254SZ Second daa jmMi«* jMid at Vitgink Baaeh, Vb^aitL Mm- 
bar of V^^inii Aran Auodstha. To xubsoAa or adrsrtiv, jnhooa 496-$4S0l Sin#e eeypiy 
price J(M. 

Subieription RatM: 





IMONTHf 146 mOWfHI 131 

6 MONTHS 1.06 • MOMTHI , 4Jf 

I YEAR ., 6.00 I YEAR ^ *«l 

Out to taMal N«iMltoMt-AN mtti Mik*cri»tiam MUST k« a«W tN^pIlK^^ 

A Dear Publication Dadieatad to Sanmg tht Poopk of tht 
QUy of Yvgiim Baaeh 


R«etNtag CMgrtlalaltaM frMi Brvea Ban (teHI »M Ntrv^ Altai (r^t) is MU 
I^MBdlsB tMtr raeeivlng hli Eagto SeMt awaNl. Hay*, WkMcae and AUen are three «rf 
Ac sis nraiters <rf the Sea Hawk Patrri who have all become Ea^e Scouts. Tkt «^er 
lhr«e aembers. W^eU mam, DavM INinrU and Ueva Phllli|M are away at seho^. 

Atteining the rank of Eagle 
Scout is a plateau which very 
few young men reach. Less than 
one percent of those b(^s who 
become B(^ Scouts evw make 
Eagle rank. 

One who did it this past week 
is William A. Whndos, son oi 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Whesdos. 
1312 E. Baysh<M* Dr. 

In a ceremoney at Virf^nla 
Beach Methodist Church. 
Whesdos received his Ea^e 
award rexinding (Hit a prc^ram 
which was started in 1964. 

At that time the Sea Hawk 
Patrol was formed in Seoul 
Troop 378. It was cwnposed oi 
six boys - six boys whc 
follow«i scouting into manhood. 

Last Bill Whesdoe was the last 
of those six to becwne an Eagle 

With the low porcentage of 
Scoute r^ching Eagle raidt it is 
an exceptional event when 
ev«ry member of one i»trol 

makes it. 

In remarks made during the 
ceremony Rev. Donald H. 
Seely. associate minister at 
Virginia Beach Methodist, 
himself an Eagle Scout noted, 
"You are now a marked man." 
It is a mark which every young 
man could well wear with pri(k. 

While wo^ii^ toward this 
goal. Whesdos held nearly 
every position possible for a 
scnit and at the same time 
p-oved himself a wwthy citizen 
and resident oi Virginia Beach. 

An hon«- graduate ot First 
Colonial Hi^ School, he was on 
the football team, the crMs 
country track team, was 
l»resident of his Senior Class, 
and was m tte Mayor's Youth 
CmmcU in 19^. 

Finishii^ one career under 
the capable leadership of 
Kouttng. Bill, an er^ineering 
stodent at V.P.I.. starU m his 
own a stq> ahead erf the 



f - Th--a 1i ^r 








Stelqp EtsteU mm a ctalr to keep four of the "reptM-- 
«t tejr in tUs tease lecne ft-on "Hie Front Page". 

The tough guys are (Left to right) Gewge Mantz. Dave 
Jones, Fred Smith and Gay Miliiu. 

Cook's Tour Of The * Busiest Place In Town' 

Ughte are contlnuoutly 
ablne at the big ytiiow 
"warriMUM" at the omm of 
3401 Street and Barberton 
AvMMK. And acarc^ a i^ht 
0m by ttuA the iMHrUng krt 
<town't rtow viaible aigni 
oMride of the hu^r aethrity 
oadinray imlde. 

Ite mm (heafie bidltU^ M 
the Uttte Iteittre of Vtargnia 
Beadi hai pcmm more <tf an 
tmeU Mu even the moat faitti- 
fkd expMeted it to be. 

^uat ^pm tht door and tal(e a 
pedt See thoie peo^ littiflg in 
Itaied up in <}» h»hby, 

tbotRing and waving their arma 
and beltii^ oat a chorus or 

WeD, they're reheanlng for 
"The Animal Farm", the 
dramatie reading production 
tite Uttie Ttieatre has |»epared 
espedaUy for the ^nior Ugh 
school Ei^liah Departments. 

And ov«r there, to the ri^t, in 
die box office, that's Betty 
Hamblin, tlie vice president, 
trying to catch up with sorm of 
the book work. 

Now, open those big double 
do<»« and it's a whole new baU 
game. This is the theatre itsetf . 

Thoae people scattered about, 
with tlwir noses buried in the 
little blue books, are actors 
stu(fying their lines, awaiting 
the cue to hurry badcstage for 
their entrance. 

And those up on the stage- 
boy, Uiere'8 a bunch of 'em— are 
rehearsing for "The Front 
Page". It q>en8 April 14 right 
here in the theatre and runs on 
Fridays and Saturdays tlu-ough 
April 29. 

That guy with iht beard, 
barking orders from the front 
row? Oh, he's; the direc- 
tcHT. . . .lo<As like he's got his w^ 
cut out for him, figur^ put 

^m Hakin (left) la the leuiph mana^g e^tor, lim McOanahan the star reporter and 
Marcia Bartwiak iii Importer's flaiwe tn "The Front P^ge". 




Unserve Fwi (alMpIsM) 


•vwyWIDNEWAY 4:M«*t:MPJI. 

n.00 OFF ,AMav so. PiZZA 






Akira Kurosawa's 
"Rashunon" will be featured 
as the April presentaUtm. of. the 
International Film .Fjeatival 
scheduled Sioiday at 7:30 p.m. 
in the meeting room of Atlantic 
Permanent Savings and Loan 
Association on Indepetxience 

"Rashomon" was released in 
IVSO. It won the Academy 
Award as the best fcareign film 
(rf that year, ami it later wmi the 
VaiteeFihn Festival. Kurosawa 
was named the Best Director by 
the Canada~ Film Board of 
Review for the film. 

Spaiswedby the Department 
of RiWic Librari^ and the 
Vi^glnia Beach Arts Center, the 
Festival is free and (^en to the 
public. For further information 
call 427-4321. 

what to do with all Uiose guys 
onstage. This play's all about 
the newspaper weirdos back in 
the late liOO's. The set's a press 
room and all these reporters are 
sitthi' around waithi' for a 
hangin', see... get their kicks 

that way. . .and - 

drab?..whataya mean 
drab?. .Who ever saw a 
glamorous press room? Opoi 
that doo- there and \xp a few 
steps and this is badutage. Be 
quiet or the directw'll yeU. 
Cripes, don't lean jagainst 
that... the whole press room will 
cave in! Sh-h-h. 

Theae doors lead into t))e 
inner-banctum. This la Uie 
Green Room. This is w^ere 
fantasy is made reality. That's 
Jim English, he's the presklent, 
working on sets and his co- 
woiicers are some of his boating 
buddies he conned hito car- 
pentry during off-aeason. Thoae 
two rooms to the left are 
dressing rooms— his and h«»- 
and that's Mike Hamblin put- 
tli^ in Ughts over the mirron. 
There's still a lot to be doM 
here. But a little more geta dene 
with every show, k 

Step arcimd the i«wfa(»8e8 
ttid pakit backed and over h«e 
to the right is the wardn^ 
deparmient. Jacqui Warren's 
the one sifthig tlvough thoae 
boxes aiKi racks... she's kxddng 
for some lUO's clothes for tUa 

Now, quietly, back throu^ 
the theatre.. gosh, Usten to 
that du'ector ye]l...he oi^ta 
know that "repwters" never 
write down instructions... .and 

back into. dte.h^}!^. . 

„, "The Ammat Farm" caatia. 
tx-eakuig up because they ha\w 
to be at school early in .tibe. 
morning.. .all except Horace 
McManus, Anne Penington and 
Alan Barber... they're in "The 
Front Page", too. That'a 
another reason why the 
theatre's so great... .it not only 
provide space for two shows to 
be in r^iearsal at die same 
time, it also allows for an 
overlaffting in casts. 

WeU, that does it. Here's the 
front door. It's eaay to see why 
the buil(ttng is great for the 
little Tlieatre's many pprojfupta.. , 
Why, last y^u* ttiis tinie, they 
had two shovy^ In rehearsal— 
"Death of a Salesman" and 
"Our Towi"— while "Invitation 
To A March" was being 
presented.... and they didn't 
have a place to hang their!K of them. 

Y^, tiris bialdii^'s great. It's 
a real boost to the Little 
Th^tre. And to dto conmiunity. 
Why, only last week high 
sdiods from all over tlM area 
wa« comp^hig Iwre in a 
District Festtyal of (Hie Act 
Pli^s. It's a busy place. 

Wdl, that's the tour. Aqd t^ 
%Uxy. What do I do? rm'the* 
assistant director. To what? to 
"The Frait Page", of cour- 
se... maj^ Igot the j<^ because 
I'm a newspapen)iwman....what 
do you mean weirdo? 

Ruby Jean nmiips 

Performances Lift 
'Everybo(dy's Girl' 


"Everybody's Girl" is 
basically a mediocre pby. Bitf 
three performances' in the 
Cavalier Dinner Playhouse 
proAiction literally fwtie it out 
of mediocrity -^ despite its 
wMtoi^ws — and turM Itmto 
(deasant entertainment. 

Vi Ragan is due most of the 
credit in accomplishing this feat 
with her portrayal of Beatrice 
Bundle, a thwoughly delightful 
middle-aged woman whose 
{rfiilosophical sense of humor in 
the face of adversity might well 
be a li^sson to aU. She accepts 
life with a smile and an 
imqtKstioning faith . . ."Wl»n a 
horse kicks you, you don't ask if 
it's a mule!" 

Her only real suRXK-t in 
carrying the John Patrick two- 
act'er comes, ironically, from 
two minor roles, Steve 
^euerstetai as a weird (and 
that's an understatement) 
television cameraman and B<^ 
Beard as a "stranger from the 
White House". 

Beatrice Bundle is 

"Everybody's Gh-1". She is a 

powerhouse of energy and 

strength, fte mother of five 

fattierless sons who are "in 

prison" in Vietaam, mayw of a 

small New England town called 

Humony (she likes saying she 

"Uves in Harmony"), a Boy 

Scout leader, president of the 

garden club, head of Uie League 

of Women Voters, even leader 

of the trird-watchers club. She is 

also a telephone-psychologist to 

many of her troubled friends. 

It is because of these many 

accompUshrhente ttiat she is 

promoted by a fast-Ulking 

newspaper-advertising man, 

played by Al Ankers, as a 

candidate Jor Modier of the 

Year. She doesn't really want to 

get into the competition but 

finally agrees when the 

p r omotfr cbnvinceir hef that the . 

.Iidnormight help bring;her boys 


Mrs. Bundle, of course, wins 
the title, gains national 
recognition and is honored by 
the Presidoit before a joint 
session of Congress. But Mrs. 
Bundle wears the Mother of tte 
Year medal quite precarimis^ 
— she has never bewj married. 
And the retorn of her sons prior 
to her selecticm makes her 
eventual notmlety quite un- 

The role of Beatrice Bundle 
sho^ be one of ccmskleralde 
Aiptn. The playwright chose 
instead to create a shallow 
characto* whose (wtlodc seems 
man gidify and irr^poisible 
than humorously com- 
passionate and sensitive, lliank 
goodness for the acting talents 
of Mrs. Ragan and the dfrecting 
talents of Jon Dawscm. . .bet- 
ween the two of them they 
created Mrs. Bundle as she 
should be, a warm, generous 
woman widi love, and un^ 
derstanding, for all God's 

Mrs. Ragan overshadows the 
otfier performers — Ankers, 
Diana Brooks as the young 
neighbor who falls in love wifli 
the promoter and the sons, 
Roger Jolley, Greg Hughes, 
Paul Watts, Tim Sawyer and 
Jim Scott — not only in the 
dominance of the role but in her 
strength of characterization. It 
is this strength, however, Uiat 
makes the show a success and 
chalks it up as a crecUt to the 
Cavalier and to' the entu% cast. 

Feuerstein's exaggerated 
portrayal as "Hub", the wildly 
clad and definitely "swishy" 
cameraman, would, under mOst 
circumstances, be a bit much. 
But here the exaggerated 
characterization adds colonand"! 
provides a needed break from 
the norm. The combination of 
acting and directing, with 
daring insight into this rde, 
again pulled the play up out of 
the doldrums. 

And the same is true with 
Beard's small, but scene- 
stealing, rde hi the final act. 
He's a perfect mimic for. a 
popular television comedian, 
but we won't spoil it by saying 
«Mch one. And it's just {dabi 
fun watehing this actw at work. 

The sets, by Jolley, and the 
recorded characters by Mary ''H^jM^ .;*_i: 
Henry and Chi Chi and 'Lee l|>etty offteer William C. 
Lively are exceptionally done, Riter, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. 

Wll III ,M>I 

Foozeball, by some remarkable luck, has bec(»ne oi» (rf the moat 
played indoor games in Virginia Beach sUice taWe tra^ 
Foraeball is sort of an in^ior veraion ^f soccer, It is played On a 
large enclosed table. On either side of the table are rows <i handles 
(it could be mistaken (or a Polirii bicycle). Tlie handles fre at- 
tached to a bar on which the player figures are moulted. "Hie 
players, usually four, can either pull are push the handle for 
movement across the board or twist tte handle to kick. Of course 
the (4>ject of the game is to knock a little white ball into your op- 
ponent's goal. 

If you happen to be a foozdtall nut then you probably have hem 
down to Tom's on Atlantic to compete in ttieir "Mixed Doubles 
Foozeball Championship". Tom's seemrto be hitoit on becoming 
the foozeball capitol of Virginia Beach and from the l0(^ of the 
turn out Sunday for the final rounds of {day I would have to say they 
might very well do just that. 

The "Mixed Doubles Tournament" has been g(ring on for about 
two months. In that time most of the r^lly biggy players on the 
Beach have been eliminated, leaving cmly the very finest to vie for 
the title of "Mixed Doubles Champiwi". 

The whole two months of eliminaticms finally c(nne to an end 
Sunday. When the smoke cleared the winners were (TA-DA), 
Morgan Jones and Pati Rudisilli. Runners-up were John HiQrea and 
Nedra Distell. David KuU was of coio-se judging the eliminations 
which left no doubt in anyone's mind as to the fairness of deciaions. 

"Summer is coming", a friend told me on a bright simalUny 
Tuesday afterno<m. So why did it take me an extra IS minutes to get 
the ice off my car Wednesday morning? 

F«&M To Display 
Jlope Diamond Duplicate 

If diamonds are a girl's best 
friend, the new simulated 
versions are not far behind in 
popularity. Especially in April 
— diamond mcmth. 

The tremendous sales success 
of simulated jewelry stones: 
diamonds, rubies and emeralds 
has been glamorized by the 

Riter Overseas 

valuable contiibutions to the 

"Everybody's Gu-l" is not 
miKh as a play. But the 
Cavalier's production, for 
reasons stated here, makes it a 
worthwhile theatre venture. It 
won't tax the brain or challroge 
the emotions, but it will provUe 
an evening of light en- 

Ruby Jean PhilHps 

William C. Riter Sr., of 137 
Chinook Street, Virginia Beach, 
is presently serving in the U. S. 
Navy aboard the salvage ship 

Riter is assigned to the 
engirieering department as a 
shipfitter second class. He is 
responsible f(H- sheet and metal 
work conducting, plumbing, 
repair of machinery and 
^tt)aln<)»Mnc«4tf^ the ship's hull. 
He-^ao ^peiti^nm' » ctamaffi 
cmitrol and repair party petty 

Petty officer Riter b^an his 
active duty in Jidy 1970., after 
graduating from Floyd E. 
Kellams high school in June 67' 
and attending Frederick 
Community College in Nan- 
semond County. 

He cited his employment as a 
shipfitter apprentice at the 
Noi(ol|^,..^ V^ijcginia Naval 
aiipyard a? ^ a, ^pFima0.. in- 
fluence for his chosen fi^d in 
the Navy. "As for my reasons 
for choosing the Navy as my 
military service," he said 
emphatically, "my father is a 
Navyman. He is a retired senior 
chief commissaryman." 

As a Navymen, the younger 
Riter, has travelled to Japan, 
the Philippines and Taiwan. 

F & M Gems on Display. 

publicity surrounding tte W.4 
carat Elizabeth Tayl(H--Burton 
diamond replica created by 
Litton Industries for Cariier of 
New York. 

In association with its current 
Diamonair (R) ring pronium 
program, Fbvt & Mwehanta 
National* Bank has arranged 
with Litton Indushies for a 
dazzling display of the world's 
most famous diamond 
duplicates. Litton Induitries 
introuduced the first diamond 
like stone in 1969, and the 
December 1971 issue of National 
Geographic traced the full 
history of the famous diamonds 
in its "questing for gems" 

Among the famous gems to be 
displayed at F&M'a main office 
at Uie Beach, April 3, 4, 5, and 
the Plaza (tffice, April 6 and 7, 
will be ttie Hope Diamond, the 
108.9 carat K(4i-i-noor, ^ 55 
carat Legrarvd Sandy; tM 
Indn-e Pears, the 70.2 Idors 
Ey^ and the fabulous Crown 
Jeweb of Saxony's Dresdan 
Graan Diamond. 

The Dlamonab- duidlcatea are 
technically called YAG's — an 
imglrnnM-ous name iot a most 
glamo-oiis product. Ytarium 
aluminum garnet compounds 
are mixed in plathium cruaiUes 
and heated to approximately 
3200 tegress F. For simulated 
crystal is drawn or pulled an 
hardens to a reading <A g.S on 
theMoh's scale. A real diamond 
has a reading of 10. The 
Diamonair dtq>licate will ac- 
tually scratoh glan. 

First & Merchants National 
Bank Is now offering its 
customers who make ■ a 
qualifying loan or deposit, an 
opportunity to purchase 
Diamonair (R) rings in a 
variety of styles and carat sites. 
Unique in bank premium 
promotions in Vb^a, Uiis new 
state-wide campaign is 
associated with F&M's g<Ml of 
atbracUng new custcmiers with 
real tangiUe values. 

American hmmio Hall 


Chryslefffall Opening 

The Norfolk Symph<my Or- 
chestra will open Chrysler Hall 
at 11:30 p.m. on April 18 with a 
galf, concert and champagne 
re^piion. Invitatims are being 
mafifd for the special black -tie 
event,, which is qien to the 
pi^Ac, and proceeds from 
ti(^ef sales will go to the 
Symphony's Growth Fund. 

American-born painist 
Leonard I^nnario will be guest 
soldst. and Music Director 
Russell Stanger has 
programmed wca-ks by Aaron 
Copland. Charles Ives, George 
Gershwin and Richard 
Rodgers. Norfolk Symphony 
iclals hav^.ii^licated that, to 

^e best of thdr knowledge, this 
Is tlK first time a new concert 
hall has been opet»d with a 

^ogram entirely, of American, 


scheduled for opening night are 
the "Fanfare for the Commwi 
Man" by Aaron Copland, 

Charles Ives' Symphony No. 2 
and "Victory at Sea" by 
Richard Rodgers. 

Easter Festivifies 

Leonard Pennario, who last 

appeared with the Norfolk 

Symi^iony in November 19«, is 

j»e trf the foremwt interpreters 

jif the works of Gewge Ger- 

We will perform the 

In F for Piano and 

hetira. Otlw canpontens 

Easter week-end again will be 
the (x:casion for traditicma^ 
holiday events sponsored by 
Ocean View Amusement Park 
— the Easter Fashion Parade 
and the Easter Fireworks show, 
both free to park pa trow. The 
fashion parade is scheduled.for 
Sunday at 2 p.m. cm the park's 
outdoor stage. The firewwlts 
show, feahiring a multitude-of 
aerial and ground displays witt^ 
an Easter theme, will be 
presented cm tte park's beaeh' 
front Saturday night, starting at 
10 o'clock. 

Joe Hoppel, WCMS radio 
personality, will seve as Master 
at Ceremoni^ tv the faddon 
parade. Contestants in variow 
ca^M-ies wilT c(»)|wto for 
cash irizes. Itw categoric to 
be jutted are: \mi draiaed bp^ 
and girl under 6; beat 

boy and girl from 6 to 18; bnt 
dressed man and woman over 
18; best dressed mother and 
daughter: best dressy} father 
and son; and ateo — the zanieat 
Eastrar bonnet. 

T%e Easter Fashion Paaade 
-continues a tradition of 72 
years. It is the ^est c<»- 
tinuoisly steged ev«it of its 
..kind in the Norfolk am. The 
first SO childrra to airive at the 
smus^ent park on Eaater 
Sundiy will receive frw multi- 
colored. heUum baUoom. 

Anotiier Easter week-end 
tetore at die fark vUl be a 
Sunday afternoon poformance 
1^ Cico^dM-CSown, Mrtited 
by lome delightful Easter 
faoniries, with games and pri^ 
for te cUMm. i^ free clnni 
siMm win be from i:30 to 2:30 
p.ffl. in KiddMand, the all- 
vmAm cWMrM's rlite mall. 

R<4)ert C. Nusbaum is gen«-al 
chairman of the Opoiing Night 
Gala Benefit Concert, with 
PhiUp S. Farrand and Richard 
B. Spindle, in as his co- 
chairmen. Tickets, priced at 
©5.00, $15,00, $7.50 and $5 may 
be ordered at the Nwfolk 
SymfAoiQf offl<». 

Mrs. Wood 
To Protest 

Un. Gwendolyn Woo4, 
pnMmA of Save Our NU^ 
bcvteod SdMx^ (SOf^) cf 
Virghda Beach, wUl repieaeut 
th^ ro« in a prol^ waOt 
agalnrt iM MJag. TtewaftnU 
aaamaaet in RMmoml Aprt 
17. It wUl dfanax in a mairivt 
raOy of peopfe from aremd tte 
country, on April » at 
Wadta«toB, D.C. 

"1te« are 1,000 cUidnB te 
VlEgfaria Beach forced to bui 
te««h an OTto by HEW tai 
Wartlngtoo," Mrs. Wood said. 






Response To Concerned Citizens Questions To The Candidates 

?r? "hloh «ll eltlMM will ba Au^ 

•xliti without • r«r«r«ni)uiif 

How do you •tuid with roipoot to 
liiuMo* Of futur. lohool bond.? 

of kwy City offlcUli lueh m Tm 

5. Would you fxTor turnliw OT»r im* 
ooBwinlty MrTloow, wueh u itrMt 

upkoop and garbag* oollaetlon, to 
low-bid eontraetora who eouU off«r 
■oro for tha tax dollar than City 
d«p«rt««nt» cant 

6. In oonaldaratjon of tha eltlian'a 
rl?ht to know how publlo bniliMat 1* 
conducted, do you faror malntalnlnf — 
and hava open for publlo Inapaotlon -- 
propal-ly authantloatad raoorda of work 
dona by City anployai and aqulpmnt. 
showing plaoaa, datai and ooataT 

7. With tha olty dlTldad Into borougha aa 
ona of tha kay faotora In tha rapra- 
aontatlon on City OotinoU, will you 
f«Tor and work for a braakdown In 
raportlng tha Clty'a financial 
atatlattoa to ahow how nueh taxaa »X9 
oollactad and what la axpandad on • 
borough baaliT 





To achlara aqulty, afflalanoy and 
aconony, and to offaat tha fraquant 
chargaa of faTorltlam, will you 
lupnort a hlrln^r plan baaad on taatad 
''Itnaaa and atatad qiwkllfleatlona to 
do tha JobT 








Would you faTor alaotlon of all City 
Counollaan In tha 'ntura on an at- 
larga haala? 

What propoa«la can you ad^anoa to 
ahlft tha tax burdun froa raal aatatof' 



f'V "^ 


f" ; 









Do you faror adoption of a prafarantUl 
rafarandim olan wharabjr City TOtara, 
at th* tin* of normal alaotlena, would 
eipraaa unnlataka^ly for thaaaalwaa how 
thay atand on glwan laanaaT 

12. . If tha Sanaral Aaaaably approTaa looal 
option on parl-autual batting, do yon 
faTor It for Virginia BooahT 


13* Do you apprera alaotlon to popnlmr woto 
of a 'Coaaunlty RalatloDa* rapraaontotlwo 
who would aarra aa an oabodnMi, MMtiog 
In thalr own oonmnltlaa with pooplo who 
haVa problaaa and than aaaklng aolutlona 
at City Hall baaad on naad, priority and 
equltyl ^^ 

^F ---J -^ift^ffj 

14. Hill you, aa aaauranoa' you will kaop your 
oaapalgn proalaaa, agrM to work for 
and Tota for adoption of Patltloa» 
Rafarandua-llaaall lag lalatloa wtioro^ — 
on patltlona batng alcnad by a apaolf lo 
nuabar of raglatarad Totara — yea nay 
b« anbjaet to raoaii or rooonftnMttlon 
In a raf aranduat 




















HO • 

! . 




« I 













t . 









■« t , tfwn |mcD0N4LD 






I : 


— ■). 






I i 














• xn 














ru^ j^. 
























.... . ,XU 




Abiuw %'»y>\. 

i LM. 





_gg MB. i^o'l^ii, tiu 













>• 1^ : ijii. 



.^» i a\s ,,.| 

£L Jiii. 








*»K '^tS idki , t>>i 

♦ __JL__:ilL_... ^ts 

Bi A/Q f^O NO, 



^t3 j yfi m ' %<, 

^ Hi . Ji\ „;_ iti. ... 

'^ts , ,)f{K^..m.. ^H ., 

. 'J J 


..its ; 

rJO ' 


< , J?M if 

Those who responded to the 
questionnaires nd>mitted by thcL 
Concerned Citizms of Vii^iniaT 
Btmh had additional conunents 
on certain issues, as indicated 
by the asterisks in the duurt 
above. Here s what they had to 

(1> WiU yon work tor ado|«kn 
of fomralas under whkh all 
cItlieM wlU be dealt with 
uniformly and fidrly In ioch 
matters as streets, utilities and 
oth«r 'construction and main- 

BARR — I don't quite un- 
derstand your use of the word 
"foinulas". If, however Qiere 
is a need for better coiqwatlaa 
between the city staff vid our 
people, rest assured I will make 
ttw point known. 

howevff, we must all realln 
that there will always be certain 
prioritiM that will require 
immediate attention. Such 
pressing matters as the 
widening aiui extension of key 
arterial roadways and the 
iqp^wUng and expansion of 
public utilities to meet our 
present needs are examples of 
today's priorities. 

PAYNE - 1 am doii« this at 
the present thne. 

(2) Do you favor tacreniBg 
City Council's spending 
authority as It preseirtly eitots 
without a refowadura? 

BARR — No. I do believe 
capital improvement funds 
must be more adequate. I 
believe a truOy informed public 
would react accordingly. 

BAUM — Yes. Assuming the 
Council majority will be more 
independent and rnpoiMive to 
the people aft«r this election. 

wre we all are aware thai the 
Gttwral Assembly last week 
Increased ti>e city's spelling 
authtnity without a refNren- 
dum. It would appear that dds 
is a^quate at the pimei^ time 
but, possibly, should be 
revtewed in the hihire as the 
needs of the city change. The 
City Council, dected by the 
people, are charged widi the 
i^pcmsibility (rf givli^ the city 
proper direction, including 
soumi flnanci^l polices. Their 
respoisibllities parallel Uia, 
resp(HttiUliti» of a board at 
directors ai a public corporation 
who are ele^ed by the stock- 

In each case ttie electwl 
repr^entatives should be given 
the ifrtc^Mry took to live i^> to 
their responsibilities, and 
should be replaced at the 
earliest oRJortune time if tl»y 


fERREU- - Yea. provk^ 
the anM»nt is specif after a 
pubUc iMarisi on the sul^w^, 
^ |Kt|>»- dMrtar dian^ «« 
,n^ by the Goieral AiMBribfy. 

PAYNE - Ye^ hot only OB 
general (MlgatlM teote 
^;),ereby streets and Ughwayi 
0iay beflnanced. 

(3) Hew de 

respect to issaance ef fitare 

ATKINSON - Should not be 
issued without pwmlstkii of 
voters through a xeesnodum. 

BARR — I have pdtUeaDy 

building fund c^Mbia of aop- 
pofling one new Elementary or 
J^. Ifi|h school eadi year, fttee 
the record shows we are a*ed 
every two or three years to 
finance new schools, it Is good 
bushieai sense to average out 
their coili in a ri^4 aoonomy. 
Any requlremwit over a 
miitfmal need should go to the 
RUFFIN — Referendum 

BAUM - Large capital 
outlays, above Council's 
spendOng authority, must be 
deckled by referendum. 

CALUS — By referendum. 
Until time ai thhigi diange we 
are not ready (or a chui^. 

CUNNINGHAM - I bdleve 
that we must accept the 
reiponslblUty of provldiag 
ademiate educatkHial (ftdUtles 
for »e young people of our City, 
^Htio are our peeteit 
However, I propoae to 
towards greater pirtie^tloB 
from the State mai Federal 
levdi in fundhig edu c a t JO B al 
requlrem«te to m^ spread the 
burden, bot la fast growlag 
localtttee sudi as ours, m «^ 
M the deprived mom of our 
stete and county. I bdleve that 
recent fedval court decisions 
have opened the way for us to 
move in that direction. 

FERRELL — There is no 
dtematlve to quality education, 
dw tatan ot our Country, Stete 
ami C3ty d^^ends m bow well 
we train our yoi^ Tbm ara 
several ways to tbaam sdxwls 
such as; Increased Sales Tax, a 
Scboid Tu, Real Bateto Tams, 
or Land Developers and 
Builden shartaig ba tiw cost of 
land and buQdbig. I would favor 
a omtinuatlon of aooM of the 
above menttoned vrayi wltboitt 
dw taicresse of Real Estete 

GARDNER - Mora bondfaig 
should be approved by 

HOLLAND - By rafermAim. 

MACDONALD— At dds tine 
further study of Om new lease 
purchase prqwsal diould be 

NELSON - 1 feel with mora 
consklention nd prqiUuuifav 
they could and should Im 

RIGAMTO - D^iending on 

SEAMAN - If we need 
s<teota we must hidld thsm, 
and if btmds la the best way I am 

foe uMOIa 

MtttO^WK^ - To have 
Hm brat possltle educatieB ier 
our yooth to die eewen of d. 
The scope ^ edneatfM nuat 
broaden da^ If tt la to raafaa 
aa MMrar to tadMdual ateiaot 
need Md tt te laoM itee iMB 
te i^aval pqi^M taionaeB. 

taxatkwa and no k>nger have a 
need iat futun bmd taaumces 
would be nabe. At inreaent the 
schools are (toing mi ex- 
cepttonal Job toi aa attempt to 
provide for Individual dlf • 
lerances through specific 
eurricttlum and behaviem 
modifleatiMis. As CMieemed 
dtiwiM an bivestigatton woaU 
hidicate that we eoidd periavo 
better utilise our existli^ 
sdMwiB by eatehHshIng a sound 
sdMol-conununtty rdationsfa^. 
SEBERT — Only ^Mn the 

A. Study of Need by 

B. PUbUe Hearing 

C. Sdiool Board Approval 

D. City Coimdl A^iroval 

E. Retawidun by V<Kan. 
lUs may not be neoeaniy If a 

dly tax raten la eanried mit. 

BROWN — TIm need muat be 
sataUiahid and than the peoAe 

PARSONS - Would aedt 
other meana if poaalUe. 

PAYNE — By rafaraxhim. 

WILUAMS - I (M that in 
orto to have growth, to an 
ordarly mamar, that Couadl 
ahoidd And a way to aolvo Mb 
problem. I am to favor of ex- 
panded edwatton but not at tha 
expnae of real aatiM tax- 
payan aa a whole. 

WROT(^ — In my ootadon afl 
Aitura adiool bonds uioidd be 
reCarrad to tha Deo|^ aa a 
raferendum, wltn complete 
tofmnation fw the uae thereof. 

R(»fULU8- Fbid another 
way of financing achool 

(4) Do yen favor direct 
popular deetiee ef key City 
effidals saeh as Tax Assessor 
aad mnabwrs ef the PteMhig 

ATKINSON - No. I wookl 
hate to think that joba requiring 
pn^aaatonalmeweneeeoukl be 
ditebied through a popularity 

BARR - No. Under our 
prM«t QTstom, die naming 
Commtaaton ia nd iM|ual to 
Coimell, but awrvaa as Ite 
fiUertag agaiH. I do hlHeve the 
nmmladon'a (hadlMi to be 
n.AmnNG and nd Seo-etery. 
Ra mladan dmdd be taroadaned 
aa aheold ite M^artiae. Aa for 
yoiar quoatten, the mif way mi 
dedad WMwrfng fSimwlaslw 
eouhl ftndion effectively U if 
local govntmnrt wwe dnrkted 
into soper|to houses — Hke the 
General Aaannbly. Onty than 
woukltherabea topil bMia to 
ad sepn«l^ — but etp^. 

BAUM - No. E8ped^-*K nd 
the Asa a wor, i^ muL be a 
pfMSSsioMl amvaiaar, rather 
tlten a wim^ potttidan. 

ojfnmmuM - no. i (m 

te OatmtA dxadd be the ody 

^A^^l^^J t^tk^k^^m .^^m^t^^^ <^^ 

niV^nVQ tfiinymj- vQ^DC^K w9f 

^"•■^napWas^^W^^B iHan^^^By ■■• a^8n 

\AiSf iBvraMBi ane ni^ muK 
be haM raapenMe lor tha 
adioBi m the City Ad« 

Mft^^^AAi^^Ai^^ ^a ■■ I I^M t ■!■ ■ ■ a 

Hm Oon^taMB, \h vkiaa of 
Mr aladiea, ara eteiad wtih 

tlw raspondUlity of providbig 
the leaderah^i sml guhbnoe to 
refled the needs Mid wiahea of 

FERRffiLL — No. lUa wouM 
put ttiMe podtioes in the 
poHtleal BTsna, and I ooohl 
toesaeyetHcial fwedHBBk ' 

MOROZOWICH - I do fkvor 
the direet piyular eleetioB of 
the Tax Aasesaor but fed thd 
ttie Planning CmnmlaaiMi 
mendiert ahmdd be hbed by the 
acratfadied vote of all othw 
elected Oty dftolala. Only in 
ihia manier am that pennn 
pnaant paat rsfenneaa and 
cradoBtiala indicating hia 
abUity to bed aarve the City. 

NELSON - If tha peo|ie 
woukl eloet oflldala thd would 
act to the bad totaraat oftfaa 
people Mid the dty, tMa would 
not be nacaaaary. 

SDCBiaiT — No. TMa would 
create eraflict within, the 
daparlnenu, between voins, 
and proper prooaduraa. Ihaae 
dapartnente ahould be indar 
dbed ooirtnl of City Oovere- 

PAYNE - Nb, but I wouU 
Uke for Coineil to adopt 
ragidattone adthig mfadnum 
qualifieatlwia and stendarda 
Mid Umiti^on d tenna. 

RUFTIN — The fovemmed 
ia alraady burdened down 
ahnod to the pofait of tod* 
feetivMieia by too many 
pditieiana alio favor thdr 
pohttoal (Henda. Bleetion d the 
tax aa aaaa or and membov d 
the Planriag OommlaaiMi wouM 
ereato more prddema. I wouU 
be to favor d abdiaMng the 
Planning Commlaalon 
dtogethdr atoee to my q;riidon it 
ia a aatf-BMvtag arm d tha 
devdopan «id moneyed to- 
tansis whoae dad^Mtt ara 
meraty raeommendations did 
MO often Ipiored by the council. 

(B) VNbM yea tevor teratag 
over soBM eennMlty servlcM. 
sack as stred apkeep, aad 
prbap coBecttM. to lew^- 
oedraders alio couM ofler 
nera tor the tax 4Mar thaa City 
departnents eaaf 

ATKINSON - Yea. But doubt 
a oootra^or MukI perform 
mi^ty <rf small Jdw as w^ as 
our city «n|doyees. 

BARR — No. Flnt. a tot d 
fxid people would tose thdr 
^bs. Our saaitatlcm crews 
provMe a flae ani^e. Secoad, 
it emitually aUows pdtttoal 
infhiMiee to fkwriah. ThM^, 
flMugi aet-^ woidd prdieUy 
be teihxed for a kiwer-tlan- 
prasent coot, you Ibiow, Mid I 
know that to time the em- 
tradM''s committoMirt to proAt 
niathre to rWng «ds win 
eatooed a wtf-managed dty 

BAUM — Yes. If the seivtoe 
tr^ to beMr nd toes eood^. 

waaHaf^e onftac tl ^ ooaW 
hiA lor my cdumdty ftm- 
vto& if aroBar Iw 

wMmt dBBbt, that oqn^ er 
better aarvleea, WBOM raMTH 

Ian coats to the City, without 
preaent dty em|do^M. 


NELSON - If better aonrtoe 
and lower cost applied to aU the 

»l0WN~If It 
thd it woukl save die City 
monqr, I woukl bvor it 

PARSONS - Not sure. Ooukl 
dspend on raal savh^ and 
quality of work. 

PAYNE: I aerioually doubt 
thia aarvice can be performed 
mora econwnlcal but if proven 
to he mora e conomical by 
private anteiintMa I woukl not 


RUFFIN - 1 have aahl "no" 
to thto question becauae putttog 
out auch "oommiMity aarvicea" 
to priimte bid ia too lucrative for 
orgMdied crime to redat Thwe 
ara many eaaea on reewd, to 
1^ Jaraay and New York, 
whore oiiadsed crime haa 
cr^iled gowmnMit muacHng 
to on contFaeton a^ gd the 
low btda to provkle audi wu- 
vleaa. It to better toaudi caaaa 
to have a Ian raqponaba, leaa 
effldant govMnnmant ttutn it to 
to try out the powerful, 
olmhial, moneyed totenato d 
oifantoed crime once It gate a 

HOLLAND- Yea. If it woukl 
aave tax (kOan. 

WILLIAMS- Yea. I favor Uie 
dty turning ovmt acme a«v^ 
to tow bkl eontraeton, nd die 
two mendoiMd tai qiMatton S, bd 
to die area d city dredgea and 
marinaa. I ddbdtdy diink Ihd 
toe dty abouU adl all dred^ 
and put dda service up for bida. 

ROMULUS - If tiie dttaana 
could be assured d tha good 
service we now receive frmn the 

(i) la MMMMeradMi d Um 
cidMBS' right to kaew bow 
paMc hMtaen is ceateeted, do 
yen lavor matatahdag — and 
have epea tor pvbUe tespedhn 
'— properly aatheatleated 
reeordto d work doM by City 
employes aad eqaipmeut. 
ikowiag places, dates aad 

BAUM - Yes. However, don't 
rarry dito |M*oposal to sudi 
extreme diat emi^oyew wnte 


time filling out too many 

diink each d us have die right 
to know how our Qty business is 
conducted. However, the 
primary mponslbility for 
judging the Individual's 
profidency to Ms Jd) as well as 
die neeesdty of the Job itedf. 
Um to die hands of die City 
Manafler and Us department 
heads. Under no circumstances 
do I conshler huttvidual per- 
sonnel record as part d public 

NELSON — I would hq>e all 
our records were pidilic. 

BROWN - AU records of the 
City should be qpen tor public 

PAYNE — I am nd aware d 
dUs •^d bdi4 die policy d the 
City at dw present ttme. 

(7) Widi die aty divided toto 
boroughs ss one d die key 
factmra to the repmeatadon ea 
City CoBBcU. will yen favm* and 
work tor a breakdown in 
r^erdag Uw aty'i naaactol 
staUsttcs to show how much 
taxes are collected and what is 
expeaded oe a borough basis? 

BAUM - No. AlUiou^ such 
informadm should be avaitoUe 
to the pdilic, acdve promotion 
d such breakdowns will en- 
courage furditf fragmentation 
d our people, to my opinion. 

a quMdon that can be readily 
answered yM or no. If diere is a 
spedfic reason for nich a 
breakdown I might be in favor 
d it. I firmly believe that each 
of us must think in terms d the 
C^ty d Vii^nia Beach rather 
dian any one borough in con- 
sidering what is bMt. 

FERRELL — No. In my 
(pinion the sooner the Council d 
die City of Virginia Beach 
works to make Uw city a better 
{dace to work and live, rather 
than each Councilman dying to 
get die most for hii particular 
borouf^, die sooner we will 
have a better city in which to 
live and wix-k. 

NELSON — I would wwk for 
the better-ment d the whole 

RIGANTO - Yes. Like 
inrinciple, but would Uke to see 




"F<» The Ffoeit 

734 Fhd Colontol 

pencil o>ATio 

Country Horns i^W* 

WITH ts oTHUt nncHAn 

Confor Cut Porfc i^W' 

what die cost would be. 

SIEBERT — Yes, but imly for 
informadcm and study pur- 

PAYNE - Yes, if Oite can be 
done without creating a 
financial burden on the Qty. 

WROTON - Yes. M feaaWe. 

(8) To acMeve <^ulty, Id- 
ndeacy aad eeeneny, aal te 
offset (he frequenl charge of 
favoriUsm, will you support a 
hiring plan bated on (Mted 
ntneti and stated qualiftcatioai 
to do die Job? 

ATKINSON - Yn. But to the 
case of a tie between applicante, 
Jd> shotdd go to person who is 
tex payh« resident of Virginto 
Beach or who's family to. 

PAYNE - Yn, I have always 
favored havii« a merit system. 
(10) Local sain tax, recor- 
^don tax, rdnessment d 
property to equalise taxes, 
possible additional tax on 
moteto, hotels, etc. (U) Yes, on 
a Umitod bads. ( 12) Only after a 
local rdermdum to held on the 
iwue. (13) No, dto council 
should serve dto nMd (the 
councilman might form a 
c<»nmittee in hto borough to 
ke^ him abreast d die cititm 
needs). (14) No, I tool die ^ 
electorate win provide for die ' 
above at die vodng pdto, 

(f) WouU you favor electioa 
d all City Councllmea in the 

fntore on an at-large basto? 

ATKINSON - No. 1 belteve 
diat each borm^h ne«is at lewtt;. 
<me person responsible l<x the 
need^ of Its citizens. ;■ 

BARR — In practtoe, an-' 
councilmen are elected At-; 
Large. The borough*; 
arran^moit guarantees eadi 
maj«- area a r^iresentetJon. 
CALLIS - N«D. I diiak oiur 
IK'esent system anures some 
representation to all secticxis of ^ 
the city. * 

die rMidency requirMn«te for '* 
one Coincilman from each d ' 
the seven bcroughs elected by 
voters of die entire City and 
four At-Large Councilmn widi 
no reahUn^ JWiidamante to .' 
die fairest posiflde ityit«n for >; 
our City in li^t d dw gr^t ' 
land arak Our presMt system 
Mngi Jogaldier on die Council 
represmtedvM d all the people 
who rnideto aU sectiom of the 
City. Uw plan has been tasted * 

aaniroved in dw FedM«l 
ts and I beUeve the only 
em wldi dw system to lack 
d umlentandii^ by many d 
our people. 

FERRELL - No. Not at dito 
time, in die future, maybe. Yes 
my rMM(ms are; if the City 
Qxmdl wwe dected at Lar^ 
today, I don't beUeve Btoek- 


aqo^ or I railHO0& POOtllOl 



\mJ^ on Athamarto Sound in North Capdina 

Tha ¥»t«rfront Club Commiwrty off»r» l«rt« »w»m«»t« for f*^*- 
ttan. r»llwrtwit iM lfw««n»iit. Ow i» mlM o# «>o»»H«« •wMuM* 
^^Mtlns. iwlmmhit •«* bottin* Our f\M offle* » Hwayi opm. 
Brint your ftmHy and titv* • picnic. 


WooM ton In Mw DOGWOOD nelka M Sl,9$0 wUk A» 
dm diMaati foi w e wbwi d Aimti S e wtow, swai^ pw- 
nd Mh. Um MHt be AM to I 

We bum* ft«w lOtT x IStT Ids. Dowa payaw t SM.00 
wMi $3744 noattty psyw i a ai wMdi iactote hlSMSt M ••• 
of Mvta peiomt (7%). 

AilMnl wMa^mt am tai Nm 4omM fat I 
tato neertoe prt wiA hutrar mA itocki tet Mriai i 

j wMi 
I aaai 

I Com* i— ^^^^HiJSS&JfSti^mm 

oJuVMrm^raNii • Pnm V»»eli* B«^ ••»••» 
AMM cmmhmm or mtm Mesa < ifmwm issaa^ Mo 
M. fc tM« »•» *» eroewty. • ^»BW« Nor«*li -^mnw^ 

^ • toM JSS 4 mN« KMt to CandM tMn rUM an S«S ta 


\Anm» BMdi offle% Silt HMi ^*li^.*S„*i^ «,ff 







Councilman Clears Position 

I aia*t mm to gtt 
nU Beacb,** she 

owmneoiitM(ttdmetoi9dt the 
li^ of ComcO in cometliqc 
any aQifed violation. 

UntU tUfl time, I had no 
Itnowledge of who the 
builBMinMa wm. And, at Uw 
time d ttda writtag, Hcmy are 
stUl not paraoqally loiewn to me 
excq>t ^ a ciaual introdiMtioa. 
My investigation proved that 

Tales Of Two Cifizens ^^^ ....,««.-.«. ™ 

openting iIl«gaUy. Aftn* zo^ 
lUi ia in reaponae to two flofoieenMot officen t«U them 

pmpmm^Mnm^ •cmcmm dm bem o^tm ponooi ousm and went throufffa ''•"*' **• ^* concerning 

funwMttybecttebutbytouro'dockthe the door they momenttrilvexiiAetedto >"•<(«" bef<»e the aty CouncU 

jK^ptaiehedi^Med to be 10 frantic tiipm^ ^mlbSl^SSt ^ 

lU^Mamitf Deaceeetttodover ^^ waitea. -n^ fl„t concerned action 

^^^t^m^zT^^^ ^ th« Council in granting 

^ solves, then a woman came j|,|^. Uiev wm* •dmiH^n ♦« mi- *»»•» ''m termed by the 

^^ olflMrfirfi ^J^^^ UM "P***"^ " " exception to the 

^JL" ^^*f ** ^"*** '"*®^ "'^*' weeotly enacted «i»en8k» of 

away from w nothing, m ttrnt miiiion. Another soaii«i«ipUcatioii0.'nie matter 

- exclaimed, city oflldal, one more knowledgeable "'»'«* to the alleged «, ..,»«,h„™„ ™.™,-a r™, 

todjlad^ do you have here, -bout the jmm. m>d them, ap- a^i^^nS^^irH the^W^^rthrbS;^; 

fVmit ma asked to have a P««itly as an adviaw. The meeting Ke^SX h^oTS-^LI *<*■ ^ ^■«^ «« through, the 

t and «q^ln her irritetion. was disastoous. Ifee two visitors w«^ pjo^ty^"" "•''" **"'•' ' -'•-"' '•^- 

„^ ^ , not only treated rudely and their ef- when a citisen inquired 

SheistteirifeofaNavyman. And forts negativtiy received, but the 

the few Aert years th?y have Uved meeting ended in a shouting mateh •iJ^ lr/J#i%e ' 

m Ihay (l) M ttieir car to an un- that surety must have bounced off the n wl f f UC/d 

putouafani^ repair man because walls at City Hall. Only then did the 

triMtte^ signed the pap«rs over oMcUl with whom the appointment 

Mm so he could seU it; (2) the wife, was origtauOly made put in an ap- 

" r^ fnan previously done dental pearanee. BvA it was too lato. His latent 

, had beoi nibjeeted to additional interest had UtUe effect on the ruffled 

by ilMtting duitures prepared feeUngs of the four participants, 
a privato dentist who, after one 
pt at a corretjfen, refused fur- The incident happened several 

servtoe; (S) Ae had been tor- months ago. But the man and his 

*.?t "^^ ^ ^^^ ^^ MMdate stm chafe at the treatment 

whitehnrhnsbWKlwasatsMQnly tli«y raeeived at City Hall. "If we 

-to^MdMethetoen-a^ rweived tUt kind of rudeness," he 

» Jie 1^ dismteied with said, "tWnk of the many individuals 

iotoing more than a reprimand who receive the same, if not worse, 

^uie the investigating detective typeoftrMtment." The issue here wm 

«dnt show 19 in court and the judge not so much the fate of the project. 

M^ ter the privUege (rf speaking, tiMugh that remains a coniMra, as it 

and fhiaUy (4) she was among the two was the disreapect of city ad- 

ihmdred and so middle-aged and mtaistrators to private citisens. 
enerly cttt^» iKiio w«e arreated to 
the widce of the Ringo game '^gambling 
nUd" at the Aragona Recreation 


To Hie Editor: 


"Tbatdidit." she declared. "I can't 

Tlie pUghte of Uie two people who 
visited ttiat Tlnirsday aft^poon were 
basically unrelated, se^egated by 
individua] purposes and social Ind 
ec(»»mic tovolvements. Yet, to a 

:^«*t to get away from Virginia sense, they riiarod a common bond...a 
B^. Her words, and accusations, gnawing fear that growth and 
hung heavy to the room after she was population and progress might 


W^n minutes a|ter the woman's 
<tepartare, a man walked to, a man 
wdl known for Us tovolvement in civic 
affoirs, a supporter oi a protect he, and 
Ms parent iHrganiiatton, bdleve woidd 
be an asset to tiie city. De^tte thiir pointed, 
e^te, tewever, the project U 
stekmitad bei^use (tf admJitfi^tive 

eventually destroy the moral 
responsibility of every citisen^ 
[MroiBsstonal, official or otherwise, to 
''be thy brother's keeper." 

Each had esmected fair and just 
treatment. Each had been disap- 

O^rdiidWea were exdumged. Thm 
^e man's 8t(M*y b^n to unfoUI. A fow 
numths ago he and mother (Mtoial of 
the orgai^atkm had made an ap- 
itment at Gty Hall to further ex- 
fte Wftte^ because it had 
torbaitdm to red tape even 
.City Oowctt had ayed it 

The man, and others like him who 
may have exporienced similar to- 
(Ugnities, has reeourse tlurouf^ his 
decled offldals for tfa«y have been 
char^ Willi the responsibility of 
protecttog, and speal^ for, the 

During a recent and 
pleasant vacation through 
Florida I came acrou an article 
in one of their papen that 
itnick me as being in both a 
humoroua andierioui vain. You 
loiow that I usually write to you 
rdative to more serioui mat- 
ten concerning our fine city 
and, in my humble opinioi, 
luggeationi as how these 
IH'oblema might be corrected. 
It is mK my intention to hurt 
ae embarau any of our fair 
ladiea so here goes. 

Periodically when ahopi^rig 
at the supermarlcet or strolUng 
the streets I encounter an ap- 
parition. At first glance it ap- 
pears to be an android or 
perhapa a poorly asaembled 
robot approximating human 
proportions. Upon further 
examination it turns out to be a 
female Intman in hair curlers. 
nUs apparition, which seems 
to be tlesigned to frighten 
children, appears to be normal 
exc^t for Uie "hairdo". Some 
of these female humans would 
a^MU^ntly look bad at their 
beat. I am amazed why they 
should take such pains to 
preaent such a revolttog visage 
to the public. Just where are 
thi^ going that is more im- 
portent Ulan whure ttiey are? 
Snce I am a mate, I happen to 
IDte fwnalN.^ittf to not un- 
deratend why ttiiae temates 
iBslat upon appearing in puUic 
disguised like a moUte UHF 
tde^ion antenna. 

Witt) apfdigies to none and 
eipecteUy LIB. 

Staatelgh H. Jonea 

The woman found recourse to 

imeimected acts of human ktodness. A 

few days after her vitft die called from 

g ,.^-_— . her hospital bed at Gentral Hospital of 

I "^^^ Y^^S"^ Beach. "The statf has been so 

I ThQT wen there At the appototed ^^S!!!^ii^'l!^^SS!^^^ 
pe, representh^ the many himdreds • — • - . — 

normal dumnels to receiving 
approval and obtaining a 
licenae tm tUbi buifaMia. 

For tMa reaaon, I fM the dty, 
to some extent, had cmtributed 
to the opemtora' pradteammt. 
Itertfwe, I felt that we had an 
oMlgation to give them a 
reaaonid>le opportunity to move 
or seek reioning of the 

In cMaa wliere thttt haa been 
no wiUftil vtolation of law, I 
would hope ttiat govwmneBt 
could extend a meaaure of 
compassion toward thoae in- 

Contrary to the stetMnente 
appearing in the paper, there 
waa no intention on my part to 
permit an indefinite con- 
tinuation of m» vloiatioo or to 
allow this buaineia to avoid 
applying for propsr coning if it 
elected to remain in this 

It ahouU be pointed out Oiat I 
made the orignal motion for 
the soning "moratorium" and I 
have no ihougirt of encoumf^ 
vtolationa or uoJuaUflad ex- 

VtfgiBia Beach City Council 
has the airthority to atay. for a 
reasoniMe p«tod of time, the 
exeentton of an ord«r to move a 
bustawss «Mch is to vioiatton of 
the zoning ordinance. Witfato the 
limito of that power, it can 
pennit the appUeatlon for 
rnodng to the A|»11 BMetiag or 
extend it until the poat 
moratorium September 
meeting. In any event, it haa 
been made dear to ^e 
operators of the buatoeai thiat 
they muat comply with the 
zoning ordtoance or move. 

A m(Hre intereating 
.dewtfNspnmit, not BMittonad by 
the reporter, to the lact that the 
uae permit apn^ping to thia 
properly Mmlte tteofianitifln of 
dM marina to a private faeUily. 
I have requeat^ tiiat the 
ownoi be ao n^iftod. 

In ttw second artide referred 

to above, it wu steted that I 

originally "bucked" the idM of 

jfgagBcccaa e ctia cccee tie eai 

uriog a commerdal#edp, and 
ftarther, that I had steted last 
Blonday Uiat it looked as though 
one wooM have to be hired to 
^Oe jobdMw. 

lUs (toea mrt a»:urately state 
my poaiiion m> the use of a 
conunerdal dredge, nor does it 
reflect dae senK of wint was 
add at die meeting on Monday. 

M a apectel meettog of City 
Council (m Fetmiary 25, 1972, 
calted for die purpose of trying 
to devdop specific proposals for 
combating beach erosion, I 
made die following motion: 

"City Council rtquetted that 
a.loint commlttM consisting of 
tfie erosion Commission, the 
U.S. Army Corps, of Engln««rs 
and the virolnia Beach city 
Staff preoara and submit buck 
to the City Council, within thirty 
(30) days, a report on the 
removal and deposit of sand 
from Rudae inlet and Owls 
Craalt and Its effect on the 
iieaches and in the meantime 
prepare plant and 

specif Icatlons for the posttblllty 
of recelvlns bids from com- 
mercial faciiitlei and to 
proceed with supplemental 
report regard Ina lourcet of 
sand Including truck haul." 

My poaition on emergency 
meaaurea fw beach woilon and 
the (qpedng of Rudee Inlet has 
been and sdll is to teave the 
matter in the hands of the Joint 
committee aa Img as the dffee 
participating groups are 
unanimous in tiieir recom- 

My poaitiw on die use of the 
commercial dredge is con- 
ditioned by two pointe: 

(1) diat funding be avaOabie 

(2) diat we pinpotot known 
sources of aand befne hiring 
dda Und of equ4>m«nt 

Aaauming those two con- 
ditions have beet met, I am 
prepared to vote for the hirii^ 
of a commercial dredge as 
soon as it is recommended by 
die Joint conunittee. 

V«7 Truly youra, 
F. Reid Ervto 
Qty Councihnan 




By W. A lemll 



BY frnm dim 



To die Elditor: 

Aa a. regular on the Beach 
SoiM of Sandbridge l/am 
disturbed over the totd lack of 
Law «tf<Nx;ement on die Back 
Bay'Nationd WildUfe Refuge 

The presence of people on the 
Dimes diaturbed me greatly. 
Since cars were not pariced on 
ttw Beadi itsdf, one must 
assume this to be walking 
traffic. Totd teck of tew en- 
forconent seems to be the only 
probtoffl in the WiliOife Refuge. 

I was ateo pleued to see 
Aaatetant Refuge Manager, Bob 

f ciiimm totnested to the proposed 
gtoject, hoping to clarify some of the 
^hdcaUttes tovolved, ready to an- 
^&t qiMstton which might affect 
ilministrative policies — and 

I ^E^r^^^ii^(k pradsriug Uieir own 

smile throiudi the wires. "They are 
toat wendemil. You might be right 
Maybe tUa is a good {dace to live. I just 

Padfic and his family enjoying 

WASrajOTON D.C., TTie Nrttond I^wppMer A-odadon "."*• ^^^" ' ^" ""* *° 

hMtoredSenatorSam J.JJrvta. Jr. (D.N.c7a^EM»«!^SSP»~^^«*^»»<»" »<*»'**» 

ntonWJal«Conf*renceo!u««rdii6tof«rhtope^^ "T^ Dune." trying to 

ing the First Amendment of dw Conatttuticn The ateMv s«^^ '^«»^'" ^ «* " "*• 

may not leave N^toto Beach, after £!|[?l^°»^<omuytoMaatuidoaowmaj€rfrMi»ribP^ 

^nT' • aS^fil^ ■■ ««ogniUon for hia effoSrSomSTji ? "Imply '*•»- "" 

wWdi iwitt^ 7,000 amdl ddUea wid weakly o««pi»^^^^^ 


Paopto will be peopto. But there 
wera some valuable msons to be 
teamed that lliursday afternoon. 

Mr. Sadler, First Citizen 

be ex- 

die law tiiat 

stetee "no driving or 

on Dunes" when the 

About wo hewspeopte fTom coaat to eoaat aiteodad dm Gu. ""'* *v«" ■** ■ <^«cent 

iWMee. TiM opening reception waa held to die NNA a(fi<M in Mm ^''•""Pl^- 

Nationd Preaa a2&ir^ »« « «• Ni«fA offlcea to the Movie, as weU as stiU pictures 

u.^.S"^^'*"*" ^ *** ''•w Senate Building auditmlim ooned *" available of Bdb and family. 

tiw a<»»»«w n u ""charged misamanagement of 

dite Reftige and am doing so 
once apin. 

According to the president of a computei programming com- 
pany, they can take one of the new computers on the market and 
make it do all kinds of fantastic things. 

Not only can they make the computer solve many complex 
problems for its users, they can program the equipment so it wiU 
solve its own ailments, should any malfunction occur. 

If the computer started acting up, you could just ask it: "What is 
wrong with you?" and feed this into the machine. It would spin its 
reels, come up with a diagnosis and prescribe for its own illness. 
Marvel Of Analysis 
As an example, the computer programming company president 
said: "When a computer acts up, we feed it a diagnostic program 
and out comes an answer like: "I have a transistor loose in my 
arithmetic unit. If programmed properly, the c(»nputer cannot 
tell a lie." This self-analysis is a marvel. 

Just thiric, if the modern merlins can make the computers tell all, 
why couldn't they wire up our glorious leaders, our politicians, to 
the same wave. 

Just imagine: push button politicians! Just push a button and 
have a politician come up with the truth and a self-analysis. 
World Not Ready 
This might be too much. This could shake up the whole world. 
Somehow, I am not quite sure the world is ready for honest 

What would a political campaign be like? The band is playing, 
signs are waving and the crowd is going wild with excitement. A 
hushed silence falls on the aroused voters. 

The fine, outstanding, completely photogenic and golden 
throated candidate starts to speak; "My friends, I want to serve 
you, t(%ether we can make this a great country, a better place to 
^ live and raise a family. I represent honesty, integrity and good 
government. A vote for me is a vote for progress." 
Truth Comes Out 
About this time some wise guy in the audience pushes the self- 
analysis button and the candidate freezes. He becomes glassy-eyed 
as he looks out over the crowd. 

His reels spin and then his voice sterte to expound absolute 

"Dear voters, you poor slobs, you stupid jerks, I hate to stoop 
this low but I ha ve a family to feed and I need this job, such as it is. I 
am no more of a crook than my stinking opponent. Things are so 
bad in this country that nothing I could do would hurt much. 

"I represent myself and the flock of money hungry crackpots 
who are financing this campaign. A vote for me is a vote for die 
support of my family and those who are paying my bills. 

"Come on voters, be good sports. Go crazy and vote for me. I am 
about as cheap as politicians come. I don't know quite how but I am 
sure you could do a lot worse." 

This sort of truth and honesty just might kill our democratic 
system. It would lead to the computers taking over and teking die 
pJace of our human politicians. 

Just think, complete honesty, no graft, no deals, noUiing b«;W 
complete honesty, efficient government and all that! 

Revolting Situation j^ 

What a revolting situation that would be. All the fun and games 
would be gone. The game of playing Russian roulette witii our vote 
would be over. 

The economic loss of all that political money being pumped into 
die economy every elec tion would bring on a depression . .j 

We must fight to keep our glorious politicians safe from the 
honesty floating around in computers. If you see any computers 
acting strangely, fooling around with petitions or shaking hands 
wfdi strangov, pull the doggone plug. 

Let's^eep our politicians safe from honesty. How wmild you 
bribe a computer? What would happen to all our special interest 
and pressure groups? 

Think of the poor news media and all the pec^le such honesty 
would throw out of work. If everyone knew that honesty and justice 
prevailed in our government, where would the news come from? 
Ilie sitoation would be utterly catastrophic. What wmUd die 
world think of us? If they could start to understand us and trust us, 
Uiey might start to love us and that would be more than we cwM 
stand or afford. 

As it is, we can hardly afford it when they hate us. If the people 
of die world started to love us, we would be bankrupt in a few 

Lovers of the grand old system, let's keep hwiest computer out 
of government. Our politicians are much cheaper and diey are a lot 
mwe fun. Besides, I might want to run for office and I sure don't 
want to be hampered by the truth and all that honesty. 

Too much hiith can be bad for you, or so I have heard. If Uiings . 
come to nothing but truth and honesty, I would be hard pressed to 
find something to write a column about. That would be just more 
dian I could stand. 

Terms Not Years I 

ll^ Vir^i^ Beach J^poees have 

Mined James P. I&dtor as First 

atii^ of 1971 and on March SI will 

rkraor ttnjit a banquet at the Gbm- 

It is wito gTMt pride toat the 
Vii#tia Bei^ Sun con^tolatea Mr. 
SaOts Sm this mm esfned and most 
^^rving honor. Mr. Sadler, in 
Desayia', ims setaied as one erf six 
torti^ i^tlasns, tochiding a prevtous 
Fkrt Otiiffi ree^itait R. Bradahaw 
Fui^, to s@^ on the Sim's Board of 

These directors, whkA alao tochide 
Ttemas C. Broytoa, James R. 
Wmmsry, C.T J. Keep and Dr. Sttmwl 
V. U^i. mm a^etod as an advtoory 
m$^ fw tte Sun f«- preeM^ the 
reMona Art Mr. ^dter and Ifr. 
wwe honwed aa First 

wbo have tong reoogniied his unbiased 
and iB^preJu^ced leiMierahip to tiie 

Hie boneaty and sincerity of the man 
haa won him much reqpeet It is 
^memA that cme of the letters of 
nomtoatton for Mr. Sadler waa wrttten 
Iqr one of his stron^st businea 
oomp^tors. It is also significant that 

the Oovanment Opendona Committaea ol bodi ibuaM 

SSLfi^"^ *« Oonireealond Receptkn given by the NlSr John F. Saliteki 

l£^S£2l5'**lW 5?'^ "•*»'""«•«"« caae! Va. Beach. Va. 
I J2fwS?^S? ^?^ *• tBacuaalona on HeaMi C^ 
Ugialatlon. John G. Veneman. UDder-Seentary d vm 

"^«»^iP«>gram agalnat die taowtof^eahteMdatSclI^ 
Dmocfttlc Itopreaentative fhm WcMganlKha W ^h£ 

2S?!?iL** ^*^^*»«t of Juattee. Wearing Hty-wttte Mm. 
narMflwLawandqrdereniaadetallM. At 

toeadecttoacommitteestatodpuhUcty ^^i.m^^T^^^'^^-^^'^^^''^'' 
fliat no nomtoee had ever received ao Heii»ert steto, Phj).. chapman or comcfl tf Eeenomie 


many "warm and genutoely rincere" !l'S*L!'<'^^^«taluneiiaMsae«t^toaal«laPhMm 

^*|5^ <>lrt . pwieled^ actentfrti fhffl fta DapitoSi 


and unheralded. He haa dooa mudi to 
Affibatog a doaer ratottowrtrtp be- 
twMB-^s odWary ttid dvUlan oooh 
awito, to p weaoj tog 9ib0hn aid 
pmflpeBHva ^sou^Biai s^tt^ttaoon tor. 
of fta eomm^^, rttuMd to &• ^ iod to laadfa^ ttie 
toenerft ofthe^^dlwwtodtottB Marsato of dw e^ to aa mai^r 
^pMif^N^Mtfwpi^diBto. BiithahMidaoworMJ^aahMdto 

^ ^„ hta ehwA, to somrttog, to di4e 00* 

But «ven mm tte tea hM a dsavnrs, to a^, Maarmtf tf oita 
sigdaltatararttofto'Mtoataaflifr. flu^ ha^ pasj^ aitaivMttala. 
Sdler. thte §tm to iaiHMi% -^r-^'r-i 

shared by m mu^ ttownda of AoMaP.SadirisamoatdMar^H 
friends and tartMM aiHiHatorttcsi ftortC^toaM. 

Many years of thto nian*s Bfe haa g* "?**> mn atanidm fcete ooneandiw ibe 
been spent toward the bettermmt of 2S2?"^Sf±lS £" p**** ***»•» «• -«■• 

of tt behtod me mmm umaeognised ^;^^^^!^!^^^ ha. my!!ll^^„i^ 

7)>epteederadBtem»fardievteltta« pnaawaadieaftenxMn 
rac^Ms at fte bea^Mttriiaa^ of bran, wtore even dte erittog 
im set ki Je«wls. TIm praaancs af die peN^ m^ • coi^ of CIA 
iffidab who h^ bMB a«fned ol a benb Kare did not mar ttw 
pieaaant boapital^ and Mm htfomuttve talk by the 
Saeraliiy ef die Embassy. 

thaairiBMrtBgefttia< ?Mispance irMa di a «TOton onCMH»h 

The Virginia Beach &» 
management believes 
tikat a newspaper ahoold 
bcthe vtlee ot thepeqOe. 
The only way tfiey can be 
heard, hawcver. Is 
ttnw^ tte LM«ii to the 
Editor. The San ea- 
^mngm and w^onet 
tetters fr«ni Ha iwders 
and adu enly that they be 
rMaanaMy M^ and to 
Iht point and Uiat they be 
to f Md toate. Pleate mail 
yMf lattera te the 
VIrgtoia BMch Sm, P.O. 
Box SS7. Virginto B^eh. 
toh«u^ Armn yM. 

The Sun Survey has suffered a 
mishap. And there are some 
pretty red faces around the Sun 
office because of it. 

Ilie current question con- 
cerning a limitation on the time 
persons might serve on City 
Council, Planning Commission 
and Schod Board should have 
stated a Ijmit of two TERMS. 
But it canie out in print as two 
YEARS. The two-year 
limitation, as far as we know, 
has never been proposed and 
our apologies to Delegate Glenn 
McClanan, Cwjncilman Reid 
Ervin, private citizen Mrs. 
Kitty Hui^ins and all the other 
proponenta <rf a two-term limit. 

One good thing has come out 
of the mishap, however, for the 
response has shown that the 
citizens Icnow more about it 
than the typist. , .over half said 
"No" to the question. 

"What we really want," one 
reader said, "is - more 
responsiveness from our 
members. Two-year terms may 
not Ik loi^ enoi^ to determit^ 
this. Terms should be staggered 
so tliat we are eiectii^ every 
two yeatn. Four-year terms 
could be too (kmanding (m time 
and money of candidates and 


Another said: "I favor a limit 
of two consecuUv^ terms. One 
term is too short a time for a 
man to accomplish much as it 
taltes a year for him to learn the 
ropes and for citizei» to kiww 
him. In four years our people 
can see whether he is the kind of , 
man we need and want." 

Favorable commenta in- 
cluded: "Yes, and maybe dien 
they will keep more alert to the 
thinking and desires of the 
people, with more stress on 
equity (sic)" and "I am in »t«tal 
agreement with Delegate 
Mca^'iiin «i this matter, I feel 
these imitations wtwld be a 
good thMig." 

Rather than burden the 
readers with aiwlher two wed(s 
on the same issue, we'll not run 
the corrected quration. but we 
do \wpe that interested citizais 
will write the Sun about a two- 
TERM limit for Uie Letters to 
the Etfltor column. 

"Bie new question concerm 
the YMCA bayfnmt prc^rb' 
which has b^n (reposed flf 
private development. Oto- 
tharf|^ to the Virginia hesA 
Toalllhistress Cluh fw 
flitting it. 


Oatf aqn eharina is taeaklag 
yow MB Md than mdartaf 


Should thn City of ^r^nia Beach buy 
die YMICA Camp-^ne W aens plus 
1700 fatt of naturaf beac^ area— ft^* a 
dty iw^7 

Tear ctMaMtt aa^ ligBad laftirs ^hM ba 
•ppracialaf Aa. 

VIS □ M n 


Wrong Numbei 


Club's 8peed.?«,ti^ if ^ ^*''8»°« Beach«s 

Picking^a ^^■■•IT ^^^^ Y "^ «* "» P^'* Tree Ina... 
contesOng £43.2"?. "7''t*«« ^^i^e Burnette. Other 
* "Miisls jtere Gerrylee Cox and Kay Gossman. 

*Round About The Beadi 

tPli! "Normative speech dealt with the pros and cons of the 
St rti^^nn^ « remarked in effect, that's it's a grand instnimerft. 

dlf^^M •''"!? ^^ ^'^ ■ '"*='' «« *hen o«» «t« down at the 
ainner table and the phone rings and the voice on the other end 
commences a spirited salts pitch for land in Florida. California oc 

JSfll » " ^*? '^'"* it-"But," Joan said, "I surely couian't do 
withmit my telephone." 

Joan's a native of tiwirnemwith, England and her British accent 
IS, particularly appealing... UtUe Theatre, there, took much of her 
fame, but ithas to take a back seat now, with her full home life...Her 
husband's Cmdr, Austin L. Zicht, USN (ret.) and their household at 
Windsor Woods includes i8-month-old Richard. 


■ I ji.i J I ^— I— I— 

TWO HAPPY WINNERS - Jean Zlcht. who won the 

Toastmistress speech contest and Louise Burnette, (R), 
second place winner. 

Princess Anne 

Woman^s Club 

Has ABaU 

Toastmistress gives Joan the o^Kn-tunity to mere easUy 
communicate with helps, too, she says, in teaching ho* 
to speak spontaneously. 

It was our pleasant but difficult task to judge Qie contest, along 
with Mrs. Verona Kendall, English and speech teacher at Princess 
Anne Hi^ School; Betty Jane Hudson, an actress with Norfolk 
Theatre Center, Mrs. Alice West, drama and speech teacher at 
Kemps ville High School... Guests at the dinner-meeting included 
Frances Briscoe, vice president of public relations for In- 
ternational; Nona Jordan, chairman Council 3; La Verne Hayes, 
treasurer. Blue Ridge region.... Toastmistress of the evening was 
Carol Rockey, speech cimtest chairman, Ardehna Peck. 

Incidentally, Frances Briscoe will jM-eswit a plaque Qiis week to 
Mrs. Richard Nixon at Uie White House, making her an honorary 
member of International Toastmistress Club. 

Genuni Woman 

*Ce«e to fte Party V Gni«6 
sbM....H'8 husband's night out—so we iUC 
Saturday, at The Capes. ^< . .i 

Favor Fashion 

TIDEWATER CHAPTER of Uie Westtiampton Alumnae 
Association will have a covered dish luncheon at Col«nan Nur8«7 
in Pwtamouth on April 8 at notm... Alumnae and guests are in- 
vitedh.On the program is William Lockey of the Drama Dqiart- 
ment of the University of Richmond, with slides and music of tiie 
"Wagnerian Opera Festival". ..Mrs. Edward L. Breeden, IH, has 
more information. 

DEMOCRATIC WOMEN of the Beach have been busy 
lately... last week, at The Cavalier, where the State Federation 
met... Barbara Simiele president of host club, Woman's 
Democratic Club of Virginia Beach, was happy at the prospect of 
having Mrs. Hale Boggs, wife of the Senate Maj(Hity lead»-, as 
speaker, and Mrs. William Spong to introduce her.. .Husbands 
came along, too, to capture some of the relaxing atmosphere of the 
Beach ami try out the golf links. 


ASTROUNE. A designing husband could be a G«nini (May 21 - 
June 21) woman's (fream come tarue. Especially if his designing 
invdved far-out fashions. With her clothes-horse figure and pen- 
chant for fads — nothing would delight a Gemini woman more ttian 
to have access to fashions not of Uie designer's drawing iMwrd. So 
say the stargazors. 

ESP-ING. Cleve Backster, who discovered through a polygraph 
experiment that plants have feelinp, has also discovered^ :Miat- a 
fresh stwe-boi^ht ^g roisters pulsations when polygraphed that 
closely resemble a chick embryo's hearOaeat, yet the cmitent of the 
egg under microscopic examination, shows no beginnings of either 
circulatory or phyirical structure tlmt could eiqplain the pulsations. 

Mr. Backster said he was beginning to see similarities between 
the results of his experiments and the phenomena of prayer. "I see 
some very high level tiieological and spiritual implicatiwis," 
Backster was quoted in Uie Wall Street Journal as saying. "It 
seems to open the way for scientific explwatton of the soul and 
seems to indicate a scientific justification for the power of prayer." 

COSMETIC CUES. From the recent Cosmetic Meeting in New 
York sponsored by Tlie Fashion Group, Inc. ccmes this trio of 


' What skin cm^tioa is on Uie increascJiOBR that people are livbig 

longer? • 

Dry Skin. ' 

What hairstyle are the Designers picturing as Uiey look ahead to 
the sining scene? 

The small neat, slick head. 

What would Uie consumer choose if she could only have one 

She'd choose mascara , or lipstick . Or soap and water. 


Q. Why does my daughter seem SM> taidttferait? 

A a sister in the experience before this. You fell out and you 

haven't made up yet. You'd better commence it (making up) and 
not enter into another experience and find it worse. ( 5255-1 ) 

GOTCHA — Amy Law and Elma ttntifl^ 

luring Classes 


Text And PhotoB 
By Hdoi Crist 

Beginners Astrok^ At YWCA 

Virginia Wells in the president's chair... Other officers elected with 
her are Mrs. LiUiap Bible, first vice president; Mrs. Dmiglas 
Barnes, second vice president; Mrs. Barbara Bottom, secretary, 
Mrs. Mary Hughes, treasurer; Mrs. Tina Britton, historian. 

Virginia Wells says she feehi like a native... her Navy husband 
retired here in 1959.. ."We wouldn't want to live any place else," she 
says...and incidentially, ask her about her little grandson - she's a 
mi^ty iH'oud grandma. 

A new siring brochure of the 
YWCA of the Tidewater Areas 
announces a large selection of 
classes with a number of new 
offerings scheduled by the 
Virginia Beach Branch. 

Among the classes planned 
for Uie YWCA headquarters at 
the rear of the Princess Theatre 
are: The Christian Home, a six 
weeks discussion group to be led 
by Mrs. BilHe Jo Birsch, 
starting April 5, 10 a.m. to 11:30 

F^ mihday 

For Creeds 

Golden Agers 

The Golden Age Civb (rf 
Creeds held its fifth an- 
niversafy recently at LitUe 
Piney Grove Baptist Church. 

Mistress oi ceremony duties 
fell to Mrs. Marv Smith and 
Mildred HoRgard. Rev. E. Ray 
Cox and the choir oi New Hope 
Baptist Church gave the ser- 
vice. Rev. Cox's message was 
warmly received. The members 
report it was a most &a- 
JoyaUe afternoon. 

Mrs. Gladys Jacfcson is 
president of the club. It's 
sponsored by the Virginia 
Beach D^iartment of Parks 
am! Recreation. H. C. Boi- 
jamin, is recreation supervisor. 

PLEASE, and ^ve me IM 
originals.' No problem at all 
for Jean McDuffie and 
Donna Carter, (L) of 
Oceana Administration. 
Iliey (^rate an IBM card 
typewriter system. 

a.m. Intiroduction to the Bitde 
with Mrs. Julie Winn as 
leader, starting April 7 at 10 
a.m.. Antique Board Pictures 
and Decorative Painting with 
Judy Singer starts Aprils 20, 
9:30 to 11:30 a.m. A unique 
workshop will be given on New 
Tricks with Wallpaper on April 
19 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. 
Beginners Astrdof^ tau^t by 
Mrs. Vidii Greene will start 
April 4,9:30 to 11:30 a.m. 

Also scheduled for the Y 
headquarters are Beginners 
Bridge, April 3, 9:30 to 11:30 
a.m.; Hi-Beginner Bridge, also 
/^^ 3, 12:30 — 2:30 and Ad- 
vanced Bridge, April 5, 12:30 to 
t;30 p.m. Mrs. Theodora Estes, 
certified Goren teacher, will be 
instructs few- all three classes. 

At the King's Grant 
Presbyterian Oiurch, 745 Little 
Neck Road, where classes are 
held on Thursdays, b^inning 
April 13, Uie Y is offering Oil 
Painting with Mrs. Estelle 
Dupre; Drawing wiUi Mrs. Liz 
Ober; Quilting with Mrs. 
Sherynn Stallard and a two 
sessim Dried Plant Material 
Workshop with Mrs. Ali<» Jack. 
These classes will be hdd from 
9:^ to 11:% a.m. In addition on 
Thursda}^, there will t>e a 
Macrame class with Mrs. Lili 
Dillon from 12:30 to2:M p.m.; 
Sewii^ <» Knits wiUi Mrs. Doris ' 
D^arro frrai 12:30 to 2 p.m. 
and Crocheted Afghan with 
Mrs. Stallard from 12.00 to 1:30 

On Wednesday mornings at 
First Presbyterian Oiurch, Uie 
Y is offering Intermediate 
Bridge with Mrs. Theodore 
Estes: \(m wiUi Mrs. Dell 
Bartai; Beginners OU Painting 
witti Mrs. l^teUa thipre and a 
Cr«tive Art Worksh^ wiUi 
Mn. ReiUia ^dd. 

Nursery facilities are 
'available for an classea at the 
First and King Grant 
P^^terian CJiwchM. 

In sports golf has been 
scheduled at Stumply Lake Golf 
courses with Mr. Clarence 
April 5 at 10 a.m. Tennis at the 
Vfarginia Beach Juniin- High 
School Courte for Beginners 
starting A|Hil 10 from 2:15 to 
3:15 p.m. and for Int^mediate 
students startiQS Aoril also 
from 2:15 to 3:15 p.m. Mrs. 
Nancy Latchelder is the in- 
sbiictor. Classes in Tennis will 
also be held at Green Run, 
Hdland Road for Beginners 
starting April 3 from 1 to 2 p.m. 
and fw High Beginners, six 
sessions starting May 11 from 1 
to 2 p.m. Mrs. Enid Clarke is the 

Registration days are 
Tuesday. March W at YWCA 
Headquarters, Wednesday, 
March 29 at First Pr^byterian 
Church and Thursday, March 30 
at King's Grant Presbyterian 
C3uBx:h. Interested peTstms may 
register for any class at any one 
of the above locati(8is l)etween 
10:00 a.m. to 12 noon. 
R^istrations are also taken 
from 9 to 5 p.m. at the Y 
headquarters. " 

For further information, 
interated persons may call the 
YWCA. 340-3131. ' 

(R) justlwelllnin Florida, 
geto a hear hv^ JNnm Geer^ 
Akb-ldfe. - 







— -J-— 1>J 








What Is Easter? 

It's s(M hugal}le bunny 
rabbit8.„joni uils.. .brand 
new s}K>es, spanking new 
dresses, made sometimes 
by mothers. 

Jt's ham on the 
table*"purple, green 
iMskets chock full of sweet 

Jelly beans and chocolate 
eggs too. 

At the Fusco household, in 
King's Grant, where Pat 
and Art and the five Fuscoes 
live, it's all of that and more 

Because, it could happen 
on Eastm', a* the day before 

or the day after.. .but 
whenever — there will be 
rabbits, and rabbits, and 
still more rabbits. 

Right now, there's 
Chocolate and Vanilla, two 
soft cuddly bunnies, just 
about to give birth. There's 
Neopolitan, the father, and 

big black Misty, the grand- 
mother rabbit, and soon 
there will be — heaven 
knows how many more. 

Plus, of course, ttie guinea 
pigs, the tank of goldfish, 
the German Shepherd, the 
turtles, the birds. 


JettM*, Pat, Is an expert seamstress. Here they model 
^ EistM- dr«MM: Kathleen's is rnvhld dotted Swiss, 
»r vnMi art iw^e suede shoes to match. Mary Loa'n 
fi^s to tight gTMii nylon, underlined with butterfly silk. 

jR0. Kmmer To Teach 
\Dynamics Of Success' 

^ Tl» Mult and Distributive Education Department of the 
(jMsapetdte Pidilic Schods which is open to Beach r^identa as 
4^. win M& a n«v class, "Dynamics of Success". It will be given 
4 iBdiaa Rii«r Jimiw High School statti^ April 6, at 7:30 p.m. 
"^ ONtne is {«- pr^ent and prospiN<tive biainessmen and w(Mnm 
(itehvd (tf owners, managers alid supervisors. It will be taught 
1^ ^i^ Kramer, an ordained Unity minister. 

t l^nniQS M 4>u^Ms is designs! to give all levels of 
fMun^pHit the principles of success. How to succe«l in business 
^ta (byte day llvii^. Tlie new offering will teach persons to be 
(iitrtapdiag in dwirM|^ 

• 'Rm iBftructor 1sfl|^^^ Kramer, graduate of Unity School, 
£«ty VUhfe, MisMii^Blts fwinder and minister of Unity of 
Mnrater. Rev. Kramer has a bacl^lors degree in Business from 
l|i^OB 0)U^e, and a masters degree in siqjervisiwi and ad- 
q^itetration fnma Miami University, Ohio. 
J Un. tetime- has had various experiences in the retail sales 
fcU, bM in Baltimore and Portsmouth. 

5 She is witMy known in Tidewater as a lecturer and teachn-. Some 
tf tte Quu^ danes tai«ht t^ Mrs. Kramer are: "Keys to Success 
MHi^n^s": *fMlnd Dynamics"; "PsycheCyhernetics"; and 
'Wt^sps^m Uvtog". She has lectured for the Altrma Club, 
TtM^mbti^ Club and Parents without Partners. 

,9ie Iks bad ^lic sci»ol teaching experieiK:e both in Virginia 
and Ohio ... 

ft-etinu^ Mi. ikiaraa' also writes a weeldy column on "Sue- « > -jk/r j 
c4^id Living" fw the Virginia Beach Sun. ^e has given Uiis iHrS. JVleSUilOWS 
cfuw tte sid}-tiU« "Hw Art of Achieving Success and HappinMs 
id Burtles". 

i: J^l.'l 

AND SOON THERE WILL BE M0RE-4>al>bits. that is. Linda Fusco tickles the nose of NeopoUtan, father 
rabbit that Kathleen holds, while Mary Lou ponders the situation, and Lemianl Fusco cradles the soon-to- 
bc mother rabbit. Vanilla, hi his arms. 

Mre. JohnscMi 

Mrs. R.P. Johnson, of the 
Beach will become incident of 
the District I Federation of 
Home DemoMtration Clubs, at 
an installatiMi-meeting A|»ril 4 
at 10 a.m. at the Nortiiampton 
High School, Eastville, 
Virginia. Others taking office 
are Mrs. W.T. Matthews, 
secretary, of Nansemond 
County; Mrs. Harvey H. 
Stewart, treasurer, Nor- 
thampton Cknaty. 

Guest speaker will be Dr. 
William L. Flowers, Jr., 
associate dean at Extension 
Division, VPI. Also speaking 
will be Donaldson Brown, 
director Continuing Education 
Center, Blacksburg. His tojdc: 
"Let's Be So Proud." 

Mrs. D.A. Wrij^t. District I 
l»resident of the federaticm will 
prraide at the session. 

Seniars Elect 

Miss Fletcher 

Peanut Butter Cookies 
Yummy Basket Fillers 

Mi/s Fletcher 

his Easter outfit, if it's sewed by his mother, says David 
FiMCO. He's bri^tty clad hi yellow and white checked 
shorts and shhrt, with yeUow vest that mother. Pat. made 
from his sister's leftover dress material. David's desert 
boots are Just like his Mg brother Leonard's. 

Court SteUa Mans 
Has Tenth Birthday 

Catholic Daughters of 
America, Coiurt Stella Maria 
No. ini rec«it]y (^brated the 
tenth anniversary of the 
issuance of their charter. A 
dinner prqwred by the mem- 
bers ot Qw Knij^to of Colum- 
IpfPather Nicholas J. Habets 
Counefl No. 4132 was attended 
by members of tiw Court and 
their husbands. 

Guests of honor included Mrs. 
Vincent Pezzella, State Regent ; 
Mrs. Michael Urick, Sr., 
District Deputy, Reverend 
Alfred Crotdiuier, O.S.B., Court 
diaplaln. Also attending v/ere 
members of Court Mary Im- 
macidate No. 1881, Pwtsmouth 
including Mrs. Genevieve 
Bradford, Regent. 

The ceremonies were 
presided over by the present 
r^oit of Court Stella Maria, 

Mrs. H. A. Leedom. Past 
regents of the Court were 
honored: Mrs. Tmy Thomas, 
Mrs. Walter Brown, Mrs. Henry 

T. Brawley, Mrs. Charles 
Warren, Sr., Mrs. Richard 
Hitchler and Mrs. Arthur 

State Involvement chairman 
who are members of the 
Virginia Beach Court were 
present. They were: Mrs. 
Henry T. Brawley, State 
Ecumenical Involvement 
Chairman, and Mrs. Arthur 
Pearsall, State Social Welfare 
Involvement Chairman. 




Mrs. Walto- Meadows was 
recently elected president oi the 
Kempsville SMiior Citizens Qub 
at a meeting at Kempsville 
Presbyterian Church. Serving 
with Mrs. Meadtows are Mrs. 
Helen Ifigram, vice president; 
Mrs. Violette Marshall, 
secretary; Walter Meadows, 

After the me^ng, Mrs. Vina 
L(Hi Hayes showed the mem- 
bers how to make flowers from 
egg cartons. The arramements 
were taken to the Children's 
Ward at the Virginia Beach 
General H(^tal. 

Coffee, tm and homemade 
cookies w«^ served by Mrs. 
Lucille Crews and Mrs. 
Elizabeth Smith, co-hostessM. 

All senior citlzeitt in the 
Kempsville area are invited to 
jcrin the club. It's sponsored by 
the Vii^nia Beach Recreation 
and Paries Center. The next 
meetir^ is April 19 at 10 a.m. at 
Kempsville Presbyterian 


Bow CnA Presbyterian 
Church is receiving 
regisb-ations f«- tlM 19^-73 

(AUdreo mittt be Ave yean of 
^e by Ockim 1. Birth cer- 
dA»t«s are req^^. 

Transportattoa must be 

provided by panats. 

a^teti^tton m M MoiMkya 

throu^ Fridays, fran «:.10 a.m. 

^to 12 noou. 

The hiK>ity-hq){Mty Easfer 
&inny will surprise the yoimg 
fry with baskets filled with 
Peantft Butter Easter Eggs, 
Chicks and Bunny Oiokies. 
CkwUes made rich and good 
with peanut butter, one of the 
yoimgsters' favwite foods, will 
t»1ng them gn&t pleasure. 
When molded and cut into novel 
shapes and decorated with 
imagination, the giggln wUl 
take over. 

Brown sugar and spice alcmg 
with smooth Peanut Butter give 
the Easter Egg Cocriiies a 
delicious combination of 
flavors. The dough is molded 
into oval egg shapes about l->^ 
inches iMig and an iiM:h thick. 
The chicb and bunny cutouts 
are a shortbread type of cooky 
that has such a delightful 
texture piva the good peanut 
butter ffavM*. The dough is 
rolted out to about U inch 
thiclcmss and thm cut wiUi 
chidt «- bunny cooky cutters. 
When baked and cotA^ both the 
Eastjnr Eggs and the cutouts 
otn be frosted with powdered 
st^ar frostily and decorated. 

Good tMags, evm Easter 

cooldes, always get better with 
peanut butte* as it is rich in n(rt 
only flavtr but fmid mitrtaits 
uaeh as protdn. thiamin and 




■2 cup. Smooth Peter, Pan 

Peanut Butter 

l->2 cups sifted flour 

■3 cup sugar 

1 stick (h cup) butter 

2 tatd^po<ms light corn syrup 

Combine flour and sugar. Cut in 
peanut butter and butter with 
pastry blender or 2 knives, until 
mixture looks like coarse meal. 
Add corn syrup and mix 
thoroughly. Roll dough into U 
inch thickness on lightly floured 
board and cut in shape of Easter 
cookies. Frost with powder^ 
si^ar frosting or frosting in a 

Peanut Butter 

Easter Eggs 

Yield: Z-h 

dozen cookies 

1 cup Smooth Peter Pan Peanut 


I cup butter 

1 cup firmly packed brown 


2 teaqwons vatulla 

3 cu|» rifted flour 
>3 teaspoon salt 

>3 to ^4 tn^kKHi cinnamm 

Cream peanut butter with 
Ixitter. GrMiually add st^r. 
Beat in ^gs and vanilla. Sift 
together flwr, salt and cin- 
namw. Stir into p«mut butter 
mixture. Shape doi^ into i->i 
iiKhes loi% and 1 inch thick ^g 
shapn. PImc m &>ok^ dw^. 
Bake in motevte ov« (375 
de^-e^ F.) I to 10 mini^. 
Ftmt wltti colored powered 
sugar frosting and deoNttte 
with froitl^ in tub«. 

Mrs. Marjorie H. Fletdier <^ n /^ 1 

the ■' Beach announces U»^ mJtk)iW drBBk 

engagement of ho- daugl9U||# 1 ^-!^ 
Marjorie Jayne Fisher to 
John Howard McLau^lin, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Don V. 
McLaughlin of the Beach. 

The ceremony will be hdd 
June 10 at the Virginia Beach 
Community Chapel. OffidaUng 
will be the Rev. TuUy Mack 
Fletcher, brother d the bride. 
"Hie coi^le will write ttieir own 
wedding vows. 

Miss Fletcher is a graduate d 
Covenant Cdl^e and atteocM 
Old Domini(Mi University. She is 
presently employed at the 
Virginir Beach Police 
Department, Commudcatioos 

Mr. McLaughlin is a graduate 
of Ohio State Univo^^, whM% 
he was Justice d the wqpreme 
Court. He also atteadMi Law 
Schod diei^ for one year. He is 
a teacher at Plaza Judtu* H^ 

Maundy ^ 



The Virginia Beach Udted 
Methodist Church wiU hoM its 
tradtional Maundy Tlwnday 
service mi March 30 at t p.m. 
The Charles Wed^ Choir under 
the (Urectlon d Joytx G. C3ariR 
will, present excerpte from 
"Ctotot Uy in Death's Duk 
IH'tans" 1^ JoteM Sdia^m 
Bach. The ^rvtoe wiO corclude 
witti the tbt»vmBi d the 
SaoaoMBt d ttie Lard's Ssp' 


Easto* Sunrise Service at 
Bow Creek Presbyterian 
Church will begin at 6 a.m. on 
ttie south lawn d the church. 
Cdfee and Moravian sweet 
cakes will be s&rved in the 
church after the service. 
Everyone is imrlted. 

Two identicfl communion 
sa-vioal at 9:30 and 11 a.m. in 
Uie saiKtuary Will be hdd. 
There will be church school for 
^ihk«n which will run at the 
same tUne as addt soYiees. 
There will be a nursery 
available. The church will 
observe communiwi in the 
custom of their Scottish 
fordiadiers on Maindy Thurs- 
d^iy, at 8 p.m. in the sanchiary.| 

Cavilier Jr. 

Egg Hunt 

The Cavalte Junior Woman's 
Ot^ wUi hdd its amud Easter 
Egg luBt for Qm (M&na d aU 
cl^ oriMBbors and praqiectiw 
nMnboi. It vfll be hdd at the 
hiMM d Mr. ami Mrs. Fi^ I. 
A<nUo, Jr. ^ Michaelwood 
Drive, 11 a.m. <» Eader. 

fWtm cMIA«B flron un- 
deprlvfleij^d bMMS at the 
B e ach wffl atao be tumit. 


of the 
air you breathe 

tataB tha aniATROL' 
MSr-om eot^ridapa^ 
wtth a^ mmd h^ttw 
dr oMdlUodag ^iti 

NMds only r of vaos; Ho- 
tdy s a as udil s j and whed. ih 
t0 9t%dwtaBd smoke !». 
rimed. M% pt^M nowved. 



v m oaoA NACN, vmiwm 
2S4Sf • m» 4U-tem 


'^'^■^^'^j-^t -.~^- 


Beach Sports Club's Team 
Wihs With 1st PIT Entry 

Entering the Portsmouth 
Invitlonal Basketball tour- 
nament (fer the first time, the 
Virginia Beach Sport (%b'8 
entry walked away with all the 
marbles and a three foot fc^h 
gleaming silver first place 
trophy. Coached tqr Bob Johnson 
and assisted by Al Rothenbo-g 
and Bill Boyce, the team came 
from behind in the last twp 
games to claim the cham- 

Led by Marshall Universify'i 

RusteU Lee, who was named 
Most Valuable Player for tlw 
toupament, the %Krts Qnh 
team cam6 frwn bdiind in the 
seml-flnal game, trailing 18-8 at 
one point, and in ttie cham- 
{rionship game after trailing 2^ 
8 early in Uie cmtnt. Lee, at 
6'5", played center against two 
6'}l" menand a 6'9" man in the 
(Y>mng game and faced a 6*10" 
<^ter in the cham|ri<Hi^p tilt. 
The Beach team was Uie 
unailett team in {riayo* hdgbt 

Coach Bob Johnson and Assistant Coach Al R a fl w ah Mr g 
shew off their Portsmouth Invitatioiial Toiiniament 
championship trophy won by the Virginia Baaeh Sports 
Club's Team. 

Jn the FIT. Wittto WUeex. at 
8*9", was flw tdest mui on ths 
Bnieh tMtt, but Ot cesltr slot 
wiat to Ms Manhan loammata 
Las. ' 

"Bob J«lui8oo dM a mastered 
Job 9t oni^Biig," Bothsnbori 
commmtail while proudly 
(Hsplaytauf tte wianli^ traphy. 
"G«dffa%. wim you^ ten 
stran^rt ^MW. you do not 
have Uxt mudi tbm to eoadi. 
But^the real ivoof in this 
coaching aU^iy cine in ttw two 
final umas ilM we trailod 18- 
8 in fta sami^bials and tM in 

"BeUi ttroes. JohnMn was 
able to pici out dam bi the 
VffomtA't offama and dafanse. 
Ha made necessary ad- 
Jitttmoite aiiidi our layers 
ware good anough to axacuta." 

Rothenbarg bcUaves that "at 
hast saven el Uie bo^ that 
played for us will get 
prolestional tnmits and at iMst 
four (rf them Will be playing in 
the ABA or the NBA next 
season. In fact, I hear Uiat Lee 
wfll probably be drafted by the 
Jtostm Cdties; he abaa^y has 
been drafted by the ABA's 
Memidds Pros. OUie Johnson is 
a poi^ble Virf^ Squire, and 
Tracy Trlpucka biu been 
drafted by an ABA chib." 

At Ttieeday's Sports aub 
luncheon meeting, president 
Bob Whitiw eaOad the team "a 
freat ccHnilMck team. We had a 
line bunch of fellows. Thay 
played tegedier uhselflshly." 

The Virginia Beach Sports 
Chib meets every Tueedsy at 
12:38 p.m. tw ^ luncheon 
meettaig at the Capes Beaeh an4 
Cabana Club an Atlantic 
Avenue in Vfarfta^ Beach. AQ 
perseos IntaraMH In beconaing 
members are MM to attend. 

The Irrni Dukes: (staMllag left to ri^it) MOie Mean. MMn 
Jeff Hoover, Jeff Nobles. Chris Ellis, Ian Brown. Steve Garte. Hf CatiA^. MD 
Sneed, Steve Hiclis, John Swinf^e, Greg Page, Mait Dd Dnea. Mailt Ouipnuin, nd 
WilFSneed. (Kneeling left to right) Coaches Chariie Hicks, Ron Del Dnea. Wke Rmao. 
Coach Bailey Condrey was absent v^en picture was taken. 

Iron Dukes Win Clff 
N^idgef League Crown 

Hie Bayside Iron Dvkes reign 
as champions of tlie Virginia 
Beach Community Midget 
League for -the second con- 
secutive year. Coupled with a 
11-1 record last year, the Iron 
Dukes are 22-1 over the last two 

Participating in the Newtown 
Division of the league, the Inm 
Dukes ran off eight straight 
wihs without a loss this year and 
went on to ddeat the Plata 
Knights, the Plaza Lakers, and 
Uie Tlidia Rams for the City 
Mic^et Championship. 

Boys participating in the 
league are between the ag«i of 
10 and 12. Hie Irtm Dulws sten 

coached l^ Ron Del Dma, 
Oiarles Hides, Bailey Condrey, 
and Mike Russo. 

Bill Sneed has be«i the Iron 
Dtdces* top aconr for the past 
two seasons, scoriim 210 pdnts 
during the Just completed 
season. Steve Hicks, the 
{rfaymaker of tiw squad, sc(nred 
over 100 talUes. 

Rdjounding and the dtfense 
were led by Ian Brown, Chrte 
EUis, ^eve Garden, and J«to 
Swingte. Ottier members of the 
squad are AUo Cooper, Jeff 
Hoovw, Jeff N(Mes, Mark Del 
Dues, Jimmy Wooton, Mark 
Chapman, Jay Condr^, Greg 
Page, WiU Sneed, and Billie 

Over Rfly Bass Caught In 
Beach Anglers Club Tourney 

The tUi$k dtampion Iron 
Dukes, and their eeuntarpert in 
the City's Infenhediata League 
and also kqowa as iha iron 
feted at esteem 
iRh at the 
Chesapeake JBeaeh Fire KaU. 
Trophiee w#e awarded and 
(Umed gam^l MgUigbts were 
vim^. j 

Monbttv ^ the latarmwlate 
toegue IroniDulne are Baili^ 
ConArey, Mn Dd Duea, Tom 
Hicks. Jim fb^, Keith Hebart. 
Cediiy HoQaM. Bid Hunter, Jim 
BroaMus. Jtai NeUm, James 
Colunaa, Ttetar Wetton, Somy 
Davsna, BA LumCm^ Th^ 
Petty, end Stan Kakoi. 


Hie day wm damp and ctdd, 
tHit the bliatary weather did not 
dampen the spirits oi tt» 16t 
iHWe aqglov that turned up at 
three local lakes, Bradford, 
Smith, ami WMt^urst, to tty 
tlwir l>ass-catchii4 skill in the 
two^y ^ginia B^ch Anglers 
dub Bi^ Toimament. 

The top awards went to Uiree 
Vir^nia Beach anglers. Thet 
largest bass cai^ht weighed in 
at 10 poumli, acccrding to <rf- 
fidal weigM certtter Catfish 
Li^wtg. Hw lO-poan(ter was 
cat^t 1^ Doi^^s MUan. 

Mrs. Jdumy McDonald wen 
the ladi»' dHvision with a 7 
poiffld, 13 ouMe catch. Itevki 

Rives {hiUmI in an 8 pound. 7 
ounce baM to win the ^u^ 

David lUves, Jos KknowsU, 
Sp«tcer Myes, and iMn ftitler 
won two dtatiflos each. A 
dtattm was givm for aa(A bass 
caught a«%eding 8 pounds. In 
an, about IS dtattas were 
recorded amoi« tte SO^is 
\^M thiit were tetea 

trophies will be present^l on 
April 6th at the Otdt's monWy 
meeting at Bayside 
Presbyterian Church. All 
pHMDs iattfcstad in ^Uflg are 
invited to attend the, neettaig 
and Join the \^r^a Beadi 


Baysids I 

Kempeville. 2 

Plr^Geienial 2 

Cob 1 

KaDam 8 



First Oohairi. 
Kdam ... 













JBayside's Robbie Cook 
Signs With Chesapeake 

^Bobbie Cook, an all-star 
athlete at Ba9i<te High School, 
idgn«! with Chnapeake College 
Tuesday night at the Bayside 
ItMetic banquet held in the 
school cafeteria. John 
Ifeyerhoff, Chesapeake 
Cdtege's head basketball coach 
ftnd athletic director, com- 

i^ented at ttie signing that he 
considered Code to be "one of 
Qie top badntball stars in ti» 
area this year." 

Cook, at 6*4", started for the 
Bayside Marlins at forward and 
led them to an 8-10 season and a 
bwth in the Eastern District 
playoCfs. Also a starto* last year 

records, and tied a record for 
field goals made in a single 
game with 11. His school 
records ^e: most field goals 
attempted in a single game 
(25), most field goals attempted 
in a season (293), most field 
goals made in a season (144), 
most points scored in a season 
(348), most rebounds in a 
season (221), most field goals 

RebMe Cook staffs it in. 

when he averaged U points per 
^|ne, Cook raised his points- 
pej'-pme average to 13.73 this 
season. In Us nact-to4ast game 
ef the regular season, he hit his 
season high, popping in ^ 
talto against Norview. 

While wearing a Marlin 
uniform, QDok set nine school 

Third Extramural Gymnastics 
Meet Won By Kempsviile High 

Tlie Third Extramural Ad- 
vaiwed Gymnastic Meet was 
heU on Mardi 250) at Kemps- 
viile High School following 
eUramations at Mch of the 
dfy's six hi^ schools. The 
extramural programs are 
sponsored by the Virginia 
Beech Public Schools and are 
rw by the Department of 
Health and Physical EducaticHi. 

itempsville won the team 
o«i^>^tion wltti 37.4 points. 
PrhiMn Anne finished second 
wtfli 34.3 points. Cox tMrd with 
28.8 points, First Colonial fourth 
with 28.1 points, Kellam flfth 

with 25.9 points, and Bayside 
sixth with 7.5 points. 

Princess Anne students won 
fourofthesix individual events. 
Ruth Overstreet wwi the uneven 
parallel bars. Lisa Grant 
finished first in vaulting, Tina 
Fremd was first in tumbling, 
and Debbie Vest was Judged 
best in the overall category. 

First Colonial and Cox had 
one individual winner each. 
Cox's Karen Pickett look first 
place in free exercise, and Holly 
Doyle of First Colonial wan the 
balance beam competition. 

Butts, Riley, Robinson, And Creasjr 
Win Princess Anne's MVP Awards 

' Tommy Butte, John Ril^, 
Bryant Rd)in8on, and Unda 
Creasy received Most Valwliie 
Playo- trophies last iright at 
Princess Arnif, High Scbocri's 
winter sports banc^piet heU at 
the Diamond Club at Metro 
Park. The annual affair 
honored aU Cavalier Atidetes 
who participated in the sdxMl's 
winter sports (x-ogram. 

Tirnimy butts received the 
MVP award for basketball. The 
6'4" saiicHT forward soned 433 
points this season, for a 24,08 
points-per-game average, and 
led his team to a very fine IM 
ovarii record and the BMdi 
championship. Butts has 
received post-seasm honors to 
ev^ cage honor squad on n 

Cook gete a rebound and 
looks around Kempsville's 
Britt Glisson for an open 

made in a two-year career 
(231), most field goals at- 
tempted in a two-year career 
(493), most points scored in a 
two-year career (578), and most 
r^Munds in a two-year career 


C(Migar information director 
Joe Law said that Clook should 
take the place of another Beach 

athlete, Gary Selbe, in the 
Chesapeake College line-up 
next season. Selbe was the 
team's leading scorer this 
season and was named to {day 
in the regional junior college 
all-star game at the end of the 
SMison. The Cougars post^ 
their best record in history this 
year playing a most ambitious 
schelule, and Coach Meyerhoff 
feels that "next year will be 
even better if recruiting goes as 

Tommy Butte 

awaandetate w id s l a w l HeMt 
a fame M^ «l points la tb 
e»«iqg iBBa oi tlie Eastim 
DisMet playoflk. 

Join RUey iiw naflMd tha 
MVP in bideor track. Mler 
placed second ia the t^nfle rw 
in the recent »ate Oitoap AAA 
Itack Meit He ake IMS aanad 
ttia eeboQl'i IIVP H 8roa»> 
owqtn, and ha was tMised 18 
ttia All-State Croa8*CeHBtry 
Item. > 

Biyant Rebbiaoa, the MVP In 
wrasaing, want vadafoaM 
duriag the past aeaaen intn Ma 
Baal matcfaof the raar~for the 
itate Iwavywalght eham- 
ptensUp. Losiiig to a tw»ltnia 
atate champion, RfiiblBeott 
linitbed Ms M|h aabeol mat 
«M«er number two in the etale. 
He was Iha Eaatem Ra^enal 
champion, and he waa ranked 
the number one haavywa^ to 
^nrghiia Beach. 

Ltoda OeaQT was honored la 
the MVP in ^le' gymnastfea. 
In the Retfenal Gjrmnilie 
Ifeet, Unda ftailahed with dvaa 
laeond-place madsle tar h8ii« 
the rumeHtp in the beeNA- 
around catafoiy. on Am uaoNn 
pa^Uel bars, and in fl^ae 

Other major awards giv A ait 
at last Bight's banouat. hichidld 
Mtet Improved Player awacdp 
fp BiOy SmHey. to baiketba( 
M>4n B^ley, far tadoer tredt, 
Richard Beefier, fbr wreelUaf . 
and Nan Didt, for glrla' gym- 
nasties. * 

»Uy Smiley, a 8^' gwrd. 
proved to be an excellent 
ebooisr fids aeaaoa, aeoring 214 
pointo during the reiidar season 
fpr a 17.44 pointa-pergima 
average. Bailey Mt 20 petate bi 
Ms top eHoct of the eeeeea 

M]^ Bagley has been a vety 
Strang ruoaer for die CsvaUeia 
tUe season. U te tete Group 
AAA Tack Meet, be fhiished 
third in the mia. 

Nm Dick won a fbtt plan 
medtf in the He^onal Gym- 
naatie Meet fer tamkttqg. In 

nsHtag, skrflpuiied mr 
M I»und8. KJMUiad to 

I^BOuny ButtB all* waa to 
lifloianev a4v«rd fir baittit> 
baO, ^^ 

Bryant RMmob 

Cook, Payne, Owens, Monteiro, Tuttle 
Named Bayside's Outstanding AQiletes 

Bayside High SdMxd honored 
its winter athletes at a Winter 
Sports Banquet held in the 
school cafeteria Tuesday ni^. 
Sponsored by the Bayside 
Booster Club, the i^wrts gala 
was crowded with parents and 
friends of the scholastic 

Coach Conrad Parker 
pres«ited trophies to his out- 
standing cagers. Robbie Cook 
was named ttie team's Most 
Outstandii^ Player. Cook, a 
6*4" forward, sc(»«d 3% points 
in th& re^ilar season for an 
18.78 points pa- game average, 
a)nsiderably improving his U 
points per game average iMt 

Jim Goffigan, a 6*4" guard 
and (me of the tq) sofriimnon 
cagers in the Tidewater, won 
the Best Hustler award fte- Ms 

aggrnsivc d^nsive play. 
GofBf^m, misBad slx~gamee 
widi en injny Ob yetfr, M be 
soared 157 p^nts to to twdve 
reie3*r leason gamee he 
pl^Bd. Him waa good eneutfi 
to ^e Mm to Wrd leadbig 
soera- oa ti^ yMff Maifln 

Warrai Stewart got to Moat 
iRVroved Pl^w trqphy. A 
S'U" forward, he aeami 79 

Wresdhig Ooach Deli Weaver 
prMented to Moat OttHMndbig 
Wreeda* tn^y to J«Mr ffeyae. 
Halidished sbdi la tli XeaUm 
District Toumamettt's IM 
pound divishm mid ma ranked 
tUrd m VIrgfaia Beach for Ma 
w^tf dees. Payne ia lieadhM 
toward Weet Vfr^nia'a Oonoera 
OflOcge next fell on a wreMiag 

Beth Owene recdved to MoM 
Oimtaading GynuaM tropiqr 
from her coadi, Nedra Dield. 
Bt&k, an outstandhig aU-aromd 
gymnast, paced her team 
througMut to year. 

Barry Montdrt^ who has to be 
ranted -H one of to AmM 
raaners tai to area, won to 
Itat Outstaadfaig bdoer Track 
Player award. Hie ooachi 
Woody Daly, pr e eent e d to 
trophy whUe tfcUag of f a Hal et 
records and vi^oriasBanar 6aa 
won Ois year. 

Georgia TUttte raeeivad to 
Meet Outttandmg FieM HodNy 
Player tro|rtiy tnm Mer^ 

Noeher, th| gW ftoM httctef 
coed. (kNjigIa, ^ei^ hir 
iqepirihg, headMi^play. led to 
lady MarUs Ufa 6^ lacenl ddl 

Mp AiMtrd Utt' 1^. The 
«««4 is gliMillipy le to 
Eastern DtffliPKI wli 
playeia, edic^, 4ed 
d^hqir tob^ qmrtaaanril^ 
at adfletie ^a^ets. 

GMeMqwAk^fffir to ban^Mt 

fConttwed OQ Bi|» g> 

'•^^•m ^, 1^«^ 

Richard Poole 



9 P.M. -1A.M. 

Good Country And Western Music 
'Xiood Eating" Food 


• |2S UP 




6 TO 
11 P.M. 

Nashville East 

f ATIONS ■ 4aS^«M 











Hie Oirana CoM PIslirt l^m presmtt tar^y to Oceaaa exeevttve officer Capt. 

the fiTiist place tean Irtpliy to Naval ^ ■. OM-wert, marksmen ATI T. Hartley, 

^tiMi CkgiM. U. L. B«ffto, (teft to «il AOAX German were present for the 

rigfct) Ai^G/4bM0BM pr^B^ the e«'«iiiflAy. 

Oceana Marksmen Win Meet 

and from as far away as 
Bainbridge, Maryland. 

The Oceana Gold Pistol Tiani 
wound up a week of 
marksmanship competition 
recently by defeating their 
perennial Dam Neck nemesis 
f«-A)e4op honors by 32 points, 
l^team placed first over nine 

other teams from the Fifth 

N#fal,p^tjrfcta# well aa takang 

^ ifuflbbn- of the indlvidaal 

Coody, Nichols Par 

awardb. Oceana's Blue Piatol 
Team came tai third, beiand 
Dam Neck but atlU in fliw form. 
The amwal CMRpati^on which 
promotes Aarkananship 
trainlog is a wam-^ to seasm 
competittoa wMt^ will decide 
the «dnnera«r s^ on the U.S. 
Olympic Team. The warm-up 
competition drew 60 com- 
petiton fii^B kical commands 

Beginning in May, the Oceana 
pistol teams will compete in 
elimination tourneys to decide 
district, fleet, interservice, and 
national champions. The 
Olympic Team mentbefsi willbe 
chosen from those remaining 
after the elimination process. 

Trevino's Record Still 
Stands At Red Wing 

Four golf ptsfesaionals 
tackled the demamUi^ Red 
Wir« Lake Gdf Course Mon- 
day, and three managed an 
even par 72. Oiarles Coody and 
Bobby Nichols, the PQk touring 
pros, shot par games, sb dM 
visitir^ Tim McO^. R»i Wing 
pi'o Jennings Hotse turned in a 
seven over par 78. 

At times it kxAed as thou^ 
"Ttm McCoy would cap his visit 
with a victory over tfe« well- 
known field, but he oonU not 
quite pull it off. An ex-assKtant 
pro al Red Wij^, Tim is now the 
professional M^ the Piney 
Branch Country Oub outside of 

Before the match, McCoy nid 

that he "was really lucky to get 
ttie pro position at Piney 
Branch. I really love it, but it is 
odd up th«« and we have had 
lirts of snow." 

Nidiols joked that he "really 
came down here' for the 
Univotity of Kentucky to scout 
for bariMttaiH pUyen. I hear 
that you have got some good 
ones down here." 

Lee Trevtao still hcMa the 
course record at Red Wtag with 
his 97 Int a^ptembw. Curtis 
Strange holds the amateur 
record with a M, and Flomice 
Kram«-'s n Is the ladies' 
record soon. 


By T. Jay Bnimbley 
Sports Editor . 

Drop a line to George Phillips, (Hancock, Virginia, if you are 
interested in entering the Second Annual Eastern Shore Fishir^ 
Tournament. Sponsored by the Shore Anglers Club, the tourney 
gets underway Saturday, April 1st and runs through December 1st. 
Ten $25 savings bonds will be awarded in acUition to trt^hies f<H- 
the largest black drum, channel bass, striped bass, cobia, bluefish, 
flounder, trout, mullet, spot, and largemouth bass. The toiu-nament 
is open to the public, and a $1 entry fee is charged. 

+ -h + + + 

One of the t(^ fields in Martinsville Speedway's 25-year history 

is rapidly taking shape, with 24 entries already received for tfie 36 

car field that will be getting the green flag for the Virginia 500 on 

^ April 30th. Defending champion and ten-time Martinsville winna* 

I Richard Petty, in his STP Plymouth, and Bobby Isaac, the world's 

I fastest stock car driver, head the entry list. Isaac, who hit 216.745 

miles per hour in a stock car at Bonneville last fall, will be enteri^ 

his K6 K Dodge. Race time is 1 p.m. Sunday, April 30th. 

-!-+ + + -(- 

The 24th Annual Nags Head Fox Hunt was held Saturday. Other 
than a few hounds lost in the Currituck brush, hunt master Ed 
Lamm rated the hunt as "fairly successful." "I can't say that we 
caught a fox," Lamm stated. "But we don't think it is necessary to 
kill a fox to go fox hunting. We go fox hunting and fox chasing, not 
just fox killing." The philosophical hunt mastw led about 100 
hunters after the elusive fox. • 

-(--»- + + + 

If early erftries are any indication, the Rebel 400 is